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Union^List of Serials 

in Libraries of 
The United States and Canada 

Second Edition 

Edited by 

Advisory Committee 
appointed by the American Library Association 

Wyllis E. Wright, Chairman 

Robert B. Downs James Thayer Gerould 

Harry M. Lydenberg Nathan van Patten 

Helmer L. Webb 

Schedule for the return of sections 

A due F 1 1940 

H-K My 1 


S 1 

B-C Mr 1 

L-M Je 1 


O 1 

D-G Ap 1 

N-O Jl 1 


N 1 

Address correspondence, new titles and returned sections 

to the 

Editor, Union List of Serials, Library of Congress, Washingi 

on, D.C. 

Published by 

The H* W. Wilson Company 

New York, U. S. A. 


To the Rockefeller Foundation, all libraries interested in this new edition will be 
deeply indebted and, the committee hopes, duly grateful. The editorial expense of pre- 
paring this checking edition and die cost of printing it is being met through special grants 
from the Foundation to the American Library Association for tms pin pose . The pub- 
lishers and the committee anticipate that the grant from the Rockefeller Foundation will 
bring the price within the reach of all classes of libraries. The publishers on their part 
recognizing the need for this list, the very heavy eipriwe involved, and the contributions 
made by the Foundation, have stated it to be their purpose to [■mHwu this wmrl edninn. 
as they did the first, at cost and without profit 


With the preparation of this checking edition, the long felt need for a new edition of 
the Union List of Serials seems well on the way toward being satisfied. 

The present list of periodical titles selected for the checking edition has bees com- 
piled from the following sources: 

(1) Titles in the original union list of 1927, and its two supplements of 1931 
and 1 933, corrected and revised. 

(2) New titles sent in by volunteers a mono the original subscribers, mt on Ting all 
new titles acquired bv the New York Public Library and die Library of Congress smce 

The amount of revision and correction necessary has proved to be beyond at pre- 
liminary calculations, and the number of new titles may be approximately half those in 
the original list- 


All correspondence regarding entries, corrections, and new biles as wdl as the 
checked sections should be addressed to the Editor, Union List of Serials, The Library 
of Congress, Washington, D.C 

The compilations of holdings, like the preparation of tins checking edSrjc- ~~~J1 be 
done in the Library of Congress. 

Plans for publication 

Present plans call for this checking edition to be complete in nine sections, the last 
to be out in June 1940. By October 1940 all sections should be checked and new 
titles in the editor's hands. After all sections are returned, a srig_e supplement, mcor- 
porating additions found or reported, will be issued for checking by the cooperatmg 

Return of checked sections 



A ~_f 

F 1 1940 



Mr 1 




Ap 1 


Jl 1 

P-R 5 1 

T O 1 

Suggestions for checking 

It is hoped that each library will check the lists as soon as they are received, even 
tho they will not be called for until a later date. New titles in any one section should, 
however, be sent to the editorial office at once, as they will form the basis for the sup- 
plementary list to be issued at the conclusion of the Z section. 

May we suggest the use of a rubber stamp, using care that capital and lower case 
letters are given as in the list of symbols. 

Stamp the library's symbol above the page numbering and at each item checked. 

Please enter checking beneath the title to which it refers, and if possible avoid using 
the margins. Do not write in new titles. These should be sent on 3 x 5 cards, with full 
bibliographical entry. 

A current file is designated by + ; as 1 + or 42 + . 

Incomplete volumes or years are shown by the use of brackets, i.e. [ l-4]-[ 1 8-40] + 
(or if no volume numbering is given [1896-1906]) unless the library expects to com- 
plete before the list goes to press. Minor wants may well be ignored in the more general 
series, but exact listing is desired for rare or unusual titles: i.e. vl no8-14, Ap-N 1844. 

Use volume numbers whenever the publication carries them, rather than years. 

Assistance desired from cooperating libraries 

Send new titles with complete bibliographical detail, to the editorial office as soon 
e checking for any one section is completed. 

When an entry is incomplete, or incorrect, please give all information available to 
ct it: i.e. day, month, year as well as volume and number of every first and last date, 
series change, change of title, etc. When reporting such changes, please include this 
nation as a matter of routine. 

The point of departure in checking the list should be the library's own catalog, rather 
the titles presented in the checking edition. Otherwise, rare or unusual titles will 
issed. The checking should be planned so as to discover all obscure and rare hold- 
which may not have been found in preparing the checking edition. 
With some six hundred libraries cooperating, it is earnestly requested that the schedule 
ted for the return of checked sections will be adhered to by each library. 

Statement of classes to be omitted 

A serial is defined as, "A publication issued in successive parts, usually at regular 
/als, and, as a rule, intended to be continued indefinitely." For the purposes of this 

serials include periodicals, numbered monograph series, society transactions, etc., 
annuals recording or summarizing the progress of research in various fields. 

The following classes are specifically to be excluded: Government publications (ex- 
periodicals and monograph series issued by governments) ; Administrative reports of 
ties, universities, corporations, etc.; Almanacs; Gift books; American newspapers; 
ish and other foreign newspapers after 1 820 ; Law reports and digests ; Publications 
spricultural (and other) experiment stations; Local religious, labor and fraternal or- 
.ations, boards of trade, chambers of commerce; National and international confer- 
! and congresses, etc. ; House organs (unless of technical or scientific value) ; Alumni, 
rgraduate and intercollegiate fraternity publications; and in general all titles having 
;hly limited or ephemeral value. 

Exceptions to the ruling and to be included: Annuals recording or summarizing the 
progress of research in various fields. 


A serial not published by a society or a public office is entered under the first word, 
not an article, of the latest form of the title. 

A serial published by a society, but having a distinctive title, is entered under the 
title with reference from the name of the society. 

The journals, transactions, proceedings, etc., of a society are entered under the 
first word, not an article, of the latest form of the name of the society. 

Learned societies and academies of Europe, other than English, with names begin- 
ning with an adjective denoting royal privilege are entered under the first word following 
the adjective. These adjectives, Kaiserlich, Koniglich, Reale, Imperiale, etc., are ab- 
breviated to K., R., I., etc., and are disregarded in the arrangement. 

Colleges and universities having a geographical designation are entered under the 
name of the city, state, or country contained in the title. Observatories, botanical, and 
zoological gardens, etc., not having a distinctive name, are entered under the name of the 
place in which they are located, unless they are affiliated with a university, in which case 
they are entered under the name of the university. 

References have been made from earlier forms of a title or name to the latest form 
known, and in general wherever a reference might facilitate the use of the list. Refer- 
ences from the name of a place to societies having their headquarters or meetings there 
are omitted in the checking edition. If practicable, these will be added in the final edition. 



currently received 



[ ] 





closed entry 




incomplete or uncertain 

A P 



film copy 








new series 




old series 




photostat copy 















Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

Boston Public Library 



AAP Alabama polytechnic institute, Auburn 

ABS Southern college, Birmingham 

ATT Tuskegee institute, Tuskegee 

AU Alabama university, Tuscaloosa 


ArU Arkansas university, Fayetteville 

ArU-M — School of medicine, Little Rock 


Az Arizona. Dept. of library and ar- 

chives, Phoenix 

AzFT Arizona state teachers college, Flag- 

AzU Arizona university, University Station 


C California state library, Sacramento 

C-S — Sutro Branch, San Francisco 

CCC Claremont colleges, Claremont 

CL Los Angeles public library 

CLM Los Angeles county medical associa- 

tion, Los Angeles 
CLSM Southwest museum, Los Angeles 
CLSU University of Southern California, Los 

CLU University of California at Los An- 

geles, Los Angeles 
CMC Mills college, Mills College 

CMpS St. Patrick's seminary, Menlo Park 
CPC California institute of technology, 

CSaT San Francisco theological seminary, 

San Anselmo 
CSd San Diego public library, San Diego 

CSf San Francisco public library, San 

CSfA California academy of sciences, San 

CSfM Mechanics institute, San Francisco 

CSfP College of physicians and surgeons, 

San Francisco 
CSfW San Francisco college of women 
CSjC State college, San Jose 

CSmH Henry Huntington library, San Marino 
CSt Stanford university, Stanford Uni- 

CSt-H — Hoover War library 
CSt-L — Lane medical library 
CStoC College of the Pacific, Stockton 
CU University of California, Berkeley 

CU-A — College of agriculture, Davis 
CU-M — Medical school, San Francisco 
CU-S — Scripps institution of oceanography, 
La Jolla 


CoAT Adams state teachers college, Alamosa 

CoD Denver public library, Denver 

CoDR Regis college, Denver 

CoDU University of Denver, Denver 

CoFcS Colorado state agricultural college, 

Fort Collins 
CoG Colorado school of mines, Golden 

CoGrS Colorado state college of education, 

CoGuW "Western state college, Gunnison 
CoU University of Colorado, Boulder 


Ct Connecticut state library, Hartford 

CtHC Case memorial library of Hartford 

seminary foundation, Hartford 

CtHT Trinity college, Hartford 

CtHW Watkinson library, Hartford 

CtHi Connecticut historical society, Hart- 

CtNIC Connecticut college, New London 

CtW Wesleyan university, Middletown 

CtU University of Connecticut, Storrs 

CtY Yale university, New Haven 

CtY-D — Divinity school 

CtY-L — Law library 

District of Columbia 

DA U.S. Department of agriculture 

DARC American national red cross 

DBRE Bureau of railway economics 

DBS National bureau of standards 

DC U.S. Department of commerce 

DCE Carnegie endowment for international 

DCU Catholic university of America 

DD Dominican college 

DE U.S. Office of education 

DES U.S. Engineer school, Fort Belvoir, 

DF U.S. Bureau of fisheries 

DGL • Geophysical laboratory (Carnegie in- 

DGS U.S. Geological survey 

DGU Georgetown university 

DGW George Washington university 

DH National institute of health 

DHN Holy Name college 

DHU Howard university 

DIC Interstate commerce commission 

DL U.S. Department of labor 

DLC Library of Congress 

DM U.S. Bureau of mines 

DN U.S. Navy department 

DNA National archives 

DNO U.S. Naval observatory 

DP U.S. Patent office 

DPU Pan American Union (Columbus me- 
morial library) 

DSG Army medical library 

DSI Smithsonian institution 

DSI-A — Astrophysical observatory 

DSI-C — National collection of fine arts 

DSI-E — Bureau of American ethnology 

DSI-F — Freer art gallery 

DSI-M — U.S. National museum 

DS1-R — Division of radiation and organisms 

DSI-Z — National zoological park 

DW U.S. Army War college 

DWB U.S. Weather bureau 

DWP Public library of the District of Co- 


DeDA Public archives commission, Dover 
DeU University of Delaware, Newark 

DeWD Dupont de Nemours library, Wilming- 
DeWI Wilmington institute free library 


F Florida state library, Tallahassee 

FDS Stetson university, Deland 

FJ Jacksonville free public library, Jack- 

FPY J. C. Yonge library, Pensacola 



Florida — Continued 

FTS Florida state college for women, Tal- jdB 

lahassee „ !2H o 

FU University of Florida, Gainesville ldU-5 


Carnegie public library, Boise 
University of Idaho, Moscow 
— Southern branch, Pocatello 


















































Georgia state library, Atlanta 
Carnegie library of Atlanta, Atlanta 
Georgia school of technology, Atlanta 
Columbia theological seminary, Deca- 
Agnes Scott college, Decatur 
Emory university, Emory University 
Georgia historical society, Savannah 
Mercer university, Macon 
Georgia state college for women, Mill- 

Oglethorpe university, Oglethorpe 

Savannah public library, Savannah 
University of Georgia, Athens 


Library of Hawaii, Honolulu 


Illinois state library, Springfield 

Chicago public library, Chicago 

Armour institute of technology, Chi- 

Burnham library (Art institute), Chi- 

De Paul university, Chicago 

Field museum of natural history, 

Chicago historical society, Chicago 

John Crerar library, Chicago 

Loyola university, Chicago 

Meadville theological school, Chicago 

Mundelein college, Chicago 

Newberry library, Chicago 

Presbyterian theological seminary, 

Ryerson library (Art institute), Chi- 

American college of surgeons, Chicago 

Chicago theological seminary, Chicago 

University of Chicago 

Western society of engineers, Chicago 

National college of education, Evans- 

Garrett Biblical institute, Evanston 

Northwestern university, Evanston 

— School of commerce, Chicago 

— Dental school, Chicago 

— Law library, Chicago 

— Medical school, Chicago 

Knox college, Galesburg 

Illinois state historical society, 

St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein 

Illinois state normal university, Nor- 

Peoria public library, Peoria 

Augustana college & theological sem- 
inary, Rock Island 

University of Illinois library, Urbana 

— Medical college, Chicago 

— Pharmacy library, Chicago 


Iowa state library, Des Moines 

State college of Iowa, Ames 

Iowa state teachers college. Cedar 

Des Moines public library, Des Moines 
Drake university, Des Moines 
Grinnell college library, Grinnell 
State historical society, Iowa City 
University of Iowa, Iowa City 
— University law library 


















Indiana state library, Indianapolis 

Evansville public library 

Fort Wayne public library 

De Pauw university, Greencastle 

Indianapolis public library 

Butler university, Indianapolis 

Purdue university, Lafayette 

Muncie public library 

Ball state teachers college, Muncie 

University of Notre Dame, Notre 

Earlham college, Richmond 
South Bend public library 
Terre Haute public library 
Indiana state teachers college, Terre 

Indiana university, Bloomington 
— School of medicine, Indianapolis 


Kansas state library, Topeka 
St. Benedict's college, Atchison 
Kansas state historical society, To- 
Kansas state college, Manhattan 
Kansas state teachers college, Pitts- 
Free public library, Topeka 
University of Kansas, Lawrence 
Southwestern college, Winfield 
Wichita City library, Wichita 


KyBB Berea college, Berea 

KyBgW Western Kentucky state teachers' col- 
lege, Bowling Green 

KyL Louisville free public library, Louis- 


KyLF Filson club, Louisville 

KyLU University of Louisville, Louisville 

KyLU-NI — School of medicine 

KyRE Eastern Kentucky state teachers' col- 
lege, Richmond 

KyU University of Kentucky, Lexington 


LN New Orleans public library, New Or- 


LNHT Howard memorial library. New Or- 
leans (includes checking for Tulane 
university and Newcomb college) 

LNL Loyola university, New Orleans 

LNT-M Rudolph Matas medical library, Tulane 

LNX Xavier university, New Orleans 

LU Louisiana state university, Baton 


LU-L ■ — Law library 

LU-M — Medical school, New Orleans 


M Massachusetts state library, Boston 

MA Amherst college, Amherst 

MAA Massachusetts state college, Amherst 

MB Boston public library 

MBA American academy of arts & sciences, 

MBAt Boston athenaeum 
MBC Congregational library, Boston 

MBH Massachusetts horticultural society, 

MBM Boston medical library 

MBMu Museum of fine arts, Boston 
MBN Boston society of natural history 

MBP Massachusetts college of pharmacy, 
































Social law library, Boston 

Simmons college, Boston 

Boston University 

St. John's seminary, Brighton 

Massachusetts institute of technology, 

Boston college, Chestnut Hill 

Harvard university, Cambridge 

— Arnold arboretum 

—Divinity school 

— Graduate school of business admin- 

— Blue Hill observatory 

— Biological laboratories 

— Farlow reference library of crypto- 
gramic botany 

— Gray herbarium 

— Harvard law school 

— Medical school 

— Astronomical observatory 

— Peabody museum 

— Museum of comparative zoology 

Massachusetts historical society, Bos- 

Tufts college, Medford 

Forbes library, Northampton 

Smith college, Northampton 

Wheaton college, Norton 

Berkshire athenaeum, Pittsfield 

Mt. Holyoke college, South Hadley 

American antiquarium society, 


Clark university, Worcester 

Holy Cross college, Worcester 

Worcester art museum, Worcester 

Wellesley college, Wellesley 

Marine biological laboratory. Woods 

Williams college, Williamstown 


U.S. Naval academy, Annapolis 
Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore 
Goucher college library, Baltimore 
Johns Hopkins university, Baltimore 
Medical and chirurgical faculty of the 

state of Maryland, Baltimore 
Peabody institute, Baltimore 
William H. Welch medical library, 



MnCS St. John's university, Collegeville 
MnHi Minnesota historical society, St. Paul 
MnM Minneapolis public library 

MnMA Augsburg college, Minneapolis 
MnMH Hennepin county medical society, 

MnNC Carleton college, Northfleld 
MnRM Mayo clinic, Rochester 
MnS St. Paul public library 

MnSB State board of control, St. Paul 
MnSH Hamline university, St. Paul 
MnS J James Jerome Hill reference library, 

St Paul 
MnSR Ramsey county medical society, St. 

MnSS St. Paul seminary 
MnSSC St. Catharine college, St. Paul 
MnSST College of St. Thomas, St. Paul 
MnU University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 


MoCA Conception Abbey library, Conception 
MoFC Central college, Fayette 
MoK Kansas City public library 

MoRM Missouri school of mines, Rolla 
MoS Public library, St. Louis 

MoSA Academy of science library, St. Louis 
MoSB Missouri botanical garden, St. Louis 
MoSC Catholic central verein of America, St. 

MoSM St Louis medical society 
MoSR Richardson memorial library, City art 

museum, St. Louis 
MoSU St. Louis university, St. Louis 
MoSU-L — School of law 
MoSU-M — College of medicine 
MoSW Washington university, St. Louis 
MoSW-M — Medical school 
MoSpT State teachers college, Springfield 
MoU University of Missouri, Columbia 


Ms AM Alcorn agricultural and mechanical 
college, Alcorn 

MsJS Dept. of archives and history, Jackson 

MsSM Mississippi state college, State Col- 

MsU University of Mississippi, University 


Me Maine state library, Augusta 

MeB Bowdoin college, Brunswick 

MeBa Bangor public library, Bangor 

MeHi Maine historical society, Portland 

Me LB Bates college, Lewlston 

MeP Portland public library, Portland 

MeU University of Maine, Orono 

MeWC Colby college library, Waterville 


Mi State library of Michigan, Lansing 

MiD Detroit public library 

MiD-A — Detroit institute of arts 

MiD-B — Burton historical collection 

Mi DM Marygrove college, Detroit 

MiDU University of Detroit 

MiDW Wayne university, Detroit 

MiDbF Ford motor company, Dearborn 

Mi EM Michigan state college, East Lansing 

MiGr Grand Rapids public library 

MiHM Michigan college of mining and tech- 
nology, Houghton 

MiKW Western state teachers college, Kala- 

Mi MiD Dow chemical company, Midland 

MiMu Hackley public library, Muskegon 

MiU University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

MiU-C —William Clements library of Ameri- 

ican history 

MiU-G — Bureau of government library 

MiU-L — Law library 


MtBC Montana state college library, Boze- 

MtU University of Montana, Missoula 

MtU-M — School of mines, Butte 

New York 

N New York state library, Albany 

NAnB Bard college, Annandale-on-Hudson 

NAW Wells college library, Aurora 

N B Brooklyn public library 

NBB Brooklyn museum library 

NBC Brooklyn college, Brooklyn 

NBG Brooklyn botanic garden 

NBM Medical society of the County of 
Kings, Brooklyn 

NBP Pratt institute free library, Brooklyn 

NBS St. John's university, Brooklyn 

NBu Buffalo public library 

NBuB Buffalo society of natural sciences 

NBuG Grosvenor library, Buffalo 

NBuU University of Buffalo 

NCE Carnegie institution, Dept. of genet- 
ics, Cold Spring Harbor 

NCH Hamilton college, Clinton 

NCaS St. Lawrence university, Canton 

NHC Colgate university, Hamilton 

NIC Cornell university, Ithaca 

NIC- A — State college of agriculture 

NN New York public library 

NN-M — Municipal reference library, New 



New York — Continued 

NNA American geographical society. New 

NNAN American numismatic society, New 

NNB Association of the bar, New York 

NNC Columbia university, New York 

NNC-M — Medical library 
NNC-T — Teachers' college 
NNCC Chemists' club, New York 
NNCoCI College of the city of New York 
NNCorM Cornell university medical college, 

New York 
NNE Engineering societies' library, New 

NNF Fordham university, New York 

NNFr Frick art reference library, New York 
NNG General theological seminary, New 

NNGr Grolier club, New York 
NNHi New York historical society, New 

NNIO Institute of ophthalmology, Presby- 
terian hospital. New York 
NNJ Jewish theological seminary, New 

NNNI American museum of natural history, 

New York 
NNMM Metropolitan museum of art, New 

NNN New York academy of medicine 

NNQ Queensborough public library, New 

NNR Russell Sage foundation, New York 

NNRI Rockefeller institute for medical re- 
search, New York 
NNU New York university, "Washington 

NNU-C — School of commerce 
NNU-D —School of dentistry 
NNU-G —Wall Street library 
NNU-H — University Heights 
NNU-M — Medical college 

NNUT Union theological seminary, New York 
NPV Vassar college, Poughkeepsie 

NR Rochester public library 

NRCR Colgate-Rochester divinity school, 

NRE Eastman kodak company, Research 

library, Kodak Park, Rochester 
NRS St. Bernard's seminary, Rochester 

NRU University of Rochester 

NSU Syracuse university 

NSchU Union college, Schenectady 
NSsS Skidmore college, Saratoga Springs 

NStC St. Bonaventure college, St. Bonaven- 

NTR Rensselaer polytechnic institute, Troy 

NWM U.S. Military academy, West Point 
NYBT Boyce Thompson institute for plant 
research, Yonkers 

New Hampshire 


NbO Omaha public library, Omaha 

NbOC Creighton university, Omaha 
NbU University of Nebraska, Lincoln 

North Carolina 

Nc North Carolina state library, Raleigh 

NcD Duke university, Durham 

NcD-L — Law library 

NcGW Women's college, Greensboro 

NcGuG Guilford college, Guilford 

NcMHi Historical foundation, Presbyterian 

and Reformed church, Montreat 
NcRS North Carolina state college, Raleigh 
NcU University of North Carolina, Chapel 


North Dakota 

NdU University of North Dakota, Grand 









New Hampshire state library. Con- 

Dartmouth college, Hanover 

City library, Manchester 

University of New Hampshire, Dur- 

New Jersey- 
stevens institute of technology. Ho- 

Drew university, Madison 
New Jersey college for women, New 

Gardiner Sage memorial library, New 

Princeton university 
Princeton theological seminary 
Rutgers university, New Brunswick 
Free public library, Trenton 

New Mexico 

New Mexico state library extension 
service, Sante Fe 

NmScS New Mexico state college, State col- 

NmU University of New Mexico, Albu- 































Nevada state library, Carson City 
University of Nevada, Reno 


Ohio university, Athens 

University of Akron, Akron 

Cincinnati public library 

Cincinnati art museum 

Hebrew union college, Cincinnati 

Historical and philosophical society of 
Ohio, Cincinnati 

Lloyd library, Cincinnati 

University of Cincinnati 

Xavier university library, Cincinnati 

Public library, Cleveland 

Cleveland clinic foundation 

Lamp development laboratory, Gener- 
al electric co., Cleveland 

Cleveland museum of art 

Western reserve university, Cleveland 

Western reserve historical society, 

Columbus public library 

Ohio Wesleyan university, Delaware 

Dayton public library 

Hayes memorial library, Fremont 

Ohio state archaeological and histori- 
cal society, Columbus 

Marietta college library, Marietta 

Oberlin college, Oberlin 

Miami university, Oxford 

Toledo public library 

Ohio state university, Columbus 

College of Wooster, Wooster 

Reuben McMillan free library, 


Ok Oklahoma state library, Oklahoma City 

OkS Oklahoma agricultural and mechani- 

cal college, Stillwater 
OkT Tulsa public library 

OkTU Tulsa university 
OkU Oklahoma university, Norman 




Or Oregon state library, Salem 

OrCA Oregon state college, Corvallis 

OrP Library association of Portland 

OrPR Reed college, Portland 

OrSW Williamette university library, Salem 

OrU University of Oregon, Eugene 

OrU-M — Medical school, Portland 

South Carolina 

ScCM Medical college of the state of South 

Carolina, Charleston 
ScCc Clemson college, Clemson College 

ScCIP Presbyterian college, Clinton 
ScG Greenville public library, Greenville 

ScU University of South Carolina, Colum- 


















































Muhlenberg college, Allentown 
Lehigh university, Bethlehem 
Geneva college, Beaver Falls 
Bryn Mawr college, Bryn Mawr 
American Baptist historical society, 

Crozer theological seminary, Chester 
Dickinson college, Carlisle 
Wilson college, Chambersburg 
Easton public library 
Lafayette college, Easton 
Erie public library 
Gettysburg college, Gettysburg 
Grove City college, Grove City 
Haverford college, Haverford 
Juniata college, Huntingdon 
State teachers college, Indiana 
Franklin and Marshall college, Lan- 
Bucknell university, Lewisburg 
Allegheny college, Meadville 
Free library, Philadelphia 
American entomological society, Phil- 
Academy of natural sciences, Phila- 
American philosophical society, Phila- 
Philadelphia bar association 
College of physicians, Philadelphia 
American Catholic historical society, 

Drexel institute, Philadelphia 
Dropsie college, Philadelphia 
Franklin institute, Philadelphia 
Historical society of Pennsylvania, 

Jefferson medical college, Philadelphia 
Library company of Philadelphia 
Pedagogical library, Philadelphia 
Philadelphia museum of art 
Presbyterian historical society, Phila- 
Temple University, Philadelphia 
— Law school 
— Medical college 
— Professional schools 
Wistar institute of anatomy and biol- 
ogy, Philadelphia 
Carnegie library of Pittsburgh 
Carnegie institute of technology, 

Pittsburgh - 
Duquesne university, Pittsburgh 
Mellon institute, Pittsburgh 
University of Pittsburgh 
Reading public library 
Swarthmore college, Swarthmore 
University of Scranton, Scranton 
Pennsylvania state college, State Col- 
University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
— Biddle law library 
Villanova college, Villanova 
Washington & Jefferson college, 

Osterhout free library, Wilkes — Barre 
Wyoming historical and geological so- 
ciety, Wilkes-Barre 
James V. Brown library of Williams- 

Rhode Island 

Rhode Island state library, Providence 
Rhode Island state college, Kingston 
Public library, Providence 
Brown university, Providence 

South Dakota 

SdB South Dakota state college, Brookings 

SdHi State historical society, Pierre 

SdRM School of mines, Rapid City 
SdU University of South Dakota, Ver- 



Tennessee state library, Nashville 

TC Chattanooga public library, Chatta- 


TCU University of Chattanooga, Chatta- 


TKL Lawson McGhee library, Knoxville 

TMC Cossitt library, Memphis 

TMG Goodwyn institute, Memphis 

TN Nashville public library 

TNF Fisk university, Nashville 

TNF-M — Meharry medical college 

TNG George Peabody college for teachers, 


TNV Vanderbilt university, Nashville 

TNV-M — School of medicine 

TU University of Tennessee, Knoxville 


Tx State library, Austin 

TxCM Texas agricultural and mechanical 

college, College Station 
TxCaW West Texas state college, Canyon 
TxD Texas state college for women, Den- 

TxDN North Texas state teachers college, 

TxDaM Southern Methodist university, Dallas 
TxEM College of mines and metallurgy, El 

TxGR Rosenberg library, Galveston 
TxH Public library, Houston 

TxHR Rice institute library, Houston 
TxLT Texas technological college, Lubbock 
TxSS Southwestern Baptist theological sem- 

inary, Seminary Hill 
TxU University of Texas, Austin 

TxU-M — Medical school, Galveston 
TxWB Baylor university, Waco 


ULA Utah state agricultural college, Logan 

UPB Brigham Young university, Provo 

US Salt Lake City public library 

UU Utah university, Salt Lake City 


V Virginia state library, Richmond 

VBP Virginia polytechnic institute, Blacks- 


VHS Hampden-Sydney college, Hampden- 


VHal Hampton institute library, Hampton 


VLR Randolph- Macon women's college, 


VLxW Washington & Lee university, Lex- 

VNM Mariners' museum, Newport News 

VR Richmond public library 

VRM Medical college of Virginia, Richmond 

VRT Union theological seminary, Richmond 

VRU University of Richmond, University of 


VU University of Virginia, University 

VW William and Mary college, Williams- 























Vermont state library, Mpntpelier 
Middlebury college, Middlebury 
Norwich university, Northfield 
University of Vermont, Burlington 


Lawrence college, Appleton 

Institute of paper chemistry, Appleton 

Beloit college, Beloit 

State historical society, Madison 

Public library, Milwaukee 

Marquette university, Milwaukee 

U.S. Dept. of agriculture, Forest 

products laboratory, Madison 
University of Wisconsin, Madison 


Washington state library, Olympia 

Public library, Seattle 

King county medical society, Seattle 

Spokane public library 

Public library, Tacoma 

University of Washington, Seattle 

Whitman college, Walla Walla 

West Virginia 

West Virginia university, Morgantown 


Wyoming state library, Cheyenne 
University of Wyoming, Laramie 


CaB University of British Columbia, Van- 

CaEU University of Alberta, Edmonton 

CaH Hamilton public library 

CaK Queen's university, Kingston 

CaL University of Western Ontario, Lon- 

CaLP London public library 

CaM McGill university, Montreal 

CaME Engineering institute of Canada, Mon- 
CaM I Insurance institute of Montreal 

CaMP Montreal public Library 
CaMR Royal bank of Canada, Montreal 
CaMS Sun life assurance company of Can- 
ada, Montreal 
CaN University of New Brunswick, Fred- 

ericton, New Brunswick 
CaO Library of Parliament, Ottawa 

CaOA Dept. of agriculture, Ottawa 
CaOG Geological survey and national mu- 
seum, Ottawa 
CaON National research council, Ottawa 

CaOS Dominion bureau of statistics, Ottawa 
CaSU University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon 

CaT Toronto public library, Toronto 

CaTA Academy of medicine, Toronto 
CaTM Meteorological service of Canada, To- 
CaTR Royal Canadian institute, Toronto 
CaTU Toronto university, Toronto 
CaV Vancouver public library, Vancouver 

CaViP Provincial library, Victoria 
CaW Winnipeg public library 

CaWU University of Manitoba, Winnipeg 


H. D. S. bulletin. See under Harlem dental so- 

H.E.A. year book. See Horticultural education 
association. Scientific horticulture 

H E C. See Revue H E C 

H.I. A. journal. See Horological institute of 
America. Journal 

H.J. Krier's now! & then. See Now! (Marked 
Tree, Ark. ) 

H.P.A. bulletin. (Humanist press association) 

— Verslag. 1890/9111 

Superseded by its Bulletin 

Musee Teyler 
— Archives. 1-5,1867- 

Museum van kunstnijverheid 
— Verslag. 


s2 vl-12, 1881-1911; s3 

%\ 1*1 

HQA news-letter. (Hillsboro-Queen Anne co- 
operative corporation) Baltimore. 1,P 1935+ 


H. W. Grav; s quarterly. N.Y. nol,1908+ 

1-43 as Novello's quarterly; a book of 
anthems and services &hjfLV4L 

HAAGSCH jaarboekje. See Haghe 
HAAGSCH maandblad. The Hague. 1,1924+ 

HAAGSCHE correspondent. The Hague. 1-2 
(nol-89), 1786-8711? 
Contains separately paged supplement: 
Hedendaagsche momus 

HAARLEMSCHE bijdragen. Haarlem; Leyden. 

1-50,1873-1932 as Bijdragen voor de ge- 
schiedenis van het bisdom van Haarlem 
Index: 1-20; 21-30 

HAARLEMSE courant. Haarlem. 

Full title: Oprechte Haarlemse courant 

HAARMANIM'S zeitschrift fur bauhandwerker. 

See Zeitschrift fiir das baugewerbe 

HAASE'S zeitschrift fur liiftung, heizung und 

bauingenieurtechnik. Berlin. 1-18,1895-1912|| 

1-5 as Zeitschrift fiir liiftung und heizung: 

6-12 Haase's zeitschrift fiir liiftung und 


HAAGSCHE genootschap tot verdediging van 
den christelijke godsdienst ■• 
Oud-christelijke geschriften in Nederlandsche 
vertaling. 1,1907+ 

Werken. The Hague. 1786-1810; s2, 1811-35; s3 
vl-13,1836-50; s4 vl-4,1851-63; s5 vl-18,1864- 
85; s6 vl-6, 1886-9711? 

1786-1810 as its Prysverhandelingen ; s2 
Nieuwe verhandelingen; s3 Verhandelin- 
gen. 1823-25.28,33 not issued 
Index: 1786-1810; - 1811-35; 1836-50 

5 6o 10, ll 



Copenhagen. 1- 


Klinik und poliklinik fiir haut- und venerische 
geschlechtskrankheiten von Prof. Dr. van 
Haren Noman 
— Mitteilungen. (Bericht). 

HABANA; publicaci6n semanal. Havana. 1-2, 

1 as Habana; publicacidn quincenal 

HABANA catolica; semanario religioso y de 
intereses morales. Havana, vl-2 no26,0 7 
1894-Je 30 1895H? 

HABANA literaria. Havana. 1-3, S 15 1891-D 30 


HABANA medica. Havana. l-ll,1898-1908|i 

HABANO; revista tabacalera. (Asociacidn de 
almacenistas y cosecheros de tabaco de 
Cuba; Union de fabricantes de tabacos y 
cigarros de Cuba) Havana. 1,F 1935+ 

Text in Spanish with English translations 

of some articles 

Koioniaal museum 

— Beschrijvende catalogus. 


— Bulletin. 1-52,1892-191311 

Superseded by Amsterdam. Koioniaal 
stituut. Afdeeling handelsmuseum 
Index: 1-52 

— [Extra bulletin]. Amsterdam. 1-6,1894- 

HABAZELLETH. Jerusalem. 1-32, 




HABERDASHER and clothier. 

86; -v95 no4,1887-0 1931|| 

1881-86 as Furnishing gazette. 1886 pub- 
lished as a supplement to Clothing 
gazette and adopted its numbering. -v83 
no4,1887-Ap 1926 as Haberdasher; v83 
no5-v89,My 1926-D 1928 Haberdasher and 
the clothier and furnisher. Superseded by 
American haberdasher, a section of the 
American hatter 


HABITATION. (Union Suisse pour l'amSliora- 
tion du logement) Geneva. 1,1928+ 

HADAR. Tel-Aviv. 1,F 1928+ 

1,F-D 1928 as Palestine citrograph. 
in Hebrew and English 


HABITATION a bon marche; revue mensuelle. 
Brussels. 1-11,1921-3111? 

HABITATION et construction. See Housing 

and building 
HABITATION et urbanisme. Housing and town 

planning. Wohnungswesen und stadtebau. 

(International federation for housing and 

town planning) Stuttgart. nol,1938+ 

HADASHOTH ha-aretz. Jerusalem. 1918-2C 
1918-19 as Hadashoth meha aretz 

HADASSAH bulletin. (Hadassah, the women's 
Zionist organization) N.T. vl-4 no9,1915-Ag 

Title varies 

HABLADOR. Havana. 

HADASSAH education series. (Hadassah, the 
women's Zionist organization of America) 


HABOROS felelosseg; diplomaciai es kortcrte- 
neti szemle. Budapest. 1-2.J1/0 1928-0 1931|| 
Title and text in Hungarian, German, 
French and English. English title: Re- 
sponsibility for the war; quarterly re- 
view for diplomatic and contemporary 

HACEFIRA. See Ha-Zefirah 

HACENDADO chileno. (Sociedad agricola del 
Sur) Concepcion, Chile. 1,1922+ 

HACENDADO mexicano y fabricante de azu- 
car. Mexico. 1-23,1895-My 1917|| 

HADASSAH news letter. N.Y. 

HADDO house association, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

See Onward and upward 
HADDONFIELD historical society, Haddonfield, 

Publications. 1,1922 + 

HAEDER'S zeitschrift fur maschinenbau und 
betrieb. Wiesbaden; etc. 1-22,1893-1914||? 
Title varies 

HACENDADOS y colonos de Cuba. Havana. 

HAEMATOLOGICA. Archivio italiano di ema- 
tologia e sierologia. Naples; etc. 1-10,1920- 

1930+ in two sections 

HACIA la luz; revista tiflofila argentina. (Bi- 
blioteca argentina para ciegos) Buenos 
Aires. l.My 1928+ 

—Archivio. 11,1930+ 

HACIENDA. Caracas. l,Ag 1 1918 + 

— Recensioni. 1-4,1930-3311 

HACIENDA; revista mensual ilustrada sobre 
agricultura, ganaderia e industrias rurales. 
Buffalo. l.O 1905 + 
Subtitle varies 

HACIENDA antioquena. (Escuela de agricul- 
tura y veterinaria. Centro agricola) Medel- 
lin, Colombia. 1,S 1926+ 


Leipzig. 1,1928+ 



HAENIR. Seydisfiord. 1,1923+ 

HAERLEM courant. See Compleat mercury 
H/ESTARETTARD6MAR. Reykjavik. 1,1920+ 

HACIENDA y administracion. Rosario, Argen- 
tine Republic, vl-2 nolO,1923-N 1925|| 

HACIENDA y el commercio. Madrid. 1 (nol- 

39), 18S4/85H? 

HAEUSLICHER ratgeber; illustrirte familien- 
und modenzeitung. Berlin. 1-29,1886-S 19151 
Subtitle varies 

HACKEBEILS illustrierte. Berlin. 1,1921+ 

HAFENBAUTECHNISCHE gesellschaft, Ham- 
Jahrbuch. 1,1918+ 

HACKNEY magazine. Hackney, vl nol-2,Ja-F 


Supersedes Hackney magazine and parish 

HAFFKINE institute, Bombay 

1896-1905/06 as Plague research labora- 
tory; 1906-24 Bombay bacteriological lab- 
Handbook. 1,1924+ 

HACKNEY magazine and parish reformer. 
Hackney. 1-3 (nol-38),N 1833-N 1837|| 
Superseded by Hackney magazine 



Washington county museum 
—Bulletin. 1,1935+ 

HAHNEMANN medical association of Iowa 
Transactions. 1-33,1870-1902||? 

Early numbers as Society of homoeopathic 
physicians of Iowa. Transactions 

HAGHE; jaarboek. The Hague. 1,1889+ 

1-11,1889-99 as Haagsch jaarboekje. Sub- 
title varies 
Index: 1889-1911 

HAGIORITIKE bibliotheke. Cambridge, Mass.; 
Paris; etc. 1,1924+ 

HAGSKYRSLUR Islands. Reykjavik. 1,1914+ 

Supersedes Landshagsskyrslur fyrir Is- 

HAGTfTHINDI. Reykjavik. 1,1916+ 

»n Academy of international law 
' — Acta. . . Memoires. 1,1928+ 

-Cours et conferences. 
Title varies 

Paris. 1,1923+ 

-Recueil des cours. 1,1923+ 

Not to be confused with its Cours et 

-Travaux des boursiers du Rotary francjais. 

HAHNEMANN medical college and hospital of 
Philadelphia /V/J /) 
Bulletin. ,yi-8 fcb3,S,'1904-Mr 190711? 

etin. Vl-3 nb3,S 1901- 


also American jour 

See also American journal of homoeopathic 
materia medica and record of medical sci- 
HAHNEMANN periscope. San Francisco. 1-11, 

HAHNEMANN I A. Illustrirte fiiegende blatter 
fur stadt und land tiber homoeopathie. 
Cothen; Berlin. 1-38, Ap 10 1858-1902(1? 
1-26,1858-83 as Fiiegende blaetter fur 
stadt und land tiber homoeopathie 

HAHNEMANNIAN advocate. Chicago; etc. 34- 

Continues numbering of Medical advance 

HAHNEMANNIAN flysheet. London, nol-33, 
Ap 30 1850-D 185211 

Superseded by Homeopathist 

HAHNEMANNIAN institute. Philadelphia. 1- 


1,1893-0 1894 as Institute 

K.Bibliotheek. See Repertorium op de Neder- 
landsche tijdschriften en voornaamste dag- 

Dienst voor kunsten en kunstwetenschappen 

— Mededeelingen. l,Ap 1919+ 

Gemeente museum 

— Mededeelingen. 1,1919 + 

HAHNEMANNIAN monthly. (Homoeopathic 
medical society of the state of Pennsyl- 
vania) Philadelphia. 1,1865+ 


HAHNEMANNISME, journal de la mSdecine 
homoeopathique. Philadelphia; Paris. 1-4, D 

1867- Je 1873; s2 vl nol-4,Ap-Jl 187411 

Suspended My 1870- Je 1871; Ja-Jl 1872.. 
Subtitle varies 


— Uitgaven. 1,1931+ 

HAI wai yuan k'an. Nanking. nol,1932+ 

Permanent court of-arbitration 

— Traites g6n£raux d'arbitrage communiques 

au Bureau international de la Cour perma- 

nente d'arbitrage. 1,1911+ 

MB kv ^ fill/ ?OMoV 

Permanent court of international justice 
— World court reports. (Hudson) Washing- 
ton. 1,1934+ 


HAHNEMANN; giornale omeopatico di Sicilia. 
See Annali di medicina omeopatica per la 

HAHNEMANN; o, Annali di medicina omeo- 
patica per la Sicilia. See Annali di medicina 
omeopatica per la Sicilia 

HAHNEMANN; orgam de propaganda homeo- 
pathica. Para, vl-4 noll,1881-N 30 1884(1 ? 

HAHNEMANN hospital, New York. See under 

New York 
HAHNEMANN materia medica. London; N.Y. ; 

etc. 1,1852|| 

HAICHAL hatorah. Brooklyn, N.Y. l.O 1932+ 
In Hebrew 

Nizamiah observatory 
— Publications. Edinburgh. 

Ha-HAIM. Vilna. 1-2,1920(1 ? 

HAIMANAVA. Honolulu. 1-15, Ja 1858-Mr 

HAINBERGSCHRIFTEN; arbeiten Gottinger 
bibliothekare. Gottingen. 1,1934+ 

HAIRDRESSERS' chronicle and trade Journal. 

London. 1,N 1 1866+ 


HAIRDRESSERS journal. N.Y. vl-12 no9,1910- 
O 191811 

HALBMONATSSCHRIFT fur haut- und harn- 
krankheiten. Vienna. 1-2,1904-0511 

Supplement to Medizinische blaetter 

HAIRENIK; a weekly. Boston. l,Mr 1 1934+ 
Title varies 

HAIRENIK monthly. Boston. 1,N 1922-p- 
in Armenian. Errors in numbering 

HALBMONATSSCHRIFT fur musik. See Neues 

HALBMONATSSCHRIFT fur soziale hygiene 
und praktische medizin. Berlin. 1-24,1893- 

1-23,1893-1915 as Medizinische reform 

HAIRSTYLE review. See Women 
HAJ. Zdar; etc. 1,1871+ 

HALCYON itinerary; and true millennium 
messenger. Marietta, Ohio. nol-6,Ag 1807- 
Ja 180811? 

Supplement. See Listy rybarsk6; Lovena 
HAKIMIYETI milliye. See Ulus 
HAKLUYT society 
Works. 1,1847+ 

101,1899+ also as s2 vl+ 
Index: 1847-1904 



-Extra series, nol-33, 1903-0711 ? 

HAKUBUTSUGAKU zasshi. Tokyo. l-10,Je 
1898- Jl 25 191011? 
In Japanese 

HALADAS. Budapest. 1-2,1862-6311? 

HALCYON luminary, and theological reposi- 
tory. N.Y. 1-2,1812-1311? 



HALDEMAN-Julius monthly. See Debunker 

and the American parade 
HALDEMAN-Julius quarterly. See American 

parade (Girard, Kan), 
HALDEMAN-Julius weekly. See American 

HALF-century magazine. Chicago. l,Ag 1916+ 

HALF hour [a monthly publication for the 
home]. N.Y. vl-3 no6,0 1897-Mr 1900H 

HALALI. Vienna. 1- ,F 1909-14| 

HALF-hours with the freethinkers. London. 
nol-24,0 1856-S 1857||? 

HALASZATI lapok. Budapest. 1,188111? 

HALBJAHR-beytrage zur okonomie und natur- 
geschichte fur landwirthe und bienen- 
freunde; oder Neufortgesetzte sammlung 
okonomischer und bienenschriften. Dresden; 
Leipzig. 1792-180611 

1792-98 as Neue sammlung- vermischter 
okonomischer schriften. . .; 1799,1803 
Neue fortgesetzte sammlung vermischter 
okonomischer schriften; 1801-02 Neue aus- 
erlesene sammlung vermischter okonomi- 
scher schriften aus alien zweigen der 
landwirtschaft. . .; 1804-05 have added 
t-p: Oekonomische und naturhistorische 
beytrage flir landwirthe und bienen- 

HALBJAHRSBERICHTE zur wirtschaftslage. 
See under Berlin. Institut fiir konjunktur-, 
forschung. Schriften 

HALBMONATLICHES literaturverzeichnis der 
Fortschritte der physik. See under Fort- 
schritte der physik 

HALBMONATLICHES verzeichnis von aufsat- 
zen aus deutschen zeitungen. Leipzig. 1, 
1909 + 
Supplement to Bibliographie der deut- 
schen zeitschriftenliteratur 

HALBMONATSSCHRIFT fur die margarine- 
dustrie. Berlin. 

HALF moon, a magazine devoted to the in- 
terests of schools and colleges . . . Ossin- 
ing-on-Hudson. 1,1908|| 

Superseded by School and college 

HALF moon series. (City history club of New 
York) N.Y. 1-2,1897-9811 
vl in 11 nos, v2 in 12 no's 

mi vd 

MB M & 

HALF-yearly abstract of the medical sciences: 
being a digest of British and continental 
medicine, and of the progress of medicine 
and the collateral sciences. London. 1-58, 


Subtitle varies. Superseded by Monthly 
abstract of medical science 
Index: 1-40 


-^American edition. Philadelphia, i„ \ C JA 



HALF-yearly compendium of medical science. 
See Quarterly compendium of medical sci- 

HALIBURTON club, Windsor, N.S. 
Publications. 1-2,1889-9711? 


mb *e 



HALIFAX antiquarian society, Halifax, Eng- 
Papers. . . See its Transactions 
Record series. 1-3,1906-1711? 

HALBMONATSSCHRIFT fur frauen- und 
kinderkrankheiten. Vienna. 1-2, Ja 14 1904- 
D 28 190511 

Supplement to Medizinische blaetter 

Transactions. . . 1901? + 

-1928 as its Papers, reports, etc. 
Index: 1901-31 




monthly magazine. Halifax. 1-3, 

— Kryptogamisches laboratorium 
Beitrage. nol-5,1892-95||? 

HALIFAX naturalist, and record of the Sci- 
entific society. Halifax, vl-8 (nol-49),Ap 
1896-Ap 1904H 

HALIFAX pearl. See Colonial pearl 
HALIFAX philatelist. Halifax, vl-3 no7,1887- 
Jl 1889H 

-Landwirtschaftliches institut 
Berichte aus dem Physiologischen labo- 
ratorium und der Versuchsanstalt des 
Landwirthschaftlichen instituts. 1-20,1872- 

16-19,1902-09 have appendix: Mittheilun- 
gen der prtifungsstation ftir landwirth- 
schaftliche maschinen und gerathe zu 
Halle. Superseded by Kuehn-archiv 

HALK bilgisi haberleri. (Halk bilgisi dernek) 
Constantinople, vl-2 nol9,N 1929-My 1 1931 1| 
English title: Folk lore news 

Mitteilungen aus dem Physiologischen 

laboratorium und der Versuchsstation. 
Superseded by its Berichte 

HALK turkuleri. Istanbul. 1,1926+ 
Title of nol-7 also in French 

-Mathematischer verein 
■ — Bericht. Halle. 

HALL of fame . . . A quarterly magazine. Chi- 
cago, vl nol.Ap 1904|| 

— Philosophische fakultat 

Jahrbuch. 1-2,1920-21/22|| 

In two parts: 1, Historisch-philologische 
abteilung; 2, Mathematisch-naturwissen- 
schaftliche abteilung 

HALLANDS fornminnesforening 
Arsskrift. Halmstad. nol-3, 1868-721 

— Physiologisches institut 

Untersuchungen. 1-2,1888-9011 


Laboratorium fiir theoretische physik 
— Mitteilungen. 

— Seminar fiir genossenschaftswesen. 

Beitraege zur genossenschaftskunde 
— Staatswissenschaftliches seminar 
Abhandlungen. 1-4,1924-2711 


Landesanstalt fiir vorgeschichte 

Through 1921 as Provinzialmuseum 
—Mitteilungen. 1-3,1894-191211 

Superseded by Jahresschrift ftir die 
vorgeschichte der sachsisch-thtiringischen 

See also Sammlung nationalokonomischer und 
statistischer abhandlungen 

Zoologischer garten 

—Mitteilungen. vl-16 no3,My 1905-201!? 

-Veroffentlichungen. nol,1918+ 
1926+ unnumbered 

See also Deutsche museumsfiihrer 
Provinzialmuseum. See Halle. Landesanstalt 

fiir vorgeschichte 
— Dissertationes philologicae halenses. vl-24 


See also Auslandsstudien. . . ; Gesellschaft 
der freunde der universitat Halle- Witten-- 

Physikalische versuchsstation fiir elektriscrre 
schwingungen und drahtlose telegraphie 

—Mitteilungen. 1-40, -1917H? 

HALLE aux charges. Paris. nol-181,Ja 21 1882- 

S 18851! 

Subtitle varies 

-Hallische universitatsreden. 1,1915+ 

HALLE aux cuirs. Paris. 1,1857+ 


- — Mittheilungen. 1,1887||? 

— Supplement technique. 

To S 1922 as Industries du cuir 

-Deutsche gesellschaft fiir politik 
- — Schriften. Bonn. 1,1920+ 

HALLELUJA; zeitschrift fiir geistliche mus 
in kirche, haus, verein und schule. Hild 

burghausen. 1-7,1879-S 1886||? 


-Geologisch-palaontologisches institut 

HALLESCHE abhandlungen zur neueren ge- 
schichte. Halle. 1-46,1874-190811 

— Germanisches seminar. See Hermaea 

— Institut fiir landwirtschaftliche betriebslehre 


HALLESCHE beitrage zur geschichtsforschung. 

Halle. 1-5,1892-94|| 


HALLESCHER verband fur die erforschung der 
mitteldeutschen bodenschatze und ihrer ver- 
Jahrbuch. Halle. nol,1919+ 
5,1926+ also as ns nol+ 
Index: 1-3 

HALLESCHES Winckelmannsprogramm. See 
Hallisches Winckelmannsprogramm 

HALLET'S American farmer and family maga- 
zine. Portland, Me. 1-10, -1894||? 

HALS-, nasen- und ohrenarzt. I teil: originate. 
Leipzig; etc. 1,1908+ 

1-12 as Zeitschrift fur laryngolpgie, rhino- 
logie und ihre grenzgebiete; 13-26 Zeit- 
schrift fur laryngologie, rhinologie, 
otologie und ihre grenzgebiete. vll no5- 
v26 issued as Folia oto-laryngologica I 
teil: originale 

HALSOVANNEN. Tidskrift for allman och 
enskild halsovard. Gothenburg; Stockholm. 


1-10 as Helsovannen 

HALLET'S shorthand gazette. London. 1-8, 
O 1906-S 1914|| 

1906-S 1911 as Shorthand gazette. Merged 
into Reporters' magazine 


H ALLEY Stewart publications. N.T.; London. 

1,1931+ ^/It^Jrvo 


HALLIGAN'S illustrated world's fair. Chicago. 
1-5.N 1890-D 1893|| 
1890-Ap 1893 as Illustrated world's fair 

HALLING-minne. (Hallinglaget 
Walcott, N.D. 1-8,1908-1011? 

i Amerika) 


Hygieniska sporjsmal 

HALTE, was du hast. Berlin. 1-27,1877-S 19041) 
Superseded by Monatsschrift fur pastoral- 

HALTON magazine. Aylesbury, England. l.Je 
1929 + 

Formed by the union of Halton magazine 
and Daedalus. Je 1929-Christmas 1933 as 
Halton magazine and the Daedalus 

HALLINGEN. (Hallinglaget i Amerika) Fargo, 
N. D. 1,J1 1912+ 

He-HALUTZ. Buenos Aires, vl nol-9,1923||? 

HALLISCHE forschungen zur neueren ge- 
schichte. Halle. nol,1926+ 

Supersedes Historische studien (Halle) 

He-HALUTZ; wissenschaftliche abhandlungen 
uber jiidische geschichte, literatur . . . 

Prague; Lemberg; Vienna. 1-13,1852-8911 
Subtitle varies 

HALLISCHE jahrbiicher fur deutsche wissen- 
schaft und kunst. See Deutsche jahrbiicher 
fur wissenschaft und kunst 
HALLISCHE naturforschende gesellschaft 
Abhandlungen. Dessau; Leipzig. 1,1783|| 

HALLISCHE universitatsreden. See under 

Halle. Universitat 
HALLISCHES patriotisches wochenblatt. See 

Hallisches tageblatt 
HALLISCHES tageblatt. Halle. 1-89,1799-1888(1 
..» 1-56,1799-1855 as Hallisches patriotisches 

HALVE maen. (Holland society of New York) 
N.Y. 1,0 1922+ 

HAMANN. Rio de Janeiro. 1,1938 + 

HAMAR. Hafnarflord. 1,1931| 

HAMAR. Reykjavik. 1,1921|| 

HALLISCHES Winckelmannsprogramm. Halle. 

1 as Hallesches Winckelmannsprogramm. 
Suspended 1912-27 . t, ( ■ 

MB \\ vr 


U <1 

HALL'S fireside monthly. See Fireside monthly 
HALL'S journal. N.Y. Ja-My 1875|| 

Ja-F as Hall's medical adviser; Mr, Dr. 

Hall's monthly 

HALL'S journal of health. N.Y. 1-41,1854-94|| 
21-30 as Hall's journal of health and mis- 



HALL'S medical adviser. See Hall's journal 

Hogre allmanna laroverket 

— Redogbrelse. 

HAMBRIENTO. Santiago de Chile. nol-10,D 20 
1827-Mr 8 182811? 

Allgemeine armenanstalt 
— Nachrichten. 1-54,1788-184011? 

Allgemeines krankenhaus 
— Chirurgische abteilung 
Annalen. 1-2,1828-331 

Botanische staatsinstitute 

Formed by the union of Botanischer 
garten and Botanisches museum. In 1912, 
reorganized as two independent institu- 
tions: Institut fur allgemeine botanik and 
Institut fur angewandte botanik 

— Jahresberichte. 1901-1111 


— Mitteilungen. 1901-1211 

Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der hamburgischen 
wissenschaftlichen anstalten 




Botanisches museum 

—Mitteilungen. 1896-190011 

Superseded by Hamburg. Botanische 
staatsinstitute. Mitteilungen. Beiheft zum 
Jahrbuch der hamburgischen wissen- 
schaftlichen anstalten 

Chirurgische poliklinik des frauen-hlilfs-ver- 

— Bericht. 

Hamburgische staatskrankenanstalten 
— JahrbUcher. 1-17,1889-191211? 

— Mitteilungen. 1-15,1897-191811? 

Hamburgisches kolonialinstitut 

— Abhandlungen. 1-43.19 10-20|| 

Superseded by Hamburg. Hansische uni- 
versitat. Abhandlungen aus dem gebiet 
der auslandskunde 

a i ^ \l i -t>w-TC>. 1.7-1 
MB \-Hj 2% - V ^ ^ 

-Bericht. 1-6,1908-151 

Deutsche seewarte 

""1868-72 as Norddeutsche seewarte 
— Aerologische und hydrographische beobach- 

tungen der deutschen marine-stationen 

wiihrend der kriegszeit, 1914-1918. nol-4, 


— Aus dem archiv der deutschen seewarte. 

1,1878+ „ _ ,.- r 

MB 2 **^' 

— Bericht liber priifung von chronometern. 


— Deutsche uberseeische meteorologische be- 
obachtunge'n. 1,1887+ 

— Deutsches meteorologisches jahrbuch. 1, 

1-9,1878-86 as Meteorologische beobach- 
tungen in DeutschTand 

— Ergebnisse der meteorologischen beobach- 
tungen im systeme der Deutschen seewarte. 

— Mitteilungen fiir das ausland. nol-83,Ag 31 
1914-Ap 21 1916||? 

Hansische universitat 

Through 1925 as Universitat 
Publications of the seminars • are issued 
as supplements to Jahrbuch der hambur- 
gischen wissenschaftlichen anstalten 

— Abhandlungen aus dem gebiet der aus- 
landskunde. 1,1920+ 

Supersedes Hamburg. Hamburgisches ko- 
lonialinstitut. Abhandlungen 

sA. Rechts- und staatswissenschaften. 1, 


sB. Volkerkunde, kulturgeschichte und 

sprachen. 1,1920+ 

sC. Naturwissenschaften. 1,1920+ 

— — sD. Medizin und veterinarmedizin. 1, 

1923 + 


— Jahresbericht. 1-7, 1868-74H 

1868-71 as Jahresbericht 
deutschen seewarte 

der Nord- 

— Jahresbericht uber die tatigkeit. 1,1875+ 
' Supersedes Jahresbericht, 1868-74 

— Chemisches staatsinstitut 

1837-1924? as Chemisches staatslabora- 
torium. 1919+ as a part of the University 

Bericht. 1-34,1883-191611 

In Jahrbuch der hamburgischen wissen- 
schaftlichen anstalten vl-34 

— Mittejlungen. nol-4, 1869-7211 

mb/KI fo 

— Monatsbericht. 1-16,1876-911 

-Vierteljahrs-wetter-rundschau an der hand 
der taglichen synoptischen wetterkarten 
fiir den Nordatlantischen ocean des Da- 
nischen meteorologischen instituts und der 
Deutschen seewarte. Berlin. 1-9,1888-9711? 

See also Annalen der hydrographie und ma- 

ritimen meteorologie 
Deutsches Bibel-archiv 
—Bericht. 1,1931 + 

See also Bibel und deutsche kultur 
Deutsches schauspielhaus. See Rampe 
Dr. Unna's klinik fiir hautkrankheiten 
— Arbeiten. Berlin. 1892-191311? 

Mitteilungen. 1-15, -189711? 

In Jahrbuch der hamburgischen wissen- 
schaftlichen anstalten 

— Deutsches seminar. See its Germanisches 

— Germanisches seminar 
Mitteilungen. 1-3,1913-1711 

— Juristen-fakultat. See Urkunden und 

forschungen zum internationalen recht 
— Mathematisches seminar 
Abhandlungen. 1,1921+ 

See also Hamburger mathematische einzel- 

— Mineralogisch-geologisches institut. See 
Hamburg. Mineralogisch-geologisches in- 

— Osteuropaisches seminar 

Osteuropaische studien. 1,1929 + 


Hansische universitat — Continued 
— Phonetisehes laboratorium 

Jahresbericht. 1-5,1910/11-15/1611? 

In Jahrbuch der hamburgischen wissen- 
schaftlichen anstalten. Issued in connec- 
tion with the university's Seminar fur 
kolonialsprachen, later Seminar fur afri- 
kanische und siidseesprachen 

— Zoologisches staatsinstitut und zoologisches 

1884-1914 as Naturhistorisches museum • ' 

Bericht. 1882+" OT -"-"*"" " "" 

1882-1912 as its Jahresbericht. In Jahr- 
buch der hamburgischen wissenschaft- 
lichen anstalten; 1913-15 in its Mittei- 
lungen. Suspended 1916-24 

See also Vox (1925+) 

— Rechts- und staatswissenschaftliche fakul- 

tat. See Hamburger rechtsstudien 
— Seminar fiir afrikanische und sudsee- 

1912-19 as the university's Seminar fiir 

Mitteilungen. 1912+ 

Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der hamburgischen 

wissenschaftlichen anstalten 

Mitteilungen. 11,1893+ 

1-10,1884-92 in Jahrbuch der hamburgi- 
schen wissenschaftlichen anstalten; 11+ 
in Beiheft. . . 

Hygienisches institut iiber die nahrungsmit- 

—Bericht. 1-5, 1S93-1904]| ? 

See also the university's Phonetisehes labora- 

— Seminar fur englische sprache und kultur. 
See Britannica 

— Seminar fiir geographie 

— —Mitteilungen. 1919 + 

Ibero-amerikanisches institut 
— Auslandspolitische schriften. Buenos Aires. 

— Auswanderung nach dem Spanischen Ame- 
rika und Brasilien. -nol,1924+ 
Beiblatt to Iberica. . . 

— Seminar fiir industrierecht. See Industrie- 

rechtliche forschungen 
— Seminar fiir kultur und geschichte Indiens 
Alt- und neu-indische studien. 1,1928+ 

— Seminar fiir offentliches recht und ko- 

Abhandlungen und mitteilungen. 1,1911+ 

1911 as Studien zum hamburgischen of- 

fentlichen recht 

— Seminar fiir philosophic 
Mitteilungen. 1913 + 

-Mitteilungen. 1-2,1917-1911? 

-Veroffentlichungen. Bibliothek der cultura. 
latino-americana. 1-3,1919|| 

See also Iberica; Ibero-amerikanische studien; 
Spanien; Spanische philologie und spa- 
nischer unterricht 
Institut fiir allgemeine botanik 

Supersedes Hamburg. Botanische staats- 
—Mitteilungen. 1,1913+ 

-Seminar fiir romanische sprachen und kul- 

Abhandlungen und berichte zur ro- 

manischen kultur- und landeskunde. 1, 
1913 + 

Institut fiir angewandte botanik 

Supersedes Hamburg. Botanische staatsin- 

— Jahresbericht. 1912 + 


Mitteilungen und abhandlungen aus dem 

gebiet der romanischen philologie. 1-8,1911- 

Identical with Bibliotheque de dialecto- 

logie romane 

— Abteilung fiir pflanzenschutz 
Bericht. 1,1898 + 

Title varies 

Index: 1-10 

See also Cultura latino-americana; Ham- 
burger studien zu volkstum und kultur der 
Romanen; Volkstum und kultur der Ro- 

— Seminar fiir sprache und kultur Chinas 

Mitteilungen. 1914+ 

Veroffentlichungen. 1,1926+ 

-Seminar fiir sprache und kultur Japans 
- — Veroffentlichungen. 1,1927 + 

— Abteilung fiir samenkontrolle 

Bericht. 1,1891+ 

Title varies 

Institut fiir auswartige politik. See Monat- 

shefte fiir auswartige politik; Politische 

Institut fiir schiffs- und tropenkrankheiten. 

See Archiv fiir schiffs- und tropenhygiene 
Kulturwissenschaftliche bibliothek Warburg. 

See Warburg institute, London 
— Jahresbericht. 

— Seminar fiir versicherungswissenschaft 

Abhandlungen und mitteilungen. 1-2, 


Mineralogisch-geologisches institut 
—Mitteilungen. 1911 + 

Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der hamburgischen. 

wissenschaftlichen anstalten 



Museum fur hamburgische geschichte 

— Jahresbericht. 1910+ 

-1910 in Jahrbuch der hamburgischen 
wissenschaftlichen anstalten; 1910+ only 
the first part of the report is issued in 
the Jahrbuch 

-Mitteilungen. nol-6,1909-22[| 

— Ubersicht iiber die meteorologischen be- 
obachtungen auf der Hamburger stern- 
warte in Bergedorf. 1910+ 

1910-18 as its Meteorologische beobach- 
tungen. . . 1910,14-18 issued as supple- 
ments to Jahrbuch der Hamburgischen 
wissenschaftlichen anstalten, v29, 32-36; 
1912-13 issued in same covers with its 
Astronomische abhandlungen 

# d 


-[Veroffentlichungen.] Hamburg. 1,1930+ 

Museum fur kunst und gewerbe 
— Veroffentlichungen. 1914+ 

Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der hamburgischen 

wissenschaftlichen anstalten 

—Veroffentlichungen. 1-3,1905-12; nsvl,1936+ 

Universitat. See Hamburg. Hansische uni- 


— Bulletin of the World economic archives of 
Hamburg. Hamburg. nol.N 1934+ 

English edition: World economic archives 

Museum fur volkerkunde 

as Staatliches museum fur volker- 

— Mitteilungen. 1,1905 + 

Preceding numbers in Jahrbuch der ham- 
burgischen wissenschaftlichen anstalten. 
1905-18 in Beiheft 

Museum Godeffroy 

—Journal. l-6(nol-17),1873-1910|| 

& MB 




Naturhistorisches museum. See Hamburg. 
Hansische universitat. Zoologisches staats- 
institut und zoologisches museum 
Norddeutsche seewarte. See Hamburg. 

Deutsche seewarte 
Physikalisches staatslaboratorium 
— Mitteilungen. 1905+ 

Preceding numbers in Jahrbuch der ham- 
burgischen wissenschaftlichen anstalten. 
1905+ in Beiheft. . . 

Staatliches museum fiir volkerkunde. 

Hamburg. Museum ftir volkerkunde 
Staatsi und universitats-bibliothek 
— Bericht. Hamburg. 

Title varies: Jahresbericht; etc. 


— Jahresbericht. 1925+? 

Wissenschaftliche anstalten des staates 
Hamburg. See Jahrbuch der hamburgi- 
schen wissenschaftlichen anstalten 
Zoologischer garten 
—Bericht. 1,1921 + 

Supersedes Zoologische gesellschaft, Ham- 
burg. Bericht 

HAMBURG-Amerika-post. See Amerika-post 
HAMBURG im Dritten Reich; arbeiten der 

hamburgischen verwaltung in einzeldarstel- 

lungen. Hamburg. 1,1935+ 

HAMBURG und Altona. Eine zeitschrift zur 
geschichte der zeit, der sitten und des 
geschmaks. Hamburg. 1-5, S 1801-0611 

HAMBURGER arbeiten zur begabungsfor- 
schung. Leipzig. 1,1919+ 

Supplement to Zeitschrift fiir angewandte 

HAMBURGER beitrage zur buchkunde. Berlin. 

-MLtteilungen aus der Stadtbibliothek in 
Hamburg. . . 1 -11, 1SS4-9 1 ; nsvl,1926+ 
TS?5T[911 continued irregularly in Jahr- 
buch der hamburgischen wissenschaft- 
lichen anstalten. Suspended 1912-25 

-Neuerwerbungen. Hamburg 
N/D 193311 

None issued 1932 

l-2,Ja/F 1931- 


— Astronomische abhandlungen. vl-3 no6/7, 

Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der hamburgischen 
wissenschaftlichen anstalten. Suspended 

MB //tf 6 |-3 

t S/ L / 


beobachtungen. See 
die meteorologischen 


— Meteorologische 
Ubersicht iiber 
— Mitteilungen. 1,1895+ 

Also as Beiheft zum Jahrbuch der ham 
burgischen wissenschaftlichen anstalten 

HAMBURGER buhne. See Kreis; zeitschrift 

fiir kiinstlerische kultur 
HAMBURGER garten- und blumenzeitung. 

Hamburg. 1-46, Ap 1845-9011 

1-7,1845-51 as Neue allgemeine deutsche 
garten- und blumenzeitung 

HAMBURGER gewerbeblatt. 


Hamburg. 1-6, 

HAMBURGER handels-archiv; sammlung der 
auf schiffahrt und handel beziiglichen ham- 
burgischen vertrage, verordnungen und be- 
kanntmachungen. Hamburg. ptl-3,1857|| 

-Erster nachtrag, enthaltend vertrage vom 
1. juli 1857 bis 30. juni 1860|| 

HAMBURGER illustrierte. Hamburg. 1,1918 + 
Supersedes Welt im bild 

HAMBURGER kaufmannsbucher. Hamburg; 
Berlin. 1,1931 + 



HAMBURGER lehrerzeitung. (Gesellschaft der 
freunde des vaterlandischen schul- und er- 
ziehungswesens in Hamburg) Hamburg. 1, 


HAMBURGISCHE forschungen; wirtschaftliche 
und politische studien aus hanseatischem 
interessengebiet. Brunswick. nol-10,1916- 

HAMBURGER literarisehe und kritische blat- 
ter. Hamburg. 1-35,1825-Mr 1859|| 

1,1825 as Literarisches wochenblatt der 
borsen-halle; 2-10,1826-34 Literarisehe 
blatter der borsen-halle; 11-18,1835-42 
Literarisehe und kritische blatter der 

HAMBURGISCHE geschichts- und heimatblat- 
ter. (Verein fur hamburgische geschichte) 
Hamburg. 1,F 1926+ 

Supersedes the society's Mitteilungen. 

1+ also as year 42+ 

— Supplement. Kritische blatter der borsen- 
halle. 1-5,1830-34|| 

HAMBURGISCHE gesellschaft zur beforde- 
rung der kiinste und niitzlichen gewerbe 

HAMBURGER logenblatt. See Logenblatt 
HAMBURGER mathematische einzelschriften. 

(Hamburg. Hansische universitat. Mathe- 
matisches seminar) Hamburg. 1,1923 + 

HAMBURGER monatshefte fur auswartige 
politik. See Monatshefte fur auswartige 

Jahresbericht der milchkuchen der patrioti- 
schen gesellschaft. 1-9,1904/05-1611 
Title varies 

HAMBURGISCHE handelsgerichts-zeitung. See 

Hanseatische gerichtszeitung 
HAMBURGISCHE medizinische iiberseehefte. 
Berlin; Hamburg, vl nol-17,Ap 3 1914-16|| 

HAMBURGER rechtsstudien. (Hamburg. Han- 
sische universitat. Rechts- und staatswis- 
senschaftliche fakultat) Hamburg. 1,1928 + 

HAMBURGER schriften zur wirtschafts- und 
sozialpolitik. See Hamburger wirtschafts- 
und sozialwissenschaftliche schriften 

HAMBURGER studien zu volkstum und kultur 
der Romanen. (Hamburg. Hansische uni- 
versitat. Seminar fur romanische sprachen 
und kultur) Hamburg. 1,1929+ 

HAMBURGER thierschutz-verein 

-18, -1859 as Hamburger verein gegen 
thierqualerei br, , ,, . A. /^r\ 

Jahres-bericht. 1-45, -188611? 



HAMBURGER untersuchungen zur jugend- 
und sozial-psychologie. Leipzig. nol,1931?+ 

HAMBURGER verein gegen thierqualerei. See 

Hamburger thierschutz-verein 
HAMBURGER wespen. See Hamburgische wes- 

HAMBURGER wirtschafts- und sozialwis- 
senschaftliche schriften. Rostock. 1,1927+ 
1-5 as Hamburger schriften zur wirt- 
schafts- und sozialpolitik 

HAMBURGER wochenschrift fiir arzte und 
zahnarzte und krankenkassen. Hamburg. 
vl-4 no6, -F 1923H 

HAMBURGISCH-preussischer landesplanungs- 
Veroffentlichungen. Hamburg. 

HAMBURGISCHE berichte von den neuesten 
gelehrten sachen. Hamburg. 1-26,1732-5811 

HAMBURGISCHE monatschrift fur politik und 
handel. See Hamburgische zeitschrift fiir 
politik, handel und handelsrecht 

HAMBURGISCHE schriften zur gesamten straf- 
rechtswissenschaft. Hamburg. 1,1921 + 

MB I T*- 

HAMBURGISCHE texte und untersuchungen 
zur deutschen philologie. Dortmund. 
— Reihe I. Texte. 1,1925+ 

*-<r7t t j(4 

-Reihe II. Untersuchungen. 1,1925+ 
2 published in 1924 

HAMBURGISCHE vermischte bibliothek. Ham- 
burg. 1-3,1743-4511 

HAMBURGISCHE wespen. Hamburg. 1-7,0- 


1-6 as Hamburger wespen. Superseded by 
Berliner wespen, later Deutsche wespen 

HAMBURGISCHE wissenschaftliche anstalt. 

See Jahrbuch der Hamburgischen wissen- 
schaftlichen anstalten 
HAMBURGISCHE wissenschaftliche stiftung. 

See Zeitschrift fiir eingeborenen-sprachen 
HAMBURGISCHE zeitschrift fur politik, handel 
und handelsrecht. Hamburg. 1-3 (ptl-7), 

1 as Hamburgische monatschrift fiir poli- 
tik und handel 

HAMBURGISCHE zirkel-correspondenz. Ham- 
burg. 1-36,1867-190311? 

HAMBURGISCHER lehrerverein fiir natur- 
Berichte. 1-3,1901-0611? 

HAMBURGISCHE beytrage zu den werken des 
witzes und der sittenlehre. Hamburg. 1-2, 


HAMBURGISCHES kolonialinstitut. See under 

HAMBURGISCHES magazin. Hamburg nol-4 




HAMBURGISCHES magazin, Oder Gesammelte 
schriften, aus der naturforschung und den 
angenehmen wissenschaften uberhaupt. 
Hamburg. 1-26,1747-63|| 

Subtitle varies. Superseded by Neues 

hamburgisches magazin 

Index: 1-26 

HAMBURGISCHES magazin fur die geburts- 
hulfe. Hamburg. 1-2, Jl 1807-1211? 

HAMMER; blatter fur deutschen sinn. Leipzig. 
Subtitle varies 

HAMMER and pen. (Church association for 
the advancement of the interests of labor) 
N.Y. vl nol-3, 1895-97; nsvl-10,S 1898-Ap 

Special numbers were issued at irregular 


HAMBURGISCHES wochenblatt. Hamburg. 1-4, 

HAMBURGS wachter. Hamburg. 

HAMECHAKER. See Zeit (Hamechaker) 
HAMENORA. Istanbul. 1,1923+ 

HAMER. Workers monthly. N.Y. l,Mr 1926+ 
In Yiddish 

HAMMOND gazette. For the benefit of the sick 
and wounded in Hammond general hospital. 
Point Lookout, Md. vl nol-32,N 17 1862-Je 
23 186311? 

HAMON. Berlin. nol,1903| 

HAMPSHIRE advocate and live stock and poul- 
try review. Peoria, 111. vl-15 nol,1909-Ja 1 
1923;P 1923-Mr 192611 

Superseded by American herdsman, later 
American Hampshire herdsman. P 1923- 
Mr 1926 unnumbered 

HAMILTON association for the cultivation of 
science, literature and art, Hamilton, On- 

Name of association varies: Hamilton as- 
sociation; Hamilton scientific association 
Journal and proceedings. 1,1882+ 

HAMILTON club, New York 
Hamilton club series. N.Y. nol-4, 1865-661 

mb M h ys yo 

HAMILTON club of Chicago 
Serial publications, nol-21,1898-1903 


See also Hamiltonian 
HAMILTON college, Clinton, N.Y. 

Hamilton college studies and publications, 
nsvl, 1919H 

HAMILTON literary magazine. Clinton, N.Y. 
1-57,1867-My 192311 ? 

-My 1896 as Hamilton literary monthly. 
Merged into Royal gaboon 

HAMPSHIRE agricultural society, Amherst, 
Transactions and premium list. / / •■ 

mb ik"!,*!-?,^-*, ?',7y-?7 * 

HAMPSHIRE antiquary and naturalist. South- 
ampton, England. 1-2,1890-91|| 

MB Mfc 2OT&0 & !3o ^ 

HAMPSHIRE entomological society. See En- 
tomological society of the south of England 
HAMPSHIRE field club and archaeological so- 
Papers and proceedings. 1,1885/89+ 
1-3 as Hampshire field club 
Index: 1-10,1885-1931 

HAMPSHIRE, Franklin and Hampden agri- 
cultural society, Northampton, Mass. 
Annual report. Transactions. 
Title varies 


,U \ ; 

"*•)'/ r 

HAMPSHIRE magazine. Southampton. 1884|| 

HAMILTONIAN. (Hamilton club of Chicago) 
Chicago. 1,1900+ 

HAMPSHIRE notes and queries. Winchester, 
England. 1-9,1883-9811? 

HAMLINE university, St. Paul 
A review of recent publications 
faculty. 1933/35 + 

of the 

HAMPSHIRE record society, Winchester 
[Publications.] 1,1886+ 

lAMLYN'S menagerie magazine. 

6 no3,My 1915-J1 15 192011 





London, vl- HAMPSHIRE records old and new, contributed 
from all parts of the county. Basingstoke, 
England, nol-3, 191411 


papers. Ipswich, Mass. 1-7,1880- 

MB .;•:. 

HAMMER. Fitchburg, Mass. vl-9 no3, -S 19181 


HAMPSTEAD antiquarian and historical so- 
ciety, Hampstead, England 
Transactions. 1-8,1898-1905 j| ? 

HAMMER. Philadelphia; etc. 1-6,1883-8711? 

HAMPSTEAD Braille magazine. Hampstead. 
England. 1,1902+ 
In European Braille 



HAMPSTEAD scientific society 

Report of the Council and proceedings. Hamp- 
stead, N.W. 

HANDARBEITS-bogen. Berlin. l,My 1937+ 
Supplement to Neue modenwelt 

HAMPTON magazine. N.Y. 1-28, Ap 1898-My 

1898-N 1907 as Broadway magazine; 
D 1907-S 1908 New Broadway magazine; 
O • 1908- Ja 1909 Hampton's Broadway 
magazine; F 1909-Ap 1909 Hampton's 
magazine, the new Broadway; My 1909-S 
1911 Hampton's magazine; O 1911-Ja 1912 
Hampton-Columbian magazine 

HAMPTON negro conference 
Annual report. 1-17,1897-19131: 
1 in Southern workman 



HAMPTON normal and agricultural institute, 
Hampton, Va. See Southern workman 

HAMPTON'S Broadway magazine. See Hamp- 
ton magazine 

HA MSA. Brookline, Mass. 1.1932+ 

HANDBIBLIOTHEK fur das deutsche ge- 

nossenschaftswesen. Berlin. 1-10,1897-1908|| 

HANDB6K baenda. Reykjavik. 1, 19231 

HANDBOOK for architects and builders. (Il- 
linois society of architects) Chicago. 1, 

HAND-book for magistrates and quarter ses- 
sions. London. 1-8,1853-5511 

Supersedes Magistrate and municipal and 
parochial lawyer 

HANDBOOK of American genealogy. (Institute 
of American genealogy) Chicago. 1,1932+ 

MB ij. u ^ 



HANAUER geschichtsblatter. (Hanauer ge- 
schichtsverein) Hanau. nol-13, 1860-90; ns 

si as Hanauer bezirksverein fiir hessische 
geschichte und landeskunde. Mittheilun- 

HANAUER geschichtsverein, Hanau. See 

Hanauer geschichtsblatter 
HANAUER neue europaische zeitung. Hanau. 



Hanau. 1-8,1778- 

HANCOCK county journal. Carthage, 111. vl 
nol-2, 1886H? 

HANCOCK democrat. Warsaw, 111. l-nsv2,1844- 


HANCOCK eagle. Nauvoo, 111. vl nol-21,1846||? 

HANDBOOK of American prisons and reforma- 
tories. (Osborne association) N.Y. 1,1925+ 


L.iyzo-r- - . / 


HANDBOOK of educational press association. 

Washington. 1,1923+ <yh 2f,' 

1923-25 as Standards for educational 


HANDBOOK of Latin American studies, a 
guide to the material published ... by a 
number of scholars. (American council of 
learned societies devoted to humanistic stud- 
ies. Committee on Latin American studies) 
Cambridge, Mass. 1935+ 

2-iry }3 7 

i + 

HANDBUCH der deutschen tagespresse. Berlin. 


1-3,1928-30 as Jahrbuch der tagespresse 

HANDBUCH der deutschen volksbuchereien. 
Leipzig. 1,1926+ 

1-4,1926-29/30 as Jahrbuch der deutschen 



HANCOCK museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
Bulletin. (Natural history society of Nor- 
thumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon 
Tyne) vl nol-2, Ap-N 1932||? 



new era. Warsaw, 111. vl nol-25, 

HANDBUCH der erziehung. Berlin. 1,1937+ 

HANDBUCH der iuftfahrt. Munich. 1936+ 
Supersedes Taschenbuch der luftflotten 

HANDBUCH der metallphysik. Leipzig. 1,1935 + 

HAND and eye; a monthly journal for the 
promotion of sloyd, kindergarten and all 
forms of manual training. London. 1-10,0 


HANDBUCH der moorkunde. Berlin, 1,1929 + 

HANDBUCH der musikalischen literatur. Leip- 
*,r» « zi S- 1817-2911 
HANDARBEITEN aller art. Darmstadt; Berlin.MJO MV, Superseded by Musikalisch-literarische 

1900-S 15 1906 as Tapisserist; O 1906-S 15 
1907 Tapisserie-, spitzen- und posamen- 
ten-zeitung; O 1907-S 1909 Tapisserie- und 
stickerei-zeitung; O 1909-S 1910 Stickerei- 
zeitung; O 1910-S 1914 Stickerei-zeitung 
und spitzen revue; O 1914- Stickerei- und 
spitzen-rundschau; -v32, -S 1932 Sticke- 
reien Uriel spitzen 



HANDBUCH zum Alten Testament. Tubingen. 

HANDBUCH zum Neuen Testament. Ergan- 
zungs-band. . . Die apostolischen vater. 
Tubingen. 1,1920||? 




HANDBOCHEREl fur den deutschen unter- 
— Lreihe. Deutschkunde. Halle. 1,1922+ 

HANDEL. Sammlung handelswissenschaftlicher 
werke. Stuttgart; Leipzig; Hanover. 1-2, 

HANDELSPOLITISCHE zentralstelle der ver- 
einigten handels- und gewerbekammern, 
Mitteilungen. 1,1902+ 

nol-24 as Zentralstelle der vereinigten 
handels- und gewerbekammern . . . zur 
vorbereitung der handelsvertrage. Mit- 

HANDEL und gewerbe. (Deutscher handels- 
tag) Berlin. 1-29,1893-Je 1922|| 
Merged into Deutsche wirtschafts-zeitung 

HANDELSRECHT und handelsbrauch; ent- 
scheidungen und gutachten in handels- 
sachen. Berlin. 1,1929+ 


HANDEL und wandeh in Deutschland. Jena. 


Later renumbered' as ptl of Wirtschafts- 


IH l lh2 

HANDELS- und biiroangestellte. (Verband der 
weiblichen handels- und btiroangestellten) 
Berlin. 1.J1 1896+ 

1-9 as Mitteilungen fur weibliche an- 
gestellte (Kaufmannischer verband fur 
weibliche angestellte) ; vl0-24 no7 Zeit- 
schrift fiir weibliche handlungsgehilfen 
(Kaufmannischer verband fiir weibliche 

HANDELSSTANDENS maanedsskrift. (Norges 
handelsstands forbund) Oslo. 1,19.11-r 

1911-18 as Norske handelsstands faelles- 
forenings maanedsskrift 


Verslag. . . Weltevreden. 

1925-26 in English; 1927, Dutch 

Mededeelingen. 1,1915+ 

HANDELS- und gewerbekammer fiir das 
erzherzogthum Oesterreich unter der Enns, 
Sitzungs- und geschaftsberichte. 1,1865+ 


HANDELS-archiv. See Deutsches handels- 

HANDELSBLAD de tuinbouw. Assen, Nether- 
lands. 1-4, Mr 4 1921-D 19 1924|| 
Supersedes Tuinbouw 



voor den tuinbouw. Assen. 

Weekbericht. . . 1,1925+ 


Aussenhandelsverband, Berlin; Verband zur 
forderung des deutschen aussen-handels, 
HANDELSWELT. Stuttgart; Leipzig. 1-5,1868- 

Supersedes Vorwarts! Magazin fur kauf- 


HANDELSBLAD voor den tuinbouw semper- 
virens. Amsterdam, etc. 1-31,1872-1902; 
(ns)vl-5,1903-07; (s3) vl,1908+ 
1-31,1872-1902 as Sempervirens; (ns)vl-5, 
1903-07 Nederlandsche tuinbouwblad sem- 

tische monatsschrift fur offene handelsge- 
sellschaften, kommanditgesellschaften, stille 
gesellschaften und gesellschaften mit be- 
schrankter haftung. Leipzig. 1-4,1893-9711? 

HANDELS-hochschul-nachrichten. Berlin. 1907- 

19 |j 

Supplement to Deutsche wirtschafts- 

HANDELS-zeitung und kunstgewerbe-blatt fiir 
die gold- und silberwaren-industrie. See 
Deutsche goldschmiede-zeitung 
HAN DES amsorya. See Hantes amsoriay 

paroyagan, usumnagan, arwesdkidagan 
HANDICRAFT. Boston; Montague, Mass. 1-2, 
1902-04; v3-5 no7,Ap 1910-O 1912|| 
Merged into Industrial arts magazine, 
later Industrial arts and vocational edu- 





Jamaica Plains, Mass. 1,0 




HANDLE trade. See Wood turning 
HANDLINGAR och upplysningar rorande 

Sveriges fiskerier. (K.Landtbruks-akade- 

mien) Stockholm. 1,1866+ 

HANDELSMUSEUM. See Vienna, osterreichi- 
sches handels-museum. Wirtschaftsberichte 

HANDELSPOLITISCHE flugschriften. (Ver- 
band zur forderung des deutschen aussen- 
handels; Handelsvertragsverein) Berlin. 

MB ), 3 

HANDLINGAR rorande Skandinaviens historia. 

(K.Samfundet for utgifvande af hand- 

skfifteT rorande Skandinaviens historia) 

Stockholm. 1-40,1816-6011 

Added title 11-40 Nya handlingar . . . 

Superseded by Historiska handlingar 

Index: 1-20 in 20; 21-30 in 30; 31-40 in 40 



y <t2i 



— s1. 1,1861 + 

rorande Sveriges historia. 

HANEY'S journal for the farm, household, 
workshop, store and factory. N.Y. 1-3, Ja 
Title varies 

— s2. 1,1864 + 

— s3. 1,1878 + 


National university of Chekiang 

— Publications in electrical engineering. 

HANDLUNGSZEITUNG; oder, Wochentliche 
nachrichten von handel, manufakturwesen 
und oekonomie. Gotha. 1-16,1784-9911 

Superseded by Neue zeitung; oder, "Wo- 
chentliche nachrichten von handel. . . 

— Science reports. l,Ja 1934+ 

HANGCHOW magazine. Hangchow, China. 1, 

In Chinese 

HANDS across the sea. (Central bureau for 
European relief work to the Protestant 
churches) Zurich. 1,S 1924+ 

HANDSCHUH und rose; mittheilungen an die 
Freimaurerschwestern, dem Ziegeldecker 
im osten von Altenburg . . . entlehnt. 

Cahla. 1-14,1838-54||? 

HANGMAN. See Prisoners' friend +, \ 
HANNAH dairy research institute. See under 

Glasgow, University 
HANNOVERISCHES magazin. Hanover. 1-28, 
Ja 3 1763-90H 

Supersedes Hannoverische anzeigen. Han- 
noverische beytrage • zum nutzen und 
vergniigen. Superseded by Neues han- 
noverisches magazin 


gart. 1,1903 + 

Leipzig; Stutt- 

HANDWERK- und gewerbverein des kantons 

Zurich. See Monatliches gewerbeblatt 
HANDWERKER-verein zu Chemnitz 

HANNOVERISCHES magazin. Hanover. 1, 


Supersedes Neues Hannoverisches maga- 

HANNOVERSCHE annalen fur die gesammte 
heilkunde. Hanover. 1-5,1836-40; nsvl-7, 


Index: 1836-45 

HANDWERKSKAMMER-nachrichten fur das 

photographengewerbe. Halle a.S. 1905-09H 
Supplement to Photographische chronik 


Cologne. 1,1926+ 


HANNOVERSCHE anzeigen von allerhand 
sachen deren bekantmachung dem gemei- 
nen wesen nothig und niitzlich. Hanover. 1- 

10, Je 29 1750-D 29 1760|| 
Superseded by its Hannoverische beytrage, 
the first 2 vols of which were published 
as a subseries of this original periodical 
Index: 1750-60 

HANDWRITING magazine and the satiricon. 

N.Y. vl nol-2,Je-Jl 1936|| 

HANDY notes on current politics. A monthly 
vade-mecum for Conservatives and Union- 
ists. Westminster; London. 1-18,1890-1908|| 

HANDZEICHNUNGEN alter meister aus 
Albertina und anderen sammlungen. 
enna. 1-12,1896-190811 

— Neue folge. Vienna. 1,1922|| 



-Hannoverische beytrage zum nutzen und 
vergniigen. 1-4, Ja 1 1759-D 31 1762|| 
Superseded by Hannoverisches magazin 

-Nutzliche samlungen. 1-4, Ja 3 1755-D 29 

Superseded by Hannoverische beytrage 

zum nutzen und vergniigen 

-Sammlung kleiner ausfuhrungen aus ver- 

schiedenen wissenschaften. 1-4,1750-5411 

Caption title: Hannoverische gelehrte 

laendischen schule. 

alter meister der hoi- 
Haarlem. 1-6,1896-19061 

HANNOVERSCHE gartenbau-zeitung. Han- 
over. 1-3, Mr 1877-D 187911 



'! { 

grosser meister. Berlin. 



HANDZEICHNUNGEN grosser meister. Berlin. 


HANNOVERSCHE gerichtszeitung fur schwur- 
gerichte. Stade. 1,1850||? 

HANNOVERSCHE geschichtsblatter. 





HANNOVERSCHE land- und forstwirtschaft- 
liche zeltung. Hanover. 1,1848+ 

HANNOVERSCHE landesblatter; beitrage zur 
kenntniss der verfassung, gesetzgebung und 
verwaltung des konigreichs Hannover. 
Hanover. 1-2,1832||? 

HANNOVERSCHE monatsschrift. See Wider 

die nahrungsfalscher 
HANNOVERSCHES gewerbeblatt. (Gewerbe- 
verein fur Hannover) Hanover. 1868-192011 
' Supersedes Gewerbeverein fur. Hannover. 
Monatsblatt. 1868-82 as Hannoversches 
wochenblatt fur handel und gewerbe. 
Subtitle varies 

HANNOVERSCHES land- und forstwirt- 
schaftliches vereinsblatt. See Hildesheimer 
land- und forstwirtschaftliches vereinsblatt 

HANNOVERSCHES magazin. (Historischer 
verein fair Niedersachsen) Hanover. 1,J1 1 

HANNOVERSCHES wochenblatt fur handel 
und gewerbe. See Hannoversches gewerbe- 
HANOI, Indo-China 
Ecole frangaise d'Extreme-Orient. See ficole 
frangaise d'Extreme-Orient, Hanoi, Indo- 
Mission scientifique permanente d'exploration 

en Indo-Chine 
— Decades botaniques. 1,19061! 

-Decades zoologiques. Mammiferes. 1,190611 

Museum fur kunst und wissenschaft. See 

Hanover. Landesmuseum 
Staatsarchiv. See Abhandlungen und vortrage 

zur geschichte Ostfrieslands 
K.Technische hochschule 
— Jahresbericht. . . w ( ' 

— Laboratorium fiir die technische moorver- 

Arbeiten. 1.1914N? 

K.Thierarzneischule (jlA 
—Jahresbericht. 1-17,1868-84/851 

MBerarztliche hochschule 
— Institut fiir tierzucht 

HANOVIA technique and information service. 

See Quartz lamp 
HANS Herr memorial association. See Memorial 

HANS-Jtirgel von Gumpoldskirchen. Vienna. 


1785-97 (numbered 1-37) as Briefe eines 
Eipeldauers an seinen herrn vetter in 
Kakran, uber d'Wienerstadt; 1798 (num- 
bered 1-12) Wahrheit in maske; 1799- 
1801 (numbered 1-24) Wiederaufgelebte 
Eipeldauer; 1802-17 Briefe des jungen 
Eipeldauers an seinen herrn vettern in 
Kakran; 1818-19 Briefe des neuangekom- 
menen Eipeldauers; 1820-21 no3 Briefe des 
jlingsten Eipeldauers; 1821-33,1842-48 no6 
Komische briefe des Hans-Jorgel von 
Gumpoldskirchen; 1834-40 Neue komische 
briefe. . .; 1841 Komische briefe eines 
Gumpoldskirchners ; 1848 no7 Hans-Jbrgel, 
volksschrift im Wiener dialekte; 1848 
no8-1851 Constitutionelle Hans-Jorgel. . . 

-Oiseaux. 1-9,1905-0711 

Reptiles. 1, 190611 

HANOMAG-nachrichten. Hanover. 1-14, N 1913- 


-Ausserordentliches heft. 
Title varies 

Supplement. See Gartenlaube von Hans-Jorgel 
von Gumpoldskirchen 
HANSA. Deutsche nautische zeitschrift. Ham- 
burg. 1,1863 + 
Subtitle varies 

Deutsches handwerksinstitut 

Supersedes Karlsruhe. Forschungsinstitut 
fiir rationelle betriebsfiihrung im hand- 
— Schriften. 11,1929 + 

Forschungsinstitut fiir strassenbahnwesen 
— Forschungsheft. nol-8,Mr 1931-My 1934|| 


1852-69 as Museum fiir kunst und wis- 
senschaft; 1870-1932? Provinzial-museum 
— Jahrbuch. 1851-1913; nsvl,1926+ 

HANSA-bund. (Hansa-bund fiir gewerbe, han- 
del und industrie) Berlin 1,1911+, 

HANSEATISCHE gerichtszeitung. Hamburg. 
vl-8 nol7,Ap 13 1861-Ap 25 1868; (s2) vl-12, 
Ap 1868-My 26 1880; (s3) vl-48,Je 14 1880- 
D 30 1927|| 

si as Hamburgische gerichts-zeitung; 
s2 Hamburgische handelsgerichts-zeitung. 
United with Hanseatische rechts-zeitung 
fur handel, schiffahrt und versicherung, 
kolonial- und auslandsbeziehungen to 
form Hanseatische rechts- und gerichts- 
Index: 1868-84 

— Kunst historische 


studien. Hildesheim. 

— Nachrichtenblatt fiir Niedersachsens vor- 
geschichte. See Nachrichtenblatt fur Nie- 
dersachsens vorgeschichte 

— UrgeschichtMche abteilung 

Veroffentlichungen. 1,1928+ 

HANSEATISCHE rechts- und gerichts-zeit- 
schrift . . . vormals Hanseatische rechts- 
zeitschrift, Hanseatische gerichts-zeitung. 

Mannheim. 1,0 1917+ 

1-10 as Hanseatische rechtszeitschrift 



magazin. Bremen. 1-6,1799- 



HANSERD Knollys society 
Publications. London. 1-10,1846-54|| 

Abt. 1. 1256-1430. (Akademie der wissen- 
schaften, Munich. Historische kommission) 


Abt. 2. 1431-76. (Verein fur hansische ge- 
schichte) 1-7,1876-921] 


MB lf\V 


Abt. 3. 1477-1530. (Hansischer geschichtsver- 
ein) 1-9,1881-191311 

<f\ \? 

HANSISCHE geschichtsblatter. (Verein -fur 
hansische geschichte) Leipzig. 1;T871+ 
Includes Hansischer geschichtsverein. 
Index: 1871-96 , "y 4 



geschichte) Halle. 



Suspended 1923-27 

MB j~7 

HANSISCHE volkshefte. 

schichtsverein) Bremen. 



(Hansischer ge- 

HA'PORTH of wit, wisdom, fiction, pastime 
and general information. London. l-3?,Mr 

22 1890-D 31 1892H 

HAPPY home. N.Y. nol-14,Ja 27-Ap 28 1874||? 

HAPPY home, a monthly journal devoted to 
the happiness of the home. South Bend, 
Ind. 1-4,0 1893-S 1895||? 

HAPPY home and parlor magazine. Boston. 1- i 



^^Ti^to . ^^ 


HAPPY hours. Augusta, Me. vl-4 noil, -Mr 

HAPPY hours brotherhood. See Reckless 

Ralph's dime novel roundup 
HAPPY hours magazine. . Lawrence, Mass. 1, 


HAPPY thought. Boston. 1-4,D 1894-Mr 20 


HANSISCHE welt fur den niederdeutschen 
bund. Brunswick; etc. 1-6,1923-2611? 


MB I / t 

HANSISCHER geschichtsverein, Liibeck 

Nachrichten. See Hansische geschichtsblat- 
Pfingstblatter. Leipzig. 1,1905+ 


PolitekhnicheskiT institut 

— Izvestiia i trudy. 1,1922+ 

1-2 as Russko-kitaiskii politekhnicheskil 
institut. 1-2 are also Vysshafa shkola v 
Kharbinie no2 and 4. In various languages 

Russko-kitaiskii politekhnicheskil institut. See 
Harbin. Politekhnicheskil institut 

Sungariiskaia rechnaia biologicheskaia stan- 

—Trudy, vl nol-6,1925-28|| 

See also Abhandlungen zur handels- und 
seegeschichte; Hanserecesse; Hansische 
HANSISCHES urkundenbuch. (Verein fiir 
hansische geschichte) Liibeck. "1-11, 1876- 




HANTES amsoriay paroyagan, usumnagan, 
arwesdkidagan. Vienna. 1,1887+ 

Running title on cove'r 1911-14: Handes 
amsorya, monatschrift fur armenische 

HANZAIGAKU zasshi. (Tokyo. University. Col- 
lege of medicine. Institut fiir gerichtliche 
medizin) Tokyo. 

German title: Archiv fur gerichtliche 

medizin und kriminologie 

HANZEI zasshi. See Orient. Tokyo 
HAPELESS. (Die Wage) Berlin. 1-5,1901-05|| 


— fijridicheskil fakul'tet 

Izvestiia. 1,1925+ 

HARBINGER. Raleigh, N.C. 1- ,1902- 

HARBINGER, devoted to social and political 
progress. N.Y. vl-8 nol5,Je 14 1845-F 10 



Supersedes Phalanx \ 

HARBINGER of light. Melbourne. 

HARBINGER of peace. (American peace so- 
ciety) N.Y. l-3,My 1828-Ap 1831|| 
Superseded by Calumet 

MB h 

HARBINGER of the Mississippi Valley. Frank- 
fort, Ky. vl nol-2,Mr-Ap 1832|| 

HAPNI speshel telefon. London. 1-3, My 1 1898- 
Ag 2 1901||? 

Running title: Idisher telefon 

HARBOR District chambers of commerce, Los 
Angeles. See Southern Californian 



HARBOR lights. A Salvation army magazine. 

N.Y. 1-3,1898-190011? 

HARBOR research bulletin. See Hollywood re- 
search bulletin 
HARBORS association of New Zealand 
Notes of proceedings of the conference of 

HARDWARE reporter. A weekly hardware 
paper. St. Louis, Mo. 1-59,1878-My 9 1913|| 
1- ,1878- as Stoves and hardware re- 
porter. United with Iron age to form 
Iron age-hardware, later Hardware age 

HARDWARE reporter, representing the hard- 
ware, metal, implement, stove, glass, and 
paint trades. Cleveland; Pittsburgh; Chi- 

HARBOUR and shipping. 


Vancouver, B.C. 1, 

HARDWARE. Toronto. 1,1909 + 

HARDWARE retailer. Indianapolis, Ind. 1, 

1-24, 1901- Je 1923 as National hardware 

HARDWARE; a semi-monthly magazine de- 
voted to the American hardware trade. 
N.Y. vl-40 no4,1890-1909|| 
Title varies slightly 

HARDWARE review. N.Y. vl-29 noll.S 1907- 
F 192311 

HARDWARE salesman. 

My 1921-S 1922H 

Chicago, vl-2 no4, 

HARDWARE age. N.Y. 1,1855+ 

Formed by the union of Hardware re- 
porter and Iron age — hardware, continu- 
ing the volume numbering of the latter. 
-91,1890-My 8 1913 as Iron age — hard- 
ware. 82-89 not published A . . 

HARDWARE and housefurnishing goods. At- 
lanta, Ga. 1,1917+ 

HARDWARE and implement journal. Dallas, 
Tex. 1,1896+ 

1-24 as Implement journal . 

HARDWARE and implement trade. See Iron, 

hardware and implement trade 
HARDWARE and machinery. Melbourne; etc. 

1,1886 + 
1-15, 1886-1900 as Australasian iron- 
monger, engineer & metal worker; vl6-34 
nolO,1901-S 1919 Australasian hardware 
and machinery 

HARDWARE and metal and Canadian ma- 
chinist. Montreal; Toronto. 1,1888+ 

1888-My 14 1904 as Hardware and metal 

HARDWARE business monthly. Duluth, Minn. 

To Ap 1931 as Zenith 

HARDWARE dealers' magazine. N.Y. vl-72 
no2,1893-Ag 1929|| 

Merged into Hardware age 

HARDWARE trade and automobile 

Minneapolis, Minn. 1,1890+ 

HARDWARE trade Journal. Kansas City, Mo. 

See Farm- town hardware 
HARDWARE trade journal. London. 1,1873+ 

HARDWARE world. St. Louis, Mo.; Portland, 
Ore.; Chicago. 1,1906+ 

HARDWICKE'S science-gossip. London. See 

Science gossip 
HARDWOOD. A journal of the hardwood lum- 
ber trade. Chicago. l-12,Ja 25 1892-J1 26 
Merged into Chicago hardwood record, 
later Hardwood record «-/, i i\A 

Mb /IA 6r> 

HARDWOOD buyers guide. Chicago. 1-36,1922- 

Supplement to Woodworkers journal, later 
Wood products. Merged into Wood prod- 

HARDWOOD record. Chicago. 1,1895+ 

1-13,1895-Ap 5 1902 as Chicago hardwood 

HARDY and half-hardy plants. Hampton Wick, 

Middlesex, England. l,My 1929+ 

HARFE. (Friedrich Kind) Leipzig. 1-8,1815-19|| 

HARDWARE-man's newspaper and American 
manufacturers' circular. See Iron age 

HARDWARE merchants trade journal. See 

Home equipment 
HARDWARE, metals and machinery. London. 


HARKNESS' magazine. Wilmington, Del. 1-4, 

S 1872-Ag 1877|| 

HARLEIAN miscellany. London. 1-8,1744-46||? 

HARDWARE news. Philadelphia. 1,1916+ 

-Quarto ed. 1-10,1808-1311 






HARLEIAN society, London 
Publications. 1,1869+ 


HARMONY; a monthly magazine devoted to 
divine science. San Francisco, vl-18 no7, 
O 1888-Ap 1906H 

Publications. Registers. 1„1877+ 

HARLEM dental society 

H.D.S. bulletin. N.Y. l,Ja 1928+ 



HARMSWORTH London magazine. See Lon- 
don magazine 
HARMSWORTH self-educator magazine. N.Y. 

vl-3 (nol-17),D 14 1906-N 190711 

HARLEM liberator. See Negro liberator 
HARLEQUIN. New Orleans. 1-10, Je 28 1899- 

HARLEQUIN. A journal of the drama, 
don. nol-9,My 16-J1 11 1829|| 



HARLEQUINADE; a miscellany of notes on the 
visual arts, life and letters. Hollywood, Cal. 
vl nol,Ap 193111 

HARNESS; an illustrated monthly, represent- 
ative in a broad & comprehensive sense of 
all that pertains to the harnessmaker, sad- 
dler & cognate trades. N.Y. vl-37 nolO, 
. Mr 1877-D 1923|| 

Subtitle varies. United with Spokesman 
and Harness world to form Spokesman 
and harness world 

HARNESS and carriage journal. N.Y. 1-28,1857- 
Merged into Coach, harness and saddlery 

HARLOW bulletin of fine prints. N.Y. 

,,_, vl nol-2,0-N 1937 as Fine prints 


HARLOW'S weekly. Oklahoma City, Okla. 1, 

HARNESS dealer. Des Moines, la. 1,1911+ 

HARNESS gazette; devoted to the interests of 
harness makers throughout the United 
States and Canada. Rome, N.Y. 1,1882+ 
Subtitle varies 

HARMAN'S journal. Window dressing and 
decorating. Chicago. 1-6,1893-D 1899|| 

HARMON foundation, New York 

Harmon foundation monographs, vl nol-12, 
1925 -27„ ? ^Mt* 


News-bulletin, vl-2 no2,D 1923-D 192911 

HARNESS herald. Chicago. 1,1904+ 

HARNESS world. Cincinnati. 1- ,1888-192211 

United with Harness and Spokesman to 
form Spokesman and harness world 

HAROFe haivri; the Hebrew medical journal. 

N.Y. 1,1927+ 

HARP. Montreal; etc. 1-7,1874-8111? 

HARMONIA; rivista italiana di muslca. Rome. 
1-2.S 15 1913-D 31 1914H 

HARP. (Irish socialist federation) Dublin. 1-3, 

1908-Je 191011 


HARMONICON. London, vl-11 ptl.Ja 1823-S 

1-7,9-10 issued in 2 parts each: ptl, Es- 
says, criticisms, biography; pt2, Vocal 
and instrumental music. 1823-27 as Har- 
monicon, a journal of music 

HARMONIE. Chicago. nol-27,My 1900-O 4 1902; 

-v8 no4, -Ap 1908H? 

HARMONIE. Offenbach a.M. 
22 187711? 

1-3,0 8 1874-D 

HARP; a poetry magazine. Darned, Kan.; etc. 
1-8, My 1925-32H 
Subtitle varies 

HARP; an Irish Catholic monthly magazine. 

Cork. nol-8,Mr-0 1859|| 

HARPER-Adams agricultural college, New- 
port, England 
Grassland problems . . . Report of conference. 

HARMONIE universelle. Paris, vl no45,51-52,Ap 
9-16 184811 
Other numbers planned, but never ap- 

HARMONY; a journal to promote the love and 
culture of music among working men and 
women. N.Y. vl-5 nol2,1894-Ap 190111 




Sugar beet conference 
—Report. 1,F 8 1928+ 

HARPER-Adams utility poultry journal. (Na- 
tional poultry institute) Newport, England. 
1,0 1915+ 
1-2 as Poultry competition monthly; v3- 
10 no3 Utility poultry journal; vlO no4-vll 
as the institute's Journal 



HARPER hospital, Detroit. See under Detroit, 

Michigan ' 
HARPER'S bazaar. N.Y. 1,N 1867+ 

Title varies slightly f i / A A 

MB |+- 

HARPER'S bazaar. Fashion merchandising re- 
view. N.Y. 

HARRISON'S reports. . . A motion picture re- 
viewing service by a former exhibitor. N.Y. 
1-6.J1 5 1919-24H? 

Subtitle varies slightly 

HARROGATE Spa medical journal. (Harrogate 
medical society) Harrogate. l,Ap 1938+ 


HARPER'S monthly magazine. N.Y. l,Je 

1-100,1850-1900 as Harper's new monthly 


Index: 1-85,1850-92 


HARPER'S new monthly magazine. See 

Harper's monthly magazine 
HARPER'S round table. N.Y. 

1897; nsvl-2,N 1897-0 1899|| 
vl-16 no26,1879-Ap 23 1895 
young people ^^ 

m 6 

HARPER'S weekly. N.Y. 1-62,1857-My 13 
Merged into Independent _. ^ v - / /* . 
Index: 1857-87 JT V\ J I I® ' I 

1-18.N 1879-0 
as Harper's 

6 MB 


HARPER'S wine & spirit gazette. London. 1, 


HARPER'S young people. See Harper's round 

HARPOON. Nantucket Island, Mass. l,Je 1934+ 

HARROWER'S monographs on the internal 
secretions. (Harrower laboratory) Glen- 
dale, Cal. vl-2 nol,1921-23|| 
Continued in Endocrine survey 

HART. Li'teraturno-khudozhn'iT ta kritichnii 
zhurnal Vseuki-ai'ns'kol spi'lki proletars'kikh 
pis'mennikiv. Kharkov. 1,1927+? 
Added title-page in German 


Hartford bar library. See To wit 
Hartford Retreat 

— Neuro-psychiatric institute. See Chatterbox 
of Vaux-hall Row 
HARTFORD agent. A journal of fire insur- 
ance. Hartford, Conn. l,Je 1909+ 

HARTFORD chess magazine. Hartford, Conn. 


HARTFORD County (Conn.) agricultural so- 

HARPOON. (Brotherhood of railway postal 
clerks) Denver, Colo, vl-7 no2 (nol-86), Je 
Merged into Union postal clerk 

HARTFORD monthly. Hartford, Conn, vl nol- 
7,Je-D 1906||? 

HARRIET Newell Lowell society for dental re- 
Proceedings. Boston. 1,1915 + 

Affiliated with the Dental school of Har- 
vard university ^,. _ „ . , 

MB I If 5 ~ - ' 

HARRINGTON'S photographic journal. Syd- 
ney, Australia. 1-36,1892-192711 
1-19,1892-1910 as Australian photographic 

HARTFORD scientific society, Hartford, Conn. 
Bulletin, vl nol-3,0 1902-My 1905|| 

HARTFORD seminary record; issued under the 
auspices of the Faculty of Hartford theo- 
logical seminary. Hartford, Conn. 1-23,0 

1890-O 1913|| 




HARRIS County medical society 
Bulletin. 1,1927+ 

HARTFORD steam boiler inspection and in- 
surance company. See Locomotive 
HARTFORD Sunday journal. Hartford, Conn. 

1- ,1867- || 

Medical bulletin. Houston, Tex. 1-7,1911-14||? 
Merged into Medical record and annals 

HARRISBURG churchman. Harrisburg, Pa. 

l-2,Ap 1905-Mr 1907||? 

HARTFORD theological seminary. See Hart- 
ford seminary record 

HARTFORD watchman. See Northern watch- 

HAROJAXL rjettlsetis og laga; hondlar um 
Reykjavik of SiglufjorS. Reykjavik, vl-4 
nol.S 19'24-D 1927|| 

HARRISBURG natural history society 
Bulletin. l,Mr 1929 + 

HARRISON forecaster. N.Y. 1,1931/32+ 

HARTLEY botanical laboratories. jSee under 

Liverpool. University 
HARTLEY'S weekly. Olympia, Wash, vl nol-4, 

N 5-26 1926H 



HARTMAN'S tijdschrift ter beoefening van het 
administratief recht. Goes. 1,1884 + 

1-40,1884-1923? as Tijdschrift ter beoe- 
fening van het administratief recht. 11+ 
also as nsvl+ 
Index: 1-5,1884-88 

HARTWELL family association 
Annual reunion. Concord, Mass. 



mb' i-V" 

economic studies. Cambridge. l r 


educational review. (Harvard uni- 
Graduate school of education;, 
association; Harvard teachers as- 
sociation) Cambridge. 1,F 1931+ 

1-6,1931-36 as Harvard teachers record 



HARVARD African studies. (Harvard-_uni ver- 
sity. Peabody museum of^Smerican ar- 
chaeology and ethnology) Cambridge. 1, 

1917 + *A\' -7 &% 

MBf-f . ? Qi Z " r ^ 

HARVARD alumni bulletin. Boston. 1,1898+ 
1-12 as Harvard bulletin . , n k ' 

MB a jr ^ 3 ^' : 

HARVARD bibliographies. See under the uni- 
versity's Library 

HARVARD biological laboratory and botanical 
garden in Cuba. See under Harvard univer- 

HARVARD book news. Cambridge. 1,D 7 1932+ 


HARVARD botanical 


memoirs. Boston. 1-9, 

HARVARD engineering journal. (Association of 
Harvard engineers) Cambridge, vl-13 nol, 
Ap 1902-Ap 1914|| 

1-6 as Harvard engineering society. Jour- 
nal. Merged into Technology monthly, 
later Technology monthly and Harvard 
engineering journal 
Index: 1902-12 in vlO <3 I/a / (/ n ' 

MB (V[(b 

HARVARD engineering society 



Journal. See Harvard engineering journal 
HARVARD forest, Petersham, Mass. See under 

Harvard university ' 
HARVARD forestry club, Cambridge, Mass. 
Bulletin. 1-2,1911-1311 

Superseded by Harvard university. Har- 
vard forest. Bulletin 

HARVARD bulletins in education. (Harvard 
university) Cambridge. 1,1914+ 
"1=3" as Harvard -Newton bulletins 

ib ! ^n.fif ^ r ^ 



HARVARD business reports. (Harvard univer- 
sity.— Graduate school of business adminis- 
tration. Bureau of business research) Chica- 
go. 1,1925+ 
-. Index: 1-5 

HARVARD business review. Chicago. 1,0 


Index: 1-15,1922-37 


1 + 

HARVARD business studies. (Harvard univer- 
sity. Graduate school of business adminis- 
tration) Cambridge. 1-4,1914-1811 

MB |f 

HARVARD city planning 

university) Cambridge. 





HARVARD dental record. (Harvard university. 



dental school) Cambridge. l,Ja 

HARVARD documents in the history of educa- 
tion. (Harvard university. Graduate school 
of education) Cambridge, Mass.; London. 
1,1926 + 



HARVARD economic service. See Harvard eco- 
nomic society; Harvard university. Commit- 
tee on economic research 
HARVARD economic society, inc. 
Weekly letters. Cambridge. l-10,Ja 3 1922-D 
26 1931|| 

1-6 published by Harvard university. Com- 
mittee on economic research, as Harvard 
economic service. Weekly letters. Super- 
seded by Review of economic statistics. 
Monthly supplement 

10 ^ 

HARVARD graduates' magazine. Boston. 1-42 
(nol-168),1892-Je 1934|| 
Index: 1-20,1892-1912 

MB ^fe 

HARVARD historical monographs. (Harvard 
university) Cambridge. nol-2,1890-91|| 

MB /J4 g 

HARVARD historical monographs. (Harvard 
university. Dept of history) Cambridge. 1, 

MB 3 fjb 

HARVARD historical studies. (Harvard uni- 
versity) Cambridge. 1,1896+ 

UB I+ 

HARVARD honors theses in English. Cam- 
bridge. 1,1930 + 

MB |f , & 

HARVARD journal of Asiatic studies. (Har- 

vard-Yenching institute) Cambridge. l,Ap 

MB 14 J 

HARVARD landscape architecture monographs. 

Cambridge. 1,1936 + 



MB | 

HARVARD law review. (Harvard university. 
Law school) Cambridge. l,Ap 1887+ 
Index: 1-35 

MB i'6 

HARVARD library notes. See under the univer- 
sity's Library 

HARVARD lyceum. Cambridge, vl nol-18,Jl 14 
1810-Mr 9 1811H 




HARVARD magazine. Cambridge. 1-10.D 1854- 
Jl 186411 

MB l-ftJ.'LJM 




HARVARD meteorological studies. See under 
Harvard university. Blue Hill meteorological 

HARVARD monographs in education. si. 
Studies in educational psychology and ed 
ucational measurements. (Harvard uni- 
versity) Cambridge. l,My 



HARVARD studies in classical philology. (Har- 
vard university) Cambridge. 1,1890+ 

MB i 

HARVARD studies in comparative literature. 

(Harvard university) Cambridge. 1,1910+ 

HARVARD mountaineering. (Harvard moun- 
taineering club) Cambridge. l,Je 1927+ 

ARVARD studies in education. Cambridge. 
1914 + 





HARVARD musical review. 
no6,0 1912-Mr 1916|| 


Cambridge, vl-4 

HARVARD-Newton bulletins. See Harvard bul- 
letin in education 

HARVARD observatory monographs. See under 
Harvard university. Astronomical observa- 

HARVARD odontological society. See Journal 
of the allied dental societies 

HARVARD oriental series. Cambridge. 1,1891+ 
22-23 never published 


HARVARD studies in English. (Harvard uni- 
versity) Cambridge. 1,1913+ 
Suspended 1919-30 





- V 

political classics. Cambridge. 



HARVARD psychological studies. (Harvard 
university. Psychological laboratory) Cam- 
bridge. 1-5,1903-2211 

HARVARD register. 

Mr 1827-F 1828|| 

Cambridge, Mass. nol-12, 

HARVARD register; 
Cambridge. 1-3, Ja 
Subtitle varies 

an illustrated 

1880-J1 1881H 


« - 


HARVARD Semitic series. (Harvard university) 
Cambridge. 1,1912+ O*/ 

1-2 published in 1924. 1,3 unnumbered 
7 not yet published (1939) 

HARVARD series of legal bibliographies. Cam- 
bridge. 1,1927+ 

MB (4 

HARVARD Sino-lndian series, 
ing institute) Cambridge. 

(Harvard- Yench- 



Dept. of 


studies. (Harvard uni- 
sociology) Cambridge. 

HARVARD studies and notes in philology and 
literature. (Harvard university. Dept. of 
modern languages) Cambridge. 1,1892+ 
1-11,1892-1907 as Studies and notes in 
philology and literature 
Suspended 1908-29 . t ' 



HARVARD studies in administrative law. 

vard university) Cambridge. 1,1927+ 


HARVARD studies 
bridge. 1,1931+ 

in business history. Cam- 

HARVARD studies 

vard university 
research) Cambri 


international law. (Har- 
Bureau of international 

HARVARD studies 



: I 

jurisprudence. (Harvard 
Law school) Cambridge. 1,1915+ 

HARVARD studies in Romance languages. 
(Harvard university. Dept. of French and 
other Romance languages) Cambridge. 1, 

HARVARD studies in the conflict of laws. 

(Harvard university) Cambridge. 1,1933+ 

J \ 

MB ( 

HARVARD teachers' association, Cambridge 
Leaflet. nol-17,Ja 1892-N 1895; (ns) vl-2 no2, 
Ap 1915-0 1916H 

See also Harvard educational review 
HARVARD teachers record. See Harvard edu- 
cational review 
HARVARD theological review. (Harvard uni- 
versity. Theological school) N.Y.; Cam- 
bridge. 1,1908+ 




theological studies. (Harvard uni- 
Theological school) Cambridge, 1, 


HARVARD university 
Contributions from the physical laboratories. 
1-22,1903-22/23; s2 vl,1933/34+ 

1-11,1903-13/14 as Contributions from the 
Jefferson physical laboratory; 12-20,1915- 
28/29 Contributions from the Jefferson 
physical laboratory and from the Cruft 
high-tenfsion electrical laboratory 



Arnold arboretum, Jamaica Plain 
— Bulletin of popular information, nol-63, 
1911-14; s2 vl-12,1915-26; s3 vl-6,1927-32; s4 
vl,1933+ . . 

MB . I + ■ 

— Contributions. nol,1932+ 

— Journal. 1,1919+ 



|.-V ^ 


— Publications. 


(J M 






HARVARD university — Continued 
Astronomical observatory , - ,, -\ 
—Annals. 1,1855+, i; : ' 

.,_ Index: 1-78 in 80 V » - 

— Builetin. 1,1898+ 

— Circulars. 1,1895+ 

-q 1 : 

Harvard reprints. 1,1923+ 

-Laboratory of entomology 

Contributions. A l-8,1909-29|| 

Reprints from scientific journals 

— Laboratory of genetics 

1909 as Laboratory of plant genetics 
Contributions. 1,1909+ 

Reprints from scientific journals 

mb <r . 

Chemical laboratory 
— Contributions. 

Reprints from scientific journals 

— Henry Draper memorial. Annual report of 
the photographic study of stellar spectra. 

1-4,1887-9011 ' 

MB M b ' 

— Miscellaneous papers. 1877-9611 




-Monographs. 1,1925+ 

Atkins foundation. See note under the uni- 
versity's Harvard biological laboratory and 
botanical garden in Cuba 
Blue Hill meteorological observatory 
— Blue Hill notes. Milton, Mass. nol.N 30 

—Bulletin. nol-7,1898-1900|| 

Continued in Annals of the Astronomical 
observatory _, , r j 

— Harvard meteorological studies. 1,1934+ 

MB | | 

— Observations and investigations. 1927+ 

1887-1926 in Annals of the Astronomical 
observatory at Harvard university 

8] |H7-M 

-Summary of observations. 
Annual. 1-12,1885-9611 

Monthly. nol-143,18S5-96|! 

—Weather bulletin. sl-2,Je 2 1894-D 28 18951 

Committee on economic research 

— Special and advance letters. 1920-21|| 

Earlier letters issued in Review of eco- 
nomic statistics. Superseded by Harvard 
economic service, later Harvard economic 
society, inc. Weekly letters 

See also British economic conditions; Harvard 
economic society; Review of economic sta- 

Committee on research in the social sciences 

— Annual report. 1,1932/33 + 

Cruft high-tension electrical laboratory 
— Contributions. See Harvard university. Con- 
tributions from the physical laboratories 
Cryptogamic laboratories 
—Contributions. 1,1883 + 

Reprints from scientific journals 



Dental school. See Harriet Newell Lowell 
society for dental research; Harvard dental 
record; Journal of the allied dental societies 

Dept. of French and other Romance lan- 
guages and literatures. See Harvard studies 
and notes in philology and literature; Har- 
vard studies in Romance languages 

Dept. of history. See Harvard historical mon- 

Dept. of mineralogy and petrography 

— Contributions to mineralogy. 1,1925+ 

Reprinted from American mineralogist 

Dept. of social 
— Publications. 






Botanical museum 
— Botanical museum 

leaflets. nol.Je 1932+ 



Boylston medical society 
—Prize essays. Lebanon, Ohio. 

See also Social research council of Boston 
Dept. of sociology. See Harvard sociological 

Dept. of tropical medicine 

— Contributions from the Department of tropi- 
cal medicine and the Institute for tropical 
biology and medicine. 1,1925+ 

1-4,1925-26 as Contributions from the* 1 — » 
Harvard institute for tropical biology and 


Division of research 
sity's Graduate scl 

Bureau for research in municipal government 
—Publications. 1-2,1914-15|| L I ") 1 


Bureau of international research of Harvard 

university and Radcliffe college 
—Researches. 1,1924/29+ 

See also Harvard studies in international law 
Bussey institution of applied biology 
—Bulletin, vl-3 no5,1874-1906|| 

See under the univer- 
chool of business adminis- 
Engineering school 
—Publications, nol, 1925/26 + 

Fogg art museum. See the university's Wil- 
liam Hayes Fogg art museum 
Germanic museum 
—Bulletin. 1,N 1935 + 

iMB 4 

—Studies. 1,1936+ 

/\ MB 

„.■ U 





Graduate school of arts and sciences 
— Summaries of theses accepted in partial 
fulfilment of the requirements for the de- 
gree of doctor of philosophy. 1925+ 

MB I °| ^ ^ -h ' 

Graduate school of business administration 
—Publication. 1,1913+ 

1-3 as its Bureau of business research. 

Publications nol2, 10a, and G 

Laboratory of general physiology 
— Papers. 1,1926+ 



— Statistical studies in industrial 
Progress report. 1-2,1933-34|| 


Law school. See Harvard law review; Har- 
vard studies in jurisprudence; Survey of 
crime and criminal justice in Boston 


— Bibliographical contributions. 1-60,1878- 

, ml " 

— Harvard bibliographies. Library series. 1, 



— Baker library 

Kress library of business economics 

Publications. 1,1939+ 

-Harvard library notes. nol,Je 1920+ 
Suspended Ag 1931-P 1935 



— Bureau of business research 
Bulletin. 1,1913 + 

23 iy 


Boston, nol. 

— Division of research 

Business research studies 

. Mr 1933 + 

— George F. Baker foundation 

Publication. \ 


See also Harvard business reports; Harvard 
business review; Harvard business studies; 
Journal of economic and business history 

Graduate school of education 

— Inglis lecture. 1925+ 

MB |'oi 

— Occasional pamphlets. 1,0 1937+ 

< MB | +- *■ B i ' H *2> 

See also Harvard documents in the history 
of education; Harvard educational review 

Gray herbarium 

— Contributions. nsvl,1891+ 

Scattered numbers as reprints from sci- 
entific journals 



— Memoirs. 1,1917+ 

H *^< 


Harvard biological laboratory and botanical 

garden in Cuba 
— Studies in Cuban insects. 1,1928|| 

At head of title: Atkins foundation , 

Harvard forest, Petersham, Mass. 
—Bulletin, nol, 1920+ 

Harvard institute for tropical biology and 

medicine. See the university's Dept. of 

tropical medicine 
Jefferson physical laboratory 
— Contributions. See the university's Con- 

tributions from the physical laboratories 
Laboratories of cryptogamic botany and the 

Farlow herbarium 
—Contribution. 1,188311 

— Special publications. 1,1879 + 
Suspended 1916-33 

MB I'-i*! f~~b 

Medical school 

— Neuropathological papers. 1904-0911 
Reprints from scientific journals 

^Publications. 1-2,1887-9011 

Reprints from scientific journals 



— Cancer commission 

Annual report of the Collis P. Hunting- 
ton memorial hospital for cancer research 
and of the laboratories of the Cancer com- 
mission of Harvard university. 1,1912+ 
Supersedes its Reports of- research work 



Report. 1-5,0 1900-09|| 

3-4 as Caroline Brewer Croft cancer com- 
mission. Report. Superseded by its An- 
- nual report of the Collis P. Huntington 
memorial hospital for cancer research. . . 

MB / - 

— Dept. of bacteriology and immunology 
Publications. 1,1923 + 

— Dept. of comparative pathology 

George Fabyan foundation 

Studies. 1-4,1896-1926|| 

-Dept. of diseases of the nervous system 
Formed by the union of the three de- 
partments of psychiatry, neurology and 

Collected papers. 1,1931+ 

-Dept. of medicine 

Beth Israel hospital reprints. 1,1929 + 

-Dept. of neurology 

- —Contributions. 1-7,1906-2611 

Reprints from scientific journals. Con- 
tinued as part of the university's Dept. 
of diseases of the nervous system 

Laboratories of phanerogamic botany 
—Contributions. 1-14,1904-0811 

Reprints from scientific journals 

— Dept. of pharmacology 

Studies on the properties contributing 

to the toxicity of arsphenamine. 1-7,1920- 




P . MB 

HARVARD university 

Medical school — Continued 

— Dept. of surgery 

Bulletin. l-[8],Je 1903-My 20* 191511 

1-7,1903-Mr 1912 as Report of research 
work. Bulletin. My 20 1915 is unnumbered. 
Reprints from scientific journals 

— Harvard medical alumni association 

Through Je 1923 as Harvard medical 
school association 

Bulletin, nol-15, 1891-1900; nsnol-8A,Ap 

1905-14; s3 nol,1915|| 

MB , 

Quarterly. nol-14,Jl 1901-O 1904H 

Supersedes its Bulletin, si. Superseded 
by its Bulletin, ns 


■ - nOXX ^ ' 

— Howe laboratory of ophthalmology 
Bulletin. Cold Spring Harbor, Long Is- 
land, N.Y. nol-4,F 1928-3111? 

— Physiological laboratory 

Collected papers. 1-2,1873-8611 

Reprints from scientific journals 

MB W[fy 


-Proctor fund 

- — Studies in physiology and pathology. 


Studies on metabolism. 1922-25H 

— Warren anatomical 
Bulletin. 1,191011 


Mineralogical museum 
—Contributions. 1-14,1898-1909|| 

Reprints from scientific journals 

Museum of comparative zoology 
—Bulletin. 1,1863+ 


mb it 

—Memoirs. 1,1864+ 


MB | ~ ■ 


— Zoological laboratory 

nol-454,1884-N 19301 


Reprints from scientific journals 
fy{g unnumbered 

Theological school. See Harvard theological 

review; Harvard theological studies 
William Hayes Fogg art museum 
—Bulletin. 1,N 1931+ 

Supersedes its Notes <^\ 


—Notes, vl-2 no6,D 1921-Je 193111 
Superseded by its Bulletin 




— Technical studies in the field of the fine 
affsTTJl 1932+ 

mb *_ra~\j^ y^ fcU~ 



Zoological laboratory. See under the univer- 
sity's Museum of comparative zoology 
See also Contributions to American geology; 
Harvard city planning studies; Harvard 
studies in administrative law; Harvard 
studies in the conflict of laws 

HARVARD university architectural quarterly. 
See Architectural quarterly of Harvard 

HARVARD university tercentenary gazette. 
Cambridge. nol-8,Je 12-S 11 193611 

MB M & 


HARVARD-Yenching institute 
Chinese texts and studies. Peiping. 1,1930+ 

- \ 

Monograph series. Cambridge. 1,1935+ 

M,B | - 2- , | *> J^- 

Sinological index series. See Yin t§ 
See 'also Harvard journal of Asiatic studies; 
Harvard Sino-Indian series; Yenching jour- 
nal of Chinese studies 
HARVARDIANA. Cambridge; Boston. 1-4.S? 


1834-Jl 18381; 





Peabody museum of American archaeology 

arrd ethnology 
— Archaeological and ethnological papers. See 

its Papers 
— Memoirs. 1,1896+ 


—Papers. 1,1888 + 

A MB / 


See also Harvard African studies 
Physical geography laboratory 
— Papers. 

Psychological laboratory. See Harvard psy- 
chological studies 

Research laboratory of physics 

— Contributions. See the university's Con- 
tributions from the physical laboratories 

HARVEST field. See National Christian council 

HARVEST field quarterly. Keokuk, la. 1.J1 


HARVEST home magazine. See Public school 

journal (Cincinnati) 
HARVESTER world. (International harvester 

company) Chicago. 1,0 1909+ 

HARVEY- Bassler-stiftung 
Veroffentiichung. Volkerkunde. Stuttgart. 1-2, 

HARVEY society, New York 

Harvey lectures. 1,1905 + 

Index: 1-25,1905-31 

HARVEY'S weekly. N.Y. vl-4 nol7,Ja 5 1918- 
Ap 23 1921|| 

l,Ja 5-D 28 1918 as North American re- 
view's war weekly; v2 nol-9,Ja 4-Mr 1 
1919 Weekly 

HARZ. (Harzklub) Magdeburg. 1-4,1894-9711? 

HARZER forstverein 
Verhandlungen. Clausthal; Wernigerode. 1843- 



HARZVEREIN fur geschichte und altertums- 
kunde, Wernigerode, Prussia 
Zeitschrift. 1,1868+ 

Index: 1-50,1868-1917 

HASHQAFAH. Jerusalem. 1,1898+? 

HATIKWAH. (Belglsche Zionisten-federation) 
Antwerp. 1,1910 + 

HATS. N.Y. 1,1876+ 

vl-63 no4,1876-Je 1938 as Millinery trade 

HASID'S index to periodicals and book list. 

A bibliography of current magazine articles 
and of new books on constructive Jewish 
living. Brooklyn, N.Y. l,Ja/Mr 1932+ 
Subtitle varies 

HATTER. (United hatters of North America) 
N.Y. vl nol-14,F 1926-Mr 192711? 

a MB u 

-HATTER and furrier. A part of the Clothier 
v 'V and hatter. N.Y. 1-21,1872-Jl 1892|| 

HASID'S weekly bookletter. N.Y. 1,1934+ 

Supplement to Hasid's index to periodi- 
cals. . . 

Superseded by two separate periodicals: 
American hatter and Furrier 

HASKELL institute, Lawrence, Kan. See In- 
dian leader 
HASKELL journal; a monthly magazine. San 

Francisco, vl nol-4,Ja-Ap 1898|| 

HASK6LI islands. See under Reykjavik, Ice- 

HASLEMERE museum gazette; a journal of 
objective education and field -study. Hasle- 

mere, England, vl nol-12,My 1906-Ap 1907|| 

HASLEMERE natural history society 
Science papers. London. 1,1903+ 

l.Ja 31 1877+ 

HATTERS' gazette. London. 

JIB ■Zf-^-Z- 

HATTIE Elizabeth Lewis memorial essays in 
applied Christianity. Lawrence, Kan. rlj, 
1913 + 

1-12,1913-31 unnumbered 

HAUKUR. Reykjavik; etc. vl-9 no24,0 14 1897- 

Subtitle varies. 1901/02 as Haukur hinn 

HAUKUR. Reykjavik. 1-9,1901-1411 


HASONSZENVI kozlbny es nepszerii egeszsegi 
tanacsad6. Budapest. 1-2,1877-7811? 

HASTINGS and East Sussex naturalist. (Hast- 
ings and St. Leonards natural history 
society) St. Leonards. 1,1906+ 

HASTINGS and St. Leonards natural history 

1911/12 and 1916/17 in Hastings and Bast 
Sussex naturalist 

HAUL. Llandovery. 
56; s3 vl-28,1857- 
1899 + 

1-14,1836-49; nsvl-7,1850- 
4; s4 vl-14,1885-98; s5 vl, 

HAUL down and ease off. (National association 
of American balloon corps veterans) Brem- 
erton, Wash.; Wichita, Kan. 1,N 1932+ 

HAULAGE; the truck owner's magazine. De- 
troit. Mr 1931-J1 1932|| 
No issues for Ap, N 1931 

HAT, cap and fur trade review. See Fur trade 

review; Hat review. 
HAT industry. N.Y. 1,1922+ 

HAT life. N.Y. l,Ag 1933+ 

HAUPTBUCH und schaufenster; blatter fiir die 
kaufmannische fortbildung deutscher apo- 
theker. Berlin. 
Supplement to Deutsche apotheker-zeitung 

HAT review. N.Y. 1-39, Ag 1873-Ap 1912|| 

vl-14 no5,1873-D 1886 as Hat, cap and 
fur trade review 

HAUPTSTELLE deutscher arbeitsgeberver- 
bande, Berlin 
Schriften. 1-6,1905-12||? 

HAT worker. (United hatters, cap and millinery 
workers international union) Harrisburg, 
Pa.; N.Y. l.Ja 1938+ 
Supersedes Headgear worker 

HATCHERY tribune. Mount Morris, 111. 1,1927+ 
vl nol-8 as "Tiny" poultry tribune 

HATID; leiSarvisir um kaup a jolavarnlngi 
Reykjavik, vl-2 nol.D 1924-D 1925||? 

HAUPTSTELLE fiir judische wanderfiirsorge 

und arbeitsnachweise, Berlin. See Juedische 

wohlfahrtspflege und sozialpolitik 
HAUPTVERBAND deutscher gewerblicher 

genossenschaften, Berlin. See Deutsches 

HAUPTVERBAND deutscher hbhlenforscher. 

See Mitteilungen Uber hohlen- und karst- 

HAUS, hof, garten; mitteilungen iiber land- 

wirtschaft, gartenbau und hauswirtschaft. 

At head of title: Wochenbeilage zum 
Berliner tageblatt 



HAUS-, hof- und staatsarchiv in Wien. See 

Historische blaetter 
HAUS- und bauernfreund. See National farmer, 

haus- und bauernfreund 
HAUS und herd. Ein familien-magazin fur 

jung und alt. Cincinnati; N.Y. 1,1873+ 

HAUSLICHE fortschritt. Karlsruhe. 

Supplement to Badische gewerbezeitung 



Jena. 1, 

HAUS- und kiichengerat. Monats-magazin fiir 
eisenwaren, hausrat, glas, keramik und 
kunstgewerbe. Berlin. 1,1920+ 

HAUS und raum; ratgeber fur bauen und woh 


nen. Stuttgart. 1-4,1933-3711? , 

HAUSTECHNISCHE rundschau. Halle. 1,J1 

1-6 as Zeitschrift fiir heizungs-, ltiftungs- 
und wasserleitungstechnik; 7-11 as Zeit- 
schrift fur heizung, liiftung und beleuch- 

' / ? 
HAUS und schule 

HAUSVATER. Hanover. 1-5,1764-701! ? 
Hanover. 1-19,1870-8811? 

HAUS und welt; blatt fiir Deutschlands frauen. 
Berlin. 1-3,1871-7311 

HAUSARZT. Leipzig. nol-20,Jl 1 

1880-Mr 27 

HAUSWIRTSCHAFT in wissenschaft und 
praxis. Leipzig. 1,1928+ 

HAUSWIRTSCHAFTLICHE jahrbucher; zeit- 
schrift fiir hauswirtschaftswissenschaft. 

Stuttgart. 1,1928+ •' 

HAUSARZT. Zeitschrift ftir volkstiimliche 
heil- und gesundheitspflege. St. Gall; Ber- 
lin. 1-2,1876-77||? 

fiir soziale kultur und wohlfahrtspflege) 
Mtinchen-Gladbach. 1-17,1913-15[| ? 

HAUSBLATTER. Stuttgart. 
4v issued each year 



vl-10 no4,1912-Ap 15 1921 as Wiener haus- 
wirtschaftliche rundschau 

HAUSDOKTOR; familienblatt zur belehrung 
fiir gesunde und kranke, und zur nutzan- 
wendung im taglichen leben. N.Y. 1,1889+ 
German ed. of Naturopath 

HAUSZEITSCHRIFT der V.A.W. u.d. Erftwerk 
a.g. fiir aluminium. Berlin, vl no l/2-v4 no 
4/6,Ap 1929-Ap/Je 1932|| 

vl nol/2 as Aluminium-zeitschrift 

HAUSFRAU. Vienna. 1,1877+? 

Supplement. See Illustriertes badeblatt 
HAUS-freind. Warsaw. 1-5,1888-9611 
In Yiddish 

HAUSFREUND. Berlin. 1-44,1858-1901 1| 

1,1858 and 8-14,1865-71 as Ilustrirte haus- 
freund. Superseded by Neue illustrierte 

HAUSFREUND. Cassel. See Medicinische haus- 

HAUSFREUND. Leipzig; Berlin. 
1-3 as Illustrirte hausfreund 

HAUTE science; revue documentaire de la 
tradition esoterique et du symbolisme re- 
ligieux. Paris. 1-2,1893-9411 



Biblioteca municipal 
— Publicaciones 

sA. Memorias. 1,1934/35+ 

sB. Cultura popular. 1,1936 + 

MB £ (ji^ 1 


— — sD. Indices de revista cubanas. 1,1938+ 

HAUSFREUND. Nordlingen. 


under Deutsch-amerika- 


farmer. See note 

nischer farmer 
HAUSGARTEN fiir blumen-, obst- 

musekultur. Leipzig. 1-4,1880-84|| 

und ge- 

Biblioteca nacional 
—Revista. 1-6,1909-12(1 

\M^^ S'^V 

Colegio Champagnat 

— Memoria y premios. 

Colegio de abogados de la Habana 
— Bibliotheca. 1,1928+ 

HAUSLEHRER, wochenschrift fiir den geisti- 
gen verkehr mit kindern. Grosslichterfeld. 

—Memoria. 1902/03 + 



See arso J.urisprudencia al dia 
Colegio de arquitectos de la Habana 
— Revista. 

Policlinica. See Archivos de la policlfnica 

— Revista de la universidad. 1-5, D 1929-My 

Colegio de Bel6n 

— Observatorio meteorologico 

Observaciones. 1,1857+ 

Title varies 

Colegio de notarios de la Habana. See Revis- 
ta notarial 
Colegio farmaceutico de la Habana 
—Revista. l,Mr 1922+ 

— Publicaciones. 

— Facultad de letras y ciencias 
Revista. 1,1905+ 


l-tu^i^i* ir'U^i 1 / 

— Facultad de medicina y farmacia 
Anales. 1,1927||? 

Colegio nacional y extranjero de San Fran- 
cesco de Asis 
— Cronica. vl nol-7,My-N 1867||? 

Escuela de medicina 
—Revista. 1,1902+? 

Escuela medico-dental. See Revista quince- 

nal de medicina y cirujia dentaria 
Escuela normal para maestras 
— Memoria anual. 1915/16+ 

See also Estfmulo; Revista de los estudiantes 
de filosofla; Universidad de la Habana; 

Universidad del aire 

— Cuadernos. nol,1933+ 

HAVANA; the magazine of Cuba. Havana. 1-2, 

HaVD och hembygd. Svenska fornminnesfore- 
ningens arsskrift. Stockholm. 

Hospital "Calixto Garcia." See Archivos de 

medicina infantil 
Instituto de segunda ensenanza. 
—Anales. 1-2,1894-9511 

HAVDALAH. Cracow. 1-3,1909-11[| ? 

Supplement to Yudishe ilustrirte tseitung 

-Memoria anual. 1901/02-09/1011? 

Instituto Finiay 

— Seccion de publicaciones cientificas, biblio- 

teca y museo 
[Monografias del Instituto Finiay] 1,19364 

Instituto nacional de investigaciones cientf- 

ficas y museo de historia natural 
— Memoria de los trabajos. 1,1929+ 

Junta provincial de agricultura 

— Revista de agricultura. Havana. l,My 1936+. 

HAVE at you all; or, The Drury-Lane journal. 

London. nol-12/13,Ja 16-Ap 9 1752|| 



HAVEBRUGS-tidende. Tidsskrift for Havebrug 
og Biavl. Copenhagen; Stege. 1,1890+ 

HAVEDYRKNINGENS venner, Christiania. See 

Norsk havetidende 
HAVEMEYER laboratory, New York. See 
under Columbia university. Dept. of chem- 

HAVEN. Medlemsblad for de samvirkende 
danske haveselskaber. Copenhagen; Lyng- 
by. 1,1900+ 

Laboratorio de plasmogenia 
— Boletin: Revista de biologia experimental. 
vl nol-8, 1917-2011? 

Laboratorio histo-bacteriologico e instituto 
antirabico de la "Cronica medico-quirur- 
gica" de la Habana 

— Memoria bianual. 

Liceo de la Habana. See Liceo de la Habana 
Observatorio nacional 
— Boletin oficial. 

Suspended Mr-D 1921 

In three editions: 

HAVERFORD college, Haverford, Pa. 
Haverford college studies. 1-13,1889-1922[| 


— Proceedings. 1891-92|[ 

V ( /7</, W3 

See also Biblical and kindred studies 
HAVERHILL social democrat. Haverhill, Mass. 
1- ,0 7 1899- || 

HAVERSACK. Champlain, N.T. See Fort Ti- 

conderoga museum. Bulletin 
HAVERSACK. Nashville, Tenn. 1-15, -1936|| 




1-24, S 1916-28; s3 (sic) vl, HAVETIDENDE. See Dansk havetidende 


See under Finland 

HAWA nachrichten. (Hannoversche waggon- 
fabrik) Hanover- Linden. 1-5,1918-23|| ? 




College of Hawaii 

— College of Hawaii publications. .Bulletins. 

See also Hawaii educational review 
Historical commission, Honolulu 
—Publications, vl nol-5,1922-D 31 1928H 

-Report. 1,1922+ 

University, Honolulu 

— Agricultural studies. nol.Je 15 1927+ 

HIB \~(* £-1* 

— Occasional papers. Honolulu 

MB 1-2,, V-r Ijr- i 

l.O 1923+ 



HAWAIIAN cascade and miscellany. Honolu- 
lu, vl nol-2,N 9 1844-S 30 1845|| 

HAWAIIAN church chronicle. Honolulu. 1, 

Supersedes Anglican church chronicle 

HAWAIIAN club, Boston 

Hawaiian club papers. l,Ja 1866-0 1868| 

MB /J4 

f)U ' Cs 20 //J 


—Publications. 1,N 1935+ 

SB | .•■ 

—Quarterly bulletin. Honolulu. 1,1921+ 

HAWAIIAN engineering association, Honolulu 

1-6 as Honolulu engineering association 
Press bulletin. 1,1906+ 

HAWAIIAN entomological society, Honolulu 
Proceedings. 1,1905/07+ 

HAWAIIAN evangelical association, Honolulu 
Annual report. 1-40,1863-1903; 82,1904+ 
41-81 omitted in numbering 

MB 1 

— Research publications nol.Je 1927+ < 





Hoike makahiki. 

Issued also in English. 

Title varies 


-Agricultural extension service 

Extension bulletin. Honolulu. 1,1929 + 

— Oriental institute 

— — Journal. Honolulu. 

HAWAII. (Hawaii tourist bureau) 
l.Ag 1928+ 
vl nol-3 lack numbering 


Minutes. 1837-6411 

Title varies. Continued 
report , / < v 

. f / O / ^ 

in its Annual 

HAWAIIAN forester and agriculturist. Hono- 
lulu. vl-30 nol,1904-Ja/Mr 193311 

HAWAIIAN gazette. Honolulu, vl-11 no52,1865- 


HAWAII education association 
Educational policies committee 
— Report. Kanai. 

HAWAII educational review. (Hawaii. College 
of Hawaii) Honolulu. 1,1913 + 

HAWAII farm and poultry journal. Honolulu, 
vl nol-5,Jl-D 1924||? 

HAWAII territorial medical association 

Through 1910? as Territorial medical so- 
ciety of Hawaii; 1911 ?-18 Medical society 
of Hawaii 
Transactions. 13-26,1904-18; (ns)vl,1926+ 
1-12 never published 

HAWAIIAN historical society, Honolulu 
Annual report. 1,1892+ 
2,20 never published 


Genealogical series. Honolulu. 1,1915+ 




Papers. 1,1892+ 

Suspended 1909-26 

MB ) - $*, /°- 

Reprints. 1,1916 + 

HAWAIIAN live stock breeders' association 
Proceedings. Honolulu. 1-5,1902-07||? 

MB 1 ( 





Honolulu, vl nol-ll,Ja 15-N 15 

HAWAIIAN. Honolulu, vl nol-8,My 1895-F/Mr 

HAWAIIAN academy of science, Honolulu 
Proceedings. 1,1926+ 

HAWAIIAN mission children's society. See 

Maile quarterly 
HAWAIIAN monthly. Honolulu. vl,nol-12,Ja-D 

HAWAIIAN planters' monthly. (Hawaiian 
sugar planters' association. Experiment 
station) Honolulu. 1-28, 1882-D 1909|| 

1-12 as Planters' monthly. Superseded by 

Hawaiian planters' record 





HAWAIIAN planters' record. (Hawaiian sugar 
planters' association. Experiment station) 
Honolulu. 1,J1 1909+ 
Supersedes Hawaiian planters' monthly 

HAWAIIAN spectator. Conducted by an as- 
sociation of gentlemen. Honolulu. 1-2, Ja 
1838-0 1839H . „ _ ^ 

MB U ~ . 

HAWAIIAN sugar planters' association, Hono- 
Bulletin. Health research project. nol,1934+ 


HAWICK archaeological society, Hawick, Scot- 
Transactions. 1863+ 

Suspended 1885-87.91-97 

Index: 1856-1906 in 1906; 1907-11; 1912-16; 


HAWKESBURY agricultural college Journal. 
Sydney; Richmond. N.S.W. l.D 15 1903+ 
Supersedes Hawkesbury agricultural col- 
lege magazine 

HAWKESBURY agricultural college magazine. 
Richmond, N.S.W. 1-2 (nol-17),1898-D 1902| 
Superseded by Hawkesbury agricultural 
college journal 

Experiment station 

— Bulletin. 

Agricultural and chemical series. 1,1895+ 

1-9 Reprints of reports, 1895-1903. 1-29 
as Bulletins of the Division of agriculture 
and chemistry. Suspended 1926-35 

4 MB 


<Rjy7, fLiol 

Botanical series. 1,1905+ 

1-9 as Bulletins of the Division of path- 
ology and physiology. 10-12 Pathological 
and physiological series. Suspended 1913- 
20. vl-2,1905-12 as nol-12; v3 ptl-2,1921- 

HAWKEYE ornithologist and oologist. 

la. 1-2,1888-8911 


HAWTHORN; a magazine of essays, sketches, 
and reviews. London. nol-6,1872|| 

HAY trade Journal. Canajoharie, 
nol3,1892-Ag 30 1929)1 

N.Y. vl-38 

HAYDEN family. 


Chicago, vl-5 no4,Ja 1929-0 

— — Entomological series. 1,1905+ 

1-8 as Bulletins of the Division of 

Pathological and physiological series. See 

Botanical series 
See also Hawaiian planters' monthly; 
Hawaiian planters' record 
HAWAIIAN trail and mountain club, Hono- 
Bulletin. 1,J1 1910+? 
Title varies 

HAWAIIAN volcano observatory 

Bulletin. Boston; Honolulu, vl-17 no7,Je 30 
1913-J1 1929|| 
Title varies. 

Continued in Hawaiian volcano research 
association. Volcano letter 

HAYDEN planetarium, New York. See under 
American museum of natural history, New 

HAYNALD observatorium, Kalocsa. See under 
Kalocsa, Hungary 

HAYTIAN gazettes. See Journal du commerce 
et de l'agriculture, politique et littlraire 

HAYWARD'S monthly illustrated journal, a lo- 
cal magazine. Bast Grinstead. 
Caption title: East Grinstead journal 

HAYYE olam. Vie Sternelle. Pub. mensuelle 
des manuscrits precieux, provenants des 
anciens docteurs israelites. Paris. 1-2,1878- 

HAZANK tortenelmi kbzlbny. Budapest. 1-11, 



Report, no (l)-2,Ja 1912-171) 

Ja-Mr 1912, as Massachusetts institute of 
technology. Hawaiian volcano observa- 
tory. Report, and the Hawaiian volcano 
research association 



Special report 

HAWAIIAN volcano research association 
Volcano letter, a weekly news leaflet. nol,Ja 

HAWAR. Kovara kurdi; revue kurde. Damas. 
Text chiefly in Kurdish (original and 
transliterated) with some articles in 
French; title also in Kurdish. 
Subtitle varies 

HAZARD'S register of Pennsylvania. Philadel- 
phia. 1-16,1828-35|| 
1-7,1828-31 as Register of Pennsylvania 



HAZARD'S United States commercial and sta- 
tistical register. Philadelphia. 1-6, F 13 1839- 
Je 29 1842H 

'■3 if, I 

HAZWEIESS. (Pharmaceuten-verein Elsass- 
Lothringen) Strasbourg. 1-18, -1911||? 

HEACOCK'S. See Buffalo arts journal 
HEADGEAR worker. (United cloth hat and 
cap makers of North America) N.Y. ; 
Long Island City, N.Y. vl-14 no8,S 1916-J1 

In English and Yiddish. 1916-F 1917 as 
Cloth hat, cap and millinery workers' 
journal. Superseded by Hat worker 



HEADMASTERS' association, London. See 
Incorporated association of headmasters 

HEADQUARTERS news bulletin. See Ohio 
league of women voters bulletin 

HEADS of a diarie, collected out of the jour- 
nalls of both houses of Parliament; and 
some passages, concerning the king, the 
army, city and kingdome. London. 

HEALTH. (Michigan anti-tuberculosis associa- 
tion) Ann Arbor; etc. 1,D 1911+ 

1-6 as the society's Bulletin; v7-21 nol, 
-F 1934 Michigan out-of-doors 

HEALTH; a family 

no3, 1877-8111 

magazine. London, vl-5. 

HEADS of all the proceedings in both houses 
of Parliament. London, nol, My 23-30 164211 

HEALTH; a family medical journal. 



HEADS of some notes of the Citie scout: co-mi- 
municating the affaires of the army to the 
citie and kingdome. . . London. 

HEALTH; a home magazine devoted to physi- 
cal culture and hygiene. N.Y. 1-64,1899- 
Ja 1914H 

Merged into Physical culture 

HEADWAY. (League of nations union) Lon- 
don. 1,1920+ 
vl-2 no5 as the union's Monthly report. 
vl-2 no6 in League of nations' journal, 
later To-day and to-morrow „ ._ 


iL thyself <the he 


HEAL thyself <the homoeopathic world>. A 
popular journal of medical, dietetic, social 
and sanitary science. London. 1,1866+ 
1-67 as Homoeopathic world 

HEALTH; a journal concerned in assisting the 
formation of opinion on public health ques- 
tions. (Federation of medical and allied 
services) London. 1-8,1921-2811 

HEALTH; a Journal devoted to healthful liv- 
ing. Madras. 1-4,1923-2611? 

HEALER. Brooklyn, N.Y. See Dominion; twen- 
tieth century ethics 
HEALER. London. 1-20,1908-27|| 

HEALING. London, vl-4 no6,S 1925-Mr 1929|| 
Superseded by Golden dawn 

a national magazine for home, 
industry. Chicago, vl-4 no6,1921-Je 



vl nol-8 as Journal of health and sanita- 
tion for home and industry; vl no9-12 
Health and sanitation, a journal for home 
and industry. Subtitle varies 

HEALING voice on the power of prayer, faith 
literature, and the science of healing. N.Y. 

vl nol-7,S 1884-Ap 1885|| 

HEALTH. Altruria, Cal. vl-31 no2,1896-1911|| 
Superseded by Health (Burke, Cal.) 

HEALTH. Boston. 1-4,1890-94||? 

HEALTH. London. 1-58, Ap 13 1883-D 1916]! 

HEALTH. Devoted to physical culture and 
out-door life. N.Y. 1-77,1845-92; (s2) v43-64, 

1-33,1845-61 as Water cure journal;' 34, 
1862 Hygienic teacher and Water cure 
journal; 35-77 (42), 1863-92 Herald of 
health.; v43-48 no9, 1893-97 Journal' of hy- 
giene" and Herald of health; v48 nol0-v50 
. no8,1898-Ag 1900 Omega. 1892 being the 
the volume numbering was 
osv42-63 also as nsvl-29 


42nd year, 
changed to 42. 


HEALTH; devoted to the promotion of personal 
community health. Toronto. 1,1933-f- 
vl-3 no3 as Canadian health 

HEALTH. Lovedale, S. A. See South African HEA kT H T a ?$L!i eai,ty " Ketterln ^- vl nol-ll.P 
health society magazine 1904-ja iyuo|| 

HEALTH. Madras. 1,1923+ 

HEALTH. N.Y. l.My 1934+ 

HEALTH and empire. (British social hygiene 
council, inc.) London. 1-5.1921-25; nsvl, 

HEALTH. Shanghai, vl-3 no2,Mr 1924- Jl 1926||? HEALTH and home. Louisville, Ky. 1-3,1892- 


HEALTH. Singapore, vl nol-5,Ja-My 1931| 

HEALTH and home. Montreal. nol-3,F-Ap 


HEALTH. Wernersville; Reading, Pa. See 

Health science and laws of health 

HEALTH. (Burke corporation) Burke, Cal. vl- HEALTH and home. A monthly journal de- 

8 nol2,S 1915-Ag 1923|| voted to domestic medicine, literature, sci- 

vl-6 no8 as Your health. Supersedes ence and art. Port Chester, N.Y. ; etc. 

Health. (Altruria, Cal.) 1-18,1871-9111? 




HEALTH and hospital service. Sydney, vl-9 HEALTH exponent. Mt. Vernon, Ohio, vl-2 


1921- as Hospital service 

no3,1892-Mr 18931 

HEALTH and hygiene. (Daily worker. Medical 
advisory board) N.Y. l,Ap 1935 + 
Index: 1 in v2 nol 

HEALTH and life. London. 1,1934+ 
Various mistakes in numbering 

HEALTH & safety. (Boy scouts of America) 
N.Y. 1,1936 + 

HEALTH and sanitation. See Health; a na- 
tional magazine for home, school, industry 
HEALTH and sanity. Maltby. 1,1923+ 

HEALTH first for Oregon. (Oregon tubercu- 
losis association) Portland. 

HEALTH for all. London. 1,1927 + 

HEALTH forum. (Health association of Aus- 
tralia) Sydney, vl nol-4,Mr-D 192311 

HEALTH from herbs. Tunbridge "Wells. 1, 
1935 + 

HEALTH hints. (Clearfield County tubercu- 
losis society) Clearfield, Pa. 

HEALTH and strength. London. 1,1898+ 

HEALTH apd temperance. Washington. See 

Life and health 
HEALTH and vigour. London. 1,1931 + 

HEALTH inspectors' association of New South 

Through 1934 as Health inspectors' asso- 
ciation of Australia. New South Wales 
Annual conference. Presidential address and 
papers presented. Sydney. 

HEALTH (and 'vigour) culture. Derby. 
no2,N 1902-F 1904|| 


HEALTH and vitality. London. 1-13,1902-1411 
1902-11 as Vitality and health culture 

HEALTH and wealth. Calcutta. 1,1934+ 

HEALTH association of Australia, Sydney. See 

Health forum 
HEALTH Belfast. See Belfast health journal 
HEALTH builder. Garden City, N.Y. ! vl-2 

nol.N 1922-My 1923|| 

HEALTH builder; the spirit of health and 
happiness. Garden City, N.Y. vl-2 nol.N 
1922-My 1923H 

HEALTH bulletin. (New Jersey tuberculosis 
league) Newark, N.J. 

HEALTH is wealth. N.Y. vl-9 no2,S 1934-Ag 

vl-8 nol,1934-Ap 1938 as Health digest. 
Merged into Health culture 

HEALTH journal. Toronto; Ottawa. See Can- 
ada health journal 

HEALTH journal. (Massachusetts tuberculosis 
association) See Massachusetts health jour- 

HEALTH journal; a review of sanitary sci- 
ence. Manchester, England. 1-5, Je 1883 -My 

Subtitle varies 

HEALTH Journal, and advocate of physiolog- 
ical reform. Boston; Worcester, Mass. 1-2, 

HEALTH journal and independent magazine. 
Boston, vl nol.F 184311? 

Running title: Independent magazine and 
health journal 

HEALTH bulletin for teachers. (Metropolitan 
life insurance company. School health bu- 
reau. Welfare division) N.Y. l,Ap 1929+ 

HEALTH culture. London. 1-2,1905-061 

HEALTH lectures for the people. (Manches- 
ter and Salford sanitary association) Lon- 
don. sl-11, 1875-8811 

AJ >\ 7f- 

HEALTH logic. London. 1,1931 + 


HEALTH culture. N.Y. 1,1894 + 

HEALTH digest. See Health is wealth 
HEALTH education. (Health education 
ciety) N.Y. 

HEALTH education series. (Health education 
league) Boston. nol-32,1905-18|| 




HEALTH magazine. Holyoke, Mass. 1- ,1850-F 

Merged into Physical culture 

HEALTH magazine for every family. Wash- 
ington; Baltimore; N.Y. 1-6,1893-98|| 

1-3,1893-95 as Popular health magazine. 
Merged into Omega, later Health. De- 
voted to physical culture and out-door 



HEALTH messenger. Albany. 1-5,1916-My 1921H 

HEALTH messenger. London. l-12,Ag 1891-Ag 
vl nol-5,Ag-D 1891 as Northern health 

HEALTH shoes, devoted to feet and better 
fitting shoes. Boston. l.O 1935+ 
vl-2 no9,1935-Je 1937 as Health shoe di- 
gest. . . 

HEALTH society of Calcutta and its suburbs 
Journal, vl-4 no2,Mr 1885-0 1888|| 

HEALTH monitor. Chicago, vl-7 no6,1891-Je 
1-2 as Journal for electro -homeopathy. 
Subtitle varies 

HEALTH society of New South Wales, Sydney 
Publications, nol-11,1876-8311 

HEALTH monitor. Denver, vl-3 nol.S 15 1889- 
Ja 1891H 

HEALTH without drugs. London, vl-3 no5,Ja 

1900-F 1906||? 
vl-2 nol as Life and beauty; v2 no2-5 
Diet versus drugs 

HEALTH news. (Anti-adulteration association) 
London. 1-12, -1898||? 

HEALTH news of America. Los Angeles. 1.J1 

HEALTH notes, an anti-vaccination journal. 

Springfield, Mass. vl nol-4,Jl 1875-0 1876||? 

HEALTH of towns magazine. London. 1-2.S 
1 1847-Ag 15 1848|| 

HEALTH IAN; a Journal of human physiology, 
diet, and regimen. London, vl nol-14,1842- 


HEALTHSIDE. Cincinnati, vl-52 no6,S 1832-D 

1-5,1832-S 1837 as Thomsonian recorder; 
6-17,0 1837-Ag 15 1852 Botanico-medical 
recorder; 18-43, S 15 1852-80 Physio-medi- 
cal recorder; 44-50,1880-83 Cincinnati 
medical gazette and recorder; -52 nol, 
Mr 1883-Ja 1 1884 Cincinnati medical 

HEALTH philosopher. London. 1,1930+ 

HEALTHY home, a journal of common sense 
medicine. Western ed. Athol, Mass. 1,1890+ 

HEALTH pilot. (Washington tuberculosis as- 
sociation) Seattle. 1,1919+ 

HEALTHY home quarterly. Athol, Mass. l,My 

HEALTH rays. Kentville, N.S. 1,1928+ 
Supersedes X-ray 

HEALTHY life. London; Manchester. 1-15,1883- 


Title varies slightly 

HEALTH record. 

N 1891||? 

Corning, N.Y. vl-4 no2,1886- 

HEALTH record. London. 1- 
vl-5 no61,1901-06 as 

.O 1901-O 11 1920|| 

HEALTH record. An Irish journal of sanitary 
science. Dublin. l-4,Mr 1891-F 1895]| 

HEALTH reform. Paisley, nol-46, 1903-0711 

nol-36,1903-06 as Scottish health reformer 
and advocate of rational living 


HEALTH reformer. See Good health (Battle 

Creek, Mich.) 
HEALTH, sanitation and climatology of the 

southern states. Washington, vl nol-2,Ja- 

Ap 1895H 

HEARING news. (American society for the 
hard of hearing) Washington. l,Ap 1933 + 
1933-S 1935 as Federation news; O-N 1935 

HEARST'S international combined with Cos- 
mopolitan. N.Y. vl-47 no2,Jl 1901-F 1925; v78 
no3,Mr 1925+ 

vl-2 no4,1901-Ap 1902 as Current encyclo- 
pedia, a monthly record of human prog- 
ress; v2 no5-v21 no9,Je 1902-Mr 1912 
World today; v21 nolO-v25,Ap 1912-Je 1914 
Hearst's magazine; v26-39 no4,Jl 1914-Ap 
1921 Hearst's; v39 no5-v47 no2,My 1921-F 
1925 Hearst's international. Absorbed Cos- 
mopolitan, Mr 1925 and continued . its 

HEART, a journal for the study of the circula- 
tion. London, vl-16 no3/4,Jl 1909-Je 1933|| 
Subtitle varies. Superseded by Clinical 

S ci 6 XI C 6 

Index: 1-16,1909-33 in vl6 




HEALTH science and laws of health. Werners- 
Ville; Reading, Pa. vl-9 no5,Je 1878-Mr 1887|| 
1-3,1878-Ap 1881 as Laws of health; 4-8, 
My 1881-F 1886 Health 

HEART of the home. Philadelphia; Camden, 
N.J. vl-118 no5,1855-Ag 1922; v68,Ja 1923 + 
vl-118 no5,1855-Ag 1922 as Practical 



HEARTH and hall; a Journal of choice litera- 
ture and useful information. Grand Rapids, 

Mich. 1-11, N 1884-Je 189511? 

HEATING, ventilating and sanitary plumber. 

See Engineering review 
H EATON review. Bradford. England. 1-6,1927- 



HEARTH and home. N.Y. 1-9.D 26 1868-D 25 


MB , ~ \' Jr 

HEARTHSTONE. Philadelphia; N.Y. vl-28 no6, 

N 25 1882-Je 1907|| 
Subtitle varies 

H EATON works Journal. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

HEATWOLE'S dairy paper. See Northwest 

HEBBEL-forschungen. BerUn. 1,1907+ 

HEART-ology. Winchester, Tenn. 1,1923+ 

HEBDO. Paris. nol.Ap 1933+ 

HEAT and power. Toronto. 1,D 1924+ 

vl-7 nol0,1924-O 1930 as Power age 

HEBDO; reportages, cin6, modes, sports, 
contes, programmes de T.S.F. Brussels. 

Supplement. See Electrical Canada 
HEAT engineering. N.Y. 1,1926+ 

HEAT treating and forging. Pittsburgh. 1,1915+ 
1-6,1915-20 as American drop forger; v7-9 
no7 Forging and heat treating; v9 no8- 
vl3 noil Forging — stamping — heat treat- 
ing. Suspended -Ag 1933 
Index: 1-3, which also indexes Steel and 
iron, v49-50 


HEBR/EISCHE bibliographie. Blatter fur 
neuere und altere literatur des Juden- 
thums. Berlin. 1-21,1858-8211 

Subtitle varies. Suspended 1866-68 

HEBRAICA. See American journal of Semitic 

languages and literatures 
HEBRAT Dorshe leshon eber. See Ha-Meassef 


HEBREW. San Francisco. 1- ,1863- || 
In English and German 

HEAT treatment journal. London. l,Je 1934+ 

HEBREW American. 

19 1894|| 

N.Y. vl nol-28,Mr 16-S 

HEATH Clark lectures . . . delivered at the 
.London school of hygiene and tropical medi- 
cine. London. 1,1931+ 

HEBREW Christian. N.Y. 1-14.D 1883-9611? 

HEATHCOTE'S original London post. London, 
nol- , -Ag 14 1732||? 

no -no914, -N 2 1724 as Original London 
post, or, Heathcote's intelligence, no for 
O 26 1724 wrongly numbered as 913 

HEBREW Christian. (International Hebrew 
Christian alliance) Chalfont St. Giles. 1, 

HEBREW Christian alliance quarterly. Chicago. 
. 1,1917+ 

HEATHEN woman's friend. See "Woman's mis- 
sionary friend 
HEATH'S book of beauty. See Book of beauty 
HEATING and piping contractors national as- 
Official bulletin. N.Y. 1,1894+ 

1894-Ag 1918 as National association of 
sheet metal contractors. Official bulletin 

HEBREW Christian witness and prophetic in- 
vestigator. London, nol-12,1872; ns 1873-7711 
nol-12,1872 and ns 1873 as Hebrew Chris- 
tian witness 

HEBREW leader. N.Y. 1-34,1848-8211? 


HEATING and ventilating. N.Y. l,Je 1904+ 

vl-26 no5,1904-My 1929 as Heating and 
ventilating magazine 

/0 3 0/H 

HEATING and ventilating engineer. 



HEBREW messenger. (American Baptist so- 
ciety for evangelizing the Jews) N.Y. 1-2, 


HEBREW observer. San Francisco. 1- -.1856-9011 
United with Jewish times to form Jewish 
times and observer 

HEATING and ventilating magazine. See Heat- 
ing and ventilating 
HEATING and ventilation. See Engineering re- 
HEATING, piping and air conditioning. (Amer- 
ican society of heating and ventilating en- 
gineers) Chicago. l,My 1929+ 

Supersedes the society's Journal, which 
forms separate section of the above 



HEBREW physician. See ha-Rofei ha-Ivri 
HEBREW review. Cincinnati. 1-2,1880-82|| 

HEBREW review and magazine for Jewish lit- 
erature. London, nsvl nol-10,1859-60|I 

Designed as continuation of Hebrew re- 
view (1834-36) 



HEBREW review and magazine of rabbinical HEDEWIGS mitteilungen iiber schachliteratur. 
literature. London. 1-3,0 3 1834-J1 22 1836|| Leipzig. 1,1907+ 

Suspended O 9 1835-Ja 8 1836 

HEBREW Sabbath school visitor. Cincinnati. 


^ m 

HEBREW sheltering and immigrant aid society 
of America. See Jewish immigration bulletin 
HEBREW standard. N.Y. 1-80,1882-192211 
Merged into Jewish tribune 

HEBREW standard of Australasia. Sydney. 
Title also in Hebrew 

HEDIM. Tel Aviv. 1-7, Je 1922-Mr 1928||? 

HEDWIGIA. Organ fiir kryptogamenkunde 
und phytopathologie nebst repertorium fiir 
kryptogamische literatur. Dresden. 1,1852+ 

Subtitle varies slightly 

Index: 1-50 



sfrt« £> 

HEER politieke blixem. Leyden. 

HEBREW student. See Biblical world 
HEBREW teachers' association, New York. See 

Young Maccabee 
HEBREW union college annual. Cincinnati. 1, 

Supersedes Journal of Jewish lore and 

HEERE und flotten der gegenwart. Berlin. 


MB (Ah 

HEFFLEY educator. Brooklyn, N.Y. 1-2 (nol- 
43), Je 3 1899-Je 16 190011? 
Supersedes Shorthand educator 

HEBREW union college journal. Cincinnati. 1- 

HEBREW union college monthly. (Hebrew 
union college) Cincinnati. 1,1914+ 

HEFKER, a humorous publication. Tel-Aviv. 

HEFTE fur bayerische volkskunde. (Verein fiir 
volkskunst und volkskunde) Munich. 1-10, 
1-6? as Bayerische hefte fiir volkskunde 

HEBREW watchword. Philadelphia. 1-2,1896- 


HECHOS. Bogota. 1-4, Ja 18-D 31 1894H' 

HEFTE fiir buchereiwesen. (Deutsche zentral- 
stelle fiir volkstiimliches buchereiwesen) 
Leipzig. 1,1919 + 

1-3 and v5 no 1-3 as the zentralstelle's 
Mitteilungen; 4 Buecherhalle. Mitteilun- 
gen. 7+ in two series: A: Volksbibliothe- 
kar; B: Biicherhalle 

HECHOS e ideas; revista radical. Buenos Aires. 
l,Je 1935+ 

HEFTE fiir zigeunerkunde. Striegau. 1,1911+ 

HECTOR observatory. See Wellington, New 

Zealand. Dominion observatory 
Ha-HED. Jerusalem. 

HEFTE zur christlichen welt. Leipzig. 1-56, 

HED ha-am. Jerusalem. l-2,Mr 7 1924-S 16 

HED ha-chinuch. Jerusalem. 1-2,1927-2811? 

HEFTE zur Englandkunde. Leipzig. 

HEFTE zur unfallheilkunde. Leipzig. nol,1929+ 
Supplement to Monatsschrift fiir unfall- 
heilkunde und versicherungsmedizin 

HED ha-moreh. N.Y. vl nol-8,Mr-S 1915)1 

HED ha-zeman. See Ha-Zeman (St Petersburg) 
HED lita. Kovno. 1-2,1924-2611? 

HEFTSAMMLUNG "Luftfahrt": allgemeinver- 
standliche einfuhrung in die teilgebiete des 
flugwesens und der luftschiffahrt. Leipzig. 
nol,1935 + 

HEGEL-archiv. Leipzig, vl-3 no2,1912-16|i 

HEDENDAAGSCHE momus. See Haagsche cor- 
HEDENU. N.Y. l.My 18 1926+ 

HEGELS wissenschaft von der wirklichkeit und 
ihre quellen. Munich. 1,1929+ 


- as Danske hedeselskab 
Beretning-foretagender. 1866-78||? 

Tidsskrift. Viborg, Denmark. 1,1880+ 


Institut fiir geschichte der naturwissenschaft 
— Arbeiten. 1-4,1924-26|| 

Superseded by Berlin. Forschungsinstitut 
fiir geschichte der naturwissenschaft. 



— Jahresbericht. 1-3,1925-271 

Institut fur sozial- und staatswissenschaften 
— Heidelberger studien. 1,1930 + 

— Staatswissenschaftliche austauschstelle. See 
Deutscher akademischer austauschdienst 

Kommission fiir die geschichte der stadt 
Heidelberg. See Neues archiv fiir die ge- 
schichte der stadt Heidelberg 


Through 1879 at Mannheim 

— Astronomische beobachtungen. Mannheim. 

— Physiologisches inst 


See also Heidelberger universitatsreden 
HEIDELBERGER abhandlungen. See Ab- 

handlungen aus dem gesamtgebiete der 

HEIDELBERGER abhandlungen zur mittleren 

und neueren geschichte. Heidelberg. 1, 

MB V ' 

HEIDELBERGER abhandlungen zur philosophie 
und ihrer geschichte. Tubingen. 1,1924+ 

c \ 

— Veroffentlichungen. Heidelberg. 1,1900+ 
Continues publications of the Astrono- 
misches and the Astrophysikalisches in- 
stitut. 1-5 as Astronomisches institut 

; n L ^j er/y/.3 

HEIDELBERGER akademie der wissenschaf- 
Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche klasse 
— Abhandlungen. 1,1910 + 

— Veroffentlichungen. Karlsruhe. 1-5,1884-9611 

— Sitzungsberichte 

'A. Mathematisch- ' Y ' 


its Astronomische beobach- 

— Astrometrisches institut. See Astrono- 
misches institut 
— Astronomisches institut 

1-4 as Astrometrisches institut 
Mitteilungen. 1-1S, 1901-0911 

physikalische wissenschaften; B. Biologi- 
■n sche wissenschaften r- ~i 

Philosophisch-hi'storische klasse-- 7 
-Abhandlungen. 1-7,1913-27|[ 

— Sitzungsberichte. 1,1910+ 

— Astrophysikalisches institut 
Publikationen. 1-3,1902-091 


— Schriftenreihe der akademischen mittei- 
\v**v lungen. Heidelberg. 1/2,1925+ 


— Chirurgische kMnik 

Jahresbericht. 1897-19131 

Supplement to Bruns' 
klinischen chirurgie 


Mitteilungen. See Bruns' beitraege zur 

klinischen chirurgie 
— Geologisch-palaontologisches institut 

Mitteilungen und arbeiten. nol- ,1910- 

; nsnol,1915 + 

See <also Archiv fur religionswissenschaft 
HEIDELBERGER akten der von-Portheim- 

MB -?. - • toY^.yoi 


HEIDELBERGER geschichtsblatter, historische 
monatsschrift fiir Heidelberg, Odenwald, 
Bergstrasse und Bauland. Heidelberg. vL 
nol-7,D 1913-Je 191411 

HEIDELBERGER jahrbiicher der literafur. 

Heidelberg. 1-65,1S08-72|| 

1-10,1808-17 as Heidelbergische jahr- 
biicher der literatur 

M & 

HEIDELBERGER klinische annalen. Heidel- 
. berg. 1-10,1825-34|| 

4-10 also as Neue jahrbiicher der teut- 
schen medicin und chirurgie. Superseded 
- by Medicinische annalen 

— Juristische fakultat. See Heidelberger 

rechtswissenschaftliche abhandlungen 
— Mathematische fachschaft 
Tatigkeitsbericht. 1-4,1930-31||? 

HEIDELBERGER kunstgeschichtliche abhand- 
lungen. Heidelberg. 


Schriften. nol-6,1920-22|| 

Superseded by Studien zur epigraphik und 


Veroffentlichungen aus der Heidelberge 

papyrus-sammlung. 1-4,1904-11||? 


MB ' 

-Philosophische fakultat 


Abstracts of doctoral dissertations 

HEIDELBERGER militar-verein 

HEIDELBERGER rechtswissenschaftliche ab- 
handlungen. (Heidelberg. Universitat. Juris- 
tische fakultat) Heidelberg. 1,1929+ 

HEIDELBERGER schlossverein. See Mittei- 
lungen zur geschichte des Heidelberger 

HEIDELBERGER studien. See under Heidel- 
berg. Institut fiir sozial- und staatswissen- 
schaften r -f ., ./ „ - 7 ,., 

Idcfa T- Po >■>•*> hict) ve/- r>». l/a«y \v**fet *}?peo K. **> 
Jlf?f»- T&ty /93fuy,d Oil, J Vt}net Ciyv-y "t he. 





HEIDELBERGER studien zur musikwissen- 
schaft. See Studien zur Heidelberger musik- 

HEIDELBERGER universitatsreden. * Heidel- 
berg. 1,1927+ 

HEIDELBERGER volkswirtschaftliche ab- 
handlungen. Karlsruhe, vl nol-5, 1909-1111 
Numbered also as Volkswirthschaftliche 
abhandlungen der badischen hochschulen, 

H El MAT. (Verein fur heimatkunde in Krefeld 
und Verdingen) Krefeld. 1,S 1921+ 

H El MAT; monatsschrift des Vereins zur pflege 
der natur- und landeskunde in Schleswig- 
Holstein, Hamburg und Liibeck Kiel. 1, 

HEIMATH und fremde; Oder, Album der natur 
und kunst. Gorlitz. 1,186311 

HEIDELBERGISCHE jahrbucher der literatur. 

See Heidelberger jahrbucher der literatur 
HEIDENWERELD. See Missionary monthly Re- 
formed review 
HEIL- und gewiirzpflanzen. (Deutsche hortus- 
gesellschaft) Munich. 1,1917+ 

HEILANSTALT. Leipzig. 1-14,1906-1911? 

H El MAT und scholle. (Deutsche landwirt- 
schafts-gesellschaft fur osterreich, Vienna) 
Vienna. 1,1932+ 

H El MAT und volkstum. Berlin; Breslau. vl-9 
nol2,1926-Mr 1936|| 

Supplement to Tuermer. vl-9 no6,1926-S 
1935 as Deutsche heimat; blatter fur die 
deutsche jugend zur pflege der heimatliebe 

HEILBRIGOISTiOINDI. Reykjavik. 1-4,1871-80|| 

HEILIGE garten. 


Danzig. 1,1924+ 

(Deutscher heimatbund) 

HEILIGE land. Cologne. 1,1857+ 

HEIMATBLATTER der roten erde; zeitschrift 
des Westfalischen heimatbundes. Munster 
i.W. l-5,1919/20-26||? 

HEILIGE land. Zhitomir. 1,1891|| 

HEIMATDIENST. Berlin. 1,1921+ 

HEILIGE not. Zeitschrift fur die geistigen in- 

teressen der grossen zeit. Leipzig, vl-2 no4, HEIMATFORSCHER. Breslau. 1,1925+ 

...... ,„,- , -<x *■■ j ii- i I- 4 -m -i, HEIMATGAUE. Zeitschrift fiir oberoster- 

HEI.LIGE schr.ft fur das leben erklart. Freiburg reichische geschichte, landes- und volks- 

*■ hr - kunde. Linz. 1,1919+ 

HEILIGE und die form. Gottingen. ■_,-... ..,.„. ,*, nr - « . . . 

Supplement to Monatsschrift fUr gottes- HEIMATKUNDE des Grossenhainer landes in 
dienst und kirchliche kunst emzelheften. Grossenhain. 1,1934+. 

HEILKUNDE. Vienna. See Aerztliche stan- 

HEILPADAGOGISCHE umschau. Halle. 1-6, 

O 1906-Mr 190711 

HEILSARMEE in Amerika. See Kriegsruf 
HEILSTATTEN-bote. Zeitschrift fur volksge- 
sundheit und krankheitsverhutung. Frank- 
furt a.M. 1-2,1902-03||? 

HEIMARBEIT und -verlag in der neuzelt. Jena. 

HEIMATKUNDE des kreises Schlawe. 
walde. 1-3,1921-2511? 


HEIMATKUNDE von Niederoesterreich. (Ver- 
ein fiir landeskunde und heimatschutz von 
Niederoesterreich) Vienna 

HEIMATKUNDLICHE arbeiten. (Erlangen. 
Universitat. Geographisches institut) 1, 

HEIMASTJ6RN. Copenhagen. 1-4,1901-02|| 

HEIMAT. (Bund der Reichsdeutschen in Oster- 
reich) Vienna. 

HEIMATKUNST. Berlin. See Gerrnanische 

heimat und heimatkunst 
HEIMATLAND; monatschrift fur volksleben 

und volkskunst in Oesterreich. (osterrei- 

chische heimatgesellschaft) Vienna. 1,S 


Suspended Mr 1930 ?-Ap 1934 

HEIMAT. (Ostdeutscher heimatdienst) K5nigs- 
berg. 1-2,1919-20||? 

HEIMATLICHE bauweise. Darmstadt. 1-6,1908- 
Supplement to Gewerbeblatt fur Hessen 



HEIMATLIEDER aus den deutschen siedlungen. HELADOS y sorbetes. N.Y. vl nol-2.N 1930-Ja 
Biala bei Bielitz. 1,1924+ "superseded by Helados, refrescos y dulces 

HEIMATSCHUTZ. (Schweizerische vereinigung 
fur heimatschutz) BUmpliz. 

HELDEN der luft. Berlin. nol-15,1934||? 

HEIMBYGDA, hembygdsvardande forening for 
Jamtland och Harjedalen. See Fornvardaren 
HEIMDALLUR. Copenhagen. nol-12,1884|| 

HEIMDALLUR. Reykjavik. l,Ja 22 1930+ 

HEIMEN, tidsskrift utgitt av landslaget for 
bygde og historic Oslo. 1,1925?+ 

HEIMGARTEN. See Roseggers heimgarten 
HEIMILISBLAOIO. Eyrarbakka; Reykjavik. 1- 

HELDENLIED des weltkrieges; ein werk von 
frontsoldaten. Hamburg. 1,1936+ 

HELDER, Netherlands 
Zoologische station. See under Nederlandsche 
dierkundige vereeniging, Leyden 
HELEN S. Trounstine foundation, Cincinnati, 
Studies, vl nol-8,1918-F 1923H 

no8 issued by U.S. Dept. of education 



HELFENBERGER annalen. Berlin. 1-18,1886- 

11-12,1896-97 as s2 vl-2 

HEIMILISBLAOIO. Reykjavik, vl-3 nol,1894-96|l HELFER. Dresden. 1-28,1889-1916(1? 

HEIMILISVINURINN. Gimli, Man. nol-6,1910H 
HEIMILISVINURINN. Reykjavik. 1-3,1904-0611 

HE1M1N, San Francisco; N.Y. nol,1916+? 
In English and Japanese 

H El MIR. Reykjavik. 1-3,1923-2511 

H El MIR. Winnipeg, Man. 1-9,1904-1411 

Staatliche biologische anstalt 
— Vogelwarte. See Abhandlungen aus dem ge- 
biete der vogelzugsforschung ; Wissenschaft- 
liche meeresuntersuchungen 
HELGOLANDER wissenschaftliche meeresun- 
tersuchungen. 1,1937+ 

HELICES. Santiago. 1,1934+ 

HELICON. Amsterdam. 1,S 1938+ 

HEIMKEHR. (Flirsorgeverein fur deutsche 
riickwanderer) Berlin. 1-5, Mr 1916-D 192011 ? 

HELICON; revue internationale des problemes 
generaux de la litterature. Debrecen. 1, 

HEINE-kalender. Berlin; etc. 

HEINKEL werkzeitung. Rostock-Berlin. l,Ja 

HEITELAN. (Selskip Fryslan, Amsterdam; Sel- 
skip for fryske tael- en skriftenkennisse) 
Snits. 1,1919+ 
Subtitle varies 

HELIKON; maandschrift voor poezie. Maas- 
tricht; etc. l,Ja 1931+ 
Subtitle varies 

HELIOS. Buenos Aires, vl nol-5,Jl-N 19181! 

HELIOS. Madrid. 1,1903]|? 

HEITERE Fridolin; halbmonatsschrift fur sport, HELIOS. Philadelphia. l.N/D 1935+ 
spiel, spass und abenteuer. Berlin. 1-5,1922- 


HEL, Poland 
Stacja morska 
— Biuletyn. 1,1937+ 

-Prace. 1932/33+ 

HELADOS, refrescos y dulces. N.Y. vl nol.My 

Supersedes Helados y sorbetes 

HELIOS. (Photographische gesellschaft zu 
Dresden) Dresden. 1-4,1870-7311 

HELIOS. Abhandlungen und mitteilungen aus 
dem gesamtgebiete der naturwissenschaf- 
ten. (Naturwissenschaftlicher verein des 
regierungsbezirkes Frankfurt a. Oder) Ber- 
lin; Frankfurt a. Oder. 1,1883+ 

1883-90 as Monatliche mittheilungen des 
Naturwissenschaftlichen vereins . . . Sus- 
pended 1917-25 
Index: 1-10 in 10; 11-20 in 20 



HELIOS. Fach- und export-zeitschrift 
elektrotechnik. Leipzig. 1,1895+ 


Supplement. See Radio-technik und -export 
HeLIOS illustre. Revue Internationale de 
photographic pratique. Brussels. 

HELLeNIKe laographike hetaireia. See Lao- 

HELLeNIKe mathematike hetaireia, Athens 
Deltion. l,My 1919+ 

French title: Soci6t6 mathSmatique de 
Grece. Bulletin 

HELLAS. (Deutsch-griechische gesellschaft, 
Hamburg) Hamburg. 1-8, Mr 25 1921-D 1928[| 
Title also in Greek. Text in German and 
Greek. Superseded by Hellas-jahrbuch 

HELLeNIKON emporikon epimeleterion, Alex- 
andria, Egypt 
Meniaion deltion. 

HELLAS. (Soci£t6 philhellenique d" Amsterdam) 
Leyden. 1-6,1889-9711 

HELLeNIKOS philologikos syllogos, Constan- 
Syngramma periodikon. 1-33,1863-1911|| ? 

HELLAS-jahrbuch. (Deutsch-griechische gesell- 
schaft) Hamburg. 1929 + 
Supersedes Hellas 

HELLENIC herald; a monthly political & lit- 
erary review. London. 1-6 (nol-56),N 1 1906- 
"ly 1912|| -, 




HELLENIC mercury, an international magazine 
of art & culture. (American society of Greek 
arts & letters) N.Y. 1,D 1928+ 


HELLENISTISCHE kunst in Pompeji. Berlin; 

HELLER-magazin; eine zeitschrift zur verbrei- 
tung gemeinnutziger kenntnisse, besorgf 
von einer gesellschaft gelehrter. Leipzig. 1- 

10,1833-42; nsvl-3,1843-45|| 

HELLENIC renaissance. Chicago. nol-2,My-Je 


HELLWEG; wochenschrift fur deutsche kunst. 

Essen. 1,J1 1921+ 
Subtitle varies 

HELLENIC society, New York 
Publications. 1-10,1918-2011? 

HELLENIC travellers' club 

Proceedings. Uxbridge, England. 

mb l0m " 3o7<un:> 

HELLENIKA. Archiv archaologischer, philo- 
logischer, historischer und epigraphischer 
abhandlungen und aufsatze. Halle, vl nol-2, 


HELLENIKA: historikon periodikon demosieu- 
ma. Athens. 1,1928 + 

HELMINTHOLOGICAL abstracts. St. Albans, 
England. l,Ap 1932 + 

Supplement to Journal of helminthology 

HELMINTHOLOGICAL society of Washington 
Proceedings. l,Mr 1934+ 

Khedivial meteorological observatory. See 
under Cairo 
HELP to power. Philadelphia. 1,F 1862||? 

HELLENIKA phylla; anexartetos politike kai 
philologike ephemeris. Athens. 1,1918 + 

HELPER. N.Y. l-8,Ag 1905-Je 1913||? 

Teachers" ed. of Sunday companion 

HELLeNIKe archaiologike hetairia, Athens. 

See Archaiologike hetairia en Athenais 
HELLeNIKe geographike hetaireia, Athens 
Deltion. Athens. 

HELLeNIKe georgia. (Gennadius) Athens. 

In Greek 

HELPER. (American New-church tract and 
publication society) Philadelphia. 1,1888+ 

MB | 

HELPFUL hints. Chicago. nsvl,1909 + 

1-13,1909-21 as Helpful hints for the busy 
doctor; 1921-22 Helpful hints for the gen- 
eral practitioner and specialist 

HELLeNIKe georgike hetaireia 
Georgikon deltion. 1,1909+ 

1-6,1909-14 pub. by Basilike HellSnikS 
georgike hetaireia; 7-16,1915-17 pub. by 
Basilike georgike hetaireia 

— Bibliotheke tou geSrgou. 1,1916-f- 

HELPFUL hints for the veterinarian. Chicago. 

HELPFUL thoughts. See Jewish home 
HELPING hand. Baltimore. 1-12,0 1914-Mr 


1-7, 2- 1 / 'OF SERIALS 

HELPING hand. Boston. 1-72.N 1842-D 1914|| 
' 1-24 as' Macedonia n; 25-30,1867-72 Mace- 

donian ancT record; v31-35 nol,1873-Ja 
1877 Macedonian and helping; hand. 44-72 
also as 14-43. Merged into Missions pi 

HELPING hand. Indianapolis, Ind. See Organ- 
ized philanthropy 

HELPING hand; a monthly journal. (Church 
charity foundation of Long Island) Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 

-Institutum geographicum 
Publicationes. 1,1927 + ? 

-Meteorologisches institut 
Mitteilungen. 1,1926 + 


— Mineralogical and geological institution 

Contributions. nol,1924 + 

Reprinted from Pennia and other serials 

HELPING hand; a monthly magazine. 
Francisco. 1-3,0 1899-1901M? 


— Patologiska institutet 

Arbeiten. 1-3,1905-11; nsvl,1913 + 

Reprinted from Acta societatis medicorum 


HELPING hand; a monthly magazine for those 
in need of mental, physical, moral or eco- 
nomic aid, to whom it extends help in the 
solution of their personal problems. Chicago. 

HELSINGLANDS fornminnessallskap, Hudiks- 
Arsskrift. 1,1901+ 

HELPING hand in Bible school work. Plain- 
field, N.J. 1,1885?+ 

HELPING hand series. See under National 
Armenia and India relief association 

HELPS by the way; a monthly magazine. To- 
ronto. 1873-74||? 

HELPS for students of history. London, nol-51, 


£> MB f/\ fa 


Gynaekologische klinik des Prof. 

—Mitteilungen. vl-12 no2,1897-1919|| 

Metsatieteel linen tutkimuslaitos 

1919-28 as Metsatieteellinen koelaitos 
—Julkaisuja, 1,1919 + 

Text in Finnish. Title also in Swedish 
as Forstvetenskapliga forsoksanstalten. 
Meddelanden; Latin as Communicationes 
ex Instituto quaestionum forestalium Fin- 
landiae editae 

Observatoire magnStique et meteorologique 
—Observations. 1-5,1850-73|1? 

HELSOVANNEN. See Halsoviinnen 

HELVETIA. Denkwiirdigkeiten fur die XXII 
freistaaten der schweizerischen eidgenos- 
senschaft. Aarau; etc. 1-8,1823-33(1 

HELVETICA biologica acta. See Freie vereini- 

gung schweizerischer physiologen. Verhand- 

HELVETICA chimica acta. (Schweizerische 

chemische gesellschaft) Basel; Geneva. 1, 

1918 + 

Index: 1-15,1918-32 

Dr. Otto HELVETICA medica acta. Basel. l.Je 1934+ 

HELVETICA physica acta. (Schweizerische 
physikalische gesellschaft) Basel. l,Ja 31 

French, German or Italian text 

HELVETISCHE gesellschaft correspondirender 
aerzte und wundaerzte. See Museum der 
HELVETISCHE monatschrift. Winterthur. 1-2 
(nol-8), 1799-1801H 
Supersedes Allgemeines Helvetisches 
magazin zur beforderung der inlandischen 

Suomen museo 
— Referate. 

Suomen teknillinen korkeakoulu 
— Vuosikertomus. 

HELWAN observatory. See ■under Cairo 
HEM och hembygd; organ for hembygdsforsk- 
ningen i Finland. Helsingfors. 
1910-18 as Hembygden; tidskrift for 
svensk folkkunskap och hembygdsforsk-- 
ning i Finland (Subtitle varies slightly) 

— Astronomiska observatoriet. See under Abo, 

Finland. Suomalainen yliopisto 
— Bibliotek 

Skrifter. 1,1918+ 

Finnish title: Helsingin yliopiston kir- 
' jaston julkaisuja 

— Geburtshilflich- gynaekologische klinik 
Annales. 1-2,1925-26||? 


HEM AT. Tidning for Lutherska kristna. 
Stockholm. 1-2,1877-7811? 

HEMBYGDEN. (Dalslands hembygdsforbund) 

To 1919 as the society's Arsskrift. . . 

HEMBYGDEN; tidskrift for svensk folkkunskap 
och hembygdsforskning i F'^land. See Hem 
och hembygd 



HEM EL en dampkring. (Nederlandsche veree- 
niging voor weer- en sterrenkunde) Gro- 
ningen; Amsterdam. 1,1903+ 
Suspended Ja-Ap 1904 

H£MISPH£RE, journal francais; contenant des 
varieties litteraires et politiques, dedie 
aux Americains amateurs de la langue 
francaise. Philadelphia. 1-2 (nol-32),0 7 


HEMLANDET. Galesburg; Chicago. 1-59,1855- 

HEMLOCK arboretum at "Far country," Ger- 
mantown, Pa. 
Bulletin. 1,J1 1 1932+ 

H EMMET och samhallet. Helsingfors. 1891-94|| 

HENRY Bradshaw society, London 
(Publications). 1,1890+ 

MB \\ 


HENRY De Marsan's new comic and sentimen- 
tal singer's journal. N.Y. nol-64,1868-82|| 

HENRY E. Huntington library and art gallery, 
San Marino, Cal. 
Annual report. 1,1927/28+ 


Publications. Americana: 
Marino. 1.1924+? 

folio series. San 


See also Huntington library bulletin; Hunt- 
ington library quarterly 
HENRY George standard. Los Angeles; San 
Francisco, vl-6 no2,S 23 1916-F 1924||? 
vl-4 no45,1916-My 1921 as Great adven- 

H EMMETS van; tidskrift fSr svenska hem. 
Chicago, vl-5 nol,1903-Ja 190511 ? 

HEMVANNEN, illustrerad tidning for de 
swenska hemmen. Stockholm. 1-13,1875-D 

1887; (ns)vl-2, 1888-89H? 

HENRY Phipps institute, Philadelphia. See 

under Pennsylvania. University 
HENRY Shaw school of botany. See under 

Washington university, St. Louis 
HENRY Street nurse. N.Y. 1-5,D 1920-O 1924H? 

HENDAYE, France 
Observatoire d'Abbadia 
— Observations faites au cercle meridien. 1, 


Title varies slightly. Suspended 1913-19. 
At head of title: Institut de France. 
Academie des sciences. Observatoire 

HENDRY-Connell research foundation, King- 
ston, Ontario 
Bulletin. 1,1936+ 

HENEQIMN. Merida, Yucatan. l-4,Ja 1 1916-S 
25 1919H 

HENKE'S zeitsehrift. See Adolph Henke's 

zeitschrift ftir die staatsarzneikunde 
HENNEBERGISCH-Fraenkischer geschichtsver- 
Jahrbuch. Meiningen. 1,1937+ 

Supersedes Verein fur sachsen-meinin- 
gische geschichte. Schriften 

HENRY Street settlement journal. See Settle- 
ment journal 

HENRY Street visiting nurse service 
Quarterly. N.Y. l,Mr 1930+ 

HENRY'S Winchester journal; or, Weekly re- 
view. Reading. 

HEPZIBAH faith missionary association. See 
Good tidings sent of God; John three six- 
teen; Sent of God 
HERACLITUS ridens. A discourse between Jest 
and Earnest concerning the times. London. 
Not to be confused with another publica- 
tion with similar name published in 82 
nos in 1681-82 

HERACLITUS ridens: or, A dialogue between 
Jest and Earnest, concerning the times. 

London. nol-82,F 1 1681-Ag 22 1682|| 

HENNEBERGISCHER altertumsforschender 

verein, Meiningen 
Archiv. 1-5,1834-4511 

Also bears title: Beitraege zur geschichte 
des deutschen alterthums 

HERALD. Chicago. 1871-76. See Argus; an in- 
surance journal 
HERALD. London. 1,1835-36||? 

See also Neue beitrage zur geschichte deut- 
schen altherthums 
HENNEPIN lawyer. Minneapolis, Minn. 1,F 
1933 + 

HENRY Bergh foundation for the promotion 
of humane education. See Bulletin of so- 
cial legislation 

HENRY Bergh humane society, New York. See 
Humane society of New York 


insurance journal 
HERALD. Devoted 
amended spelling 
105), 1885-191311? 
nol-19 as Fonetic herald 

. monthly journal devoted to in- 
interests. Chicago. See Argus; an 

to pronunciation and 
Toronto, Can. 1-2 (nol- 

Suspended 1890- 

HERALD; or, Patriot proclaimer. 

1-2 (nol-30),S 17 1757-Ap 6 175811 




HERALD, the ABM magazine for Heralds of 
the king. Sydney. 1,1911+ 
1-4 as Heralds of the King 


genealogist. London. 1-8, S 


1862-Je 18741 

MB f]fy ft 

HERALD and presbyter. Cincinnati, vl-96 no23, 
1839-Je 1925H 

1839-68 as Christian herald. Merged into 

HERALD exchange; a monthly devoted to the 
interest of stamp collectors. N.Y. 1-7,1896- 


HERALD of health. N.Y. 1863-92. See Health 

HERALD of health and naturopath. See Naturo- 

HERALD of holiness. Kansas City, Mo. l,Ap 17 

A/bV (ML, 

HERALD of life. N.Y. ; New Haven, Conn. 1- 

HERALD of life and immortality. Boston. 1, 


MB lM ^ rit9 

HERALD of light. Indianapolis, Ind. 1-16, 

HERALD of Asia. Harbin. See Viestnik Azi'i 
HERALD of Asia. Tokyo. l,Mr 25 1916+ 
Suspended D 1923-S 1937 

HERALD of light. N.Y. 1-12,1885?-1906|| 

1-7 as New York rescue and mission 

— Library of contemporary history. Tokyo. 
nol,0 1931+ 3e>l<tV'W 



HERALD of Christian science. Boston. 1,1918+ 
French and English on opposite pages. 
French title: He>aut de Christian science 



— Dutch edition. See Heraut van de Chris- 

telijke wetenschap 
— German edition. See Herold der christlichen 

— Scandinavian edition. Dansk - Norsk - 

Svensk. Boston. 1,1930+ 

HERALD of light; a monthly journal of the 

Lord's New church. N.Y. vl-6 no4,My 1857- /rf\, y y „ 
Ag 1861H - • 

Subtitle varies /7? ( 


HERALD of literature and science. (Detroit 
debating society) Detroit, Mich, vl nol-5, 
My 14-S 1831|| 

HERALD of mission news. N.Y. 1-11,1887-971 
Superseded by Olive trees 

HERALD of co-operation and organ of the 
Redemption society. Douglas, Isle of Man. 
nol-19,Ja 1847-J1 1848|| 
/ 1-3 as supplement to Truth-seeker 

HERALD of dentistry. N.Y. vl nol.Jl 18701 

HERALD of osteopathic health. See Journal of 

HERALD of peace. See Peace digest (Demoore, 

HERALD of peace, a semi-monthly, devoted 

to the cause of peace, and the interests of 

the Society of Friends of Chicago. Chicago. 

l-4,Ja 31 1868-Ag 15 186911 



HERALD of dentistry. N.Y. vl-4 nol.My 1881-0 


HERALD of gospel liberty. Portsmouth, N.H. ; 
etc. 1-122,S 1 1808-F 27 1930|| 
2 omitted in numbering. United with Con- 
gregationalist to form Congregationalist 
and Herald of gospel liberty 

i' / --/ 


HERALD of gospel truth, and watchman of 
liberty. Montrose, Pa. 1,1832-33||? 

HERALD of health. 

1878-Ap 1880|| 

Bloomington, 111. 1-2, My 

HERALD of health. London; Glasgow. 1-2, Jl 
1875-Je 1877; (ns)nol-74,Ja 1878-F 1884(1 
nsnol-12,1878 as Penny herald of health. 
Suspended Jl-D 1877 during which time 
Living age was published 

HERALD of health. N.Y. vl nol-ll,My 1842-Mr 

HERALD of peace and international arbitra- 
tion. (Peace society) London. 1-3,1819- 
21; nsvl-10,1822-35; (s3) vl-2,1836-37; (s4) 
vl-6,1838-49; s5 vl,1850+ 

Suspended Ja-Je 1836? L I t 

MB <*&'&£'. 

■ <f ' f 

1 7|rS ^-rpo.L/o 

Supplement. See Olive leaf (London) / 
HERALD of progress. (Rational society) Lon- 
don. nol-16,0 25 1845-My 23 184611 
Superseded by Reasoner: and secular 

HERALD of progress; a weekly journal devoted 
to the philosophy and teachings of spiritual- 
ism. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 1-2,J1 16 1880-8111? 
vl nol-8 as Herald of progress, with 
which is incorporated the Spiritual pioneer 


HERALD of progress, devoted to the discovery 
and application of truth. N.Y. 1-4,1860-6411? 



HERALD of reason and commonsense, and 
advocate of equal rights and free discussion. 

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. vl nol-12,1835||? 



HERALD of salvation. Philadelphia. 1 (ns 
nol-24),Ap 15 1826-Ap 2 182711 

HERALD of salvation. Watertown, N.Y. 

HERALD of the churches; or, Monthly record 
of ecclesiastical and missionary intelligence. 
Edinburgh. nol-10,Mr-D 184611? 

HERALD of truth; devoted to liberal Christian- 
ity, science, literature and miscellaneous in- 
telligence. Philadelphia, vl nol-52,Ja 1-D 24 

HERALD of truth; devoted to the publication 
of sermons by the clergy of all the Evangel- 
ical denominations. N.Y. vl-3 no8,1859-Mr 

HERALD of the cross. London. nsvl,1905 + 
Suspended 1912-33 

HERALD of the future, and miscellany of sci- 
ence & literature. Manchester, nol-6,0 1839- 

Mr 1840H? 

HERALD of the golden age. Exeter. 1-20, Ja 25 
1896-0 1918||? 

HERALD of the Kingdom. See Leaves of heal- 

HERALD of the New Jerusalem: A weekly 
publication devoted to the dissemination of 
the New Church doctrines. Philadelphia. 
nol-40,1854-Ja 25 185511? 

HERALDIC journal; recording the armorial 
bearings and genealogies of American 
families. Boston. 1-4,1865-68|| 

HERALDICA; revue d'histoire nobiliaire et de 
documentation. Paris. 1-3 no2,Jl 
Index: Jl 1911-J1 1912 

HERALDIEKE bibliotheek. The 

1-5,1872-76; nsvl-5,1878-83|l 
Subtitle varies 


Hague; etc. 




HERALDISCH-genealogische blatter 
lige und burgerliche geschlechter. 

l-7,Ap 1904-10H 

Merged into Archiv fur stamm- 
penkunde, later Roland. Archiv fur 
stamm- und wappenkunde 

fur ade- 


und wap- 

HERALD of the new moral 
lennial harbinger. N.Y. vl 

Ag 1842||? 

HERALD of the star. London. 
Superseded by Star 

world, and mil- 
•2 no8,Ja 9 1841- 

1-16,1912-D 1927|| 

K.K. HERALDISCH-genealogische gesellschaft, 
Jahrbuch. Vienna. 1-17,1874-91; nsvl-24,1891- 

1-9,1874-82 as Heraldisch-genealogische 
zeitschrift. 10 Heraldische gesellschaft 

HERALD of the Trades advocate and coopera- 
tive journal. Glasgow. 1-36, S 25 1830-My 
28 183111? 

HERALD of the truth, a missionary periodical 
devoted to the religion of the Bible. Buffalo, 

N.Y. 1-5,1862-6611? 

Monatsblatt. nol,1881 + 

HERALDISCH-genealogische zeitschrift. (K.K. 
Heraldische gesellschaft,' "Adler") Vienna. 


Superseded by the society's Jahrbuch 

HERALD of the Union. N.Y. 1,D 1 1851||? 

HERALDO. Bogota, Colombia. 1-6, Jl 4 1889-D 
23 1894H? 

HERALD of truth. Elkhart, Ind. vl-45 nol5, 
Issued also in German under title: Herold 
der wahrheit. Merged into Gospel herald 
(Scottdale, Pa.) 

HERALDO. Guatemala. 1-2.N 1909-Ag 1910| 

HERALDO. Toluca. 1,1875||? 

HERALD of truth. Geneva; 
l-4,Ap 27 1834-D 29 1837|| 
Merged into Evangelical 
gospel advocate 

Rochester N.Y. HERALDO agricola. Mexico. 1-14,1901-1311 

magazine and 

HERALDO camionero. (Alianza de camioneros 
de Mexico) Mexico. 1,1927+ 

HERALD of truth, a monthly periodical, de- 
voted to the interests of religion, philosophy, 
literature, science and art. Cincinnati, vl-4 
nol.Ja 1847-J1 184811 

HERALDO comercial. Bogota, 
nol-3,N 10-D 24 1931 II ? 

Colombia, vl 

HERALD of truth; a periodical work ... the HERALDO de 
design of which is to illustrate and confirm pino 

the heavenly truths of the New Jerusalem. HERALDO de 
Cincinnati, vl nol-26,Mr 17 1825-My 18 1826|| 1901)1? 

la revolucion. See Heraldo fili- 
Paris. Paris. 1-2,0 20 1900-D 




HERALDO evanjelico. Santiago de Chile. 1-41, 


HERB doctor and natural surgeon. 

England. 1- ,1905- || 


HERALDO evanjelico. Valparaiso. 1-32, -1903| 

HERB journal. New Rochelle, N.Y. 1,1936+ 

HERALDO farmaceutico. Tegucigalpa, Hon- 
duras. 1,1929 + 

HERB o' grace. Fairseat; etc. nol-18,Ja 1901- 
Je 1902|| 

HERALDO farmaceutico. (Federaci6n farma- 
ceutica de la trocha) Avila, Cuba. 1-2,1923- 
Ja 1929||? 

HERALDO filipino. Revista bi-semanal bilingue. 
Barasoain, P.I. 1-2.S 29 1898-Mr 23 189911? 
1-2,1898-Ja 22 1899 as Heraldo de la 

HERB society of America. See Herbarist 

HERBAGE abstracts. See under Imperial bu- 
reau of pastures and forage crops, Abery- 
stwyth, Wales 

HERBAGE reviews. See under Imperial bureau 
of pastures and forage crops, Aberystwyth, 

HERBARIST. (Herb society of America) Bos- 
ton. 1,1935 + 

HERALDO ilustrado: la revista de todas las 
clases sociales. Mexico. 

HERBARIUM. Leipzig. 1,1908 + 

HERALDO industrial. Caracas. 

HERBARIUM Corn, Osten, Montevideo 
Communicaciones. nol.Ap 1925+ 

HERALDO medico. 


Madrid. 1-2.N 4 1852-D 

HERALDRY of Canterbury cathedral. (Friends 
of Canterbury cathedral) l,Ja 1939 + 

HERBART society for the scientific study of 
teaching. See National society for the study 
of education 

HERBERGEN zur heimat. See under Deutscher 

HERBERTIA. (American amaryllis society) Or- 
lando, Fla. 1,1934+ 

1-2 as the society's Year book' 

HERALDS of the King. See Herald, the ABM 

magazine for Heralds of the King 
HERAPATH'S railway journal. London, nol-10. 
My 1835-F 1836; nsvl-6,Mr 1836-Ag 1839; 
quarto s (s3) vl-65,Ag 17 1839-D 190311 

nol-8, 1835-F 1836 as Railway magazine; 
nsvl-5,Mr 1836-F 1839 Railway magazine 
and annals of science; nsv6.Mr-Ag 1839 
Railway magazine and steam navigation 
journal; quarto s vl-2,Ag 17 1839-D 26 
1840 Railway magazine and commercial 
journal; quarto s v3-4,Ja 2 1841-D 31 1842 
Herapath's railway magazine, commercial 
journal and scientific review; 1843-45 
Herapath's railway and commercial jour- 
nal. Merged into Railway times 


30 178911 

la nation. Paris. nol-63,Ja 1-Je 

HERAULT historique; revue Mlustr6e. (Albert 
Fabre) Paris. l-9,Ja-S 1877H? 

HERAUT. Amsterdam. 1-8,1850-5711? 

HERBIER Boissier. See under Chamb^sy, Swit- 
zerland (Geneva) 

HERBORISTE. Journal des interets profession- 
nels et scientiflques des herboristes. Paris. 
1- ,1876-77||? 

HERCULANENSIUM voluminum quae super- 
sunt. (R.Accademia ercolanese di archeo- 
logia) Naples. 1-11,1793-1855|| 
7 not published 


-Dissertation is isagogicae ad Herculanensium 
voluminum explanationem. Naples. 1,1797|] 

MB , 

VttoOi t 



mixer. Wilmington, Del. l,Mr 

HERCYNISCHES archiv, oder Beitrage zur 
kunde des Harzes und seiner nachbarlander. 
Halle, vl nol-4, 180511 

HERAUT d'armes; revue internationale d'his- 
toire et d'archeologie heraldique. Brussels. 
■ 1-3,1868/69-70/7311? ^ , /j 

<^V MB 


HERAUT de Christian science. Boston. 1,1918+ 
In French and English. Title varies 




HERAUT van de Christelijke wetenschap. 
Dutch edition of Herald of Christian science. 
Boston. 1,1931+ 

Dutch and English on opposite pages 

HERDER-gesellschaft und Herder-institut zu 
Abhandlungen. 1,1925 + 

1-2,1925-27 as Abhandlungen des Herder- 
instituts zu Riga 

See also Riga. Herder-institut 
HERDFLAMME; sammlung der gesellschafts- 
wissenschaftlichen grundwerke aller zeiten 
und volker. Jena. 1,1922+ 
9 not yet published 

— Erganzungsbande. 1,1924+ 



HERE and now; a journal of life and labor. 

Rochester, N.Y. vl nol-9,S 1901-My 19021!? 

HEREDITAS; genetiskt arkiv. (Mendelska sall- 
skapet) Lund. l.My 31 1920+ 

HERMES; zeitschrift fur klassische philologie. 

Berlin. l,Mr 1866+ 
Index: 1-25 



f>Al H j ' 

-Einzelschriften. Berlin. 1.1936+ 

HERENY, Hungary 
Astrophysikalisches observatorium 
— Meteorologische beobachtungen. Budapest 

HERMES, echo du monde savant. See Echo du 

monde savant 
HERMeS ho logios, e Filologiai angeliai. 


— Publikationen. 1,1884=11 

Continued in Astronomische nachrichten 

HERE'S how it's welded. See Industry and 

HERETIC. Leamington; London. l-2(nol-19), 

P 1886-Ap 189411 W'Zn) \~~2 

HERMES, oder Kritisches jahrbuch der litera- 
tur. Leipzig. 1-35,1819-31|| 

1-4 include Anhang. Auslandische litera- 

HERMES; ou, Archives maconniques. 1-2,5818- 
19 [1818-19]1|? 

HERETIC detector; a monthly publication, de- 
voted to primitive Christianity and to the 
destruction of sectarianism. Middleburg, 
Ohio. 1-4, -D 1840||? 

HERMES straticus; or, A scourge for Elencticus 
and the royall pamphleteers. . . London. 
nol.Ag 17 1648H? 

HERING; quarterly devoted to Hahnemannian 
homoeopathy. Batavia, 111. vl-2 no2,S 1908- 
Ag 1909H 

HERMETIC manuscript. Chicago, nol-7,1887- 

HERIOT'S magazine. See Floral wreath and 

ladies' monthly magazine 
HERKIMER County historical society 
Papers. Herkimer; Ilion, N.Y. 1,1896+ 

MB tf+i V%bU~ 

HERKIMER freeman. Herkimer, N.Y. nol-52, 
Je 28 1844- Je 20 1845||? 

HERMAEA. (Halle. Universitat. Germanisches 
seminar) 1,1905+ 

HERMANO del perico que cantaba la victoria. 

Periodico politico moral. Mexico. 1,1823 [1? 

HERM ATHENA. A series of papers on litera- 
ture, science, and philosophy by members 
of Trinity college, Dublin. Dublin. 1,1873 + 


— Supplemental volume. 1,1927+ 


- "L- 

HERMENEVS; maandblad voor de antieke cul- 
tuur. Zwolle. 1,S 1928+ 

HERMETISCHES journal zur endlichen beruhi- 
gung der zweifler und sucher, von der her- 
metischen gesellschaft. Hamburg. 1,1802|| 

HERMETISCHES museum. Reval; Leipzig. 1-3, 


HERMETIST. (Hermetic brotherhood) Chi- 
cago. 1-7,1888-N 189911? 

HERMINE. Rennes. 1,1889+ 

HERMIT; or, a view of the world. London. 
nol-30,Ag 4 1711-F 23 1712|| 
Subtitle varies 

HERMITANO. Santiago de Chile. nol-3,Jl 13-D 

10 1839H 

HERMOD. (Nordisk oldskrift selskab) Copen- 
hagen. nol-8,Ja 1825-0 182611 

HERMES. Florence. 1-2,1904-06|| 

mb /i \ r? 


HERMES. (Naples. Museo commerciale 
coloniale) Naples. 1,1919+ 

HERMODER et norsk periodisk skrift. Chris- 
tiania. nol-9,1796-97||? 

HERMON. Lemberg. 1-2,1902-0311? 

HERMES. Journal du magnetisme animal. 
Paris. 1-4,1826-2911 

HERODOTUS. (Rochester museum of arts and 
sciences) Rochester, N.Y. 1,1935+ 

HERMES. Samling af afhandlingar. Stockholm. 

HEROLD. Fur wahrheit und recht. Detroit, 
Mich. 1-19,1884-1902||? 



HEROLD.' Verein ftir wappen-, siegel- und 
familienkunde, Berlin. See Vierteljahrs- 
schrift fUr wappen-, siegel- und familien- 
HEROLD der christlichen wissenschaft. Boston. 
l,Ap 1903+ 

German edition of Herald of Christian sci- 
ence. 1903-Mr 1905 as Christian science 
herold; -v29 no3,Mr 1931 Herold der 
Christian science 

HEROLD der wahrheit. Brookfleld, 111.; Battle 
Creek, Mich.; etc. See Christlicher haus- 

HEROLD der wahrheit. Elkhart, Ind. 1- , 

1864- || 
German ed. of Herald of truth 

HERTHA. Zeitschrift ftir naturwissenschaft 
und volkerkunde. Frankfurt a.M. nol-2. 


HERTS genealogist and antiquary. Harpen- 
den, England. l-3(nol-22),Jl 1893-J1 1898|| 

HERTS philatelic society 
Monthly report. London. 

1-7,0 1907-My 

Ha-HERUT. Jerusalem, vl nol-47,1909||? 

HEROLD des glaubens. 

St. Louis, Mo. 1-59, 

HEROLDO de esperanto. Horrem b.Koln. 1,J1 5 
1-5,1920-24 as Esperanto triumfonta 

HERVAS laboratories of American linguistics, 
St. Louis 
Bulletin. nol-6,1914-Mr 1918|| 


I, 1-t> 

V 36 

HERZOGS elektrotechnisches jahrbuch. 
gart; Berlin. 1,1909|| 



HERON. (Woodmere academy bird club) Wood- 
mere, N.Y. 1,1930+ 

HER6PIO. Reykjavik. 1,0 1895+ 

HERZOGTHOMER Bremen und Verden, oder, 
Vermischte abhandlungen zur erlauterung 
der politischen-, kirchen-, gelehrten- und 
naturgeschichte, wie auch der geographie 
dieser beiden herzogthumer. Bremen. 1-6, 

HERPETOLOGICA, a Journal devoted to the 
study of reptiles and amphibians. Chicago. 
1,J1 11 1936+ 

HESDOERFFERS monatshefte fur blumen- 

und gartenfreunde. See Gartenwelt 
HESPERIA. London. nol.Ja 7 1916+ 
In Greek 

HERRIG'S Archiv. . . See Archiv fur das stu- 
dium der neueren sprachen 

HERSCHELL'S coming events. See Coming 

HERSHEY school of musical art, Chicago. See 

Musical bulletin 
HERTFORDSHIRE folklore. Bishops' Stort- 

ford; Hertford, England. nol-19,1905-15||? 

HESPERIA. (American school of classical stud- 
ies at Athens) Cambridge, Mass. 1,1932+ 

— Supplement. nol,1937+ 

HERTFORDSHIRE institute of agriculture, 
Oaklands, St. Albans 
Bulletin. nol,1923+ 

At head of title: Hertfordshire county 
council — Agricultural committee 

HERTFORDSHIRE natural history society and 
field club, Watford 
Transactions. London; Hertford. 1,0 1879+ 
Supersedes Watford natural history so- 
ciety and Hertfordshire field club, Trans- 

Index: 1875-1914 in vl5, includes index to 
Watford natural history society. Transac- 

HERTHA. Copenhagen. 1,1789|| 

Supersedes Museum for sundheds og 
kundskabs elskere. Superseded by Sund- 

HERTHA. Stuttgart. See Annalen der erd-, 

volker- und staatenkunde 
HERTHA. Tidskrift for den svenska kvin- 

nororelsen. (Fredrika-Bremer forbundet) 

Stockholm. 1,1914+ 
Supersedes Dagny 

HESPERIA; revista teos6fica y poligrafica. 

Madrid. 1,N 1921+ 

HESPERIA; schriften zur germanischien philo- 
logie. Gottingen; Baltimore, Md. 1,1912+ 

Mb H~ 

i u^tfy ^ 

— Supplement: Schriften zur englischen philo- 
logie. 1,1913+ 

te /-?, A 

HESPERIAN. San Francisco. 1858-63. See 

Pacific monthly 


Francisco. 1,1930-Spring 

HESPERIAN; a monthly magazine dealing 
chiefly with the application of science to 
the human personality. South Pasadena, Cal. 
vl nol-5,Ja-My 19271] 

HESPERIAN; a monthly miscellany of gen- 
eral literature, original and select. Colum- 
bus; etc. l-3,My 1838-N 1839|| 
Subtitle varies 




HESPERIAN; a western quarterly illustrated 
magazine. St. Louis, Mo. l-8(nol-91),My 

1894-D 1916H 

HESSISCHE rechtsprechung. (Hessischer rich- ,\ 
terverein; Hessische anwaltskammer) 

Mainz. l.Ap 1 1900 + 
Index: 1-10,1900-Mr 1910 

HESPERIAN tree; a souvenir of the Ohio Val- 
ley. North Bend; Columbus. 1-2,1900-03||? 
Title varies slightly 
I MB f [ : ; f0(, \\f 

HESSISCHE urkunden. Aus dem Grossherzog- 
lich hessischen haus- und staats-archive. 
Darmstadt. 1-5,1846-7311? 

HESPERIDEN; ein magazin fur jugendliche 
unterhaltung. Gotha. 

HESPeRIS; archives berberes et bulletin de 
I'lnstitut des hautes-etudes marocaines. Pa- 
ris. 1,1921+ ' 

Supersedes the institute's Bulletin 

HESSISCHE vereinigung fur volkskunde. See 

Hessische blatter fur volkskunde; Hessi- 
sches flurnamenbuch; Volkskundliche litera- 
tur des jahres 1911; Volkskundliche zeit- 
schriftenschau fiir 1903-05 
HESSISCHER bauer. Cassel. 1-4,1891-94||? 

HESPEROS. Leipzig. 1-11 (nol-186),l£ 
In Greek 


HESSISCHER forstverein 
Verhandlungen. Hanau; Giessen. 1-14, 


HESPERUS, and western miscellany. 

burgh. l.P 16 1828-Ja 31 1829|| 


HESSISCHES flurnamenbuch. (Hessische verei- 
nigung fiir volkskunde) Giessen. 1,1912+ 

HESSENBUCH. Marburg. 1918-191 

HESSISCHES weinbaublatt. Darmstadt. 1,1925+ 
Supplement to Hessische landwirtschaft- 
liche zeitschrift 

HESSENKUNST; jahrbuch fur kunst und denk- 
malpflege in Hessen und im Rhein-Majn-ge- 
biet. Marburg a. d. Lahn. 1,1907+ 

HESTIA. Athens. 1-37,1876-9411? 

HESSENLAND; zeitschrift fiir hessische 
schichte und Mteratur. Cassel. 1,1887+ 

HeT. Budapest. 1-21, -1910||? 

H ESSEN -nassauischer 




HETAIREIA byzantinon spoudon, Athens 
Epeteris. 1,1924+ 

HESSISCHE beytrage zur gelehrsamkeit und 
kunst. Frankfurt a.M. l-2(nol-8),1784-87|| 

HETHISTISCHE texte in umschrift, mit iiber- 

setzung und erlauterungen. Leipzig. 1,1925+ 

(Mitteilungen, Vorderasiatisch-Aegypti- 

sche gesellschaft, v29 no3,etc). Supersedes 


HESSISCHE biographien. (Historische kommis- 
sion fiir das grossherzogtum Hessen) Darm- 
stadt. 1-2 (nol-7), 1912-24||? 

HETHITICA. Paris. 1,192211? 

HESSISCHE blatter fiir volkskunde. (Hessi- 
sche vereinigung fiir volkskunde) Leipzig; 
etc. 1,1902+ 

Supersedes Blaetter fur hessische volks- 
kunde. 1-5 include Volkskundliche zeit- 
Index: 6-10 in 10 

HETTINGER'S dental news. See Dental news 
(Kansas City, Mo.) 

HEUFIEBERBUND, Cologne. See Jahrbuch der 
allergischen krankheiten 

HEURE; journal de Port-au-Prince. Port-au- 
Prince, Haiti. 1,1933 + 

HESSISCHE landmann. Cassel. 1-4,1891-9411? 

HEURES; cahiers originaux. Paris. 1,1926+? 

HESSISCHE landwirtschaftliche zeitschrift. 

(Landwirtschaftskammer fiir das gross- 
herzogtum Hessen) Darmstadt. 1,6 20 1831+ 
1-68,1831-98 as Zeitschrift fur die land- 
wirthschaftlichen vereine des gross- 
herzogthums Hessen. Includes separately 
paged supplements 

HEURES de loisir, moniteur des jeux d'esprit 
et de combinaisons; veritable vade-mecum 
du solutionniste. Paris, vl nol-12,Mr 1880-F 

HEXAGRAMME. Paris. 1-3,1907-08|| 

Supplement. See Hessisches weinbaublatt 
HESSISCHE nachrichten. Frankfurt a.M. 1-11, 


HEYE foundation. See New York. Museum of 

the American Indian 
HI BAT ha-aretz. Jerusalem. 




HIBBERT journal; a quarterly review of reli- 
gion, theology and philosophy. London; 
Boston. l.O 1902+ 

Index: 1-10,1902-11 / /•. V j 

MB f+- 

HIBERNIA; a monthly magazine. London, vl 
nol-5,Ag-D 1885||? 
Subtitle varies 

HIGH school. Pittsburgh, vl nol-15,S 1935-My 

Supersedes High school teacher. Merged 
into Scholastic, later Scholastic and Maga- 
zine world 

HIGH school. (Oregon. University. School of 
education) Eugene, Ore. vl-9 no6,1923-Ap 

HIBERNIA, a monthly popular review. Dublin 

vl-2 no6,Ja 1882-J1 1883|| 

G MB ft & 

HIGH school commercial teachers' association 
of New Jersey. Elizabeth, N.J. 1,1931 + 

HIBERNIA magazine and Dublin monthly HIGH school English leaflet. Brooklyn, N.Y. 1, 
panorama. Dublin. 1-3,1810-11|| Ja 1906+ 

Caption title: English leaflet 

HIBERNIA rabbit. New Orleans, La. 1,1905+ 

HIGH school journal. Chicago. 1-10,1884-91||? 

HIBERNIAN. Boston. 1-19,1899-Ap 30 1918|| 

MB Lir-J - tfjy /''- i^- 1 

HIBERNIAN magazine. See Duffy's Hibernian 

HIBERNIAN magazine; or, Compendium of en- 
tertaining knowledge. Dublin. See Walker's 
hibernian magazine 

HIBERNO-Celtic society 
Transactions, vl ptl,1820|| 


HIGH school journal. (North Carolina. Univer- 
sity. School of education) Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Supersedes North Carolina high school 


HIGH school life. Chicago. 1,1900+ 

HIGH school quarterly. (Georgia high school as- 
sociation; Southern commission on ac- 
credited schools) Athens, Ga. l.O 1912+ 

HIDE and leather and shoes. Chicago. 1,D 29 


Title varies slightly 

HIDROLOGIAI kozlfiny. (Magyarhoni fSldtani 
tarsulat. Hidrologiai szakosztalyanak folyoi- 
rata) Budapest. 1,1921+ 

HIGH school service. See Junior Red Cross 

HIGH school teacher. Columbus, Ohio. 1- ,1925- 

Je 1935|| 

Superseded by High school 

HIGH school teachers' association of New York 
city, N.Y. 

-47, -O 1914 as Official bulletin 

HIDROTERAPiA. Avila, Spain. nol-3,1877||? 

HIEROPHANT: or, Monthly journal of sacred 
symbols and prophecy. N.Y. nol-12,Je 1842- 
My 1843|| 




Tokyo. l-15,1901-15|i 

hiniokibyogaku zasshi 

HIFUKA J<iyo. See Acta dermatologica 

HIGH -German doctor. London. l-2,Ap 30 1714- 

Each v consists of 50 nos $ 

6 MB $& 

HIGH points in the work of the high schools 
of New York city. N.Y. l.Ja 1919 + 
vl-13 no5,1919-My 1931 as Bulletin of high 

HIGH school teachers' association of the Dis- 
trict of Columbia 
Bulletin. Washington. 

HIGH school thespian. (National thespian dra- 
matic honor society for high schools) Cin- 
cinnati; etc. 

HIGH spots. (Adirondack mountain club) Al- 
bany, N.Y. 1,1921+ 

Je 1927 united with Associated outdoor 
clubs of America. Bulletin to form Moun- 
tain magazine, and published as a section 
of that magazine Jl 1927-J1- 1928. Resumed 
separate publication 1929? 

HIGH Wycombe natural history society 
Quarterly magazine. Wycombe, England, vl-2 


HIGH road. Nashville, Tenn. 1- , -193111 

United with Epworth era to form Ep- 
worth highroad 

HIGHER education. See under New York 

(state). University 
HIGHER education association, New York. See 

American college 



HIGHER education society, Budapest, See Felso 

oktatasiigyi egyesiilet, Budapest 
HIGHER law. Boston, vl-6 no2,D 1899-S 1902|| 
Merged into Country time and tide 

HIGHWAY contractor. (New York state road 
builders' association; Connecticut general 
contractors' association) Albany, N.Y. 1-8, 
Merged into Good roads 

HIGHER science of the motion of matter. A 

magazine devoted to science, truth, investi- 
gation & matters of general interest. Los 
Angeles, Cal. 1-ll.N 1901-11|| 

1901-F 1902 as Procession; a magazine of 
science and general interest; Mr 1902-D 
1907 Higher science. Suspended 1908-10 


HIGHER standards. A bulletin for executives. 
Chicago. nol-10,Mr 1920- Je 1921||? 

IIGHLAND agricultural society, Middlefleld, 

Transactions and premium lists. 


IGHLAND agricultural society, Springfield, 



GHLAND agricultural society, of Scotland, 

- as Highland society of Scotland 
Transactions. 1-14,1799-1843; nsvl-ll.Jl 1843- 
Mr 1865; s4 vl-20,1866-88; s5 vl,1889+ 

1-14,1799-1843 as Prize essays and trans- 
actions. 7-14,1829-43 also as nsvl-8 
lT , Index: 1799-1865; 1866-88; 1889-95; 1896- 
io 1902; 1903-09; 1910-16; 1917-23 

\-t { i~lH -SmY//3/ ]0 \ 

See also Journal of agriculture (Edinburgh) 
IIGHLAND Hereford bulletin. (Highland Here- 
ford breeders' association) Marfa, Tex. 1, 

HIGHLAND monthly. Inverness, vl-5 no51,Ap 
1889-Je 1893|| 

HIGHWAY engineer and contractor. Chicago. 
vl-20 no4,1919-Ap 1929; v34 no5-v42 nol.My 
1929-Ja 1933|| 

Ap 1929 absorbed Engineering world and 
s assumed its numbering 

HIGHWAY magazine. Chicago; etc. 

HIGHWAY maintenance. Los Angeles, vl-5 nol, 
Jl 1927- Ja 1931|| 
Merged into American county 

HIGHWAY research abstracts. See under Na- 
tional research council. Highway research 
HIGHWAY research board, Washington 
Proceedings. 1,1920+ . 

1-3 in National research council. Bulletins, 
no32 pt 1-2, 43. Title varies 
Index: 1-12,1920-32 in vl2 




HIGHWAY research news. See under National 
research council. Highway research board 

HIGHWAY safety. (Highway safety league) 

- as Public safety and the automobile 

HIGHWAY safety league, Boston 
Annual report. 1-5,1912-1611 

MB 1,3 iMl'/rf 


HIGHWAY topics. (Ohio good roads federation) 
Columbus. 1.J1 1923+ 


HIGHLAND society of Scotland. See Highland 
and agricultural society of Scotland 

HIGHLANDER. (Campbell association of Amer- 
ica) San Francisco, nol, 1930+ *.^/ C\*\ 

HIGHLANDS museum of natural history, High- 
lands, N.C. 
Publications. 1,1930+ 

HIGHLIGHTS and shadows. (Queensboro so- 
ciety of allied arts & crafts) Jamaica, N.Y. 
vl-3 no6,S 1935-Je 193711 

HIGHWAY. A monthly journal of education for 
the people. (Workers' educational associa- 
tion) London. 1,1908+ _ •/"GrN r- • 
Title varies 


HIGHWAY builder. (Associated Pennsylvania 
constructors, etc.) Harrisburg, Pa. 1,D 1 

1920-22? as Associated Pennsylvania high- 
way constructors. Bulletin 

HIGHWAY conference. 


See under Colorado. 

HIGHWAY transportation. (Motor truck asso- 
ciation of America) N.Y. 1-19,1911-Je 1930|| 
1911-Je 1918 as Motor truck club bulletin. 
7 omitted in numbering 

HIGHWAY traveler. Cleveland. 1,1929+ 

HIGHWAYS and bridges, incorporating 'Good 
roads.' London. l.Je 12 1934+ 
Supersedes Good roads; a magazine deal- 
ing with the latest and best methods of 

i (\ . I » ' 

HIGHWAYS and by 

/ays booklets. London. 
HIGHWAYS and motors. Dallas, Tex. vl-4 no7, 

1918-0 1922|| 
1-3 as Texas highway magazine 

HIGHWAYS green book. (American automobile 
association) Washington. 1-3,1920-22|| 
Supersedes Good roads year book 

MB ^ 

HIGIA. Madrid. 1-8, -Ja 1928|| 




HIGIENE. Hayana. vl-12 no36,1891-1907||? 

HILFSSCHULE. (Verband der 
Deutschlands) Halle. 1,1908 + 


HIGIENE. Semanario cientifico popular, 
drid. 1-7,1882-88||? 


HIGIENE escolar. Revista mensual suplemen- 
taria de "El Monitor de la educackm co- 
mun". (Cuerpo medico escolar.) Buenos 
Aires. 1,1906||? 

HILGARDIA; a Journal of agricultural science. 
(California. Agricultural experiment sta- 
tion) Berkeley, Cal. l,My 1925+ 



"79 9^^29 

HILL museum, Wormley, Surrey 

Bulletin; a magazine of lepidopterology. 1-4, 
O 1921-3211 

HIGIENE moderna. Revista cientifico-popular. 
Madrid, vl-7 no56, -1907)1? 

HILLEL bulletin. Champaign, 111. 1,1924+ 
3 repeated in numbering 

HIGIENE para todos. Barcelona. 1-9,1881-8911 ? 

HIGIENE popular. Madrid, vl nol-5,Mr-Jl 


Supplement. See Hillel magazine 
HILLEL magazine. Champaign, 111. 1,1925+ 
Supplement to Hillel bulletin 

HIJAS del Anahuac. Mexico. 1,1887-88||? 

HIJO de su madre. Lima. nol-12,F 10-My 12 

HIJO del Ahuizote. Mexico para los mexicanos! 
Mexico. 1-18, Ag 23 1885-1903; nsvl nol-24, 
My 23-D 31 1913||? 

HIJO del fandango. Mexico. l(nol-18), 190111? 

HIJO del montonero. Lima. nol-ll.O 24-D 4 

HILLEL post. See B'nai B'rith Hillel post 
HILLEL quarterly of the B'nai B'rith. (Wis- 
consin. University. Hillel foundation) Madi- 
son. vl-2 no3,Ap 1928-My 1929 1| 

HILLEL review. See B'nai B'rith Hillel review 
HILLS family genealogical and historical asso- 
Annual report. 1-14,1895-190811? 

Title varies V V"$ 3* ^0 

MB if^T « / U ?- 

HILL'S national builder. See National builder 
HILLSBORO-Queen Anne cooperative corpora- 
tion. See HQA news-letter 
HILLTOP, magazine of ideals. High Springs, 
Fla. l,Ag 1932+ 

HIJO mio. Buenos Aires. 1,1936+ 

HILLYER art gallery. See Smith college. Mu- 
seum of art 
HILLYER'S American railroad magazine. N.T. 

l-6,Mr 1859-6111? 


HILAL. A fortnightly scientific and literary 
Arabic review. Cairo. 1,1892+ 
Subtitle varies 

HILBERG'S illustrirte monatshefte. See II- 

lustrirte monatshefte ftir die gesammten 

interessen des judenthums 
HILDESHE1M, Germany 
j Pelizaeus-museum 
— Wissenschaftliche veroffentlichungen. Gltick- 

stadt. 1,1911+ 

Roemer museum 
^Mttt^rrungen. 1,1895+ 


9 W 


HILDESHEIMER land- und forstwirtschaft- 
liches vereinsblatt. Hildesheim. 1,1862+? 
1-24,1862-85 as Hannoversches land- und 
forstwirtschaftliches vereinsblatt 

HILO, Hawaiian islands. See Hawaiian vol- 
cano observatory 
HILS-Solling forstverein 
Verhandlungen. Brunswick; Berlin. 

HIMALAYAN Journal; records of the Hima- 
layan club. Calcutta; etc. l,Ap 1929+ 



HIMALAYAN research institute of Roerich mu- 
seum. See under New York. Roerich mu- 

HIMMEL und erde. (Gesellschaft Urania) 
Leipzig; Berlin. 1-27,0 1888-D 1915|| 




HI MM ELS WELT. (Vereinigung von freunden 
der astronomie und kosmischen physik) 
Berlin. 1,1890+ 
1890-1919 as the society's Mitteilungen 

HILDRETH family association 
Publication. Boston. 1-3,1915-2511 

HILFE. Berlin. 1,1894+ 

HINA brileto. Shanghai, vl nol-4,Ja-Ap 1916H? 

HIND. The Indian organ in the United King- 
dom. London, nol- ,Ag 1 1921- || 

Superseded by India, later United India 



HINDHEDES kontor for ern3eringsunders0gel- 

ser. See under Copenhagen 
HINDI Punch. 1-52, -D 192011? 
In Hindi and English 

HINDOOSTANEE intelligencer, and oriental 
anthology. Calcutta. 1-2,1801-02||? 

HINDU commentator. Benares; Calcutta. 1-6, 


HINTS; devoted to plays, entertainments, so- 
cials, fairs, recitations, monologues, for the 
use of colleges, schools, churches, societies, 
clubs and the home circle. N.Y. vl-19 no6, 
My 1899-F 191711 

vl nol-3 as New York hints. My-Je 1914, 

Je 1915, Je 1916 not issued 

HINTS for beekeepers. See New Jersey bee cul- 

HINTS for speakers. (National union of conser- 
vative and unionist associations. Conserva- 
tive and unionist central office) London. 

HINDU law journal. Coimbatore; Bombay vl-7 HINTS to potato growers. (New Jersey state 
noil, My 1918-Ap/My 1925H potato growers' association) New Bruns- 

wick, N.J. l,My 1920+ 

HINDU law quarterly. Bombay, vl-5 no4,1930- 
Mr 1936H 

HINTS to poultrymen. New Brunswick, N.J. 1, 

~> 1912+ 

HINDU missionary. Bombay. 1,J1 2 1917+ 

HINTZ' moderne hauser. Berlin, nol-2, 1887-8911 

HINDUSTAN association of America, 

India (N.Y. 1931+) 

Bulletin. San Francisco, nol-2, 1915||? 

HINDUSTAN review. Allahabad, India. 

nc. See Ha-HINUKH. Jaffa, vl nol-5,1910-ll||? 

HIPPIATRIST, and veterinary journal: a con- 
tinuation of the Farrier and naturalist. 

London. 1-6,1828-30[| 

1,1828 as Farrier and naturalist; 2,1829 
Farrier and naturalist, or Horseman's 

H1NDUSTHANEE student. (Hindustan asso- 
ciation of America) Chicago. 1- ,1913-24; 


HIPPOCRATE. Paris. nol-14,1898-99|l ? 

HINE'S bulletin, fire and casualty. N.Y. vl-2 
no7,Jl 1920-Mr/Ap 1922||? . - 

HIPPOCRATE; revue d'humanisme medical. 

Paris. l,Mr 1933+ 

HIPPOCRATEAN. St. Louis. l,My 1934+ 

HINGE; a philatelic monthly. N.Y. vl nol-2, 
F-Mr 1902 [i.e. 1903] l| 

HINGHAM agricultural and horticultural so- 
ciety, Hingham, Mass. 
Transactions. 1,1858+ 

6 MB U^^f'i k - ?-^' 

HINGHWA. Fieksoo, China. 1,1918 + 

HINTER pflug und buch, halbmonatsschrift der 
reichsfachgruppe landwirtschaftslehrer. Ber- 
lin. 1,1924 + 

Running title: Pflug und buch. 
Supplement to Reichsbund akademisch ge- 
bildeter landwirte. Mitteilungen 

HIPPOCRATES ridens; or Joco-serieus reflec- 
tions on the impudence and mischiefs of 
quacks and illiterate pretenders to physick. 

London. nol-4,Ap 26-My 17 1686|| 

HIPPOKRATES. Rotterdam. 1-8,1814-281 

HIPPOKRATES; zeitschrift fur einheitsbestre- 
bungen der gegenwartsmedizin. Stuttgart; 
Leipzig. l.My 1928 + 

Subtitle varies. Suspended Ap 1931-D 1932 


veredelte pferdezucht. 

Eine zeitschrift fur 
Kiel. 1-2 (nol-36),, 

HINTERLAND. Des Moines, Iowa. 1,1936 + 



tidsskrift. Copenhagen. 1-5, 

HINTERLAND. (Order of the Holy Cross. 

Liberian mission) West Park, N.Y. 1,S 


1922-F 1933 as a supplement to Holy Cross 
magazine. Scattered numbers as Liberian 
supplement to Holy Cross magazine 

HIPPOS. Groningen. 1-3,1892-9411? 

HIRAM historical society, Hiram, Ohio 
Publications. nol,1929+ 



HIRAM house life, a bi-monthly record of life 
and service at the Hiram house. Cleveland. 
vl-9 no4,0 1898-S 190711 

HISPANIA; polftica, comercio, literatura, artes 
y ciencias. London. 1-5, Ja 1 1912-Je 27 1916|| 

HIRNANATOMISCHES institut. See under 

Zurich. Universitat 
HIROJIMA ijishinshi. Hiroshima. 

— Journal of science 

sA: Mathematics, physics, chemistry. 1, 

D 1930 + 


1: Zoology. 1,D 1930 + 

-2: Botany. 1,D 1930 + 

HIRSCHEL'S zeitschrift fiir homoopathische 
klinik. Dessau; Dresden; Leipzig. 1-28,0 
1851-D 1879H 

1851-Mr 1856 as Zeitschrift fur homoo- 
pathische klinik; Ap 1856-74 Neue zeit- 
schrift fiir homoopathische klinik 

HIRTENBRIEFE der deutschen, osterreichischen 
und deutsch-schweizerischen bischofe. Pader- 
born. 1910 + 

1910-25 as Hirtenbriefe des deutschen 
episkopats anlasslich der fastenzeit; 1926- 
32 Hirtenbriefe des deutschen und oster- 
reichischen episkopats 

HISPANIA; revista de arte y letras de la raza. 
Madrid, vl-2 nol8,Ja 15 1925-Ja 15 1926||? 


HISPANI/E schola 




musica sacra. Barcelona. 

HISPANIC American historical review. Balti- 
more, Md.; Durham, N.C. 1,F 1918 + 
Suspended D 1922-Ja 1926 

MB t~ 

HISPANIC review; a quarterly journal devoted 
to research in the Hispanic languages & lit- 
eratures. (Pennsylvania. University) Phila- 
delphia. l,Ja 1933+ _ ,, ,/ i ,, 

1 1 D U V 


HISPANIC society of America, 
Publications. 1,1894+ ■ 
Irregularly numbered 
Index: 1-25 „ 




New York 

See'atS'o Bibliographie hrspanique; Bibliotheca 
hispanica; Revue hispanique 
HISPANO Africana. Madrid. 1,J1 1922 + 

HISPANO-Am6rica. Tegucigalpa. 1,1922+ 

HISPANO-America; antiguamente cr6nica. San 

Francisco. 1,1914+ 


HIROIR. Reykjavik. 1-3,1857-61] 

HISTOIRE coloniale. Paris. 1,1929||? 

HIRTH'S formenschatz. See Georg Hirth's 

HISPANA esperantisto. 

Madrid. 1-5,1917-D 

HISPANIA. (Asociacifin patriotica espafiola) 
Buenos Aires. 

HISPANIA. (Paris. Universite. Institut d' etudes 
hispaniques) Paris. 1-5, Ja 1918-D 1922|| 

HISPANIA; a journal devoted to the interests 
of teachers of Spanish, and published by 
the American association of teachers of 
Spanish. Stanford University, Cal. 1,F 
1918 + 

vl includes Organization no., N 1917 

Index: 1-5 

-Special number. Stanford University, Cal. 1, 
Ja 1934+ 

HISPANIA. Comercio, letras, artes y ciencias. 
N.Y. 1,J1 1923+ 

HISTOIRE de I'eglise depuis les origines jusqu'a 
nos jours. Paris. 1,1934+ 

MB . ! ... 

HISTOIRE de la litterature frangaise. Paris. 


MB ' ^ J ? / ° 

HISTOIRE des ouvrages des sgavans. Rotter- 
dam. 1-25, S 1687-Je 1709|| 
no volume for 1707 

HISTOIRE g6nerale du tissu. Documents. Paris. 

HISTOIRE litteraire de I'Europe. Paris. 1-6, 


HISTOIRE litteraire de la France. (Academie 
des inscriptions et belles-lettres) Paris. 
1,1733 + 

Index: 1-15; 16-23; 25-32 

I """ i> b 

HISTOIRE naturelle, generale et particuliere; 
avec la description du cabinet du Roy. Paris. 



HISPANIA, literatura y arte, cr6nicas quin- 
cenales. Barcelona. 1-4 (nol-93),1899-1902|| 

HISTOIRE universelle des arts, des temps 
primitifs jusqu'a nos jours. Paris. 1,1930+ 







beitrage. Jena. 


HISTOLOGISCHE und histopathologische ar- 
beiten uber die grosshirnrinde mit beson- 
derer beriicksichtigung der pathologischen 
anatomie der geisteskrankheiten. Jena. 1-6, 


H1STORIADOR; jornal recreativo e d'instruc- 
cio. Lisbon. 1-2, Mr 7-D 1840|| 

HISTORIAN, devoted to history, art, sciences, 
current events and high grade literature. 

Mission Hill, S.D. 

Some numbers as Monthly historian 

HISTORIA. (Oklahoma historical society) Okla- 
homa City. 1-13.S 15 1909-J1 192211 

Superseded by Chronicles of Oklahoma. 
Suspended Jl 1917-Ja 1919. 3, 10-12 
omitted in numbering 

HISTORIA: a magazine of local history. Nor- 

well, Mass. nol-6,N 1898-0 1899|[ 

HISTORIA. An illustrated monthly magazine 
of historical stories. Chicago. 1-4, 1892-9511? ^ 

HISTORIA; maandschrift voor geschiedenis. 

Utrecht. 1,P 1935+ 

HISTORIC landmarks association of Canada. 
See Canadian historical association 

HISTORIC leaves. (Somerville historical so- 
ciety) Somerville, Mass. vl-9 nol.Ap 1902- 
O 191511 . 

Suspended Ja 1910-O 1915 

MB f 

HISTORIC magazine and notes and queries. 

Manchester, N.H. vl-27 no4,Jl 1882-Ap 190911 
1-2,9-15,1882-85,92-97 as Miscellaneous 
notes and queries; 3-8,1886-91 Bizarre; 
notes and queries; 16,1898 Grand man; 
notes and queries; vl7-20 no5,1899-Je 1902 
Notes and queries and historic magazine 





Oklahoma series. Norman, nol, 

HISTORIA; magazine mensuel illustre. 
1-ll.D 1909-Ag 1914H 


HIST6RIA, sciencia, arte; colleccao de estu- 
dos publicados pela imprensa nacional de 
Lisboa. Lisbon. 1,192711? 

HISTORIA; studi storici per I'antichita classica. 

Milan. 1,1927+ 

Supersedes Studi storici per I'antichita 

HISTORIA de America y de los pueblos amerl- 
canos. Barcelona. 1,1936 + 

HISTORIA del arte labor. Madrid. 1,1930 + 





do Rio Grande. Porto Alegre. 1, 

general del arte. Barcelona. 1-8, 

of the 

In English 

judaica; a Journal of studies in 
history especially in legal history 
Jews. Moravska Ostrava; N.Y. 1,N 

HISTORIC quarterly. See Manchester historic 

association, Manchester, N.H. Collections 
HISTORIC society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 
Transactions. 1,1848+ 

1-6,1848-54 as its Proceedings and papers. 
13-25,1860-73 also as nsvl-13; 26-31,1873-79 
as s3 v2-7;37-75 as ns (s4) v 1-39 
Index: 1-51,1848-1900 in v54; 52-61,1900-09 
in 61; 62-71,1910-19 in 74 




HISTORICAL account of the publick transac- 
tions in Christendom. See Post-man; and 
the historical account. . . 

HISTORICAL and archaeological association of 
Ireland. Bee Royal society of antiquaries of 

HISTORICAL and genealogical researches and 
recorder of passing events of -Merrimack 
Valley. Haverhill, vl nol-2,Ap 1857-Ja 185811 



German, French and Czech 


HISTORIA literaria. London, vl-4 no5 (nol-23), 


HISTORICAL and geographical magazine. 

Peiping. See Shih-ti ts'ung-k'an 
HISTORICAL and linguistic studies in litera- 
ture related to the New Testament. See 
under Chicago. University 
HISTORICAL and natural science society of 

Perkiomen. See Perkiomen region 
HISTORICAL and philosophical society of,Ohio 
Annual report. 1874-1905H 

No reports issued 1877-82. 1906-16 as 
fourth number of each volume of the so- j 
ciety's Quarterly publication; 1924/27 as C- 
pt 1 of its Publications 


Journal. 1838. See its Transactions 
Journal. 1,1872||? 


HISTORIA medicinae. N.T. 

HISTORIA saplentlae et stultitlae. 
Ja-D 1693H 

Halle. 1-3, 

[Publications], osvl-2, 1848-5211 

1 as Cincinnati historical society. Trans- 
actions. For bibliographical details see 
LC card no5-34625 

[Publications]. nsvl-3,1873-85|| 

MB J& 

0^ fc> 




Publications. 1924+ 

Supersedes the Annual report and other 
material formerly contained in its Quar- 
terly publication 

^30 ' 

, <l>. 


Quarterly publication. 1-18,1906-2311 
Superseded by its Publications 

A *B /j/[ f 


Transactions, vl ptl-2,1838-39|| 
vl ptl as Journal 




HISTORICAL and scientific society of Mani- 
toba, Winnipeg 
Publication. See its Transactions 
Report. 1-27,1880-190611 

Cover title of scattered numbers: Mani- 
toba historical and scientific society „ 

.1 1/ 1 -1 . L ,\ 

MB ItfcO; 




nol-2,4-5 as Publication 

nsvl.N 24 

■MB.j-7 2. 

y 7i 

HISTORICAL annals. Peiping, China. See Shlh 

hstieh nien pao 
HISTORICAL association, London 
Annual bulletin of historical literature, nol, 
1911+ ^ 

Index: 1-12,1911-22 


Leaflets. 1,1907+ 
MB- 70, 

HISTORICAL compilations based upon the 
study of original documents. See under 
South Australia. Public library. . . 

HISTORICAL detail of the most remarkable 
occurrences and the newest political intelli- 
gence. London? 
Index: 1764,1766 

HISTORICAL documents from the Old Domin- 
ion. Richmond, Va. nol-5,1860-74|| 

MB fftfh WJh 

HISTORICAL educator. London. 1-2,1853-54[| 

HISTORICAL family library, devoted to the 
republication of standard history. Cadiz, 
Ohio. l.Je 20 1835-N 25 1836)1 

HISTORICAL Journal. Peiping. See Shih-hsUeh 

HISTORICAL Journal: a quarterly record of 
local history and genealogy, devoted prin- 
cipally to northwestern Pennsylvania. Wil- 
liamsport, Pa. l-2,My 1887-94H 
Subtitle varies, vl a monthly 



Constitutional documents. 1-6, 


See also History 
HISTORICAL association of Scotland 
Pamphlets. Edinburgh? 1-9, D 1912-My 1917; 

HISTORICAL association of the Philippines. 

See Philippine historical review 
HISTORICAL background series. Washington. 


HISTORICAL, biographical, literary and sci- 
entific magazine. London. 1799-180011 
2v and a supplement in 1799, lv in 1800 

HISTORICAL bulletin, a review of service for 
teachers and students of history. (Ameri- 
can Jesuit historical association) St. Louis. 

HISTORICAL bulletin; devoted to genealogy, 
patriotism and historical research. Wash- 
ington. vl-9 no3,My 1902-S 1906||- ! 
1 as Collamore union bulletin 

HISTORICAL collections of Louisiana ■ and 
Florida. N.Y.; etc. 1-7,1846-7511 

1-5,1846-53 as Historical collections of 

A ' -L 





HISTORICAL collections of the Mahoning Val- 
ley. (Mahoning Valley historical society) 
Youngstown, Ohio. 1,187611 

mb /; 


HISTORICAL Journal; or, An impartial account 
in English and in French; of the most con- 
siderable occurrences in Europe. Journal 
historique, ou Relation sincere en anglois 
et en francois, de ce qui se passe de plus 
important en Europe. London. Ja 20-F 17 

English and French in parallel columns 

HISTORICAL Journal of the More family. 
(John More association) Newark, N.J. ; etc. 
nol.Ap 1892+ 

HISTORICAL magazine. Tokyo. See Shikai 
HISTORICAL magazine; or, Classical library 
of public events. London. 1-4,1789-920 

HISTORICAL magazine, and notes and queries 
concerning the antiquities, history, and 
biography of America. Boston. 1-10, Ja 1857- 
D 1866; 11-20, (s2 vl-10)„Ja 1867-Ag 1871; 21- 
23 (s3 vl-3),Ja 1872-Ap 1875|| 

Suspended S-D 1871,Ap 1872-Mr 1873. 
There were no regular numbers Ap 1874- 
Mr 1875, but extra numbers were pub- 
lished in Mr and D 1874, Ja.Mr and My 
,,„ 1875 


HISTORICAL magazine of the Protestant Epis- 
copal church. Garrison, N.Y. ; Richmond, 
Va. l,Mr 1932+ 



O O 

HISTORICAL manuscripts commission. See 
American historical association, Washing- 
ton. Annual report 

HISTORICAL, natural history and library so- 
ciety of South Natick 
Historical collections. 1-2,1909-1011? 


Proceedings at the reunion of the descendants 
of John Eliot. 1-2.S 15 1875-J1 31 1901|| 

MB /! 



l.Ja 1932+ 






HISTORICAL notes relating to the Pennsyl- 
vania Reformed church. Philadelphia, vl 
nol-12,My 1899-Ap 1900|| 

outlook. See Social studies 
papers. (Catholic truth society) 


London. 1-4,1893-97; nsvl,1897+ 

;<* l{H> 

HISTORICAL papers. (Trinity college historical 
society) See under Duke university. Trinity 
college historical society 

HISTORICAL publications of Wayne county. 
See under Burton historical collection, De- 

HISTORICAL record, a monthly periodical de- 
voted exclusively to historical, biographical, 
chronological and statistical matters. Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 1-9, -1890H 
1-4 as Morgenstjernen 

HISTORICAL record, devoted to the promotion 
of historical research, and to the diffusion 
of useful knowledge. (Historical society) 

Schenectady, N.Y. vl nol-4,Ja-Ap 1872|| 

HISTORICAL record of Wyoming Valley. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 1-14.S 1886-19081! 
Index: 1-5 in 5 l/'inv/ 


— o 

HISTORICAL records of New South Wales. 

Sydney. 1-7,1892-1901|| 

HISTORICAL series for Bible students. N.Y. 

HISTORICAL society, London. See Royal his- 
torical society 

HISTORICAL society, Schenectady, N.Y. See 
Historical record. . . 

HISTORICAL society of Berks County, Read- 
ing, Pa. 
Transactions. 1,1898/1904+ 

jSee also Historicar review of Berks County 
HISTORICAL society of Bradford County, 
Athens, Pa. 
Proceedings. l,My 4 1870||? 

HISTORICAL society of Burlington County, 
Moorestown, N.J. 
Papers. 1,1908||? 

HISTORICAL society of Dauphin County, 
[Contributions to the historical literature of 
Dauphin County.] nol-2,1876-78[|? 

Contributions to the history of Dauphin 
County, nol-2, 1872-73H 


Transactions, vl nol-3, 1869-190511? 

HISTORICAL records of New Zealand. Welling- 
ton. 1-2,1908-1411? 

HISTORICAL register. Medford, Mass. See 

Medford historical register 
HISTORICAL register. N.Y. 1,1919 + 
Suspended 1923-24 

HISTORICAL register; containing an impartial 
relation of all transactions, foreign and 
domestick. London. 1-23,1716-3811 



—Historical register. 1-2, Jl 1714- Ja 1716|| 

MB £ 

HISTORICAL register: notes and queries, his- 
torical and genealogical, relating to in- 
terior Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, Pa. 1-2, Ja 
1883-D 1884|| 





HISTORICAL register of pubMck occurrences, 
foreign and domestic. London. 1772-74|| 

HISTORICAL register of the United States. 

"Washington. 1-4,1812-14|| 


HISTORICAL researches in western Pennsyl- 
vania, principally Catholic. See American 
Catholic historical researches 

HISTORICAL review of Berks County. (His- 
torical society of Berks County) Reading, 
Pa. l.O 1935 + 

HISTORICAL society of Delaware. See Dela- 
ware historical society 
HISTORICAL society of East and West Baton 
Rouge, Baton Rouge, La. 
Proceedings. 1-2,1916/17-17/18|| 

MB M& & 


HISTORICAL society of Frankford, Frankford, 
Papers. 1,1906+ 

HISTORICAL society of Galveston, Texas 
Series. 1,187611 


HISTORICAL society of Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Publications, vl nol-7, 1906-1211? 

HISTORICAL society of Harford County, 
Yearbook. Bel Air, Md. 1,1899|| 


HISTORICAL society of Hudson County, N.J. 
Papers. 1,1908 + 

Reference pamphlets. 1-2,1911|| 

Also 2 unnumbered pamphlets 

HISTORICAL society of Linn County, Iowa 
Proceedings. Cedar Rapids, la. 1-2,1904-0711? 

HISTORICAL reviews. Chicago. 1,S 1935 + 

HISTORICAL society of Michigan 

Historical and scientific sketches. Detroit, 

Mich. 1.1834H 

MB M/fl 



HISTORICAL, society of Montana. See Mon- 
tana. Historical society 

HISTORICAL society of Montgomery County, 
Bulletin. Norristown, Pa. l.O 1936+ 

HISTORICAL sources for the study of Flemish 
art. Antwerp. 1,1931 + 

HISTORICKA biblioteka. Prague. 

Historical sketches. Norristown, Pa. 1-7,1895- 

Superseded by its Bulletin 

HISTORI ELAGET for Telemark og Grenland 
Aarsskrift. Skien. 1918 + ? 

2> MB 





Ag 1796H 

Paris. 1-17 (nol-654),N 22 1795- 

of New 

Newburgh Bay and 


under New Mexico 
HISTORICAL society of 
the Highlands 
Publications. Newburgh, N.Y. nol,1884+ 

1,1884 as First annual meeting; 6-13,1900- 
06 Historical papers kjII u i 

Mexico, See )ai \i 

"' HISTORIKe kai ethnologike hetairia tes Hel- 
lados. Athens 
Deltion. 1,J1 1883 + 
Suspended 1904-09 



HISTORICAL society of northwestern Ohio 
Quarterly bulletin. Toledo. 1,1929 + 
Caption title: Bulletin 

Graubiinden, Chur 




HISTORICAL society of Pennsylvania 

under Pennsylvania 
HISTORICAL society of Queensland, Brisbane 
Journal. 1,1919+ 


Publications. Pottsville 


of Schuylkill County, 
Pa. 1-4,1905-1411 

HISTORICAL society of southern California 
Publications. Los Angeles. 1,1884+ 

v4-7 pt2, 1897-1904 contain Pioneers of Los 
Angeles County, Los Angeles. Annual 
publication, 1-8. v2 pt2 never issued 
s^ Index: 1-11,1884-1920 in vl2 , . _ * , _ 


Special publications. nol,1935+ 

HISTORICAL society of the town of Warwick, 
Warwick, N.Y. 
Historical papers. nol,1914|| 

HISTORICAL society of Trinity college, Dur- 
ham, N.C. See Duke university. Trinity col- 
lege historical society 

HISTORICAL society of Victoria. See Victorian 
historical magazine 

HISTORICAL society of Watertown. See 
„.-/ Watertown records, 1894-1904 

HISTORICAL society of West Wales. See West 
Wales historical records 

HISTORICAL society of Western Pennsylvania. 
See Western Pennsylvania historical maga- 

HISTORICAL society of York County, York, 
Annual report. 

Papers. nsvl,1938?+ 

Proceedings and collections, vl nol-4,1902-04|| 
vl no4 incorrectly marked v2 nol 


HISTORISCH-antiquarische mittheilungen. 
under K. Nordiske oldskrift-selskab 

HISTORISCH-antiquarischer verein des kan- 
tons Schaffhausen. See Beitraege zur vater- 
landischen geschichte (Schaffhausen) 

HISTORISCH-antiquarischer verein fur die 
stadte Saarbriicken und St. Johann und 
deren umgegend. See Historischer verein 
fur die Saargegend, Saarbriicken 

HISTORISCH-diplomatische forschungen. Wei- 
mar. 1,1936+ 

HISTORISCH-diplomatisches magazin fur das 
vaterland und angrenzende gegenden. 

Nuremberg. 1-2,1780-84||? 
Each vol in 4 pts 

HISTORISCH genootschap te Utrecht 

1846-49 as Historisch gezelschap te Ut- 

Berigten. 1-7,1846-6311 

6-7 also as s2 vl-2 
Index: 1846-77 

. MB <' 

Bijdragen en mededeelingen. 1,1877 + 

Codex diplomaticus. 


m & 

ptl-2,1848; s2 vl-6,1852- 


Kronijk. 2-31,1846-7511 

1 never published. Also in series 
Index: 1846-54 


w fr 

Werken. s2 vl-61, 1863-99; s3 vl,1891+ 

si as Kronijk; Berigten; Codex diplo- 


fl(B ^ 

See also Historisch tijdschrift 
HISTORISCH-geographisches Journal. 

nol-6, 1789-9011? 




HISTORISCH gezelschap te Utrecht. See His- 

torisch genootschap te Utrecht 
HISTORISCH-kritische beytrage zur aufnahme 

der musik. Berlin. 1-5,1754-6211 


HISTORISCH - litterarisch - bibliographisches 
magazin. Zurich; Chemnitz. 1-8,1788-94|| 
Formed by the union of Litterarische an- 
nalen der geschichtskunde in und ausser 
Teutschland and Historisch-litterarisches 
Index: 1-4 in 4; 5-8 in 7-8 

HISTORISCH-iitterarischer zweigverein des 
Vogesen -clubs. See Jahrbuch fur ge- 
schichte, sprache und literatur Blsass- 

HISTORISCH-literarisches Jahrbuch fur die 
deutsche medicin. Leipzig. 1-3,1837-40|| 

HISTORISCHE bibliotheek voor de exacte we- 
tenschappen. Groningen. 1-3,1929-3011? 




bibliothek. Munich. 1-50,1898- 
by Historische zeitschrift. 
- '-2X4 

it, i\r\\vi 


HISTORISCHE bildkunde. Hamburg. 1,1934+ 


1921-Ja 19221 

blaetter. (Haus-, hof- und 
in Wien) Vienna. nol-3,Jl 

— Archivalische beilage. 1,1931+ 

HISTORISCH-litterarisches magazin, Bayreuth; 

Leipzig. 1-4,1785-8611 
United with Litterarische annalen der 
geschichtskunde in und ausser Teutschland 
to form Historisch-litterarisch-biblio- 
graphisches magazin 

HISTORISCH-philosophische gesellschaft. Bres- 
Abhandlungen. 1,1858|| 

HISTORISCHE forschungen und quellen. 

nich. 1,1915+ 


HISTORISCHE gesellschaft, Berlin 

Mitteilungen aus der historischen litteratur, 

v41+ also as nsvl+. Suspended 1930-31 
Index: 1-20 in 20; 21-30 in 30; 31-40 in 40 

Schriften. Berlin. 1,1923+ 

HISTORISCH-philosophischer verein zu Heidel- 
berg. See Neue Heidelberger jahrbtlcher 
HISTORISCH-politische blatter fur das katho- 
lische Deutschland. Munich. 1-171,1838-192311 
1852-59 as G. Phillips' und G. Gdrres' 
historisch-politische blatter fur das ka- 
tholische Deutschland. Superseded by 
Gelbe hefte. . . 
Index: 1-34; 35-50; 51-81; 82-111; 112-30; 

£> MB 

HISTORISCH-politische zeitschrift. 

Hamburg; Berlin. 1-2,1832-36|| 


HISTORISCH-politisches archiv zur deutschen 
geschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. 

Leipzig. 1-2.1930-32H 

Sitzungsberichte. Berlin. 1881+ 
1916+ in its Mitteilungen 

See also Jahresberichte der geschichtswissen- 

HISTORISCHE gesellschaft des kantons 
Aargau, Aarau, Switzerland. See Aargauer 
urkunden; Argovia 

HISTORISCHE gesellschaft des kiinstlervereins 
zu Bremen. See Bremische weihnachts- 
blatter; Bremisches jahrbuch 

HISTORISCHE gesellschaft fur den Netzedi- 
strikt, Bromberg. See Historische gesell- 
schaft fur die provinz Posen; Historische 
monatsblatter fiir die provinz Posen 

HISTORISCHE gesellschaft fiir die provinz 
Schriftenreihe: Polen. nol,1924+ 

HISTORISCH schouwtooneel van's waerelds 
lotgevallen. Haarlem. 1-4,1791; nsvl-5,1792||? 

HISTORISCH-statistischer verein zu Frankfurt. 
See Historischer verein fiir heimatkunde 
zu Frankfurt a.d. Oder 

HISTORISCH-theologische gesellschaft zu Leip- 
zig. See Zeitschrift fur die historische 

HISTORISCH tijdschrift. Tilburg. 

HISTORISCH tijdschrift. (Historisch genoot- 
schap te Utrecht) Utrecht. 1-2,1841-42|| 
Includes: Nieuwsblad voor bibliographie, 
kunsten en wetenschappen. nol-15,My-D 6 


HISTORISCHE abhandlungen. Bamberg; Mu- 
nich. 1,1891 + 


MB /?6*) 3'< 

Zeitschrift. 1-30,1885-1918|| 

Also of the Historische gesellschaft fiir 
den Netzedistrikt, Bromberg. United with 
other journals to form Deutsche wissen- 
schaftliche zeitschrift fiir Polen 
Index: 1-10 

See also Deutsche blatter in Polen; His- 
torische monatsblatter fiir die provinz 
HISTORISCHE kommission fiir das grossher. 
zogtum Hessen. See Hessische biographien 
HISTORISCHE kommission fiir den volkstaat 
Hessen. See Quellen und forschungen zur 
hessischen geschichte 
HISTORISCHE kommission fiir die provinz 
Brandenburg und die reichshauptstadt Ber- 
Veroffentlichungen. 1,1927+ 

v3 also as Quellen und forschungen zur 
geschichte Berlins 



«v\ ft\)b\ 



HISTORISCHE kommission fur die provinz 
Sachsen und das herzogtum Anhalt 
Neujahrsblatter. 1,1877+ 



(Ebering) Berlin. 1, 

See also Bibliographie zur geschichte der 
provinz Sachsen. . . ; Geschichtsquellen der 
} provinz Sachsen und des Freistaates An- 
halt; Mitteldeutsche lebensbilder; Sachsen 
und Anhalt 
HISTORISCHE commission fur geschichte der 
Juden in Deutschland. See Quellen zur 
geschichte der Juden in Deutschland 
HISTORISCHE kommission fur Hannover, 
Oldenburg, Braunschweig, Schaumburg- 
Lippe und Bremen 
Veroffentlichungefl^Halle. OJf) M 

HISTORISCHE kommission fur Hessen und 
Waldeck, Marburg< Prussia 
Veroffentlichungen. Marburg- a.d. Lahn. 1, 
1905 + 

HISTORISCHE kommission fur Nassau. See 
under Verein fiir nassauische altertums- 
kunde und geschichtsforschung, Wiesbaden 

HISTORISCHE kommission fiir ost- und west- 
preussische landesforschung, Konigsberg 
Einzelschriften. 1,1926+ 

See also Altpreussische forschungen; Alt- 
preussischer flurnamensammler 

HISTORISCHE kommission fiir Pommern 
Veroffentlichungen. Stettin. 1-2,1913-24||? 
vl no2 published in 1926 

HISTORISCHE kommission fiir Schlesien 
Geschichtlicher atlas von Schlesien. Breslau. 
1,1933 + 

HISTORISCHE studien. Halle a.S. 1-9,1910-22|| 
Superseded by Hallische forschungen zur 
neueren geschichte 

(W. Arndt) Leipzig. 1- 

2iiz. & 



MB '^ 

HISTORISCHE und antiquarische gesellschaft 
zu Basel 
Jahresbericht. 1,1875+ 

Mitteilungen. nsvl-4,1878-94|| 

Supersedes Gesellschaft ftlr vaterlandische 
alterthtimer in Basel. Mitteilungen (1843- 

See also Basler chroniken: Basler zeitschrift 
fiir geschichte und altertumskunde: Bei- 
traege zur vaterlandischen geschichte 
(Basel); Concilium basilense; Urkunden- 
buch der stadt Basel 
HISTORISCHE untersuchungen. (Jastrow) 
Berlin. 1-11,1886-95|| 






HISTORISCHE untersuchungen. (Breslau. Uni- 
versitat. Historisches seminar) Breslau. 

Suspended 1915-28 

HISTORISCHE vierteljahrschrift. Freiburg 
i.B. ; Leipzig. 1,1889+ 

1-14,1889-98 as Deutsche zeitschrift ftir > 
geschichtswissenschaft. 13+ also as 

MB. / 

— Beihefte. nol,1933+ 

-MonatsblMtter. l-14,1896/97-1912[| 


1 o 


See also Einzelschriften zur schlesischen ge- 
schichte; Literatur zur schlesischen ge- 
schichte; Schlesische bibliographie 
HISTORISCHE kommission fur Vorarlberg und 
Liechtenstein. See Quellen zur geschichte 
Vorarlbergs und Liechtensteins 
HISTORISCHE landeskommission fur Steier- 
mark, Gratz. See Styria. Historische landes- 
HISTORISCHE litteratur. (Meusel) Erlangen. 

Superseded by Litterarische annalen der 
geschichtskunde in und ausser Teutsch- 

HISTORISCHE monatsblatter fiir die provinz 
Posen. (Historische gesellschaft fiir die 
provinz Posen; Historische gesellschaft ftir 
den Netzedistrikt, Bromberg) Posen. 1-23, 

Superseded by Deutsche blatter in Polen 

HISTORISCHE samlungen zur erlauterung der 
teutschen staats-, kirchen- und gelehrten- 
geschichte. Halle i.M. 1-6,1751-52||? 

HISTORISCHE stadtbilder. 


Stuttgart; Berlin. 

— Schriftenreihe. Dresden. 1,1931 + 

Supplement. See Bibliographie zur deutschen 
HISTORISCHE zeitschrift. Munich; Berlin. 1, 

37-96 also as nsvl-60; 97+ as s3 vl+ 
Index: 1-56,1859-86; 57-96,1887-1906; 97- 
130,1906-24 Ci 

mb). in. 

— Beiheft. 1,1924+ 

Supersedes Historische bibliothek 

MB J 4~ 

— Nachrichten von der Historischen commis- 
sion bei der Koniglich bayerischen akade- 
mie der wissenschaften. 1-6,1859-6511 

HISTORISCHER. verein der diozese Fulda 
Veroffentlichungen. 1-12,1904-23|| 

See also Quellen und abhandlungen zur 

geschichte der abtei und der diozese Fulda 

HISTORISCHER verein der Funf orte Luzern, 

Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden und Zug. See 





HISTORISCHER verein der Pfalz, Speyer, 
Rheinpfalz, Bavaria 
Mitteilungen. 1-50,1870-1932|| 
26 incorrectly numbered 16 

HISTORISCHER verein fur den Niederrhein, 
insbesondere die alte erzdiocese Kbln, 
Annalen. 1,1855+ 

Index: 1-39; 40-59; 61-100 

HISTORISCHER verein des kantons Bern 
Archiv. 1,1848+ 

Includes Jahresbericht in each volume as 


Index: 1-20 

Neujahrsblatt. 1894-19081 


— Sammlung bernischer biographien. 1-5,1887- 

HISTORISCHER verein des kantons Glarus 
Jahrbuch. 1,1865+ 
Index: 1-24 in 25 

— Beiheft. 1,1876+ 

Bericht. See its Annalen 

HISTORISCHER verein fur den Regenskreis. 

See Historischer verein von Oberpfalz und 
Regensburg, Ratisbon, Bavaria 
HISTORISCHER verein fur den regierungsbe- 
zirk, Westpreussen 

1876-1924 as Historischer verein fur den 
regierungsbezirk Marienwerder 
Zeitschrift. 1,1876+ 

1899?+ in Westfalischer provinzial-verein 
fur wissenschaft und kunst, Mtinster 

Supplement. See Urkundensammlung zur 
geschichte des kantons Glarus 
HISTORISCHER verein des kantons St. Gallen 
Neujahrsblatt ftir die st. gallische jugend. 

1861 + ? 

HISTORISCHER verein fiir den Untermain- 
kreis. See Historischer verein von Unter- 
franken und Aschaffenburg 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir die grafschaft 
Ravensberg, Bielefeld, Prussia 
Jahresbericht. 1,1877+ 
Index: 1-14 in 15 

See also Mitteilungen zur vaterlandischen ge- 
HISTORISCHER verein des kantons Schwyz 
Mittheilungen. Einsiedeln; etc. nol-8,1882-95||? 

HISTORISCHER verein des kantons Solothurn 
Mitteilungen. 1-14,1902-27|| 

Superseded by Jahrbuch fiir solothurnische 

HISTORISCHER verein des kantons Thurgau, 
Frauenfeld. See Thurgauische beitrage zur 
vaterlandischen geschichte 
HISTORISCHER verein Dillingen, Bavaria 
Jahrbuch. 1,1888 + 

1888-95 as its Jahresbericht 

HISTORISCHER verein Freising 
Sammelblatt. Freising. 

HISTORISCHER verein fur das Allgau zu 
Bericht iiber die vom Allgauer alterthumsver- 
ein in Kempten vorgenommenen ausgra- 
bungen romischer baureste auf dem Linde- 
berge bei Kempten. 1-4,188S-1922||? 
3-4 in Allgauer geschichtsfreund 

See also Allgauer geschichtsfreund 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir das gebiet des 
ehemaligen stiftes Werden. See Beitraege 
zur geschichte des stiftes Werden 
HISTORISCHER verein fur das grossherzog- 
tum Hessen, Darmstadt 
Quartalblatter. 1861-90; nsvl-6,1891-1921|| 


See also Archiv fiir hessische geschichte und 
HISTORISCHER verein fur das wtirttember- 
gische Franken, Hall a.K. 
Wirtembergisch Franken. 

HISTORISCHER verein fur die pflege der 
geschichte des ehemaligen furstbistums zu 
Bamberg, Bavaria 
Through as Historischer verein zu Bam- 
Bericht und jahrbuch. 1,1834+ 

HISTORISCHER verein ftir die Saargegend, 
Saarbrucken, Prussia 

1-4,1846-67 as Historisch-antiquarischer 
verein fiir die stadte Saarbrucken und St. 
Johanji und deren umgegend 
Mitteilungen. Dusseldorf. 1,1846+ 

MB | I 

2 >? 

HISTORISCHER verein fiir Dortmund und die 
grafschaft Mark. See Beitraege zur ge- 
schichte Dortmunds und der grafschaft 
HISTORISCHER verein fur Ermland, Brauns- 
berg, Prussia. See Zeitschrift fiir die ge- 
schichte und altertumskunde Ermlands 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir heimatkunde zu 
Frankfurt a.d. Oder 
Mitteilungen. 1-26,1861-191511 

1-12,1861-73 as Historisch-statistischer 
verein zu Frankfurt. 6-7 as Jahresberichte 
und mitteilungen 

HISTORISCHER verein fiir Karnten. See 
Archiv fiir vaterlandische geschichte und 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir Krain, Laibach 
Mittheilungen. 1-23,1846-681] 

HISTORISCHER verein fiir Mittelfranken, Ans- 
Jahresbericht. 1-62,1830-1918|| 
Index: 1-50,1830-1902 in 50 

HISTORISCHER verein fiir Niederbayern, 
Landshut, Bavaria 
Verhandlungen. 1,1846 + 

Index: 1-6 in 16; 7-14 in 18; 15-20 in 25; 
21-26 in 46 



HISTORISCHER verein fUr Niedersachsen, 
Nachricht. 1-54,1838-91|| 

Urkundenbuch. 1-9,1846-75|| 

HISTORISCHER verein von Oberpfalz und Re- 
gensburg, Ratisbon, Bavaria 

1-4 as Historischer verein fUr den Regens- 
Verhandlungen. 1,1831 + 
Index: 1-40,1831-86 

Zeitschrift. 1-88,1835-192311 

Supersedes Vaterlandisches archiv fur 
hannoverisch - braunschweigische ge- 
schichte. 1-10,1835-44 as Vaterlandisches 
archiv; 11-15,1845-48 Archiv. Superseded 
by Niedersachsisches jahrbuch 
Index: 1819-1910 

HISTORISCHER verein von Unterfranken und 
Aschaffenburg, Wurzburg 

1-3,1832-37 as Historischer verein fUr den 
Archiv. 1,1832+ 

Index: 1-16 in 17 

See also Forschungen zur geschichte Nieder- 
sachsens; Hannoversches magazin; Quellen 
und darstellungen zur geschichte Nieder- 
sachsens; Stader archiv 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir Oberfranken, Bay- 
reuth. See Archiv fiir geschichte und alter- 
thumskunde von Oberfranken; Quellen zur 
alten geschichte des fiirstentums Bayreuth 
HISTORISCHER verein fiir Schwaben und 
Neuburg, Augsburg 
Title varies 
Jahresbericht. 1-36,1835-7211 

Continued in its Zeitschrift 

Zeitschrift. (ns) vl,1874+ 
Index: 1-40 in 41 


Supplement to its Archiv 

HISTORISCHER verein zu Bamberg. See His- 
torischer verein fiir die pflege der geschichte 
des ehemaligen fiirstbistums zu Bamberg 
HISTORISCHER verein zu Brandenburg 
Jahres-bericht.' l-57,1868/69-1925|| 
Index: 1-30,1868-98 in 30 

HISTORISCHER verein zu Osnabruck. See "^ Jr 

Verein fiir «»««»«i'« -■•»*- ■— J ' — j~~i j~ 




eschichte und landeskunde von 
jahrbuch. Leipzig. 1-3,1853- 

See also Schwaebische geschichtsquellen und 

HISTORISCHER verein fur stadt und stift Es- 
sen. See Beitraege zur geschichte von stadt 
und stift Essen 

HISTORISCHER verein fur Steiermark, Gratz 
Mitteilungen. 1-50,1850-190311 

Superseded by its Zeitschrift 

HISTORISCHES jahrbuch. Munich. See under 
Goerres-gesellschaft. . . 

HISTORISCHES journal. Berlin. 1-6,1799- 


HISTORISCHES journal von mitgliedern des 
koniglichen historischen instituts zu Got- 
tingen. Gottingen. ptl-16,1772-81U 

Zeitschrift. 1,1903+ 

1903-05 as Steirische zeitschrift fiir ge- 
schichte. Supersedes its Mitteilungen 

HISTORISCHES neujahrsblatt. (Verein fUr ge- 
schichte und alterthuemer von Uri) Altdorf. 

See also Beitraege zur erforschung steie- 
rischer geschichte; Blaetter fiir heimat- 
HISTORISCHER verein Heilbronn, Heilbronn, 

Bericht. 1,1876+ 

HISTORISCHES portefeuille. Zur kenntniss der 
gegenwartigen und vergangenen zeit. Vien- 
na. 1-7,1782-88||? 

HISTORISCHER verein im Oberdonau-kreise. 

See Historischer verein fiir Schwaben und 
Neuburg, Augsburg 

HISTORISCHER verein Neuberg. See Kollekta- 
neen-blatt fiir die geschichte Bayerns. . . 

HISTORISCHER verein von Nidwalden. See 
Beitraege zur geschichte Nidwaldens 

HISTORISCHER verein von Oberbayern, Mu- 
Jahres-bericht. 1-59,1838-9611 

Monatsschrift. 1-7,1892-9811? 

Superseded by Altbayerische monats- 

See also Altbayerische forschungen; Altbaye- 
rische monatsschrift; Oberbayerisches ar- 
chiv fiir vaterlandische geschichte 

HISTORISCHES taschenbuch. (Buchholz) Ber- 
lin. 1-22,1814-37||? 

Second title: Geschichte der europaischen 
staaten seit dem frieden von Wien 

HISTORISCHES taschenbuch. Leipzig. 1-10, 
1830-39; nsvl-10,1840-49; s3 vl-10,1850-59; 
s4 vl-10,1860-69; s5 vl-10,1871-80; s6 vl-12, 
Index: 1-50 

HISTORISHE shriftn. See under Yiddish sci- 
entific institute. Historishe sektsye 

HISTORISK arkiv. Copenhagen. 1-20,1869-78; ns 
Index: 1869-78; nsvl-20 in 20 

HISTORISK calender. Copenhagen. 1-3,1814-17|| 





museum. Copenhagen, vl nol, 

HISTORISKE forening, Bergen 
Skrifter. nol-8,1895-1902[]? 

HISTORISK-philosophiske samlinger. (K. Sel- 
skab for Norges vel) Christiania. 1-5,1811- 


HISTORISKE och politiske mercurius. Stock- 
holm. 1-7 (nol-115),D 1 1773-Ja 1778|| 

HISTORISK samfund for Ribe amt. See Fra 

Ribe amt 
HISTORISK samfund for Sorp amt 
Aarbog. Ringsted; etc. 1-20,1912-32||? 
Index: 1-20 in 20 

HISTORISK samfund i Christiania. See Norske 

HISTORISK tidsskrift. (Danske historiske 
forening) Copenhagen. 1,1840+ 

1840-45 as Historisk tidsskrift; 1847-56 
Nyt historisk tidsskrift 
Also numbered in series of six v each. 
Index: 1840-87; the last v o_f each series 
contains a table of contents of the series 

HISTORISK tidsskrift. (Norske historiske 
forening) Oslo. 1-4,1871-75; s2 vl-6, 1876- 
88; s3 vl-5,1888-99; s4 vl-6,1900-10; s5 vl, 

Index: 1-4 in 4; s2 vl-6 in 6 

HISTORISKT archivum. Stockholm. 1774-76[|? 

HISTORISKT bibliotek. Stockholm. 1-7,1875-8011 

HISTORY; a quarterly magazine and review 
for the teacher, the student and the expert. 
(Historical association) London. 1-4,1912- 
15; nsvl.Ap 1916+ 
Subtitle varies 

MB. ' 

HISTORY of Exeter research group. See under 
Exeter, England. University college of the 
Southwest of England 

HISTORY of learning; giving a succinct ac- 
count and narrative • of the choicest new 
books, etc. London, nol, My 1 1694|| 
Subtitle varies 

HISTORY of medicine series. (New York acad- 
emy of medicine. Library) N.Y. 1,1930?+ 


-Tillaegsskrifter, 1,1871+ 

HISTORY of our own times. London. nol-4,Ja 

1-Mr 5 174111 

Supplement. See Norges historie 
HISTORISK tidskrift. (Svenska historiska 
foreningen) Stockholm. 1,1881+ 

Svensk historisk bibliografi included in a 
section called "Bilagor" 
Index: 1-10,1881-90; 11-20,1891-1900; 21-30, 
1901-10; 31-40,1911-20 

— Tillaegsskrifter. 

HISTORY of reformation, in a dialogue between 
Philanax and Erasmus. London. 1- ,My 

12 1681- II 

HISTORY of science society 

Proceedings of the. . .annual meeting. Bruges. 
1-10 never published separately 


1,1903 + 

tidskrift for Skaneland. Lund. 

HISTORISKA bibliotheket. Stockholm. 1-7,1784- 


Supersedes Stockholms historiska biblio- 
tek. Superseded, by Upfostrings-salskapets 
historiska bibliothek 

Publications. N.Y. 1,1931+ 

MB u -tY - ■ ' 

Special publications. Baltimore. 1,1928+ 

MB \ - -C 

HISTORY of the Tilton family in America. 
Clifton, N.J. 1,1927+ 

HISTORISKA handlingar. (K.Samfundet for 
utgifvande af handskrifter rorande Skandi- 
naviens historia) Stockholm. 1,1861+ 

Supersedes Handlingar rorande Skandina- 

viens historia 

Index: 1-20 I 


HISTORISKA maerkwaerdigheter. 



HISTORY of the works of the learned . . . Con- 
taining impartial accounts and accurate 
abstracts of the most valuable books pub. 
in Great-Britain, and foreign parts. In- 
terspers'd with dissertations on several 
curious and entertaining subjects. London. 
l-14,Ja 1737-D 1743|| 

Supersedes Present state of the republick 
of letters and Literary magazine; or The 
history of the works of the learned 

HISTORISKA och litteraturhistoriska studier. 

See under Svenska litteratursallskapet I 

HISTORISKE aarboger til oplysning og veiled- 

ning i nordens. Copenhagen. 1-3,1845-51||? 

HISTORY of the works of the learned: or, An 
impartial account of books lately printed 
in all parts of Europe. With a particular re- 
lation of the state of learning in each coun- 
try . . . Done by several hands. London. 
vl-14 nol.Ja 1699-Mr 1712(1 
Suspended Ja-Je 1711 






HISTORY quarterly. See Filson club history 

HISTORY reference council, Cambridge, Mass. 

See Sources; history reference bulletin 

HISTORY teachers' bulletin. (Texas. T£li¥§£-i 

sity) Austin, vl-14 nol.N 15 1912-D 8 1927|| 
1-13 as Texas history teachers' bulletin. 
Numbered in the university's Bulletin 



<k Vjr 


HISTORY' teacher's magazine. See Social stud- 

HISTORY teachers' miscellany. Norwich, Eng- 
land. 1-7.N 1922-29H 

HITCHCOCK'S new monthly magazine; choice 
music, art notes and select reading for the 
.,„ family circle. N.Y. l.O 1869-S 187011 „, A 

HITELJOG tara. Budapest. 1-8,1920-27|| ? 

HITELJOGI dontvenytar. Budapest. 1-15,1908- 


HITHPATHUT. Jaffa. 1.1910U? 

HITTITE studies. (Barton) Paris. 1,1928+ 

HLJ6MLISTIN. Reykjavik. O 1912-J1 1913|| 

HLJ6TH6LFUR. See J>j6d61fur 
HLUTAFELAGIO Eimskipafelag islands 
Reikningur. Reykjavik. 

HOARD'S dairyman. Fort Atkinson, Wis. 1, 

vl-15 no46 in Jefferson County union as 
its weekly dairy edition 

HOBART Town gazette. Hobart Town. 

HOBART Town magazine. Hobart Town. 1-3, 

HOBBES-gesellschaft, Kiel 
Veroffentlichungen. 1,1932+ 

HOBBIES. Chicago. v36,Mr 1931+ 

Supersedes Philatelic West and assumes 

its numbering ,s 

mb 2>t-i- hZLsvfi^v £± 

HOBBIES. (Buffalo society of natural sciences) 
Buffalo. l.My 1920+ 

HIVE. Lancaster, Pa., 1803-05. See Lancaster 

HIVE. Lancaster, Pa. 1 (nol-26),My 19-D 11 


HIVE. Northampton, Mass. vl nol-19,Ag-D 
1803; (s2) vl-2 no5,Ja 1804-Ja 180511 

HIVE. Salem, Mass. 1-2.S-27 1828-S 20 1830H 

& ub M.fb 

HIVE, or Weekly entertaining register, compris- 
ing curious and valuable papers on interest- 
ing subjects, choice selections from rare 
and costly works, the curiosities of litera- 
ture, anecdotes, facetiae, beautiful poetry, 
&c. &c. London, vl-4 (nol-108),Ag 1822-24 ?)| 
Caption title: Hive; or, Weekly register 
lurr, of remarkable events 


1 1 r. y 

HIVE; with sweetest flowers enrich'd — from 
various gardens cull'd with care. Lancaster, 
Pa. vl nol-52,My 31 1797-My 23 1798|| 

HOBBIES magazine. Camden, N.J. vl-2 nol.O 
1918-0 191911? 

HOBBY fun. (Stamp hunters' club) Youngs- 
town, Ohio. 1,1932+ CWhM 

HOBBY horse. London. l-7,Ja 1886-0 1892; 
1-7,1886-92 as Century guild hobby horse 

*9 I -H-Mol ; 4f-trM^. 


HOBBY-rider and philatelic gossip. Holton, 
Kan. l-3,My 1920-22|| 


tik. Leipzig; Berlin. 1,1907+ 
1-38,1907-31 as Jahrbuch der drahtlosen 

HJALPR/E DISORD. Reykjavik. nol-4,1893||? 

HOCHLAND. Mufindi. 1,1930+ 

HJEMMET. Illustreret maaneds-blad til oplys- 
ning og underholding. Christiania. 

HOCHLAND; blatter fiir hohenkunst und geis- 
teskultur. Dresden. nol-10,1903|l 

HLASY z katolickych misii. Techny, 111. 

HLfN. Reykjavik. 1-3,1901-05|| 

HOCHLAND; katholische monatsschrift fur alle 
gebiete des wissens, der literatur und kunst. 
Munich; Kempten. 1,0 1903+ 
Index: 1-25,1903-28 

HLIN; arsrit Sambandsfjelags 
kvenna. Akureyri. 1,1917+ 


HOCHSCHULE fur die wissenschaft des Ju- 
dentums, Berlin. See under Berlin 



HOCHSCHULE und ausland. See Geist der zeit 
HOCHSCHUL-fiihrer. Leipzig. nol,1911+ 

HOGAR; revista. . .de literatura, modas y edu- 
cacion. San Juan, P.R. 1-4,1905-0811? 

HOCHSCHUL-nachrichten. Munich. 1-29, 1890- 



4'ti %'VL 

HOCHSCHUL-nachrichten. (Schweizerische 

zentralstelle fiir hochschulwesen, Bern) 
Bern. nol,Jl 1922 + 

Title and text in German and French. 

French title: Bulletin universitaire 



Cincinnati. 1-9, S 27 1850- 

HOCKEY field and 


La Crosse. Wimbledon. 

HOCKEY world. Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Eng- 
land. 1,1922+ 

HODGE'S journal of finance. See National 

journal of finance 
HOECHSTRICHTERLICHE rechtsprechung auf 
dem gebiete des strafrechts. Berlin; Leipzig. 
1-3, Mr 1925-27H 

Supplement to Zeitschrift ftir die ge- 
samte strafrechtswissenschaft, 46-48 

HOEFUTHSTAOURINN. Reykjavik. 1,1916-1711 

HOGAR; revista ilustrada para las familias. 

Mexico City. 

HOGAR. Revista ilustrada universal. Havana. 

HOGAR; revista quincenal de conocimientos 
utiles. Toluca, Mex. vl nol-18,S 15 1872- 
My 31 1873||? 

HOGAR; revista semanal ilustrada. Caracas. 

HOGAR normalista. (Escuela normal de pro- 
fesores) Asuncion, Paraguay. 1,N 1929 + 

HOGARTH essays. London. 1-19,1924-26; s2 vl, 

HOGARTH lectures on literature. London. 

1,1927+ . ; 


l i'7/t^ , 

HOGARTH letters. London. 1,1931+ 
7 not yet published 

MB ) „ % 

HOELDUR. Akureyri. 186111 

HOFFY'S orchardist's companion; or, Fruits of 
the United States. Philadelphia, Pa. vl-2 


1,1841 as Orchardist's companion 

HOGARTH living poets. London. 1,1928+ 

VU L h%<) A- 

HOGG'S weekly instructor. See Titan 
HOGGSON magazine; pub. quarterly in the in- 
terest of harmony, efficiency and economy 
in building. N.Y. 1-4.S 1914-Mr 1918U? 

HOFMEISTERS musikalisch-literarischer 

monatsbericht. . . See Musikalisch-literari- 
scher monatsbericht 

HOG breeder. Chicago. 1,1926+ 

HOGAKU ronso. Kyoto. 

HOGHUNTERS' annual. Allahabad. 1,1928+ 

HOG'S wash. See Politics for the people; or, A 

salmagundy for swine 
HOHE blume; poetische blatter. Vienna. 1, 


HOGAKU shimpo. Tokyo. 

HOGAKU shirin. Tokyo. 1,D 18 1900+ 

HOHENRODTER bund. See Archiv fur er- 

HOHENZOLLERISCHE forschungen. Munich; 
Berlin. 1-7,1891-190211 

Superseded by Quellen und forschungen 
zur deutschen insbesondere hohenzolleri- 
schen geschichte 

HOGAR. Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Suspended 1914?-19. Ja 1920+ issued 
under same cover with Agricultor mexi- 
cano, but separately paged 

HOGAR. Trujillo. l,Ag 1938+ 

HOGAR. Ilustracion semanal argentina. Bue- 
nos Aires. 

HOHENZOLLERISCHE jahreshefte. (Verein 
ftir geschichte, kultur- und landeskunde 
Hohenzollerns in Sigmaringen) Sigmaringen. 

Supersedes the society's Mitteilungen 

HOHENZOLLERN-jahrbuch; forschungen und 
abbildungen zur geschichte der Hohen- 
zollern in Brandenburg-Preussen. Berlin; 
Leipzig. 1-20,1897-191611 



H0IESTERETSTIDENDE, udgiven af hdieste- 
rets protocolsecretairer. Copenhagen. 


21-34 also as nsvl-14 

HOIGAKKWAI syashi. Tokyo, nol-128, 
5 189511 


HOLDEN'S bird magazine, an 
monthly. N.Y. l.F-O 1882||? 


HOLDEN'S dollar magazine. See Dollar maga- 

HOLDER; literair moanneskrift. Dokkum. 1-4, 
Mr? 1926-D 192911 

HOISTING: an exponent of applied mechanics, 
especially of improved devices for handling 
materials. Stamford, Conn, vl-3 no4,Ja 1891- 
Ap 189311? 

HOLIDAY. (American automobile association) 
Washington, vl nol-7,0 1930-Ap 1931|| 

Supersedes national edition of American 
motorist. Merged into Travel 


17 189011? 

N.Y. 1-2 (nol-18),S 19 1889-Ja 

HOIZ-freind. Warsaw. 1-5,1888-9611 
Suspended 1890-93 

HOJAS literarias. Havana. 1-5, Mr 31 1893-D 31 


& MB 

M I 


HOJAS pan americanas; revista mensual de di- 

fusion cultural e intercambio de libros, pu- 

blicaciones e ideas entre los parses ameri- 

canos. Buenos Aires. 1-3 (nol-15), Je 1935- 

Je 193711 

HOJAS selectas; revista para todos. Barcelona. 
At head of title: Biblioteca Salvat 

HOJESTERETSTIDENDE. (H0jesterets pro- 
tokolsekretaerer) Copenhagen. 1-20,1857-77; 

HOLIDAY magazine for children. See Chil- 
dren's magazine (N.Y. 1903-13) 

HOLIDAYS, tours and travel. London, vl-8 no6. 
1925-J1 1932|| 

HOLLAENDISCHE beitrage zu den anatomt- 
schen und physiologischen wissenschaften. 

Dusseldorf; etc. vl nol-3, 1846-4811 

HOLLAENDISCHE beitrage zur gesamten 

mikrobiologie. See Folia microbiologica 
HOLLAENDISCHES magazin der naturkunde. 

Frankfurt a.M. vl nol-2,1802-03H 

HOLLAENDISCHES museum fur Deutschlands 
aerzte und wundarzte. Breslau. 1,1794(1 


Nederlandsche mijngebied 

— Geologisch bureau. See Geologisch bureau 
voor het Nederlandsche mijngebied 
HOLLAND and her colonies. N.Y. 1-3, Ap 1921- 
O 1923H 

Ha-HOKER. Hebraische monatsschrift ftir 
die wissenschaft des Judentums. Vienna. 
vl-2 no3, 1891-941] 

1 as Revue h6braique 

HOLLAND-institut in Frankfurt am Main 
iiber die Niederlande und ihre kolonlen 
Schriften. Heidelberg. nsvl,1924-f 

HOKKAIDO imperial university, Sapporo, Ja- 
pan. See under Sapporo, Japan 
HOKKAITO iji kodankwai geppo. Hokkaito. 

HOLLAND institute of thermology 

Bulletin. Popular education series. 


HOKUETSU ikwai kwaiho. Tokyo. 

HOKURIKU correspondence and exchange club, 

Kanasawa, Japan. See Bulteno de H.C.E. 

HOLBERG aarbog. Copenhagen; etc. 1-5,1920- 


HOLBEIN society, Manchester 
Fac-simile reprints. 1-18,1869-921] 

\- /0 

/ (VW /H? 

HOLBORN review. London, vl-74 nol,1879-Ja 
Supersedes Christian ambassador. 1-52, 
1879-1909 as Primitive Methodist quarterly 
review. United with London quarterly re- 
view to form London quarterly and Hol- 
burn review. v53-74, 1910-32 also as nsvl- 

HOLLAND news. Nouvelles de Hollande. Hol- 
landische nachrichten. Leyden. nol-20,N 
1914-Ja 20 1917; nsvl-2(nol-81),F 20 1917-Ja 
27 1919H 

Superseded by League of nations (Bern) 


HOLLAND society of New York 
Collections. 1,1891+ 

See also Halve maen * 
HOLLAND'S East India; a commercial, eco- 
nomical and general review. Buitenzorg, 
Java, vl-2 nol.D 5 1919-Mr 31 1921||? 

French ed. See Indes hollandaises 
HOLLAND'S import and export trader. Am- 
sterdam. 1,1919+ 
Foreign edition of In en uitvoer. Je 1919- 
Je 1920 as Import and export trader 




HOLLAND'S magazine. Dallas, Texas. 1,1876+ 
1-23,1876-1903 as Streets' weekly 

HOLLANDS magazyn. Haarlem. 1-3.1750-61U 

HOLLANDSCH bloembollenkweekers genoot- 

schap. See Kweekersblad 
HOLLANDSCH magazijn van letteren, weten- 
schappen en kunsten. Amsterdam, vl nol- 
Supersedes Magazijn voor wetenschappen, 
kunsten en letteren 

HOLLANDSCH penning magazijn voor de 
jeugd. The Hague. 1-18.1835-52U 

HOLLANDSCH Zuid-Afrika. (Nederlandsch- 
Zuid-Afrikanische vereeniging) Amsterdam. 
vl-6 no6, -D 1914U? 

HOLLANDSCH E farmer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
l-3,Mr 1913-Ja 1916||? 

HOLLANDSCH E maatschappij 
kunsten en wetenschappen 
Nieuwe werken.l-4,1840-51U? 
Supersedes its Werken 

van fraaije 

Werken. 1-10,1810-3711 

Supersedes its Werken der Bataafsche 
maatschappij van taal- en dichtkunde. 
Superseded by its Nieuwe werken 
Index: 1-10 

Werken der Bataafsche maatschappij van 
taal- en dichtkunde. 1-5,1804-0911 
Superseded by its Werken 

HOLLANDSCHE maatschappij van landbouw 
Mededeelingen en berichten. Rotterdam. 

See also Algemeen Hollandsch landbouwblad 
HOLLANDSCHE revue. Haarlem; etc. 1, 

HOLLANDSCHE spectator. 

Ag 20 1731-Ap 8 1735H 

Amsterdam. 1-12, 

HOLLANDSCHE ijzeren spoorweg-maatschap- 

Verslag. Amsterdam. 

HOLLANDSCHE toneel-beschouwer. Rotter- 
dam. nol-20,Ag 30 1762-My 24 176311? 

HOLLANDSCHE instituut van wetenschappen, 
letterkunde en schoonen kunsten, Amster- 
dam. See K.Nederlandsch instituut van 
wetenschappen, letterkunde en schoone 
kunsten. Amsterdam 
HOLLANDSCHE kookscholen. See In en om de 

HOLLANDSCHE maatschappij der weten- 
schappen, Haarlem 
1799-1806 as Bataafsche maatschappy der 
wetenschappen; 1807-09 Koninklijke 

maatschappy der wetenschappen; 1812 
Maatschappy der wetenschappen 
Historische en letterkundige verhandelingen. 



Letter- en oudheidkundige verhandelingen. 

Natuurkundige verhandelingen. 1-24,1799-1844; 
s2 vl-25,1841-68; s3 vl,1872+ 
Supersedes its Verhandelingen. 1 as Werk- 
tuig- en wiskundige verhandelingen. 
Suspended 1869-71 , . 

Index: 1-24 in 24 


, i 

Verhandelingen. 1-30.1754-93U 

Superseded by its Werktuig- en wiskun- 
dige verhandelingen, later Natuurkundige 
Index: 1-28 

HOLLANDSE Mercurius. Haarlem. 1-41,1650- 

28 as Nieuwe hollantse Mercurius 

HOLLAR. Prague. 1,1923 + 

HOLLEY'S railroad advocate. See American 

engineer (N.Y.) * 

HOLLOWAY'S musical monthly. Philadelphia. 4- 'J 
1-2 (nol-23), 1863-64H? 

MO - 

HOLLY leaves. Hollywood, Cal. 1,1913+ 

HOLLY oak. North Dartmouth, Mass. vl-3 no7, 
1891- Jl 1893H? 

HOLLYWOOD filmograph. Hollywood, Cal. 

HOLLYWOOD humanist. See Humanist 

HOLLYWOOD magazine. See South 

HOLLYWOOD now. Hollywood, Cal. l,Ap 

HOLLYWOOD pattern book. Greenwich, Conn. 

Werktuig- en wiskundige verhandelingen. See 

its Natuurkundige verhandelingen 
Wijsgeerige verhandelingen. 1-2,1811-2211 

See also Archives n^erlandaises de phonetique 
experimental ; Archives n6erlandaises de 
zoologie; Archives n6erlandaises des scien- 
ces exactes et naturelles; Physica 

HOLLYWOOD research bulletin. (Hollywood 
research bureau) Hollywood, Fla. l.Ja 23 

vl nol8,My 22 1926 as Harbor research 




screen Juveniles. See Screen 



HOLLYWOOD vagabond; the quality flintpaper. 
Hollywood, Cal. vl-2 no6,P 10-D 1927||? 

HOLZBAU. Berlin. 1-4.1920-23|| ? 

Supplement to Deutsche bauzeitung 

HOLMAN association, incorporated 
Report. Baltimore. 1-2,19H-12|| 

HOLZSCHNEIDER. (Bund der xylographischen 
anstalten Deutschlands) Stuttgart. 1,1930+ 
Supplement to Holzschnitt 

HOLMES' brewing trade gazette. Leeds, nol- 

nol-45,1878-81 as Brewing trade gazette 

HOLMESDALE natural history club, Reigate, 
Proceedings. 1,1899 + 

HOLZSCHNITT; monatsschrift zur pflege und 
forderung des holzschnitts. (Bund der xylo- 
graphischen anstalten Deutschlands) Stutt- 
gart. 1,1925+ 

Supplement. See Holzschneider 
HOLZWELT. Berlin. 1,1914+ 

HOLOPHANE glass company 
Street illumination. N.Y. nol-16, 

-Ap 1931|| 

HOMBRE. Montevideo. 

HOLOPHANE illumination. Newark, Ohio. 1-5 
no6,1907-O 1910|| 

vl nol-7 as Holophane; devoted to the 
Holophane system of illumination 

HOLSTEIN breeder and dairyman. See Breeder 

and dairyman 
HOLSTEIN-Friesian register. Brattleboro, 

Vt. vl-46 no4,1886-Ap 1 1928|| 

Merged into Holstein-Friesian world 

HOMBRE. San Francisco, vl nol.F 2 185111 

HOMBRE libre en el Peru. 


Lima, vl nol.F 15 

Saal burg museum 
— Saalburg jahrbuch. 1,1910+ 


etc. 1,1904+ 

world. Syracuse, N.Y. 

HOLSTON Christian advocate. Knoxville, Tenn. 
1- ,1852-5311 

HOME. Buffalo, N.Y. See Beadle's home 

HOME; a monthly magazine devoted to fiction, 

fashion, drama, domestic science, house 

building and outdoor life. N.Y. vl-2 no4, 

N 1910-Ag 1911|| 

Merged into American woman's review 

HOLSTON messenger. Knoxville, Tenn. vl-4 
nol.N 1824-Ja 182911 

HOME. An Australian quarterly. Sydney. 1, 

HOLT'S magazine, a Journal of literature, sci- 
ence and education. London. nol-71,Ag 24 
1836-D 30 1837H 

HOLY Cross magazine. West Park, N.Y. ; 
Westminster, Md. 1,1889+ 

HOMEACRES. Chicago. 1- ,My 1914-Je? 193211 
1-3, 1914.- Ap 1917 as Women's national 
agricultural and horticultural association. 
Quarterly; v4-9 no3,My? 1917-S? 1921 as 
its Bulletin; v9 no4-vl3,0 1921-Ap 1926 
Farm and garden; vl9 no2-v21,Ja 1931-D 
1933 Home acres and countryside maga- 

Supplement. See Hinterland 
HOLY family. Philadelphia, vl-2 no8,My 1903- 
D 1904|| 

Caption title: Holy family magazine 

HOLY family school association, Chicago. See 

Sunday school companion; Sunday school 
messenger; Sunday school mirror 
HOLY name journal. Somerset, Ohio; N.Y. 1, 

1906 + 

HOLZ als roh- und werkstoff. Berlin. l.O/N 

HOLZARBEITER. The woodworker. Published 
in the lumber and wood-working interests. 
Chicago; Philadelphia. 1- ,1886- || 
In German and English 

HOME aegis and monthly review. Little Rock, 
Ark. 1,1864-6511? 

HOME and abroad. Frankfurt a.M. vl nol-9,D 
1922-0 192311? 

HOME and abroad. London. 

HOME and abroad. N.Y. vl nol-12,Mr 15 1870- 
F 15 1871H? 

HOME and abroad; the English illustrated re- 
view. Marseilles. 

HOME and colonial school society, London 
Educational paper. 1-4,1859-0 1862||? 



HOME and country. Cincinnati. 1-7, D 1902-My 
vl-4 no6,1902-Jl 1911 as Men and women. 
Suspended Je 1906-O 1909 

HOME and country. N.Y. 1-10,1885-9511 

United with Monthly illustrator to form 
Monthly illustrator and Home and coun- 
try, • later Home and country 

HOME and country. N.Y. 1-5, Ja 1893-S 1895; 
11-14,0 1895-My 189711 

vl-3 no9,Ja 1893-Ja 1895 as Quarterly il- 
lustrator; v3 nol0-v5 Monthly illustrator; 
11-13,0 1895-Ja 1897 Monthly illustrator 
and Home and country. Absorbed Home 
and country 1895 and assumed its volume 
numbering , , A fi\ J ^ 

HOME and country, the journal of the women's 
institutes. (National federation of women's 
institutes) London. 1,1919 + 

HOME and foreign record of the Presbyterian 
church in the United States of America. 

See Presbyterian monthly record of the 

Presbyterian church in the United States of 

HOME and foreign review. London; etc. 1-4, 

Jl 1862-Ap 1864|| 

Supersedes Rambler: a Catholic journal 
and. review of home and foreign literature 

m a 


HOME and garden review. Chicago. 1- 
O 1934-H 


HOME and health. N.Y. vl-2 no8,Mr 1871- 


HOME and school. Akron, Ohio, vl nol-9,Ja-S 

Merged into Ohio teacher 

HOME & empire. London. l,Mr 1930+ 

HOME and school. Louisville, Ky. See Southern 
school journal 

HOME and school. Philadelphia. 1-7,1911-1711? 

HOME and farm. Louisville, Ky. 1-44,1875- 
Merged into Inland farmer 


Vyuo^ - r HHll- 

HOME and farm companion. See National 
farmer, haus- und bauernfreund 

HOME and farm visitor. Waco, Tex. l,My 

vl nol-8,My-D 1929 as Farm visitor 

HOME and school. (Home and school council 4 '' 
of Great Britain) London. l,Je 1936+ 

HOME and school; a journal of Christian edu- 
cation. (Seventh-day adventists. General 
conference) Washington. 1,S 1909+ ? 
1-6 as Christian education; 7- Christian 

HOME and field. See House beautiful combined 

with Home and field 
HOME and flowers. West Grove, Pa.; Spring- 
field, Ohio, vl-16 nol,N 1896-My 1904; (s2) 
vl4 nol0-vl6 no8,Jl 1904-My 190611 

1896-0 1900 as How to grow flowers. Jl 
1904 absorbed Success with flowers and 
continued its volume numbering. Merged 
into Vick's magazine 

HOME and school; a magazine of popular edu- 
cation, literature and science. Louisville, 
Ky. 1-5,1872-7611 

United with other publications to form 
Educational weekly (Chicago) 

HOME and school guest. Stroudsburg, Pa. vl- 
11 no3,1910-O 192011? 

HOME and food. N.Y. 1.J1 1937+ 

HOME and foreign fields. (Southern Baptist 
convention. Foreign mission board) Nash- 
v.lle, Tenn. 1-21,1916-371! 

HOME and school journal. St. Louis, Mo. vl 
nol-5,Ja-My 1861|| 

HOME and school messenger. Columbus, Ohio. 
l-2,Ap 1912-Ag 191311? 

HOME and foreign journal. Richmond, Va. See 

Foreign mission journal 
HOME and foreign missionary record for the 
church of Scotland. See Church of Scot- 
land home and foreign missionary record 
HOME and foreign record of the Canada Pres- 
byterian church. Toronto. 1-14,1862-75|| 
Formed by the union of Canadian Pres- 
byterian magazine and Ecclesiastical and 
missionary record. Superseded by Pres- 
byterian record 

HOME and school supplement. Toronto; Buf- 
falo. vl-5 no4(nol-31),Mr 1884-D 1886(1 ? 
1-2 as School supplement 

HOME and school visitor. Greenfield, Ind. 1, 

HOME and foreign record of the Free church 
of Scotland. Edinburgh. 1-4, Je 1843-J1 
1850; (ns)vl-6,Ag 1850-J1 1856; s3 vl-5, 1857- 

Title varies slightly. Superseded by Free 
church of Scotland weekly record, later 
Free church of Scotland monthly 

HOME aquarium bulletin. East Orange, N.J. 
1- ,Mr 1931-Mr? 193611 
Merged into All-pets magazine 

HOME aquarium news. Cleveland. 1,1936+ 



HOME arts-needlecraft. Augusta, Me. l,My 
1909 + 
vl-9 noll,1909-Jl 1918 as Needlecraft; v9 
nol2-v20 no4,S 1919-D 1928 Needlecraft 
magazine; v20 no5-v26 nol2,Ja 1929-Ag 
1935 Needlecraft (subtitle varies) 

HOME-builder. See Beautiful homes magazine 
HOME building. Chicago, vl-4 nolO,1925-Ap 
Merged into Building developer 

HOME circle. Louisville, Ky. 1,1921+ 

HOME circle; a monthly periodical devoted to 
religion and literature. Nashville, Tenn. 1-6, 


HOME economics news. Peoria, 111. vl-3 nolO, 
Ja 1930-O 1932H 

Merged into Practical home economics 


HOME economist. 

HOME education. Chicago 

O 1907H? 

Mr-My 1904 incorporated with Rostrum 

Practical home eco- 
vl-3 no4,F 1903- 

HOME equipment; a house furnishings and 
utilities merchandising magazine for furni- 
ture, hardware and department stores. Des 
Moines, la. 1-9, O 1917-J1 1926|| 
1917-19 as Merchants national hardware 
journal; 1920- Ja 1922 Hardware merchants 
trade journal. Merged into House fur- 
nishing review 

HOME comfort. N.Y. 1-6, Mr 1898-D 1901| 

HOME companion. 

ptl-11, 1855-5611? 

London. 1-3,1852-54; ns 

HOME evangelist. See Home mission herald 
HOME farm. Augusta, Me. 1-7,1880-8711? 


HOME, farm and factory. Atlanta, Ga. 1-13, 



HOME companion. Portland, Me. See Pine tree 


HOME counties magazine, devoted to the 

topography of London, Middlesex, Essex, 

Herts, Bucks, Berks, Surrey and Kent. 

London. 1-14,1899-191211 , ,, „ 

Jflg Index: 1-10,1899-1908 2- Y <0 (3 «F f 

04 & 

HOME county magazine. 

S 1925H 

N.Y. vl-4 nol.Jl 1922- 

HOME, farm 


and orchard. Newburgh, N.Y. 

HOME field. Atlanta, Ga. 1-27, 1888-0 1916H 

1888-S 1895,Je 1896-N 1909 as Our home 
field; O 1895-My 1896 Mission journal of 
the Southern Baptist convention. United 
with Foreign mission journal to form 
Home and foreign fields 

HOME craftsman. Plainfield, N.J. l,Ja 1932+ 

HOME, field 


and forum. Guthrie, Okla. 1-3, 


HOME decoration; a journal devoted to artis- 
tic house furnishing and the minor branches 
of decorative work. N.Y. vl-7 nol3,Ja 9 

,, 1886-Je 29 1889H 

HOME florist. Springfield, Ohio, vl-4 no4,1898- 

Merged into Home and flowers 



decorator. Cleveland, vl-4 nol0,1910- 

HOME folks. Chicago, vl-23 no4, -Ap 1908ff 
Merged into Woman's world 


HOME decorator and furnisher. N.Y. vl-32 
no7,0 1882-0 1898|| 

1-31,1882-Mr 1898 as Decorator and fur- 
nisher. 31-32 also as nsvl-2 

MB **v± H6^"> /° 

HOME department magazine. Boston; Phila- 
delphia. 1,1900 + 

-Jl 1914 as Home department quarterly 

HOME friend. (Society for promoting Chris- 
tian knowledge) London. 1-4,1852-54; ns 

MB \-t / y 

HOME furnishing styles . . . the national mag- 
azine dedicated to the art of home beauti- 
fying. N.Y. 1 (nol-6),Ja-Je 1923|| 

HOME department quarterly. See Home de- 
partment magazine 

HOME designer. See Western horticulture, gar- 
dens and homes 

HOME designer and garden beautiful. See 
Pacific homes and gardens 

HOME economics counselor. Santa Fe, N M. 
1,S 1925 + 

HOME gazette of the Church missionary so- 
ciety. London. 1-2, Ja 1905-D 1906)1 

Superseded by Church missionary gazette 

HOME geographic monthly. (Home geographic 
society, Clark university) Worcester, Mass. 
vl-2 no2,Ja 1931-D 1932|| 

HOME economics curriculum study. NY. 1. 


HOME-grown sugar. (British sugar beet grow- 
ers' society) London, vl-2 no7,Ag 191 9-0 




HOME guardian. Boston. 1-54,1838-Mr 1892|] 
1-30,1838-67 as Friend of virtue 

.Lib. i It ? Hi *^>-"ff°/ >?r L^^'vJ-L^oj-/, 
HOME health; or, Popular science of hygiene. 
Peoria, 111. vl nol-8,Ap-N 1883|| 

HOME magazine. Philadelphia. 1855. See 

Arthur's home magazine 
HOME magazine. Washington; Minneapolis; 
Indianapolis, vl-23 no3,1888-My 1908U 
vl9 no2-v20 nol omitted in numbering. 
Merged into Uncle Remus' s magazine, 
later Uncle Remus' s home magazine 

MB ) s^ ~7L(t ,1}' 


HOME herald, the new voice of the Ram's horn. 

Chicago. 1-21,1890-191011? 

1-17,1890-1906 as Ram's horn 

HOME hobbiest. Chicago. l.Ap 1934+ 

HOME magazine of New York. Syracuse, N.T.; 
N.Y. 1-18, Ag 1893-Ap 1902|| 

1893-F 1895 as Commercial travelers' 
"home" monthly magazine; Mr 1895-Ap 
1896 Commercial travelers' home maga- 
zine; My 1896- Ap 1900 Home magazine. 
Merged into Book-lover 

HOME information. LaFayette, Ind. l-2(nol- 
32), Ja 1936-Ag 1937)1 

l-5,Ja-Mr 1936 Home information service 

HOME journal. Boys Town, Neb. vl-22 no9, -S 

Supersedes Father Flanagan's boys' home 
journal. Superseded by Boys Town times 

HOME journal. London. 1,1934+ 

HOME journal. N.Y. See Town and country 
HOME journal, and companion for the family 
circle: a miscellany of amusement, instruc- 
tion, domestic entertainment, and useful 
knowledge. London, vl nol-20,Je 16-0 27 

HOME Journal of health. N.Y. 1,1875||? 

HOME mail. jSee Neighbor's home mail 
HOME-maker; an illustrated monthly maga- 
zine. N.Y. vl-10 no2,Q 1888-My 1893|1 

fV\ - lo 



HOME market bulletin. See Protectionist 
HOME market club, Boston. jSee Protectionist 
HOME medical journal. Boston, vl nol-2,Ag-S 


Superseded by Physician and patient 

HOME mission and church extension quarterly 
bulletin. (Board of home missions and 
church extension of the Methodist Episcopal 
■church) Philadelphia, vl-2 no4,Jl 1914-D 


HOME mission and Sunday school bulletin. 
Staunton, Va. l,Ja 1916+ 

HOME knowledge. N.Y. 1-3, My 1887-My 

HOME laboratory journal. Chicago, vl-4 no2,My 
1933-F/Mr 193611 

HOME lands. (Presbyterian board of home 
missions. Dept. of church and country life) 
N.Y. vl-6 no3,Ap 1919-Ag 1924|| 

Merged into Country life bulletin, later 

Rural America 

HOME library. Foxboro, Mass. vl-2 nol.Je 
13-D 12 1857H 

HOME life agency magazine. N.Y. Ja 1934-Ja 


Superseded by Home made news 

HOME mission college review. (American Bap- 
tist home mission society of New York) 
Raleigh, N.C. ; Philadelphia, vl-4 nol, My 
1927-My 1930H 

HOME mission echo. Boston; Augusta, Me. 
1-12.F 1885-0 1896|| 

Superseded by Home mission echoes 




HOME mission echoes. (American Baptist home 
mission society; "Woman's American Bap- 
tist home mission society) Boston, vl-12 
no3,N 1897-Mr 1909|| 

Supersedes Home mission echo 

MB |, 3- \X~ 


HOME mission herald. Atlanta, Ga. vl-4 nolo, 
Ja 1908-O 1911H 

United with Missionary to form Mission- 
ary survey, later Presbyterian survey 


HOME made news. N.Y. 1,F 1938+ 

Supersedes Home life agency magazine 

HOME mission 


herald. Louisville, Ky. 1-2, Ap 

HOME magazine. Jamaica, N.Y. vl-12 no3,N 
1929-S 1935H 

Superseded by Pilgrim Christian home 

HOME magazine. London. 


(American Baptist 
N.Y. 1-42, S 1849-D 

HOME mission herald, 
home mission society) 


1-13,1849 : 62 as Hojne mission record; vl4- 
Home evangelist. 
1872. vl7 no4-v40 

17 no3,1863-Mr T8 1? 
Suspended Ap 1866-D 
omitted in numbering 

\«] -/O 





HOME mission monthly. (Presbyterian church. 
Woman's executive committee of home mis- 
sions) N.Y. 1-38,1886-Mr 1924|| 
United with Woman's work to form Wo- 
men and missions 

HOME mission record. See Home mission 

herald (N.Y.) 
HOME missionary. Philadelphia. 1-19,1900-1911? 

HOME needlework magazine. Florence; Bos- 
ton. l-19,Ja 1899-Ap 1917JI 

vl nol as Corticelli home needlework. 
Merged into Modern Priscilla 

HOME of today, devoted to domestic comfort. 
(Williams oil-o-matic heating corporation) 
Bloomington, 111. vl-4 no4,Ap 1928-N 193111 

HOME missionary. (Congregational home mis- 
sionary society) N.Y. vl-82 nolO,1829-Mr 

1-12,1829-Ap 1840 as Home missionary and 
American pastor's journal; 13-15, My 1840- 
Ap 1843 Home missionary and pastor's 
journal. Merged into American missionary 



HOME missionary. (Presbyterian church in the 
U.S.A. Atlanta committee of home mis- 
sions) Atlanta, Ga. vl-4 noll.Jl 1890-My 


HOME missionary and American pastors' Jour- 
nal. See Home missionary 

HOME missionary and tract magazine. Phila- 
delphia, vl nol-4,Jl 1866-Ap 18671! ? 

HOME missionary magazine; or, Record of the 
transactions . of the Home missionary so- 
ciety. London. 1-16,1820-35; nsvl-5,1836-40; 
ns(s3) vl-6,1841-46|| 

HOME missions council 
Annual report. N.Y. 1,1908+ 
1908-11 not published 

HOME owned store magazine. Des Moines, la. 

HOME owner; an illustrated magazine devoted 
to the building of better homes. See Cali- 
fornia home owner 
HOME photographer. London. l,Mr 1933+ 

1- as Home photographer and snapshots. 
Supersedes Snapshots and amateur movies 

HOME photographer and home movies. See 

Photographic handbook 
HOME progress. Boston. 1-6, Ja 1912^ Ag 1917J) 



I -U 

HOME quarterly. Nashville, Tenn. 1-35 no3, 
1900-J1/S 1935H 
v35 no3,Jl/S 1935 as Christian home. 
United with Childhood guidance In Chris- 
tian living to form Christian home 

HOME rule advocate. (Municipal government 
association of New York state) Albany. 
vl-2 no3,My 1913-0 19150 

HOME rule union, London 
Journal. l-2(nol-27),Mr 1888-My 189011 

HOME modernizing activity. Chicago, vl-2 no9 
Ag 16 1928-My 1 1929|| 

Superseded by Home modernizor 

Report. 1886 7 91||? 

HOME modernizor. Chicago. l,Je 1929 + 

Supersedes Home modernizing activity 

HOME monthly. Boston; N.Y. 1-12, Ja 1860-D 


4 MB iu J'^2V«i} 

HOME monthly. Buffalo, N.Y. 1-4, Ja 1859-S 


Merged into Home monthly (Boston) 

HOME monthly; devoted to home education, 
literature, and religion. Boston. 1-9,1860-Je 
186511 ? 

HOME movies. Hollywood, Cal. 1,0 1934+ 

vl-3 no2,1934-F 1936 as Home movie 

HOME movies and home talkies. (Institute of 
amateur cinematographers) London. 1, 

HOME music journal. See Choir music journal 

HOME, school and church; or, Presbyterian 

education repository. See Home, the school, 

and the church 
HOME, school and community. See Georgia 

education journal 
HOME, school and nation. Chicago, vl-3 no4,Ja 

1890-Ap 1891||? 

HOME science magazine. See Everyday house- 

HOME sector; a weekly for the new civilian. 

Conducted by the former editorial council 
of the Stars and stripes. N.Y. vl-2 nol6.S 
20 1919-Ap 17 1920|| 

Suspended O 18-D 6 1919 " 
MB M & 2$O0c| 


HOME study. A monthly magazine of sugges- 
tion for business men. (National associa- 
tion of accountants and book-keepers) De- 
troit. l-5,Je 1900-Je 1904|| 
Merged into "Book-keeper and business 
man's magazine, later Business; a maga- 
zine for office, store and factory 

HOME study for electrical workers. Scranton 
Pa. 1-2.J1 1897-Ja 1899|| 
United with the steam engineering part 
of Home study for machinists to form 
Steam-electric magazine 



HOME study for machinists, steam engineers, 
etc. Scranton, Pa. 1-2, Jl 1897-Ja 189911 
The steam engineering- part of this maga- 
zine united with Home study fpr elec- 
trical workers to form Steam-electric 
magazine; the matter relating to machine 
shop practice was merged into Home 
study magazine, later Science and indus- 

HOMEOPATA. Barcelona. 1-2,1916-1811? 

HOMEOPATHIC progress in Australia, 
bourne, vl nol-12,Ag 1870-J1 187111 



HOME study for the building trades. See 
Building- trades magazine 

HOME study magazine. See Science and in- 

HOME, the school, and the church; or, The 
Presbyterian education repository. Phila- 
delphia. 1-10,1850-6011 

- as Home, school and church 

HOME tidings. See Polytechnic magazine 
HOME university. A magazine and note-book 
of all-round knowledge and aids to mem- 
ory. London. 1,1898||? 

HOMEOPATiA. Mexico. 1-16, F 5 1895-1913H? 

HOMEOPATfA practica. Barcelona. 1-6,1908- 


HOMES and gardens. London. l,Je 1919+ 

vl-5 nol,1919-Je 1923 as Our homes and 
gardens s~\ 

MB ftl-T 

HOMES and grounds. San Francisco, vl-2 
no4,Ja 1916-Ap 191711 

HOME utilities salesman. Chicago, vl-2 nol.D 
1930-D 1931||? 

HOME visitor. N.Y.; Cincinnati. 1-20, -O/N/D 


HOME visitor. (Chicago home for the friend- 
less) Chicago. 1-57,1859-191511? 

HOMESTEAD. Bloemfontein. 

Supplement to Farmer's weekly 

HOMESTEAD; Des Moines. See Iowa home- 
HOMESTEAD. Hartford, Conn. 1-7,1855-6111 

Merged into American agriculturist 

HOME visitor; an illustrated magazine of Bible 
and Church of England teaching. London. 
1864-66; s2 vl-3, 1867-69; s3 vl-2,1870-71|| 

HOMESTEAD notes; published by Ralph Bor- 
sodi and associates from their School of 
living at Suffern, N. Y. Suffern. nol-25,S 
1933-Ja/F 193611 

HOME ware. 

-Buyer section. -193511 

United with Retail digest and Retail fur- 
niture selling to form Homefurnishers 

HOMESTEAD spectator. (Virginia Hot Springs 
company) Hot Springs, Va. l,Je 1930+ 

HOMEWARD mail. London, nol- ,Ja 1 1857t 
My 9 1914|| 

Merged into Indiaman 

HOME weekly and household newspaper. Phil- 
adelphia. 1-23,1842-65||? 

-D 28 1864 as Dollar newspaper 

HOME world. New Haven, Conn. 1-2, 1880- 



HOMEFURNISHERS graphic. Philadelphia. 

Combines Retail digest, Retail furniture 
selling, and the buyer section of Home 
ware, continuing the volume numbering 
of Retail digest 

HOMEFURNISHING arts. N.Y. l,Spring 1933+ 

HOMILETIC and pastoral review. N.Y. l.O 


1900-S 1917 as Homiletic monthly and 
catechist; O 1917-S 1918 Homiletic month- 
ly; O 1918-S 1920 Homiletic monthly and 
pastoral review 

HOMILETIC magazine. London, vl-19 nol04, 
Ja 1877-88; nsvl-6 no36, 1889-9111 
vl-5 no20,1877-O 1881 as Homiletic quar- 
terly. Merged into Thinker 

HOMILETIC magazine. N.Y. 1-19,1879- 
vl-3, -1890H? 

1-5,1879-81 as Homiletic quarterly 

HOMEMAKER. San Francisco; Washington. 
1-8,1897-D 1903||? 

vl-5 nolO as National advocate; v5 noll- 
v6 noil National irrigation; v6 nol2-v7 
National homemaker. None published be- 
tween v7 no6,Je 1902 and v8 no2,F 1903. 
Merged into American forestry, later 
American forests 

HOMILETIC monthly. N.Y. 1883-84. See Homi- 
letic review 

HOMILETIC monthly. N.Y. 1917-18. See Hom- 
iletic and pastoral review 

HOMILETIC monthly. Philadelphia. 1-4, Ja 1892- 

Supplement to Ecclesiastical review 



HOMILETIC quarterly. London. See Homiletic 
magazine (London) 

HOMILETIC review. N.Y. vl-108 no6,0 1876-D 
1934|| , . 

1,1876-S 1877 as Metropolitan pulpit: 
2,0 1877-S 1878 Metropolitan pulpit and 
homiletic monthly; 3-6, 1878-S 1883 
Preacher and homiletic monthly; 7-8,0 
1883-D 1884 Homjletic monthly. United 
with Expositor to form Expositor and 
homiletic review 
Index: 1-30,1876-95; 31-42,1896-1901 


7-V7l> <£o 

-London ed. 

HOMO; a periodical for men and the women 
who look over their shoulders. Beverly, 
N.J. 1-3, Je 1901-O 1902[| 

HOMO. Revue universelle des id6es et des 
arts. Brussels. l,Ja 1923 + 

HOMOEOPATH. London, vl nol-6,1891-92|| 



N.Y. vl nol-23,Jl 1 1858-Je 15 

HOMILETISCHES und literarisches beiblatt. 

Berlin. 1-2,1870-72|| 

Supplement to Bibliothek jiidischer kan- 



Brussels. 1-5, Je 1858- 

HOMILIST. London. 1-7,1852-58; nsvl-4,1859- 
62; s3 vl-10,1863-67; s4 vl-4, 1868-69; editor's 
s (s5) vl-12, 1870-75; enlarged editor's s (s6) 
vl-6, 1876-78; excelsior s (s7) vl-7, 1879-82; 
eclectic s (s8) vl-6, 1882-85; popular s (s9) 
vl-5, 1886-90; crown s (slO) vl-4,1891-92|| 
Index: 1-7 

HOMOEOPATHE des families 

Nimes. 1,1875|| 

it des medecins. 

HOMOEOPATHE nTmois; Journal de m^decine 
populaire. Nimes. l(nol-13),Ag 1883-Ap 


HOMILIST. N.Y. 1-2,1875-761]? 

HOMOEOPATHIC advocate and guide to 
health. Keene, N.H. 1,1851-52||? 

HOMILISTIC. See Twentieth century pastor 
HOMING exchange. See American racing 

pigeon news 
HOMING pigeon. N.Y. 1-4, Mr 15 1880-My 18 


HOMING pigeon, and national homing union 
members' gazette. London; Birmingham. 
l-29,Ag 3 1905-Ja 1932|| 

HOMME; journal de la democratic universelle. 

St. Helier. 1-3, N 1853-Ag 23 1856H 

HOMME; journal illustre des sciences anthro- 
pologiques. Paris. 1-4,1884-87|| 

HOMOEOPATHIC advocate and health Journal. 

Baltimore, Md. vl-5 no4,Ap 1889-Ap 1893H 
1-2 as Baltimore family health journal 

HOMOEOPATHIC courier. St. Louis, Mo. vl-2 
no6,Ja-D 1881|| 

HOMOEOPATHIC director. Calcutta. 1,1920?+ 
None published in 1924 

HOMOEOPATHIC echo. Auckland. l.Mr 1855- 
F 1856H 

HOMOEOPATHIC envoy. Lancaster, Pa.; 
Philadelphia. 1-28,1890-191811 

HOMME; organe des jeunesses de gauche. 
Paris, nol- t O 1919- ||? 

HOMME gris; ou, Petite chronique. Paris. 1-2, 


Superseded by Nouvel homme gris 

HOMOEOPATHIC examiner. N.Y. vl-3 nol2, 
Ja 1840-D 1843; nsvl-2 nol2,Ag 1845- Jl 

1847|[ ' 

HOMOEOPATHIC expositor. Ithaca, N.Y. vl-4, 
no2,1879-Ap 1882|| 

HOMME prghistorique. Paris, vl-15 noll/12, 
1903-N/D 1928H 

Suspended 1915-25. 11-12 also as nsvl-2 
Index: 1-10 in 10 

HOMOEOPATHIC expositor. Milwaukee. 1-4, 

1866-8211? v 

Suspended Jl 1867-80 

HOMMES; revue de philosophie et d'esthetique. 

Audenarde, Belgium. 1 (nol-4),Ja-0 192711 

HOMJVIES d'aujourd'hui 



. Paris. 1-8,1878-8511? 

/. 2 3? ^ \l/ i 

MES du jour; annales politiques, sociales, 
tteYaires et artistiques. Paris. 1,1907+ 

HOMOEOPATHIC eye, ear and throat journal. 

(American homoeopathic, ophthalmological, 
otological and laryngological society) Lan- 
caster, Pa. 1-16,1895-1910|| 

Merged into Journal of ophthalmology, 

otology and laryngology 

\ V- ( 



no2,My 1895-Je 1896H? 

Louisville, Ky. vl-2 



HOMOEOPATHIC independent. See Monthly 

homoeopathic independent 
HOMOEOPATHIC journal of materia medica, 

chemistry and pharmacology. Cnicago. 1, 


HOMCEOPATHIC messenger. Toronto. 1-4, Ja 

15 1896-J1 15 1897H 

HOMOEOPATHIC news. Philadelphia, vl nol-9, 
S 23 1854-My 185611 

HOMOEOPATHIC journal of obstetrics. See 

Journal of surgery, gynecology and obstet- 
HOMOEOPATHIC journal of pediatrics. Buf- 
falo. vl-2 no3,1902-Mr 1903H? 

HOMOEOPATHIC Journal of surgery and 
gynecology. Chicago; N.Y. vl nol-2, 1898H 
Merged into Medical century 

HOMOEOPATHIC leader. N.Y. vl nol-2, Jl-Ag 


HOMOEOPATHIC news. St. Louis, Mo. 1-32, 

HOMOEOPATHIC observer. (Manchester and 
Salford homoeopathic infirmary) Man- 
chester, England, vl-4 no6,My 15 1862-651] 

HOMOEOPATHIC pharmaceutical society of 
Great Britain 
Transactions. London. 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical record. Calcutta. 1-2, 


HOMCEOPATHIC physician. Philadelphia; N.Y. 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of Oneida 
County, N.Y. 
Proceedings. Utica. 

HOMCEOPATHIC medical society of the county 
of Philadelphia 
Proceedings. 1,188211 

HOMOEOPATHIC pioneer. Syracuse, N.Y. vl 
nol-12,Jl 1845-Je 184611 

HOMOEOPATHIC quarterly. Buffalo. 1-2,1869- 


HOMOEOPATHIC record. Montreal. 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of Colorado 
Transactions. Denver. 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of Michigan 
Transactions. 1-43,1870-1912||? 

HOMCEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of New York 
Proceedings. 1-5,1850-5511? 

Transactions. Albany; etc. 1-63,1862-192011 
41-49 omitted in numbering 
Index: 1-10,1862-72 in 10; 12-21,1875-86 in 
21; 22-31,1886-96 in 31 

MB % 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of Ohio 
Proceedings. Columbus. 1-53,1865-191711? 

See also Polycrest 
HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of Pennsylvania 
Transactions. Philadelphia. 1-46,1866-190911 

See also Hahnemannian monthly 
HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of the state 
of Wisconsin 

HOMOEOPATHIC record. Northampton; Lon- 
don. vl-5 no9,N 1 1855-60H 
Supersedes Provincial homoeopathic ga- 

HOMOEOPATHIC recorder. (International Hah- 
nemannian association) Philadelphia; Lan- 
caster, Pa.; Derby, Conn. l,Ja 1886+ 
Supersedes Quarterly bulletin of homoeo- 
pathic literature 

HOMOEOPATHIC sun. N.Y.; Philadelphia. 1, 

S 1868-S 1869H 

HOMOEOPATHIC times. Manchester; London. 
l-5,Ag 4 1849-N 1854H 

HOMOEOPATHIC times. N.Y. See Medical 
times (N.Y.) 

HOMOEOPATHIC world. London. See Heal 

HOMOEOPATHICIAN. Harrisburg, Pa. 1-6, 


HOMOEOPATHIE; volksblatter fur hom5o- 
pathisches heilverfahren. Sondershausen. 
l-3,Ap 2 1858-D 15 1860|| 

HOMCEOPATHIE frangaise. Paris. 1,1912+ 
Suspended Ag 1914-D 1923 

HOMOEOPATHIC medical society of Ulster HOMCEOPATHIE militante. (Society beige de 
County, N.Y. ^ medecine homoeopathique) Brussels, vl-3 

Proceedings. Galeville. noll.Ja 1878-82||? 



HOMOEOPATH IE populaire. Paris. 1-3, My 

1888-90H? " 

HOMOOPATIENS seger. Ostersund. 

HOMOEOPATHISCH maandblad. Zwolle. 1, 

HOMOEOPATHISCH tljdschrift. Amsterdam. 

HOMOEOPATHISCHE bibliotheek. Zwolle. 1, 


HOMOEOPATHISCHE blatter. Budapest, vl-2 
no9,Ap 1877-0 1887||? 


. Budapest. 



Archive y blblioteca nacional 
— R evlst a. Tegucigalpa. 1,1904+ 
— Suspended 1910-My 1927 

, Z ' Y " . & 7 

MB ' 

Dlrecci6n general de Instrucci6n primaria. 

See Ensefianza primaria 
Universidad central, Tegucigalpa 
— Revista. 1,1909+ ~~~" 


HONDURAS comercial. Tegucigalpa. 1,D 1929 + 

HOMOEOPATHISCHE hausfreund. Hermann, 

Mo. 1,1857||? 


gart. 1,1876+ 

monatsblatter. Stutt- 

HOMOEOPATHISCHE monatsblatter fur volks- 
thiimliche gesundheitspflege und heilkunde. 

(Homoeopathischer verein in Bayern) 
Regensburg. 1-6, 1875-80 H 

HONDURAS-progress. Tegucigalpa. nol-100, 
Ja 12 1888-D 1889||? 
nol-51 also as vl-6 

HONEST gentleman. London. nol-25,N 5 1718- 
Ap 22 1719H? 

HONESTY; an outspoken scrap of paper. Dub- 
lin. 1-2 (nol-28),0 16 1915-Ap 22 1916||? 


Charlottenburg. 1,1903 + 

Berlin ; 

HONEY bee: Japanese journal of apiculture. 

Fukuoka. 1-2,1924-2511? 

HOMOEOPATHISCHE rundschau. Leipzig. 1-6, 


HONEY Jar; a receptacle for literary preserves. 

Columbus, Ohio. 1-19,1898-1911||? 
Suspended N 1900-Ja 1905 

HOMOEOPATHISCHE vierteljahrsschrift. Leip- 
zig. 1-16,1850-6511 

(n \v ' M 

HOMOEOPATHISCHER verein im grossher- 

zogtum Baden. Bee Hygea 
HOMOEOPATHISCHER verein in Bayern. See 

Homoeopathische monatsblatter fur volks- 
thiimliche gesundheitspflege und heilkunde 
HOMOEOPATH 1ST. (Dioclesian Lewis) Buf- 
falo. 1-2,1851||? 

HONEY producers' co-operator. (California 
honey producers' cooperative league) Los 
Angeles, vl-2 no4,N 1919-Je 1921|| 

HONEYSUCKLE; consisting of original poems, 
epigrams, songs, tales, odes, and transla- 
tions. London. nol-6,1734|| 
Index: nol-5 in 6 

HOMOEOPATHIST. Cazenovia, N.T. 1,184511? 

HttNGG, Switzerland 
Ortsgeschichtliche kommission 
— Mitteilungen. Zurich; etc. nol,1929+ 

HOMCEOPATHIST. London. nol-23,Ja 1853-N 
Supersedes Hahnemannian flysheet 

HOMOEOPATHY. (British homoeopathic asso- 
ciation) London. 1,1932+ 

HOMOIOGENESIS. Beitrage zur natur- und 
heilkunde. Wismar. 1,1860|| 

HOMOOPATHISK tidsskrift. Aarhus. 1-7, 

HOMttOPATHISKA underrSttelser for Svenska 
folket. Stockholm. 1-2,1855-56||? 


— Extract of meteorological observation. 

-Meteorological observations. 1884-1913|| 
Title varies slightly 

-Monthly meteorological bulletin. 1- ,1913-D 

— Monthly seismological bulletin. 
— Report. 


H O N G K O N G — Continued, 
— Engineering journal. l,Ap 1929 + 

HONGKONG horticultural society 
Occasional notes. nol.F 1931+ 

HONGKONG medical society 
Transactions. 1,S 1886-My 1889| 

UNION LIST miyx UC.'<fMf *>kBtt 

HONOR to George Washington. Washington. 

UB 7~U,t4 *-W--A*Lti 

HONOUR. (Alliance of honour) London. 1,1911+ 

HONVEDARZT. Budapest. 

Supplement to Pester medicinisch-chi- 
rurgische presse 

HONGKONG monthly magazine. 

nol-12,Jl 1857- Je 1858||? 

HONVfeDORVOS. Budapest. 1-27,1888-191411? 
Hongkong. Supplement to Gy6gyaszat 

HONGKONG naturalist. Hongkong. 

HOOD rubber company, Watertown, Mass. 
l,Ja 1930+ Weekly technical abstracts. 1,1927+ 

—Supplement. 1,0 1932+ 

HONGKONG university Journal of law and 
commerce. Hongkong. nol.Ap 1928||? 

HONGKONG university law journal. Hongkong. 
1,1926 + 

HONGKONG university magazine. Hongkong. 
1,D 1914+ 

HONGKONG university medical society. See 

HONIGBIENE. (Vereine fur bienenzucht in 

den provinzen Preussen, Pommern und 

Schlesien) Berlin. 1-8,1863-7011 


HOOD'S magazine. London, vl-11 nol,1844-48|t 
1-4 as Hood's magazine and comic mis- 

cellany kr&flfi.pi 

1-7- V 

HOOF beats. (Trotting horse club of America; 
American trotting register association) In- 
dianapolis, Ind. ; Goshen, N.Y. l,Mr 1933+ 

HOOFS and horns; a Western range publica- 
tion. Tucson, Ariz. 1,1931+ 

HOOGER instituut voor kunstgeschiedenis en 

oudheidkunde. See under Ghent. Universi- 


HOOKER'S icones plantarum. London. 1,1837+ 

1-10,1837-64. as Icones plantarum; 5-10 

also as nsvl-6; 11-20 as s3 vl-10; 21-30 as 

s4 vl-10; 31+ as s5 vl + 


HONIGBIENE von Briinn. See Maehrische biene 


Bernice Pauahi Bishop museum. See Bernice 
Pauahi Bishop museum 
HONOLULU academy of arts 
Bulletin. nol-5,Je 1928-J1 1930;(ns)l-6, 1933-3811 
Superseded by its News bulletin and 

Educational bulletin. 

as Educational work 

News bulletin and calendar. 1,1939+ 

HOOKER'S journal of botany. London. 1-9,1849- 


Supersedes London journal of botany 

HOOP der toekomst. (Vrouwen-Christengeheel- 
onthouders-unie) The Hague. 1,1854+ 

HOOSAC Valley agricultural society, North 
Adams | 

Transactions and premium lists. 
Title varies 



HOOSHARAR. (Armenian general benevolent 
union) Boston. 

Publication. 1,1928 + 

HOOSIER banker. (Indiana bankers' associa- 
tion) Indianapolis, Ind. 1,1916+ 

HONOLULU engineering association. See Ha- 
waiian engineering association 

HONOLULU mercury. Honolulu, vl-2 no6,Je 
1929-My 1930|| , 

/ v i a n 

HOOSIER farmer. Indianapolis, Ind. 1,1919+ 

vl nol as Organized farmer; vl no2-v5 
no4 Hoosier farmer organized 

HONOLULU social survey, Honolulu 
Study. 1-3,1912-14|| 

HOOSIER horticulture. (Indiana horticultural 
society) Lafayette, Ind. 1,P 1919 + 

HONOLULU times. Honolulu, vl-4 nol.O 1902- 
O 1905H? 

HOOSIER independent. (Indiana independent 
petroleum association) Indianapolis. 1,1935 + 



HOOSIER journal of business. Bloomington. 


HORA de Espafia. Valencia. l,Ja 1937+ 

HOOSIER magazine. Indianapolis. 1.J1 1929 + 

HOOSIER mineralogist and archaeologist. In- 
dianapolis, vl nol-12, F 1885-Ja 1886H 

HOOSIER motorist. Indianapolis, Ind. 1,1912+ 


HORA Jucunda. Edinburgh. 1,1893+ 
In European Braille 

»&] - H'i 

HORACE Plunkett foundation, London 
Year book of agricultural co-operation in the 
British empire. London. 1,1925+ 
1,1925 as Agricultural co-operation in its 
application to the industry, the business 
and the life of the farmer in the British 

HOOSIER naturalist. See Kansas City scientist 
HOOSIER realtor. Indianapolis. 1,1922+ 

HOOSIER stamp. Indianapolis, vl-2 no4,1892-F 

HOR/E collegianae. St. Petersburg. 1-2,1838-3911? 
HORAE semiticae. London. 1,1903+ 

HOPE: a letter from India. Tindivanam, South 
Arcot, India. 1-3,1918-20||? 

HOPE; organ of the fireside schools. Nashville, 
Tenn. l.S 1885+ 

HOPE Israels. Neerbosch, Netherlands. 

HOPE reports. See under Oxford. University. 

Hope dept. of zoology 
HOPEI po-wu-yiian hau-k'an. Tientsin. 

HORAE societatis entomologicae rossicae. See 
Russkoe entomologicheskoe obshchestvo 

HOREB; a journal devoted to research in Jew- 
ish history and literature. N.Y. ; Jerusalem. 
l,Mr 1934+ 

HOREN. (Fr. Schiller) Tubingen. 1-12,1795-97!! 

MB /ft ft Y96l .; \-l^ 

HOREN; zeitschrift des kunstlerdanks. Berlin. 
vl-6 no9,1924/25-30|| 
Subtitle varies 

HORIZON. Brooklyn, N.Y. vl-2 no4/5,S/0 1936- 
Ap/My 1937H 


HOPFENKURIER. Nuremberg. 1-14,1882-9511? 

Supersedes Hopfenlaube 

HORIZON politique, economique, litteraire et 
colonial. Brussels. 

HOPFENLAUBE. Nuremberg. 1-10,1876-8211 
Superseded by Hopfenkurier 

H6PITAL. Paris. 1,1913+ 

HORIZONS. Ames, Iowa. See New horizons 
HORIZONS. (Manor club) Pelham Manor, N.Y. 
l.My 1935+ 

HORIZONS de France; tourisme, automobi- 

H6PITAL; revue bimensuelle de pratique lisme, sports, chasse, peche, modes, arts 

medicale. Gaulon. appliques. Paris. 1-3 (nol-28),Je 1923-D 



H6PITAL; revue mensuelle de medecine et d'in- 
formation medicale. Montreal. 1,D 1936+ 

H6PITAUX de Bruxelles. See Clinique (Brus- 

HOPKINS seaside laboratory. See under Stan- 
ford university 

HOPKINSIAN magazine. Providence, R.I. 1-4, 
1824-D 1832|| 

?J13 /, / 



HOPPE-Seyler's zeitschrift fur physiologische 
chemie. Strasbourg. 1,1877+ 

1-20 as Zeitschrift fur physiologische 


Index: 1-30,1877-1900; 31-60,1900-09; 61- 

100,1909-17; 101-50,1918-25; 151-80,1926-29; 



HORA. Gazette mensuelle pour l'horloger, le 
mScanicien, le bijoutier, l'orf^vre. Paris. 1- 

HORIZONTES; revista cientifica, literaria y 
social. (Asociacion cultural universitaria) 
Havana. 1-2 (nol-3),0 20 1917-Ja 1918||? 

HORIZONTES. Revista mensual de educacion y 
letras. (Instituto normal Juan Montalvo) 
Quito, Ecuador. l,My 1929+ 

HORLOGER, revue generate. Paris. 1-18, My 
1905-O 1922||? 

Subtitle varies. Suspended 1914-D 1919. 
11-15 never pub. 

HORMONE, a chemical messenger. Worcester, 
Mass. 1,F 1927+ 

Pub. by the Dept. of chemistry and ed. by 
the Chemists' club of Holy Cross college 

HORMONES. London. l,Ja 1934+ 



HORMOON; maandblad voor de endocrinologie. 

Oss. 1-7.S 1931-Je 1938||? 

HORS de Espafia. Valencia, vl-2 no9 (nol-22), 
Ja 1937-S 1938H 

HORN and hoof. See Pacific dairyman 

HORN book magazine. (Women's educational 

and industrial union. Bookshop for boys and 

girls) Boston. 1,0 1924+ 

1924-Mr 1926 as Horn book £<£ tM! - fc /&£v 

Index: vl-4 no4,1924-N 1929 


^ Voc 


HORNERO. (Sociedad ornitologica del Plata) 
Buenos Aires. l.O 1917+ 

HORSE. N.Y. vl nol-5,Ja-My 1903|| 

HORSE. (American remount association) Wash- 
ington. i,D 1920+ 

1-11,1920-D 1930 as Remount 

HORSE. (Institute of the horse and pony club) 
London. 1,1929+ 
Title varies slightly 

HORNET. London. 1-12,1866-F 11 1880U 
vl-2 nolO as Hornsey hornet 

HORNET; a critical review of war and interna- 
tional events. Chicago, vl nol-15,0 8 1914-Ja 
16 1915|| 

Merged into Fatherland, later American 

monthly and German review 

HORNET. A monthly publication devoted to 
truth. Los Angeles. 1,1937+ 

HORSE and horseman. N.T.; Chicago, vl-22 
nol.Je 1927-Je 1939|| 

vl-15 nol,1927-D 1935 as Polo; the maga- 
zine for horsemen. Merged into Country 

HORSE and mule association of America 

Through 1933 as Horse association 
Proceedings. Chicago. 1,1920+ 


HORNIMAN museum, London 
Handbooks. nol,1904+ 

HORSE journal, a national publication for the 
horse interests. Washington C. H., Ohio. 
vl-62 no35,1855-Ag 30 1917||? 

[Publications]. nol,1921+ 

Report. 1,1901+ 

HORNSBY'S hospital magazine. Chicago, vl-6 
nol.D 1921-J1 1924H 

Merged into Railway surgical journal, 
later Surgical journal 

HORNSEY hornet. See Hornet 
HOROLOGICAL association of California. See 

HOROLOGICAL institute of America 
Journal. nol,0 1934+ 

nol.O 1934 as H.I.A. journal 

News letter. nol,1936+ 

HORSE review. Chicago, vl-83 nol8,1889-My 4 
vl-10 nol4,1889-0 2 1894 as Clark's horse 
review. v53 repeated in numbering 

HORSE sense. (Traffic motor truck corporation) 
St. Louis, vl nol-10,Ag 1919-S 1920U 

HORSE shoers' journal. See American iron- 
HORSE show monthly. St. Louis; etc. 1-24,1895- 
O 1906|| 
Merged into Sports of the times, later 
House beautiful combined with Home and 

HORSE world. Buffalo, N.Y. vl-62 nol,1889-Ja 

6 1920|| 
Merged into Trotter and pacer 

HOROLOGICAL journal. (British 
institute) London. 1,S 1858+ 



Y0 W~l£G 

HOROLOGY; a magazine for the advancement 
of watch and clock making. (Horological as- 
sociation of California) Los Angeles. l,Mr 

MB ' r >°>° ' 

HOROSCOPE. Toulouse. 1-8,186811? 

HOROSCOPE; a quarterly review of astrology 
and occult science. London. 1-2,0 1902-J1 


HORROHR. Leipzig. 1-2,1927-28||? 

Supplement to Aerztliche mltteilungen. 

HORSELESS age. N.Y. vl-44 no4,N 1895-My 15 

Merged into Motor age. v44 nol omitted 

MB in ? umberin§: U/hU * 

m v 

HORSEMAN and fair world. Indianapolis, Ind. 


-O 23 1891 as Western sportsman- and 
live stock news; vl4 no37-v40 no34,0 30 
1891-Je 27 1920 as Western horseman 

HORSEMAN and the spirit of the times. Chi- <d 
cago. 1-35,1881-D 1915|] 

vl-22 no50,1881-D 17 1902 as Horseman 

MB 2 *I\ 


HORSESHOERS' and blacksmiths' Journal 

American ironsmith 
HORT deutscher volkskunde. (Bund fur deut 
sche volkskunde) Berlin; Leipzig. 1,1934+ 



D 18380 

Brussels? l-5,Mr 1833- 

HORTICULTEUR chalonnais. (Societe d'horti- 
culture de Chalon-sur-Sa6ne) Chalon-sur- 
Saone. 1,1883+ 

HORTICULTEUR francais de mil huit cent 
cinquante et un: Journal des amateurs et 
des inte>ets horticoles. Paris. 1-8,1851-58; s2 
vl-6,1859-64; s3 vl-7,1865-72U 
Suspended Ag 1870-Ag 1871 

HORTICULTURAL register, and gardener's 
magazine. Boston. 1-4, Ja 1835-D 1838H 

MB ^~i 

HORTICULTURAL register and general maga- 
zine. London; Sheffield. 1-5.J1 1831-D 183611 
Title varies slightly. 4-5 have running 
title: Paxton's horticultural register 






HORTICULTURAL research. Athens. See Den- 

drokomike ereuna 
HORTICULTURAL review. London. 1-4, 


HORTICULTEUR moderne. Paris. 1-3,1865-660 

HORTICULTURAL review. (Egyptian horticul- 
tural society) Cairo. 1,1915+ 

HORTICULTEUR praticien. Paris; Brussels. 1- 


HORTICULTEUR provencal. Marseilles. 1-12, 

HORTICULTURAL review and botanical maga- 
zine. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1-4,0 1850-D 1854|| 
1-3,1850-S 1853 as Western horticultural 
review. 4 also as nsvl 

HORTICULTEUR savoisien. See Utile, journal 

HORTICULTEUR universel. Paris. 1-6,1839-44; 

s2 vl 1847; (s3) vl 18470 
Index: 1-6 in 6 

HORTICULTURAL abstracts. See under Im- 
perial bureau of horticulture and plantation 
crops. Bast Mailing, England 

HORTICULTURAL advertiser. Chilwell, Eng- 
land. 1,1883+ 

HORTICULTURAL societies of Ontario 
Report. Toronto. 1,1906+ 

HORTICULTURAL society and fruit growers' 
association of British Columbia. See British 
Columbia fruit growers' association 

HORTICULTURAL society of London. See 
Royal horticultural society 

HORTICULTURAL society of New South 
Wales, Sydney. See Garden and the home 

HORTICULTURAL society of New York 
Journal, vl-4 nol.Ap 1906-J1 192411 

HORTICULTURAL art Journal. Rochester, N.T. 
vl-6 noll.Ja 1886-N 1891H 

HORTICULTURAL association of Japan, Tokyo 
Journal. 1,1930+ 

Text and added title in Japanese 

HORTICULTURAL education association 
Scientific horticulture. . . Wye, Kent, Eng- 
land. 1,1932 + 

1-2,1932-33 as H.E.A. year book 

Memoirs. 1,1902+ 

1 as International conference on plant 
breeding and hybridization, N.Y. Proceed- 
ings. Suspended 1908-35 

Monthly bulletin. 

Year book. 1924/25+ 

HORTICULTURAL gleaner. Austin, Tex., 1-2, 

HORTICULTURAL Journal, florist's register 
and royal lady's magazine. London. 1-8,1833- 
37; nsvl-2,P 1838-Ja 1840|[ 
Title varies 

HORTICULTURAL magazine. London. See An- 
nals of horticulture 

HORTICULTURAL magazine and gardeners' 
and amateurs' calendar. (Horticultural so- 
ciety of Sydney) Sydney. 1-6,1864-690? 

See also Horticulture: illustrated 
HORTICULTURAL society of Northern Illinois 
Proceedings. Springfield. 1-4,1867-710 

Later numbers in Illinois state horticul- 
tural society. Transactions 

HORTICULTURAL society of Sydney 
Transactions. See Horticultural magazine and 
gardeners' and amateurs' calendar 

HORTICULTURAL times. London. See Illus- 
trated horticultural times 

HORTICULTURAL trade journal. Burnley, 
Lancashire, England. 1,1898+ 

HORTICULTURAL news. (Michigan horticul- 
tural society) Detroit, Mich. 1,0 1934+ 



London. 1-5?,1876- 

HORTICULTURAL world. Tokyo. See Engeikai 
HORTICULTURE: illustrated. (Massachusetts 
horticultural society in conjunction with 
the Horticultural society of New York and 
the Pennsylvania horticultural society) 
Boston. 1-37.D 3 1904- Jl 25 1923; nsvl.Ag 
Subtitle varies 

mb ,±\ 7ffD,H7 

J "T* 



HORTICULTURE frangaise. (Federation na- 
tionale des syndicats horticoles en France) 
Paris. 1,1907+ 

HORTICULTURE genevoise. (Societ'S d'horti- 
culture de Geneve) 1,1911[| 

Formed by the union of the society's Bul- 
letin and Jardinier Suisse 

HORTICULTURE moderne. Bourg-la-Reine. 1- 

3,1905-07; nsvl-2,1908-09||? 

HORTICULTURE nouvelle. (Soctete d'horticul- 
ture pratique du departement du Rhone) 
Lyons. 1898-1921|| 
United with Lyon-horticole to form Lyon- 
horticole et Horticulture nouvelle 

HOSPITAL. . . For publications of hospitals 
see under name of city where located 

HOSPITAL. London. 1886-1921. See Hospital and 
health review 

HOSPITAL. (Inter-hospital socialist society) 
London. 3,Ap 1937+ 
1-2 never issued 

HOSPITAL. (Rio de Janeiro. Hospital S. Fran- 
cisco de Assis. Sociedade medica) Rio de 
Janeiro. 1,1929+ 

HOSPITAL; a monthly journal devoted to hos- 
pital and institutional work throughout the 
world. London. 1,1904+ 

1-25,1904-29 as Hospital gazette 

HOSPITAL; nursing mirror. London. 

Supplement to Hospital and health review 

HORTICULTURIST. (Pilot Point horticultural 
society) Pilot Point, Tex. vl-2 no6,0 1889- 
Mr 189111? 

HOSPITAL and health review. London. 1-70,0 
2 1886-S 1921; nsvl-a no39,0 1921-D 1924|| 
1-70 as Hospital 

HORTICULTURIST and journal of rural art 
and rural taste. Albany, N.Y. ; etc. vl-30 
noll.Jl 1846-N 1875|| 

8-30 also as s2 vl-23. United with Garden- 
er's monthly and horticultural advertiser 
to form Gardener's monthly and horticul- 



HORVATH'S bulletin; musical and art monthly 
with special violin department. (American 
violin trade association) N.Y. vl-11 no4, 
1924-S 193011 
Subtitle varies 

HORWATH hotel accountant. N.Y. l,My 1921 + 
1921-D 1 1928 as Alarm clock 
Index: 1-12,1921-32; 1-15,1921-35 

HORWICH railway mechanics' institute 
Engineering and scientific club 
— Proceedings. Horwich, England. 1-5,1905- 


HORYUJI okagami. (Temple treasures at Hor- 
iuji temples) Tokyo, nol,1913 + 

Supplement. See Hospital; nursing mirror 
HOSPITAL and nurses' review. Los Angeles. 

See Western hospital review 
HOSPITAL and sanitary record. Canandaigua, 

N.Y. 1-7,1905-12||? 

HOSPITAL assistant. Kolhapur, India. 1,1906+ 

HOSPITAL association of New York state. See 

Hospital forum 

HOSPITAL association of Pennsylvania 
Proceedings. . .3,1924+ 
1-2 not published 

HOSPITAL association of Philadelphia 

Annual report of the proceedings. 1-6,1903- 


HOSPITAL association of the state of New 
Proceedings of the annual conference. 2,1926 + 
1,1925 never published 

HOSIERY age. Boston, vl-10 no3,1922-Mr 1931|| 
vl-8 no3,1922-S 1929 as Hosiery retailer. 
Merged into Dry goods economist 

HOSIERY and knit goods manufacturer. See 
American journal of fabrics and knit goods 

HOSIERY examiner. Reac 

HOSPITAL buyer. See Hospital topics and 

HOSPITAL corps quarterly. Washington, vl-14 
nol,1917-Ja 1930|| 

Supplement to United States naval medi- ^ 
cal bulletin, nol-11 as vl-3 

Pa. 1,S 1934 + 

KB ft- D°3- H *'*<>* W 

HOSPITAL de ninos. Madrid. 1-4.J1 1884-Je 

HOSIERY retailer. See Hosiery age 

HOSIERY trade journal. Leicester, England. 1, 

1894 + 

HOSPITAL digest and buyer. See Hospital top- 
ics and buyer 

HOSPITAL forum. Portland, Ore. 1,1929+ 

1929-Ja 1934 as Western hospital news 

HOSIERY worker. (American federation of full 
fashioned hosiery workers) Philadelphia 
1,1929 + 

HOSPITAL forum. (Hospital association 
New York state) N.Y. 1,0 1931+ 




HOSPITAL gazette. London. 1885-92. See Med- 

• ical times 
HOSPITAL gazette. London. 1904-29. See Hos- 
pital (London. 1904+) 
HOSPITAL gazette. N.Y. vl nol-6,1877U 

United with Archives of clinical surgery 
to form Hospital gazette and archives of 
clinical surgery, later Medical gazette 

HOSPITAL social service quarterly. See Hos- 
pital social service 
HOSPITAL topics and buyer. Chicago. 1,S 
1-3,1922-D 1925 as Hospital buyer; v4 
nol.Ja 1926 Hospital digest and buyer. 
3 repeated in numbering 

HOSPITAL gazette. N.Y. (1879) See Medical 

HOSPITAL gazette and archives of clinical 
surgery. N.Y. See Medical gazette 
,' HOSPITAL gazette and students' journal. Lon- 
don. See Medical times 

HOSPITAL general; revista mexicana de 
ciencias medicas. Mexico. l.O/D 1925+ 

HOSPITAL leaflet. (Rochester homeopathic hos- 
pital) vl-31 nol,1889-Mr 19191J? 

HOSPITAL visitant. Sunnyview, Ore. 1-2,1894- 

HOSPITAL world. Toronto. See Canadian health 
HOSPITAL world and international journal. 

Buffalo, N.Y. 1-4.1912-13U? 

HOSPITALS. (American hospital association) 
Chicago. l,Ap 1927+ 

1-9,1927-D 1935 as the association's Bulle- 

HOSPITAL life v Chicago, vl nol-12,1898|l 
HOSPITAL management. Chicago. 1,1916 + 

HOSPITALS association, London 
Annual report. 

Journal. 1-3,1884-871; 

HOSPITAL, medical and nursing world. See 

Canadian health 
HOSPITAL news; a magazine for hospital 

workers. Washington, vl-4 nol,1914-Jl 191511 

HOSPITAL progress. (Catholic hospital asso- 
ciation of the United States and Canada) 
Milwaukee, Wis. l,My 1920+ 

HOSPITAL register. Philadelphia. 1-3, F 14 1863- 
Jl 8 1865H? 

1,1863 as West Philadelphia hospital reg- 

Publications. 1- 


HOSPITALS-meddelelser. Copenhagen. 1-6,1848- 
53;nsvl, 1856H 

HOSPITALSTIDENDE. Copenhagen. 1-16,1858- 
73; s2 vl-9, 1874-83; s3 vl-10,1883-92; s4 vl- 
15,1893-1907; s5 vl,190S+ 

To 1918 includes proceedings of various 

Danish medical and surgical societies. 

1919+ issues them in a supplement as 

Dansk medicinsk selskab 

Index: 1-50,1858-1907 

HOSPITAL review. (Rochester general hospital) 
Rochester, N.Y. vl-54 no9,1864-Jl 191811? 

HOSPITAL school journal. (Michigan hospital 
school) Battle Creek; Detroit, Mich, vl-18 
nol, 1912-31H 

1912-Ag 1917 as Van Leuven Browne na- 
tional magazine 

— Supplement: Dansk medicinsk selskab. 
Porhandlinger. 1919+ 
Includes proceedings of various Danish 
medical and surgical societies previously 
published in Hospitalstidende 

HOSPODar. Omaha, Neb. 1,1891+ 

v8 nolO.Jl 15 1898 incorrectly numbered 
v8 no9 

HOSPITAL service. Sydney. See Health and 
hospital service 

HOSPITAL service news. (Associated hospital 
service of New York) N.Y. 1,S 17 1935+ 

HOSPODar. Prague. See Hospodaf ceskoslo- 

HOSPODar americky. Milwaukee, Wis. 1879- 


HOSPITAL social service. (Hospital social 
service association of New York city) N.Y. 
1-28.F 1919-D 1933U 
1-2,1919-20 as Hospital social service quar- 

HOSPITAL social service association of New 
York city 
Proceedings. 1-5,1912-1811 

1912-17 as New York conference on hos- 
pital social service. Proceedings. Con- 
tinued in Hospital social service 

HOSPODar ceskoslovansky. Prague. 1,1871+ 
1871-94 as Hospodaf 

HOSPODar moravsky. Pferov. 1,1881-9311? 

HOSPODar narodni noviny. Boleslav. 1,1882- 


—Supplement. 1.1918U? 

HOSPODarSKa knihovna. Omaha, Neb. vl nol, 



HOSPODAftSKE listy. Chicago. l.My 1 1898+ 

HOSPODAftSK£ noviny. (Cls. kral. vlastensko- 
hospodafske spolefinosti v kralovstvl 
Ceskem) Prague. 1-15,1850-6411? 

1,1850 as Tydennjk o polnjm, lesnjm a 
domacjm hospodafstwj pro mestsky a 
wenkowsky lid; 2-3,1851-52 Tydennik pro 
polnf, lesni a domaci hospodarstwf ku 
prospechu stawu rolnickelio; 4,1853 
Tydennik, casopis pro polnl 

HOSPODA6SK6 rozhledy. Kuttenberg. 1,1893+ 

HOSPODAftSK£ strojnictvi. Prague. 

Supplement to Ceskoslovensky zemgdSlec 

HOSPODAftSK* obzor. HoleSov. 1,1890+ 
HOSPODARSK* obzor.. Prague. 1,1928+ 

HOTEL life. (Ohio state hotel association) 
Cleveland. 1-28,1888-D 190811? 

Ag 1897-Ja 1899 also as s2 vl-4. 25-28 
incorrectly numbered 35-38 

HOTEL mail, N.Y. 1-39,1877-9711 

m °-k I U^ ! 

HOTEL management. N.T. 1,F 1922+ 

S 1923+ includes monthly supplement: 
Pood service 0\r, I 

HOTEL monthly. Chicago. 1,1893+ 

ib fe-.i > i*-»t / lf->5 **> 

HOTEL news. (Cornell hotel association) 
Ithaca, N.Y. 1,S 26 1938+ 

HOTEL news of the West. Seattle, Wash. 1, 


HOSTESS. N.Y.; etc vl-5 no5,N 1923-My 192711? 

HOTEL register. N.Y. 1-55,1884-N 9 191211 

Merged into New York hotel review, later 
Hotel review 

HOT solder. Chicago. 

HOT Springs medical Journal. 

Ark. 1-18,1892-19081) 

HOTEL. Cologne. 1,1869+ 

Hot Springs, 

HOTEL review. N.Y. vl-26 no44,1907-Ap 4 1931|| 
vl-17 no35,1907-Ja 1923 as New York hotel 
review; vl7 no36- ,F 1923-Ja 10 1931 Na- 
tional hotel review; a magazine for ho- 
tels, clubs, and high class restaurants. 
United with Hotel world to form Hotel 
world-review. v26 no30,32-44 incorrectly 
numbered v36 no30,32-44 

Supplement. See Technik im hotel 
HOTEL administration. (Cornell university. 
Dept. of hotel administration) Ithaca, N.Y. 
1,S 1929+ 

HOTEL worker. (International federation of 
hotel workers) N.Y. nsvl-2,1919-0 1 1920H 
United with other periodicals to form 
Free voice 

HOTEL and club news. Philadelphia. 1,1902+ 

HOTEL world review. Chicago. 1,1875+ 

1875-Mr 1931 as Hotel world; the hotel and 
travelers' iournal. 4-5 omitted in "number- 

HOTEL and restaurant employes' international 
alliance and bartenders' international league 
of America 
Proceedings. Cincinnati. 

10,1902+ in Mixer and server, later Cater- 
ing industry employee 

HOTEL and travel. Atlanta, Ga. 1,1913+ 

HOTOTOGISU. Journal of Japanese literature. 
Tokyo. 1-13, -1910 H" 

In Japanese 

"? I "7 

MB ^ 1Z 

Michigan college of mining and technology! 
— Bulletin. 


HOTEL bulletin and Nation's chefs. Chicago. 
l,Mr 1900+ 
1900-Ja 1931 as Hotel bulletin. None 
rr , issued N 1912 

HOTEL gazette. N.Y. 1,1876+ 

HOTEL greeters of America. See American 

HOTEL industry. (International Geneva asso- 
ciation) Mt. Morris; N.Y. 1,0 15 1913+ 
vl-14 no8,1913-N 1920 as International 
hotel industry 

HOUGHTON line. Philadelphia. l-40,Mr 1908- 
Mr 1929;nsvl,S 1931+ 
nsvl nol-5 as New Houghton line. Sus- 
pended Ap 1929-Ag 1931 

HOUGHTON line in black and white. Philadel- 

To Mr 1930 as Houghton's black and white 
—General ed. vl-3 no5,F 1928-Je 1931|| 

Merged into New Houghton line, later 
Houghton line 

— Heat treating ed. 



-Metal ed. vl-4,nol,Ag 1927-J1 193111 

Merged into New Houghton line, later 
Houghton line 

—Textile ed. l,Je 1927+ 

HOUSE-furnisher: china, glass and pottery re- 
view. N.Y. vl-16 no2,1897-Ap 190511 

1-4,1897-JI 1899 as China, glass and pot- 
tery review. Merged into Glass and pot- 
tery world 

HOUSE furnishing dealer. Chicago. l.Ja 1935+ 

HOUILLE blanche. Grenoble. 1,1902+ 

vl3 no7-vl6 no6,Je 1914-J1 1917 never pub- 

HOUSE furnishing Journal. Chicago. 1- ,1915-S 

Merged into House furnishing review 

HOUILLEUR. Mons. 1-13,1863-7611? 

HOUSE furnishing review. N.Y. 1,1892+ 

H6UN. Tokyo. 1,1932+ 

HOUSE of mirth. Athens, Ga. 1-2.J1 4 1849-Ag 
10 1850H 

HOUND and horn. Portland, Me.; Cambridge, 
Mass, vl-7 no4,S 1927-J1/S 193411 
Subtitle varies , , _ 

M ft 

HOUNDS and hunting. Decatur, 111. 1,1907+ 

HOUSE of youth. Toronto. l,Ja/Mr 1935 + 

HOUSE organ review; a journal for editors. 

Chicago. 1,1927+ 

HOUR. A weekly journal devoted to social in- 
terests. N.Y. 1-16,1880-8511 

S <tY6, - 

A MB fad 

HOURS at home: a popular monthly of instruc- 
tion and recreation. N.Y. l-ll,My 1865-0 


Title varies slightly. Merged into Scrib- 
ner's monthly, later Century, a popular 

A mb a 7 ttrly ainih.x- 


HOUSATONIC, a magazine for and about New 
England. Roxbury, Conn, l,Ag 1932+ 

HOUSATONIC agricultural society, Great Bar- 
Transactions and premium lists. 

HOUSE painting and decorating. See Painting 

and decorating 
HOUSE physician. See Domashnii vrach 
HOUSECRAFT. (Association of teachers of do- 
mestic subjects) London. 1,S 1928+ 

6? C/V 

HOUSEHOLD. Topeka, Kan. 1,1900+ 

HOUSEHOLD. Devoted to the interests of the 
American housewife. Brattleboro, Vt. ; Bos- 
ton; N.Y. 1-39,1868-190311? 



HOUSEHOLD arts review. N.Y. vl-7 nol, N 
1908-D 1914|| 
1908-N 1909 as Domestic art review. 
Merged into Teachers' college record 

7 ild 



HOUSE; the journal of home arts and crafts. 

See House beautiful and the home 
HOUSE and garden. London. 1,1920+ 

HOUSE and garden. 

MB ,, • 

N.Y.; Philadelphia. 1,1901+ 


HOUSE beautiful. Boston; Chicago, vl-74 no6,D 
1896-D 1933|| 
United with Home and field to form 
House beautiful combined with Home and 

M^ro. r 7'/ 

i / 


HOUSE beautiful and the home. London. 
Mr 1897-D 1903; nsvl-4 no6, 1904-0511 

1-14,1897-D 1903 as House; the journal of 
home arts and crafts (subtitle varies) 

HOUSE beautiful combined with Home and 
field. N.Y. 1,1902+ 

vl-19 nol7,1902-Ap 1912 as Sports of the 
times; vl9 nol8-v39 nol2,My 1912-D 1929 
Field illustrated; v40-43 nol2, 1930-33 Home 
and field 

HB -M - Nl 

HOUSEHOLD chess magazine. 

London. nol-3,Ja-Mr 1865U 


HOUSEHOLD companion; a magazine for the 
home circles. Boston. 1-35,1879-191111 
23 omitted in numbering 

HOUSEHOLD finance corporation, Chicago 
• Better buymanship. Bulletins from your fami- 
1st doctor of finances, nol, 1933+ 

Stretching the dollar, nol, 1934+ 

HOUSEHOLD guest. Boston; Chicago, vl-30 
nol.Ja 1888-Ja 1913||? 

vl-27 no8,1888-S 1908 as Our day (sub- 
title varies); v27 no9- ,.0 T9Hg^a.p 1912 

World's events combined with Our day. 

Je 1908 never published. vlO omitted in 



HOUSEHOLD journal. 


I /'a 

Springfield, Ohio. 1-14, 



HOUSEHOLD journal of popular information, 
amusement and domestic economy. N.Y. 1-4, 
O 6 1860-S 1862|| 

MB I ^.r wi h /I 7390- %f 

HOUSEHOLD magazine. N.Y. See American 

monthly, including the Household magazine 

HOUSEHOLD magazine. Topeka, Kan. 1,1900+ 

HOUSEHOLD monthly. Boston. 1-6,1885-9011? 

[ass. ; Boston. 

HOUSEHOLD monthly. Lynn, 
vl-3 no6,0 |858-Mr 1860H? 

HOUSEHOLD narrative of current events. Lon- 
don. l-6,Ja 1850-D 1855U 

Supplement to Household words (1850-59) 

HOUSEHOLD news. Philadelphia. 1-4,1893-9611 

1-49,1881-Jl 1905H 

HOUSEHOLD words. London. 
43-49 also as nsvl-7 

MB 2<f ^ ;i ^Th\ 

HOUSEHOLD words. A weekly journal. 
ducted by Charles Dickens. London. 
(nol-479),Mr 30 1850-My 28 185911 
Superseded by All the year round 




Supplement. See Household narrative of cur- 
rent events 
HOUSEKEEPER. Minneapolis, Minn.; N.Y. vl- 
36 no4,1877-F 1913H 
United with Ladies' world to form Ladies' 
world and housekeeper 

HOUSING and building. (International housing- 
association) Frankfurt a.M. 1929+ 
In German, English and French 

HOUSING and town planning. See Habitation 
et urbanisme 

HOUSING journal. (Workmen's national hous- 
ing council; Labour housing council) Lon- 
don. nol-121, 1900-21||? 

HOUSING legal digest. Washington. 1,1936+ 

HOUSING management bulletin. Chicago. 1,F 


HOUSING problems in America. See under Na- 
tional housing association 

HOUSING quarterly. (Philadelphia housing as- 
sociation) Philadelphia. l,My 1937+ 

MB ^0 3 + 

HOUSING reformer. Cardiff. nol-6,D 1911-Je 
1912; nsvl nol-3,Ag-N 191211 

Merged into Garden cities and town plan- 

HOUSING study bulletin; a technical review. 
(Housing study guild, New York) N.Y. nol, 
Je 1934+ 

HOUSING, town-planning and architecture. 

London. 1,1911)1? 


Carothers observatory 

—Bulletin. Houston. l-4,Mr 1913-1511? 

HOUSEKEEPER'S magazine, and family econ- 
omist. London. 1,S 1825-Ja 1826H 

Supersedes Economist and general adviser 

HOUSEKEEPING experiment station, Darien, 
Bulletin. nol-14,1902-12H 


HOUSEWIFE. N.Y. 1-33.1882-Ja 19171] 

Merged into Today's housewife, later To- 
day's woman and home 

DO -IrO 7 ™ ,u 

HOUSEWIFE. A practical magazine concerning 
everything in and about the home. London. 


HOUSEWIVES' league magazine. See House- 
wives' magazine 
HOUSEWIVES' magazine. (National house- 
wives league) N.Y. vl-11 no9,1913-S 191811 
l-v6 no5,7-v8 no2,1913-S 1916 as House- 
wives' league magazine; v6 no6,D 1915 
National housewives' league magazine 

HOUSING. (National housing association) N.Y. 
1,F 1912+ 

1-16,1912-27 as Housing betterment. v7 no4 
never published 


Museum of fine arts of Houston 
—Bulletin, vl-2 no5,F 1930 -My" 1931|| 

HOUSTON bar journal. Houston, Tex*, vl nol- 
10,N 1930-D 1931|| 

Superseded by First district bar journal 
of Texas 

HOUSTON dental society 

Dental bulletin. Houston, Tex. l.D 1929+ 

HOUSTON gargoyle. Houston, Tex. 1-5,1928-S 

HOUSTON museum and scientific society, in- 
corporated, Houston, Tex. 
Bulletin. nol,1910 + 

Suspended 1911-S 1931 

HOW do you do? London. 1-8, Jl 30-N 5 179611 

HOW, for manufacturers. N.Y. vl-7 no6,Ja 
1909-Je 191511 
Subtitle varies 

HOW -7. Camden, N.J. 1,1928+ 



HOW to enjoy this week at the fair. See Chi- 
cago. Century of progress international ex- 
position. Official world's fair weekly 

HOW to export. Buffalo, N.Y. vl-6 no4,Ja 1909- 

1111 • ^ 

1911+ as a monthly supplement to Export 


HOW to grow flowers. See Home and flowers 
HOW to help boys. See Work with boys 
HOW to know the books. Philadelphia. l-2(nol- 
14), P 1903-Mr 1904||? 

HOW to live. Alma, Mich, vl-15 no9, F 1900-S 
1905H , _ 

1900 -Je 1901 as Doctor's magazine; Jl 
1901-Ja 1903 Doctor's magazine and how 
to live. v5 nol repeated in numbering. 
vl4 no3-4 t O-D 1903 incorrectly numbered 
vl6 no3-4 

HOW to live. (Life extension institute) N.Y. 

Supersedes the institute's Health letter 

HOW to make money. See Salesman's journal 
HOW to sell. Chicago; Mt. Morris, 111. 1,S 1921+ 
vl4-18 no3,1928-Mr 1930 as Sales tales 

HOW to sell handbook. Los Angeles, vl-4 no5, 

" -My 1929|| 

Superseded by Sam's way to big pay 

HOW to write. The little schoolmaster for lit- 
erary workers. Detroit, Mich. 1- ,1898- || 
Merged into Editor 

HOWARD college studies. Birmingham, Ala. 1, 


HOWARD journal. (Howard league for penal 
reform) London. l.O 1921+ 

College of education. See Journal of negro 

Commercial college 
— Commercial college studies of negroes in 

business. 1-3,1914-1611? 

See also Commercial outlook 

School of medicine 

— Howard medical news, vl-4 nolO.N 1924-Ag 


HOWARD'S American magazine, devoted to 
the colored race. Harrisburg, Pa. 1-6,1890- 
Ap 1901H? 

1- as Howard's negro American monthly 

HOWE laboratory of ophthalmology. See under 
Harvard university. Medical school 

HOWE readings on insurance. See under In- 
surance society of New York 

HOWELL drillers news. Minneapolis, Minn. 1, 
My 1922+ 

HOWE'S annals of Iowa. See Annals of Iowa 
HOWE'S monthly. Atchison, Kan. 1,1912+ 
Full title: E. W. Howe's monthly 

HOWITT'S journal of literature and popular 
progress. London. 1-3, Ja 2 1847-Je 24 184811 
Merged into People's journal, later 
People's and Howitt's journal 




HOWLAND homestead. (Society of the de- 
scendants of pilgrim John Howland of the 
ship Mayflower) Boston, vl-2 no2,Jl 1911-Ap 

HOWLAND quarterly. (Pilgrim John Howland 
society) N.Y. 1,J1 1936+ 

HOY. La revista que reemplaza a cien libros 
y revistas. Santiago de Chile. 1,N 20 1931+ 

HOYA. Washington. l,Je 12 1933+ 


HOWARD league for penal reform, London 
Howard league pamRhlets. 

Ha-HOZEH. Berlin; Hamburg. 1-2,1881-8611? 

See also Howard journal 
HOWARD university, Washington, D.C. 
Howard review, vl-2 nol.Je 1923-Ja 192511 

HROMADA. See Gromada 
HRVATSKA. Calumet, Mich. 1,1904+ 

Howard university record. 1,1907+ 

HRVATSKA ornitoloska centrala, Zagreb 
Godisnji izvjestaj. 1,1909+ 

Howard university studies in history. l,Je 

HRVATSKA pcela. Osjek, Yugoslavia. 1,1891+ 

Studies in the social sciences. 1,1938+ 

HRVATSKA prosvjeta. (Kolo hrvatskih kniji- 
zevenika) Zagreb. 1,1914+ 

Botanical museum 

— Botanical museum leaflets. 1,1932+ 

HRVATSKA smotra. See Croatian review 
HRVATSKE narodne pjesme. (Matica hrvatska) 
Zagreb. 1-5,1896-190911 



HRVATSKI geografski glasnik. Zagreb. 1,1929+ HSIEN tai p'ing lun. Shanghai. nol-268,D 13 


HRVATSKI pripovjedaci. Zagreb. 

HRVATSKO archeolosko druStvo u Zagrebu 

English title: Contemporary review 

HSIN chan hsien chou k'an. Peiping. nol,Jl 

HSIN chiao yu. (National association for the 
promotion of education) Nanking. 1-11,1919- 
Viestnik. 1-14,1879-92; nsvl,1895+ Jl 1926|| 

Spelling varies English title: New education 

MB ^ l 

HRVATSKO kolo. (Matica hrvatska) Zagreb. 1- HSIN chung hau. Shanghai. l,Ja 10 1933+ 

7,1905-12||? English title: New China fortnightly 

HRVATSKO naravoslovno drustvo. See 

Hrvatsko prirodoslovno drustvo u Zagrebu 
HRVATSKO prirodoslovno drustvo u Zagrebu 
Glasnik. 1,1886+ 

The name of the society appears in Latin 
in 1-5, Societas historico-naturalis croa- 
tica; in Croatian and Latin in 6+. 1-19 
as Hrvatsko naravoslovno drustvo 
Index: 1-10 in 10 

HSIN ch'uang tsao pan yiieh k'an. Shanghai. 

Cover title: Sin ch'uang tso miscellany 

HSIN Chung kuo. Peiping. l.My 1919+ 
English title: New China 

K. HRVATSKO -slavonsko-dalmatskoi 

skoi arkiv. See under Zagreb 


HRVATSKO starinarsko druztvo u Kninu. See 

Starohrvatska prosvjeta 
HRVATSKO stenografsko drustvo u Zagrebu. 

See Stenograf 
HRY ceskeho jeviste. Prague. 

HSI chi yu yin yao. Shanghai. nol,D 1931+ 

HSIN li chiao yii shih yen chuan p'ien. (Na- 
tional central university) Nanking, vl nol- 
2,F-Mr 1934||? 

English title: Monograph of psychology 

and education 

HSIN li pan nien k'an. (National central uni- 
versity) Nanking. 1,1934+ 
English title: National central journal of 

HSI nan yen chiu. Kuang Chou, China. nol.F 
15 1932+ 

HSIN meng-ku yiieh k'an. Peiping. l,Ja 15 
English title: New Mongolia monthly 

HSI pei yen chin. Peiping. nol.N 1931+ 

HSIN pei ch'en. Peiping. l.Ja 1935+ 

HSIANG tao chou pao. The Guide weekly. 
Shanghai. nol-50,S 1922-D 29 192311? 

HSIN shih tai pan yiieh k'an. Wuchang, nol, 
My 1931+- 
English title: New age semi-monthly 

HSIANG-ts'un chien-she pan-yiieh k'an. 


HSIN shih tai yiieh k'an. Shanghai. 1,1930+ 

HSIAO sho yueh pao. Shanghai. 1-21, Jl 1910-D 

English title: Short story magazine 

HSIN tung fang. Peiping. 

English title: New Eastern journal 

HSIAO shuo shih chieh. Shanghai. 

English title: Short story world 

HSIN ya hsi ya (yiieh k'an). Shanghai. 1, 

English title: New Asia monthly 

HSIAO shou yiieh k'an. Hangchow. 1,0 15, 

English title: Story monthly 

HSING chien yueh k'an. Peiping. 1,1932+ 

HSIEH-ta sheng-wu-hslieh hui-pao. (Pukien 
Christian university) Poochow. 

English title: F.C.U. biological bulletin 

HSIEN tai. Shanghai. l.My 1,1932+ 

French title: Les Contemporains 

HSING shih. Shanghai, nol-116, -192611? 
English title: Awakened lion 


Institute of scientific research of Manchou- 
kuo. See Institute of scientific research of 



HSOEH feng. (Anhui sheng t'u shu kuan) HUDSON Towers medical monthly. N.Y. l.My 

Anch'ing. 1,1931+ 


HSOEH heng. Nanking. nol,1922+ 
English title: Critical review 

HUDSON'S Bay record society, London 
Publications. 1,1938+ 

HSOEH I tsa chih. Shanghai. 1,1919+ 

German title: Wissen und wissenschaft 

HUE and cry and police gazette. London, nol- 
634,1794?-D 29 1827|| 
Superseded by Police gazette 

HSOEH ku. (Kuo-li chung-yang tu-shu-kuan) 
Nanking. nol.P 1936+ 
English title: National central library. 

HUEBEL & Denck, firm, publishers and book- 
binders, Leipzig 
Monatsblatter fur bucheinbande und hand- 
bindekunst. l-4,My 1924-2811 

HSOEH Lin. Sur Lin magazine. Peiping. vl-3 
no3,S 5 1921-My 16 1927||? 

Bericht. 1-22,1852-6311? 

HSOEH -shu shih-chieh. Shanghai. 1,1935+ 
HSU EH Wen tsa chih. Peiping. nol.N 1930+ 

HUA hsi hsUeh pao. Chengtu. nol-2,S 1933-Je 

HUEHNEROLOGISCHES monatsblatt Gorlitz. 


HUERFANITO. (Colegio del principe de As- 
turias, para huerfanos de medicos) Madrid. 

HUB. London. 1-13, Ag 8 1896-0 28 189911 

HUESCA, Spain 
Colegio oficial de medicos y de la asociacion 

de titulares de la provincia de Huesca 
— Boletin. 1-11, -191011? 

HUB. N.Y. See Automotive manufacturer 

HUB; a quarterly magazine. Cedar Rapids, la. HUETTENBOTE. Gross-Strelitz, Mecklenburg, 
vl nol-2,Spring-Summer 1934|| 1-10,1894-9511? 

HUB news. N.T. 1-6, My 6 1891-Ap 28 189711 

Merged into Hub, later Automotive manu- 

HUBVERSE. Mattapan, Mass. l,Ag 1937+ 

HUFELANDS Journal der praktischen hell- 
kunde. Berlin. 1-98,1795-184411 

1-7,1795-99 as Journal der practischen 

arzneykunde und wundarzneykunst; 8-83, 

1799-1836 Neues journal der praktischen 


Index: 1-20; 21-40; 41-60; 61-80 

HUDDERSFIELD college magazine. London. 


HUFELANDSCHE gesellschaft In Berlin 

To 1888 as Gesellschaft fUr heilkunde in 
Verhandlungen. 1895-9611? 

HUDDERSFIELD textile society, Huddersfleld, 

-10, -1912/13 issued by Hudders- 

fleld technical college textile society 

Veroffentlichungen. . . und vortrage. 

- as Bericht Uber die versammlungen 

HUDDLE of the National Americanism com- 
mission. Indianapolis, Ind. l,Ja 1928+ 
v2 nol.Ja 1929 incorrectly as vl noil 

Balneologische sektion. See Balneologische 

gesellschaft, Berlin 
Padiatrische sektion 
— Offentliche versammlungen. 1879- 11 

HUDEBNA matica umelecke besedy, Prague 

Listy. See Tempo; listy Hudebni matice 
HUDSON mirror, and Columbia County farmer. 

Devoted to polite literature, agriculture, the 
fine arts, &c. &c. Hudson, N.Y. 1 (nol-26). 
My 4 1839-Ap 18 1840U? 

HUDSON river magazine. Hudson, N.Y. 1. 

HUFSCHMIED. Zeitschrift fur das gesamte 
hufbeschlagswesen. Dresden; Leipzig. 1-22, 
Index:l-20, 1883-1902 in v20 

HUGHES'S French and German Journal. See 
Modern language monthly 

HUGINN. Reykjavik, vl-2 no37,Jl 29 1907 -D 22 

1 consists of 14 nos 



HUGINN; frjetta- og auglysingablaS fyrlr 
Vestmannaeyjar. Vestmannaeyjar. vl nol- 
15,Mr 30-O 20 1928H 

HULL, England 
Municipal museum 

— Hull museum publications. 1,1901 + 
Index: 1-47 in 48 

HUGRON; timarit gefiS ut af hiuta fSlagl. 

Akureyri. vl nol-2,1923-24||? 

HULL and district institution of engineers and 
naval architects, Hull 
Transactions. 1-11, -1896|| 

HUGUENOT. (Huguenot memorial association) 
Huguenot Park, Staten Island, N.Y. 1,N 

HUGUENOT. (Huguenot society, founders of 
Manakin in the colony of Virginia) Inde- 
pendence, Mo. 1,1922+ 

MB ' ^ \ ' 

HUGUENOT and historical association of New 
Rochelle, N.Y. 
Publications. 1,1924+ 

HULL and East Coast trade and transit. See 
Port of Hull monthly journal of commerce 
and transit 

HULL and East Riding portfolio. Hull, vl nol- 

mb 6 ' A mT" I? Hfat & 

HULL botanical laboratory. See under Chicago. 

HULL geological society, Hull 
Transactions. 1,1893+ 
Index: 1-5,1893-1901 

HUGUENOT quarterly. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

HUGUENOT society, founders of Manakin in 
the colony of Virginia. See Huguenot (In- 
dependence, Mo.) 

HUGUENOT society of America 
Collections. N.Y. 1.1S86U 

MB ■/;■ 

Proceedings. l,My 29 1883+ 

MB ■ ' 

Publications. 1,1886+ 

HULL house bulletin. Chicago. 1-7,1896-190611 

HULL illustrated journal. Hull, England, nol- 
3,D 1887- Jl 1888||? 

1 as Hull Christmas annual 

KB M fc 

i~hir\i I b 


HULL literary and philosophical society, Hull 
Annual report. . . and transactions. 

HULL physiological laboratory. See under 
Chicago. University 

HULL portfolio; or, Memoirs and correspon- 
dence of J. Acland its proprietor and editor. 

Hull. 1-4, Ag 20 1831- Je 15 1833||? 

HUGUENOT society of London 
Proceedings. 1,1885+ 

Index: 1-10,1885-1914 in 10 

MB | 5'y^/<f(-> 

Publications. 1,1887+ 

MB I i 

HUGUENOT society of Pennsylvania 
Proceedings. 1,1918+ 

HULL quarterly. (Hull community council.) 
Hull, England. 1,0 1934+ 

HULL quarterly and East Riding portfolio. 
Hull, vl-2 no8,Ja 15 1884-0 15 1-88511 




HULL scientific and field naturalists' club, Hull 
Transactions. 1-4,1898-191911 

HUGUENOT society of South Carolina 
..transactions. Charleston. 1,1889 + 



HUILES isolantes. Paris. 1,1936+ 

HUIS, oud en nieuw. See Nederlandsche en 
Nederlandsch- Indische huis, oud en nieuw 

HUISHOUDEN kookscholen. See In en om de 

HUKUK ansiklopedisi. Istanbul. 1-3,1930-3211? 

HULL trade and transit. See Port of Hull 

monthly journal of commerce and transit 

HULL'S crucible. Boston, vl-5 no22, -N 1876||? 

HUMAN biology; a record of research. .Balti- 
more. l,Ja 1929 + 

HUMAN — creative adventure. London. 1-4, Ag 
1928-0 1932H? 

vl nol-4,1928-Mr 1929 as Creative adven- 

HUKUKU medeniye dersleri 


Istanbul. 1-5, 

HUMAN culture. Chicago, vl-9 noll,Ap 1901-N 

HULD. Reykjavik. 1-6,1890-98|| 

HUMAN element. Louisville, Ky. 1,J1 1921+ 



HUMAN engineering. Cleveland, vl-2 no2,1911- HUMANA; eine zeitschrift fur menschenkunde 
As 191211 und menschenwohl. (Dzondi) Halle, nol-2, 


HUMAN engineering. N.Y. See Humaneering 
HUMAN engineering. (Boston Young men's 
Christian association) Boston. 1,N 1926+ 

d f|B JAM l^ { & t afCj. 

HUMAN factor. London. See Occupational psy- 

HUMAN factor. (Equitable life assurance so- 
ciety) N.Y. vl-2 no5,S 1911-J1 1915|| 

HUMAN factor. (Massachusetts society for 
mental hygiene) Boston. 1,N 12 1925 + 

HUMANE advocate. (Illinois humane society) 
Chicago, vl-14 no4,N 1905-F 1919|| 

HUMANE alliance. (National humane alliance) 
Chicago; N.Y. 1-26,1873-0 1899|| 
1873-82 as Alliance 

HUMANE journal. Chicago. See National 

humane journal 
HUMANE journal. (St. Paul society for the 

prevention of cruelty) St. Paul, Minn. 1, 


HUMAN fragments. (Colorado prison associa- 
tion) Denver, Colo, vl-3 nolO.Je 1917-Mr 


HUMANE quarterly. (Washington humane so- 
ciety) Washington. 1,1930 + 

HUMAN interest. Cleveland, vl nol-7,D 1926-N 

HUMANE review. London, vl-11 no41,Ap 1900- 
Ap 1910|| 

HUMAN life; a magazine of to-day. 
vl-13 no5,Ap 1905-Ag 1911|| 
Volume numbering irregular 


HUMAN nature. London; Glasgow. 1-12 (nol- 
135), 1867-7811 

HUMANE society of New York 

1904-05 as Henry Bergh humane society; 
1906-07 New York humane society. Not 
to be confused with Humane society of 
the state of New York, established 1794 

HUMAN nature. San Francisco. 1-16, -190611? 


l,Ja 1937+ 

(Human engineering) N.Y. 

HUMAN progress. (Human progress associa- 
tion) N.Y. vl nol-8,N 1922-0 1923|] 
Merged into Psychology, health, happiness 
and success 

HUMAN progress association, New York 
Bulletin, vl-2 no2,My 1924-Je 192511 

HUMANIDAD. (Cruz roja cubana) Havana. 1,S 

HUMANIDADES. (La Plata. Universidad 
nacional. Facultad de humanidades y cien- 
cias de la educacion) La Plata. 1,1921+ 
Supersedes Archivo de ciencias de la edu- 

HUMAN relations. Detroit, Mich. 1,1929 + 

HUMANIOR; biblioteca del americanista mo- 
derno. Buenos Aires. 
— Seccion A: Propedentica. 

HUMAN relations series. Baltimore. 1,1925 + 

HUMAN rights. (American anti-slavery^ socie- 
ty) N.Y. 1- ,1835-Je 1839|| ¥1^, A }V^}i°U 

.'MB W^- '^3 | 

HUMAN service. (United charities of Chicago) 
Chicago, vl-3 no4,My 1923-D 1925|| 

— Seccion C: Patrimonio cultural indiana. 

HUMANISME. Brussels, nol-2, 1932-3311? 

Supersedes Humanitas, la nouvelle revue 
des humanitas 

HUMANISME et renaissance. Paris. 1,1934+ 
Supersedes Revue du seizieme siecle 

HUMAN side of the people's case. N.Y. Spring 
1936-My 193711 

HUMANIST. Haarlem, vl nol-4, 1882-83| 
Supersedes Levensbode 

HUMAN society. (Spinoza institute of Amer- 
ica) N.Y. vl nol-3,F-Ap/Je 1937|| 

HUMANIST. London. nol-15,Mr 26-J1 2 1757|| 

HUMANA; biblioteca di cultura. (Dauli) Milan. 




HUMANIST. (Freie gemeindeir und freie schu- 
len) Milwaukee, Wis. 1-3,1851-53||? 


HUMANIST. (Unitarian society of Hollywood) 
Hollywood, Cal. 1-2,1927-2911? 
vl nol-3 as Hollywood humanist 

HUMANITAS; la nouvelle revue des humanites. 

Arlon. 1- ,Ja 1926-31H? 
Ja-D 1926 as Nouvelle revue des humani- 
tes. Superseded by Humanisme 

HUMANIST; an organ of the ethical move- 
ment. London, vl-7 no3,1917-Mr 1923H 

HUMANIST bulletin. (Humanist press asso- 
ciation) Chicago. 1,F 1938+ 
Supersedes New humanist 

HUMANIST press association. See H.P.A. bul- 
letin; Humanist bulletin 

HUMANISTIC studies. See under Iowa. Uni- 

HUMANISTICA lavaniensia. Louvain. 1,1928+ 

HUMANITY nouvelle; revue internationale. 

Paris; Brussels. 1-9 (nol-54),My 1897-D 

1903; s2 nol-4,0 1906-0711? 

Suspended Mr 1901-S 1902.D 1902-Ap 1903, 
Ja 1904-S 1906 s\ 

HUMANITY. Detroit. See Direct credits 
HUMANITY. Kansas City, Kan. 1-5, -S 1899||? 

Suspended Ap 1898-F 1899. 4 repeated in 


HUMANITY. Kerrville, Tex. l,Mr 1933+ 

HUMANISTISCHE gymnasium. See Gymna- 
sium, zeitschrift des Deutschen gymnasial- 

HUMANISTISCHES magazin zur gemeinniitz- 
lichen unterhaltung. Helmstadt. 

HUMANITY. Madras. 

HUMANITY. Pittsburgh. 

vetenskaps-samfundet I HUMANITY. St. Louis. 1-6.F 1906-J1 190811? 

Arsberattelse. 1918/19 + 

French title: Bulletin de la Societe des 
lettres de Lund. Text in Swedish with 
resume or entire contributions in French 


Skrifter. 1,1920+ 

MB \)f'V 

Upplandska dombocker. 1,1925+ 

Monografier. 1,1938+ 

vetenskapssamfundet I 

Skrifter. 1,1890+ 

— Urkunder till Stockholms historia. 


HUMANITARIAN. A monthly review of 
sociological science. London; N.T. vl-19 no6, 
1892-190111 l¥h "U 



I nV -IP- 

HUMANITARIAN. (Humanitarian cult) N.Y. 
1-5 1915-19H 

No issues My-S 1916.D 1918 

HUMANITY, the positivist review. London 1- 

35(nol-396), 1893-D 1925H 
1-31,1893-D 1923 as Positivist review. 1-33 
also as nol-390 

HUMANITY and health. N.T. vl-3 nol,1892-Ja 


HUMANITY and its problems. N.T. l,Mr 1924+ 

HUMANITY magazine. N.T. vl-6 no9,N 1926-S 


HUMANOLOGY, Los Angeles 
Research bureau of the Humanology insti- 
tute. Los Angeles. l,Ag 1933+ 

HUMBERS1DE. Manchester. 1,0 1922+ 

HUMBLE-bee. Worcester, Mass. l-6,Ja 1-Je 25 

Also called Bee . 

o £ 

MB | O 


HUMBOLDT. Amsterdam, nol-30, 1873-7511? 

HUMANITARIAN league, New York HUMBOLDT. Monatsschrift fur die gesammten 

Publications. 1-24,1891-97; nsvl,1898+? naturwissenschaften. Stuttgart. 1-9,1882-9011 

-'60rK U* Merged into Naturwissenschaftliche 

*>&Q -5 ■ rundschau 



HUMANITARIAN review; scientific 

ism, psychology, biology, sociology, com- 
parative religion and mythology, free- 
thought, ethical culture, etc. Los Angeles, 
Cal. vl-10 no5,Ja 1903-D 1911|| 

HUMBOLDT medical archives. St Louis. See 

Medical archives 
HUMBUG'S American museum. N.T. 1852|| 

HUMANITAS. Dublin, vl-2 noL1930-Mr 1931|| 
Irish text 

HUMMING bird. London, vl-5 no4,1891-95| 

MB fa (b 



HUMMING bird: or, Herald of taste. Newfleld, 
Conn, vl nol-5,My 12-Je 9 1798|| 

HUNGARA esperantisto. . . (Hungarlanda es- 
peranta societo) Szeged, vl-5 nol,1917-Ja 

HUMMING bird; or, Morsels of information on 
the subject of slavery, with various mis- 
cellaneous articles. Leicester, vl nol-12,D 
1824-N 1825|| ^ 

HUMOR und gemUt. Basel. 1-4,1914-15||? 
1-3 as Schweizerische grenzbesetzung 

MB !/7\fe ^1o\^^ 

HUMORIST. London. 1,1924+ 

HUMORIST. N.Y. vl nol-7,F-Ag 1921||? 
In Yiddish 

HUMORIST. Warsaw, vl nol-5,1909||? 
In Yiddish 

HUMORIST van de week. Amsterdam. 
Supplement to Panorama [Weekly] 

HUNGARIA; Budapester rundschau. See Hun- 

garia magazin; Budapester rundschau 
HUNGARIA magazin; Budapester rundschau. 
Budapest. l.Ja 1936+ 
Ja-O 1936 as Budapester rundschau; rei- 
semagazin fur Ungarn; N/D 1936-S 1937 
Hungaria; Budapester rundschau. Text 
chiefly in German with occasional articles 
in English or French 

HUNGARIAN-American federation. See Com- 
mentator, a magazine of the truth 

HUNGARIAN art. See Magyar mtiveszet 

HUNGARIAN cultural federation, New York. 
See Kulturharc 

HUNGARIAN frontier readjustment league, 
Budapest (Magyar revizos liga) 
Publications. iroT,1927+ 

MB I" V/ k . 
—French edition. 1,1928+? 

See 'also Danubian review 
HUMORISTISCH album; weekblad aan scherts HUNGARIAN nation. Budapest. 1-4,1920-231 
en luim gewijd. Rotterdam. 
Subtitle varies 

HUMORISTISCHE blatter. Vienna 

HUNGARIAN quarterly. Budapest. l,Ap 1936+ 

mb 2-<fzy,//J ^ 

HUNGARIAN sociological institute 
/^ a [Publications]. 

HUMORISTISCHE blatter. (Theodor Kobbe) 
Oldenburg. 1-8,1839-46||? 


Fojdtani intezet 

HUMORISTISHE bibliotek. Vilna. nol-3,1912- _ E l'ndexTi882-9i 882+ 

13|| . . 

In Yiddish 

HUMPHREY'S journal of photography and the 
allied arts and sciences. N.Y. vl-21 no7,N 1 
1850-J1 15 1870|| 

1-3,1850-D 15 1851 as Daguerreian journal; 
4-13,Ap 1852-Ap 1862 as Humphrey's jour- 
nal of the daguerreotype and photogra- 
phic arts; 14, My 3 1862-Ap 15 1863 Hum- 
phrey's journal Of photography and the 
heliographic arts and sciences. Suspended 

J T| 186 1 ,<r ! ^ 7s - /7 3 

¥f«JND. Leipzig. 1-20,1876-9511? 

— Evkonyve. 1-4,1871-781! 

-Jahrbuch. 1,1871+ 

Translation of the Evkonyvei. vl-27 nol as 
its Mitteilungen aus dem jahrbuche 
Index: 1-10 

-Jahresbericht der K.Ungarischen reichsan- 

stalt. 1882-1917 ptl|| 
Name of institute varies 
Index: 1882-91 

HUNDEN. Copenhagen. 1-5,1891-95 1| ? 

HUNDESPORT und jagd. Bielefeld. 1,1886+ 

HUNG shui. (Ch'aung ts'ao shg) Shanghai. 1-3, 


— Populare schriften. 1,19101 

Magyar nemzeti muzeum. See under Buda- 
Meteorologiai es foldmagnessegi intezet 
— Allgemeiner bericht und chronik. 1-5,1904- 


— Bericht tiber die tatigkeit. 1-9,1900-08|| 

HUNG yeh. Shanghai. nol.Ag 1931?+ 

Caption title: Hung yeh chou k'an 
HUNGARA esperantista societo. See Verda 

Hungarian ed. See the institute's Jelen- 

— bvkonyvei. 1,1873+ 

German title: Jahrbuch er . . . 



— Continued 
— Hivatalos kiadvanyai 


HUNTINGTON family association 
intezet Reunions. 1,S 1857+ 

3d. reunion, 1912, not published 

-Jelentes. 1900+ 

German ed. See the institute's Bericht 

liber die tatigkeit 
-Kisebb kiadvanyai. 1-7,1901-0911 

HUNTINGTON fund for cancer research. See 
New York. Memorial hospital. Laboratory 
studies and clinical studies 

HUNTINGTON gazette. See Vermont auto- 
graph and remarker 

HUNTINGTON historical society, Huntington, 
Year book. 1903?+ 

-Megfigyelesek. O-Gyalla; Budapest 

Not to be confused with the Astrophy- 
sikai observatorium, O-Gyalla 

See aixo Idojaras 
HUNGARY of today; monthly review of social 
and economic life, art and literature. Buda- 
pest. l.Jl/Ag 1929 + 

HUNGER fighter. See United action for social 

HUNTER archaeological society 
Transactions. Sheffield, England. 1,1914/18+ 

HUNTER -trade- trapper. 

Ohio. 1,0 1900+ 

Columbus; Gallipolis, 

HUNTERIAN club, Glasgow 
Annual report. 1-9,1871-19021! 






HUNTERIAN journal. (Hunterian society) Lon- 
don, no 1-3, N 1897, Ap,N 1898|| 

Takes the place of the society's Trans- 
actions of the 79th session 

HUNTINGTON library bulletin. (Ffenry . E. 
Huntington library and art gallery, San 
MafmO, ~CaI.) Cambridge, Mass. nol-ll,My 
1931-Ap 1937H >\ 

Superseded by Huntington library quar- *-» 

terl y i ,i N 

fc/m .•■//■& 


r; K 





ry, lists. San Marino i Cah— 


HUNTINGTON library quarterly. (Henry E. 
Huntington library and art gallery, San 
Marino, Cal.) San Marino. 1,0 1937+ 
»»-, Supersedes Huntington library bulletin 



HUNTRESS. Washington, vl-17 nol8,D 
My 27 1854; nsvl nol-3,Je 24-J1 24 
Supersedes Paul Pry 

2 1836- 


HUNT'S merchants' magazine. See Merchants' 

magazine and commercial review 
HUNT'S yachting magazine. London. 1-36, Ag 

1852-8711 , 

mb— rvi "h 

•)°frY> *o 


HURON. Santiago de Chile. nol-32,Mr 3 1832-Ja 
31 183311? 

HUNTERIAN museum. See under Glasgow. 

HUNTERIAN society, London 
Transactions. 1868 + 

1868-96 as its Abstracts of the transac- 
tions. For 79,1897/98 see Hunterian journal 

HURON institute, Collingwood, Ontario 
Papers and records. 1-2,1909-14|| \ 

HUS og have. Oslo. 

HUNTER'S magazine of frontier history, 

border tragedy, pioneer achievement. Carls- HUSBANDMAN. Elmira, N.Y. 1-19,1874-93||? 
bad, Tex. 1-2, N 1910-Je 1912||? 

HUNTER'S medical and 
N.Y. vl-2 nol2, 1855-5711 

surgical specialist. 

HUSBIBLIOTHEK. Chicago. 1-41,1873-19061 
Supplement to Skandinaven 

HUNTING and fishing. 
111. 1,1924+ 

Boston; Mount Morris, 

HUSHALDS-rad. Stockholm. 
(ns)nol-8, Ja-Ag 1735|| 

nol-12,Ja-D 1734; 

HUNTING and fishing 
Je 1935+ 

in Canada. Montreal. 1, 

HUSMANDENS haandbog. (Samvirkende sjael- 
landske fynske, lolland-falsterske og born- 
holmske husmandforeninger) Slagelse, Den- 
mark. 1,1913 + 

HUNTINGDON dairymen's association, Hunt- 
ingdon, Quebec 
Report of conventions. 

HUSMANDSTIDENDE. Struer. 1,1881-8211 

HUNTINGDON literary museum, and monthly 
miscellany. Huntington, Pa. 1,1810|| 

HUSMODEREN, hjemmenes blad. Christiania 
Subtitle varies 



HUSMODERENS blad. Copenhagen. 1-4,1896- 


Nizamiah observatory 
— Report. 

HUSS- og Bustjornarfelag suSramtsins. See 

HUSSITE Journal. Pittsburgh, Pa. vl-10 nol, 

HYDERABAD archaeological society 
Journal. Bombay, nol, 1916+ 

HUSSZEMLE. Budapest. 1-14, My 26 1906- Je 

Supplement to Allatorvosi lapok 

HYDERABAD medical and physical society, 
Proceedings. 1,1853|| 

Covers period from its origin to Mr 31 1853 

HUSZADIK szazad. Budapest, vl-39 no5,Ja 

1900-My 1919||? 

HYDERABAD medical Journal. Hyderabad. 
vl-4 nol0,1855-60|| 

Text in Hindoostanee 

HUTCH and cage. Oswego, N.Y. ; etc. vl-4 no4, 
F 1931-Je 1934|| 

Merged into American rabbit journal 

HUTCHINGS' illustrated California magazine. 
San Francisco. 1-5, Jl 1856-61|| 
Title varies 

HUTNIK. (Zwiazek polski hut zelaznych) War- 
saw. 1.J1 1929 + 

HYDE'S weekly arts news. See Art news (N.Y.) 
HYDRAULIC and sanitary plumber. See 

Sanitary plumber 
HYDRAULIC engineer. Cincinnati. 1-4,1875-7811? 

HYDRAULIC engineering. See Western city 
HYDRAULIC press. Columbus, Ohio, nol-12, 


nol-3 also called vl 

Supplement. See Hutnikom odlewnikom do 
HUTNIKOM odlewnikom do wiadomosci. War- 
saw. nol-11, 193011? 
Supplement to Hutnik 

H0T6IPAR. (Magyar orszagos htitoipari 

szovetseg; Soci6t6 frigorifique hongroise) 
Budapest. 1,1933+ 

In Hungarian. No issue for O 1934 


£cole d'agriculture de l'£tat 

— Association des anciens dleves 

Bulletin. 1-5,1907-1211? 

HYDRO- und aeromechanik und ihre anwen- 
dungen. Berlin. l.O 1931+ 

HYDROGRAPHIC review. (International hydro- 
graphic bureau) Monaco. 1,1923+ 

French title: Revue hydrographique. Text 
in French and English 

HYDROGRAPHISCHE mittheilungen. See An- 
nalen der hydrographie und maritimen 

HYDROPATHIC record and Journal of the 
water cure. Malvern, vl nol-9, 1868-6911 

HYDROPONICS. Detroit. 1,F 1938+ 

HVAD vi vll. See Kvindebladet hvad vi vil 
HVALDRADETS skrifter. See under Norske vi- 

denskaps-akademi i Oslo 
HVAR 8 dag; illustreradt magasin. Gothenburg. 

l.O 1 1899 + 

HVER 8 dag. Copenhagen; etc. 1,1894+ 
1-2 as Hver 14de dag 

HVER 14de dag. See Hver 8 dag 
HVITSIPPAN. Helungborg. 1,1884||? 

HVOET. Seydisfiord. vl nol-7,1902-04|| 

HYDROTEKT. See Wasser- und wegebau 

HYDROTHiRAPIE. See M6decine contempo- 

HYDROTORF. Moscow. l-2,Ap 1922-23H? 

l,Ap-D 1922 as Moscow. Nauchno- 
eksperimental'nyl torfianyl institut. 


HYGAEA. At laegevidenskabeligt tidsskrift. 
Copenhagen. 1,1827|| 

Supersedes Nye hygaea 

HYGAEA og muserne. Copenhagen, vl nol-24, 

Supersedes Sundhed og underholdning. 
Superseded by Museum for sundheds og 
kundskabs elskere 

HV6T. Reykjavik. 1,1926]! 

HYGEA. Munster. 1-6, Jl 1 1857-D 31 1862||? 

HYDE Park historical record. (Hyde Park his- 
torical society) Hyde Park, Mass. 1-9, Ap 
,,„ Suspended Mr 1893-Ja 1903 

HYGEA. Eine heilkundige zeitschrift, dem 
weiblichen geschlecht vom stande 

vorztiglich gewidmet. Eisenach. 1-4,1793-94|| 



HYGEA. Zeitschrift fur heilkunst. (Homoeo- 
pathiseher verein im grossherzogtum Ba- 
den) Karlsruhe. 1-22,1834-47; nsvl-2,1848|| 
Subtitle varies 

HYGIENE. Zentralblatt fur alle bestrebungen 
der volkswohlfahrt, gesundheitspflege und 
tecbnik. Berlin. t1-4 nol6,1911-14||? 

HYGEIA. Tyler, Tex. 1,189511? 

HYGIENE and physical education. Springfield, 
Mass. vl nol-ll,Mr 1909- Ja 191011 

HYGEIA. (American medical association) 
Chicago. l,A.p 1923+ 
Index: 1-5 

HYGEIA; or essays moral and medical on the 
causes affecting the persanal state of our 
affluent classes. (Beddoes^ London. nol-6,D 


1801-My 1802|i 

HYGEIAN journal. London; Gla 
N 6 1832-0 1 18331! 

.sfW. vl nol-12, 

HYGIENE and the child. N.T. vl-7 no6,0 1910- 

N 192211? 

HYGIENE das families. Paris. 1,188211? 

HYGIENE de la famille. Bordeaux. 

HYGIENE de la femme et de I'enfant. Paris. 
1- ,My 1883-95H? 

HYGEIAN record and family adviser. N.T. 1-4, 
-D 1 1836; nsvl,1845||? 

HYGIENE de ia viande et du lait. 

Paris, vl-8 no7,1907-14|| 


HYGEIST. Boston, vl nol,1857|]? 

HYGEIST. London. l-3(nol-144),Ag 1 1842-53; 
ns nol-52,1855-63; ns(s3) nol-7,1863-67|| 

HYGIA, revista medico-farmaceutica. Lisbon. 1, 

HYGlcNE et Spidemiologie. Moscow. See 

Gigiena i fepidemiologha 
HYGIENE generale et appliquee. Paris. 1-5, 


HYGIENE mentale. Paris. 1,1906+ 

Supplement to Bncephale. t1-20 no4,1906- 
Ap 1925 as Informateur des alienistes et 
des neurologistes. Suspended Ag 1914-N 

HYGIE. Paris; Brussels. jSee Gazette de sante 
HYGIEA. niustrirte cur- und bade-zeitung. 
Vienna; St. Petersburg. 1-15,1886-190011? 
Subtitle varies 

HYGIENE moderne. Paris. 1- ,1896-My 1906|| 
Superseded by Portez-vous bien 

HYGIEA. Medicinsk och pharmaceutist manad- 
skrift. (Svenska lakare-sallskapet) Stock- 
holm. 1-lOO.Ap 1839-D? 193811 

63+ also as s2 vl+ 

Index: 1-10; 11-22; 23-32; 33-42; etc. 

Supplement. See Goteborgs lakaresallskap. 
HYGIEA, oder die kunst gesund ru seyn und 
alt zu werden. Leipzig. nol-6,1809|l? 

HYGIENE moderne; revue des d£couvertes 
scientifiques et industrielles appliquees a 
I'hygiene publique et privee. Paris. 1,189111? 

HYGIENE pour tous. Pans. 1-8, 1876- Je 30 188311? 
1-4,1876-79 as Revue de litterature medi- 

HYGIENE pratique. Brussels. 1,0 15 1902- Je 15 


HYG1EIA. Amsterdam. 1-2,1874-7611 

HYGIE I A. Stuttgart. See Monatsschrift 
hygienische aufklarung und reform 

HYGIEINISKE meddelelser. Copenhagen. 
1856-74; nsvl-3,1875-80; s3 vl-4,1881-881! 
Title varies 



HYGIENE pratique. Paris. 1-9,1882-Je 1S90|| 

HYGIENE scolaire. (Ligue frangaise pour 
I'hygiene scolaire.) Paris. l,Ja 1903+ 
1915 never published 

HYGIENE. London. 1-8,1888-9411 

1-2 as Diet and hygiene 

HYGIENE sociale. Paris. 

Merged into Alliance d'hygiene sociale, 
Paris. Bulletin 

HYGIENE. NT. vl nol-6,Ja-My 18731! 
Subtitle varies 

HYGIENE usuelle. Paris. 1-6,1895-19001 

HYGIENE. E.evue mensuelle illustree. Paris. 
1-6 (nol-53),1910-Ap 1914|| 

HYGIENIC advertiser. London, nol-19, 1891-9211 



HYGIENIC and literary magazine. Atlanta, Ga. 
vl nol-4,Ja-Ap 1860H iix , . 

Supersedes Medical and literary weekly 

HYGIENIC laboratory, Washington, D.C. 

National institute of health 
HYGIENIC monitor. Boston. l,Ja-D 185911 


HYGIENISK revy. Lund. 1,1912+ 
Index: 1912-21 

HYGIENISK tldskrift. Stockholm. 1,1908+ 

HYGIENISKA sporjsmal. (H&lsovardsforenin- 
gen i Finland) Helsingfors. 1,188911? 

HYGIENIC review. See Vegetarian review 
HYGIENIC teacher and Water cure Journal. 

See Health (N.Y.) 
HYGIeNISCH genootschap te 's Gravenhage. 

See Moleschott 
HYG1ENISCHE bladen, populair maandschrift 

voor praktische en toegepaste gezondhelds- 

leer. Amsterdam. l-5,Mr 1898-D 190211 
Merged into Tijdschrift voor sociale hy- 

HYGIENISCHE blatter. (Deutsche gesellschaft 
zur bekampfung des kurpfuschertums) Ber- 
lin. 1-4,1904-0711 

HYGIENISCHE kur- und reiseblatter. Leipzig, 
vl nol-3,190411? 

HYGIENIST. Denver, Colo. 1-14,1911-2511? 

Superseded by Dr. Daniel's monthly 
health letter 

HYLLI i drites; [voter, kulture, shgyptare]. 

Shkoder. 1,1920+ 

HYLTeN-CAVALLIUS foreningen for hem- 
bygdskunskap och hembygdsvard 
Arsbok . . . Vaxjo. 

Papers. 1,1930+ 



HYMN society, New York 
s. 1,11 " 

HYP-doctor. London. nol-534,D 15 1730-Ja 20 


HYGIENISCHE rundschau. Berlin, vl-32 no6, 
Ja 1 1891-Ap 1 1922H 
Superseded by Zentralblatt ftlr die gesam- 
te hygiene und ihre grenzgebiete, later 
Zentralblatt fur die gesamte hygiene mit 
einschluss der bakteriologie und immuni- 
Index: 1-20 

HYGIENISCHE rundschau. (Verein "Hygiea") 
Berlin. 1-2,1884-8611 

HYPERCHIMIE. See Nouveaux horizons de 

la science et de la pensSe 
HYPERION. Munich; Berlin 1-6 (nol-12),1908- 


4-6 also as s2 vl-3 

HYPNOTIC magazine. See Suggestive thera- 
HYPOCHONDRIST; eine hollsteinische wochen. 
schrift. Schleswig. nol-25,Ja 2-Je 19 1762|| 

HYGIENISCHE tagesfragen. 


Munich. 1-10,1880- 


HYGIENISCHER verein "Oesterreich. 

Freies hygienisches blatt 
HYGIENISCHER wegweiser; zentralblatt fur 
technik und methodik der hygienischen 
volksbelehrung. (Reichsausschuss fiir hygie- 
nische volksbelehrung des deutschen 
hygiene-museums der hygiene-akademie) 
Dresden. 1,1926+ 

HYGIENISCHES familienblatt. Bunzlau; Leip- 
zig, vl nol-6,Ja 1-Mr 15 1885 1|? 

HYGIENISCHES institut, Gattingen 

I. A. T. A. See International air traffic associa- 

I.B.A. of A. bulletin. See under Investment 
bankers' association of America 

I believe; a series of personal statements. Lon- 
don. 1,1938+ 

I.C.C. practitioners' journal. (Association of 
practitioners before the Interstate com- 
merce commission) Washington. 1,N 1933+ 
Supersedes the association's Bulletin. N 
1933 as Practitioners' journal 

I.C.N. See International nursing review 
I.C.S. farmer and poultryman. (International 
correspondence school) Scranton, Pa. 1, 
1914; nsvl-2 no9,Ag 1914-S 191511 
Ja-Je 1914 as I.C.S. farmer 

Jahresbericht. 1,1884-8511 ? 

HYGIENISCHES volksblatt. Berlin; Leipzig. 
1-5, -1904H? 

l-cho-byd kenkyu-kwaiho. Tokyo. 1-3,1889- 

I D O R T. (Instituto de organisagao racional 
do trabalho) Sao Paulo, l.Ja 1932+ 

HYGIENISCHES zentralblatt. Leipzig. l-4,Mr 

I feng ylieh k'an. Shanghai. l.Ja 1933+ 



I.I. D. communications. See under Institut in- 
ternational de documentation 

ILA; wochen-rundsohau. (Frankfurt am Main. 
Internationale luftschiffahrts-ausstellung, 

1909) Frankfurt a. M. nol-17,Je 12-0 16 

I.S.S. annals. (World's student Christian fed- 
eration. International student service) Gen- 
eva. 1,J1 1923 + 

1-8,1923-31 as Vox studentium (subtitle 


I. L. O. year-book. See under International la- 
bor office, Geneva 

I.L.P. See under Independent labour party, 
Great Britain 

I ledige timer. Copenhagen. 1-10,1873-77; s2 
vl-10, 1878-82; s3 vl-2,1883||? 

I lin yiieh k'an. (Chung kuo hua hstieh yen 
chiu hui) Peiping. 

S. S. bulletin. (International student service) 
Geneva. O 1932+ 

1932- Je 1936 as More facts; a bulletin of 
news and comment about universities and 
students throughout the world (subtitle 

I.T.F. (International transportworkers' federa- 
tion) Amsterdam. 1,1923+ 
•1-6,1923-28 as the federation's News letter 

INO pressekorrespondenz (Internacia novaj- 
oficejo). Frankfurt a. M. 1,1929+ 

I PA news bulletin. (Interprofessional associa- 
tion for social insurance) N.Y. 1,1934-4 
No issues D 1936-Mr 1937 

I. P. I. See Informations p6dagogiques Interna- 

I. P. S. stamp news. (International philatelic 
society of San Francisco) San Francisco. 1, 
Ap 1934 + 

I to i si'o. St. Petersburg. Ja-D 1769 1 



islenzkt skakrit. Leipzig. 1-2, 

l-YAO hsiieh. Shanghai. 

Supersedes T'ung-te i-yao hsiieh. English 
title: D.H. medical journal; Dr. Huang's 
medical journal 

IAD. St. Petersburg. nol,1905|i 

I.Q. Intelligence quotient. N.Y. 1,1937+ 

I.R.A. bulletin. See under International relief 
association. American committee 

I.R.E. (Australia) See Radio review of Aus- 

l-R-S-M news; the radio service news. (Insti- 
tute of radio service men) Chicago, vl-3 
nol,1934-Ag 10 1936||? 

Superseded by I-R-S-M news and digest 

1AFETICHESKII sbornik. See under Akademifa 
nauk S.S.S.R. Institut fafetidologicheskikh 

IAGODKI. St. Petersburg. 

IAKENTASETATHA. Kahnawakeha isini kaha- 
wis nonwa ioserate. Montreal. 1-4,1899- 

I-R-S-M news and digest. (Institute of radio 
service men) Chicago, vl nol-2,F-Mr 193711 
Supersedes I-R-S-M news 

I religiosa och kyrkliga fragor. Stockholm, nol- 

ISK. (Internacio de socialista kunbatalo; In- 
ternational league of militant socialists) 
English ed. London. l,Ap 1929+ 

Also published in Esperanto and German 

ISK; mitteilungsblatt des International sozia- 
listischen kampf-bundes. Paris. 1-8,1926'- 

Superseded by Sozialistische warte 

fAKOR'. Moscow, nol-2, 190711? 

fAKUTSK, Siberia 
Gornotekhnicheskafa kontora. See Materialy 

po geologii i poleznym iskopaemym 
fAkutskaia nauchnafa rybokhozfalstvennafa 

—Trudy. nol,1930+ 

Title also in German: Arbeiten der fische- 
reiwirtschaftlichen station in Jakutsk 

IALTA, Crimea 
Gosudarstvennyl Nikitskii opytnyl botani- 
cheskii sad 

Title also in English: Government bota- 
nical garden Nikita. 1- as I. Nikitskii 
— Biulleten'. nol,1929+ 

ISK; organo de Internacio de socialista 
kunbatalo. Esperanto edition. Geneva. 1- 


Superseded by Kritika observanto; revuo 
politika kaj kultura 

-Flora Kryma. 1,1927+? 
Latin title: Flora taurica 

-KratkiT obzor nauchno-opytnykh rabot. 

I.S.R. Bulletin 
rouge) Paris. 

bi-mensuel. (Internationale 

— Zapiski. 



Stantsiia zashchity rastenil fuzhnogo berega 

— Bfulleten'. nol,1927 + 

IBERIA medica. (Academia quiriirgioa matri- 
tense y cuerpo m6dico-forense de Madrid) 
Madrid. 1-2, 1857 -5S|| 

Merged into Espafia medica (Madrid) 

Santee, Neb.; 

IAPI oayi. (Dakota mission) 
Greenwood, S. D. 1,1871 + 

MB / - / L. 

English edition. See Word carrier of Santee 
normal training school 
fAPON'iTA i Rossiia. Kobe. nol-16,1905-06||? 

fAROSLAVSKII pedagogicheskiT institut 
Trudy. fAroslav. 1,1926 + 


IBERICA. Tortosa; Barcelona. 1,1913 + 

IBERICA. Zeitschrift fur spanische und por- 
tugiesische auslandskunde. (Hamburg. 

Ibero-amerikanisches institut) Hamburg. 
vl-7 no3/4,Ap 1924-J1/S 1927|| 
Supersedes Spanien 

fAROSLAVSKOE estestvenno-istoricheskoe ob- 
shchestvo. (Societe des naturalistes de Ja- 

Trudy. (Memoires) 1,1902 + 

Sektsiia kraevedenifa 
—Trudy. 1,1926?+? 

fAROVIZATSIfA. Zhurnal po biologii razvitiia 
rastenil. (Vsesofuznajia akademiia sel'- 
skokhoziiaistvennykh nauk imeni Lenina. 
Selektsionno-geneticheskii institut) Mos- 

fASNAfA polfana. (Tolstoy) Moscow. 1,0 1 1861- 

Supplement. See Spanische philologie und 
spanischer unterricht 
IBERNO-Celtic society, Dublin 
Transactions. 1,182011 



I BERO- America. Blatter zur vertiefung der 
kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen beziehun- 
gen zwischen Deutschland und Ibero- 
America. Stuttgart. 1,1924+ 

IBERO-americana. (California. University) 
Berkeley, Cal. 1,1932 + 

MB \^T yfWA/Y 

IBERO-amerikanische bibliographic . . Aus- 
wahl-verzeichnis der deutschsprachigen 
literatur. Berlin; Bonn. 1,1930+ 

"Beilage zu 'Ibero-amerikanisches ar- 

chiv' ", v4 no2+ 

VASNAfA polfana. 


St. Petersburg, nol-32,1910- 

IBERO-amerikanische rundschau; politik, 

wirtschaft, gesetzgebung, kultur, iiber- 
seedeutschtum. Hamburg. l,Mr 1935+ 

IATRICO. Pescia, Italy. 1-2,1887-5 

JATRIKE melissa. Athens. 1-6,1853-5911 

Superseded by Melissa ton Athenon 

1ATRIKE proodos^. Athens; Syra; etc. 1,1896 + 
1ATRIKOS menytor. Athens. 1-14,1901-1411 

1ATROS. Giornale di medicina pratica. Milan. 


fAZYK i literatura. (Nauchno-issledova lel'skii 
institut sravnitel'nogo izuchenifa literatur i 
fazykov Zapada i "Vostoka, Leningrad) Len- 
ingrad. 1,1926+ 

IBERO-amerikanische studien. (Hamburg. 
Ibero-amerikanisches institut; "Wurzburg. 
Universitat. Institut fiir Amerikaforschung) 
Hamburg. 1,1936 + 

I BERO-amerikanisches archiv. (Ibero-ameri- 
kanisches forschungsinstitut, Bonn) Berlin. 
1,0 1924+ 

1-3 as the institute's Zeitschrift 

Supplement. See Ibero-amerikanische bi- 

IBERO - amerikanisches forschungsinstitut, 

Bonn. See Ibero-amerikanisches archiv 
IBERO-amerikanisches institut, Hamburg. See 

under Hamburg 

IBERVILLE historical society, Mobile, Ala. 
Papers. 1-5, 1909-14|| 

IBIS. Matanzas. vl nol-2,Mr-Ap 192611? 

fAZYK i myshlenie. See under Akademiia nauk. 
S.S.S.R., Leningrad. Institut fazyka i mysh- 
lenifa imeni akademika N. IA. Marra 

IBERIA. Barcelona. 1-5 (nol-200),Ap 1915-F 

IBERIA. Santiago de Chile. 

IBIS. (British ornithologists' union) London. 1, 

Also numbered in series of 6v each 
Index: sl-6,1859-94. s7+ each series has 


Ha-IBRI. (Meyer Berlin) N.Y. 1-11,1916-211 




Ha-1BRI. (Rosenzweig) N.T. 1-9,1892-1902]! 
Ha-IBRI ha-chadash. Warsaw. 1,1912|| 

ICARO; revista ilustrada de aeronautica 
mundial. Madrid. l.Ja 1928+ 

ICE. See Refrigeration 

ICE and cold storage. London. l,Ap 1898+ 

ICE and refrigeration. Chicago; N.T. 1.J1 

MB *fi)r ^[(^0 

ICE cream field. Atlanta, Ga. l.My 1922+ 

I CONES florae Japonicae. (Tokyo. Imperial 
university. College of science) Tokyo, vl 

ICONES fungorum malayensium. Vienna. 1, 


-Beihefte. 1,1925+ 

ICONES of Japanese algae. 


Tokyo. l,My 

ICONES of the essential forest trees of Hok- 
kaido. Sapporo, Japan. 1,1920+ 
10 destroyed in Are 

ICONES plantarum. See Hooker's icones plan- 
ICE cream industry. (Ice cream association of tarum 

Great Britain and Ireland) London. l,Ap ICONES plantarum formosanarum nee non et 


Previously issued as supplement to Milk 
industry, v5 no9-v6 no9, Mr 1925-Mr 1926 

ICE cream manufacture. London. -Jl 193611? 
Merged into Dairy industries 

contributiones ad floram formosanam. (For- 
mosa. Bureau of productive industry) Tai- 
hoku. 1-10,1911-21; (ns)vl.Mr 15 1925+ 
1925+ called Supplement 

ICONES plantarum koisikavenses. (Tokyo. Im- 
perial university. Herbarium) 1,1911+ 


ICE cream review. Milwaukee, Wis. l,Ag 1917+ 

ICE cream trade journal. N.T. 1,1905+ 

ICE making and refrigeration. N.T. 1-47, 

ICONES plantarum sinicarum. Shanghai, ptl-2, 

ICONES selectae. See under Tirlemont, Belgi- 
um. Hortus Thenensis 

ICONOCLAST. (National liberal reform league) 
Washington. 1-2 (nol-18),Mr 1870-Ag 1871|| 

ICE record. Philadelphia, Pa. vl-2 no4,Jl 1900- 


ICE trade Journal. N.T.; Philadelphia, Pa. 1- 

27,1877-My 1904|| 
United with Cold storage to form Cold 
storage and ice trade journal, later Re- 
frigerating world 

ICONOCLAST (the man who pays); a publica- 
tion with the truth-habit. Boston. 1-7,1904- 

MB (3-,^'J 

ICONOGRAFIA dei papi. . . (Guinta centrale 
per gli studi storici) Rome. 1,1937+ 

ICELESS age. Milwaukee, Wis. vl nol-7,My-N 

ICONOGRAFIA e scenografia delle belle arti. 

Rome, vl nol-24,Jl 2-D 10 1836|| 

ICH; eine zeitschrift von und fur menschen, 
fur und iiber dichtung und wahrheit. Ham- 
burg. 1,1920-21||? 

1CONOGRAPHIA mycologica. (Societa botanica 
italiana. Sezione lombarda) Milan. 1,1927+ 

ICHIROKUKWAI hokoku, Tokyo 

ICONES bogorienses. (Buitenzorg. 's Lands 
plantentuin) Leyden. 1-4,1897-1914|| 

ICONOGRAPHIC society, Boston 
Publications. nol,1898+ /-> I 

i ' < ( 0> 

2 1 

ICONOGRAPHIE des maladies cutan^es et 
syphilitiques. (Paris. Hdpital Saint-Louis. 
Musee) Paris. nol-50,1895-97|| 



ICONES filicum sinicarum. (Academia sinica) 
Nanking. l.O 1930+ 

ID. N.T. 1-2 (nol-7),Je 16-N 17 19051! 

ICONES florae Alpinae plantarum. Paris, sl-3, 


Bach series in 5 v 

I.D. Winnipeg. See Keneder Id 
I DADE d'Ouro do Brazil. Bahia. 




— Agricultural club. See Idaho agriculturist 
— Association of engineers. See Idaho engi- 
— College of law. See Idaho law journal 
— Economics and political science dept. See 

its School of business administration 
— Engineering experiment station 
Bulletin. Moscow. nol,1929+ 

IDAHO law Journal. (Idaho. University. College 
of law) Moscow, Idaho, vl-3 no4,F 1931-3311 

IDAHO mining Journal. Boise. 1-2,1900-01||? 



scimitar. Boise, vl nol-49,N 2 1907-O 3 

-Forest club. See Idaho forester 
-Forest experiment station 
Bulletin. nol.My 1928+ 

IDAHO seed growers' association 
Proceedings. 2-9,1913-20||? 

-School of business administration 

- as Economics and political science 
Idaho economic bulletin. 1,1923 + 

-School of forestry 

- — Bulletin. Moscow. nol,1921+ 

IDAHO society of engineers, Boise 
Journal. 1,1911+ 

See also Idaho engineer 
IDAHO state bar 

Supersedes Idaho state bar association 
Annual proceedings. Boise. 1,1925+ 
7-9,1931-33 in Idaho law journal 

— Forestry bulletin. nol,1924+ 

-School of mines 

IDAHO agriculturist. (Idaho. University. Ag- 
ricultural club) Moscow. l,Ap 1929+ 

Judicial section 
— Proceedings. . 


annual meeting. Boise. 1, 

IDAHO state bar association 

No meetings were held until 1909, and 
none was held in 1922. Superseded by 
Idaho state bar 
Proceedings. Boise. 1-2,1921-23|| 

Reorganized 1923 as Idaho state bar 

IDAHO bankers association 
Proceedings. Boise. 1,1905?+ 

IDAHO state dairy association 
Proceedings. Caldwell, Idaho. 

IDAHO country life. Moscow, vl-7 nol.Mr 
1908-O 191311 
vl-4 no9 as Idaho student farmer 

IDAHO state federation of labor 
Proceedings of the annual convention. 1919+ 

IDAHO economic bulletin. See under Idaho. 
University. Economics and political science 

IDAHO engineer. (Idaho. University. Asso- 
ciation of engineers) Moscow. l,My 1924+ 

IDAHO engineer. (Idaho society of engineers) 
Boise. 1,1916+' 

Yearbook. Pocatello. 1,1930+ 

1 as its Official state year book of or- 
ganized labor. . . 

IDAHO state historical society 
Biennial report. 1,1907+ 

Bulletin. Boise. l(nol-4),Ap 1 1908-Ja 1 190911? 

IDAHO farmer. Boise, vl-4 no4,Je 1 1914-F 1 
1916; (s2) v34 no20-v35 nol3,F 17-D 28 1916; 
(s3) v22 no27,Ja 4 1917+ 
v34 no49-v25 no34,S 7 1916-F 12 1920 as 
Gem state rural and the Idaho farmer 

IDAHO state horticultural association 
Annual meeting. Payette. 1,1904+ 

IDAHO forester. (Idaho. University. Forest 
club) Moscow. 1,1917+ 

IDAHO state medical society 
Annual meeting. 

IDAHO highways and public works. Boise, vl 

nol-5,Ap-0 1924|| 

See also Northwest medicine 
IDAHO state tax association 
Proceedings. 1.191511? 

IDAHO home industries association. See Golden 

Idaho motorist 
IDAHO Journal of education. Boise. 1,1919+ 
vl-9 nol,1919-S 1927 as Idaho teacher 

IDAHO student farmer. See Idaho country life 
IDAHO teacher. See Idaho journal of educa- 

IDAN. Tokyo, nol-55, -189911? 



IDANO. See Weltsprache 

IDEA, a rebel yell. Lynchburg; Richmond, Va. 
1-5.J1 1906-S 1911||? 

Suspended My 1907-D 1908 

IDEAL power. (Chicago pneumatic tool com- 
pany), Chicago, vl-12 no7,Ap 1904-S 191811 
vl nol-10 as Something pneumatic 

IDEA. Peri6dico rojo, democratico y progresista. 
San Luis Potosi. vl nol-5,D 19 1860-Ja 16 

IDEAL review. N.Y. See Man 
IDEAL und leben, eine sammlung ethischer 
kulturfragen. Paderborn; etc. 1-13,1913-14||? 

IDEA, revista de arte, ciencias y lettras. N.Y. 

1,P 1932+ 

IDEA. Revista de instrucci6n publica. Havana. 


IDEA and form. 


Kidderminster, England. 1, 

IDeALISME; annales de la philosophie idealiste. 
Zurich. 1,1934+ 

1 as Idealismus; jahrbuch flir die 

idealistische philosophie 

IDEALISMUS; jahrbuch fur die idealistische 
philosophie. See Idealisme; annales de la 
philosophie idealiste 

IDEALISTISCHE philologie. Munich. 1,1925+ 
1-2,1925-27 as Jahrbuch fur philologie 

IDEA latine; rivista mensile italo-francese. 

Milan, vl-3 no4,1918-Ap 192011? 

IDEARIO cubano. Havana. 1-2,193611? 

IDEA nuova. Giornale socialista. Alessandria, 
Italy. 1,1897+ 

Scattered numbers suppressed by govern- 

IDEA sionistica; rivista. . . del movimento 
sionistico. Milan. 1-4, My 1930-Ap 1934|| 
Title also in Hebrew 

IDEA sionnista. Rivista mensile del movimento 
sionnista. Modena. 1-8,1901 ?-08[| ? 

IDEAL American. Yonkers, N.Y. ; etc. vl-9 

Suspended O 1904-06. v3 nol-3,S-N 1901 
as Propagator; D 1901-J1 5 1902 Ideal 
American and Italian Christian science 

IDEARIUM. San Juan, P.R. vl nol-8,Ag 1917- 
Mr 1918H? 

IDEAS; a publication devoted to drug adver- 
tising. New Haven, vl-2 no3,N 1897-D 


IDEAS; periodico anarquista. Barcelona. 1,D 29 

IDEAS; revista de ciencias, artes y letras. 
Havana, vl nol,My 1929||? 

IDEAS magazine. Hollywood; Los Angeles. 1,0 
vl nol as New ideas; vl no2 Fake killer 
and new ideas; vl no3 Ideas 

IDEAL et realite. Paris. 1,1932+ 

1932-Ap 1935 as Courrier du golfe du 
Benin; journal defendant les interSts 
generaux du Duhomey et du Togo 

IDEE. Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. l,My 15-0 15 

IDEAL grocer. N.Y. vl-9 nol,1910-Ja 1918||? 

IDEE libre. Paris. l.Ap 1892||? 

IDEAL home. London. 1,1920+ 

IDeE libre. Revue mensuelle de culture indi- 
viduelle et de renovation sociale. Paris. 1, 
D 1911+ 

IDEAL homes. A monthly magazine devoted 
to the beautifying and practical improve- 
ment of the home ... in town and coun- 
try. Boston, vl-3 no4,My 1909-Ag 1910|| 

IDEAL house. N.Y. 1-3, Ag 1905-Ja 19071 

IDEE neuve. Lyons. 1,1925+ 

IDEE nouvelle. Paris, nol-10, 18901! 

IDEE uomini e fatti. Venice. 1,1935+ 

IDEAL kinema & studio; equipment — design. 
London. 1,D 1932+ 

Supplement to Kinematograph weekly. 
(Formerly included in that periodical as a 
separately paged section) 

IDEEN-magazin fur architekten, kiinstler und 
handwerker, wie auch fur bauherrn und 
gartenbesitzer. Leipzig. 1-5,1835-45|| 


IVJJVi— i_ 



IDEENMAGAZIN fur liebhaber von garten, IDISHE licht. N.Y. l-4,Ja 19 1923-D 3 1926||? 

englischen anlagen und fur besitzer von 
landgUtern. Leipzig. 1-6,1796 -1811 1| 
Also numbered nol-60. French title: 
Recueil d'id6es nouvelles pour la decora- 
tion des jardin s. Text in French and Ger- 

;ontemporaines. Paris. l,Ap 1912+? 

IDeES modernes, revue mensuelle. Paris, vl 
nol-4 ( 1909|| 

Text mainly in Yiddish with some articles 
in English 

IDISHE muzikalishe welt un teater zshurnal. 
N.Y. vl nol-2,Mr-S 192311 ? 

IDISHE post. Pittsburgh. 1-7, Ap 28 1903-J1 2 

Text mainly in Yiddish with some articles 
in English 

IDISHE presse. N.Y.? 1-3, Mr 9 1913-F 12 191511? 
IDEES nouvelles de la mode. Paris, vl-11 no5, Mr 9-Je 6 1913 as Bronks-Harlem presse; 

1922-32H jl ii 1913-Ja 23 1914 Bronks-Harlem. 

Merged into Tres Parisien Idishe presse 

IDEIA nacional; revista monarchica, . . il- 
lustrada. Lisbon. l-2(nol-28),Mr 17 1915-Je 
15 191611 

Suspended Je 1915-Mr 1916 

IDISHE shtime. Newark, N.J. 

Text mainly in Yiddish with some articles 
in English 

IDEOGRAMIC series. London. 1,1936 + 

IDISHE welt. N.Y. nol-2,D 1 1899-Ja 15 1900||? 

IDIOT; or, Invisible rambler. By Samuel Sim- 
pleton. Boston. nol-52,Ja 10 1818-Ja 2 181911 

IDISHE wochenshrift. N.Y. 1 (nol-14),Ja 19- 
Ap 19 1912||? 

/- 2>, ^0 

1 - 7 <f 

I DISH. . . See also Yidish and 

IDISH-klasisher un filozofisher zshurnal 

Newark, N.J. vl nol-3,Jl-S 1931||? 

IDISH-sotsialistishe monat-shrift. N.Y. vl-2 
no9,1920-S 1922]|? 

IDISHE arbeiter shtime. (Jewish national 
workers alliance of America) N.Y. 

-/•M^YY' 2- 2-^.y-U- IDISHE yohrbuch. . . N.Y. 1-3,1914-1611? 

IDISHER adwokaat. Cape Town. 1-9, Jl 29 1904- 
Je 5 1914||? 

Specimen no issued Jl 1 1904 

IDISHER arbeiter. London; Geneva, nol-17, 
1896-0 1904H 

Organ of the Bund. Illegal periodical 

IDISHE arbeiter welt. Chicago. 1-7, -O 191711 
Superseded by the daily Tegliche welt 
(not in this list) 

IDISHE bekers shtime. N.Y. 1,1915?+ 

1915 ?-Ag 8 1919 as Mediator. Text mainly 
in Yiddish with some articles in English 

IDISHE bihne. N.Y. vl nol-21,N 19 1909-Ap 29 

IDISHE dertsiung. N.Y. 1,F 1932||? 

IDISHE emigratsie. Berlin. l,Mr 1925 + 

IDISHER arbeiter. N.Y. l,Je 15 1923+ 

IDISHER farmer. N.Y. l,My 1908 + 

Text mainly in Yiddish with some articles 
in English 

IDISHER freideinker. Leeds, vl nol-7, Ap-N 

IDISHER gazlon. N.Y. 1-2 (nol-13),Ag 12 1910- 
F 3 191111? 

IDISHER geist. N.Y. 1-2,1910-Mr 191411? 
Suspended O 1910-S 1913 

IDISHE folk. (Zionist organization) N.Y. 1,F 
26 1909 + 

Suspended 1930-36 

IDISHE kultur-gezelshaft 
Buletn fun der. . . N.Y. nol-2,F-My 1929|[? 

IDISHER geist. Portland, Ore. vl nol-4,Mr 31- 
My 6 1916H? 

IDISHER imigrant. N.Y. vl-2 nol.Ag 1908-Ja 

Some articles in English and some in 



IDISHER kemfer. (Fareinigte idishe sotsyalis- 
tishe arbeter partei P.Z.-Z.Z. fun Amerike) 

IDLER magazine. London. See Idler 
I DO; dansk verdenssprogs-tidende. (Dansk Ido- 
forbund) Copenhagen. 

IDISHER kempfer. Philadelphia; N.Y. l-4,Mr 30 
1906-My 5 1911|| 
Suspended 1908-09 

Ofical informilo. 

Zurich. nol-6,Mr 1928-Je 

IDISHER kunst freind. Chicago, vl nol-10,Ja 7- 
Mr 17 191611? 

IDISHER monat-buch. N.Y. 1-2 (nol-8),0 1900- 

N 190111? 

ID6JARAS. (Magyar meteorol6giai tarsasag) 
29+ also as nsvl+. Bach no includes a 
resume in German, with caption-title in 
English, French, German and Italian 

IDISHER muzikalisher zshurnal. Boston, vl 
nol-2/3, N 1932-D/Ja 193311? 

English title: Jewish musical journal 

IDISHER proletarier. Kiev. nol-10,Je 12-0 23 


1DROLOGIA e la climatologia. See Rivista di 
idrologia, climatologia e terapia fisica 
IDROLOGIA e la climatologia medica. Bassano; 
Florence. 1-11,1879-89|| 

1-2,1879-80 as Idrologia medica. Super- 
seded by Idrologia e la climatologia itali- 
ane, later Rivista di idrologia, climatologia 
e terapia fisica 

IDISHER schach Journal. N.Y. nol,Je 1906(1 ? 

IDISHER sotsialist. See Neie welt 
IDISHER telefon. London. 1-5, F 4 1897-Ja 26 
1899; ns F 2 1900-J1 30 190111? 

IDROLOGIA medica. See Idrologia e la climato- 
logia medica 

IDROTERAPIA pratica. See Rivista scientifica 
e pratica di fisicoterapia 

I DUN. Ilustrered tidning for kvinnan och 
hemmet. Stockholm. 1,1888+ 
Includes several supplements 

IDISHER telefon. London. 1898-1901. See Hapni 

speshel telefon 
IDISHER wechter. N.Y. vl nol-5,F-Je 191211? 
English title: Jewish orthodox guardian 

IDUN; tidsskrift for literatur, musik, etc. 

cago. 1,S 1908-My 1910|| 

No numbers Je-D 1909, Mr-Ap 1910 


IDISHER weg weizer. N.Y. 1-2 (nol-17),Je 16 
1916-Ap 1917H 

IDISHER zshurnal. N.Y. l-7,My 26 1899-Ap 20 
Running title: Der Zshurnal. "Weekly edi- 
tion of New-Yorker avend-post 

IDISTE francais. Paris. 1,N 1923 + 

I DUN A. (Gotiska forbundet) Stockholm. 1-10, 
1811-24H . 

1-3 as Iduna; en skrift for den nordiska 
fornalderns Mskare. No numbers issued 
1815,18-19,21,23. A supplementary number 
was issued in 1845 
Index: 1811-24 in supplementary no. 

IDUNA; eine zeitschrift fiir die jugend beiderlei 
geschlechts. Hamburg; Altona. 1-9,1831- 

IDLE man. N.Y. vl-2 nol,1821-22|| IDUNA, fryske rym end unrym. (Selskip for 

K > frlske tael- end skriftenkennisse) Franeker; 

H\\3 Leeuwarden. l-18,1845-62;s2 vl-8,1863-70||? 

IDLER. (Samuel Johnson) London, nol-103, 


ME ^ V 4 Af-TJ Ptf 1? IDUNA, illustrerad vecko-tidning. Chicago, vl-4 

I U/^IK i%\ no7, -F 18 1899H 

IDLER. (E Wilberforce) London. nol-6,Ja- i. Volume numbering irregular, - as Broder 

"* e A ,?-,," . Lustig. Merged into Svenska amerika- 

Subtitle varies naren 

IDLER. A monthly magazine of ideas for idle 
people. East Orange, N.J. l-3,Ja 1910-12|| 

IDLER; an Illustrated monthly magazine. Lon- 
don. 1-38, F 1892-Mr 1911|| 
Title varies. 1892-Ja 1896 as Idler maga- 

IDLER and breakfast table companion. London. 
l-3(nol-114),My 13 1837-My 4 1839H 



IDUNNA und Hermode; eine alterthumszeitung. 

Breslau; etc. 1-5,1812-1611 

Supersedes Bragur. Includes several sup- 
plements. Suspended Jl-D 1813 

IGAKU chuwo zasshi. Tokyo. 1-12,1903-1511? 

IGAKU zasshi. Tokyo, nol-49, -N 16 18791 

IGDRASIL. A magazine of literature, art, and 
social • philosophy. (Ruskin reading guild) 
London. l-3,Ja 1890-Mr 1892|| 
Merged into World-literature 


Ml sltsubo. Tokyo. nol-2,1893||? 


MB M (p 


Supplement. See World-literature 
IGEA. Milan. 1-10,1862-72|| 

Superseded by Medico di casa 

IKAI Jl ho. Osaka; Tokyo. nol-840,1893-1910||? 



ha-Yehudl. Jerusalem. 1-3, -Ap 

IGIENE dell'infanzia per le famiglle e per le 
scuole. Rome. 1-5,1892-9611 

IKARUS, Aug- und auto-revue der grosser) 
welt; Mlustrierte zeitschrift fiir reise und 
kultur, Berlin. 1-5?, summer 1925-29H? 
Subtitle varies 

IGIENE della scuola, rivista mensile. (Asso-j 
ciazione italiana per l'igiene della scuola) 
Genoa. 1- ,1915- ||? 
17 also as nsvl 

IKIMONO-shumi-no-kai. See Amoeba 
IKONOGRAPHIA dermatologica, syphilidologica 
et urologica. Kyoto. nol,1927+ 

IGIENE e la vita. Rome. 1,1918+ 
IGIENE in famiglia. Milan. 1891+? 

IGIENE infantile. Venice. l-6,Je 1878-My 


IKONOGRAPHIA urologica. (Deutsche gesell- 
schaft ftir urologie) Berlin. 1,1928+ 

IKONOPISNYI sbornik. (Komitet popechi- 
tel'stva o russkoi ikonopisi) St. Peters- 
burg. 1-2,1906-08||? 

IGIENE mentale. (Lega italiana di igiene e pro- 
filassi mentale) Venice; etc. 1-15,1920-0 

Superseded by the league's Atti 

Index: 1921-35 in vl5 no3 

IKOR. (Society for the relief of Jewish coloni- 
zation in Soviet Russia) N.Y. nol-3,Mr-My 
1925; [ns] nol-16,My 1928-N 193011? 

Suspended Je 1925-Ap 1928 after which the 
publication was resumed with new volume 

IGIENE moderna. Genoa. 1,1908 + 

IGtENISTA. Florence. 1,1893 + ? 

IKRAMOV namidagi ozbekistan davlat daril- 

fununinin asarlari. See Samarkand. 

Uzbekskil gosudarstvennyi universitet. 

IKW\EZI. Bmgungundhlovu ; Bsidumbini. l-6,Ap 


IGLA. St. Petersburg. nol,1906|| 

IGNIS; tidskrift for eldbegangelsesp8rsmal. 

(Svenska eldbegangelseforeningen) Upsala. 

I LAM anastatic drawing society. See Anastatic 

drawing society 
ll_E sonnante. Petite revue des lettres. Paris. 
nol-5,N 5 1909-Mr 5 1910||? 

ILIUSTRUOTOJI Lietuva. Kaunas, Lithuania. 

IGNITION and accessories. See Electric ve- 

IGNITION, carburetion, lubrication. N.Y. See 
Bicycle news 

IGRA. Petrograd. nol-3,1918-20||? 

IHERINGS jahrbiicher fiir die dogmatik des 
biirgerlichen rechts. See Jherings jahrbiicher 
fiir die dogmatik des biirgerlichen rechts 

IJI kwai ho. (Ogata byo-in kenkiu kwai) Osa- 

IJI shimpo. Tokyo. nol-128,1893-1903||? 
Also as Saisei gakusha iji shimpo 

IJI shinbun. Tokyo. nol,1878+ 

IJI shubo. Tokyo. nol-56,1893-94||? 

ILLENAUER wochenblatt. Illenau. 1- 


,J1 6 


Dept. of public welfare. 
Natural history survey 
— Bulletin. Urbana. 

See Welfare bulletin 

l-t" If ' o^ 

—Circulars. 1,1918+ 



State dept. of public health. See Illinois health 
messenger; Illinois health news; Illinois 
health quarterly 

State highway dept. See Illinois highways 

State hospital, Elgin 

— Elgin papers; collected and contributed, to- 
gether with various notes and comments. 
l.D 1932+ 
1,1932 as its Collected and contributed 




I L L I N O I S — Continued 

— Edmund J. James lectures on government. 
1,1936/38 + 

— Illinois biological monographs. 1,1914+ 

— Illinois studies in language and literature. 
1,F 1915+ 

1-16,1915-N 1933 as University of Illinois 
studies in language and literature. 1 in 
the university's Bulletin . 

MB k ifl 

— Illinois studies in the social sciences. 1, 

1-17 as its Studies in the social sciences 

MB ,_ L!j 

— Publications. 




Studies in language and literature. See its 
Illinois studies in language and literature 

— Studies in the social sciences. See its Il- 
linois studies in the social sciences 

— University studies. Miscellaneous series. 
vl-4 no3,1900-13|| 

* s^3-ro-i 

I \1& 



— Agricultural club. See Illinois agriculturist 
— Astronomical observatory 
Bulletin, nol, 1898|| 

if*? I 


Publications. 1,19071 

— Dept. of pathology and bacteriology 
Through 1916 as Departments of patholo- 
gy and bacteriology and experimental 

Collected reprints. 1-8,1914/15-26/28 1| 

1-7 as its Collected studies 

— Dept. of pharmacology and therapeutics 
Collected reprints. 1-3,1917-26|| 

— Dept. of physiological chemistry 

Through 1931 as Laboratory of physio- 
logical chemistry 
Collected studies. 1,1918+ 

— Dept. of physiology 

Collected reprints. 1,1909/21||. 

Contributions. 1931/33 + 

Reprints from various scientific journals 

-Dept. of surgery 
—Collected reprints. 1-3,1919-251: 

-Dept. of ceramics 

Bulletin. l(nol-23),1905-D 1923|| 

no2-4 as Studies from the School of ce- 
ramics. 5 never published 

B I^V 

-Dept. of chemistry 

Bulletin, nol, 1926?+ 

Reprints from various scientific journals 


— Civil engineers' club. See Technograph 
— College of commerce and business adminis- 

Bureau of business research • , . 

Bulletin. 1,1922+ 


See also Business editorials 
— College of education 

Bureau of educational research 

Bulletin. 1-61,1918-3211. 



Educational research circular. 12-56, 


1-11 issued only in mimeographed form 


— Published investigations. 1,1926+ 
1-8 as Chemistry department bulletin 

— Analytical division 


Reprints from various scientific -journals 

— Inorganic division 

Issued without vol. no. Reprints from 
various scientific journals 

-College of engineering 
- —Bulletin. 1-5,1908-1211 

Proceedings of the 


. short course in 

-College of law. See Illinois law quarterly; 
Moot court bulletin 
-College of medicine, Chicago 
Collected reprints. 1 (nol-18), 1919-2011 

Illinois medical and dental monographs 

l,Ap 23 1935 + 

— Dept. of anatomy 

Collected studies. 1,1914 + 

Organic division 


Issued without vol. no. 

various scientific journals 

Reprints from 

Physiological division 


Issued without v. no. Reprints from 

various scientific journals 

See also Illinois chemist; a quarterly 
— Dept. of entomology 

— Electrical engineering society. See Electro- 
— Engineering experiment station 
Bulletin. 1,1904+ 

— Bulletin. i.isuiT , , -*l\ 





—Circular. 1,1905 + 

— — Published investigations. Chemical en- 
' gineering division of the Engineering sta- 
tion and of the Chemistry department 

Reprint. 1,1931 + 

ILLINOIS arrow. (Illinois tuberculosis associa- 
tion) Springfield, 111. 1-15, -1932H 
v no irregular 

ILLINOIS association of chemistry teachers. 

See Illinois chemistry teacher 
ILLINOIS association of sanitary districts 
Proceedings. Annual report. . . Urbana-Cham- 

-Entomological laboratories 
- — Contributions. 

ILLINOIS association of teachers of English 
Bulletin. Urbana, 111. l,Mr 1 1909 + 
Suspended O 1933-Ja 1937 

-Hillel foundation. See B'nai B'rith Hillel 

post \ 

-Laboratory of physical chemistry 

Contribution. 1,1910+ 

1-10, 12 issued without series number. 3, 
9-10 issued without series title. Reprinted 
from various scientific serials 

-Museum of natural history 

Contributions. 1,1918+ 

Some issued without series title and num- 
ber. Largely reprints from various serial 
and periodical publications 

-Physics laboratory 

Some contributions. 1912/14-19/2711 

ILLINOIS association of the deaf 

To 1910 as Illinois Gallaudet union ><: 
Proceedings of triennial convention. Chicago. 

ILLINOIS association opposed to the exten- 
sion of suffrage to women 
Annual report. 

Bulletin, nol-20, 1909-13|| 

ILLINOIS Audubon society. See Audubon an- 
nual bulletin 

ILLINOIS bankers association 
Annual reports. . . 


— Psychological laboratory 
Studies. 1,1909 + 




— School of education 
Bulletin. 1-19, 1909-181 


\~ifj n-i.i 

i (? 


— Wesley foundation. See Wesley Illini world 
— Zoological laboratory 
Contributions. 1,1910+ 

Bulletin. See Great Lakes banker 
Proceedings. Chicago. 1-32,1891-1922[| 

Title varies. Continued in its Bulletin 

Reports. . . 

Title varies 

Year book. -1932/331 

ILLINOIS academy of science, Springfield. See 

Illinois state academy of science 
ILLINOIS agricultural association 
Annual report. Chicago. 4,1919+ 

Title varies. 1-3 never published 

ILLINOIS agricultural association record. Chi- 
cago. l.O 1921 + 

ILLINOIS Baptist. Marion. 1,1905+ 

ILLINOIS Baptist bulletin. See Baptist news 
ILLINOIS Baptist news. See Baptist news 
ILLINOIS bar journal. (Illinois state bar as- 
sociation) Springfield; Danville, 111. 1,1912+ 

vl-20 nol,1912-Jl 1931 as the association's 

Quarterly bulletin 

ILLINOIS agriculturist. (Illinois. University. 
Agricultural club) Champaign, 111. ; Urbana. 

ILLINOIS billiard association. See Bowling and 

ILLINOIS building and loan league 

Through 1931 as Building association 
league of Illinois 
Proceedings. Chicago. 

ILLINOIS and Indiana medical and surgical 
journal. See Chicago medical journal and 

ILLINOIS and Wisconsin dairymen's associa- 
tion. See Northwestern dairymen's associa- 

ILLINOIS anti-vivisection society 
Miscellaneous papers. 

ILLINOIS army and navy medical association, 
Report of proceedings. 1-6,1890-96||? 

ILLINOIS building news. (Illinois lumber and 
material dealers association) Springfield. 1, 
O 1932+ 

ILLINOIS Catholic historical review. See Mid- 

ILLINOIS Catholic historical society. See Mid- 

ILLINOIS central employes' magazine. Chi- 
cago. vl-4 nol.Je 1909-Je 1912|| 
Superseded by Illinois central magazine 





central magazine. Chicago. 1,J1 
Illinois central employes' 

ILLINOIS chemist; a quarterly. (Illinois. Uni- 
versity. Dept. of chemistry) Urbana. vl-9 
no2,N 1915-Mr 192511 
Introductory no. dated Je 1915 

ILLINOIS education association 
Study unit. Springfield. nol.O 1938+ 

ILLINOIS engineer. (Illinois society of engi- •;'.' 
neers) Springfield. 1,1925+ 



economics. Urbana. nol.Je 

ILLINOIS chemistry teacher. (Illinois associa- 
tion of chemistry teachers) Normal, 111. 1,F 

ILLINOIS club bulletin. See Illinois federation 

of women's clubs 
ILLINOIS clubwoman's world. (Illinois fed- 
eration of women's clubs) Chicago, vl-11 
nol,1909-Mr? 1930|| 
1-4 as Edict; v5 nol.I.F.W.C. official 
magazine; v5 no2-6 Clubwoman's world 

ILLINOIS farmer. Chicago. 1-78,1884-0 15 1930N 
vl-72 no9,1884-My 9 1924 as Orange Judd 
farmer; v72 nol0-v75 nol6,My 15 1924-Ag 
15 1927 Orange Judd Illinois farmer. 
Merged into Prairie farmer 

ILLINOIS farmer. Springfield, 111. vl-9 nolO, 
1856-0 1864||? 

v7 no7-9 omitted in numbering 

ILLINOIS coal mining investigations (Coopera- 
tive agreement) 
Bulletin. Urbana. nol,1913 + 

nol, published without series title, con- 
tains Preliminary report on organization. 
16-18 as Cooperative coal mining series 


% } 4 


SV (r^l 

ILLINOIS coal operators association and the 
United mine workers of America, district 
no12, Springfield 
Proceedings of the joint conference. 
Title varies 

Quincy, 111. 

ILLINOIS farmer and farmer's call. 

vl-76 no4,1880-Ap 1924|| 

1-54,1880-Je 1909 as Farmer's call. Merged 
into Orange Judd Illinois farmer, later 
Illinois farmer 

ILLINOIS federation of women's clubs, Chi- 
Bulletin, vl-12 no3,0 1909-Mr 1920|| 

vl-6 no2 as Illinois club bulletin; v6 no3- 
v8 nol Illinois federation bulletin. Merged 
into Edict, later Illinois clubwoman's 

Quarterly bulletin. Chicago. 1,D 1908+ 
1-4 as Monthly bulletin 

ILLINOIS firemen's association 
Report of the proceedings. 1,1890?+ 

ILLINOIS common school advocate. (Illinois 
state teachers' society) Springfield, 111. nol- 
5,My-S 1841|| 

ILLINOIS fruit exchange news, a monthly peri- 
odical for co-operative fruit growers. Cen- 
tralis 111. 1,1922+ 

ILLINOIS conference of charities. See Illinois 

conference on social welfare 
ILLINOIS conference on public welfare. See 

Illinois conference on social welfare 
ILLINOIS conference on social welfare fih^ 

Name of conference varies: Illinois state 
conference of charities and corrections; Il- 
linois conference of charities; Illinois con- 
ference on public welfare 
Proceedings. Springfield, 111. 1,1896+ 

1917-20,26,28,30-34 not published in full 

ILLINOIS congress of parents and teachers ;•' 
Through My 1928 as Illinois council of 
parent- teacher associations 
Bulletin. . . (branch of the National congress 
of parents and teachers) Chicago. 

ILLINOIS furniture warehousemen's associa- 
Proceedings. Chicago. no4-ll,1914Tl7|1? 
nol-3 not published 

ILLINOIS Gallaudet union, jgee Illinois asso- 
ciation of the deaf 
ILLINOIS gas association 
Proceedings. 3/'4-16,1907/08-20|| 

3/4 first pub. vol. Includes 1st and 2nd 
annual meetings, O 1905,0 1906 
Index: 1-12 in 12 

ILLINOIS gladiolus bulletin. (Illinois gladiolus .<< * 
society) Champaign, 111. 1,N 15 1931+? 

ILLINOIS convention of supervisors, 
commissioners and county clerks 


ILLINOIS cyclopedic quarterly. 

vl-3 no2,Mr 1909-Je 1911|| 

St. Paul, HI. 

ILLINOIS grain dealers' association 
Proceedings. Chicago. -20, -1913H 

From American elevator and grain trade. 
Later proceedings in Grain dealers' jour- 
nal, later Grain and feed journal con- 

ILLINOIS dental Journal. (Illinois state dental 
society.) Oak Park. 1,S 1931+ 
Supersedes the society's Bulletin 

ILLINOIS health messenger. (Illinois. State 
dept. of public health) Springfield. l,Ja 
1929 + 
Supersedes Illinois health news 



ILLINOIS health news. (Illinois. State dept. of 

public health) Springfield. 1-14 nol2,1915-28|| 

Superseded by Illinois health messenger 

ILLINOIS health quarterly. (Illinois. State dept. 
of public health) Springfield. l,Ja/Mr 1929+ 

ILLINOIS high school athlete. (Illinois high 
school athletic association) De Kalb, 111. l.S 


ILLINOIS high school principals' association 
Committee on supervision 

— Ways to better high schools. Urbana. 1, 
1937 + 

ILLINOIS highways. (Illinois. State highway 
dept.) Springfield, vl-4 no7,Ap 1914- Jl 1917 1| 

ILLINOIS homoeopathic medical association 
Transactions. Chicago. 1-23,1856 ?-77|| ? 

. 1-5 as Illinois state homoeopathic medical 
association, Proceedings; noll-17 as Il- 
linois state homoeopathic medical asso- 
ciation ; Transactions 

ILLINOIS horticulture. (Illinois state horticul- 
tural society) Normal, 111. l.Mr 1913+ 

Opinions of the general counsel. 1,1899 + 

Proceedings. . . Annual meeting, 
as Annual meeting 


Women's bureau 

—[Bulletin]. nol-ll,Mr 9 1927-N 192811 ? 

See also Industrial review (Chicago) 
ILLINOIS manufacturers' costs association 
Modern business practices. Chicago. 1,1930+ 

ILLINOIS medical and dental monographs. See 

under Illinois. University. College of medi- 

ILLINOIS medical and surgical Journal. See 
Chicago medical journal and examiner 

ILLINOIS medical bulletin. (Illinois medical 
college summer school of medicine) Chica- 
go. 1-8,1900-0811? 

1-2,1900-Je 1903 as Bacillus 

ILLINOIS medical college summer school of 
medicine, Chicago. See Illinois medical bul- 

ILLINOIS medical Journal. De Kalb. 1,S 1895- 
Ap 1896H 

ILLINOIS humane society, Chicago. See Hu- 
mane advocate; National humane journal 

ILLINOIS illustrated review. See Illustrated 

ILLINOIS Journal of commerce. Chicago. 1, 
1919 + 

ILLINOIS labor notes. (National research league. 
Chicago chapter) Chicago. l,Ap 1933+ 
1933 -S 1935 as Workers' reference bulletin 

ILLINOIS law bulletin. See Illinois law quart- 

ILLINOIS law quarterly. (Illinois. University. 
College of law) Urbana, 111. 1-6, F 1917-2411 
1-3,1917-My 1921 as Illinois law bulletin. 
Merged into Illinois law review 

ILLINOIS law record. Chicago. 1-2,188011 

ILLINOIS medical Journal. (Illinois state medi- 
cal society) Springfield, 111. 1,J1 1899+ 
Suspended Ja 1901. vl-4 no8,1899-Ja 1903 
also as ns and v49-52 of Transactions 

ILLINOIS medical recorder. Vandalia, 111. 1, 
Je 1878-My 187911 

ILLINOIS metaphysical college. See Christian 

ILLINOIS miner. (United mine workers of 
America. District nol2) Oklahoma City, 
Okla.; Springfield, 111. 1,1920+ 

vlO no36-vll nol2,S 6 1930-Mr 21 1931 as 
American miner 

ILLINOIS miners' and mechanics' 
Bulletin. Urbana, 111. 1-3,191411 



ILLINOIS law review. Chicago. l.My 1906+ 

Index: 1-10,1906-Ap 1916; ll-25,My 1916- 
Ap 1931 

ILLINOIS league of women voters, Chicago 
Bulletin. See Illinois voter 

libraries. Springfield. 



MB Lb 



ILLINOIS lumber and material dealers associa- 
tion. See Illinois building news 
ILLINOIS manufacturers' association, Chicago 
Foreign trade bulletin. 1-21. S 1911-15H 

ILLINOIS mining institute, Springfield 
Journal. 1-3,1893-9511? 


Publications. 1,1892||? 

ILLINOIS monthly magazine. Vandalia; Cin- 
cinnati. l-2(nol-24),0 1830-S 1832|| 
Superseded by Western monthly magazine 

M O nt 192 y 0-A re rl22l| rade bulletin - Chica S°- 1-16. 

ILLINOIS municipal league 
Bulletin. nol,1924+ 

Some numbers issued without series title 
or number 



ILLINOIS municipal league — Continued 
Proceedings. Urbana. 1-7,1914-2111 

5 never published. 6,1920 pub. only in 
part. Continued in Illinois municipal re- 

ILLINOIS social hygiene league 
Annual report of . . . and the Social hygiene 
council (affiliated Mr 1928). 1924-30H 
1925-27 not printed 

Bureau of municipal information 
—Bulletin. Urbana. nol.O 1926 + 

See also Illinois municipal review 
ILLINOIS municipal review. (Illinois 
pal league) Urbana. l.Mr 1922+ 

ILLINOIS society for child-study 
Transactions. Chicago. 1-6,D 1894-J1 1902|| 
v4 no4 never published 

sHj. it 3 

ILLINOIS society for mental hygiene 
Bulletin. Chicago. l,Ap 1923+ 

ILLINOIS museum of natural history. See Il- 
linois state laboratory of natural history 
ILLINOIS music teachers' association 
Bulletin. Lincoln, 111. 1,191511? 

ILLINOIS society for the prevention of blind- 
Publications. Chicago. 1-2,1916-17|| 

Report. Chicago. 1,1916+ 

ILLINOIS natural history society, Springfield 
Transactions. 1,1861|| 

ILLINOIS organ. Springfield. 1-3,1848-5111? 

ILLINOIS society of architects 

Through 1913 as Chicago architects' busi- 
ness association 
Monthly bulletin. Chicago. 1.J1 1916+ 
vl6 nol-3 erroneously as vl5 nol-3 

ILLINOIS package liquor review. See National 

liquor review 
ILLINOIS pharmaceutical association 

Report of proceedings. Chicago; Bloomington, 
111. 1,1880+ 

See also Drug progress 
ILLINOIS planning conference 
Abstract of the proceedings 
1-3 never published 

. no4.1937+ 

ILLINOIS policeman. (Illinois police association) 
Forest Park, 111. 1,J1 1935 + 

ILLINOIS press association 

See also Handbook for architects and builders 
ILLINOIS socfety of engineers 
Annual report. Champaign; etc. nol-48,1886- 

1886-1915 as Illinois society of engineers 
and surveyors. Report. Continued in Il- 
linois engineer 
Index: nol-6, 1886-91 in no6 

See also Illinois engineer 
ILLINOIS society of engineers and surveyors. 

See Illinois society of engineers 
ILLINOIS sportsman. Belleville. 1,1915+ 

ILLINOIS state academy of science 
Transactions. Springfield. 1,1907/08+ 

1911-17 as Illinois academy of science 
Index: 1-25,1907/08-32 

See also Quill 
ILLINOIS publisher. Springfield. 1- ,1917- || 

Superseded by United States publisher and 

ILLINOIS real estate magazine. See Real estate 
ILLINOIS retail jewelers' association. See 

Jewels bring memories 
ILLINOIS retail merchants' Journal. Bast St. 

Louis, 111. 1,1902+ 

ILLINOIS school Journal. See School and home 

ILLINOIS schoolmaster; a journal of education- 
al literature and news. Chicago; Normal, 
111. 1-9,1868-76|| 

1868-J1 1870 as Schoolmaster; 1870-Ja 1873 
Chicago schoolmaster. United with other 
publications to form Educational weekly 

ILLINOIS state agricultural society, Spring- 
Journal. 1,1862|| 

Transactions. 1-8,1853-7011 

Includes Transactions of the Illinois state 
horticultural society, 1856-59. Superseded 
by Illinois. Dept. of agriculture. Transac- 
tions (hot in this list) 




ILLINOIS state association of graduate nurses. 

See Illinois state nurses' association 
ILLINOIS state association of supervisors, 
county commissioners, and county clerks 
Title varies 

ILLINOIS state bar association 
Proceedings. Springfield. 1,1877+ 
46,1922+ in its Annual report 
Index: 1877-1910 in 1911 

ILLINOIS schoolmaster, new series. See Intel- 

' J 

Quarterly bulletin. See Illinois bar journal 



ILLINOIS state bee-keepers' association 
Annual report. Chicago. 1,1891+ 

Bulletin. Champaign, 111. 

Publications. 1,1899 + 
Index: 1-35 

MB U^ y <H 

ILLINOIS state historica 

ILLINOIS state chess association 
Monthly bulletin. Springfield, 111. 

1,1934+ MBfn^/C/] 

al society 
Index: 1899-1928 
Journal. Springfield. l,Ap 1908+ 
Index: 1-22 



ILLINOIS state conference of charities and cor- 
rections. See Illinois conference on social 

ILLINOIS state council news. Springfield, vl-2 
no3,N 30 1917-D 13 191811 

ILLINOIS state dairymen's association 
Annual report. 1,1874+ 
1-2 as its Proceedings 

Papers in Illinois history and transactions. . 

Supersedes its Transactions 

MB IW-t- ST363 

Transactions. 1900-3611 

In Illinois state historical library. Publica- 
tions. Superseded by its Papers in Illinois CA 
history and transactions 

MB j^O^V'Z-i ^ t/ , %72,V/«//r-/7i 

ILLINOIS state dental society 

Bulletin. Quincy. vl-27 no4,1905-Jl 193111 

vl-14 no6,1905-Ag 1918 as its Monthly 
bulletin. Superseded by Illinois dental 
journal. v5 nol,Ja 1909 incorrectly num- 
bered nol0;v5 no2 as v6 no2 

ILLINOIS state homoeopathic medical associa- 
tion. See Illinois homoeopathic medical as- 
ILLINOIS state horticultural society 
News letter. l,My 1922 + 

F 1932 erroneously dated D 1932. Other 
errors in dates 

Transactions. 1,1865+ 

Some volumes as Annual journal 

ILLINOIS state eclectic medical society 
Journal. Springfield, 111. 


ILLINOIS state electric association 
Proceedings. 1-2,1900-01)1 ? 

ILLINOIS state farmers' association 
Proceedings. 1-5,1873-7711? 

MB 5 r ' 

fJ ' to 

Transactions. Springfield. 1-11,1856-66; nsvl, 

1856-59 in Illinois state agricultural soci- 
ety, Transactions <r\ a a y ." y 

If-y^'^, fct 

See also Illinois horticulture 
ILLINOIS state laboratory of natural history, 
Bulletin. 1-12,1876-191711 

nol as Illinois museum of natural history. 
The natural history of Illinois. Bulletin 
nol. Superseded by Illinois. Natural his- 
tory survey (not in this list) 

MB |^£- 


ILLINOIS state medical society, Chicago 
Transactions. 1-48,1850-9811 

1 as Proceedings. Continued in Illinois 
medical journal, (Springfield) 
Index: 1850-98 


ILLINOIS state federation of labor 

a M ~: ?•>. Mi-Let-in 

Weekly news letter. Chicago. 1,1915+ 

Index: 1-14,1915-Mr 30 1929; 15-17, Ap 6 
1929-Mr 26 1932 

ILLINOIS state microscopical society 

Bulletin. 1-7 (nol-46/47),Mr 1919-F/Ap 1926|| 

Transactions. 1-2,1872-73 
.„ In Lens 

Ma *, f, 


ILLINOIS state historical library, Springfield 
Bulletin. 1-2,1905-0611 


Circular. 1,1905+ 

Collections. 1,1903+ 
Index: 1-20 


ILLINOIS state museum of natural history, 
Bulletin. 1-12,1876-9711 

ILLINOIS state nurses' association 

- as Illinois state association of gradu- 
ate nurses 

Quarterly. Chicago; Evanston. 1-11,1904-1311? 

French series. 1,1934 + 

Lincoln series. 


\~\ ' iqfccTVI 

ILLINOIS state teachers' association 
Journal of proceedings. 1,1854+ 



ILLINOIS state teachers' association — Cont. 
College section 
— Proceedings. Evanston. 1-2,1887-8811 

Later reports with the association's* Jour- 
nal of proceedings 

See also Illinois teacher 

Dept. of research and statistics 

— Publications. Springfield. [1],1931+ 

ILLfDSTRATSIfA svfetlina. 

-5 as Svfetlina 

Plovdiv. 1-9, 

ILLfDSTRIROVANNAfA RossTfa. Paris. 1,1924+ 
French title: Russie illustr§e 

ILLfUSTRIROVANNYI ezhenedfel'nik. 

Petersburg. nol-48,1907|l? 


Natural science section 

— Educational papers. Peoria. 


ILLINOIS state teachers' society. See Illinois 
common school advocate 

ILLINOIS state typographical union, See Chi- 
cago federationist 

ILLINOIS statesman. A weekly magazine for 
Illinois. Springfield, 111. vl nol-25,Ap l-O 21 

ILLINOIS studies in language and literature. 

See under Illinois. University 
ILLINOIS taxpayers' alliance 

Bulletin. Chicago, vl-2 no5,Ap 1915-0 191611 

ILLfUSTRIROVANNYI mTr. St. Petersburg. 

nol4-40,1889 not published 


burg. 1873-8511 

vfestnik. St. Peters- 

ILLUMINATED magazine. London. 1-4, My 
1843-Ap 1845; nsvl-2,My-Je 1845; (s3) vl.Jl- 
D 1845|| 

MB |^ .?1 - O 

ILLUMINATED manuscripts of the Middle 
Ages. Princeton. 1,1930+ 

ILLINOIS teacher. (Illinois state teachers' asso- 
ciation) Woodstock; etc. l,Ap 1913+ 

ILLINOIS teacher: devoted to education, sci- 
ence and free schools. Peoria. 1-18, F 1855- 
D 1872|| 

Subtitle varies. 1-4,1855-58 as organ of Il- 
linois state teacher's association. Merged 
into Chicago schoolmaster, later Illinois 
schoolmaster _ 



ILLINOIS thresherman. Peoria, 111. 1,D 15 

v3 no5,v4 no2-3 never published 

ILLINOIS tuberculosis association. See Illinois 

ILLINOIS vocational association, Chicago 
Bulletin. 1,F 1930+ 

News bulletin. l,Ja 1934+ 

ILLINOIS voter. Chicago. l.My 1921+ 

1-8 as Illinois league of women voters, 
Chicago. Bulletin 

ILLUMINATED western world. N.Y. 1- ,1869- 


Running title: "Western world. Merged in- 
to South; a journal of southern and. south- 
western progress 

ILLUMINATED world life. Minneapolis. 1-6 
nol-4, -My 190911 

No number issued Ap 1909 

ILLUMlNATEN-orden. See Wort 
ILLUMINATING engineer. London. See Light 

and lighting 
ILLUMINATING engineer. N.Y. See Good 

lighting and the illuminating engineer 
ILLUMINATING engineering society 
Transactions. N.Y. ; Easton, Pa. 1,1906+ 

MB ^ -'/-<£ 

See also Light and lighting 
ILLUMINATING engineering society, 
Transactions. l,Ja 1936+ 



1906-F 1908H 


Cincinnati. 1-2, Ap 

ILLUMINATION. (School of life foundation) 
N.Y. vl nol-5,N 1930-Mr 193111 ? 

ILLINOIS water supply association 

Proceedings. Urbana-Champaign. 1-6,1909- 

Continued in American water works asso- 
ciation. Journal 

ILLINOIS Wesleyan magazine. 



ILLUMINATION, the gas and electric fixture 
trade review. Chicago. l-2,Ap 1909-1011? 

ILLUMINATOR. Boston. 1-3.S 23 1835-J1 12 
1837|| ? /• j , 

MB %\ )io (rvfr ^ n 

ILLUMINATOR. Cleveland. 1-2, Ja 15 1909-10||? 

ILLINOIS woman's athletic club. See Woman 

ILLfUSTRATSYfA. St. Petersburg. 1- ,1845-7011? 


ILLUMINATOR. Pittsburgh, Pa. l.S 1912+ 
In American Braille 




ILLUMINAZIONE razlonale. Milan. 
1928-My 1938 Illuminazione 


ILLUMINOTECNICA. Milan. 1-2,1929-3011 

ILLUSIONNISTE. Journal des prestidigita- 
teurs, amateurs et professionnels. Paris. 

ILLUSTRAQAO; Jornal universal. Lisbon, vl-2 

no6,Ap 1845-S 1846||? 

ILLUSTRAQAO; revista de Portugal e do Brazil. 

Paris. 1-8 (nol-184),1884-Ja 1 189211 
Subtitle varies slightly 

ILLUSTRATED annual register of rural affairs 
and cultivator almanac. Albany. 1-27,1855- 

Also issued without calendar, in triennial 
volumes as Rural affairs 

MB i-n.xr-i/7 yn 

ILLUSTRATED archaeologist. London. l-2,Je 

1893-S 1894|| 
United with Reliquary to form Reliquary 
and illustrated archaeologist 

MB AA Z2L £ . 

fV[ r^> 

ILLUSTRATED Arctic news. Facsimile of the 
Illustrated Arctic news, published on board 
H.M.S. Resolute. London. nol-5,0 31.N 
30,D 31 1850,Ja 31 and Mr 14 1851|| 

fW (b 

7 : 



bourne. 1-4, Je 1850-52||? 



ILLUSTRAQAO brasileira. Paris. l,Ag 1901-J1 


ILLUSTRAQAO brasileira. Rio de Janeiro, vl-2 
nol.P 1854-Ja 1855||? 
None issued O-D 1854 

ILLUSTRAQAO brasileira. Rio de Janeiro. 1-11 
(nol-120),Je 1,1909-Ag 1930|| 

ILLUSTRAQAO catholica; revista literaria 
semanal de informacao graphica. Braga. 1-7 
(nol-304),1914-Ag 16 191911? 

ILLUSTRAQAO luso-brasileira. Lisbon. l-3,Ja 
1856-D 185911 

ILLUSTRATED bee. Omaha, Neb. nol-276,Je 
18 1899-1904H? 
1899-Je 17 1900 as Omaha illustrated bee 

ILLUSTRATED bee Journal. See National bee 

ILLUSTRATED botany. N.Y. 1,1847|| 

ILLUSTRATED Canadian forest and outdoors. 
jSee Forest and outdoors 

ILLUSTRATED carpenter and builder. Lon- 
don. l,Ag 10 1877+ 

MB ' "-3 

ILLUSTRATED Catholic American. N.T. 1-14, 

Ja 17 1880-8611? 


ILLUSTRAQAO popular, publicacao semanal sob 
a proteccao de S. M. I. a senhora duqueza 
de Braganca. Lisbon. l-4,Ja 14 1866-74?|| 

ILLUSTRAQAO portugueza. See Ilustragao por- 

ILLUSTRAQAO-trasmontana; archivo pittores- 

co litterario e scientifico das terras tras- 

montanas. Oporto. 1-3,1908-1011? 

ILLUSTRAQAO universal; revista dos principaes 
acontecimentos de Portugal e do estrangeiro. 
Lisbon, vl-2 no23,F 9 1884-Je 13 188511? 

ILLUSTRATED. London. l,Mr 4 1939+ 
Supersedes Weekly illustrated 

ILLUSTRATED Africa. See Illustrated Chris- 
tian world 

ILLUSTRATED air news. Whittier, Cal. 1, 

ILLUSTRATED American magazine. N.Y. 
1-26,1890-190011 , | . 

1-25 as Illustrated American / i 2 } Q J L 



ILLUSTRATED American news. N.Y. nol- 
24,Je 7-N 15 18511! 
1-6 as Illustrated New York news 

ILLUSTRATED Catholic magazine. York. See 
Lamp; a weekly Catholic journal of litera- 
ture . 

ILLUSTRATED Celtic monthly. See Celtic 

ILLUSTRATED Chicago news. Chicago, vl 
nol-8, Ap 24- Je 13 186811? 
vl nol incorrectly dated 1867 

N.Y. 1-22, 

ILLUSTRATED Christian weekly. 

Ap 15 1871-92H 

mb /^/r, u+- /^ 

ILLUSTRATED Christian world. Vineland, N.J.; 
N.Y. Je 1894-My 189811 

Supersedes African world. 1894-Je 1896 as 
Illustrated Africa. Merged into Christian 

ILLUSTRATED criminal investigation of the 
law digest. Vellore, India. 1,1908||? 

ILLUSTRATED dramatic weekly. See Rambler 

and dramatic weekly 
ILLUSTRATED Dublin Journal. A miscellany 

of amusement and popular information. 

Dublin, vl nol-37,S 7 1861-My 17 1862H 
Merged into Duffy's Hibernian magazine 

ILLUSTRATED electrical review. See Factory 
management and maintenance 

ILLUSTRATED Europe. Zurich, nol-61,1880- 





2, 2 Uy-G 



JLLUSTRATED exhibitor, a tribute to the 
world's industrial Jubilee. London, nol-30, 
Je 7-D 27 18511! 

ILLUSTRATED journal of agriculture, isee 
Journal of agriculture and horticulture 

ILLUSTRATED journal of Australasia. Mel- 
bourne. 1-4,1856-5811 

1856 as Journal of Australasia 

ILLUSTRATED exhibitor and magazine of art. 
London, vl-2 no52,Ja-D 1852|| 

ILLUSTRATED Kentuckian; a journal of art, 
literature, education. . . Lexington, Ky. vl-3 
nol.My 1892-My 189411? 

ILLUSTRATED family herald. 

vl-31 no4,1876-My 1907||? 

Augusta, Me. 

ILLUSTRATED legal news, 
vl nol.Ag 1935H 

Triplicane, Madras. 

ILLUSTRATED family Journal. London, nol- 
21, Mr 8-J1 26 1845|| 

ILLUSTRATED London magazine. London. 1-5, 
1853-55; nsvl-30,1856-70||? 

1857+ identical with Ladies' companion, 
New monthly belle-assemble\e and Ladies' 

ILLUSTRATED family magazine; for the dif- 
fusion of useful knowledge. Boston, vl-4 
no3,F 1845-S 184611 

vl-2 no5,1845 as New England family 

magazine ILLUSTRATED London news. London. 1,1842+ 


h\Vr*~*B i + 

N.Y. vl nol-12,S 27-D 


23 1876H? 
nol-10 as New York Figaro 

ILLUSTRATED floral instructor. N.Y. 1,S 1879- 
D 1880||? 

ILLUSTRATED footwear-fashion. See Foot- 
wear-fashion combined with Modern shoe- 
JLLUSTRATED gardener's guide. Berlin. 1-12, 

English edition of Illustrierte berichte 
iiber gartenbau, etc. 

JLLUSTRATED horticultural times. London. 
1-17 (nol-406),N 7 1885-N 25 1893|| 

1-2 (nol-34),1885-Je 26 1886 as Covent 
garden gazette. . .; 3-17 (no35-404),Jl 3 
1886-0 14 1893 Horticultural times. 12-17 
also as ns 

ILLUSTRATED household Journal and English- 
woman's domestic magazine. London, nc-1- 

Supersedes Englishwoman's domestic 
magazine. Superseded by Milliner, dress- 
maker and draper !#/« r>f\--, 

jab iv\ b, -itur s >& va - 

iv\ b 

ILLUSTRATED household magazine. Newburgh, 
N.Y.; etc. 1-17,1867?-75|| 

-15, -D 1874 as Wood's household maga- 

nrj?- /o3-n 


ILLUSTRATED hydropathic review. N.Y. 1,6 
Merged into "Water-cure journal, later 


ILLUSTRATED industrial world. Dallas; Hou- 
ston. 1-10,1898-190211? 

ILLUSTRATED inventor. London. 1-5,1857-581 

ILLUSTRATED journal. Chicago. 1-3,1872-741 

r 1 1» 

ILLUSTRATED magazine of art. N.Y. 

don. 1-4 (nol-24),Ja 1853-D 185411 

mb iyi 


29 1888-F 1 1890H 

ILLUSTRATED monthly courier. 

. ,.._ 1 (nol-6),Jl 1-D 1 1848H? 

MB ng / 




ILLUSTRATED mechanics. Kansas City, Mo. 

vl-6 no2,1916-My 1921 as Farm and home 
mechanics; v6 no3-v9 no?, Je 1921- Rural 
mechanics; v9 no?-vl0 nol, -Ap 1925 Il- 
lustrated rural mechanics. No issues pub- 
lished for Ap,Je-Jl 1933 

news. London. 1-6, S 

ILLUSTRATED medicine and surgery. N.Y. 1-2, 


1 as Illustrated quarterly of medicine and 

ILLUSTRATED mercury. Raleigh, N.C. 1- ,1863- 
N 26 1864|| 

Merged into Southern field and fireside 

ILLUSTRATED milliner. N.Y. 1,1900+ 
Subtitle varies 

Manufacturers' edition. See Wholesale milliner 
and manufacturer 
ILLUSTRATED Milwaukee monthly magazine. 

See Midland and Milwaukee magazine 
ILLUSTRATED missionary news. London. 1- , 
1865- || 

1865-76 as Pictorial missionary news. 
Merged into Regions beyond during 1884. 
Resumed publication as a separate peri- 
odical Ja 1885 

ILLUSTRATED monitor. (Confraternity of the 
Sacred Thirst and Agony of Our Lord) 
Dublin. 1-6,1874-7811? 


ILLUSTRATED monthly Northwest magazine; 
devoted to western interests and progress. 
See Smalley's magazine 



ILLUSTRATED monthly phonographic meteor. 
See Reporters' journal and shorthand maga- 

ILLUSTRATED moth gazette; a> review of the 
world wide activities of De Havilland air- 
craft and gypsy aero engines. Edgware, 
England, vl nol-4,Ja/F-Jl/S' 19311! 
Supersedes D.H. gazette 

ILLUSTRATED review, a fortnightly journal 
of literature, science, and art. London. 1-6, 
O 14 1870-74; nsvl,1874||? 

ILLUSTRATED review of physiologic thera- 
peutics. N.Y. vl nol-2,Ja-Ap 1904|| 

ILLUSTRATED Mount Vernon record. See 

Mount Vernon record 
ILLUSTRATED naval and military magazine. 

London. 1-9, Jl 1884-D 1888; nsvl-6,Ja 1889- 
D 189011 

ILLUSTRATED rural mechanics. See Illus- 
trated mechanics 

ILLUSTRATED science monthly. London. 1-4, 
no5 1883-8611? 

1,1883-84 as Science monthly 

ILLUSTRATED needlework. Chicago, vl-2 no3, 
O 1922-Ag 192311 

ILLUSTRATED scientific news. London, nol, 
O 1902-Ja 1904|| 

Merged into Knowledge 

ILLUSTRATED New York journal. See New 
York journal of romance 

ILLUSTRATED New York news. See Illustrated 

American news 
ILLUSTRATED news. Cincinnati. 1-4,1887||? 

ILLUSTRATED scientific news. N.Y. 1-3,1878- 
80; nsvl,Ja-D 1881|| 

Subtitle varies. Merged into Scientific 


LLUSTRATED news. N.Y. l-2,Ja 1-N 26 1853|| 
Merged into Gleason's pictorial drawing- 
room companion, later Ballou's pictorial 
drawing-room companion 

MB toB y^l°i( 

LLUSTRATED news of the world and national 

ILLUSTRATED southern Kansas. 
Kan. vl nol-2,F-S 188611 


Subtitle varies , »*N V f J. /> ' 6 - V £ 1 U 

\ \i t I /" / M V \ <"i )r\\~ 1$ ^ILLUSTRATED sporting and dramatic news. 

ILLUSTRATED sporting and dramatic news. 
London. 1,P 28 1874+ 

Melbourne; etc. 1.J1 1-D 22 1904||? 

LLUSTRATED outdoor news. N.Y. 1-7; nsvl 
nol-4,My 16 1903-Ja 190711 

1903-S 23 1905 as Illustrated sp'orting news. 
Merged into Recreation (1894-1912) 

ILLUSTRATED outdoor world. See Recreation. 

ILLUSTRATED people's magazine. Boston. 


LLUSTRATED phonographic world. See Jour- 
nal of commercial education 
LLUSTRATED polytechnic review. London. 1-2 
. (nol-17), 1843-4411 

Superseded by London polytechnic maga- 

ILLUSTRATED poultry record. 
no4,0 1908-15H 

London, vl-7 

ILLUSTRATED sporting news. See Illustrat- 
ed outdoor news 

ILLUSTRATED times, weekly newspaper. Lon- 
don. 1-14, Je 9 1855-62; nsvl-20 no9,1862-Mr 
2 1872|| 

Also as nol-885 , 

ILLUSTRATED topographical record of Lon- 
don. See under London topographical so- 

ILLUSTRATED travels. London. 1-6,1869-7411 

ILLUSTRATED war news. Toronto, 1885. See 
Canadian pictorial and illustrated war news 

ILLUSTRATED Waverley magazine. See Wav- 
erley magazine 

ILLUSTRATED weekly. N.Y. 1-3,1875 ?-77[|? 


ILLUSTRATED quarterly; international uniform 
lessons [for intermediate's and seniors]. 
N.Y. ; Cincinnati. 1,1898 + 

ILLUSTRATED quarterly of medicine and sur- 
gery. See Illustrated medicine and surgery 

ILLUSTRATED review. Atascadero, Cal. See 
California illustrated review 

ILLUSTRATED review. Chicago. 1-4, Jl 1909- Je 

1909-D 1910 as Illinois illustrated review 

lish life 

London. 1923. See Eng- 

ILLUSTRATED wood worker, for joiners, cab- 
inet makers, stair builders, carpenters, car 
builders. N.Y. l,Ja-D 1879|| 
Merged into American builder, later 
Architect, builder and woodworker 

MB /ft fy 



words of grace. Melbourne. 

ILLUSTRATED world. Chicago, vl-39 no3,Mr 
1904-My 192311 

1-3, 1904- Je 1905 as Technical world; v4-24 
no2,Jl 1905-O 1915 Technical world maga- 
zine. Merged into Popular mechanics mag- 


A A 

m V 

\jo^toW o^vOCvi 




1,1889 + 

world. Kansas City, Mo. 

ILLUSTRATOR; a quarterly journal devoted to 
the interests of publishers and printers. 
N.Y. vl-2 no3,Ja 1884-Mr 1885||? 

ILLUSTRATED world. Art and literature. 
Philadelphia. l,Ap 14-N 17 188311 

ILLUSTRATED world's fair. See Halligan's il- 
lustrated world's fair 

ILLUSTRATEUR des dames et des demoiselles, 
journal des soirees de famille. Paris. 1-14, 

Title varies 

ILLUSTRATIE. Brussels. l.Ap 1936+ 

ILLUSTRATION. Paris. l,Mr 4 1843+ 

Index: 1-14 in, 14 , .. , , ,,, n ,./,. iu/ 

— Supplement musical. Paris. -190911 


ILLUSTRATOR and process review. Buffalo, 

N.Y. vl-10 no8,1896-1905|| 
vl-9 no3 as Process review and journal of 

ILLUSTRAZIONE coloniale. Milan. 

ILLUSTRAZIONE fascista. Settimanale del 
popolo d'ltalia. Rome. 1-3, N 15 1928-D 28 


ILLUSTRAZIONE italiana. Milan. 1,D 14 

Supersedes Illustrazione universale. 1873- 
O 24 1875 as Nuova illustrazione univer- 

Index: 1-70,1873-1908 


%3\fKt— J -?- MB23-k 

-Supplement roman. 

Superseded by Petite illustration. Serie- 


ftfrl'-W' - 

Supplements. See Illustration theatrale; Jar- 
din des modes; Petite illustration 
ILLUSTRATION congolaise; journal mensuel de 
propagande coloniale. Brussels. 

Supplement. See Illustrazione italiano sporti- 
va; Italia coloniale 
ILLUSTRAZIONE italiana sportiva. Milan, vl-2 
no32,D 3 1936-Ag 12 1937|| 
Supplement to Illustrazione italiana 



medica italiana. Genoa. 1, 

ILLUSTRATION de la Belgique et du grand- 

duche de Luxembourg. See Arts et tourisme 
ILLUSTRATION des modes. See Jardin des 

ILLUSTRATION economique et financiere. See 

Orientation §conomique et financiere 
ILLUSTRATION europeenne. Brussels. 1-29, 


ILLUSTRAZIONE medico-chirurgica. 



ILLUSTRAZIONE popolare. Milan. 1-26.N 1869- 

ILLUSTRATION horticole. Ghent; Brussels. 
1-43, Ja 1854-D 30 1896|| 
11-16 also as s2 vl-6; 17-27 as s3 vl-11; 28- 
33 as s4 vl-6; 34-40 as s5 vl-7; 41-43 
as s6 vl-3. United with Journal des 
orchidees to form Semaine horticole 
Index: 1-30 

MB JJ, / J / < ' / 

ILLUSTRATION industrielle. Paris. See Revue 
illustree de 1'industrie, arts, sciences, nou- 
velles inventions. . . 

ILLUSTRATION juive. Revue trimestrielle. 
Alexandria, Egypt, vl-3 nol2,1929-D 1931|| 
Superseded by Cahiers juifs (Paris) 

ILLUSTRATION nouvelle. Par une societe de 
peintres-graveurs a l'eau-forte. Paris. 1-12, 




ILLUSTRATION theatrale; journal d'actualites 
dramatiques. Paris. no3123-24, 1889-1904; (ns) 
nol-234,D 17 1904-1913H 

Supplement to Illustration. 1899-1904 car- 
ries same numbering. Superseded by 
Petite illustration: Serie-theatre 


ILLUSTRATOR, a magazine of literature, His- 
tory, art, poetry and fiction. Atlanta, Ga.' 
vl nol-5,Ap-S 1896H 

ILLUSTRAZIONE universale; giornale ebdo- 
madario illustrato. Milan. 1- ,Ja 3 1864- 

Superseded by Illustrazione italiana 

ILLUSTRAZIONE Vaticana. City of the Vati- 
can. 1,D 25 1930+ 

ILLUSTRAZIONI romagnole. Forli. 1,1937+ 

ILLUSTR£ du Petit journal. Paris; Constanti- 

-v42 no2129, -O 11 1931 as Petit journal 
illustre. Title and text in English, French, 
German and Turkish 

ILLUSTRE m6dical. Paris. 1,1923+ 

ILLUSTRE theatral. Paris. 1-2,1896-9711? 

MB 1-2/Kc T 2 

ILLUSTRERAD teknisk-tidning. Stockholm. 

See Teknisk tidsskrift. (Stockholm) 

'/ ILLUSTRERAD tradgards-tidning. Gothenburg. 


ILLUSTRERADT svenskt folk-bibliotek; las 
ning i hemmet. Stockholm. 1,188511? 

ILLUSTRERET (Allers) familie-journal. Co 

penhagen. 1,1877+ 

ILLUSTRERET b0rneblad. (SjzSndagsskole- 
lsererinde) Christiania. 1-4,1880-84||? 

ILLUSTRERET familieblad. Decorah, Iowa. 

ILLUSTRERET familieblad. Skandinavisk 
maanedsblad. Chicago, vl-2 no3,N 1878-Mr 



ILLUSTRIERTE deutsche romanzeitung. Ber- 
lin. 1,1863 + 

1- ,1863- as Deutsche roman-zeitung 
Index: 1-50,1863-1913 

ILLUSTRERET familie-journal. 

1- ,1886-190911? 


ILLUSTRERET honseavlertidende. 

Denmark. 1,1890+ 


ILLUSTRERET nyhedsblad. 
O 25 1851-D 30 1866|| 

Christiania. 1-15, 


ILLUSTRERET tidende. Copenhagen. 1-65,0 
2 1859-Ja 1925|| 
Subtitle varies 

ILLUSTRERET tidsskrift for de nyeste reise- 
beskrivelser. Copenhagen. 1-3,1868-7011? 

ILLUSTRIRTE elsMssische rundschau. 

Revue alsacienne illustr6e 
ILLUSTRIERTE flora. Vienna. 1,1877+ 


Supplement. See Illustrierte nlltzliche blatter 
ILLUSTRIERTE flugwoche. (Bund deutscher 
flieger) Leipzig. 1-11.J1 2 1919-2911 
United with Luftfahrt to form Deutsche 






ILLUSTRIERTE gartenzeitung. (Wuerttem- 

bergischer gartenbau-verein; Gesellschaft 

Flora in Stuttgart) Stuttgart. 1-31,1856-8711 
Index: 1-10 in 12 



geflugel -zeitung. Nuremberg. 

ILLUSTRIRTE hausfreund. See Hausfreund 

(Leipzig; Berlin) 
ILLUSTRIERTE Internationale balneologische 

ausstellungs-zeitung. Frankfurt a.M. l,My 

5-0 25 1881||? 



jagdzeitung. Leipzig. 1-22, 

ILLUSTRERET ugeblad for oplysning og 
underholding. Chicago. l-7,Ap 1881-F 188711? 

ILLUSTRIERTE jugendblatter. 

1-33, -1917H? 

Reading, Pa. 

ILLUSTRIAN. (American illustriana society) 
Hebron, Neb. 

ILLUSTRIRTE aeronautische mitteilungen. See 
Deutsche luftfahrer 

ILLUSTRIRTE berichte Uber gartenbau, blu- 
men- und gemusezucht, obstbau und forst- 
kunde. Berlin; Brunswick. 1-18,1870-7311 

English ed. See Illustrated gardener's guide 
French ed. See Moniteur horticole illustre' 
ILLUSTRIERTE blatt. Frankfurt a.M. 1,1913 + 

ILLUSTRIERTE kriegszeitung. Berlin. See II- 
lustriertes unterhaltungsblatt (Berlin. 1914- 
ILLUSTRIRTE kunstgewerbliche zeitschrift fUr 
innendekoration. Darmstadt. 1-5,1890-9411? 
Binder's title: Zeitschrift fur innen-deko- 

ILLUSTRIRTE landwirthschaftliche dorfzei- 
tung. Leipzig. 1-21,1840-6011? 

1-11,1840-50 as Landwirthschaftliche dorf- 
zeitung. Superseded by Illustrirte land- 
wirthschaftliche zeitung (Leipzig) 

ILLUSTRIRTE chronik. Leipzig. 1,184811 

Covers of individual numbers: Illustrirte 
chronik der gegenwart 

ILLUSTRIRTE landwirtschaftliche zeitung. 

(Bund der landwirte) Bunzlau; Berlin, vl- 

50 nol3,1881-Mr 28 1930|| 
1-12 as Landwirtschaftliche tierzucht. 
Merged into Deutsche landwirtschaft- 
liche presse 

ILLUSTRIRTE chronik von Bohmen. (Verein 
vaterlandischer gelehrter und ktlnstler) 
Prague. 1-2,1852-54|| 

ILLUSTRIRTE coiffure; zeitschrift fur kopfputz 
und lingerie. Berlin. 1-15,0 1878-921) 
Merged into Coiffure 

Supplement. See Blaetter fur die deutsche 
hausfrau; Landwirtschaftliche marktzei- 
tung; Maschinen-zeitung 

ILLUSTRIRTE landwirthschaftliche zeitung. 
Jahrbuch fur land-, garten- und weinbau. 
Leipzig. 1-24,1865-8811 

Supersedes Illustrirte landwirthschaftliche 




ILLUSTRIERTE medizinische 

nich. 1-3,1852-55|| 

zeitung. Mu- 

ILLUSTRIERTE schreiner-zeitung. Berlin; 

Stuttgart. 1-5.1880-87H 

ILLUSTRIRTE Metz'sche rosen-zeitung. Stein- 
furth b. Nauheim. 1-4,1885-88; (s2) nol-2, 

1-4,1885-88 as Metz'sche deutsche rosen- 

ILLUSTRIRTE modenzeitung. Berlin. 1-6,1873/ 


ILLUSTRIERTE monatsblaetter fur 
zucht. Klosterneuburg. 1,1901+ 


ILLUSTRIRTE monatshefte fur die gesammten 
interessen des Judenthums. Vienna. 1-2, 
Ap 1865-Mr 1866||. 

Running title: Hilberg's illustrirte mo- 

ILLUSTRIRTE schwabische industrie-blatter. 

Stuttgart. 1,1881-82||? 

ILLUSTRIRTE Schweiz. Unterhaltungsblatt 
fur den familientisch. Bern, vl-4 no4,Jl 1 
1871-Ap 1874|| 

ILLUSTRIRTE schweizerische handwerker- 
zeitung. St. Gall, Switzerland. 1-8,1885-93||? 

ILLUSTRIERTE tanz-zeitung. 

lottenburg. 1-2,1922-2311? 

Berlin-Char - 



technische welt. "Vienna. 

ILLUSTRIRTE monatshefte fur obst- und 

weinbau. See Obst- und gemusebau 
ILLUSTRIRTE monatsschrift der arztlichen 
polytechnik. (Universal-verein der verferti- 
ger chirurgiseher instrumente, orthopa- 
discher apparate und bandagen) Bern. 1-12, 

1-3 as Illustrirte vierteljahrschrift der 
arztlichen polytechnik. Merged into 
Fortschritte der krankenpflege, later 
Zeitschrift ftir krankenpflege, and contin- 
ued as a section of that periodical 

Supplement. See Zentralblatt ftir orthopa- 
dische chirurgie und mechanik 
ILLUSTRIERTE monatsschrift fur die deutsche 
familie. Innsbruck? -S? 192911? 

United with Deutsche familie, Illustrierte 
monatsschrift ftir die katholische familie 
and Christliche kinderfreund to form 
Unser blatt 

ILLUSTRIERTE monatsschrift fur die katholi- 
sche familie. Innsbruck? -S? 1929||? 
United with Deutsche familie, Illustrierte 
monatsschrift ftir die deutsche familie 
and Christliche kinderfreund to form 
Unser blatt 

ILLUSTRIRTE nutzliche blatter. Vienna. 1, 

Supplement to Illustrierte flora. Super- 
sedes Naturfreund (Vienna. 1885-90) 

Dno- -, 


ILLUSTRI ETE theatergeschichtliche 
graphien. Leipzig. 1,192811 

MB ■? 

ILLUSTRIERTE theaterwoche. Berlin. 1-3,1912- 
Jl 1914|| 

vl-2 nol4 as Kleine allgemeine rund- 
schau; v2 nol5-v3 no49 Theater- und 

ILLUSTRIRTE theater-zeitung. 

nol-39,Ap 8-D 30 184611 

Leipzig, vl 

ILLUSTRIRTE vierteljahrsschrift der arztli- 
chen polytechnik. See Illustrirte monats- 
schrift der arztlichen polytechnik 

ILLUSTRIRTE welt. Deutsches familienbuch. 
Blatter aus natur und leben, wissenschaft 
und kunst. Stuttgart; Leipzig. 1-50,1853- 

Merged into Buch fur alle 

MB Q , sTf\ • ^ 

ILLUSTRIERTE welt. Bine sammlung interes- 
santer erzahlungen, novellen, corresponden- 
zen und criminal-berichte aus alien theilen 
der Ver. Staaten, tagesbegebenheiten, scan- 
dalgeschichten. . . N.Y. 
v3 nol as Illustrierte welt und amerika- 
nische criminal-berichte. Individual num- 
bers have caption title: Illustrierte welt 
und New Yorker humorist 

ILLUSTRIRTE praktische blatter fiir den gar- 
tenbau. Hietzing. 1-4,1889-94||? 

ILLUSTRIRTE Wiener gewerbe-zeitung. Vi- 
enna. 1-21,1872-92||? 

1- ,1872- as Ackermann's illustrirte 
Wiener gewerbe-zeitung 

ILLUSTRIERTE rundschau der medicinisch- 
chirurgischen technik. Berlin; Bern. 1-2, 


In Yiddish 

Warsaw, vl-3 nol9,1926-0 

ILLUSTRIERTE schlesische monatsschrift fiir 
obst-, gemiise- und garten-bau. (Provinzial- 
verband schlesischer gartenbauvereine) 
Breslau. vl-5 no5,Ja 1912-My 1916|| 

1 as Schlesische monatsschrift ftir obst-, 

garten- und gemiise-bau 

ILLUSTRIERTE wochenschrift fur entomo- 

logie. See Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche 

ILLUSTRIERTE zeitschrift fiir tierfreunde. 

(Oesterreichischer bund der vogelfreunde, 

Gratz) Gratz. 





Leipzig; etc. 

1.J1 1 


Subtitle varies. 13+ also as nsvl+ 

ILLUSTRIERTE zeitung fur blechindustrie. 
Leipzig. 1,1872+ m wi . 

1872-84 as Deutsche blatter fur blech- 

ILLUSTRIERTES jahrbuch der weltreisen. 
Teschen; etc. 1-13,1902-14|| 

Cover-title: Jahrbuch der weltreisen und 
geographischen forschungen 

ILL.USTRIRTES landwirthschaftliches vereins- 
blatt fiir den kleineren landwirth. Dresden; 
Leipzig. 1-13,1867-79|| ? 

1-12,1867-78 as Landwirthschaftliches ver- 
einsblatt fiir den kleineren landwirth 

ILLUSTRIERTE zeitung fur buchbinderei und 
carton nagenfabrikation. Dresden-Blasewitz. 

Merged into Archiv fUr buchbinderei 

ILLUSTRIRTES magazin begleitet von der 
Schneilpost fur moden; eine zeitschrift zur 
unterhaltung und belehrung. . . Leipzig. 1-6, 


ILLUSTRIRTE zeitung fiir 
handel. Leipzig. 1- ,1894- 

industrie und 

JLLUSTRIRTER anzeiger fur contor und bu- 
reau. 1-17,1865-8111? 

1-12,1865-76 as Illustrirter anzeiger fiber 
gefalschtes papiergeld und unechte mtin- 

ILLUSTRIRTES musik- und theater-journal. 
Vienna. 1-2,0 6 1875-Mr 16 1877||? 


Yo^Zrirr- <$ 


ILLUSTRIRTES oesterreichisch - ungarisches 
patent- blatt. (K.K. Pate'ntamt) Vienna. 1- 


Superseded by Oesterreichisches patent- 

ILLUSTRIRTER farmerfreund. N.Y. 1- 


1871-72 as Farmerfreund 


ILLUSTRIRTER rosengarten. Stuttgart. 1-4, 
1866-69; nsvl-6,1874-77; (s3) vl-4, 1879-8011 
1-4,1866-69 as Nestel's rosengarten 

ILLUSTRIERTES bade-blatt. Vienna; Berlin. 


Supplement to Hausfrau 

Supplement. See Oesterreichische zeitschrift 
fiir gewerblichen rechtsschutz 
ILLUSTRIRTES schweizerisches unterhaltungs- 
blatt fiir Stolze'sche stenographen. Wetzi- 
kon-Zurich, Switzerland. 

Supplement to Schweizer stenograph 

ILLUSTRIERTES sonntagsblatt. Zurich. 
Supplement to Lebensmittel-handel 



unterhaltungsblatt. Berlin. 


zig. 1,1872+ 


briefmarken-journal. Leip- 

ILLUSTRIERTES fachblatt fur die gesammte 
glas-, porzellan- und steingut-industrie. 
Zittau, Saxony. 1-3,1893-9511? 
Title varies 

ILLUSTRIERTES unterhaltungsblatt. Berlin. 
nol-44, 1914-16H? 

Supplement to Molkerei-zeitung (Berlin). 
nol-31 as Illustrierte kriegszeitung 

ILLYRIA; national Albanian 

vl nol-ll,Mr 15-N 1916|| 
In English and Albanian 

review. Boston. 

ILLUSTRIRTES familienbuch zur unterhaltung 
und belehrung hauslicher kreise. Triest. 

1-10,1850/51-59; nsvl-5,1859-63||? 

4LLUSTRIRTES familienjournal. Leipzig; Dres- 

ILLUSTRIRTES haus- und familien-buch. See 

Fuer haus und familie 
ILLUSTRIRTES jahrbuch der erfindungen 

und des technischen fortschritts. Teschen. 


ILUSTRAQAO. Lisbon. l,Ja 1 1926 + 
ILUSTRAQAO moderna. Oporto. l,My 1926+ 

ILUSTRAQAO portugueza. Lisbon. nol-119,N 
1903-F 12 1906; s2 nol-932,F 26 1906-D 29 
1906-S 1913 as Illustracao portugueza 

ILUSTRACI6 catalana. Barcelona. 1-14,1880-93; 

ILLUSTRIERTES jahrbuch der naturkunde. 

Teschen; etc. 1-12,1903-14|| 

ILUSTRACI6 llevantina; revista artistich-li- 
teraria de Catalunya. Valencia. 1-2 (nol-28), 

N 1900-D 16 190111? 


ILLUSTRIERTES Jahrbuch der weltgeschichte. ILUSTRACI6N. Madrid, vl-9 no436,Mr 3 1849- 
1-15,1900-14|| „ .^y . u t. Jl 6 1S57H 

MB Z ~ ' \ « 

1 J 

V J 



ILUSTRACI6N. Periodico politico, cientlfico, 
moral, estetico y religioso. Lima. 
Subtitle varies * 

ILUSTRACI6N iberica; semanario cientlfico, 
literario y artistico. Barcelona. 1-16 (nol- 
835), 1883-9811? 

ILUSTRACI6N americana de Frank Leslie. N.T. 

1-5 (nol-130), -Ap 14 1865|| 

ILUSTRACI6N ibero-americana. Barcelona, vl- 
2 no3,D 1929-My 1930|| 

ILUSTRACI6N argentina. Buenos Aires. 1-6, 


ILUSTRACI6N industrial. Madrid, nol-22,1862- 


ILUSTRACI6N artistica, peri6dico semanal de 
literatura, artes y ciencias. Barcelona. 1-25, 
9 not published 

ILUSTRACI6N medico-quirurgica espafiola. 

Saragossa. vl nol-12,F-Jl 1881|| 

ILUSTRACI6N mexicana. Mexico. 1-5,1851-551! 

ILUSTRACI6N cantabrica. Madrid, vl-4 no24, 

1-3,1879-81 as Ilustraci6n gallega y as- 

ILUSTRACI6N cubana. Barcelona, vl-4 no6,Ja 
1885-F 1888||? 

1LUSTRACI6N de Cuba; revista universal. 


ILUSTRACI6N moderna. Barcelona. l,Je-N 


ILUSTRACI6N mundial; revista hispano-ameri. 
cana. Madrid. 

ILUSTRACI6N paraguaya. Asunci6n. vl nol- 
20,My 15 1888-P 28 1889||? 

ILUSTRACI6N peruana. Lima, Peru. l,Ja 1909 + 

ILUSTRACI6N de Madrid. Revista de politica, 
ciencias, artes y literatura. Madrid. 1-2 
(nol-48),Ja 1870-D 1871||? 

ILUSTRACI6N potosina. San Luis Potosl. 1, 


ILUSTRACI6N del Oriente. Manila, vl-2 nol4, 
O 7 1877-Ap 7 1878H? 

ILUSTRACI6N republicana federal. Madrid. 


ILUSTRACI6N del Pacifico. Guatemala. l-2,Ag 

1 as Ilustracion guatemalteca 

IUUSTRACI6N espafiola y americana. Madrid. 


1-13,1857-69 as Museo universal, peri6dico 
de ciencias, literatura, etc. 

ILUSTRACI6N, revista de arte, literatura y 
actualidades. Guayaquil, vl-2 no21,1917-18|| 

ILUSTRACION semanal. Mexico. 1,0 7 1913+ 

ILUSTRACI6N sud-americana. Buenos Aires. 

1-25 (nol-571),1893-Je 1917H t/,, _- L 


il% r .y* 

lioc ■ 

ILUSTRACI6N filipina, periodico quincenal. 
Manila. l-2,Mr 1 1859-D 15 186011 

ILUSTRACI6N venatoria. Madrid. 1-20,1878- 


ILUSTRACI6N filipina; semanario ilustrado 
de ciencias, artes, biografias, noticias, etc. 

Manila. nol-3,N 7 1891-F 1895||? 

ILUSTRACI6N gallega y asturiana. See Ilus- 

traci6n cantabrica 
ILUSTRACION guatemalteca. See Ilustraci6n 

del Pacifico 

ILUSTRACI6N hispano-americana. Paris. 1-4,0 
15 1857-D 31 1860H ? 

ILUSTRADOR americano. Mexico. 1,1812||? 

ILUSTRADOR cat6lico mexicano. Mexico. 1846- 


ILUSTRADOR extraordinario. See Ilustrador 

ILUSTRADOR mexicano. Peri6dico cientlfico, 

literario y politico. Mexico. vl,nol-30,Ap 11- 

Jl 11 182311? 
vl nol4 as Ilustrador extraordinario 

ILUSTRACI6N historica. Buenos Aires. l,Ap- 
Ag 1911H 

Supersedes Ilustraci6n hist6rica argentina 

ILUSTRETS schurnals. See Ilustrets zurnals 
ILUSTRETS zurnals. Riga, Latvia. l,My 1920+ 
My-Je 1920 as Ilustrets schurnals 

ILUSTRACI6N hist6rica argentina. Buenos 
Aires. 1-2.D 1 1908-D 1 191011 

Superseded by Ilustraci6n historica 

rLUSTRIRTES familienblat. Wydawca; Lem- 
berg. nol-19, 191011? 

ILUSTROVANI list. Zagreb. 


1MKERBOTE. Leipzig. nol-2,1889| 


IM ausland. London. IMKERBOTE. Magdeburg. 1-5, -1925|| 

Supersedes Verein deutscher lehrer in 
England. Mitteilungen 

IM Deutschen Reich. (Centralverein deutscher 
staatsbiirger jiidiscnen glaubens) Berlin. 1- 

IM familien-kreise. Milwaukee. 

IMKERS rundschau. Weixelburg. 1890- Je 1893| 
IMKERSCHULE. Leipzig. 1-15,1891-190511? 
IMKER-zeitung. Ilshofen. 

IM feuerschein. Vienna, vl-2 nol.O 5 1901-Ja IMMIGRANT. N.Y. vl-10 nol.My 1921-S/N 1930|| 

4 1902||? y 9 n o4 never published 

IM Frankfurter raum. Frankfurt a.M. l,My IMMIGRANTS in America review. (Committee 

iqqi_i_ for immigrants in America) N.Y. 1-2, Mr 

T 1915-J1 191611 

MB /H f5 

IM kampfe gegen einen unterirdischen feind. IMMIGRANTS protective league, Chicago 

See Wuenscnelrute 1909/10 as League for the protection of im- 

IM kampfe um den alten Orient. Leipzig. 1-4, migrants. Supersedes Women's trade union 

1907-1411 league of Chicago. Immigration committee 

Annual report. 1,1909/10+ 

IM neuen Deutschland; grundfragen deutscher 

politik in einzelschriften. Berlin. 1-11,1918- IMMIGRATION. Springfield, Mass. vl-6 no5,Ap 

21||? 1909-O 1914H 

IM neuen reich; wochenschrift fiir das leben 
des deutschen volkes in staat, wissenschaft, 
und kunst. Leipzig. 1-11,1871-8111 



A r 3o. 

IM reich der lUfte; populare zeitschrift fllr 
luftschiffahrt. Ausgabe A. Berlin. 1-4, 

Subtitle varies 

IMMIGRATION association of California, San 
Report. 1-5,1881-8611? 

IMMIGRATION clerk. (U.S. immigration serv- 
ice clerks' association) Ellis Island. 1,1930+ 
vl nol- as Immigration service clerks' 

IM traulichen heim; das unterhaltungsblatt fiir 
haus und familie. Leipzig. 

IMAGE. Paris. 1867-68. See Paris comique 
IMAGE. Paris. 1,1932+ 

IMMIGRATION Journal. Washington, vl nol-9, 
Mr 1916-Ja 191711 

MB ft/) fe S J v Q 

IMMIGRATION restriction league, Boston 
Publications. 1,1894+ 

, . ,- ) - 


IMAGE; revue litte>aire et artistique, ornfie de 
figures sur bois. (Corporation frangaise des 
graveurs sur bois) Paris. D 1896-N 1897 1| 

IMAGE. Revue mensuelle illustr6e. Paris. 1-3, 


IMAGES alsaciennes. See Elssesser bilderbogen 
IMAGO; zeitschrift fiir anwendung der psy- 
choanalyse auf die geisteswissenschaften. 
Leipzig; Vienna. l-23,Mr 1912-3711 
Subtitle varies 

IMMIGRATION service clerks' magazine. See 

Immigration clerk 
IMMIGRATION! ST. Apalachicola; Carrabelle, 
Fla. vl nol.S 189511? 



IMMORTALITY. An exponent of universal reli- 
gion. Chicago; Syracuse, N.Y. 1-3, Je 1898- 
Mr 1901|| 
Merged into Universal religion 

IMAGO mvndi; iahrbvch der alten kartographie. 
Yearbook of old cartography. Berlin. 1, 

IMMUNITAT, allergie und infektionskrankhei 
ten. Munich. 1,0 1928+ 

IMKER aus Thuringen. Weimar. 

IMP; an impertinent imprint. Glendale, Cal. vl 
nol-5,Ja-My 193511? 




IMPARCIAL. Guatemala. nol-59,Ja-Jl 1828||? 

IMPERIAL airways gazette. London. 1,1929+ 
Supplement to Aeroplane 

IMPARCIAL. Lima. Prospecto; nol-5,N 2-30 


IMPARCIAL. Lima. nol-3,N 21-D 8 183811? 

IMPERIAL and Asiatic quarterly review. See 

Asiatic review 
IMPERIAL and colonial magazine and review. 

London. 1-2,N 1900-01H 

IMPARCIAL. Lima. nol-5,N 1882||? 

IMPARCIAL. Peri6dico politico, cientifico y 
literario. Mexico. nol-45,1837||? 

IMPARCIAL. Revista hispano-americana. Ma- 
drid. vl-6 no6,1864-Mr 27 1876; s2 vl-8,1867||? 
si as Revista hispano-americana, politica, 
econ6mica, cientifica, y literaria 

IMPERIAL bacteriological laboratory. See 
Muktesar, India. Imperial institute of veter- 
inary research 

IMPERIAL bureau of animal genetics, Edin- 
Bibliographical lists. 1,1931+ 

Quarterly bulletin. nol,D 1929 + 
1 mimeographed 

IMPARTIAL. Journal de l'enseignement des 
sourds-muets. Paris. 1-2,1856-5711 

References to literature contained in periodi- 
cals received. 

IMPARTIAL, journal politique, litteraire et des 
vrais interets du pays. Paris, vl nol-2,Je 

18-20 184811 

IMPARTIAL europeen; ou, Nouvelles nationales 
et etrangeres. Brussels. 1- ,1796-97|| 

See also Animal breeding abstracts 
IMPERIAL bureau of animal health, Wey- 

bridge, England. See Index veterinarius 
IMPERIAL bureau of animal nutrition, Aber- 
deen, Scotland 
Technical communication, nol.Jl 1932+ 

IMPARTIAL gazetteer and Saturday evening's 
— ^7 post. See Ladies' weekly museum. . . 

IMPARTIAL Protestant mercury. London, no 
1-115,1681-My 30 1682|| 
Title varies slightly 

IMPARTIALITY medicale. Paris. 1-21,1881- 

1-6,1881-86 as Impartiality medicale et 

See also Nutrition abstracts and reviews 
IMPERIAL bureau of horticulture and planta- 
tion crops, East Mailing, Kent 

To 1938 as Imperial bureau of fruit pro- 
Horticultural abstracts. l.Mr 1931+ 

Occasional paper. 

IMPARTIALL intelligencer: communicating a 
perfect collection of the weekly passages in 
Parliament . . . London. Ja 26-0 12 1649|| 

IMPARZIALE; foglio politico. Naples. nol-4,N 
7-28 1820!!? 

IMPARZIALE. Giornale degli interessi scienti- 
fici, pratici, morali e professional! della 
classe medica. Florence. 1-23,1861-83|| 
Merged into Sperimentale 

IMPARZIALE; giornale politico, letterario, 
scientifico, artistico Venice, vl nol- 
44,Je?-D 2 184811? 

Technical communication. 

IMPERIAL bureau of mycology, Kew, England. 

See Imperial mycological institute 
IMPERIAL bureau of pastures and forage 
crops, Aberystwyth, Wales 
Previous to Mr 1938 as Imperial bureau 
of plant genetics; herbage plants, Ab- 
erystwyth, "Wales 
Bulletin. nol.Mr 1930+ 

Herbage abstracts. Aberystw T yth, Wales. l,Je 

Herbage reviews. l,Mr 1933 + 

IMPERIAL, etc. For entries of learned acad- 
emies (other than English) thus express- 
ing royal privilege, see the first word fol- 
lowing this adjective which is abbreviated 
and disregarded in the arrangement 
IMPERIAL academy, Tokyo 

1879- as Tokyo academy 
Memoirs. 1,1913+ 

In two sections. Only 1 no in s2 

MB 5^^ L ^ 

Proceedings. l,Mr 1912+ 

Plant breeding abstracts. 1,1930+ 

vl nol-2,1930 as Papers on plant genetics 

IMPERIAL bureau of plant genetics. See Im- 
perial bureau of pastures and forage crops, 
Aberystwyth, Wales 
IMPERIAL bureau of soil science, Harpenden, 
Monthly letters. 1- . -19371! 

Superseded by its Soils and fertilizers 



Pamphlets and reprints obtainable on loan 
from the Imperial bureau of soil science. 
nol.O 1932+ 

Publications on soil science issued from the 
empire overseas. 1931-34|| 
Superseded by Soil research in the" Brit- 
ish empire 

Publications relating to soils and fertilizers. 
1- , -1937H 

Superseded by its Soils and fertilizers 

Recent developments in soil analysis. 1- 
Superseded by its Soils and fertilizers 

IMPERIAL fisheries institute, Tokyo. See under 

IMPERIAL food Journal and dominions meat 

and produce gazette. London. 1-10 (nol- 

117), .Ta 27 1921 -S 25 1930|| 

IMPERIAL gas association, Tokyo. See Teikoku 

gasu kyokwai zasshi 
IMPERIAL institute Journal. (Great Britain. 4/ .? 

Imperial institute) London. 1-8,1895-D 1902|| 
Superseded by the institute's Bulletin 

IMPERIAL institute of agricultural research, 
Pusa, India 
Through 1930? as Agricultural research 
Bulletin. 1,1906+ 

Soils and fertilizers. 1,1938+ 

Supersedes its Publications relating to 
soils and fertilizers. Monthly letters, 
Recent developments in soil analysis and 
Summaries of recent reports 

Indigo publications. 1-12,1918-231 


— Botanical series. 1,1907+ 

Summaries of recent reports. 1- , -19371 
Superseded by its Soils and fertilizers 

— Chemical series. 1,1906+ 

Technical communications. 

Report on fruit experiments. 1-2,1907-10 [[ ? 

IMPERIAL cancer research fund, London 
Report. 1,1903+ 

Scientific reports. 1907+ 
1907-16 as its Report 

Scientific reports. 1,1904+ 

IMPERIAL colonist. London. 1,1902 + 

IMPERIAL commerce and affairs: a Journal for 
business men. London, vl-6 no2,1920-F 1925|| 

IMPERIAL council of agricultural research, 
New Delhi, India 
Annual report. 1,1929/30+ 

See also Agricultural journal of India 
IMPERIAL institute of the United Kingdom, 

the colonies and India. See under Great 

IMPERIAL institute of veterinary research, 

Muktesar, India. See under Muktesar, India 
IMPERIAL Japanese army medical corps, 

Tokyo. See Gun'idan-zassi 

IMPERIAL journal of art, science, mechanics 
and engineering. Manchester. 1-3,184011 



IMPERIAL lamp gazette. N.Y. 1-3,1898-1900||? 

Miscellaneous bulletin. 1,1934+ 

Scientific monograph. nol.O 1931+ 

See also Agriculture and livestock in India; 

Indian journal of veterinary science and 

animal husbandry 
IMPERIAL economic committee 
[Publications. MiscellaneousJ London. 1,1935+ 

IMPERIAL magazine, or compendium of reli- 
gious, moral and philosophical knowledge. 
Liverpool; London. 1-12,1819-30; s2 vl-4, 
1831-D 1834|| 
Subtitle varies 

IMPERIAL magazine; or, Complete monthly 
intelligencer. London. 1-3,1760-My 1762||? 

IMPERIAL malaria conference 
Proceedings. Simla. 1-3,1909-12| 

Report. 1,1925+ 

IMPERIAL fascist league. See Fascist; the 
organ of racial fascism 

IMPERIAL federation. London. l-8,Ja 1 1886- 
D 1 1893H 

IMPERIAL mycological institute, Kew, England 
To 1929 as Imperial bureau of mycology 
Fungi received. . . List. 1,1925+ 

IMPERIAL oil review. (Imperial oil, ltd.) To- 
ronto. vl-16 no3, -Jl/O 193211? 



IMPERIAL order daughters of the Empire. 

See Echoes 
IMPERIAL review. (Demos) Melbourne.' 1, 

1879+ . „ 

IMPLEMENT and tractor trade journal. See 

Implement and tractor 
IMPLEMENT and vehicle news. Cincinnati, 
Ohio. 1-10,1900-1011 

Merged into Implement age, later Imple- 
ment and tractor 

IMPERIAL review. (Imperial trade organiza- 
tion) London. 1,0 1934+ 

IMPLEMENT-hardware bulletin. Abilene, Kan. 

IMPERIAL social hygiene congress 
Proceedings. London. 

IMPERIAL sound. See Development 
IMPERIAL studies. (Royal empire society) 
London. 1,1927+ 

IMPERIAL trade organization, London. See 

Imperial review 
IMPERIAL university of Japan. See under 

IMPERIALIST. N.T. vl nol-10,1869|| 

IMPERIO de la ley, periodico eventual. Lima. 

nol-6,Ja 183611? 

IMPLEMENT Journal. See Hardware and imple- 
ment journal 

IMPLEMENT manufacturers' review, and agri- 
cultural record. London. See Implement and 
machinery review 

IMPLEMENT record. San Francisco. 1,1904+ 

IMPLEMENT trade journal. See Implement and 

IMPLET. N.Y. -1911?H 

Superseded by Universal weekly 

IMPORT and export trader. See Holland's im- 
port and export trader 

I MPORT-export; revista economics. Bucharest. 

IMPERO; the Italian-American news magazine. 


Formerly Giovinezzi 

IMPERT£RRITO constitucional. Havana, nol- 
41, Mr 11-Ag 2 1821||? 

IMPFGEGNER. St. Gall, Switzerland. 1-2,1876- 


IMPFGEGNER. (Deutsche impfzwanggegner- 
vereine) Dresden; etc. 1-21,1883-190311 ? 

IMPFGEGNERISCHE flugschriften. Dortmund. 


1MPITOYABLE; journal de tous les abus pu- 
blics. Paris, vl nol.S 3 18481! ? 

IMPLEMENT age. See Implement and tractor 

IMPLEMENT and farm Journal. See Implement 

and tractor 
IMPLEMENT and machinery review. London. 
l.My 3 1875 + 

1-3,1875-Ap 1 1878 as Implement manu- 
facturers' review and agricultural record 

IMPLEMENT and tractor. Kansas City, Mo. 1, 

1886-92 as Implement and farm journal; 
1893-1902 Implement trade journal; 1903- 
Ja 1916 Weekly implement trade journal; 
F 1916-Mr 1925 and F 1929-F 1935 Imple- 
ment and tractor trade journal; Ap 4 
1925-Ja 19 1929 Implement and hardware 
trade journal 

IMPLEMENT and tractor age. Philadelphia: 
Springfield, Ohio. 1-55.1892-1922U 

vl-51 nol7,1892-S 5 1918 as Implement age 

IMPORT-markt. See Welthandel; inlands- 

zeitung fur deutsche wirtschaftspolitik und 

IMPORTERS' and exporters' review. See Suf- 

fern's quarterly and foreign trade journal 
IMPORTERS' gazette and customs record. See 

Federal gazette and current record 
IMPORTERS' guide. N.Y. 1,1905+ 

Published in English, French, Spanish 
and Portuguese 

IMPRENSA. Revista scientifica, litteraria e ar- 
tistica. Lisbon. 1-3 (nol-72),0 1885-9111? 

IMPRENTA en Mexico. Mexico, vl-2 nol.Ap 

1924-Je 192511 

IMPRESSIONS. Berkeley, Cal. vl-3 no8,Mr 1922- 

Ag 1924H 

IMPRESSIONS. San Francisco. See Impres- 
sions quarterly 

IMPRESSIONS. A business magazine of char- 
acter. London; Edinburgh. 1,1914+ 
No issues for Ap-Ag 1921 

IMPRESSIONS: a journal of friendly relations. 

See under Louisiana state dental society 
IMPRESSIONS. Pub. quarterly in the interests 
of the stationery trade. Philadelphia. 1-4, 
Ja 1907-O 1910||? 

IMPRESSIONS quarterly. A little magazine 
standing for the expression of independent 
thought in matters of literature and art. 
San Francisco. 1-6, Mr 1900-D 1905|| 

Mr-Ag 1900 as Personal impressions; S 

1900-D 1901 Impressions 


- Cl] - (o 

'fOH f 


IMPRIMATUR; ein jahrbuch filr bilcherfreunde. 
(Gesellschaft der biicherfreunde zu Ham- 
burg) Hamburg. 1,1930+ 



IMPRIMERIE. Paris. 1-51,1864-191411? 

Index:- 1864-83 

IN en om de keuken. (Huishouden kookscholen) 
Gorinchem, Holland. 1-5, N 1894-0 1899||? 
Earlier volumes as Orgaan van de Hol- 
landsche kookscholen 

IMPRIMERIE francaise. (Federation frangaise 
des travailleurs du livre) Paris. l,Je 16 

1-38,1881-J1 1 1920 as Typographie fran- 

IMPRIMERIE Gourmontienne. Paris. nol-10,N 

IN en uitvoer. Amsterdam. 1,1916+ 

Foreign edition. See Holland's import and ex- 
port trader 
IN freie minuten. Warsaw. 1913U 


IMPRINT. London, vl-2 no9,1913|| 
No issues for S-O 

/i/[ a 


IMPRINT. St. Paul. 1,1930+ 

IN Greece. Athens? nol,My/Jl 1937+ 

y + /6 ^ 6 A-/<t 

IN His name. London. See Shaftsbury magazine 
IN Kentucky, (Commonwealth of Kentucky) 
Louisville. l,Ap 1937 + 

Supersedes Kentucky progress magazine 

IMPRINT. (American bank note company) N.Y. 
l-3,Ap 1907-0911 

IN lantern-land. Hartford, 
3 1898-My 6 189911 

Conn, vl nol-6,D 

IMPRINT. (New York employing printers as- 
sociation) N.Y. 1,S 15 1920+ 

IN many keys. A little magazine made up en- 
tirely of the writings of Douglas Malloch. 
Muskegon, Mich, vl-4 nol.Mr 1900-Mr 190211 

IMPRINTS; a quarterly devoted to woodcuts 
in colours, auto-lithographs and reproduc- 
tions by various processes of original work 
in pen, pencil and colour. London, vl nol-4, 
Je 1901-Mr 190211 

IMPROMPTU. N.Y. l,Ja 1931 + 

IMPROVEMENT; a magazine of 
progress. Chicago. 1,F 1926 + 
vl nol not published 


IN-one magazine. See Today's magazine of 

IN-one selling and finance. See Today's maga- 
zine of America 

IN our early days. Notes and queries, and 
gleanings from the past; with ancient docu- 
ments and original papers and addresses 
illustrative of the history of southwestern 
Pennsylvania and especially of Washington 
County. (Washington County historical so- 
ciety) Washington, Pa. vl nol.Ja 1908|[ 

IN shpan. Vilno. nol-2,Ap-My 192611? 

IMPROVEMENT bulletin. Construction weekly 
of the Northwest. Minneapolis; etc. 1-6, Je 
1893-N 1896; 15,D 1896 + 
Ag 1895 absorbed Architect, builder and 
decorator and Street railway and elec- 
trical news. 5-6, Ag 1895-N 1896 continued 
also the numbering of those journals (vl3- 
14, and v6-7 respectively). D 1896 as- 
sumed the numbering of Architect, builder 
and decorator 

the open; a monthly magazine devoted to 
outdoor life. (Wild life league of Pennsyl- 
vania) Pittsburgh, Pa. 1-12, Ag 1911-22||? 

Volume numbering irregular. vl2 no7-12? 

as a section of National wild life journal 

IN vrije uren. Amsterdam. 1,1935+ 

IMPROVEMENT era. (Young men's mutual 
improvement association) Salt Lake City, 
Utah. 1,1897+ 

IMPUESTO unico. (Liga espanola) Ronda; 
Malaga. 1-13, D 1911-D 1923|| 

IN zlch. N.Y. l,Ja 1920 + 

INAKA; or, Reminiscences of Rokkosan and 
other rocks. Collected and compiled by the 
Bell Goat. Kobe. 1-18, -1924U? 

IMPULSE; an aid to effective activity. Los 

Angeles, vl-2 no2,Ap 1929-Mr 1930||? 

IN alto. (Societa alpina friulana, Udine) 1,1890+ 

INCA; revista trimestral de estudios antropol6- 
gicos. (San Marcos. Universidad mayor. 
Museo de arqueologia) Lima. 1,1923|| 

r A'l 


INCA chronicle. Lima, Peru, vl-5 nol2,1909-D 



IN and out. Hollywood, Cal. l,p 1931+ 

INCA land. Lima, Peru. 1,1925+ 



INCINERATION. Lyons. nol,1930+ 
INCITER. Lancaster, Pa. l,Je 1833-My 1834| 
INCOME-tax law Journal. Allahabad. 

INCORPORATED law society of the United 

-1891 as Law institution; 1892- as Law 
society of the United Kingdom 
Annual report of the council. 1,1837+ 

Proceedings and resolutions of the annual 
general meeting. 1,1874+ 

INCOME tax reports. 
nol.Mr 1933+ 

Madras ; Lahore, India. 

Proceedings and resolutions of the provincial 
meeting. London. 

INCOME tax review and federal and state tax 

reporter. See Tax review 
INCORAGGIAMENTO. Giornale di chimica e 

di scienze afflni, d'industrie e di arti. 

Naples. 1-2,1865-6611? 

INCORPORATED accountants' Journal. (So- 
ciety of incorporated accountants and audi- 
tors) London. 1,1889+ 

INCORPORATED accountants' students' society 
of London 
Lectures and transactions. 

INCORPORATED association of assistant 

masters in secondary schools. See A.M. A. 
INCORPORATED association of headmasters 

1891-1894 as Committee of the Head- 
masters' association 
Report of the council. London. 1,1891 + 

INCORPORATED association of municipal and 
county engineers. See Institution of mu- 
nicipal and county engineers, London 

INCORPORATED Australian insurance insti- 
Journal. Melbourne. 1,1919/20+ 

INCORPORATED British association of physical 
training. See Physical education (London) 

INCORPORATED dental society, London. See 
Mouth mirror (London) 

INCORPORATED federated associations of boot 
and shoe manufacturers of Great Britain 
and Ireland, London 
Journal of the Federation of boot manufac- 
turers. 1,1919 + 

INCORPORATED gas institute, London 

1863-81 as British association of gas man- 
agers; 1882-89 Gas institute. United with 
Incorporated institution of gas engineers 
to form Institution of gas engineers 
Transactions. 1-39,1863-1902[| 

Index: 1863-1902 See Institution of gas en- 

Proceedings and resolutions of the special 
general meeting. London. 

See also Law society's gazette 
INCORPORATED medical practitioners' asso- 
ciation. See General practitioner 
INCORPORATED municipal electrical associa- 
tion, London 

1896-1900 as Municipal electrical associa- 
Proceedings. 1,1896+ 

INCORPORATED society for psychical re- 
search, London. See Society for psychical 
research, London 

INCORPORATED society for the destruction of 
Journal. London. 1,0 1908-O 190911 

INCORPORATED society of British advertisers. 

See British advertiser 
INCORPORATED society of inspectors of 

weights and measures, Watford 
Monthly review. 1,1892+ 

INCORPORATED society of medical officers of 

health, London. See Public health 
INCORPORATED society of musicians 
Journal. London, vl-20 no8,0 1888-Ag 1908|| 
1-4,1888-92 as National society of profes- 
sional musicians, Monthly journal; 5-13, 
1893-1901 as its Monthly journal. Super- 
seded by its Report 

Report. nsvl.D 1909 + 

Supersedes its Journal 

INCORPORATED society of shorthand teach- 
ers, Manchester, England. See Shorthand 

INCORPORATED society of trained masseuses. 

See Chartered society of massage and 

medical gymnastics 
INCORPORATION of architects in Scotland. 

See Royal incorporation of architects in 

INCORRUPTIBLE. Paris. 1.1790H? 

INCORPORATED institution of automobile en- 
gineers. See Institution of automobile engi- 

INCORPORATED institution of gas engineers, 
United with Incorporated gas institute to 
form Institution of gas engineers 
Transactions. 1-12,1892-190211 
Index: 1-12 

INCROYABLE. Bordeaux. s2 nol-52,1885-86[| ? 

INCUBATOR. St. Joseph, Mo. vl nol-5,Ja-My 

1905||? - — 

INCURABILI. Naples. 1-37.D 15 1885-1922H 



INDEPENDANCE. Paris. 1-5 (nol-44),Mr 1911- 
Ag 1913||? 

Subtitle varies 

IND6PENDANT des Pyr6n€es-Orientales. Per- 
pig-nan. 1-2,1846-4711? 

INDEPENDANCE albanaise. Sofia; Bucharest. 
vl-2 no21,1915-Je 5 1916||? 

INDEPENDENCE. Philadelphia. 1,J1 1939 + 

INDtPENDANCE arabe. Paris. l-2,Ap 1907-Mr 


INDEPENDENCE of India league. See Truth 

about India 
INDEPENDENCE papers. Ottawa. l.My 1925+ 

INDEPENDANCE dramatique. Paris. 1855-5811 
INDEPENDANCE m6dicale. Montreal. 1,1920+ 
INDEPENDANCE mildicale. Paris. 1,1871-72||? 

INDEPENDENCIA m6dica. Barcelona. 1-35, 

Supersedes Compilador medico 


INDEPENDENCIA mSdica. Mexico. l-2,My 1 
1880-Je 15 1882|| 
Superseded by Voz de Hipocrates 

INDEPENDANCE mSdicale. Paris. 1-7,1895- 
-United with Archives orientales de mede- 
cine et de chirurgie and M6decine orien- 
tale to form Independance medicale et la 
M6decine orientale (reunies) 

INDEPENDENT. Binghamton, N.Y. 

y7 no2-24 as Farm and factory; v7 no25- 
,L Independent and farm and factory. D 
1899 and Ja-F 1900 have duplicate num- 
bering, v7 nol-5 

INDEPENDANCE medicale et la Medecine ori- 
entale (r6unies). Paris. 1-16,1897-191211 

vl-5 no20,1897-O 25 1901 as Medecine 
orientale; v5 no21-vl5,N 10 1901-11 Mede- 
cine orientale et les Archives orientales 
de medecine et de chirurgie 

INDEPENDENT. Bridgeport, Conn. See Inde- 
pendent leader 

INDEPENDENT. Kansas City, 

1899+ ' 

Mr-Je 20 1908 as Newsbook 

Mo. l,Mr 11 

INDEPENDANCE musicale et dramatique. 

Paris, vl-2 nol.Mr 1 1887-Ja 15 1888|| 

MB /ftf 

25-J1 12 1919H? 


polonaise. Paris. nol-25,Ja 

INDEPENDANCE scientifique et medicale. 
Brussels. 1-8,1901-08(1? 

Supersedes Organe de la confraternity 

INDEPENDANCE tcheque. (Conseil national 
des colonies tch6co-slaves; Comit6 de la 
colonie et des volontaires tcheques de Paris) 
Paris. 1,1915+ 


D 29 188611? 

Kirwin, Kan. 1-7.D 22 1879- 

INDEPENDENT. London. nol-497,S 26 1890-Mr 

nol-380,1890-D 30 1897 as Independent and 
nonconformist. Merged into Examiner. 
The Congregational weekly 

INDEPENDENT. London. 1,0 7 1933 + 

INDEPENDENT. New Britain, Conn, vl-16 
no39, -Ja 4 1902||? 

INDEPENDANS. Paris. nol-23,Ap 2-Je 18 1791|| 
INDEPENDANT. Paris, nol-5, 1793|| 
INDEPENDANT. Paris. 1-3,1797-9911 ? 

INDEPENDANT, chronique nationale, politique 
et litte>aire. See Constitutionnel 

INDEPENDANT, journal general, politique, lit- 
te>aire et militaire. Paris. S 1 1814-Ap 13 


1814-My 7 1819 as Journal general de 

INDEPENDANT. Organe agricole et vinicole. 
Coleah, France. 1-3,1890-92||? 

INDEPENDENT. N.Y. ; Boston, vl-121 no89 
(nol-4089),D 7 1848-0 13 192811 
Many issues omitted. O 1921-My 6 1922 as 
Independent and Weekly review. Merged 
into Outlook and independent, later New 

MB i g 

Hit, later Ne 

INDEPENDENT; a newspaper without a 
muzzle. Boone, Iowa. 1-22 (nol-1120),1899- 
Mr 30 192111 

INDEPENDENT; a progressive Journal having 
insurance as the central idea. See Life in- 
surance independent 

INDEPENDENT; a weekly Journal. 
P.I. See Now 


INDEPENDENT; an exponent of Korean news. 
Seoul. 1-3, Ap 7 1896-98M ? 




INDEPENDENT advertising. N.Y. vl-6 nol, 
1913-J1 191811 

4 omitted in numbering- . 


nol- ,1735-3611 

London journal. London. 

INDEPENDENT and farm and factory. See In- 
dependent (Binghamton, N.Y.) 

INDEPENDENT and nonconformist. See Inde- 
pendent (London) 

INDEPENDENT beacon. N.Y. l,Ag 1849-J1 15 

INDEPENDENT botanic register. Columbus, 
Ohio. l,My 1835-Ap 183611? 

INDEPENDENT education. Concord, N.H. 
N.Y. vl-3 no4,Q 1927-D 1929|| 

INDEPENDENT farmer and western stock 

breeder. See Nebraska ruralist 
INDEPENDENT forester. See Forester 
INDEPENDENT highway; truths for the 

people. Cincinnati, Ohio, vl nol-3,F 2-16 


INDEPENDENT Hindustan. San Francisco, Cal. 
vl nol-ll.S 1920-J1 1921H 

INDEPENDENT magazine and health journal. 
See Health journal and independent maga- 

INDEPENDENT mechanic. N.Y. l,Ap 6 1811- 

Mr 28 1812||? 

INDEPENDENT medical gazette. 
nol-6,D 6 1851-Ja 10 1852)1? 

Boston, vl 

INDEPENDENT medical investigator. Green- 
field, Ind. vl-2 nolO.S 1879-My 1881; (s2) 
v2 nol-9,Ag 1883-Ap 1884||? 

Je 1881 merged into Indiana medical jour- 
nal; resumed publication in Ag 1883 

INDEPENDENT merchant. See Merchants' 

magazine of New York 
INDEPENDENT merchants' magazine. See 

Merchants' magazine of New York 
INDEPENDENT messenger. Boston; Milford, 

Mass. l-2,Ja 1 1831-39H? _ 


INDEPENDENT monthly. Cincinnati. 1,1869|| 


INDEPENDENT India. Bombay. l,Ap 4 1937+' 

INDEPENDENT inter-weekly for schools. Bos- 
ton; N.Y. vl-3 nol7,My 6 1922-Je 14 1924|| 

INDEPENDENT Journal. Devoted to the inter- 
ests of oils, paints, chemicals, drugs, dye- 
stuffs, naval stores. N.Y. 1-4, Ap 23 1884- 

Title varies slightly 

MB \ ■ I 

INDEPENDENT journal of Columbia univer- 
sity. (Columbia university. Graduate school 
of journalism) N.Y. l.Ap 28 1933 + 

INDEPENDENT labour party, Great Britain 

I.L.P. News, vl-7 no2,Ap 1897-My 1903|| 

I.L.P. Pamphlets. 1- , 1900- ; nsnol,1919 + 
si as Pamphlets of the City branch 

I.L.P. Programme pamphlet. nol-5,1882|| 

INDEPENDENT odd-fellow; a monthly periodi- 
cal. Richmond, Va. l,Je 1841-Ap 1842|| 

INDEPENDENT oil review. Los Angeles. See 
Petroleum world 

INDEPENDENT order free sons of Israel. See 
Freeson; dedicated to American Jewry 

INDEPENDENT order of B'nai B'rith. See 
Menorah; National Jewish monthly; Tids- 
skrift for j0disk historie og literatur 

INDEPENDENT order of foresters. See For- 
ester; New England forester and monthly 

INDEPENDENT order of good templar^ 
TwingtiSindi st6rstuku Islands. 1-13,1886- 

1 as Gjor3ab6k 

INDEPENDENT order of good templars, Scot- 
land. See Good templar; International good 
templar; Iowa temperance magazine 

INDEPENDENT order of Rechabites. See Crys- 
tal fount and Rechabite recorder 

INDEPENDENT petroleum association of 
America monthly. Ardmore, Okla. l,Ap 

I.L.P. Study courses. nol-9,1921-25H? 
Report of the annual conference. 1,1893+ 
Weekly notes for speakers. 

See also Labour leader; New leader; Socialist 

INDEPENDENT leader. Bridgeport, Conn. 1-6 
Ap 1890-My 1 1895||? 

vl-3 no21,1890-Ja 1893 as Independent 

INDEPENDENT practitioner. Baltimore; Buf- 
falo. See International dental journal 

INDEPENDENT reflector: or, Weekly essays 
on sundry important subjects. More par- 
ticularly adapted to the province of New 
York. N.Y. no,l-52,N 30 1752-N 22 1753|| 


Supplement. See Occasional reverberator 
INDEPENDENT religious society, Chicago. See 

INDEPENDENT review. London. See Albany 

INDEPENDENT salesman. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1. 
Ja 1924+ 



INDEPENDENT school. (Private schools asso- 
ciation) London. l.O 1896+ 

1-30,1896-F 1929 as Secondary education 

INDEX. (Provisional organization for an Amer- 
ican Jewish congress) N.Y. l.Mr 1922 + 

INDEPENDENT sons (free sons) of Israel. See 
Freeson; dedicated to American Jewry *t 2^1 



MB 1 ^ '■ 


observer. Dubl 

INDEX. (Svenska handelsbanken) 
> 1,1926 + 

Index: 1-10,1926-35 in vlO 

INDEPENDENT theosophical society of Amer- 
ica. See Divine life 
JNDEPENDENT thinker. N.Y. vl-2 no9,Ja 1900- 
P 1902H* 

Merged into Metaphysical magazine, later 

INDEPENDENT Whig. London. nol-53,Ja 20 
1720-Ja 4 172111 
Reprinted in lv,1721 


Mr 25 1821H 

Whig. London, nol-793,1806- 

IN DEPENDENT Whig. Being a collection of 
papers, all written some of them published 
during the later rebellion. London. 

INDEPENDENT woman. (National federation 
of business and professional women's clubs) 
N.Y. 1,D 1919+ 

D 1919 as the federation's Bulletin 

INDEPENDENT workmen's circle of America. 

See Naye wort. (New word) 
INDEPENDENTE. Lisbon. nol-30,N 22-D 31 
1821; (ns) nol-72,Ja 2-Mr 30 1822||? 

1NDEPENDIENTE. Caracas. 1-16,1860-6311? 



INDEX. A monthly insurance journal. 
See Standard 

INDEX. A weekly journal of politics, literature, 
and news; devoted to the exposition of the 
mutual interests, political and commercial, 
of Great Britain and the Confederate States 
of America. London. 1-5, My 1 1862-Ag 12 




INDEX. A weekly paper. (Free religious asso- 
ciation) Boston. 1-11, Ja 1870- Je 1880; nsvl- 

Caption title Ja-N 17 1881 as Free reli- 
gious index 

Wit 1 

INDEX; an analysis of current agricultural 
conditions. . . (Agricultural surveys, inc.) 

No longer published, but essentially the 
same material appears monthly in Breed- 
er's gazette 

INDEX; an international review of insurance. 

N.Y. See Insurance index 
INDEX. An international review of insurance, 
trade and finance. London, nsvl-20,1885- 

INDEX. Containing a classified index to the 
periodical literature of the United States 
and Great Britain. N.Y. vl nol-2,Ja-F 1877|| 


INDEPENDIENTE. N.Y. vl nol-13,1898|l? 

INDEPENDIENTE. Rio de Janeiro. nol-12,N 
1821-Mr 1822; (ns) nol-165,My 1831-Ap 


INDEPENDIENTE. Santiago de Chile, vl-2 no8, 
S 28 1827-Ap 26 1828||? 

INDEX. Devoted to the latest news and gossip 
in the field of art and letters. Cleveland, 
Ohio. 1-2.S 1 1898-J1 1 1900|| 

INDEX; quarterly review in the English, 
French, German and Serbo-Croatian lan- 
guages. Zagreb. l.Mr 1929+ 

English edition. Title varies slightly 

INDEPENDIENTE. Peri6dico politico y litera- 
rio de Yucatan. Merida. vl nol-126,1842?-Jl 
21 1843||? 

INDEX. Vierteljahrschrift in kroatischer, deut- 
scher, franzosischer und englischer sprache. 
Zagreb. l-3,Mr 1929-D 1931||? 
German edition 

INDES hollandaises. Buitenzorg. vl nol-5,D 
1919-Ap 1920H 

French edition of Holland's East India 

INDEX-abstract of surgical technique. N.Y. 1- 

vl nol as Index abstract of sterile surgery 

INDEX. (Chamber of labour for Croatia and 

Slavonia) Zagreb, Yugoslavia. 1-3, Mr 1929- 
Je/S/D 1931||? 

Published also in Croatian, French and 

INDEX agraire et agricole. See under Mezh- 
dunarodnyi agrarnyi institut, Moscow. Bib- 
liograficheskii otdel 

INDEX. (New- 
mO + 

MB U?3 + 

York trust company) N.Y. 1, 

| • \1 .00 ': 

INDEX analyticus cancerologiae. (Ligue fran- 
chise contre le cancer) Paris. l,Ap 1927+ 



INDEX analytique et bibliographique d'endo- 
crinologie et d'immunologie. Paris. 

INDEX and review, all about government pub- 
lications. Washington. 1-2, Mr 1901-Ap 1903|| 

MB 1 


INDEX bibliographicus dermatologiae. 
burg; Leipzig. -1-2,1888-8911 


INDEX bibliographicus syphilidologiae. Ham- 
burg; Leipzig. 1-5,1886-1890||? 

INDEX bibliographique. See Repertoire des 
ventes publiques catalogu6es de livres. . . 

INDEX bibliographique de la question agraire. 
See Mezhdunarodnyi agrarnyl institut, Mos- 
cow. Bibliograficheskil otdel. Index agraire 
et agricole 

INDEX biologorum: investigatores, laboratoria, 
^ periodica. . . Berlin. 1,1928+ 


INDEX de I'ingenieur. Paris. 1,1923+ 

INDEX de la presse technique. See Revue de 

INDEX der technischen presse. See Revue de 

INDEX library. (British record society) London. 

Title varies slightly 

INDEX medicus, a monthly classified record of 
the current medical literature of the world. 

(Carnegie institution of Washington) N.Y. ; 

Washington. 1-21, Ja 1879-Ap 1899; s2 vl-18, 

1903-20; s3 vl-6,1921-26|| 

Suspended Ap 1899-D 1902. During this 
period Bibliographia medica was issued 
by the Institut de bibliographie of Paris. 
United with Quarterly cumulative index 
to form Quarterly cumulative index medi- 

J "j 


INDEX medicus novus. Vienna. 1-2,1899-190011 
vl nol-6 as Medicinische weltliteratur 

INDEX number institute, New Haven, Conn. 
Statistical report. New Haven, Conn. N 18 

INDEX of archaeological papers. (Congress of 
archaeological societies in union with the 
Society of antiquaries) London. 1-20,1891- 

Superseded by the society's Year's work 
in archaeology -, / ^> 1 W G\ 



INDEX of current events. Montreal. 1-4,1888- 


INDEX of oto-laryngology. Chicago. 1-7,1911-1711 
Merged into Annals of otology, rhinology 
and laryngology 

INDEX of the technical press. See Revue de 
I'ingenieur; Technical index 

INDEX of twentieth century artists. (College 
art association of America) N.Y. vl-4 no7, 
O 1933-Ap 193711 . _ . 



i , 


INDEX office, Chicago • 

Card index: dermatology and syphilis. 1914-16H 

Reference bulletin, vl nol-6, 1915-1611 

See also Technical book review index 
INDEX ornithologicus; sive, Nomenclator 
avium. Kotka, Finland. 1,1929+ 

INDEX philosophique. Paris. 1-2,1902-0311 

At head of title: Publication de la Revue 
de philosophie. Subtitle varies 

INDEX Rosenwald. Paris, vl-2 no9,F 15 1903-O 

INDEX society, London 

Continued in Index library. (British rec- 
ord society) 
Occasional indexes. 1-2,1885-8711 

Publications. 1-15,1878-9111 



INDEX to current literature. London. 1-12,1859- 

INDEX to current military literature. See 

under Coast artillery journal 
INDEX to dates of current events occurring or . 

reported Ja 1912-D 1914. N.Y. vl-4 nol.F ,_ ) 

1912-Ja 191511 

Superseded by Information. . . ^ i 



INDEX to labor articles. (Rand school of so- 
cial science, New York) N.Y. 1,D 1926+ 
1,1926-27 as Index to labor periodicals 

0-M fwfcY».l'M° 

INDEX to legal 

- periodicals 
nfR Cumulated 

periodicals. N.Y. 29, Ja 1936+ 
as part of Index to legal 
and Law library journal. 

triennially 1926/28+ 




INDEX to legal periodicals and Law library 
Journal. Chicago; N.Y. 1-28,1908-3511 

1908-35 in two parts, 1936+ as independ- 
ent publications under titles: Index to 
legal periodicals, and Law library journal 

INDEX to original communications in the medi- 
cal journals of the United States and Can- 
ada. N.Y. 1877|| 

INDEX to periodicals. London. l,Ap-S 1914|| 

INDEX of the 

Buffalo, N.Y. 



dental literature. 

See also Subject index to periodicals 
INDEX to signal literature. (Railway signal 
association) Bethlehem, Pa. 1,1910|| 



INDEX to the literature of American economic 
entomology. Melrose Highlands, Mass. 1-2, 

INDIA. (Hindustan association of America, 
inc.) N.Y. vl nol-3,Ap/Je 1931-Winter 1932|| 


INDEX to the periodical literature of the 
world. See Index to the periodicals of the 
INDEX to the periodicals of the world. (Review 
of reviews) London. 1-13,1S90-1902|| 

1890 as Annual index of periodicals and 
photographs; 1891-93 as Index to the peri- 
odical literature of the world /) t? 9/77 


INDEX to the printing trade periodicals for 
the year. London. 1930+ 

Compiled by the staffs of the Printing 
industry research association and the St. 
Bride-vtechnical library 

INDIA, a monthly survey of events for all 
those who are interested in India, Burma 
and Ceylon. ,See Federal India and Burma 

INDIA analysed. London. 1933 + 

INDIA and the world. (International society for 
cultural federation. Indian bureau) Calcutta. 
1,1932 + 

INDIA bulletin. (Friends of India) 1,1932 + 
INDIA Christian endeavor. Mysore City. 

INDEX translationum; international bibliog- 
raphy of translations. (International insti- 
tute of intellectual cooperation.) Paris. 

I -K 

INDEX veterinarius. (Imperial bureau of ani- 
mal health) Weybridge, Surrey, England. 1, 
Ap 1933+ 

INDIA home rule league of America 
Truth about India series. 1-3, Ja 1918-D 1920)1? 

MB / S0Y7.V 

See also Young India 
INDIA journal of medical and physical science. 

Calcutta. 1-2,1834-35; nsvl-7, 1836-42; s3 vl-3 

1-2 as India journal of medical science 


Advisory committee for plague investigation 
in India. See Journal of hygiene. Plague 

Archaeological survey. See Archaeological sur- 
vey of India; Epigraphia indica 

Botanical survey 

—Records. 1,1893/1902+ . 


MB /-<f~' 

Commercial intelligence dept. See Indian 

trade journal 
Dept. of agriculture 
— Central bureau for animal husbandry and 

— —Journal. 1-4, Ap 1927-0 1930|| 

See also Agricultural journal of India; Agri- 
cultural research institute and college 

Indian museum. See Indian museum, Calcutta 

Medical d«pt. 

— Scientific memoirs by officers of the medi- 
cal and sanitary departments of the govern- 
ment of India. 1-12,1884-1901; ns nol-60, 

1902-13(1 , 


4t$ \ 

Indian journal of medical 

See also Indian journal of medical research /■ 
Meteorological dept. 
-Memoirs. 1,1876 + 

— Scientific notes. Calcutta. 1,1927+ 

Royal botanic garden. See under Calcutta 
Zoological survey 

Supersedes Indian museum. Zoological 
and anthropological section 
— Anthropological bulletins. Calcutta. 1.J1 

INDIA. London. • nsvl-55 no2,1890-Ja 14 1921|| 
INDIA. London. 1928. See United India 

INDIA journal of medical science. See India 
journal of medical and physical science 

INDIA news service. (Friends of freedom for 
India) N.Y. vl-2 no24,1919-Ap 28 1921|| 

INDIA of today. London. 1,1922+ 

MB / - 3 ? O < 

INDIA register of medical science. Calcutta. 

-1 Trt T\ 1 CM O II 

l,Ja-D 1848H 

INDIA review. London, vl-4 no21, -N 26 19321! 

INDIA review and journal of foreign science 
and the arts. Calcutta. 1-7,1837-Ap 1843|| 

INDIA rubber age. N.Y. 

INDIA-rubber and gutta-percha and electrical 

trades journal. See India-rubber journal 
INDIA rubber and tire review. See Tire review 
INDIA-rubber journal. London. 1,1884+ 

1-40,1884-1910 as India-rubber and gutta- 
percha and electrical trades journal. 15, 
1898+ also as nsvl+ . , 

Index: 1-10 W() I 7 

Supplement. See Tyres 
INDIA rubber review^ the fire service journal. 
A journal for the maker, seller and user of 
rubber, and the organ of American firemen. 
Akron; Chicago. 1,1902+ 

Published with Tire review, under title: 
India rubber and tire review, each having 
its own volume numbering 

INDIA rubber world. N.Y. 1,1889+ 

1-20,1889-S 1899 as India rubber world and 
electrical trades review 

MB 7^ 



INDIA society, London 
Proceedings. 1,1925+ 

Report. 1,1910+ 

INDIAN and eastern transport. Calcutta, vl-15 
no2,0 1927-F 193711 

Supplement to Indian and eastern en- 
gineer. 1-8,1927-33 as Indian and eastern 
railways; 9-11 Indian railways and trans- 
port. Merged into Indian and eastern 

See also Indian art and letters 
INDIA sporting review. Calcutta. 1-22, Mr 1845- 
Ja 1856; nsvl-4,F 1856-D 185911? 

INDIAMAN. London. nol-6,My 15 1914-Ag 2 
Merged into Near East, later Great Brit- 
ain and the Bast 

INDIAN annals and magazine of natural sci- 
ence. Bombay, vl nol-3,My-Jl 1887 1| 

MB thh iS-ZZ -<P- 

INDIAN annals of medical science. Calcutta. 
1-19 (nol-37),0 1853-Ja 187711 
Index: 1-2 

INDIAN. Hagersville, Ont. vl nol-24, 1885-8611 

INDIAN academy of sciences 

Proceedings. Bangalore City. 1.J1 1934+ 
Each no in two parts: A and B 

INDIAN advocate. Albany. nol.F 183211 

MB flfv(b 

INDIAN advocate. Albany, N.Y. l-5,Ap 1891- 


INDIAN annual register. See Indian quarterly 

INDIAN antiquary, a journal of oriental re- 
search in archaeology, epigraphy, ethnology, 
geography, history, folklore, languages, lit- 
erature, numismatics, philosophy, religion. 
Bombay. 1-62, Ja 1872-D 1933|| 
Subtitle varies. 14+ also as s2 vl+ 
Index: 1-50 c\ 


/n & 


Supplement. See Epigraphia indica and rec- 
ord of the archaeological survey of India 
INDIAN art and letters. (India society) Lon- 
don. 1-2, My 1925-26; nsvl,1927+ 

INDIAN advocate. Jamaica Plain, Mass. vl 

nol.N 21/22 188811? 

INDIAN association for the cultivation of sci- 
ence, Calcutta 
Bulletin. 1-15,1909-1811 

INDIAN advocate. Lahore. l.Ja 27 1937+ 

Proceedings. 1-9,1915-2511 

Continued in Indian journal of physics 

INDIAN advocate. (American Indian mission 
association) Louisville, Ky. vl-9 nol,1846- 


Numbering irregular 

Report. 1,1875+ 

Suspended 1922-33 

INDIAN advocate. (Benedictine Fathers of 
Indian Territory) Sacred Heart, Okla. 1-22, 

INDIAN affairs. London, vl-2 no8,Mr 1930- Ja 


INDIAN agriculturist. Calcutta, vl-41 no2, 


Special publications. 1,1918 + 

See also Indian journal of physics. . . 

INDIAN association of workers for the blind, 
Mysore. See Light to the blind 

INDIAN athenaeum. A journal devoted to his- 
tory, literature and the arts. Calcutta. 1, 
Jl 1923 + 

INDIAN aviation. Calcutta. 

INDIAN ambulance gazette. Simla. 
1911-Ap 191511? 

vl-4 no3, 

INDIAN Baptist. Calcutta. 1-5,1882-8611? 

INDIAN and eastern druggist, pharmacist and 
buyers' guide. London. 1,1919+ 

INDIAN and eastern engineer. Calcutta. 1-28, 

1886-97; nsvl,1897+ [/,, , ., -; 

1-22 as Indian engineer. y u I u ' ^ • 

MB \<\~&M. 


Supplement. See Indian and eastern transport 
INDIAN and eastern motors. Calcutta; N.T. 
1,F 1909 + 

vl-8 nol0,1909-O 1916 as supplement to 
Indian and eastern engineer 

(0 i/nwio as> JMfflktMM/fco 

INDIAN botanical society 
Journal. Madras. 1,S 1919 + 

vl-3 no5,1919-Mr 1923 as Journal of Indian 

INDIAN bulletin. (Connecticut Indian associa- 
tion) Hartford, Conn, vl-14 no39,Mr 1888- 
Ap 190111? 

INDIAN central cotton committee, Bombay 
Abstract proceedings. 1,1921 + 

2,1922; 4-8,1923-24 as its Proceedings 




Bulletin. 1,1922+ 

INDIAN economic society, Bombay 
Journal. 1,1918 + 


INDIAN economist. Calcutta. 1-6,1870-7511? 

Statistical bulletin. 

Statistical leaflet, nol, 1933/34+ 

Summary proceedings of the . . . meeting. 

Technological laboratory, Matunga 
— Technological bulletin 
sA. 1,1925 + 

INDIAN education. Atoka, Okla. 
-N 1914 as Indian orphan 

INDIAN education. N.Y. 1-20, Ag 1902-22||? 

INDIAN electrical, mechanical and textile news. 

See Indian industries and power 
INDIAN emigrant. Madras, vl-6 no3,Ag 1914- 

O 191911 

— sB. 1,1928 + 

INDIAN empire review. (Indian empire society) 
London. 1,N 1931+ 

Supersedes the society's Pamphlets 

— Technological series. 

INDIAN ceramic society 

Journal. Poona. vl-4 no2,S 1928-My 26 1937|| 

INDIAN empire society, London 

Superseded by Indian empire review 

INDIAN champion. Devoted to Indian stock 
news. Atoka, Okla. nol-51,1884-F 7 1885||? 

INDIAN engineer. See Indian and eastern en- 
INDIAN engineering. Calcutta. 1,1887+ 

INDIAN chemical society, Calcutta INDIAN evangelical review. A quarterly of 

Journal 1 S 30 1924+ missionary thought and effort. Calcutta; 

1-4,1924-D 1927 as its Quarterly journal Bombay; Madras, etc. 1-29,1873-1903(1 ? 


INDIAN finance. Calcutta. 1,1928 + 

INDIAN Christian intelligencer. Lahore, nol-2, INDIAN forest records. (Forest research in- 


stitute) Calcutta. 1,1907+ 

Continues si of the institute's Forest 

INDIAN church quarterly review. Calcutta. 

INDIAN concrete journal. Bombay. 1,1927+ 

—Botany. 1,1937 + 

—Chemistry. 1,1936 + 

INDIAN co-operative series. See under All India 
co-operatives institutes' association 

INDIAN craftsman. See Red man 

INDIAN culture. (Indian research institute) 
Calcutta. 1,J1 1934 + 

— Entomology. 1,1935 + 
—Silviculture. 1,1935 + 

INDIAN defense association of California. See 

American Indian life 
INDIAN dental journal. Calcutta. 1,0 1925 + 

—Utilization. 1,1935+ 

INDIAN forester. Allahabad; Calcutta. 1,1875 + 
INDIAN dental review. Karachi. l,Je 1927+ Index; 1-30,1875-1904 

INDIAN economic association 
Conference papers. Allahabad. 


INDIAN gardening and planting. See Indian 

planting and gardening 
INDIAN helper. (Carlisle, Pa. Indian industrial 

school) Carlisle, Pa. vl-15 no36,1885-Jl 6 


Merged into Red man and helper 



INDIAN herald. Pawhuska, Okla. 

INDIAN historical quarterly. Calcutta. l.Mr 

INDIAN historical research institute. See under 
Bombay. University. St. Xavier's college 

INDIAN homoeopathic reporter. Calcutta. 1-3, 
O 1903-10H? 

INDIAN homoeopathic review. Calcutta. 1,1888+ 

INDIAN homoeopathician. Lucknow. vl-2 no9, 
Je 1899-F 190111 

INDIAN Journal of arts, sciences and manu- 
factures. Madras. 1-9,1851-52; nsvl-7,1856- 


INDIAN Journal of economics. (Allahabad. Uni- 
versity. Dept. of economics) Allahabad; N.Y. 

Suspended during 1917 

INDIAN journal of education. Cawnpore. l.Ja 
1936 + 

INDIAN Journal of education. Madras. 1-47, 

1-32 as Madras journal of education 

INDIAN import and export trades journal. Bom- 
bay. -1909H? 

Superseded by Indian textile journal 

INDIAN Journal of medical research. (Indian 
research fund association) Calcutta. 1.J1 
Supersedes Paludism and India. Medical 
dept. Scientific memoirs 

INDIAN independence. Berlin. l.D 15 1922+ 

INDIAN industrial conference 
.Report. Amraoti. nol-14,1905-19||? 

Supplement. See All-India sanitary confer- 
ence, Proceedings; Indian medical research 

INDIAN journal of medicine. (Indian provin- 
cial medical association) Calcutta. 1,1920+ 

INDIAN industries and power. Bombay. 1- , 
1903-S ? 1931|| 

1 as Indian textile, mechanical and elec- 
trical news; v2-5 no4 Indian electrical, 
mechanical and textile news. Merged into 
Indian textile journal 

INDIAN Journal of pediatrics. 

1933 + 

Calcutta, l.O 

INDIAN Journal of pharmacy. Calcutta, vl nol- 
4,Ja-Ap 189411 

INDIAN information journal. New Delhi, India. 

INDIAN information series. (British informa- 
tion service) N.Y. nol-86,Ja 19 1924-3711 
1-37 as Current digest of Indian informa- 
tion; 38-42 India 

INDIAN Journal of physics . . . and Proceed- 
ings of the Indian association for the cul- 
tivation of science. Calcutta. l,Ag 15 1926 + 
1+ also as vlO p.t 1+ of the society's Pro- 

INDIAN journal of psychology. Calcutta. l.Ja 
1926 + 

INDIAN institute of bankers 
Journal. Bombay. l,Ja 1930+ 

INDIAN Journal of sociology. Baroda, India. 1, 

Supersedes Sanskrit research 

INDIAN institute of philosophy, Calcutta. See 

Philosophical quarterly 
INDIAN institute of science, Bangalore 
Journal. 1,F 1914 + 

8,1925+ in two parts A-B (11-14,1928-31 
B not pub.) 

Memoirs. 1,1935+ 

Electrical engineering society. See Electro- 

See also Current science 
INDIAN interpreter. (Christian literature so- 
ciety) Madras. 

INDIAN journal of venereal diseases. Bombay. 
l.Mr 1935+ 

INDIAN journal of veterinary science and 
animal husbandry. (Imperial council of 
agricultural research) Calcutta. l,Mr 1931+ 

INDIAN jurist. Calcutta. 


1-2.S 1862-Ja 1863; 

INDIAN Jurist. Madras. 1-11,1866-76; nsvl-17 r 

1-11,1866-76 as Madras jurist 

INDIAN journal of agricultural science. (Im- 
perial council of agricultural research) 
Calcutta. 1,F 1931+ 

Supersedes Agricultural journal of India 

INDIAN labour journal. (Bengal Nagpur rail- 
way Indian labour union) Calcutta; Nag- 
pur. 1,1923 + 

1- as Bengal Nagpur railway magazine 



INDIAN lac research institute, Ranch! 
Annual report. 

Bulletin. Calcutta; Ranchi; etc. nol, 1928+ 
nol-4, 1928-30 issued by Indian lac asso- 
ciation for research 

INDIAN magazine and review. (National In- 
dian association in aid of social progress 
and education in India) London, nol-180, 
1871-85; nol81-324 (nsnol-84), 1886-97; no325. 
(s3 nol- ),1898+ 
nol-324 also as vl-28. nol-180, 1871-85 as 
the association's Journal; 1886-90 Indian 

Research note. nol.Je 1932+ 

Technical note. Calcutta. 1,1937+ 

INDIAN lancet. A fortnightly journal of medi- 
cine, surgery, public health, and of general 
medical intelligence (Medical association of 
India) Calcutta, vl-31 nol7,1892-Ap 27 190811 
vl-6 no8, 1892-95 as Medical reporter 

INDIAN lancet; or, Medical officers' journal. 

Lahore, vl-3 nol4,Ag 1859- Jl 1861 1| 

INDIAN law herald. 1,190511? 

INDIAN mail and monthly register. See Allen's 

Indian mail. . . 
INDIAN mathematical club. See Indian mathe- 
matical society 
INDIAN mathematical society, Madras 

1909-10 as Indian mathematical club 
Journal. 1-20, F 1909-33; nsvl,1934+ 

In 1934 divided into two publications: 
Journal nsvl,1934+ and Mathematics stu- 

Report of the . . . conference. 1,1916+ 

1-3,8,1916-21,32 in, and 4-7,1924-31 as sup- 
plements to the society's journal; 9,1935+ 
in Mathematics student 

See also Mathematics student 
INDIAN medical advertiser. Delhi. 1,1930+ 

INDIAN law journal. 1878||? 

INDIAN medical and pharmaceutical review. 

Calcutta,. 1,1923+ 

INDIAN law journal. Madras. 1-19,1906-1411 

vl-16 nol as Citator 

INDIAN medical association 
Journal. Calcutta. l.S 1931+ 

Supersedes Indian medical world 

INDIAN law magazine. Bombay, vl nol-4,1878H 

See also Indian medical record 
INDIAN medical gazette. Calcutta. 1,1866+ 

INDIAN law magazine. Calcutta. 1,189511? 

INDIAN law quarterly. Madras. l-3,Ap 1914-16H 

INDIAN medical Journal. Allahabad; Calcutta. 
vl nol-5 as Allahabad society, Proceed- 
ings; vl no6-v2 nol8 British medical asso- 
ciation, Allahabad. North-western prov- 
inces, and Oudh branch. Proceedings 

INDIAN law times, vl-40 nol7,1906-My 1928H 

1-39,1906-27 as Madras law times. 36-37 
not published 

INDIAN medical Journal. Bombay. l,Ja 1907+ 
1-4,1907-D 1909 as All-India hospital as- 
sistants' journal 

INDIAN leader. Devoted to Indian education. 
(Haskell institute) Lawrence, Kan. l.Mr 

INDIAN library Journal. (All-India public li- 
brary association) Bezwada, India. 1,J1 

1924 + 

INDIAN linguistics. (Linguistic society of 
India) Lahore. 1,1931+ 

INDIAN literary review; a monthly journal of 
books of Indian interest. Bombay. l,Mr 

INDIAN magazine. See Indian magazine and 

INDIAN medical record. (Indian medical asso- 
ciation) Calcutta. 1,1890+ 

vl nol-11 as Medical record. Suspended 
Ja-Mr 1904, Ap 1906-F 1908 

INDIAN medical research memoirs. (Indian re- 
search fund association) Calcutta. 1,0 1924+ 
Supplement to Indian journal of medical 

INDIAN medical world. (Indian medical asso- 
ciation) Calcutta, vl-2 no6,Mr 1930-Ag 1931|| 
Superseded by the association's Journal 

INDIAN medico-chirurgical review. A monthly 
journal and review of Indian and foreign 
medicine and the allied sciences. Bombay. 
vl-4 no9,Ja 1893-S 1896|| 

Supersedes Doctors' magazine 



INDIAN messenger. Calcutta. 

INDIAN nationalist. Bombay. l,Ja 27 1923 + 

INDIAN mirror; a . . . journal devoted to re- 
ligion & culture. Bombay. l,Ja 1933 + 

INDIAN missionary. Atoka, Okla. vl-7 no8, 

INDIAN moccasin. Afton, Okla. vl-2 nol0,1893- 
, O 1894H? 

INDIAN notes. See under New York. Museum 

of the American Indian, Heye foundation 
INDIAN notes and monographs. See under New 
York. Museum of the American Indian, 
Heye foundation 
INDIAN notes and queries. Allahabad. 1-4,1883- 
S 1887H 

1-3 as Panjab notes and queries 
Index: 1883-87 with Journal and proceed- 
ings of the Asiatic society of Bengal 

INDIAN monumental inscriptions. Calcutta. 1- 


INDIAN motor news. Bombay. 1-16,1907-Ap 

Merged into Indian industries and power 

INDIAN mound. Petway, Tenn. vl nol-10,1902||? 

INDIAN observer. Calcutta. 1,17951 

INDIAN opinion. Phoenix, Natal. 
In English and Gajarati 

INDIAN orphan. See Indian education. (Atoka, 

INDIAN outlook. Darlington, Okla. 1-2, 1907-0811? 

INDIAN municipality; a periodical devoted to 
matters relating to municipalities, district 
boards, port trusts, P. W. D. and civic 
utility services. Calcutta. 1,1929 + ? 

INDIAN outlook. (American Indian institute) 
Wichita, Kan. 1,N 1923+ 

INDIAN P. E. N. Bombay. l,Mr 1934+ 

INDIAN museum, Calcutta 
Circulars on agricultural economic entomol- 
ogy. nol-6, 1903|] 

Indian museum notes, vl-6 nol,1889-1903|| 

Supersedes its Notes on economic entomol- 

INDIAN philosophical association. See Indian 
philosophical review 

INDIAN philosophical congress. See Philosophi- 
cal quarterly 

INDIAN philosophical review. (Indian philo- 
sophical association) Bombay. 1,1917+ 
Supersedes Sanskrit research 

Memoirs. 1,1907 + 

INDIAN physico-mathematical journal. Dacca; 
etc. 1-8, 1930-3711. 

Notes on economic entomology, nol-2, 

Superseded by its Indian museum notes INDIAN physiologist. Calcutta. 1,1928+ 

Records. (A journal of Indian zoology) 1, INDIAN planters' gazette and sporting news. 
1907+ London; Calcutta. 

Index: 1-20,1907-20 Title varies 

Economic and art section. See the museum's 

Industrial section 
Industrial section 

To 1895 as Economic and art section 
—Report. -1920H 

Natural history section. See the museum's 

Zoological and anthropological section 
Zoological and anthropological section 

-1909/10 as Natural history section. Su- 
perseded by India. Zoological survey 
—Report. 1907/08-15/161! 

INDIAN planting and gardening. Calcutta, vl- 
16 no34,1897-Ag 25 1906|| 
1-11 as Indian gardening and planting 

INDIAN poultry gazette. (Indian poultry club) 

INDIAN press; short news items about the 
situation in India. (International committee 
for India) Geneva. nol-17,1934-S 1935)1 

INDIAN national conference. See National con- 
vention bulletin 
INDIAN national congress 
Proceedings. See its Report 
Report. . . 1,1895+ 

Title varies: Proceedings. . . 

.See also All India congress committee 

INDIAN print and paper; a journal for printers 
and paper makers. Calcutta. 1,S 1934 + 

INDIAN provincial medical association. See In- 
dian journal of medicine 
INDIAN public health and municipal journal. 

Calcutta. 1-8,1905-1211 



INDIAN quarterly register. Calcutta. 1919 + 
19197- as Indian annual register 

INDIAN scientific agriculturist. Calcutta. 1,D 

INDIAN railway conference association 

To 1908 as Committee of locomotive and 
carriage superintendents 
Proceedings of the locomotive and carriage 
superintendents' committee. Bombay. 1, 
Index: "1-6,1889-94 

INDIAN scout. Shawnee, Okla. 1-4,1915-1811 

INDIAN sentinel. (Bureau of Catholic Indian 
missions) Washington. 1902/03-1611 

Superseded by Indian sentinel (1916+) 

INDIAN railways and transport. See Indian and 

eastern transport 
INDIAN research fund association 

Scientific advisory board 

— Report. 

See also Indian journal of medical research; 

Indian medical research memoirs; Records 

of the malaria survey of India 
INDIAN research institute, Calcutta 
—Fine arts series. 

German edition. See Indianer-wache 
INDIAN sentinel. (Bureau of Catholic Indian 
missions) Washington. 1,1919 + 

INDIAN sentinel. (Society for the preservation 
of the faith among Indian children) Wash- 
ington. 1,J1 1916+ 

Supersedes Indian sentinel (1902/03-16) 

INDIAN social reformer. Bombay; Madras. 1, 


— Indian history series. nol,1934+ 
— Linguistic series. nol,1937+ 

INDIAN society of oriental art, Calcutta 
Journal. l,Je 1933+ 
Supersedes Rupam 

See also Indian culture 
INDIAN research society, Calcutta 

Supersedes Buddhist text and research 
See also Research and review 
INDIAN review; a monthly journal. Madras. 

INDIAN sociological review. (Lucknow univer- 
sity sociological association) Lucknow. l,Ag 


INDIAN sociologist. Paris; London; etc. vl-10 
no7,1905-Jl 19140 

INDIAN rights association ..,/#» INDIAN standard. (Presbyterian church in 

[Publications]. India) Ajmer. 1880+ 

-s1^,l883+ J - ^nA l jllAAJlAAAhf^ 

-4,1883 + - rrf .. 

— s2. 1,1893 + 

INDIAN state railways magazine. Bombay. 1, 


i-rt; i«-isi- vibi-m 

2i~? J~~ INDIAN states journal. Bombay 

Report. Philadelphia. 1,1883 + 

EB j-ro 

See also Indian truth 
INDIAN river farmer. Davenport, la; etc. vl-4 
nol.D 1912-D 191511 ? 

INDIAN statistical institute. See Sankhya; the 

Indian journal of statistics 
INDIAN story teller. Calcutta. 1,1937+ 

INDIAN River farmer. Vero Beach, Fla. 1- 
N 1926- II? 

INDIAN roads and transport development asso- 
ciation, ltd. 
Report of proceedings of the . . . annual 
general meeting. 1,1928 + 

INDIAN tea association, Calcutta 
Scientific dept. 
— Publications. nol,1901+ 

— Quarterly journal. 1-4,1911-3211 

INDIAN school journal; an illustrated monthly 
magazine of the U.S. Indian service. Chi- 
locco, Okla. 1,N 1900+ 

1900-F 1902 as Chilocco beacon; Mr 1902- 
Ap 1904 Chilocco farmer and stock-grower 

INDIAN tea gazette and tea planters' and 
shareholders' chronicle. Calcutta. 1-3,1877- 


Subtitle varies 

INDIAN science congress association, Calcutta 
-1931 as Indian science congress 
Proceedings. 1,1914+ 

INDIAN teepee, a journal devoted to the red 
race of North and South America. (So- 
ciety of American Indians) Independence, 
Mo.; Denver, Colo, vl-10 no3,1920-Je 1928||? 



INDIAN telegraphic journal. London. 1-2,1875- 

INDIAN Territory Baptist. South McAlester. 

INDIAN Territory bar association 

Proceedings. South McAlester. 1-5,1900-04|| 
1-2 as Report. United with Oklahoma bar 
association to form Oklahoma and Indian 
Territory bar association 

See also. Indiana historical collections; South- 
western Indiana historical society 
— Indiana university publications. 

Supersedes the university's Studies 
Humanistic series. nol,1939+ 

Science series. nol,1936 + 


- >'M 


— Patten foundation series. 1,1938+ 

INDIAN Territory pharmaceutical association, 
Guthrie, Okla. 
Proceedings. 1-12,1895-190611 

1896-97 as Minutes of the annual meet- 
ing-; 1902-04 published with Oklahoma 
pharmaceutical association. Proceedings 

—Studies. 1-25 (nol-122),1910-38|| 

Superseded by Indiana University publica- 


MY i */fc*,7#*£j 


— Biological station 

Reports. 1-2,1895-19021 

INDIAN textile journal. Bombay. 1,1890+ 

Supersedes Indian import and export 
trades journal 

— Bureau of business research 

Indiana studies in business, vl-2 no2,0 

1926- II 

INDIAN textile, mechanical and electrical news. 

See Indian industries and power 
INDIAN thinker. Trivandrum, S. India. l.Ap 


Suspended 1930-N 1938 

■—Special bulletin. 1,1927+ 

See also Indiana business review 

— Dept. of history 

Extracts from the sources. 1-10, 


INDIAN thought. A quarterly devoted to Sans- 
krit literature. Allahabad. 1-11,1909-2011 

INDIAN trade Journal. (India. Commercial in- 
telligence dept.) Calcutta. 

INDIAN trades union federation. See Trade 

union record 

INDIAN truth. (Indian rights association) 

Philadelphia, Pa. 1,F 1924+ 


INDIAN union of local authorities. See Local 

self-government review 
INDIAN veterinary journal. Madras. l,Ag 1924+ 

-Dept. of psychology 

Publications of the 

psychological clinics. 

-School of education 
Bulletin. 1,S 1924+ 

Indiana university 

— Waterman institute for research 
Publications. 1,1919 + 

See also Folio; a quarterly for writers at 

Indiana university 
— Zoological laboratory 
Contributions. 1,1891+ 

INDIAN wireless magazine. Calcutta. l,Ag 

Ag-N 1929 include section in Bengali. v3 
no4 omitted in numbering 

INDIANA academy of ophthalmology and oto- 

INDIAN witness. Calcutta; Lucknow. 

JNDIAN world. Calcutta. 

INDIAN zoological memoirs on Indian animal 
types. (Lucknow. University) Lucknow. 1, 
1926 + 

INDIANA academy of science 

Proceedings. Brookville; Indianapolis, Ind. 1, 

Index: 1891-1900 

/< '<-.'Yf 

INDIANA Audubon society. See Audubon bul- 
INDIANA bankers association 
Proceedings. Indianapolis. 


Historical commission 

—Bulletin. Fort Wayne. 1-18,1915-2311 

Superseded by Indiana history bulletin 

MB 6-f, li. it- 


See also Hoosier banker 

INDIANA Baptist outlook. Indianapolis. 1-21, 

1881-Ag 28 1902|| 
1881- as Indiana Baptist; -1889 Baptist 





INDIANA bulletin of charities and corrections. 
Indianapolis. nol-223,1890-O 1936|| 

1-3 as Comparative quarterly report made 
to the Board of state charities of Indiana; 
4-15 Comparative statement of the state 
charitable and correctional institutions; 
16-21 Comparative exhibit 

INDIANA business review. (Indiana. Univer- ' 
sity. Bureau of business research) Bloom- 
ington. l.Mr 1926 + 

INDIANA gladiolus society. See Gladland news 
INDIANA historical collections. (Indiana. His- 
torical commission) Indianapolis. 1,1910 + 


INDIANA historical society 

Indiana historical society pamphlets, nol-5, 


Reprinted in its Publications, v2,1895 

MB //[ fh 

Prehistory research series. 
1937 + 

Indianapolis. 1,J1 


JNDIANA checker bulletin. See Checker bulletin 
INDIANA Christian herald. 1- , -N 184911 

United with Central watchman to form 

Central Christian herald 

JNDIANA civic digest. South Bend. l.Je 10 


ilNDIANA college association 

Addresses and other proceedings. Crawfords- 
ville; etc. 1-25,1877-190111 

MB l-L 

INDIANA construction 

recorder. Indianapolis. 

Publications. 1,1895 + 

1 includes the society's proceedings and 
all papers and publications from its or- 
ganization in 1830 to 1886 

MB li 

See also Indiana historical collections; Indi- 
ana history bulletin; Indiana magazine of 

INDIANA history bulletin. (Indiana historical 
society) Indianapolis. 1,N 1923+ 

Supersedes Indiana historical commission. 

INDIANA history conference, Indianapolis 
Proceedings. 1,1919+ 
Title varies 



INDIANA corn growers' association 
Annual report. 1,1900+ 

1-7 in Indiana. State board of agriculture. 
Annual report (not in this list) 


1 1 

INDIANA dental journal. 


1 63, 

Indianapolis. 1-3, 

INDIANA eclectic medical Journal. See Medi- 
cal free press 
JNDIANA education news. Indianapolis. 1,1927+ 

INDIANA homoeopathic institute 
Proceedings. 1867-7011? 

INDIANA horticultural society 
Transactions. 1,1861?+ 
Title varies 

MB HMytt-V 

2 , / o 


See also Hoosier horticulture 
INDIANA independent petroleum association. 

See Hoosier independent 
INDIANA industrial safety conference 

Proceedings. . . 1,1926 + 

JNDIANA engineering society 

Annual report. Proceedings. 1,1881+ 

Proceedings 9-10, and 14-15 combined. 1- 
6,1881-86 as Association of county sur- 
veyors and civil engineers of the state 
of Indiana, Proceedings; 7-10,1887-90 In- 
diana society of civil engineers and sur- 
veyors, Proceedings; 1891-1907 as its Pro- 
Index: 1881-1908 in v28 

INDIANA farmer. See Indiana farmer's guide 
INDIANA farmer and gardener. See Western 

farmer and gardener 
INDIANA farmer's guide. Indianapolis, etc. vl- 
72 no48,F 1 1845-D 1 1917; (s2) v29 no49-v35, 
D 8 1917-D 29 1923; (s3) v80,1924+ 

vl-72 no46, 1845-D 1 1917 as Indiana farmer 
(title varies); v83 no6-v84 no5,F 5 1927-F 
4 1928 Farmer's guide. 1846-50 united with 
Western farmer as Western farmer and 
gardener, (si) v33 no37-v53 no36 omitted 
in numbering. D 8 1917 absorbed Farmer's 
guide, and assumed its numbering 1917-23 

INDIANA instructor. Indianapolis. 1-2, Ag 
1916-Je 1918H? 

INDIANA journal of medicine. Indianapolis, vl- 

6 no5,My 1870-S 1875|| 

Merged into Cincinnati lancet and ob- 
server, later Lancet-clinic 



INDIANA journal of medicine and surgery. 

Madison, vl nol-2, 185511 

INDIANA law journal. Indianapolis. 1-3,1898-991 

INDIANA law journal. (Indiana state bar as- 
sociation) Indianapolis, Ind. vl nol-4,Je-D 
1925; (ns) vl.Ja 1926+ 

INDIANA law magazine. Indianapolis. l-5,My 
' 1883-Mr 1885H 

INDIANA gas association, New Albany 
Annual meeting. . . 1,1909+ 

Title varies: Some years as Proceedings 

INDIANA law reporter. Indianapolis. 1-2 





INDIANA law student. 


Indianapolis. nol.Je 

INDIANA magazine of history. (Indiana his- 
torical society) Indianapolis; Bloomington. 

1,1905+ t , 

1-8,1905-Mr 1913 as Indiana quarterly 
magazine of history , ~r 

INDIANA sanitary and water supply associa- 

1908 as Conference of municipal and pri- 
vate owned water plants of Indiana with 
the State board of health. 

Proceedings. 1-17,1908-2411 

1909 called 1st and 1910 3d convention. 
1925+ in American waterworks associa- 
tion. Journal 

Index: 1-17 in 17 



mathematician. Petersburg. nol, 

INDIANA medical journal. 

. nol-12,My 1881-Ap 1882(1 

Indianapolis, vl 


INDIANA medical journal. Indianapolis. 

S 5 1882-190811 3 . , 

United with Central states medical moni- 
tor to form Indianapolis medical journal, 
later Medical arts and Indianapolis medi- 
cal journal 

INDIANA medical journal. A quarterly rec- 
ord of the medical sciences of the South 
and the West. Evansville. vl nol,Je 185411 
Cover title: Evansville medical journal 

INDIANA school journal; devoted to liberal 
education. (Indiana state teachers' asso- 
ciation) Indianapolis. 1-45,1856-190011 
United with Inland educator to form In- 
land educator and Indiana school jour- , 
nal, later Educator-journal 



INDIANA society for mental hygiene 
Bulletin. Indianapolis. 1,1916 + 

INDIANA society of civil engineers and sur- 
veyors. See Indiana engineering society 
INDIANA state anti-slavery society 
• Proceedings. Cincinnati. . 1,S 12 1838H 

INDIANA state archaeological association 
Minutes. Richmond. S 29-30 187511 

INDIANA medical reporter. See Western medi- 
cal reporter 

INDIANA municipal league review. (Municipal 
league of Indiana) Kokomo. 1,1931+ 

INDIANA past and 
Hoosier progress 

N 1914U 

present; a magazine of 
Indianapolis. nol-6,Ap- 

INDIANA state bar association 

1897-1916 as State bar association of 
Annual proceedings. 1-29,1897-192511 

1-21 as Annual report. Continued in 
Indiana law journal 

MB \l~ll 

Proceedings. 1,1879-821 


INDIANA petroleum marketer. Indianapolis. 1, 
Ap 1929 + 

INDIANA phalanx. See Patriot phalanx 
INDIANA pharmaceutical association, Indian- 
Proceedings. 1-33,1882-191411? 

INDIANA pharmacist. Indianapolis. 1-13,1882- 


INDIANA pharmacist for Indiana first. (Indiana 
pharmaceutical association) New Albany, 
Ind. 1,1919 + 

Title varies slightly 

INDIANA state conference of charities. See 

Indiana state conference of social work 
INDIANA state conference of social work 

1890-1924 as Indiana state conference of 
charities (title varies slightly) 
Proceedings. 1,1890+ 

2 never published. 5-8 issued only in 
Indiana bulletin of charities and correc- 

Committee on delinquency 
—Report. 1,1927/28+ 

INDIANA state conference of student teaching 

1926-27 not published? 

INDIANA pomological society 
Transactions. Indianapolis. 



Presbyterian. Indianapolis. 1-12, 

INDIANA quarterly magazine of history. See 

Indiana magazine of history 
INDIANA religious intelligencer. Madison, Ind. 

l-2,Je 27 1828-Ja 29 183011 

INDIANA state dairy association 
Report. Indianapolis. 1,1891+ 

INDIANA state dental association, Evansville 
Bulletin. 1,1922+ 

Quarterly bulletin. Huntington. 1-5, S 1913- 
My 1918H 

INDIANA retail 

grocers' bulletin. Indianapolis. 





INDIANA state medical association 
Journal. Fort Wayne. 1,1908+ 

Supersedes Port Wayne medical journal- 
magazine and Indiana state medical so- 
ciety. Transactions 

INDIANA state medical convention, Indian- 

INDIANA state medical society 
Proceedings. See its Transactions 
Transactions. 1-58,1850-190711 

1-6,1850-55 as its Proceedings. Superseded 

by Indiana state medical association. 


Index: 1850-1907 * - -r 


I , J (o - 

INDIANA state stenographers' association 
Proceedings. Pvansville. nol-4,1889-92||? 


1917-20 not published 



i ^V l '\^i 

Children's museum. See Children's museum 
of Indianapolis 
INDIANAPOLIS academy of sciences 
Transactions. D 14 1870-J1 1 187211? 

INDIANAPOLIS area herald. Indianapolis. 1-5, 


INDIANAPOLIS medical journal. See Medical 
arts and Indianapolis medical journal 

INDIANAPOLIS polyclinic. See Physio-medi- 
cal record 

INDIANAPOLIS rough notes. See Rough notes 

INDIANER-wache. Washington. 1903-16)1 
German edition of Indian sentinel 

INDIANA state teachers' association, Indiana'- 
polis, Ind. 
Proceedings and papers. 1,1854+ 

INDIANIAN; an illustrated monthly magazine. 

Indianapolis, vl-7 nol/2,D 1897-Ja/F 190111 
Subtitle varies 

See also Indiana school journal 
INDIANA state teachers college, Terre Haute 
Division of research. See Teachers college 
INDIANA state trustees' association, Indian- 
Proceedings and papers read. 

INDIANA state vegetable growers association, 
Program review. 1,1928 + 

INDIANA studies in business. See under In- 
diana. University. Bureau of business re- 
INDIANA synod. See Inter-synod 
INDIANA tax conference 
Proceedings. 1-2,1914|| 

IN DIANA teacher. Indianapolis. nol-6,Ja-Je 
Merged into Indiana school journal 

INDIAN'S friend. (National Indian association) 
N.Y. 1-47,1888-My 193511 

INDIA'S message. Santa Barbara, Cal. 1,1931+ 

INDIA'S women and China's daughters. 
(Church of England Zenana missionary so- 
ciety) London. 1,1881+ 
1881- as India's women 

IN DIC A. Texte, Ubersetzungen und studien aus 
den gebieten der indischen religions-, kul- 
tur- und sprachgeschichte in zwanglosen 
heften. Leipzig. ptl-4,1905-07|| 

-4,'jl 24 -Ag 17 

INDICACION. Bogota, nol- 


INDICADOR. Guatemala, nol-156,0 11 1824-N 
6 182711? 

INDICADOR constitucional. Havana. 

3NDIANA teacher. Indianapolis. l.My 1924+ 
Supersedes Educator-journal. Also num- 
bered 69+ in continuation of the combined 
numbering of Indiana school journal, and 
Educator- journal 

INDIANA veterinary college. See Bulletin of 

comparative medicine and surgery 
INDIANA veterinary medical association 
Proceedings. Indianapolis. 

INDICADOR de Caracas 
Caracas. 1,1919-2011? 

y de la republica. 

INDICADOR de la federacion mejicana. Mexico. 
vl-4 nol.O 9 1833-My 7 183411 


Mr 192411 

mercantil. N.Y. vl-11 no78, 

INDIANA yearly meeting of Friends. See 
Freedmen's record for the relief of freed- 

Arsenal technical schools 
— English dept. See Sittings 
Art association of Indianapolis 
— John Herron art institute 
Bulletin. 1,N 1911 + 




INDICATEUR; contenant toutes les productions 
de I'esprit, les pieces de poesie fugitives, 
les bon-mots . . . et surtout les modes. 

Brussels. 1-3,1778-8011 

Supersedes Feuille sans titre 

INDICATEUR; ou, Journal des ca 
effets. Paris. nol-83,My 20-Ag 

uses et des 

10 1792H 



INDICATEUR aerien. Paris. 1,1921+ 

INDICATEUR d'antiquites suisses. See Anzei- 
ger fiir schweizerische altertumskunde 

INDICATEUR d'histoire Suisse. See Anzeiger 
fiir schweizerische geschichte 

INDICATEUR de I'archeologue et du collection- 
neur. Paris. 1-4,1872-7511 

INDICATORE livornese. Giornale di scienze„ 
lettere ed arti. Livorno. nol-48,Ja 12 1829- 
F 8 1830[| 

INDICATORE lombardo; ossia, raccolta perio- 
dica. . . See Indicatore; ossia, raccolta 
periodica. . . 

INDICATORE meccanico-industriale dello stu- 
dio tecnico. Turin. 188711? 

INDICATEUR des travaux relatifs a I'antiquite' 

slave. See Vestnfk slovanske filologie a 

INDICATEUR medical. See Propagateur des 

sciences m6dicales 
INDICATEUR metallurgique. See Industrie 

INDICATEUR photographique. Paris. 1-4, 


In French and Syrian 

INDICATEUR syrien. Beirut. 1,1922||? 

INDICATOR. Amherst. 1-2,1848-5011 . , 

INDICATOR. Chicago. See Music trade indicat- 

INDICATOR. Cleveland, Ohio. See Medical indi- 

INDICATOR. (Leigh Hunt) London, vl-2 (nol- . 
100), Cf 13 1819-0 13 1821|| 

Superseded by Literary examiner 

INDICATORE modenese. Modena. 1-2, Jl 5 1851- 
D 25 1852|| 

Superseded by Ghirlandina 

INDICATORE teatrale; giornale ebdomadario. 

Florence. See Indicatore 
INDICE. Havana. 1,D 1936+ 

INDICE. Madrid, vl-2 nol.My 1921-Ap 1922|| 

INDICE. (Chambre de travail pour la Croatie 
et Slavonie) Zagreb. l,Mr 1929+ 
Published also in Croatian, English and 

INDICE; cuadernos de cultura del grupo. 
Guadalajara, Mexico. 

MB ff\& 

A" W 

INDICE. Mensuario de historia, literatura, arte 
. . y ciencia. San Juan de Puerto Rico. l,Ap 

'• v 23 1929 + 

INDICATOR. (American chemical society;. New 
York and New Jersey sections) N.Y. 

INDICE bibliografico. (Consiglio provinciale 
dell' economia di Milano) Milan. 1,1930+ 

INDICATOR; a miscellany of self-improvement. 
N.Y. vl nol-5,Ag 31 1842-D 184411 ? 

INDICE bibliografico de medicina. Barcelona. 


INDICATOR. An illustrated journal of me- 
chanical engineering and applied science. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 1-5, 1880-81 1| 

INDICE de libros; revista mensual de biblio- 
grafia. Madrid. 

INDICATOR, devoted to the interests of in- 
surance. Detroit. 1- ,My 1882-193611 
Subtitle varies 

INDICES du mouvement general des affaires 
en France et en divers pays. (Paris. Uni- 
versity. Institut de statistique) Paris, vl-13 
nol,1923-Ja 1935H 

Title varies slightly. Superseded by 

Activity 6conomique 

INDICATORE; giornale letterario, artistico, 
scientifico, teatrale. Florence, vl nol-36,S 
3 1854-My 5 185511? 
vl nol-18 as Indicatore teatrale 

INDICI del movimento economico italiano. See 

Vita economica italiana 
INDIE. Haarlem, vl-6 no31, -O 192211? 

INDICATORE; ossia, raccolta periodica di scel- 
ti articoli. . . Milan. 1-13,1829-32; s2 vl-4, 
1833; s3 vl-4,1834; s4 vl-4,1835; s5 vl-4,1836; 
s6 vl-4, 1837|| 

1-7,1829-31 as Indicatore lombardo; ossia, 

raccolta periodica. . . 

INDIEN. Breslau. nol,1911||? 

INDIO. (Sociedad cooperativa "El Indio") Mexi- 
co, vl nol-5,My-D 1924)1 

INDICATORE dantesco. Rome. 1-5,1910-1511? 

INDIPENDENTE. Naples. 1-3, 10 1860-D 31 

INDICATORE economico. Modena. 1-4, My 9 
1836-Ap 184011? 

INDIPENDENTE. Turin. See Gazzetta medica 



INDIPENDENTE; giornale periodico. Messina, 
vl nol-43,F 5-Ag 19 1848H? 

INDISCHE cultuur-historische 
Groningen; Batavia. 1,1935+ 


INDIPENDENTE; giornale politico e letterario. 
Turin. 1-2, 1857-5S[| 

INDISCHE dichter. Leipzig. 1-3,1924-261! 

INDIPENDENZA e la lega; giornale di Palermo. 
Palermo. nol-149,P 15-0 14 1848|| 

INDISCHE erzahler. Leipzig. 1-15,1922-2411 
8,11,13-14 never published 

— Bullettino alia Indipendenza e la lega. nol- 
7,0 28-D 20 184811 

INDISCHE financier. Batavia. 

INDIPENDENZA italiana; giornale politico-let - 

terario. Modena. vl nol-27,Mr 26- Je 8 1848||? 

United with Italia centrale to form Ves- 

sillo italiano. Nos 1,3,5,10 and 20 have 


INDISCH comite voor wetenschappelijke onder- 
Publicaties. Weltevreden. 

INDISCH genootschap, The Hague 

Handelingen en geschriften. 1-7,1854-60|| 
Superseded by its Verslagen. . . 

INDISCHE forschungen. Breslau. 1,1906 + 
Suspended 1914-27 

INDISCHE gids. Tevens nieuwe serie van net 
Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie. Am- 
sterdam. 1,1879 + 
Subtitle varies 
Index: 1879-1903 

INDISCHE krijgskundige vereeniging, Batavia 

Wetenschappelijk jaarbericht. Bandoeng 

Verslagen der algemeene vergaderingen. 1861+ 

INDISCH landbouw-genootschap 
Tijdschrift. Samarang. 1-9,1871-791 

See alsa Indisch militair tijdschrift 
INDISCHE mercuur; orgaan voor handel, land- 
bouw, nijverheid en mijnwezen in Neder- 
landsch Oost- en West- Indie. Amsterdam. 
Subtitle varies 

INDISCH magazyn. Batavia. vl-2 nol2, 1844-451 

INDISCH militair tijdschrift. (Indische krijgs- 
kundige vereeniging) Batavia. 1-8,1869-77; 
nsvl,1877 + 

vl-8 no6, 1869-77 as Militair tijdschrift 

INDISCHE studien. Beitrage fur die kunde des 
indischen alterthums. (Deutsche morgen- 
gesellschaft) Berlin; Leipzig. 1- 



Subtitle varies 


INDISCRET. Paris. nol-28,Ja 22-J1 30 1922||? 

INDISCH tijdschrift van het recht. (Neder- 
landsch-Indische juristen-vereeniging) Ba- 
tavia. 1,1849 + 

1849-83 as Regt in Nederlandsch-Indie; 

1883-1914 Recht in Nederlandsch-Indie. 

Rechtskundig tijdschrift. Suspended 1868- 


Index: 1-18 

INDISPENSABLE. Paris. S 5 1798-0 23 17991 
Supersedes N6cessaire. Superseded by Di- 

INDISTE francais. Paris, vl-5 no20,1923-27|| ? 



weekblad van 


het recht. Batavia, 

INDIVIDUAL child and his education. Dans- 
ville, N.Y. 1,S 1903-04H 

INDISCHE bibliothek. Eine zeitschrift von Au- 
gust Wilhelm von Schlegel. Boon, vl-3 nol, 


INDISCHE bij. Leyden. 1,184311 
Published in 4, parts (?) 

INDIVIDUAL instruction. See Modern educa- 
tion and individual instruction 
INDIVIDUAL psychology pamphlets. London, 
nol, 1931+ . 

nol-14. as Individual psychology publica- 
tions: Medical pamphlets 

INDISCHE culturen. Soerabaja; Soekaboemi. 
vl-22 nol2,1929-Je 16 1937H 

1-9 as Nederlandsch-Indisch rubber- en 

INDIVIDUAL psychology society 

Supersedes International journal of indi- 
vidual psychology 



INDIVIDUALIST. London. 1,1881+ 

1-62,1881-Jl 1886 as Vigilance association 
for the defense of personal rights, Jour- 
nal; 63rl28,0 1886-92, Personal rights 
journal; 129-239, 1893-Ja 1903 Personal 
rights. v294+ also as nsvl+ 

INDIV1DUALITAT; zweimonatsschrift fur phi- 
losophie und kunst. Zurich; etc. 1-3,1926-28/ 


INDOORS and out; the homebuilders' maga- /\ 
zine. Boston, vl-5 no3,0 1905-D 1907)1 
Merged into House beautiful 

MB M& 

INDOORS and outdoors. N.Y. 1-2, My 1883-Ap 


INDIVIDUUM und gemeinschaft. Munich, nol-8, 

INDUSTRI-tidende. Christiania. 1,] 

IN DO- American magazine. See Life and action 
INDO-British association, London 

Minutes of proceedings. 1-2,1917-1911? 

Publications. 1-16, -191811? 

INDUSTRI-tidende. Copenhagen. 1-21,1880-93[| ? 

INDUSTRIA. Brussels. 1-3,1889-S 1891|1 

United with Inggnieur-conseil and Indu- 
strie moderne to form Industrie (Paris; 
London; Brussels) 

INDO-China, French 

Bulletin economique de l'lndo-Chine. 1,1898 + 
no43+ also as s2 nol+ 
Index: 1-8 in 8 

See also France. Commission arch6ologique de 
INDOCHINE; revue economique d'Extreme- 
Orient. Paris. l-12(nol-154),My 25 1924-F 
1-4,1924-27 as Revue economique d'Ex- 
treme-Orient. Suspended Jl-D 1924 

INDO-Chinese gleaner. Containing miscellane- 
ous communications on the literature, his- 
tory, philosophy, mythology, etc. of the In- 
do-Chinese nations. Malacca. 1-3 (nol-20). 
My 1817-Ap 1822H 

INDO-European commercial intelligence and 
trade register. Bombay. 1-2 (nol-19),1907- 


INDUSTRIA. Medellin, Colombia. nol-5,F-0 


INDUSTRIA. N.Y. nol-3,Jl-S 1921||? 

Formerly as Seecion de maqulnaria of 

INDUSTRIA. Rio de Janeiro. nol-7,Mr 1912-13||? 

INDUSTRIA. (Centro industrial argentino) ■ 
Buenos Aires. 1-9,1879-8711? 

INDUSTRIA. (SQCi£dad^-de-4©men4o fabril) San- 
tiago de Chile. 1,1883+ \ 

1-41,1883-1934 as the society's Boletin 

!l - 3 \ 

^o^, iLd 

INDUSTRIA. (Sociedad nacional de industrias) 
Lima, Peru. 1-7,1897-190711? — 

INDOGERMANISCHE forschungen, zeitschrift 

fiir indogermanische sprach- und altertums- 

kunde. Strasbourg. 1,1891+ 

Index: 1-40 in 40 


MB J -t 

Supplement. See Anzeiger fiir indoger- 
manische sprach- und altertumskunde 
INDOGERMANISCHES jahrbuch. (Indogerma- 
nische gesellschaft) Strasbourg. 1,1913 + 

INDUSTRIA. (Svenska arbetsgifvareforenin- 
gen) Stockholm. 1,1906?+ 

INDUSTRIA. Gazzetta del progresso industriale 
ed agricolo. Lecco, Italy. 1862-64|| 





cientifico- industrial. 

I NDO-lranische quellen und forschungen. Leip- 
zig. 1,1924+ 

6,1925+ issued jointly with the Publica- 
tions of the Forschungsinstitut fur indo- 
germanistik, Indische abt. 
4, 8, 10 not yet issued (Jl 1939) 

I NDO- Portuguese publicity bureau, 
See Goan world 


IN-DOOR and out. Indianapolis. 1-3, Ja 1875- 
Je 1877H 

INDUSTRIA. Peri6dico de los hacendados y 
mineros. Santiago de Chile. 1-4,1852||? 

INDUSTRIA; revista de economica, derecho, 
organizaci6n y tecnica industrial. Madrid, 
vl nol-9,Ja-S 192311? 

INDUSTRIA. Rivista tecnica 
illustrata. Milan. 1,1887+ 



INDOORS and out; for the home, the people 
and the world at large. N.Y. 1-5, Jl 1902- 


INDUSTRIA agricola. (Oficina tecnica de agri- 
cultura) Caracas, vl nol-2,Ap-My 1898|| 



1NDUSTRIA alimentare italiana. Naples. 

Supersedes Giornale delle conserve ali- 

INDUSTRIA e invenciones. Revista semanal 
illustrada. Barcelona. 1,1883 + 
Supersedes Gaceta de la industria y de 
las invenciones 

INDUSTRIA argentina del calzado. (Camara de 
la industria del calzado) Buenos Aires. 

INDUSTRIA azucarera. 

15 1899-F 5 190011? 

N.Y. vl-2 no22,Mr 

INDUSTRIA fascista; bolleltino . . . delle or- 
ganzzazioni industrial!' fasciste. Naples. 1, 

1926-Ag 15 1933 as Industria meridionale 

INDUSTRIA italiana. Naples. 1- ,1861-64||? 

INDUSTRIA azucarera. (Centro azucarero 

nacional) Buenos Aires. INDUSTRIA italiana. Rome. 1-4,1886 -90||? 

Supersedes Revista azucarera 

INDUSTRIA italiana degli olii per transforma- 
INDUSTRIA cervecera. Buenos Aires. 1,1931+ tori - Genoa. 

INDUSTRIA chimica. Rome. 1-9, Ja 1926-D 

1-3,1926-28 as Notiziario chimico-indus- 
triale. United with Giornale di chimica 
industriale ed applicata to form Chimica 
e 1' industria 

INDUSTRIA italiana del cemento. (Societa 
incremento applicazioni cemento) 1,1929 + 

INDUSTRIA italiana del freddo. Milan, 1,D 31 
1926 + 

— Supplement. See Rivista italiana delle es- 
senze e profumi 
INDUSTRIA chimica, mineraria e metallurgl- 
ca. Milan. 1-13,1899-1913; nsvl-6,1914-19|| 
1-5,1899-1903 as Chimica industriale. 
Merged into Giornale di chimica indus- 
triale, later Chimica e 1'industria 

INDUSTRIA de cueros y calzados; revista na- 
cional. Buenos Aires. 

INDUSTRIA del qas e degli acquedotti. See 

Acqua e gas 
INDUSTRIA del latte, bollettino delle latterie 

italiane. See Industria lattiera e zootecnica 
INDUSTRIA del vetro e della ceramica. Milan. 

s2 vl,1928+ 

INDUSTRIA italiana delle conserve alimentari. 
(Parma. R. Stazione sperimentale per 1'in- 
dustria delle conserve alimentari) Parma. 
1,D 1925 + 

zootecnica. Reggio- 

INDUSTRIA lattiera e 

Emilia, Italy. 1,1903+ 
1-4 as Industria del latte 

Supplement. See Rivista scientiflca del latte 
INDUSTRIA lechera. Buenos Aires. l,Ag 
1919 + 

INDUSTRIA lombarda. (Unione industriali 
fasciste della Lombardia) Milan. 1,1920+ 

INDUSTRIA della birra. Milan, vl-21 nol2,1913- 
D 1933|| 

1- , 1913- as Birra; periodica . . . dei 
birra italiani 

INDUSTRIA della carta. (Italy. Stazione speri- 
mentale per le industrie della carta e delle 
fibre tessili vegetali) Milan. 1,1934+ 
Supersedes the station's Bollettino 

INDUSTRIA della stampa. (Federazione nazio- 
nale fascista dell' industria grafica ed af- 
fini) Rome. 1,1928+ 

5 incorrectly numbered 7; 6 omitted in 


INDUSTRIA meccanica. (Associazione nazio- 
nale industriali meccanici) Milan. 1,1919 + 

INDUSTRIA meridionale. See Industria fascis- 
ta; bollettino . . . delle organizzazioni indus- 
triali fasciste 

INDUSTRIA minera de Mexico. Mexico, nol-6, 

INDUSTRIA mineraria. (Federazione nazionale 
fascista dell' industria mineraria) Rome. 1, 
1927 + 

INDUSTRIA moderna. 

Supplement. See the federation's Bollettino 
INDUSTRIA dolciaria. Turin. See Arte del dolce 

INDUSTRIA dolciaria; rassegna mensile. Genoa. 
l.Ap 1936+ 

Supersedes Dolce; rivista delle industrie 
italiane del cioccolate, biscotti, caramelle, 
confetture ed affini 

French ed. See Industrie moderne 
INDUSTRIA nacional colombiana. Medellin. 1, 

INDUSTRIA pecuaria. (Asociaci6n general de 
ganaderos) Madrid. 



INDUSTRIA peruana. (Sociedad nacional de in- 
dustrias) Lima, Peru. 1,J1 1931 + 

Oporto. 1- 



revista quinzenal. 

- ■ 
INDUSTRIAL American. See Textile manu- 
facturers' review and industrial record 
INDUSTRIAL and commercial South Africa. 
Cape Town, L1907 + 

1- as South African commerce and manu- 
facturers' record; -20 no221, -S 1925 
Industrial South Africa 

INDUSTRIA saccarifera italiana 
— Sezione economical bollettino del Consorzio 
nazionale produttori zucchero. 9,Ja 1927+ 

— Sezione tecnica; bollettino dell' Associazione 
italiana delle industrie dello zucchero e dell' 
alcool. Genoa. 1,1908+ 

1-19,1908-D 1926 as the association's Bol- 

INDUSTRIA tessile e tintoria; rivista quindici- 
nale tecnica, economica e commerciale. 

Milan. 1-30,1900-Ja 1930|| 

INDUSTRIA y comercio. 

38),1907-O 21 190811? 

Montevideo. 1-3 (nol- 

INDUSTRIA y comercio de Mexico. (Mexico. 
Secretaria de la economfa nacional) Mexico. 

Supersedes Revista industrial 

INDUSTRIA y qui mica. (Asociacion quimica 
argentina) Buenos Aires. l,Ag 1935 + 

INDUSTRIAL and engineering chemistry. 

(American chemical society) Washington; 
Easton, Pa. l,Ja 1909+ 

1-14, 1909-22 as Journal of industrial and 

engineering chemistry 

m 1+ 

Wi, %Jr 

— Analytical edition. l.Ja 15 1929 + 

J + 


</ja. ^^ 


— News edition. 1,1923+ 

INDUSTRIAL and labour information. See 

under International labor office, Geneva. 
INDUSTRIAL and machinery journal. Manila. 

1,D 1933+ 

Supplement to Sugar news. 1933-Ap 1935 
as Sugar news brokers bulletin; My-D 
1935 Industrial review and brokers bulletin 

INDUSTRIAL and traffic review. Pittsburgh, 
Pa. vl-3 nol.O 1922-Ag 192311 

1922 as Traffic review; Ja-Mr 1923 In- 
dustrial digest and traffic review 

INDUSTRIAL. (Club industrial 
Buenos Aires. 1-12,1876-8711? 


INDUSTRIAL art. London, vl-3 nol, 1877-78) 

INDUSTRIAL advocate. Halifax, N.S. 1,1884+? 

INDUSTRIAL advocate. Washington, vl nol- 
2,F 1-Mr 1 18690? 

INDUSTRIAL arts; the magazine of applied art 
in manufacture and marketing. London, vl 

INDUSTRIAL advocate. (Colorado state fed- 
eration of labor) Denver. 

INDUSTRIAL arts and vocational education. 
Milwaukee. l,Ja 1914+ 

vl-19 no5,1914-My 1930 as Industrial-arts 



1873-F 24 1877H 

Chicago, vl-3 no49,Ag 20 

INDUSTRIAL age. St. Louis, Mo. 18721 


INDUSTRIAL arts index. N.Y.; etc. 1,1913+ 
Monthly except Ja,Ag,O.D. Cumulated 
annually and biennially 

INDUSTRIAL agent and weekly journal of 
manufacturers. N.Y. [nol],F 1848; [ns] 
vl nol-29,Mr-Q 3.84811 

INDUSTRIAL aid society for the prevention of 
pauperism, Boston 
-1865 as Boston society for the preven- 
tion of pauperism 
Occasional publications, vl nol-4,Ap 1849-Je 
185211 _ n \ ~ 

vl nol-3 as its Journal 

, y m .i "■ 

MB |A/<l\'S 

INDUSTRIAL America; a popular record of 
progress in the arts and sciences. N.Y. 1- 
3, Ja 1885-Ja 30 188611 



INDUSTRIAL. arts magazine. See Industrial 

arts and vocational education 
INDUSTRIAL association of San Francisco. See 

American plan; American plan progress 
INDUSTRIAL athletics. (American industrial 

athletic association) Akron, Ohio, vl-3 no5, 

1918-J1 1921H 

INDUSTRIAL Australian and mining standard. 
Melbourne; Sydney. 1,1885+ 

1-51, 1885- Je 1914 as Australian mining 
standard (subtitle varies); v52-58 no20, 
Jl 1914-N 15 19l7 Australian statesman 
and mining standard; v58 no21-v59 no24, 
N 22 1917-Je 6 1918 Australian industrial 
and mining standard. 22-27 omitted in 





INDUSTRIAL barometer. (Employers' associa- 
tion of Detroit) Detroit, Mich. 1923-Je 193111 

INDUSTRIAL Britain. London. nol.Jl 1932+ 

INDUSTRIAL bulletin. Wellington, N.Z. See 
New Zealand industrial bulletin 

INDUSTRIAL bulletin. (Industrial commis- 
sioner of New York state) Albany, 1-14,0 




INDUSTRIAL digest and commodities and fi- 
nance. N.Y. vl-13 no6,0 1 1928-D 1934|| 
vl-9 nol0,1928-O 1930 as Industrial digest. 
Suspended N 25-D 1922; N 1933- Je 1934 

INDUSTRIAL digest and traffic review. See 

Industrial and traffic review 
INDUSTRIAL distributor and salesman. Chi- 
cago. vl-8 no5,My 1925-My 1929|| 

vl-3 no4 as Industrial merchandising for 
distributors and their salesmen. Merged 
into Mill supplies 

INDUSTRIAL bulletin. (Industrial 
Pennsylvania) Johnstown, Pa. 


INDUSTRIAL bulletin of Arthur D. 

Cambridge, Mass. nol.Ja 1927+ 

league of 

Little inc. 

INDUSTRIAL Canada. (Canadian manufactur- 
ers association) Toronto. 1,1900+ 

INDUSTRIAL center. Nanking. l,Ag 1932+ 

INDUSTRIAL chemist. N.Y. 

INDUSTRIAL chemist and chemical manufac- 

turer. London. 1,F 1925+ 

INDUSTRIAL coal buyer. Chicago, vl nol-7, O 
1924-Ap 1925U 

Merged into Black diamond 


1939 + 

commentaries. Chicago. l,Ja 

INDUSTRIAL doctor. (New York state society 
of industrial medicine) Buffalo, vl-11 no5, 
1923-My 1933|| 

Merged into Industrial medicine for physi- 
cians and surgeons in industry 

INDUSTRlAL-economic conditions in the 
United States. See under National industrial 
conference board 

INDUSTRIAL economist; a journal of economic 
information. Washington, vl-4 no3,F 1916-S 


York. See 

Peoria, 111. 

See American industry in war 



l.O 1899+ 

association of New 
university. Teachers' 

magazine. Chicago; 

1-15, 1899-Je 1914 as Manual training 
magazine; 16-17.S 1914- Je 1916 Manual 
training and vocational education; 18-23, 
S 1916-Je 1922 Manual training magazine 

u&X\ J -L 


INDUSTRIAL engineer. See Factory manage- 
ment and maintenance 

INDUSTRIAL engineer. Manchester, England. 
1-8 (nol-221), 1911-20)1 


INDUSTRIAL commission of Ohio, Columbus. 

See Industrial relations 
INDUSTRIAL commissioner of New York state. 
See Industrial bulletin (N.Y.) 

INDUSTRIAL conference of the state of New 
York. See New York state industrial con- 

INDUSTRIAL co-partnership association, Lon- 
Report. London. 1,1886 + 

INDUSTRIAL democracy. N.Y. 

vl-5 no6, -S 1937 as New frontiers, 
nol never issued' 


INDUSTRIAL engineering. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1- 
2,Ap-D 1909U 

Continued in Industrial engineering and 
the engineering digest 

INDUSTRIAL engineering and the engineering 
digest. N.Y. vl-15 no4,1907-S 1915(1 . ; 

1-2 as Technical literature?- 3-6 Engi- 
neering digest. United with Industrial 
engineering 1910. Suspended Mr-Jl 1915 

MB -?Wjf 

INDUSTRIAL equality. 


N.Y. vl-3 no2, 


INDUSTRIAL development council of South 
Wales & Monmouthshire. See Wales and 

INDUSTRIAL digest. N.Y. 1921-34. See Indus- 
trial digest and commodities and finance 

INDUSTRIAL digest; items of common interest 
and importance to industrial executives. 
N.Y. vl-2 nd5,My 1 1920-Je 192111 ? 

INDUSTRIAL digest; the forum where capital 
and labor meet. Cleveland, vl nol-7, My- 
N 1920U 

INDUSTRIAL equipment news; what's new, 
equipment, parts, materials. (Thomas' reg- 
ister of American manufacturers) N.Y. 1,F 

Suspended Mr-Ap 1933 ' 

INDUSTRIAL era and railroader combined. See 

Sunday outlook and the railroader 
INDUSTRIAL executive. N.Y. vl-4 no2,Ap 
1928-F 193011 
United with Foreman to form Foreman, 
and the industrial executive 



INDUSTRIAL experimenters associated 

Bi-monthly bulletin. N.Y. vl nol-3,0 1932-F 

Proceedings. N.Y. 1,1932+ 

INDUSTRIAL eye. Toledo, Ohio. 1- 


INDUSTRIAL fatigue research board. See In- 
dustrial health research board 

INDUSTRIAL finishing journal and paint and 
colour record. London. 1931+ 
1931-Je 1932 as British industrial finishing 

INDUSTRIAL finishing magazine. Indianapolis. 

1,N 1924+ 

1924-0 1928 as Industrial finishing 

INDUSTRIAL Journal; a weekly newspaper de- 
voted to the manufacturing, commercial, 
agricultural, railway & steamship, hotel & 
summer resort and fish & game interests 
of the northeast. Bangor; Portland, Me. 
nol-1322,1880-S 1918|| 

1880-82 as Maine mining journal; 1883-. 
Mining and industriar-jouriKtl- 

INDUSTRIAL league and council D ,-«vi 
Bulletin. London. 


c^ % 

See also Current opinion, a review of indus- 
try; Industrial league and council journal 
INDUSTRIAL league and council Journal. Lon- 
don. vl-4 no2,S 1918-22H 

1918-S 1919 as Industrial league journal. 
Superseded by Current opinion 

INDUSTRIAL freedom league, London 

INDUSTRIAL gas. N.Y. 1,1923+ 

INDUSTRIAL league Journal. See Industrial 
league and council journal 

INDUSTRIAL league of Pennsylvania. See In- 
dustrial bulletin. (Johnstown, Pa.) 

INDUSTRIAL lenders news. See Personal fi- 
nance news 

INDUSTRIAL liberty series. (League for in- 
dustrial rights) N.Y. nol-3, 1922|| 

INDUSTRIAL gas times. Dondbn. l.O 1937+ 

INDUSTRIAL magazine. Chicago. 1- ,1892- 

INDUSTRIAL gases. London. 1,1919+ 

INDUSTRIAL health digest. (National safety 
council. Industrial health division) Chicago. 
l,Ap/My 1931+ 

INDUSTRIAL magazine. Collinwood, Ohio, vl 
nol-21,Ag 1-D 20 1901; nsvl-13 no3,1902-N 

1901 as Draftsman's bulletin; 1902-05 
Draftsman; 1906 Browning's industrial 
magazine. Merged into Industrial engi- 
neering and the engineering digest 

INDUSTRIAL health research board 

Through 1927 as Industrial fatigue re- 
search board 
Reports. London. 1,1919+ 

INDUSTRIAL heating. Pittsburgh. 1,0 1934+ 

INDUSTRIAL hygiene bulletin. (N.Y. state 
dept. of labor) N.Y.; Albany, vl-8 no6,Jl 
1924-D 1931H 

INDUSTRIAL management; the engineering 
magazine. See Factory and industrial man- 
INDUSTRIAL marketing: distribution, sales 
promotion, advertising. Chicago. 1,1915+ 
1-17 no4,1915-F 1927 as Class; 18- ", Mr 
1927-My 1935? Class and industrial mar- 
keting. Jl 1933-My 1935 issued as a sec- <£> 
tion of Advertising J / ^ f\^ 

MB *- *-< ('/ r? 

INDUSTRIAL medicine for physicians and sur- 
geons in industry. Chicago. 1,0 1932+ 
Suspended Ja-Je 1933; Jl-D 1934 

INDUSTRIAL independent; devoted to the in- 
terests of free and independent labor. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 1-2, -1905H 

INDUSTRIAL index. Columbus, Ga. 1,1906+ 

INDUSTRIAL merchandising for distributors 
and their salesmen. See Industrial distribu- 
tor and salesman 

INDUSTRIAL monthly. See Technologist; or 
Industrial monthly 

INDUSTRIAL monthly and commercial and 
statistical review. N.Y. 1-2,1880-8111? 

INDUSTRIAL India. Bombay. l,Ag 1921 + 

INDUSTRIAL monthly syndicalist. London. 1, 


INDUSTRIAL insurance. N.Y. l,Ja 1931+ 

INDUSTRIAL motor. Des Moines, la. 



INDUSTRIAL Japan. Osaka. 1,1904 + 

INDUSTRIAL news. (Western Australian em- 
ployers' federation) Perth. l,Ja 1927+ 



INDUSTRIAL news, published ... in the Inter- 
est of Inventors and the producing classes, 
and for the encouragement of industrial 
talent and inventive genius. (Inventors' 
institute, Cooper union) N.Y. 

INDUSTRIAL news survey: a digest of Indus- 
trial news and comment as published in 
reliable newspapers, magazines, reviews, 
special articles, and government documents. 

(National industrial conference board) Bos- 
ton; N.Y. 1-9 (nol-468),1917-F 15 192611 

INDUSTRIAL Nippon. Osaka. 
INDUSTRIAL Orient. Tokyo. 

INDUSTRIAL record. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Florida financial and industrial record 
INDUSTRIAL record. N.Y. 1-3,1845-46 1| ? 


INDUSTRIAL record and oil review; a weekly 
Journal devoted to industrial mineral de- 
velopment and finance. N.Y. 1-4, F 27 
1902-Mr 12 1904||? 

INDUSTRIAL relations. Milwaukee, Wis. vl-3 
no7,N 1930-J1 1932||? 

vl complete in 1 no. D 1930 & Ap 1931 
not published. Editorial office: Chicago 

INDUSTRIAL relations. (Ohio. Dept. of indus- 
trial relations; Industrial commission of 
Ohio) Columbus, vl-3 nolO.Ap 1924-0 192611 

INDUSTRIAL outlook; a business review. (Na- 
tional retail dry goods association) N.Y. 
vl-3 no3,My 1914-Mr 1916(1 

INDUSTRIAL Paraguaya. Asuncion. 1-13, 


INDUSTRIAL relations. Bloomfield's labor di- 
gest. Facts for the business and indus- 
trial executive. Boston, vl-20 no42,0 18 
1919-0 16 1926|| 
Includes "Specimen copy" issued Ag 1 
1919. 7-16 omitted in numbering 

INDUSTRIAL partnerships' record. See Social 
economist. . . London 

INDUSTRIAL peace and administration. Lon- 
don. vl-22 no6,S 1917-Ag 192811 
1-21 as Industrial peace 

INDUSTRIAL peace union of the British em- 
pire. See New way; the industrial peace 
INDUSTRIAL pioneer. (Industrial workers of 
the world) Chicago. 1,F 1921- Ja 1922; nsvl- 
4 no5,My 1923-S 1926|| 

Supersedes One big union monthly. Sus- 
pended F 1922-Ap 1923 

INDUSTRIAL power. Chicago. l.My 1920+ 
Subtitle varies 

INDUSTRIAL press. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1,18701 

INDUSTRIAL progress. Milwaukee, "Wis. 1-2, 

INDUSTRIAL relations association of America 
Supersedes Employment managers' con- 
ference. 1919 as National association of 
employment managers. United with Na- 
tional association of corporation training 
to form National personnel association, 
later American management association 
Minutes of the monthly conference. Newark, 
N.J. nol-2,0 11-D 13 19191' 

Proceedings. 1-2,1919-201 

u^ WlAA^- Y//A' 



See also Industrial relations review; Person- 
INDUSTRIAL relations association of Chicago 

INDUSTRIAL relations counselors, inc., New 
Library bulletin. l,Ja 1928+ 

I- 10 

Memorandum to clients. 

INDUSTRIAL progress. Washington, vl-6 nol2, 
D 1 1918-My 1924|| 
1-4 as Industry; a semi-monthly inter- 
pretation of industrial progress 

MB ™' \** 

INDUSTRIAL progress and commercial record. 
(Manufacturers' association of British Co- 
lumbia) Vancouver. 1-10,1913-Mr 1922[|? 

News letters to clients. 

Series of studies on the administrative aspect 
of public employment services and unem- 
ployment insurance in several countries. 

Series on unemployment insurance. nol,1930+ 

INDUSTRIAL psychology monthly. Hamilton, 
N.Y. l-3,Ja 1926-D 1928)1 

1 as Industrial psychology. 3 repeated in 
numbering. Subtitle varies 

Studies. N.Y. 1,1930+ 

Includes sub-series: Unemployment in- 
surance series; Pension series; Employ- 
ment office and unemployment insurance 
administration series 

INDUSTRIAL record. Chicago. vl9 no4-v24 
no2,0 1930-F 1933)1 

Assumes numbering, and merges into In- 
dustrial power 

INDUSTRIAL relations exchange. (Industrial 
relations association of California) San 
Francisco, vl nol-9,Ag 1921-Ag 1922|| 
Supersedes Personnel club exchange 



INDUSTRIAL relations review. (Industrial re- 
lations association) San Francisco, vl nol- 
3,Ag-0 1923; (ns) vl nol-3,1924||? 

INDUSTRIAL removal office monthly bulletin. 

jSee Distribution 
INDUSTRIAL retail stores. N.Y. 1,1923+ 

1-3,1923-Ap 1925 as Commissary manager; 
v4 nol.-9,My 1925-Ja 1926 Commissary 

INDUSTRIAL review. -Ja 1926|| 

Superseded by Coast investor and indus- 
trial review 

INDUSTRIAL selling. N.Y. l.Ap 1937+ 

INDUSTRIAL socialist. (Industrial socialist 
league) Chicago, vl nol-7,S 1920-Ap 1921U? 

INDUSTRIAL solidarity. (Industrial workers of 
the world) Chicago; etc. 1-9.D 18 1909-N 9 
1918; (ns) nol-684,N 16 1918-D 1 1931H 
1909-O 27 1917 as Solidarity; N 1917-N 9 
1918 Defense news bulletin; N 16 1918-Mr 
6 1920 New solidarity; Mr 18 1920-S 23 
1921 Solidarity. Merged into Industrial 



review. Tokyo, vl nol-8,1905- 

1NDUSTRIAL review. (Illinois manufacturers' 
association) Chicago. 
no78 never published 

INDUSTRIAL review. (Trades union congress. 
Publicity dept.) London. 1-7,1927-Mr 1933|| 
United with Labour bulletin and Labour 
magazine to form Labour 

INDUSTRIAL review: commercial, scientific, 
engineering, manufacturing, and financial 
journal for all engaged in business. Lon- 
don. nsnol-67,N 6 1886-Ap 21 188811 
Suspended S 17-N 19 1887 

INDUSTRIAL South. Richmond, Va. 1-6,1881- 
M Ag 188611 

INDUSTRIAL South Africa. See Industrial and 

commercial South Africa 
INDUSTRIAL standardization and commercial 
standards monthly. (American standards 
association) N.Y. 

nol-49 mimeographed sheets sent to mem- 
bers only. no57-68 also called v2. l-v3 no6, 
-Je 1932 as A S A bulletin; v3 no7-v4 
no6,Jl 1932-Je 1933 Industrial standardiza- 
tion. Jl 1933 absorbed Commercial stand- 
ards monthly (U.S. Bureau of standards) 
not in this list 

I1UL 111 LUIS 11BL . 

INDUSTRIAL student. (Southern industrial in- 
stitute) Camp Hill, Ala. 1,1900 + 

INDUSTRIAL review. Devoted to casualty in- 
surance. Philadelphia, vl-4 no4,Ap 1908-O 


Subtitle varies 

INDUSTRIAL supervisor. (National safety 
council, inc.) Chicago. l,My 1935+ 

INDUSTRIAL review, social and political. Lon- 
don. nol-898,1861-D 28 1878|| 

nos690-794 as ns. nol-794,1861-D 1876 as 
Bee-hive, the people's paper (Subtitle 
varies) .. , -.. • 

mb ^ ^ <s \x ira ,'^a 

INDUSTRIAL survey. Cleveland, Ohio. 1,1919+ 


INDUSTRIAL review and brokers bulletin 
Industrial and machinery journal 

INDUSTRIAL review and textile reporter. At 
lanta; Philadelphia. 1-12,1883-8811? ' 

INDUSTRIAL safety association. See Journal 
of industrial safety 

INDUSTRIAL safety council of New York. See 
New York state industrial conference 

INDUSTRIAL safety survey. See under Inter- 
national labor office, Geneva 

INDUSTRIAL sales topics. Chicago. 1-3, S 1928- 
F 1931N 


My 1911H? 

syndicalist. London. 1.J1 1910- 

INDUSTRIAL times and 

vl-13 no3,1898?-1907H 

mining record. N.Y. 

INDUSTRIAL transmission and conveying. 

Chicago. 1-39,1906-D 193111 

vl-31 no5,1906-N 1927 as Belting, trans- 
mission, tools and supplies; v31 no6-v37 
no3,D 1927-S 1930 Power transmission 

INDUSTRIAL union bulletin. (Industrial work- 
ers of the world) Chicago, vl-2 no31,Mr 
2 1907-Mr 6 1909|| 

INDUSTRIAL salesman. Indianapolis. 1,1932+ 

INDUSTRIAL school advocate and soldiers' aid. 

(Industrial school association) Rochester, 
N.Y. 1- ,1865- || 

Supersedes Soldiers' aid 

INDUSTRIAL school journal. Lancaster, 
1,1914 + 


INDUSTRIAL union news. (Industrial workers 
of the world; Workers' international indus- 
trial union) Detroit, Mich. 1-10 (nol-219), 
Ja 1912-F 1922; no220-51,Mr 1922-My 1924|| 

unionist. N.Y. See Labor power 
unionist. (Emergency program 


branches of the I.W.W.) Portland, Ore. 
(nol-62),Ap 11 1925-Je 16 1926 " 




INDUSTRIAL unionist. (Industrial workers of 
the world)' N.Y. vl nol-9,0 20 1920-Ag 16 
1921; nsvl nol-ll.O 10 1921-N 10 1922||? 

INDUSTRIAL unity. (National alliance of em- 
ployers and employed) London, vl nol-8 r 
My-D 191811 

Superseded by Unity 

INDUSTRIALE italiano. See Giornale argrario 
italiano, industriale e commerciale 

INDUSTRIALE romagnolo. See Giornale agra- 
rio italiano, industriale e commerciale 

INDUSTRIALEN rabotnik. (Industrial work- 
ers of the world) Chicago. 1,1924+ 

INDUSTRIALISM against which gold is power- 
less. San Francisco. nol-7,1912|| 

INDUSTRIAL weekly. Syracuse, N.Y. vl-25 
nol6,1905-Jl 5 1929|| 

19 repeated in numbering 

INDUSTRIALIST. Manhattan, Kan. See Kan- 
sas industrialist 

INDUSTRIAL welfare and personnel manage- 
ment. (Industrial welfare society) West- 
minster; London. 1,1918+ 

1918-19 as Boys' welfare journal; 1920-21 
Journal of industrial welfare; 1922-Ag 
1929 Industrial welfare 

INDUSTRIAL'NO-pedagogicheskil institut, Mos- 
Nauchnye trudy. 

— Seriia fiziko-matematicheskafa. 1,1928+ 
Title also in German 

INDUSTRIAL West. Los Angeles, vl nol-10, 
Ap-O 192711? 

INDUSTRIAL West. Milwaukee-, Wis. 1-2,1887- 


Supersedes Gogebic news 

— Seriia pedagogicheskafa. 1,1928+ 

— Seriia sotsial'no-ekonomicheskaia. nol,1928+ 

INDUSTRIAS. (Camara de fomento industrial) 
La Paz, Bolivia. 1.J1 1931+ 

INDUSTRIAL woodworking. Cleveland; Chicago; 
Indianapolis, vl-34 no6,Ap 1914-Mr 193411 
vl-28 nol,1914-0 1927 a s Woodworkers' 

INDUSTRIAS de Cuba. Havana. l.Je 1922+ 

INDUSTRIAL worker. (Industrial workers of 
the world) Spokane, Wash, vl-5 no21,Mr 
1909-S 4 1913|| 

INDUSTRIAS de Venezuela. Comercio, indus- 
trias e intereses generales. Caracas. 1, 

INDUSTRIAL worker. (Industrial workers of 
the world) Seattle, Wash. l,Ap 1 1916+ 

INDUSTRIAS mexicanas. Monterey, Mexico. 1, 
F 1909+?- 

INDUSTRIAL worker. (Industrial workers of 
the world) Spokane, Wash. 1,1917+ 

INDUSTRIE. Paris; Brussels; London. 1-29, 

1877- Je 1907H? 

1-15,1877-91 as Ingenieur-conseil 

INDUSTRIAL workers of the world 
Proceedings. N.Y. 1-3.J.905-07; 7,1912+ 

Proceedings 4th-6th, 9th annual conven- 
tions not printed 

INDUSTRIE. Journal des chemins de fer, du 
credit foncier de France, et de tous les 
grands interets du pays. Paris. 1-60,1852- 
. 191111? 

jSee also B6rmunkas; Golos truzhenika; In- 
dustrial pioneer; Industrial solidarity; In- 
dustrial union bulletin; Industrial union 
news; Industrial unionist; Industrial work- 
er; Industrialen rabotnik; Ipari munkas; 
Jedna velka unie; Nuovo proletario; Nya 
varlden; One big union; Proletario; Prumy- 
slovy delnik; Rebel worker; Solidar- 
nosc; Uj tarsadalom; Voice of the 
people; Weekly industrial worker; Western 
INDUSTRIAL world. London. 1,1925+ 

INDUSTRIAL world. Pittsburgh. See Steel "and 

iron . 

INDUSTRIAL world and iron worker. Chicago. 

vl-50 noll,1867-Mr 17 1898|| 

1-17. as Industrial world. Merged into 
Iron trade review, later Steel 

INDUSTRIE. Zeitschrift fur die interessen der 
osterreichischen industrie. (Zentralverband 
der industriellen Oesterreichs ; Industrieller 
klub) Vienna. 1,1896+ 
Subtitle varies slightly 

INDUSTRIE automobile et aeronautique. Paris. 

1- ,1904-3511 

1-8 as Revue frangaise de construction 
automobile et aeronautique; v9-15 no36 
Revue de l'industrie automobile et aero- 
nautique. Suspended 1914-21. 11- ,1919-35 
also as nsvl- . Merged into fiquipement 
automobile et l'industrie automobile 

INDUSTRIE beige du diamant. The Belgian 
diamond industry. (Syndicat de l'industrie 
diamantaire beige) Antwerp. 

I1B 8 



INDUSTRIE-blaetter. Berlin. 1-30,1867-931 

INDUSTRIE-lackier-betrieb. Hanover. Ja 1928 + 

INDUSTRIE-blatt und Schweizer volkswirt. 

Zurich. 1-38,1885-1922|| 

INDUSTRIE laitiere. Paris. 1,1876 + 
Suspended Ag 9 1914-Ap 1915 

INDUSTRIE chimique beige. (Federation des 
industries chimiques de Belgique) Brussels. 
1-8, 1921-29; s2 vl,1930+ 

si as the federation's Bulletin. 1921-D 1925 
issued without volume number 

INDUSTRIE laitiere beige. (Societe nationals 
de laiterie) Brussels. 

Title also: Belgisch melkerijblad 

INDUSTRIE chimique et le phosphate reunis. 

(Union g6nerale des chimistes de France) 
Paris 1 Ap 1 1914+ 

1-20 (nol-234),1914-Jl 1933 as Industrie 


INDUSTRIE metallurgique. Paris. 1,1888 + 
1888-93 as Indicateur metallurgique 

INDUSTRIE miniere en Alsace et en Lorraine. 

(Association miniere d' Alsace et de Lor- 
raine. Compte rendu) Metz. 1-2,1919-2111? 

INDUSTRIE-compass. Vienna. 1920/21 + 

Supersedes Jahrbuch der osterreichischen 
industrie, and continues the industrial 
part of Compass. 1922/23 as Compass v56 

INDUSTRIE moderne. Brussels. 1-4,1887-S 
United with Ingenieur-conseil and Indu- 
stria to form Industrie (Paris; London; 

INDUSTRIE des Erzgebirges und Vogtlandes. 

Dresden. 1-6,1889-94||? 

INDUSTRIE moderne. Paris. 1-3,1908-091]? 
French ed. of Industria moderna 

INDUSTRIE des tramways et chemins de fer. 

See Industrie des voies ferries et des trans- 
ports automobiles 
INDUSTRIE des voies ferrees et des trans- 
ports automobiles. Paris. 1,1907+ 
1-18,1907-24 as Industrie des tramways et 
chemins de fer. Suspended 1917-18 

INDUSTRIE municipalizzate. (Federazione na- 
zionale fascista aziende industriali mu- 
nicipalizzate) Rome. 1,1927+ 

INDUSTRIE papetiere. Grenoble. 1,1922 + 


INDUSTRIE electrique. Paris. 1-45,1892-D 1936 

MB I - Ik * 

Paris. 1-9, Mr 

INDUSTRIE electro-chimique 

1897-0 190511 

Suspended F-D 1902, Jl-D 1904. Continued 
in Revue d'electrochimie et d'electro- 

INDUSTRIE progressive. Paris. 1-40,1867- 

INDUSTRIE-schutz. Berlin^ 1-3,1891-92|| 

Supplement to Glaser's annalen fur ge- 

INDUSTRIE et commerce du caoutchouc et de 
la gutta-percha. Brussels, vl-2 no3,1903- 
F 1904||? 

INDUSTRIE textile. Paris. 1,1885+ 
Suspended Ag 1914-D 1915 

INDUSTRIE-feuerwehren. Altona. 1,1889-90|| 

Merged into Archiv und centralblatt fur 

INDUSTRIE francaise de la conserve. Paris. 1, 

INDUSTRIE frigorifique. (Syndicat general de 
1' industrie frigorifique; Chambre syndicate 
des industries du froid de Lyon et de la 
region) Paris. 1-12,1903-1411 

United with Froid, revue mensuelle to 
form Revue generale du froid et des in- 
dustries frigorifiques 

INDUSTRIE- und gewerbe-blatt. Gratz. See 
Steiermarkisches industrie- und handels- 
INDUSTRIE und steuer. (Reichsstand der 
deutschen industrie. Steuerstelle. Wirt- 
schaftspolitische abteilung) Berlin. Ja 1933 + 
Formed by the union of Reichsverband 
der deutschen industrie. Steuerstelle. 
Mitteilungen and its Rundschreiben. Sub- 
title varies 

INDUSTRIE und technik. (Verein deutscher 
ingenieure) Jena; Berlin. 1,1920 + 

German ed. of Deutsch-technische aus- 

INDUSTRIE komprimierter gase. Berlin 1-15 

Supplement to Zeitschrift fur die ge- 
sammte kohlensaure-industrie 

See also Engineering progress; Nauka i tekh- 
nika; Progreso de la ingenieria 
INDUSTRIE velocip6dique. Paris. 1-33,1881-J1 25 



1NDUSTRIEBA.U; monatsschrift fur kUnstle- 
rische und technische forderung. Leipzig. 
Index: 1-5 

INDUSTRIEBLATT. (Deutsche technokratische 
gesellschaft) Stuttgart. 1,1896+ 

INDUSTRIES and iron. London. 1-28.J1 2 1886- 
Mr 30 1900H 

1-14,1886-93 as Industries 

MB \%-%$ VOll.i 

INDUSTRIES du cuir. See Halle aux cuirs. 

Supplement technique 
INDUSTRIES m6canique,s„ Paris. 1,1881 + 

INDUSTRIEELE eigendom. The Hague. 1,1912+ 

gen. Berlin. 1,192811? 


1NDUSTRIEL, journal principalement destine 1 a 
repandre les connaissances utiles a I'indu- 
strie generale, ainsi que les decouvertes et 
les perfectionnemens dont elle est journel- 
lement I'objet. Paris, vl-9 no2,My 1826-Je 


chungen. Frankfurt a. M. 1,1934+ 

INDUSTRIE-zeitung fiir Ungarn. (Landes-in- 
dustrie-verein) Budapest. 1-24,1871-9411 ? 

INDUSTRIEL du Nord et des Ardennes. Lille. 

1,1889 + 

1889-93 as Monde industriel, revue tech- 

Maanedsskrift. l-19,Ap 1866-D 1884H 
Supersedes its Quartalsberetninger 

INDUSTRIELLE gesellschaft, Mulhausen. See 

Society industrielle de Mulhouse 
INDUSTRIELLE humorist. Hamburg. 1-4,1868- 


INDUSTRIELLE keramik; sammlung von 

einzeldartstellungen zur keramischen fa- 
brikationstechnik. Dresden; Leipzig. 1,1934+ 

Quartalsberetninger. 1-26,1841-6611 

Superseded by its Maanedsskrift 

See also Dansk industriberetning; Tidsskrift 
for industri; Tidsskrift for kunstindustri 
INDUSTRIOUS hen. Knoxville, Tenn. vl-14 
nol0,1904-Ap 1918H? 

Merged into Poultry success 

INDUSTRIELLE klub, Vienna 
Mitteilungen. 1,1892 + 


nol,Ja 1938 + 



INDUSTRIELLE psychotechnik. 


Berlin. l,My 

INDUSTRITIDNINGEN norden jamte svensk 
tidskrift for industriellt rattsskydd. Stock- 

INDUSTRIELLE rundschau. (Uhland) Leipzig. 
1871-74H -'■■* 

Superseded by Technische rundschau 

INDUSTRIELLE rundschau. Leipzig; etc. 1887- 
91. See Verkehrszeitung und industrielle 

INDUSTRIELLE und wirtschaftliche nachrich- 

ten. See Technische und wirtschaftliche 

INDUSTRIELLERW/duij, Vienna. See Industrie 

INDUSTRIELLES wochenblatt fiir glasindu- 
strie. Coblenz. 1870-711! 

burg. Hansische universitat. Seminar fiir 
industrierecht) Berlin-Grunewald. 1,1923+ 

JNDUSTRIES: a journal of engineering, elec- 
tricity, & chemistry for the mechanical and 
manufacturing trades. See Industries and 

INDUSTRIES agricoles progressives. Valen- 
ciennes. vl-5 noll2,Mr 1892-Ja 2 1897||? 
1892-95 as Pomme de terre industrielle 

Supplement. See Svensk tidskrift for indu- 
striellt rattsskydd, patent, varumarken, 
monster och modeller 
INDUSTRY. (Associated industries of Massa- 
chusetts) Boston. 1,1918+ „ ., „ 

MB 2. / Jp 

INDUSTRY; a journal of technology, handi- 
crafts and commerce. Calcutta. 

INDUSTRY." A magazine devoted to science, 
engineering, and the mechanic arts, espe- 
cially on the Pacific Coast. San Francisco. 
nol-90, 1888-9611 

1 888-91 as Journal "Industry" i / , ■, 

_. Y 01 *■ i Sb J 

INDUSTRY, a magazine of commerce & fi- 
nance. (Merchants and manufacturers as- 
sociation of Pittsburgh) Pittsburgh, vl-12 
no2,Ap 1898-Ap 190811 

1898-Ja 1903 as Counter; F 1903-O 1904 
Store life; D 1904-Ag 1906 Commerce of 
Pittsburgh. 9-12 also as nsvl-4 


INDUSTRY; a semi-monthly interpretation of 
industrial progress. See Industrial progress 

INDUSTRY and labor. Manchester, N.H. l.Mr 
1929 + 



INDUSTRY and energy. Melbourne, vl nol-6, 

INDUSTRY and trade. (Victorian employers' 
federation) Melbourne. 1,1904+ 

vl?-v23 noll,1904?-N 1926 as Liberty and 
progress; v23 nol2-v26 no9,D 1926-S 1929 
Employers' monthly review 

INDUSTRY and welding. Cleveland. l,Ag? 

1930-F 1931 as Here's how it's welded; 
v3 no4-5,0-N 1933 Electric welding. Num- 
bering irregular 

INDUSTRY and welding. Cleveland. 1935+. See 

Fabrication progress 
INDUSTRY illustrated. Cooperstown; N.Y. vl- 
12 no5,N 1921-N 15 19271! 

Merged into Industrial engineering, later 
Factory management and maintenance 

INDUSTRY illustrated. (British works manage- 
ment association) London. 1933+ 

INFERNO. Giornale politico-diabolico-bizzarro- 
tico-satirico-pittoresco-teatrale. (Diabolica 
societa fondatrice dell'inferno) Livornc. vl 
nol-34,Ja-Mr 1849[| 

INFIDELITY unmasked. Cincinnati, Ohio, vl 
nol-24,Je 5 1831-Ap 22 1832||? 
no23-24 as Anti-conspirator; or Infidelity 

INFINITO; edituro poliglota del etiko dil kosmo- 
konciosa individualesco, and the organ of 
the press serving, prima facie, for Anglo- 
Franco-Russian intellectual intercourse. 

Brussels; etc. nol.My 1912+ 
Various nos. have title: Infinit. Subtitle 
varies. Text chiefly in French; some ar- 
ticles in Dutch, English, German, Ido, 
Italian, Russian or Spanish 

INFIRMIfeRE. (Federation nationale des infir- 
mieres beiges) Brussels. 

INFIRMISRE franchise. Paris. 1,1923+ 

INDUSTRY report. (Retail credit company, At- 
lanta) 1,F 1926+ 

INFORMACAO goyana. Rio de Janeiro. l,Ag 15 


INEINEM. Chicago. nol-6,1924-Ap 192511 ? 

INFORMACI6N. Santiago de Chile. 1-15 (nol- 
139),1916-Ap 1930H 

INFANCIA; revista medica de la Casa de ex- 
positos. Buenos Aires. 1,1937+ 

INFANCIA anormal. Madrid. 1-13,1907-10]]? 

INFANCIA e juventude. Mensario de orientacjio 
pedagogica. Rio de Janeiro. 

INFANT feeding service. Evansville, Ind. nol-5. 
1920-J1 1923H? 

INFANTILE paralysis. (Milton H. Berry insti- 
tute) Van Nuys, Cal. l,Je 1939 + 

INFORMACI6N; 6rgano del comercio y las in- 
dustrias del litoral atlantico. Blueflelds, 
Nicaragua. 1,S 14 1918+ 

INFORMACI6N, revista quincenal. (Bilboa. 
Camara de comercio, industria y navega- 
cion) 1,1914+? 

INFORMACI6N agricola. Madrid. l.Ap 1911+ 

INFORMACI6N hispano-argentina. (Ca,mara 
espafiola de comercio en la Republica ar- 
gentina) Buenos Aires. 1,1914?+ 

1-14,1914?-D 1930 as the chamber's Bole- 


INFANTRY Journal. Washington. 1,J1 1904+ 

1904-My 1910 as United States infantry 
association. Journal 

INFORMACI6N medica. Valladolid. 1,1924+ 


INFANTS' and children's review. N.Y. 1,1926+ 

INFANT'S magazine. London. 1,1866+? 

INFORMACIONES sociales. Lima. 1.J1 1937+ 

INFORMACIONES y memorias. See under So- 
ciedad de ingenieros, Lima 

INFORMATEUR des alienistes et des neurolo- 

gistes. See Hygiene mentale 
INFORMATEUR medical. Paris. 1,1922+ 

INFANTS' magazine. (American Sunday-school 
union) Philadelphia. 

INFORMATION. Chicago. l-2,Ja-D 1904||? 

INFANZIA anormale. (Associazione romana per 

la cura medico-pedagogica dei fanciulli 

anormah e deficienti poveri) Milan. 1,1905+ 

vl-5 no22 as the association's Bollettino 

INFORMATION. A guide to current politics. 
(Anti-socialist and anti-communist union) 

Subtitle varies 



INFORMATION; a magazine of facts for ad- 
vertisers. N.Y. vl nol-3,Jl~0 190011 

INFORMATION; a monthly digest of current 
events. N.Y. nsvl-3 no5,P 1915-Je 191711 
Supersedes Index to dates of current 
events. Merged into Business digest, later 
Business digest service. Cumulated quar- 
terly and annually 

MB I ' ^ 

INFORMATION. Devoted to dry cleaning, spot- 
ting and garment dyeing. Camden, N.J. 
vl-3 no3,F 1910-Ap 1912|| 

INFORMATION. For patient and dentist, a 
magazine for the reception room table. Kent, 
Ohio, vl-5 no2,N 1898-Je 1903|| 

INFORMATION astronomique. 


Bordeaux. 1, 

INFORMATION service on international affairs, 

1924-J1 1928 as Association for interna- 
Information series. nol,1924+ r-) \-"'-vc. ->-i 

MB I ,^^2 

INFORMATION sociale. Paris. l,Mr 7 1918+ 

1-3,1918-20 as Information ouvriere et so- 
ciale. Suspended D 1921-My 1922 

INFORMATION steno-dactylographique. Mont- 
pellier. 1,1931+? 

INFORMATION universitaire. Paris. 1,1922+ 

INFORMATIONS de statistiques. See under 
Association de documentation scientifique, 
industrielle et commerciale, Paris 

INFORMATION mensuelles. Musees et monu- 
ments. Paris. -S 193511 

Superseded by Mouseion. Supplement 

INFORMATION bulletin of Centrosoyuz. See 
under All-Russian central union of con- 
sumers' societies 

INFORMATION bulletin on questions of peace- 
ful change and collective security. London. 
1,0 1936 + 

INFORMATION bureau on women's work 
[Bulletin] Toledo, Ohio. 

INFORMATION dentaire. Paris. 1,1919?+ 

INFORMATIONS pedagogiques internationales. 
International pedagogical information. In- 
ternationale paedagogische information. 
I.P.I. London; Paris; Prague, nol.O 1936+ 

der Juden in Deutschland) Berlin. l.My 
1933 + 

INFORMATIVO semanal de Cataluiia. Buenos 

INFORMATSTONNYF bfulleten'. Paris. 

INFORMATION economique. Bucharest. 1.J1 15 


Supplement to Monitorul forestier. Text 
in Roumanian and French 

INFORMATSIONNYl bfulleten'; prednaznacha- 
etsfa dlia russkikh rabochikh armelskikh 
grupp na territorii Frantsii i Bel'gii. 


INFORMATION feminine. Paris. l.My 1927 + 

INFORMATSIONNYl bfulleten' eksportnykh or- 
ganizatsiT. Moscow. 

INFORMATION geographique. Paris. 1,1936+ 

INFORMATSIONNYl bfulleten' Tsentrosofuza. 


INFORMATION marocaine; journal econo- 

m l q i U Q e i'7 ? 1 |, i , tique et financier - Casablanca. INFORMATSIONNYl ezhenedel'nik. (Sovet 
1-5,1917-21||. ob"edinennykh ofitserskikh obshchestv v 

Korolevstve SKHS) Belgrade. 1-3,1922-24||? 

INFORMATION ouvriere et sociale. See Infor- 
mation sociale 
INFORMATION please. N.Y. 1,0 1936+ 

INFORMATION quarterly. N.Y. vl-3 nol.Ap 
1915-Ap 191711 
Supersedes Index to dates. Merged into 
Business digest, later Business digest 

INFORMAZIONI sulla situazione dell'artigia- 
nato di tutti i paesi. (Centro internazionale 
di studi artigiani) Rome. 1,1934+ 

Supplement to Problemi dell'artigianato. 
Title varies 

1NFORMILO. Magdeburg. nol-7,Mr-0 1923||? 

INFORMATION service. (Federal council of 
the churches of Christ in America) N.Y. 
l,Mr 1921?+ 

INFORMISTO utilia; revue , . . instructive 
neutre et independante. Louvain. 

Each no. issued in 2 parts: 1 (with sub- 
title in French) and 2 (with subtitle in 



INGALL'S home and art magazine. Lynn, Mass. 
1-7.N 1887-J1 1894||? 

1-3 as Ingall's home magazine 

INGENIERIA textil. (Asociacion nacional de 
ingenieros de industrias textiles) Barcelona. 

1NGEGNERE. . . (Sindicato nazionale fascista 
ingegneri) Rome. 1,J1 1927+ 

INGEGNERE; rivista legale-tecnica. Genoa. 1, 

INGENIERIA y construction. Madrid. 1,1923+ 

INGENIERO; revista mensual de ciencias 
matematicas, fisicas y naturales. (Colegio 
de ingenieros de Venezuela) Caracas, vl 
nol-5/6,Ja-My/Je 1898||? 

INGEGNERE igienista. Turin. 1-3,1900-02||? 

INGEGNERIA; rivista tecnica mensile. (Asso- 
ciazione nazionale ingegneri italiani) Milan. 
1,J1 1922+ 

Supersedes S.ocieta degli ingegneri e degli 

architetti italiani. Annali 

INGEGNERIA civile e le arti industriali. Turin. 

INGEGNERIA ferroviaria. (Collegio nazionale 
degli ingegneri ferroviari italiani) Rome. 
Subtitle varies 

INGENIERO civil. (Sociedad de ingenieros 
civiles de la Republica Argentina) Buenos 
Aires. 1,1888-8911 

INGENIERO industrial. Madrid. 1-2,1858-5911 

INGENIERO v contratista. N.Y. vl-13 no2,Je 
1915-Ag 6 192iH 

INGENIERO y ferretero espafiol y sud ameri- 
cano. London. 1- ,Ja 15 1887-N 1905|| 
Supersedes Gaceta sud americana y de 
Espafia. Merged into South American 

INGEGNERIA italiana. Rome. 1-7,1917-2111? 
INGEGNERIA moderna. Milan. 1,1928+ 

INGENIEUR. Amsterdam. 1,187011? 

INGENIEUR. Berlin. 1-7,1907-1411? 

INGEGNERIA sanitaria. Turin. 1-15,1890-190411 

INGENIERA. (Escuela nacional de ingenieros) 
Oruro, Bolivia. 1,J1 1931+ 

INGENIEUR. Freiberg. See Civilingenieur 
INGENIEUR. (K. Instituut van ingenieurs, The 
Hague) The Hague. 1,1886+ 

Index: 1-10,1886-95; 11-20,1896-1905; 21-30, 
1906-15; 31-40,1916-25; 41-50.1926-35 

INGENIERIA. Lima, Peru, vl-9 no'84,Je 1 1913- 
Ag 1921||? 


INGENIERfA. (Centro nacional de ingenieros) 
Buenos Aires. 1,1897+ 

INGENIEUR; moniteur d-u brevete. Paris, vl-29 

no7,1885-Jl 191411 

A ;: 

INGENIEUR. Revue scientiflque des travaux 
publics et de l'industrie. Paris. 1-5,1852-56; 

1852-56 as Ingenieur. Journal scientiflque 
et administratif destinS aux ingenieurs 
des mines. . . 

INGENIERIA. (Mexico. Universidad autonoma. 
Facultad de ingenieros) Mexico. 1,1927 + 

INGeNIEUR agricole de Gembloux. See 

nales de Gembloux 
INGENIEUR-archiv. Berlin. 1,D 1929+ 


INGENIERIA e industria. Revista mensual de 
divulgaci6n. Mexico. 

INGENIERIA internacional. N.Y. l.Ap 1919+ 

INGENIEUR chimiste. (Association des inge- 
nieurs chimistes sortis de l'lnstitut Meu- 
rice-chimie) Brussels. 1,1912+ 
nol-12, 1912-13 as Association des an- 
ciens etudiants et des gtudiants de l'ln- 
stitut Meurice-chimie, Bruxelles. Bulletin 

INGENIERIA moderna panamericana. Chicago. 

INGENIERIA nacional. (Asociaci6n de ingenie- 
ros de Guatemala) Guatemala. l,Je 30 

INGfeNIEUR-conseil. See Industrie 
INGENIEUR-oonseil; revue technique et Juri- 
dique des droits intellectuels. Brussels. l,My 

15 1911+ 

Subtitle varies. Suspended Mr 1915-Ja 


Index: 1921-1925 




INGENIEUR electricien. Paris; Brussels, vl nol- 
14,Ag 5-S 25 1886; s2 vl.Ap 21 1888+ 

MB I '' IV. ■ 

INGeNIEUR technicien. (Association des ing6- 
nieurs-techniciens, Charleroi) Charleroi. 1,0 

INGeNIEUR textile. Verviers. 

INGeNIEUR universel. Manchester, England. 
1-6, S 13 1878-0 25 1881|| 

INGENIEUR zeitschrift. Berlin. l,Ag 1921+ 

Supersedes Technische blaetter (Prague) 

INGRASSIA. Giornale di medicina e chirurgia. 
(R. Accademia medica di Palermo) 1,1885|| 

INHALT der mechanisch-technischen zeit- 
schriften, umfassend das gesammte gebiet 
des maschinenwesens. Berlin. 1-8,1890-9711 

Supplement to "Verein deutscher inge- 
nieure. Zeitschrift, v34-44 

M & 

IN HAM BANE Christian advocate. Inhambane, 
East Africa. 

INHEEMSCHA nitjverheid op Java, Madoera, 
Bali en Lombok. (Java-instituut) Jogja- 
karta, Java. 1,1931+ 

INGeNIEURS, arts et metiers. (Society des 
anciens eleves des 6coles nationales d'arts 
et metiers) Paris. l.O 1920+ 

Supersedes the society's Bulletin techno- 
logique. 1-92 (i.e. 91),1920-F 1938 as Arts 
et metiers 

INICIADOR. (Asociaci6n patriotica del Uru- 
guay) Montevideo. l.O 1932+ 

INICIAL. Buenos 


Aires, vl-2 nolO,1923-My 

INGENI0REN. (Dansk ingeni0rforening) Copen- 
hagen. 1,1892+ 

IN IS fail. (Ligue pour l'independance de l'lr- 
lande) Paris, vl nol-3,Ap-Je 1925H? 


Merged into Svenska teknologforeningen 
Forhandlingar. 1-25,1866-9011 

IN IS fail. A magazine for the Irish in London. 
London. 1-67,1904-lOH? 

Handlingar. 1,1921+ 


eddelande. 1,1920+ 

INITIATES, a Rosicrucian magazine. Allen- 
town, Pa. l-7,Ap 1908-1411? 
Title varies 

INITIATES and the people. Quakertown, Pa. 
l,My 1928+ 

See also Iva 
ingeni0rforening; Danmarks naturvidenska- 
belige samfund udvalget for ingeni0rviden- 
skabelig forskning) Copenhagen. 

— sA. 1,1914+ 

INITIATION. Hypnotisme, theosophie, franc- 
magonnerie, sciences occultes. Paris. 1-95, 

Subtitle varies. Superseded by Mysteria 

INITIATION a I'art moderne. Paris. 1,1936+ 

— sB. 1,1929 + 

INGENTO photo news, published by Burke & 
James, inc. in the interest of photography. 

Chicago. 1-3, My 1912-Mr 1915||? 

ING6LFUR. Reykjavik. 1-27, Ja 12 1853-My 30 

ING6LFUR. Reykjavik. 1-13,1903-S 25 1915|| 

ING6LFUR; kosningblaS Framsoknarf§lags 
Reykjavikur. Reykjavik, vl nol-38,D 19 
1929-Je 15 193011 

Ingolstadiensis academia A/0 
— Annales. 1-4,1782|| 

INITIATION et methodes. (Strasbourg. Univer- 
sity. Faculty des lettres) Paris. 1,1927+ 


INJENUO. Santiago. nol-14,My 18-S 13 1839||? 
INK fountain. Philadelphia. 1- ,1852-56|| 
INK friend. Chicago. 1-6, Mr 1888-9311? 
INKAMJEZI yokusa. Port Natal. 1,185011? 

INLAND. Eine wochenschrift fur Liv-, Est- 
und Kurlands geschichte, geographic sta- 
tistik und literatur. Dorpat. 1-28,1836-63|| 

INLAND Africa. N.T. 



INLAND architect and builder. See Inland ar- 
chitect and news record . 
INLAND architect and news record. (Western 
association of architects) Chicago. 1-52, F 
1883-D 190811 , ,_ . tJ 
1-8,1883-87 as Inland architect and build- 
er. Merged into American architect and 

INLAND automobile association. See Inter- 
mountain motorist 
INLAND educator. Terre Haute, Ind. 1-10, Ag 
1895-Ag 1900|| 
United with Indiana school, journal to 
form Educator-journal 

INLAND waterways. St. Louis, Mo. vl nol-4, 
Jl-N 193511 

INLANDER. Ann Arbor, Mich. 1- ,1891- 

IN LANDER. (Michigan. University) Ann Ar- 
bor. 1-9,1921-Je 1929||? 
1- as Whimsies; Michigan's literary 

INMEX. ( Institute mexicano de difusion del 
libro) Mexico. l.Mr 1939+ 

INLAND empire miner. Baker City, Ore. vl-7 
no20, -Ja 31 1906|| 

-Ap 1905 as Sumpter miner 

INLAND farmer. Louisville, Ky. 1-29,1902-2011 
Merged into Southern agriculturist 

INLAND grocer. Cleveland, Ohio. 1-33,1901-14|]? 

INLAND Journal of education. St. Louis. 1-3, 
S 1890-J1 1892|| 

Merged into American school and college 

INLAND merchant. Chicago; N.T. l,Ap 1910+ 
vl-19 no2,1910-F 1920 as Inland store- 

INNEN-dekoration; die gesamte wohnungs- 
kunst in bild und" wort. Darmstadt. 1, 

Subtitle varies £$. 

2'b t lt> 

INNER culture. Los Angeles. l.N/D 1925+ l 
vl-6 no5,1925-Mr 1934 as East-west maga- 


3&> ^ 

INNER light; a symposium of current thought 
on science, philosophy and religion. Port- 
land, Ore. vl-2 no3,Mr 1931-Je 1932|| 

INNERE mission im evangelischen Deutsch- 
land. Munich; Berlin. 1,S 1844+ 
1-62 as Fliegende blaetter aus dem Rau- 
hen hause zu Horn bei Hamburg. 63+ 
also as nsvl+ 

INLAND miller. Louisville, Ky. vl-8 no4,Je 
1923-Ap 192711? 

INNERE mission in Deutschland. Eine samm- 
lung von monographien iiber geschichte und 
bestand der inneren mission. Hamburg. 1-3, 


INLAND monthly magazine. St. Louis, vl-10 

nol.Mr 1872-Mr 1877(1 

INNERE reich; zeitschrift fiir dichtung, kunst 
und deutsches leben. Munich. l,Ap/S 1934+ 

INLAND oil index. Casper, Wyo. 1,1918+ 

INNOCENT weekly owl. N.Y. 1,1860|| 

INLAND philatelist. Eee Inland stamp news 
INLAND poultry Journal. Indianapolis, Ind. 1, 

INNOMINATA; strenna storico-letteraria-mili- 
tare. Naples. i,1844||? 


INLAND printer. Chicago. l.O 1883+ 

mb n-i>w-ri^[/vjjj- \ & 

INLAND South America. Edinburgh. 1,1905+ 

INLAND South America. N.Y. 

INNOMINATO; giornale siciliano. Palermo, vl 
nol.My 10 1848||? 


Ferdinandeum. jSfee Ferdinandeum 

Geburtshilflich-gynakologische klinik 

— Bericht tiber die thatigkeit. . . Prague. 

INLAND stamp news. Topeka, Kan. 
Mr-Ag 1922||? 
vl nol-4 as Inland philatelist 

vl nol-6, — Akademikerhaus 

Veroffentlichungen. 1-2,1906-0811? 

INLAND stationer. Chicago. See Business 

equipment journal 
INLAND storekeeper. See Inland merchant 
INLAND topics. Chicago. l.Ap 1930+ 

vl-5 no7,1930-Jl 1934 as Tower town topics 

— Biblisch-patristisches seminar 
Veroffentlichungen. 1-5,1908-12(1 

Mb f Ifif.H'.f 

— Historisches seminar 

Quellenstudien. 1-5,1909-1311 



-Institut . fiir scholastische philosophle. See 
Philosophie und grenzwissenschaften 

-Institut fur sozialforschung in den Alpen- 

- — Schriften. 1-10,1926-3311 

INQUISITOR. London. nol.Je 26 171111? 

INQUISITOR. (Sir Lionel Huddy) London. 

— Meteorologisches observatorium 

INQUISITOR. (Trenchard) London. 1-2,173111? 


- — Mitteilungen. Vienna. 

INQUISITOR. Philadelphia, vl nol-50,D 30 1818- 
D 8 18190? 

-Zoologisches institut 
- — Arbeiten. 1-3,1924-281 

INQUISITOR . . . consisting of essays — moral, 
satirical, and critical — tales (original), 
translations from the^ French, &c. . . an- 
ecdotes, original poetry, &c. London, nol-26, 

N 21 1821-My 15 1822|| 

INNSBRUCKER jahrbuch fur vblkerkunde und 
sprachwissenschaft. Innsbruck. 1,1926+ 

INSANITY fare. Lincoln, Neb. 1,S 1929 + 

INOSTRANNAfA kniga. (Institut inostrannol 
bibliografii Ogiz'a) Moscow. l.Ag 1931+ 
Subtitle of nol reads: Ezhemesfachnyl 
zhurnal - Bibliograficheskogo instituta 

INSCRIPTIONES creticae opera et consilio 
Friderici Halbherr collectae. (R. Istituto di 
archeologia e storia dell' arte) Rome. 1, 

— Nauka i tekhnika. 

-Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskafa serifa. 

INOSTRANNAfA kniga; bfulleten' Bibliogra- 
ficheskogo otdela Gosizdata RSFSR. 

— Literaturno-khudozhestvennaia serifa. 

INSCRIPTIONES Graecae ad res Romanas 
pertinentes. Paris. See under Academie des 
inscriptions et belles-lettres 
INSCRIPTIONES Graecae consilio et auctori- 
tate Academiae litterarum regiae borussicae 
editae. (Akademie der wissenschaften, Ber- 
lin) Berlin. 1,1873+ 

1- ,1873-95 as Corpus inscriptionum at- 


-Editio minor. 1,1924+ 

v2 ptl pub. 1913, vl6 pt2 in 1917, v21 pt4 

in 1918 *\ 

INOSTRANNOE obozrenie torgovli i tekhniki. 

London. 1-5 (nol-25/26), 1922-D 192611 
nol-20,1922-S 24 1923 as Arkos, kom- 
mercheskii bfulleten'; no21-24,S 1923-25 
Inostrannoe torgovoe obozrenie. English 
title: Trade and engineering review 
(Russian trading organizations in Great 

INSCRIPTIONES Graecae insularum maris 
Aegaei. (Akademie der wissenschaften, 
Berlin) Berlin. 1-9,1895-191511 
Issued as ptl2 of Inscriptiones Graecae 
consilio ... . ^. , 

MB \^t : A 7-9 7160.* b 

INSCRIPTIONES Latinae christianae veteres. 

Berlin. 1,1924+ 

INOSTRANNOE torgovoe obozrenie. See 
Inostrannoe obozrenie torgovli i tekhniki 

INOUYE gankwa dosokwai kai ho. Tokyo. 

INSCRIPTIONS hieroglyphiques. 

vl-s3 vl, 1886-95H? 


INQUIRER. London. 1-2,1822-231 

INSECT information. (Bureau of entomology, 
Chekiang, China) Hangchow. 1.J1 1 1937+ 
In Chinese 

INQUIRER. London. 1-3, Ja 1838-4011 

INQUIRER. London. 1,1842+ 

INQUIRY. N.Y. vl-5 no9,Mr 1925- Je 19301] 
Suspended N 1929-My 1930 

INQUISITOR. Chicago. 1,189311? 

Running title: Scientific inquisitor 

INSECT life. Devoted to the economy and life- 
habits of insects, especially in their rela- 
tions to agriculture. Washington. 1-7, Jl 
1888-J1 1895|| 
At head of title: U.S. Department of 
agriculture. Division of entomology. Per- 
iodical bulletin 
Index: 1-7 ti> ; Ci ~j ' / \ - 



INSECT world. Gifu, Japan. See Konchu sekai 
INSECTA; revue illustree d'entomologie. (Ren- 

nes. University. Station entomologique) 

Rennes. 1,19114- 



INSECTA matsumurana. (Sapporo, Japan. Hok- 
kaido imperial university. Entomological 
museum) Sapporo. 1.J1 1926 + 

In English or German. Some articles have 
short resumes in Japanese 

INSECTICIDE and disinfectant manufacturers' 
Proceedings. N.Y. 

INSPECTOR and literary review. See Inspector 

and National magazine 
INSPECTOR and National magazine. London. 
vl-3 ndl6,My 1826-Ag 182711 

l,My-0 1826 as Inspector and literary re- 
view; v2-3 nol3,N 1826-My 1827 Inspector, 
literary magazine and review 

INSPIRATION; a journal for aspiring poets and 
poetry lovers. St. Louis, Mo. 1-2,1931-3311 



agricole. Paris. 1-6, P 1867- 

INSTANTANE; journal mensuel de tout ama- 
teur photographe. Paris. l,Je 15 1930+ 

INSECUTOR inscitia% menstruus; a monthly 
journal of entomology. Washington. 1-14, 
Ja 1913-O/D 1926H 

INSTEAD of a magazine. Minneapolis, Minn. 
nol-35, -My 29 1916|| 

INSEKTENBORSE mit textblatt "Entomolo- 
gische rundschau" und "Societas entomo- 
logica". (Internationaler entomologischer 
verein) 28,1911+ 

Assumes numbering of Entomologische 


INSEKTENWELT. Brandenburg. 1-4,1884-8811? 
1 as Internationale vereinigung von 
lepidopteren- und coleopteren-sammlern. 


As far as possible names of institutes are 
given in the language of the country 
where issued, rather than in translation. 
In addition to the following entries See 
under name of city in which the institute 
is located; under the university with 
which it is affiliated; etc. 
1NSTITUCI6 catalana d'histdria natural, Bar- 
Affiliated with Institut d'estudis- Cata- 
lans. Seccio de ciencies 
Butlleti. 1-3,1901-03; s2 vl-14,1904-17; s3 vl-3, 
1918-20; (s4) vl,1921+ 

INSEL; aesthetisch-belletristische monats- 
schrift, mit bilderbeilagen. Berlin; Leipzig. 
1-3, 1899-S 1902|| 
Subtitle varies 

Memoria. 1-3,1929-31||? 

Memories, vl nol-2, 1912-131! 


NSELSCHIFF. Leipzig. 1,1919+ 

Treballs. 1-6,1915-231 

INSIDE information from the Jewish social 
service association. N.Y. l,My 1934+ 
vl no9 not published 

See also Arxius 
INSTITUCI6N hispano-cubana de cultura, 
Mensajes. l.Ap 30 1928+ 

INSPECTION. (Institution of engineering in- 
spection) London, vl-5 no4,Ja 1930-O 1934H 
Superseded by Engineering inspection 

INSPECTION and commerce journal. (Shang- ,'!■';' 
hai. Government testing bureau) Shanghai. 
l,Ap 1 1930+ 
Cover title: Inspection and commerce.' 
1-3,1930-D 1932 as Export inspection bul- 

INSPECTOR. (American society of mechanical 
inspectors) N.Y. vl-2 no3,Je 1917-Ag 15 


INSPECTOR; building, engineering, architec- 
ture, housing. San Francisco, vl-3 no4,Jl 
1925-Ap 192711? 

See also Archipieiago ; Ultra 
INSTITUCI6N libre de ensefianza. 

INSTITUCI6N Teresiana, Madrid''''' 
: Boletin. 

lY - 

See under 

oor plantenziekt'erf en cu 

u v 



Bee under Dutch East Indies 
INSTITUT. Paris. l-44,My 1833-7611 

Subtitle varies. 4-40 in two sections. 41-44 
also as nsvl-4 

INSTITUT Adrien Guebhard-Severine 
Annales Guebhard-Severine. Neuchatel. 1, 

1924-29 as Institut de geophysique & 
sciences diverses. Fondation Guebhard- 
Severine. Annales 
Index: 1-10,1924-34 


INSPECTOR, containing a concise and impar- 
tial collection of news, &c. Oxford, nol-3, 


Supplement to Student; or, the Oxford 
and Cambridge monthly miscellany 

INSTITUT aeYodynamique de Koutchino. See 

under Kuchino, Russia 
INSTITUT aerotechnique, Paris. See under 

Paris. Universite 




INSTITUT agricole d'Oka. See under Montreal. 

INSTITUT agricole de l'6tat, Gembloux 
Bulletin. 1,F 1934+ 

INSTITUT beige des hautes etudes chinoises, 
Rapport. 1,1929/31 + 

See <also Annales de Gembloux 
INSTITUT agricole du Champ-de-PAir. See 

under Lausanne 
INSTITUT agronomique de Versailles. See 

Paris. Institut national agronomique 
INSTITUT antropologii, arkheologii i etnografii. 
See under Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Lenin- 
INSTITUT archeologique bulgare. See BG1- 

garski arkheologicheski institut, Sofia 
INSTITUT archeologique du Cairo. See Cairo. 

Institut frangais d'archeologie orientale 
INSTITUT archeologique du Luxembourg, 
Arlon, Belgium 
1847-55 as Societe pour la conservation 
des monuments historiques et des ceuvres 
d'art dans la province de Luxembourg. 
1-4,1847-55 unnumbered. Suspended 1856- 
Annales. 1,1847+ 

Index: 1-9,1847-77 in 9; 10-18 in 18 

Bulletin trimestriel. l,Ja 5 1925+ 
Supplement to its Annales 

See also Melanges chinois et bouddhiques 
INSTITUT beige pour I'amelioration de la 
betterave, Brussels 
Publications. 1,1933+ 

INSTITUT bibliotekovedeniia, Moscow 
Materialy. [1],1928 + 

INSTITUT biologicheskoT fiziki, Moscow. See 

under Moscow 
INSTITUT bor'by s vreditelfami i bolezniami 

rastenil. See under Khar'kov 
INSTITUT bor'by s vreditelfami v sel'skom i 

lesnom khozfalstve. See under Leningrad 
INSTITUT botanico-geologique de Marseille. 

See Marseilles. Musee colonial 
INSTITUT botaniki, Kiev. See under Akademiia 

nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT botanique de Buitenzorg. See 

Buitenzorg, Java, 's Lands plantentuin 
INSTITUT botanique de I'Universite. . . See 

under name of university; e.g. Brussels, 

Liege, Stockholm, etc. 
INSTITUT canadien de Montreal 
Annuaire. 1866-6911 

INSTITUT archeologique liegeois, Liege 
Bulletin. 1,1852+ 

Index: 1-9,1847-77 in 9; 10-18 in 18; 1-30, 
1852-1911 . , _ .-_,, 

t/P 17-fV 


INSTITUT canadien de Quebec 
Annuaire. nol-13, 1874-8911 
Title varies 

MB l-<j 

INSTITUT canadien frangais de la cite d'Otta- 
Celebration du 25 e anniversaire. . . 1852/77. 

INSTITUT archeologique russe a Constanti- 
nople. See Istanbul. Russkfi arkheo- 
logichesk'il institut 

INSTITUT arkheologicheskol tekhologii, Le- 
ningrad. See under Leningrad 

INSTITUT arkheologii i iskusstvoznanifa. See 
under Moscow. Universitet 

INSTITUT astrologique de Carthage. See As- 
trosophie; Seer 

INSTITUT astronomique de Puniversite Charles 
a Prague. See under Prague. Universita 

INSTITUT bacteriologique veterinaire, Istanbul. 

See Revue veterinaire. Istanbul 
INSTITUT balkanique, Belgrade. See Balkanski 

institut, Belgrade 
INSTITUT belaruskae kul'tury, Minsk. See 

Minsk. Belaruskaifa akademiia nauk 
INSTITUT beige de droit compare, Brussels 
1908-14 as Institut de droit compare 
Revue trimestrielle. 1,1908+ 

1-7,1908-14 as its Revue; 8-10,1922-24 Bul- 
letin trimestriel. Suspended 1915-21 

INSTITUT beige de recherches radio-scienti- 
Publications. Paris. 1,1934+ 

INSTITUT beige de stomatologic, Brussels 
Association des eleves. See Annales beiges 
de stomatologie 

INSTITUT catala de les arts del llibre, 

Alternative form: Instituto Catalan de las 
artes del libra 
Almanaque. 1918|| 

See also Revista grafica 
INSTITUT catholique . . . See under name of 

city; e.g. Paris, Toulouse 
INSTITUT central ampelologique royal hon- 
grois, Budapest. See Budapest. Ampelologiai 
INSTITUT chirurgical de Bruxelles 
Suspended 1914-21 
Annales. 1,1894+ 

INSTITUT chistykh khimicheskikh , reaktivov, 

Moscow. See under Moscow 
INSTITUT ciencies, Barcelona. See Institut 
d'estudis Catalans, Barcelona. Seccio 
INSTITUT colonial. . . See under name of city; 
e.g. Bordeaux, Marseilles, Nancy, Paris, 
INSTITUT colonial international, Brussels 
Compte rendu. 1894 + 

No meetings 1896,98,1902,06,10,14-19,22-23, 
25-26,28,30,32,34-35 ,. . ^ . 


) 5 

See also Annuaire de documentation coloniale 
compared ; Bibliotheque coloniale Interna- 
tionale; Recueil international de legislation 



INSTITUT Confucius de France, Bordeaux 
Bulletin annuel. 1-4,1873-76|| 

Continued in Academie ethnographiqtie de 
la Gironde, Bordeaux. Annales 

INSTITUT d'actinologie, Paris 
Annales. 1,1926+ 

— Memories i documents. 1- ,1914- 

See also Biblioteca filologica; Biblioteca 
filosofica; Butlletf de dialectologia catalana; 
Estudis de bibliografla luliana; Estudis 
fonetics; Estudis romanics 

Seccio historicb-arquelogica 

— Anuari. 1,1907+ 


INSTITUT dAfrique, Paris 
Annales. 1-20, Ja 1841-D 186011 ? 

INSTITUT d'anatomie et de chirurgie de 
Bucharest. See Archives des sciences 

INSTITUT d'astronomie et de geodesie. See 

under Liege. University 
INSTITUT d'Egypte, Cairo (1798-1801) 
Memoires sur l'figypte. 1-4,1798-1801|| 

INSTITUT d'Egypte, Cairo 

1859-1918 as Institut egyptien 
Bibliotheque d'etumrTrTCrOS+ ~ 

Bulletin, nol-14,1857-78; s2 nol-10,1880-90; s3 
nol-10,1890-99; s4 nol-7,1900-06; s5 nol-12, 
1907-18; s6 nol,191S + 


b ( 

Memoires., 4 l-9, 1862-1916; nsvl,1918+ 

See also Recueil de travaux relatifs a la 
philologie et a l'archeologie egyptiennes et 
INSTITUT d'estudis Catalans, Barcelona 

Anuari. 1-7,1907-2611 
UP , .... S0?(V,-7D 




Biblioteca de Catalunya 
— Butlleti. 1-7,1914-2711 

— Dept. de musica 

Publicaciones. 1,1920+ 

Institut de ciencies. See its Seccio de ciencies 
Institut de la llengua catalana. See its 

Seccio filologica 
Institut historico-arqueologico. See its Seccid 

Seccio de ciencies 
— Arxivs. 1- ,N 1911- H 

Superseded by its Memdries. 9 never 

-Memories. 1,1927+ 

Supersedes its Arxivs 

Seccio filoldgica 

— Memories. 1,1926+ 

-Memories. 1,1927+ 

-Memories i documents. 1-13,1907-2111? 

mb . M h ■ ;•' --- 

—Publicaciones. 1-12,1908-2111? 

c b^hdr 

See also Institucio catalana d'historia natural; 
Societat catalana de biblioflls; Societat 
catalana de ciencies ffsiques, quimiques i 
matematiques; Societat catalana de filosofla; 
Societat de biologia 

INSTITUT d'etat de roentgenologic et radio- 
logic a Petersbourg. See Annales de roent- 
genologic et radiologie 

INSTITUT d'ethnologie, Paris. See under Paris. 

INSTITUT eF«tudes et de documentation eco- 
nomiques et sociales. See 'under Bordeaux. 
University < 

INSTITUT d'etudes hispaniques, Paris. See 
under Paris. Universite 

INSTITUT d'etudes japonaises, Paris. See 
under Paris. Universite 

INSTITUT d'etudes medievales, Ottawa. See 
under Ottawa 

INSTITUT d'etudes orientales. See under 
Algiers. University. Faculte des lettres 

INSTITUT d'etudes slaves, Paris. See under 
Paris. Universite 

INSTITUT d'histoire, de geographie et d'econo- 
mie urbaines de la ville de Paris. See under 

INSTITUT d'histoire ottomane 

Revue historique. Constantinople. l-8(nol-43), 
Ap 1910-Ap 1917|| 
Text in Turkish 

INSTITUT d'histoire turque. See Turk tarih 

INSTITUT d'histologie. See under Lyons. Uni- 
versite. Faculte de medecine 
INSTITUT d'hydrologie et de climatologie, 
Paris. See under Paris. College de France 
INSTITUT d'investigacions economiques, Bar- 
Butlleti. l,Ja 1932+ 

Catalan edition. Preliminary extra number 
issued D 1931 

INSTITUT d'orientacio professional, Barcelona 
Anals. l-7,My 1920-2711 

Superseded by Barcelona. Escuela del 
trabajo. Secci6n de orientacion profes- 
sional. Anals 

INSTITUT de bacteriologie de I'UniversitS. . . 

See under name of university 

INSTITUT de bibliographic, Paris. See Biblio- 
graphia medica: Index medicus 

INSTITUT de botanique de I'Universite. . . See 
under name of university: i.e. Geneva; Lau- 
sanne; Warsaw; etc. 

INSTITUT de Carthage, Tunis. See Revue 


159 ciencies, Barcelona. See Institut 

d'estudis Catalans. Secci6 de ciencies 
INSTITUT de conjoncture economique, Moscow. 

See Moscow. Kon'iunkturnyi institut 
INSTITUT de cooperation intellectuelle de la 
Societe des nations. See International in- 
stitute of intellectual cooperation 
INSTITUT de criminologie de I'Universite. . . 
See under name of university: i.e. Paris, 
Toulouse, etc. 
INSTITUT de croissance Saint-Raphael. See 

INSTITUT de dermatologie, Kyoto. See under 

Kyoto. Imperial university 
INSTITUT de droit compart, Brussels. See In- 
stitut beige de droit compare 
INSTITUT de droit compare de I'Universite. . . 
See under name of university: i.e. Lyons; 
Paris; Toulouse; etc. 
INSTITUT de droit international. See Institute 

of international law 
INSTITUT de France,, Paris 

Formed in 1795 by the amalgamation of 
five independent societies. 1795-1816 the 
Institut was divided into several classes; 
1817-31 in four academies; 1832+ in five 

MB [ l% k :£^<$' n '"'&i 

Recueil des eloges historiques lus dans les 
/^x seances publiques de 1' Institut royal de 
, I Prance. ( Cuvier) Paris. 1-3,1800-271] 

-7 ■ ~ '"■ Seance publique annuelle des cinq academies. 


INSTITUT de philologie et d'histoire orientales. 

See under Brussels.- University libre 
INSTITUT de physiologie, Liege. See under 

Liege. University 
INSTITUT de physique du globe de I'Univer- 
site. . . See under name of university; i.e. 

Liege; Paris; Strasbourg; Zagreb; etc. 
INSTITUT de pisciculture et d'hydrobiologie de 

Toulouse. See under Toulouse 
INSTITUT de science de la presse. See under 

Paris. University 
INSTITUT de sociologie Solvay, Brussels. See 

under Instituts Solvay, Brussels 
INSTITUT de statistique, Paris. See under 

Paris. University 
INSTITUT de theologie orthodoxe a Paris. See 

Pravoslavnafa mysl' 
INSTITUT de therapeutique, Brussels. See 

•under Brussels. University 
INSTITUT de zoologie de Montpellier. See 

under Montpellier. University 
INSTITUT der deutschen forschungsgesell- 

schaft fiir bodenmechanik. See under Ber- 
lin. Technische hochschule 
INSTITUT des actuaires frangais, Paris 
Bulletin trimestriel. 1,1890+ 
1890/91-1898 as Bulletin 
Index: 1-10,1890-1900 in vll 

INSTITUT des etudes americaines, Paris. See 

Cahiers de politique etrangere 
INSTITUT des etudes rhodaniennes. See under 

LyonsT University 
INSTITUT des fouilles de Provence et des Pre- 

alpes, Paris 
Bulletin et memoires. 1,1926/28 + 

Classe d'histoire et litterature ancienne. See 
Acad^mie des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres, Paris 
Classe des beaux-arts. See Academie des 

beaux-arts, Paris 
Classe des sciences mathematiques. See Aca- 
demie des sciences, Paris 
Classe des sciences morales et politiques. See 
Academie des sciences morales et publiques, 
INSTITUT de geographie, Cluj. See under Cluj. 

INSTITUT de geographie alpine. See under 

Grenoble. University 
INSTITUT de geologie de I'Universite. . . See 

under name of university 
INSTITUT de geophysique et sciences diverses 
Fondation Guebhard-Severine. See Institut 
Adrien Gu6bhard-Severine 
INSTITUT de la llengua catalana. See Institut 
d'estudis Catalans, Barcelona. Secci<5 filolo- 
INSTITUT de la science du feu, Paris 

1904-22? as Comite technique contre l'in- 
cendie et les accidents 
Bulletin. 1,1904+ 

INSTITUT de legislation comparee, Toulouse. 
See under Toulouse. University 

INSTITUT de linguistique, Paris. See under 
Paris. University 

INSTITUT de mecanique des fluides de I'Uni- 
versite. . . See under name of university: 
i.e. Lille; Paris, etc. 

INSTITUT de meteorologie et de physique du 
globe de I'Algerie. See under Algiers. Uni- 

INSTITUT de paleontologie humaine, Paris 
(Fondation Albert 1 er , Prince de Monaco) 
Archives. 1,1927+ 

See also Peintures et gravures murales des 
cavernes paleolithiques 

INSTITUT des franciscaines missionnaires de 
Marie, Paris 
Annales. 1-7,1886-8811? 

INSTITUT des hautes etudes chinoises. See 

under Paris. University 
INSTITUT des hautes etudes industrielles et 

commerciales. See under Tientsin 
INSTITUT des hautes etudes internationales. 

See under Paris. University. Faculte de 

INSTITUT des hautes etudes marocaines. See 

under Rabat, Morocco 

INSTITUT des langues orientales, Leningrad 

See Leningrad. Uchebnoe otdelenie vos- 
tochnykh fazykov. . . 

INSTITUT des mines de I'lmperatrice Cathe- 
rine II. See Leningrad. Gornyi institut 

INSTITUT des mutiles, invalides et orphelins, 
Port Villez, France. See Invalide beige 

INSTITUT des provinces de France 

— s1. Sciences physiques et naturelles. 

— s2. Sciences historiques. 1-2.1845-69H? 

/ ?0 



See also Annuaire de 1'Institut des provinces, 
des soci6t6s savantes et des Congres sci- 

INSTITUT des recherches agronomiques, Paris. 
See Annales agronomiques (1931+) 

INSTITUT des recherches biologiques et la Sta- 
tion biologique, Perm. See under Perm. 
Gosudarstvennyi universitet 

INSTITUT des sciences economiques, Louvain. 
See under Louvain. University 

INSTITUT des sciences et arts, Paris. See 
Academie des sciences, Paris 



1NSTITUT des sciences sociales, Brussels 
Annales. 1-6 (nol-33), 1894-190111 

MB ^ ofe ."' 

INSTITUT Dr. Carl Spengler in Davos 
Mitteilungen. Bern, vl nol-3, 191911 ? 

INSTITUT frangais de Petrograd. See Institut 

frangais de Leningrad 
INSTITUT frangais de sociologie, Paris 
Bulletin. 1,D 1930 + ? 

INSTITUT du genie civil, Paris. See under 

INSTITUT du petrole, Strasbourg. See under 
Strasbourg. University 

INSTITUT du pin. See under Bordeaux. Uni- 

INSTITUT du radium. See under Paris. Uni- 

INSTITUT Ed. van Beneden. See under Liege. 

INSTITUT egyptien, Cairo. See Institut 
d'Egypte, Cairo 

INSTITUT ekonomicheskikh issledovanii, Mos- 
cow. See under Moscow 

INSTITUT eksperimental'nol agronomii Gruzil. 
See under Tiflis 

INSTITUT eksperimental'noT biologii, Moscow. 
See under Moscow 

INSTITUT eksperimental'nol meditsiny, Lenin- 
grad. See under Leningrad 

INSTITUT electrotechnique, Montefiore. _See 
Liege. Institut electrotechnique de Monte- 

INSTITUT et jardin botanique, Belgrade. See 
under Belgrade. Universitet 

INSTITUT ethnographique international de 
Paris. See Revue d'ethnographie et de 

INSTITUT etnicheskikh i natsional'nykh kul'tur 
narodov Vostoka, Moscow 
Uchenye zapiski. 1,1930||? 

INSTITUT far yidisher kultur, Kiev. See under 

Akademiia naUk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT finisterien d'etudes prehistoriques. 
See under Penmarch, Prance. Mus6e pre- 
INSTITUT fiziki, Kiev. See under Akademiia 

nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT fiziko-khimicheskago analiza, Le- 
ningrad. See under Leningrad 
INSTITUT for jysk sprog- og kulturforskning, 

Aarhus. See Sprog og kultur 
INSTITUT for svensk etymologisk forskning, 
Goteborg. See under Gothenburg. Goteborgs 
INSTITUT frangais aux Etats-Unis 
Musee d'art frangais. See New York. Muse- 
um of French art 
INSTITUT frangais d'anthropologie, Paris 
Comptes rendus des seances, vl-2 nol (nol- 
ll),1911/13-Ja/My 1914|| 

vl nol, 1911 as Status, r£glement, liste des 
membres, comptes rendus. Supplement to 

INSTITUT frangais d'archeologie de Stamboul. 

See under Istanbul 
INSTITUT frangais d'archeologie orientale, 

Cairo. See under Cairo 
INSTITUT frangais de Damascus. See under 

INSTITUT frangais de Florence. See under 

Grenoble. University 
INSTITUT frangais de Leningrad 

1912- as Institut frangais de Petrograd 

Bibliotheque. 1,1912+ 


MB U < '/.. 

INSTITUT fraYigais de Naple 
Grenoble. Universite 

See under 

INSTITUT frangais de Washington 
Bulletin. nol.Je 1928+ 

Historical documents. 1,1928+ 

MB ) | 6//v/O r * 

INSTITUT frangais des hautes etudes, Bu- 
charest. See under Bucharest 

INSTITUT franco-chinois, Lyons. See under 
Lyons. University 

INSTITUT fur allgemeine wehrlehre. See under 
Berlin. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur altersforschung und altersbe- 
kampfung. See Internationale altersfor- 
schung und altersbekampfung 

INSTITUT fur Amerikaforschung in Wiirzburg. 
See under Wuerzburg.' Universitat 

INSTITUT fur angewandte mathematik, Berlin. 
See Berlin. Universitat. Mathematisches 

INSTITUT fur angewandte psychologie, Leip- 
zig. See Zeitschrift fur angewandte psy- 

INSTITUT fur angewandte soziologie, Berlin. 
See Archiv fur angewandte soziologie 

INSTITUT fur arbeits-, wirtschafts- und aus- 
landsrecht. See under Cologne. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur arbeitsrecht. See under Leipzig. 

INSTITUT fur auslandisches offentliches recht 
und vblkerrecht, Berlin. See Beitraege zum 
auslandischen offentlichen recht und volker- 
recht; Fontes juris gentium; Pressge- 
setze des erdballs; Zeitschrift fur auslan- 
disches offentliches recht und volkerrecht 

INSTITUT fur auslandisches recht, Berlin. 
See under Reichsverband der deutschen In- 

INSTITUT f Or auslandisches und internatio- 
nales privatrecht. See Beitraege zum aus- 
landischen und internationalen privatrecht; 
Zeitschrift fiir auslandisches und interna- 
tionales privatrecht 

INSTITUT fur auslandkunde und ausland- 
deutschtum, Leipzig. See under Leipzig 

INSTITUT fur auswartige politik, Hamburg. 
See under Hamburg 

INSTITUT fur Balkanforschung, Sarajevo. See 
Zur kunde der Balkanhalbinsel 

INSTITUT fur betriebssoziologie und soziale be- 
triebslehre. See under Berlin. Technische 
• hochschule 

INSTITUT fur das revisions- und treuhand- 
wesen, Berlin. See Wirtschafts-treuhander 

INSTITUT fur eiszeitforschung in Wien. See 
Eiszeit und urgeschichte 

INSTITUT fur exakte wirtschaftsforschung. 
See under Berlin 

INSTITUT fiir experimented padagogik und 
psychologie des Leipziger lehrervereins 
Padagogisch-psychologische arbeiten. 1,1910 + 
1-9 as Veroffentlichungen 

INSTITUT fiir experimented pathologie, Vi- 
enna. See Vienna. Universitat. Institut fur 
allgemeine und experimentelle pathologie 

K.INSTlTUT fiir experimentelle therapie, 
Frankfurt a.M. See Frankfurt am Main. 
Staatsinstitut fur experimentelle therapie 

INSTITUT fiir Finnlandkunde, Greifswald. See 
under Greifswald. Universitat 



INSTITUT fur gahrungsgewerbe, Berlin. See 

under Berlin 
INSTITUT fur gemeinwohl, Frankfurt am Main 
Bericht. 1-16,1896-1912||? 

INSTITUT fiir landwirtschaftliche marktfor- 
schung, Berlin 
Schriftenreihe. nol,1931 + 

INSTITUT fiir genossenschaftswesen. See under 
Frankfurt am Main. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir geschichte der medizin, Leipzig. 
See under Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur geschichte der medizin und der 
naturwissenschaften in Berlin. See Quellen 
und studien zur geschichte der naturwis- 
senschaften und der medizin 

INSTITUT fiir geschichte der naturwissen- 
schaften, Heidelberg. See under Heidelberg 

INSTITUT fur geschichtliche landeskunde der 
Rheinlande. See under Bonn. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir geschichtliche landeskunde von 
Hessen und Nassau, Marburg 
Schriften. 1,1925+ 

INSTITUT fiir gewerbehygiene, Frankfurt am 
Mitteilungen. Berlin. 1-3,1910-12|| 

Issued also with Sozial-technik. United 
with Gewerbehygiene und gewerbekrank- 
heiten to form Zentralblatt fiir gewerbe- 

Tatigkeitsbericht. 1907-13H? 

Through 1909 as Geschaftsbericht 

See also Schriften aus dem gesamtgebiet der 
gewerbehygiene; Zentralblatt fiir gewerbe- 
hygiene. . . 

INSTITUT fiir grenz- und auslanddeutschtum, 
Marburg. See under Marburg. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur heimatforschung, Leipzig. See 
under Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir indische forschung, Hagen i.W. 
See Geist, kunst und leben Asiens 

INSTITUT fur internationale privatwirtschaft, 
Berlin. See under Berlin. Handelshoch- 

INSTITUT fiir internationalen austausch fort- 
schrittlicher erfahrungen, Bern 
Schriften. 1-4, -1917[|? 

See also Blaetter fiir landwirtschaftliche 

INSTITUT fiir lautforschung, Berlin. See under 
Berlin. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir leibesiibungen, Leipzig. See under 
Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir luftrecht, Konigsberg. See Archiv 
fiir luftrecht 

INSTITUT fiir mechanische technologie und 
materialkunde, Berlin. See under Berlin. 
Technische hochschule 

INSTITUT fiir meereskunde der Universitat. . . 
See under name of university; e.g. Berlin, 

INSTITUT fiir metallographie und probierkunde,, 
Freiberg. See under Freiberg. K. Bergaka/' 

INSTITUT fur mineralogie und petrographie, 
Leipzig. See under Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir osterreichische geschichtsfor- 
schung, Vienna. See Vienna. Oesterrei- . 
chisches institut fiir gesctrfthrtsforschung -j 

INSTITUT fiir ostbairische heimatforschung, 
• Passau. See Ostbairischen grenzmarken 

INSTITUT fiir ostdeutsche wirtschaft in Ko- 
nigsberg. See under Koenigsberg. Universi- 

INSTITUT fiir osteuropaische wirtschaft, 
Konigsberg. See under Koenigsberg. Univer- 

INSTITUT fiir palaobotanik und petrographie 
der brennsteine. See under Preussische geo- 
logische landesanstalt 

INSTITUT fur papyrusforschung. See under 
Munich. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir pflanzenkrankheiten, Bonn. See 
under Bonn-Poppelsdorf. Landwirtschaft- 
liche hochschule 

INSTITUT fiir pflanzenkrankheiten, Kyoto. See 
under Kyoto. Imperial university 

INSTITUT fiir physikalische chemie und elek- 
trochemie, Berlin. See Berlin. Kaiser Wil- 
helm-institut fiir physikalische chemie und 

INSTITUT fiir physiologie und histologie 
Untersuchungen. Gratz; Leipzig, ptl-3,1870- 

INSTITUT fiir jagdkunde, Neudamm. See 

under Neudamm 

INSTITUT fiir kohlenvergasung und nebenpro- 
duktengewinnung, Vienna 

Superseded by Gesellschaft fiir warme- 
wirtschaft, Vienna 
Mitteilungen. vl-3 pt6,1919-Je 8 19210 

INSTITUT fiir kolloidforschung. See under 

Frankfurt am Main. Universitat 
INSTITUT fiir konjunkturforschung, Berlin. See 

under Berlin 

INSTITUT fiir kosmische physik, Prague. See 

under Prague. Universitat 
INSTITUT fiir kultur- und universaigeschichte. 

See under Leipzig. Universitat 
INSTITUT fur kulturforschung in Wien 
Schriften. nol-7,1917||? 

INSTITUT fiir land- und forstwirtschaft Kasan. 
See Kazan. Kazanskii institut sel'skogo 
khozifaistva i lesovodstva 

INSTITUT fiir politik, auslandisches bffentliches 
recht und volkerrecht, Leipzig. See under 
Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir politische auslandskunde, Leip- 
zig. See Leipzig. Universitat. Institut fiir 
politik, auslandisches offentliches recht und 

INSTITUT fur radiumforschung, Vienna. See 
under Vienna. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir religiose volkskunde, Salzburg. 
See under Salzburg 

INSTITUT fiir rumanische sprache. See under 
Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur schiffs- und tropenkrankhelten. 

See under Hamburg 

INSTITUT fiir scholastische philosophic, Inns- 
bruck. See under Innsbruck. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir seefischerei, Wesermunde. See 

INSTITUT fiir seeverkehr und weltwirtschaft. 
See under Kiel. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir socialethik und wissenschaft 
der inneren mission. See under Berlin. 

INSTITUT fur sozial- und staatswissen- 
schaften, Heidelberg. See under Heidel- 



INSTITUT ftir sozialforschung der Universitat. 
. See under name of university: e.g. 
Frankfurt am Main; Innsbruck; etc v 

INSTITUT fiir sozialpsychologie, Karlsruhe. See 
under Karlsruhe. Technische hochschule 

INSTITUT fur statistik der minderheitsvolker. 
See under Vienna. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir stromungsmaschinen, Karlsruhe. 
See under Karlsruhe. Technische hochschule 

INSTITUT fiir tierzucht, Leipzig. See under 
Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fiir verkehrswissenschaft, Cologne. 
See under Cologne. University 

INSTITUT fiir volkerkunde, Leipzig. See Leip- 
zig. Staatlich-sachsisches forschungsinstitut 
ftir volkerkunde 

INSTITUT fur volkerrecht. See Institute of in- 
ternational law 

INSTITUT fiir welthandelslehre. See under 
Vienna. Hochschule fiir welthandel 

INSTITUT fiir wirtschaftsrecht, Jena. See 
under Jena. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur zeitungskunde, Leipzig. See 
under Leipzig. Universitat 

INSTITUT fur zeitungswissenschaft. See under 
Cologne. Universitat 

INSTITUT general psychologique, Paris 

1900 as Institut psychique international; 
1901-F 1902 Institut psychologique inter- ' 
Bulletin. vl-33nol/6,1900-33|| 

Memoires. 1-4,1905-111! 
INSTITUT genetiki, Leningrad. See under Aka- 
demiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 
INSTITUT geographique de I'universite. . . See 
under name of university; e.g. Brussels, 
Prague, etc. 
INSTITUT geologicheskikh nauk. See under 

Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 
INSTITUT geologii, Kiev. See under Akademiia 

nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT geologique de Georgie. See under 

INSTITUT grand-ducal de Luxembourg 

1853-68 as Societe des sciences naturelles 

du grand-duche de Luxembourg; 1870-1904 

Institut royal grand -ducal de Luxembourg 

Section des sciences naturelles et mathe- 

—Archives. 1-27,1853-1904; nsvl,1906+ 
sl as its Publications , 

— Bulletins mensuels. 1,1891+ 
1-16 as its Comptes-rendus 

Section historique 

1845/46-67 as Soci6te pour la recherche 
et la conservation des monuments his- 
toriques dans le grand-duch6 de Luxem- 
—Publications. 1,1845/46+ W 7 OC 


Poincare. See under Paris. 

See Institut 
Seccio his- 

See Society des 


INSTITUT historico-arqueologico. 

d'estudis Catalans, Barcelona. 

INSTITUT historique, Paris. 

6tudes historiques, Paris 
INSTITUT historique beige de Rome 
Bulletin. 1,1919+ 

See also Analecta Vaticano-Belgica; etudes 
de philologie. . . 

INSTITUT historique de Provence, Marseilles. 
See under Marseilles 

INSTITUT horticole de Fromont 
Annales. 1-6,1829-3411 

INSTITUT hydrologique de Russie. See 

Leningrad. Gosudarstvennyi gidrologicheskil 

INSTITUT fafetidologicheskikh izyskanii. See 
under Akademiia nauk, Leningrad 

INSTITUT fazyka i myshleniia imeni akademika 
N. fA.. Marra, Leningrad. See under Aka- 
demiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 

INSTITUT imperial de France. See Institut 
de France 

INSTITUT inostrannoT bibliografii Ogiz'a, Mos- 
cow. See Inostrannaia kniga 

INSTITUT intermediaire international, The 
Hague. See Institut juridique international 

INSTITUT international d'agrl^ulture. See In- 
ternational institute of agriculture 

INSTITUT international d'anthropologie, Paris 
Publications. nol,1924+ 

INSTITUT international d'art public, Brussels. 
See Art public 

INSTITUT international d'histoire constitution- 
nelle, Paris. See Revue d'histoire politique 
et constitutionnelle 

INSTITUT international d'organisation scienti- 
fique du travail. See International manage- 
ment institute 

INSTITUT international de bibliographie. See 

Institut international de documentation 

INSTITUT international de bibliographie scien- 
tifique, Paris 
Bibliographie scientifique. vl-2 no4,1895-0 1 


See also Revue des sciences naturelles de 
INSTITUT international de chimie. See under 

Instituts Solvay, Brussels 
INSTITUT international de collaboration phi- 
losophique, Paris. See Bibliographie de la 
INSTITUT international de cooperation intel- 
lectuelle. See International institute of in- 
tellectual co-operation - 

INSTITUT international de documentation, 
1895-1930 as Institut international de bi- 
Bulletin. 1- ,1895- || 

Superseded by Documentatio universalis 
17-18,1912-13 never published 

- // 



I.I.D. communications. 1,1934+ 


Publications. nol,1895 + 


See also Bibliographia agronomica universa- 
lis; Bibliographia bibliographica univer- 
salis; Bibliographia economica universalis: 
Bibliographia medica italica; Bibliographia 
musicalis italica; Bibliographia sociologica; 
Documentatio universalis; Repertoire des 
brevets d' inventions delivr6s en Belgique 

INSTITUT international de droit public. See 
International institute of public law 

INSTITUT international de finances publiques, 
Travaux. 1,1938+ 

INSTITUT international de la paix 
Publications. Monaco. nol-17,1904-14| 




c±> MB 

INSTITUT international de philosophie du droit 
et de sociologie juridique, Paris 
Annuaire. 1,1934/35+ 

INSTITUT international de physique. See under 

Instituts Solvay, Brussels 
INSTITUT international de sociologie 
Annales. Paris. 1-16,1894-1932|| 
Suspended 1914-27 

INSTITUT Kondakov, Prague. See Kondakov 
institute, Prague 

INSTITUT korpusa inzhenerov putel soob- 
shcheniia. See Leningrad. Leningrad skii in- 
stitut inzhenerov putel soobshchenifa 

INSTITUT krasnol professury. See under Mos- 

INSTITUT kukuruzy. See Dnepropetrovsk 
(Ekaterinoslav) . Nauchno-issledovatel'skil 
institut kukuruznogo khozialstva 


INSTITUT Lannelongue d'hygiene sociale, Pa- 


INSTITUT international 
Bulletin. 1,1886 + 

Includes ' its Comptes-rendus. 



statistique, Rome 




/~j /,'■>, ] S % ■ l H 

Revue. The Hague. l.Ja 1933 + 
Supersedes the institute's 
manent. Bulletin mensuel 

Office per- 



Office permanent (2 2 //i LaU 

—Bulletin mensuel. My 1920-D 1932|| iy/U,<oQy 

Superseded by the Institute's Revue 


Notes et m£moires. nol,1919 + 
nol as Notes et documents 

INSTITUT Lenina, Moscow. See Moscow. Insti- 
tut V. I. Lenina 

INSTITUT Lomonossoff de gSochimie. . . See 
Akademifa nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad. Lo- 
monosovskii institut geokhimii. . . 

INSTITUT lugov i pastbishch. See under Mos- 

INSTITUT lugovoT i bolotnol kul'tury imenl 
jjrof. V.R. Vil'iamsa, Moscow 

Biulleteni. nol, 1929 + 



See also Annuaire international de statistique; 
Apergu annuel de la demographie des divers 
pays du monde 

INSTITUT international des langues et civili- 
sations africaines. See International insti- 
tute of African languages and cultures 

INSTITUT international des sciences admi- 
nistratives. See International institute of 
administrative sciences 

INSTITUT international du commerce. See In- 
ternational institute of commerce 

INSTITUT international du froid. See Interna- 
tional institute of refrigeration 

INSTITUT international pour la diffusion des 
experiences sociales, Paris. See Documents 
du progres 

INSTITUT inzhenerov promyshlennogo stroi- 
tel'stva, Leningrad. See under Leningrad 

INSTITUT inzhenerov putel soobshchemfa. See 
-Leningrad. Leningradskii institut. . . 

INSTITUT inzhenerov vodnogo transporta, Le- 
ningrad. See under Leningrad 

INSTITUT istorii, Moscow. See under Moscow. 
Universitet . 

INSTITUT istorii materiai'nol kul'tury, Kiev. 
See under Akademifa nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 

INSTITUT istorii nauki i tekhniki, Leningrad. 
See under Akademifa nauk S.S.S.R., Lenin- 

INSTITUT izucheniia Rossii, Prague 
Zapiski. . . 1-3,1925-26||? 

INSTITUT J. B. Carnoy, Louvain. See under 

INSTITUT J. J. Rousseau. See fiducateur 
INSTITUT Jacques Dalcrose, Geneva. See 

INSTITUT juridique international, The Hague 
1918-33 as Institut intermediaire inter- 
Bulletin. 1,1919+ 

Index: 1-20,1919-30 

INSTITUT Karla Marksa i Fridrikha tngel'sa, 
Moscow. See Moscow. Institut Marksa-fin- 

INSTITUT knigi, dokumenta, pis'ma, Lenin- 
grad. See under Akademifa nauk S.S.S.R., 

See under Akademifa 

INSTITUT Marey. See Association de l'institut 

Marey, Boulogne-sur-Seine 
INSTITUT Marksa-£ngel'sa-Lenina, Moscow. 

See under Moscow 
INSTITUT matematiki 

nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT medical de I'etat, Stockholm 
1910 as Institut medical public 
Communications. 1^5,1910-141]? 

INSTITUT mekhanicheskoT obrabotki poleznykh 
iskopaemykh, Leningrad. See under Lenin- 

INSTITUT mekhanizatsii sel'skogo khoziaTstva, 
See under Leningrad 

INSTITUT metallov. See Vsesofuznyi institut 
metallov, Moscow 

INSTITUT Metchnikoff de I'Ukraine. See under 

INSTITUT meteorologique central de Bulgarie. 
See Bulgaria. Tsentralna meteorologi- 
cheska stantsifa 

INSTITUT mirovogo khozialstva, Moscow. See 
under Kommunisticheskaia akademifa, Mos- 

INSTITUT molochnogo khozialstva. See under 

INSTITUT N. Nencki. See Towarzystwo nau- 
kowe warszawskie, Warsaw. Instytut bio- 
logji doswiadczalnej im. M. Nenckiego 

INSTITUT narod'nol osviti. . . See under 
name of city: i.e. Nizhin; Odessa; etc. 

agronomique, Paris. See 

INSTITUT national 

under Paris 
INSTITUT national 

nelle, Paris 
Bulletin. 1,1929+ 

d'orientation profession. 

de stenographic, Brussels. 

INSTITUT national de France. See Institut de 

INSTITUT national 
See Steno-dac 

INSTITUT national des industries de fermen- 
tation, Brussels. See Annales de zymologie; 
Annales des fermentations 

INSTITUT national genevois, Geneva 
Bulletin. 1,1853+ 

MB /-so ?2wn> 



INSTITUT national genevois, Geneva — Cont. 
Memoires. 1,1853+ 

Index: 1853-1903 in Cinquantenaire de 
l'lnstitut . 

INSTITUT national polonais d'economie rurale. 
See Panstwowy institut naukowego gospo- 
darstwa wiejskiego w Pulawach, Krakow 

INSTITUT national pour I'etude agronomique 
du Congo 'beige. See under Brussels 

INSTITUT neo-hellenique, Paris. See under 
Paris. Universite de Paris 

INSTITUT Nobel norvegien. See Oslo. Norske 

INSTrTU'T "novogo lubfanogo syr'fa, Moscow. 
See under Moscow 

INSTITUT novo! russkol literatury. See under 
Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 

INSTITUT obshchel i neorganicheskoT khimii. 
See under Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Lenin- 

INSTITUT oceanographique," Monaco 
Annales. 1-7,1909-I7;s2 vl,1924+ 

Bulletin. 1,1904+ 

nol-87 as Mus£e oceanographique. Bul- 
Index: l-13(nol-323), 1904-16 

INSTITUT Pasteur palestinien, Jerusalem 

Bulletin. l.O 1928+ 
INSTITUT pathologique, Lausanne. See under 

INSTITUT pedagogique Saint-Georges. See 

under Montreal. University 
INSTITUT phytopathologique Benaki, Athens 
Annales. 1,1935+ 

INSTITUT po izuchenifu mozga i psikhicheskol 

defatel'nosti, Leningrad. See Voprosy 

izuchenifa i vospitaniia lichnosti 
INSTITUT po izuchenifu narodov SSSR. See 

under Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 
INSTITUT po izuchenifu platiny i drugikh bla- 

gorodnykh metallov, Leningrad. See under 

Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad. 

Komissifa po izuchenifu estestvennykh 

proizvoditel'nykh sil S.S.S.R. 
INSTITUT po izuchenifu professional'nykh 

zabolevanii. See under Leningrad 
INSTITUT po izuchenifu severa, Leningrad. See 

under Leningrad 
INSTITUT pochvovedenifa i geobotaniki. See 

under Tashkent. Sredne-Aziatskii gosu- 

darstvennyi universitet 
INSTITUT pour I'etude de I'Europe sud-orien- 

tale, Bucharest 
Bulletin. 1-10,1914-23|| 

Superseded by Revue historique du sud- 
est europeen 

INSTITUT oceanographique, Paris 

A branch of the organization in Monaco 
Annales. nsvl,1924+ 

INSTITUT-Oinoue de recherches agronomiques 
et biologiques, Simo-Omi, Japan 
Bulletin. 1,1923+ 

Added title and text in Japanese 

INSTITUT Pasteur, Paris 
Annales. i,18S7+ 

Index: 1-40,18S7-1927 

Bulletin. 1,P 1903 + 

Laboratoire de biologie agricole 
— Memoires. nol-2,1914|| 

Continued in the institute's Annales 

See also Annales des fermentations; Ar- 
chives des instituts Pasteur d'Indochine 
INSTITUT Pasteur d'Algerie 
Archives. 1,1923+ 

vl no2,My 1923 as v3 no2 of Instituts Pas- 
teur de l'Afrique du Nord. Archives 

INSTITUT Pasteur de la Loire-lnf6rieure 
Laboratoire de bacteriologie 
— Bulletin. Nantes. 

INSTITUT prikladnoT geofiziki, Leningrad. See 
under Leningrad 

INSTITUT prikladnoT mineralogii i tsvetnol 
metallurgii, Moscow. See under Moscow 

INSTITUT prikladnykh nauk pri Donskom poli- 
tekhnicheskom institute. See under Novo- 
cherkassk. Donskoi politekhnicheskii insti- 

INSTITUT promyshlennykh izyskanil, Arch- 
angel. See under Archangel 

INSTITUT prophylactique. See under Paris 

INSTITUT provincial de bacteriologie du Hai- 
naut. See under Mons 

INSTITUT psychique international, Paris. See 
Institut general psychologique 

INSTITUT psychologique international, Paris. 
See Institut general psychologique 

INSTITUT rastenievodstva, Leningrad. See- 
under Leningrad 

INSTITUT Rocha Cabral. See under Lisbon 

INSTITUT royal colonial beige. See under 

INSTITUT royal de France. See Institut de 

INSTITUT royal grand-ducal de Luxembourg 
See Institut grand-ducal de Luxembourg 

INSTITUT royal meteorologique de Belgique. 
See under Brussels 

INSTITUT Ste-Anne, Brussels. See under Brus- 

INSTITUT scientifique de I'lndochine. See 
under Saigon, Cochin China 

INSTITUT scientifique de recherches eco- 
nomiques et sociales, Paris 
Enquete sur le chomage. 1,1938+ 

INSTITUT Pasteur de Tunis 
Archives. 1906+ 

For 1921-22 See Instituts 
l'Afrique du Nord. Archives 

Pasteur de 

Memoires et enquetes. 1,1936+ 

Rapport. 1933/34+ 

INSTITUT Pasteur hellenique, Athens 
Archives. l,Ja 1923 + 

See also Activity 6conomique; 
6conomique internationale 





INSTITUT scientifique de recherches geogra- 
phiques et geochimiques en Asie 
Bulletin. T6h6ran. 1930+ 

INSTITUT scientifique de Saigon. See under 

INSTITUT sel'skogo khozfalstva imeni S.M. 
Kirova. See under Omsk 
'INSTITUT sel'skokhoziaTstvennoi mekhaniki, 
Moscow. See under Moscow 

INSTITUT serologique, Bucharest. See Insti- 
tutul de seruri §i vacinuri "I.Cantacuzino", 

INSTITUT serotherapique de I'etat danois. See 
Denmark. Seruminstitut 

INSTITUT slavfanovedenifa. See under Akade- 
miia. nauk S,.S.S.R., Leningrad 

INSTITUT sovetskogo prava, Moscow. See So- 
vetskoe pravo 

INSTITUT sovetskogo stroitel'stva i prava, Mos- 
cow. See under Moscow 

INSTITUT sporovykh rastenil, Leningrad. See 
under Leningrad. Glavnyi botanicheskii sad 

INSTITUT stenographique de France, Paris 
Bulletin, nol-109, -Jl 1908(1 ? 

INSTITUT stroitel'nykh materialov mineral'no- 
go proiskhozhdeniia i stekla, Moscow. See 
under Moscow 

INSTITUT Suisse d'anthropologie generate, 
Geneva. See Archives suisses d'anthropo- 
logie generale 

INSTITUT superieur de philosophic de Louvain. 
See under Louvain. University 

INSTITUT superieur ouvrier, Paris 
Conferences. . . Serie histoire syndicate. 1, 

TNSTITUT Tarasa Shevchenka, Kharkov. See 

Literaturnii arkhiv 

INSTITUT technique du batiment et des tra- 
vaux publics, Paris 
Annales. 1,1936+ 

INSTITUT tekhnichnoT mekhaniki. See under 

Akademiia nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT tekhniki, .Vladivostok. See under 

Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad. Dal'ne- 

vostochnyi filial 
INSTITUT transportovoT mekhaniki. See under 

Akademiia nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT turkmenskoi kul'tury, Askhabad. See 

Turkmenovedenie; Za sotsialisticheskufu 

INSTITUT ukrai'n'skoT naukovoi movi, Kiev 
VTsnik. 1,1928|| 

INSTITUT universel des sciences appliquees 
Publications. Paris. nol-2,1900-01|| 

INSTITUT universitaire des hautes etudes in- 
— — ternationales, Geneva. See Geneva. Post- 
graduate institute of international studies 
INSTITUT V.I.Lenina, Moscow. See under Mos- 
' WJ/%, cow 

INSTITUT Viquerat, Geneva 
Annales. 1,1894-95]) ? 

Includes publications of Schweizer serum- 
und impf-institut 

INSTITUT vodnogo gospodarstva. See under 

Akademiia nauk U.R.S.R., Kiev 
INSTITUT vostO'kovedenifa, Leningrad. See 

under Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 

INSTITUT vysshei nervnoi defatel'nosti. See 
under Kommunisticheskafa akademiia, Mos- 

INSTITUT zashchity rastenii. See under Lenin- 

INSTITUT zhivotnovodstva. See under Lenin- 

INSTITUT zoologii ta biologii, Kiev. See under 
Akademiia nauk U. R. S. R., Kiev 

INSTITUT zoologique de Lille. See Wimereux. 
Station zoologique 

INSTITUT zoologique Torley-Rousseau, Brus- 
sels. See under Brussels. University libre 

INSTITUT zur behandlung von unfallverletzten 
in Breslau 
Wissenschaftliche mittheilungen. 1,189711? 

INSTITUT zur erforschung der infektions- 
krankheiten, Bern 
Arbeiten. Jena. 1-7,1908-12|| 

INSTITUT zur forderung der israelitischen 
literatur, Leipzig 
Schriften. 1-18,1855-73|| 

5-6,8,14 as Jahrbuch fur die geschichte 
der Juden und des Judenthums, vl-4, 




See also Bibliothek judischer chroniken und 

INSTITUTE. Philadelphia. See Hahneman- 

nian institute 
INSTITUTE. (American institute of sacred 

literature) Chicago. l-19,Mr 1917-Ap 193511 

INSTITUTE: a journal of medical, surgical and 
obstetrical science and practice, and phil- 
osophical gazette. London. 1-2,0 5 1850- 
Mr 29 185111 

INSTITUTE; a literary and educational journal 

for 1858. Liverpool. 1,1858||? 

Supersedes Catholic institute magazine 

INSTITUTE, a periodical devoted to singers 
and the voice. Chicago, vl-2 no9,N 1905- 
S 190711 

INSTITUTE, medical and surgical journal. 

London, nol-2,0 5 1850-Mr 29 1851|| 

INSTITUTE, omnibus and school-day gleaner. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 1-2, Ag 1847-J1 1851[]? 

INSTITUTE and record of literary and scien- 
tific societies. London. nol-12,1858-59|| 

INSTITUTE at Flushing 
Journal. Jamaica, L.I. [l]-2,0 1832-J1 1834||? 
v numbering began Ja 1834 

INSTITUTE bulletin. Ottawa. See Institute 

INSTITUTE for administrative officers in higher 
education. See under George Peabody col- 
lege for teachers, Nashville 

INSTITUTE for administrative officers of high- 
er institutions 
Proceedings. Chicago. 1,1929+ 

m U i A 



INSTITUTE for advanced study, Princeton, 
Bulletin. 1,D 1930+ 

INSTITUTE for biological research, Baltimore. 

See Johns Hopkins university. School of 
hygiene and public health. Dept. of biology 
INSTITUTE for child guidance, New York 
Report of the director. *1,1927/28|| 

7rfc i 

INSTITUTE for crippled and disabled men, 

New York. See under New York 
INSTITUTE for economic research, Chicago. 

See Institute for research in land economics 
INSTITUTE for education by radio 
frrpEducation on the air; yearbook. Columbus, 

»*o Ohio. 1,1930+ It 3y~9/)/f ?>> <2 

Proceedings. 1,1930|| 

Superseded by National advisory council 
on radio in education. Proceedings 


INSTITUTE for fisheries research. See under 
Michigan. University 

INSTITUTE for government research. See 
under Brookings institution, Washington 

INSTITUTE for infectious animal diseases, To- 
kyo. See under Tokyo 

INSTITUTE for international education 

International relations clubs. See under Car- 
negie endowment for international peace 

INSTITUTE for medical research, Kwala Lum- 
pur. See under Kwala Lumpur 

INSTITUTE for propaganda analysis, inc., New 
Special letters on the channels of communi- 
cation. l.My 16 1938+ 


See also Propaganda analysis 
INSTITUTE for psychoanalysis, Chicago. See 

under Chicago 
INSTITUTE for public service, New York 

Year's work. 1,1915/1611 

See also Latin America; Public service 
INSTITUTE for research, devoted to research 
in the professions and vocations, Chicago 
Title varies: Institute for research, devoted 
to vocational research: Institute for re- 
search in the professions and vocations 
Research. 1,1930+ 

I- + 



INSTITUTE for research in agricultural eco- 
nomics. See under Oxford. University 

INSTITUTE for research in land economics and 
public utilities 
Institute news. Madison, Wis. vl-3 no9,My 
31 1923-Mr 192611 

Studies in land economics. Research mono- 
graphs. Chicago. 1,1928+ 


Studies in public finance. Research mono- 
graphs. Chicago. 1,1929+ 

INSTITUTE for the co-ordination of women's 

interests. See under Smith college 
INSTITUTE for the study of Georgia prob- 
lems. See under Georgia. University 
INSTITUTE journal. London. See Institute of. 

journalists. Journal 

INSTITUTE journal. (Professional institute of 

the civil service of Canada) Ottawa. 1,1921+ 

1-10,1921-31 as Institute bulletin. Nos for 

Mr 5 and 25 1922 not numbered. v4 nolO 

incorrectly numbered v5 nolO 

INSTITUTE Journal and optometrist. See Re- 

INSTITUTE news. (Benjamin Franklin memo- 
rial & the Franklin institute) Philadelphia. 

INSTITUTE of accountants in the United 
States of America. See American institute 
of accountants, New York 
INSTITUTE of actuaries, London 
Journal. 1,S 1850+ 

1-2,1850-J1 1852 as Assurance magazine; 
3-13,0 1852-J1 1867 Assurance magazine, 
and journal of the Institute of actuaries; 
14-25,0 1867-0 1885 'Journal of the Insti- 
tute of actuaries, and Assurance maga- 
zine 7'. . 
Index: 1-40; 41-55 - 



Yearbook. 1,1928/29+ 

Includes the institute's Proceedings 





INSTITUTE of actuaries students' society 
Journal. Cambridge. 1,1911/16 (pub. 1925) + 

INSTITUTE of agricultural economics, Taihoku, 
Japan. See under Taihoku imperial univer- 
sity. Faculty of science and agriculture 

INSTITUTE of agricultural parasitology, Lon- 
don. See under London school of hygiene 

INSTITUTE of amateur cinematographers, Lon- 
don. See Home movies and. home talkies 

INSTITUTE of American genealogy, Chicago. 
See Handbook of American genealogy; 
Magazine of American genealogy 

INSTITUTE of American meat packers, Chi- 
Dept. of nutrition 
— Bulletin. Chicago, 1,J1 
1,J1 1922 published 

1 1922+ 
by the 


Bureau of public relations; 2, My 1924 by 
its Bureau of nutrition 

See also Meat and livestock digest; National 
INSTITUTE of animal pathology. See under 

Cambridge, England. University 
INSTITUTE of arbitrators, inc., London 
Journal. nsvl.Q 1927+ 
nol-7 as Arbitrator 

Studies in public utility economics. Research 
monographs. Chicago. nol,1929 + 

See also Journal of land and public utility 
INSTITUTE for research in the social sciences. 

See under Virginia. University 

INSTITUTE of archaeology, Liverpool. See 

under Liverpool University 
INSTITUTE of architects of New South Wales, 

Queensland. See Architecture; a magazine 

of Australian architecture and the allied 

INSTITUTE of art research, Tokyo. See under 

INSTITUTE of arts and sciences. See under 

Columbia university 



INSTITUTE of bankers, London 
Journal. l,Je 1879+ 

Index: 1-31,1879-1910 

MB /_ v/ 

INSTITUTE of bankers in Ireland, Dublin 
Journal. 1,1898+ 

INSTITUTE of bankers in Scotland. See Scot- 
tish bankers magazine 
INSTITUTE of bankers in South Africa 
Journal. Cape Town. l,Je 1904+ 
No issue for F 1905 

INSTITUTE of bankers of New South Wales 
Journal. Sydney. 

INSTITUTE of book-keepers' journal. London. 

l,Mr 1920 + 

INSTITUTE of brewing, London 

1886-90 as Laboratory club; 1890-1903 
Federated institutes of brewing. 
Journal. l,Mr 1895+ 
10+ also as nsvl + 
Index: 1895-1910; 1911-22 

INSTITUTE of British architects. See Royal 

institute of British architects 
INSTITUTE of British foundrymen, London 

1898-1918 as British foundrymen's asso- 
ciation; 1920-22 Institution of British 
Proceedings. 1,1898 + 

See also Foundry trade journal 

INSTITUTE of British geographers 

Publications. London. nol,1935+ 

INSTITUTE of British surgical technicians 
Transactions. London. 1,J1 1936+ 

INSTITUTE of cancer research, New York. 
See under Columbia university 

INSTITUTE of Catholic educational research, 
New York City. See under Fordham uni- 
versity, New York City 

INSTITUTE of character research. See under 
Iowa. University ■ 

INSTITUTE of chartered accountants in Aus- 
tralia. See Chartered, accountant in Aus- 

INSTITUTE of chartered accountants in Eng- 
land and Wales 

See also Accountants' manual 
INSTITUTE of chemistry of Great Britain and 
Journal and proceedings. 1,1877+ 
To 1920 as Proceedings 

INSTITUTE of cleansing superintendents 
Transactions. Rochdale, England. 1-12,1898- 

Title varies 

INSTITUTE of commercial research in the 

tropics. See under Liverpool University 
INSTITUTE of cooking and heating appliance 

manufacturers, Washington. See Stove 

INSTITUTE of cost and works accountants, 

London. See Cost accountant 
INSTITUTE of current literature, Cambridge, 

Mass. See Creative reading 
INSTITUTE of current world affairs, Mexico 
Financial studies. nol,1932+ 

INSTITUTE of Czechoslovak studies 
Publications. N.Y. nol,1929H 

INSTITUTE of dental pedagogics. See Ameri- 
can institute of dental teachers 

INSTITUTE of dental science, Oakland, San 
Journal, vl nol,Je 192911 

INSTITUTE of economics, Washington. See 

under Brookings institution 
INSTITUTE of education, London. See under 

London. University 
INSTITUTE of electrical engineers of Japan 
—Supplementary issue. 1927-D 19301! 

Selected papers from the Journal, nol-22, O 
1924-D 1928H 

Superseded by a supplementary issue to 
the Journal 

— Japanese ed. See Denki gakkwai zasshi 
See also Blectrotechnical journal (Tokyo) 
INSTITUTE of finance, Occidental college, Los 
AdcigIgs ,ki ■■*» 

ProceeaTngs. - . . 2,193111 
1,1928 never published 



INSTITUTE of fuel, London 
Journal. 1,D 1926+ 

vl nol as its Proceedings 

INSTITUTE of heredity 
Annual convention. Boston. 1-4,1881-8411 
Title varies 

INSTITUTE of Hispanic studies, Liverpool 
Journal. l,Ja 1935+ 

Publications. Plain text series, nol, 1933+ 
nol-7,1933 as Bulletin of Spanish studies. 
Publications. Plain text series 

INSTITUTE of child welfare, Minneapolis. See 

under Minnesota. University 
INSTITUTE of citizenship, Emory university, 
Proceedings. 2,1929+ 

No proceedings for 1st or 3d conferences, 
1928,30. 2,1929 as Southeastern citizenship 

See also Bulletin of Spanish studies 
INSTITUTE of historical research, London. See 

under London. University 
INSTITUTE of human relations (Williams col- 
Stenographic proceedings. . . N.Y. 1,1935+ 
Title varies slightly 




INSTITUTE of hygiene, London 
Journal. 1-11,1930-3711 

United with Journal of state medicine 
to form Royal institute of public health 
and hygiene. Journal 

INSTITUTE of industrial research, Washington, 

D.C. See under Washington 
INSTITUTE of Inter-American affairs. See 

under Florida. University 
INSTITUTE of international education J ( 7-^M 
Bulletin. 1-3,1920; s2 nol-6,1921; s3 nol-4, 
1922; s4 nol-6,1923; s5 nol,1924+ 

MB j tl j ( ,.^S7 

News bulletin. N.Y. 1,D 1925+ 

INSTITUTE of Japanese architects. See Ken- 

chiku gakukwai 
INSTITUTE of Jewish culture and learning, 

New York. See Jewish educator 
INSTITUTE of journalists, London 
Journal. l.N 23 1912+ 

vl-12 no7, 1912-24 as Institute journal 

INSTITUTE of journalists of China, Shanghai. 

See United China magazine 
INSTITUTE of land surveyors of the Trans- 
vaal, Johannesburg 
Journal. 1-4,1905-22|| 

Superseded by South African survey jour- 

Extramural lectures 

— Pamphlet series, nol-2, 19361 

-Report. 1,1935|]? 

Program analysis. nol-3,My 20-Je 5 1933| 

International relations clubs. See under Car- 

negie endowment for international peace. 

Division of intercourse and education 
INSTITUTE of international finance (Invest- 
ment bankers' association of America in co- 
operation with New York university), New 
Bulletin. nol.D 8 1926+ 


!>0 + 

Special bulletin. 1,1929 + 

INSTITUTE of landscape architects, London. 

See Landscape and garden 
INSTITUTE of makers of explosives 
Pamphlets. Chicago; N.Y. nol-9,1914-20||? 

See also Explosives progress 
INSTITUTE of management 

Proceedings. N.Y. nol,Ja 1927+ 

INSTITUTE of margarin manufacturers 
Bulletin. Washington. nol,1921+ 

Proceedings. Washington. 1,1920+ 

INSTITUTE of marine engineers, London 
Transactions. 1,1889+ 

Title varies: Annual report; Annual vol- 
ume; etc. 
Index: 1-30,1889-1919 in 30 

Statistical bulletin. nol,Ap/Je 1930 + 

INSTITUTE of international law 
Annuaire. Ghent; etc. 1,1874+ 

-Abridged ed. 1-7,1875-19131 

INSTITUTE of mediaeval studies, Toronto. See 
under Toronto. University. St. Michaels 

INSTITUTE of medicine of Chicago 
Proceedings. 1,1916+ 

INSTITUTE of metals, London 
Journal. 1,1909 + 

Index: 1-25,1909-21 

Bulletin. 1,187511 

Superseded by its Annuaire 

See also Revue de droit international et de 
legislation compared 
INSTITUTE of international relations. See In- 
stitute of world affairs 
INSTITUTE of Jamaica, Kingston 
Annals. 1,189711 


m A 

Annual report. 1879/80-1901/0211 

& MB |<T : /i/& */V° 

Bulletin, vl nol,1892| 

2> MB U\(b 

Journal, vl-2 no6,N 1891-Mr 1899 

Special publication, nol-3, 1891-93 

o no>^ 

Metallurgical abstracts (general and non- 
ferrous). 1931-33; nsvl,1934+ 

1931-33 were issued as a supplement to its 

us 4te I ^ 

Monograph and report series. nol,1936+ 


Monthly journal. l,Ja 1934+ 

INSTITUTE of meteorology, Nanking. See Aca- 
demia sinica. National research institute of 

INSTITUTE of municipal and state affairs 
(Norwich university), Northfield, Vermont 
Proceedings. 1,1925+ 

INSTITUTE of municipal law officers, Wash- 
Annual proceedings. 1936+ 



Report. 1935+ 

Title varies: Informations, reports, etc. 

See also Municipal law journal 
INSTITUTE of municipal treasurers and ac- 
countants, Birmingham; London 
Financial circular. See its Local government 

Local government finance. 

-38, -1934 as its Financial circular 

See also Studies of the Pacific 

Australian council. See Australian institute of 
international affairs 

British council. See Royal institute of inter- 
national affairs 

Canadian council. See Canadian institute of 
international affairs 

China council. See China institute of Pacific 

Japanese council 

—Japanese council papers. nol-10,1935-36|| 
Superseded by its Papers 

Report of the proceedings. 

—Papers. Tokyo. 1,1936+ 

Supersedes its Japanese council papers 

INSTITUTE of music pedagogy, Northampton, 
Monthly news letter. 

INSTITUTE of national language, Manila 
Publications. l.S 1937+ 

See also Western influences on modern Japan 

New Zealand branch 

— New Zealand affairs. 1,1929 + 

MB / 

— New Zealand papers. Wellington. 1,1936+ 

INSTITUTE of numerical psychology, Houston, 

Texas. 'See Numerical psychology 
INSTITUTE of ophthalmic opticians, London 
Transactions. 195211 

See also Refractionist 
INSTITUTE of oriental students for the study 
of human relations 
Selected papers ... Chicago. nol,1926+ 

1926-N 1930 as Oriental students confer- 

— Studies 
v. church. 

on New 

Zealand topics. Christ- 



Philippine council 

— Occasional papers. Manila. 1,1938 + 

— Papers. Manila. 1,1936+ 

U.S.S.R. council 

— Papers. Moscow. 1,1936+ 


INSTITUTE of oriental thought, Tokyo. See 

under Tokyo. Waseda university 
INSTITUTE of Pacific relations 
I.P.R. notes. N.Y. nol.O 1934+ 

See also Pacific affairs; Pacific data 
INSTITUTE of paper chemistry (Lawrence 
college), Appleton, Wis. 
Bulletin. 1,1930+ 

Leaflet. 1,1928?+ 

— Bibliographic series. 1,1936+ 


News bulletin. See Pacific affairs 
Problems of the Pacific. Proceedings, 
cago; etc. 1,1925+ 


INSTITUTE of patent attorneys of Australia 
Proceedings. Melbourne. 1,1918/19 + 

Proceedings. See Problems of the Pacific 

American council 

—Annual report. N.T. 1927/29+ 

1927/29 as Report. Suspended 1930-35 

— I.P.R. educational papers. 1,1933 + 

INSTITUTE of Persian art and archaeology, 

New York. See under New York 
INSTITUTE of petroleum, London 

Through 1938 as Institution of petroleum 
Annual reviews of petroleum technology. 1, 

1935-36 as its Petroleum technology. Super- 
sedes Reports on the progress of naph- 
thology. 1924-34 published in its Journal 

-I.P.R. memoranda. See Far Eastern survey 
-Memorandum. See Far Eastern survey 
-Papers. N.Y. nol,1936+ 

Journal. 1,1914+ 

-Report on education. 1933-3511 

1933 as Report on educational activities; 

1934 Appendix D of its Annual report. 
Continued in its Annual report 

Petroleum technology. See its Annual 
views of petroleum technology 
INSTITUTE of physical and chemical 

search. See under Tokyo 

INSTITUTE of physics, London 

Physics in industry. 1,1923+ 

— Report on research. 1934-35|| 

1934 as Appendix Q of its Annual report. 
Continued in its Annual report 

/- V'* 

See also Journal of scientific instruments 



INSTITUTE of scientific research, Manchoukuo 
Report. Hshinching. l,Je 1936+ 


INSTITUTE of physiology, Kyoto. See under 

Kyoto. Imperial university 
INSTITUTE of politics, Williams college, Wil- 

liamstown, Mass. — — * MB I" 

Report of the round tables and general con- INSTITUTE of Scottish architects. 
ferences. 1,1921+ ^ < , . , tional art survey of Scotland 

MB 2 ' 5 n0t P ubllsned INSTITUTE of sewage purification, 

Journal and proceedings. 1,1935+ 

See Na- 

INSTITUTE of public administration, Alabama. 

See under Alabama. University 
INSTITUTE of public administration, London 
Monthly notes. 

Victorian regional group 

— Papers and proceedings, vl nol-5,Je 1929-F 

1934||? , 

Supplementary series. 1,193111? 

See also Public administration 
INSTITUTE of public affairs, Dalhousie uni 
Studies. Toronto. 1,1939+ 

INSTITUTE of public affairs, Southern Method- 
ist university, Dallas, Texas 
Proceedings. 1,1934+ 

1,1934 as Arnold foundation conference 
on public affairs 

WTO r\ 

Mo g^ , ) 

INSTITUTE of public affairs, University of 
Georgia, Athens 

1929 as Institute of public affairs and in- 
ternational relations 
Addresses. 3,1929 + 
1-2 not printed 

INSTITUTE of social and economic research, 

Shanghai. See China quarterly 
INSTITUTE of social and religious research, 

New York 

Through My 1899 as Gunton institute; Je 
1899-1903 Institute of social economics • 
Lecture bulletin, vl-7 no5,N 1897-D 15 1903|| 
1-2 as Bulletin; v3 nol "Weekly bulletin 


Town and country studies. 1-12,1922-240 

1-11 as Unique studies of rural America, 
town and country series by Committee 
on social and religious surveys _ 

INSTITUTE of social economics. See Institute 
of social and religious research, New York 
INSTITUTE of social research, Peiping 

To Je 1929 as China foundation for the 

promotion of education and culture. Social 

research department. 

Annual report. 1,1925/26+ 



lmi^ z>y° 

Bulletin. 1,D 1928+ 

Monthly index numbers of -the cost of living 
in Peiping. l.Ja 1929+ 

vl nol-6 comp. by China foundation. So- 
cial research department 

INSTITUTE of public cleansing, Glasgow, Scot- 
land. See Public cleansing 

INSTITUTE of public health, New York. See 
Columbia university. DeLamar institute of 
public health 

INSTITUTE of quarrying, London 
Yearbook. 1930+ 

Social research publications: Monograph series. 

See also Studies in modern economic history 
of China 

INSTITUTE of sociology, -London 
Annual report. Westminster, England. 


INSTITUTE of radio engineers, New York 

Supersedes Wireless institute, New York 
Proceedings. 1,1913+ 

Index: 1909-36 (includes index for Wire- 
less institute) 

INSTITUTE of radio service men 
Journal. Chicago. l,Ja 1932+ 
Suspended Mr 1933-F 1936 

See also I-R-S-M news; I-R-S-M news and 

INSTITUTE of real estate management. See 

under National association of real estate 

INSTITUTE of religious science and school of 

philosophy, inc., Los Angeles. See Science of 

INSTITUTE of reward for orphans of patriots 
Journal. N.Y. vl nol-3,1865|| 

INSTITUTE of sanitary engineers, London. See 

Institution of sanitary engineers 
INSTITUTE of scientific research, Cincinnati. 

■See under Cincinnati. University 

INSTITUTE of state and local affairs. See 

under Alabama. University 
INSTITUTE of statesmanship, Winter Park, 
Addresses and discussions. 1,1929+ 

The institute is held under the auspices 
of Rollins college 

INSTITUTE of student aid, inc., Hartford, 

Conn. See Student-aid 
INSTITUTE of technology, Pittsburgh, Pa. See 

under Pittsburgh, Pa. Carnegie institute 
INSTITUTE of the aeronautical sciences, New 
Proceedings of the founders' meeting. Ja 26, 
Later proceedings in Journal of the aero- 
,,„ nautical sciences - 


INSTITUTE of the history of medicine, Balti- 
Bulletin. See Bulletin of the history of medi- 
INSTITUTE of the horse and pony club, Lon- 
don. See Horse 
INSTITUTE of the plastics industry, London 
Transactions. l.Ja 1932+ 



INSTITUTE of traffic engineers, New York 
Proceedings. . . 2,1931+ 
1 not published 

See talso Traffic digest 
INSTITUTE of transport, London 
Journal. l.Ap 1920 + 
Index: 1-12 in 12 

INSTITUTEUR du peuple, ou la ve>ite' sans 
voile. Paris. nol-4,1791|| 

Supersedes Instruction patriotique et na- 
tionale, concernant la nouvelle constitu- 

INSTITUTEUR stenographe. (Soci<§t<§ de r€- 
forme ortographique) Paris. 1-13,1876-8811? 


INSTITUTE of tropical medicine and hygiene 
of Porto Rico. See under Porto Rico 

INSTITUTE of welding, London. See Welding 

INSTITUTE of wireless technology, London 
Journal. l.O 1926+ 

INSTITUTE of women's professional relations 
Bulletin. . . Greensboro, N.C. nol-5,0 1929-34H 
Later publications issued in monograph 
form without series title or no. 

MB // 

See also Women's work and education 
INSTITUTE of world affairs 

1926-31 as Institute of international rela- 

Proceedings. Los Angeles; etc. 1,1926+ 

3 as Pacific area; addresses, conference 
papers and round table reports. . . 


INSTITUTE on accounting, 
versity, Columbus 
Proceedings. 1,1938+ 

Ohio state uni 

INSTITUTE on the exceptional child 
Proceedings. Langhorne, Pa. 2,1935+ 

INSTITUTE tie. Chicago. See Moody monthly 

INSTITUTET. . . See also Instituttet. . . 

INSTITUTET for almindelig patologi, Copen- 
hagen. See under Copenhagen, tjniversitet 

INSTITUTET for historie og samfunds0konomi, 
Copenhagen. See under Copenhagen 

INSTITUTET for husdjursforadling, Stockholm. 
See under Stockholm 

INSTITUTET for ortnamns- och dialektforsk- 
ning. See under Gothenburg 

INSTITUTET for psykologisk forskning, Up- 
Meddeianden. 1-7,1910-1611 
Supplement to Psyke 

Supplement. See the society's Bulletin 
INSTITUTION ethnographique. See Alliance 

scientiflque universelle 
INSTITUTION nationale agronomique de Gri- 
gnon. See Society agronomique de Grignon 
INSTITUTION of aeronautical engineers, Lon- 
Merged into Royal aeronautical society 
Journal, vl nol-9,Ja-S 1927|| 

Minutes of proceedings. 2,1922+ 

1 never published. 16 published for mem- 
bers only 

INSTITUTION of automobile engineers, Lon- 

1898-1903 as Cycle engineers' institute; 
1904-05 Automobile and cycle engineers' 
institute; 1906-10 Incorporated institution 
of automobile engineers 
Journal. 1,0 1932+ 

Proceedings. 1,1906+ 

Index: 1-20,1906-26 in 20; 21-25 in 25 

Proceedings of the Cycle engineers' institute. 

INSTITUTION of British foundrymen. See In- 
stitute of British foundrymen 
INSTITUTION of British launderers 
Journal. London. nsvl.Ja 1920+ 

vl-17 no5, 1920-My 1936 as Federation 

INSTITUTION of certified public accountants, 
London. See Certified public accountants' 

INSTITUTION of chemical engineers, London 
Quarterly bulletin. 1,J1 1925+ 

INSTITUTET for svensk utlandstjanst, Stock- 

Transactions. 1,1923+ 

Skrifter. 1,1930+ 

Studier. 1,1930+ 

INSTITUTION of civil engineers, London 
Engineering abstracts. nsvl.O 1919+ 

To 1916 in Minutes of proceedings, nol-5 
as Abstracts of papers 

INSTITUTEUR. Paris. 1841-43. See Manuel 
general de 1' instruction primaire 

INSTITUTEUR. Revue bi-mensuelle d'Sduca- 
tion, d'enseignement. . . Paris. 1-7,1886-9311? 
Title varies slightly 



des aveugles. Paris. 1-8, 

Journal. . . 1,N 1935+ 

Supersedes its Minutes of proceedings, its 
Selected engineering papers and its Ses- 
sional notices 


Minutes of proceedings. 1-240,1837-193511 
Continued in its Journal 
Index: 1*58,1837-79; 59-118,1879-94; 119-70, 
1894-1907; 171-74,1907-08 

MB )-/<£/ 




INSTITUTION of civil engineers, London — 

Selected engineering papers, nol-1^0, 1923/24- 

Earlier papers as section 2 of its Minutes 
of proceedings. Continued in its Journal 

INSTITUTION of engineers in Scotland. See 
Institution of engineers and shipbuilders in 

INSTITUTION of engineers of the River Plata 
Journal. Buenos Aires. 1-6,1899-190611? 

Sessional notices. D 1922-0 193511 

Contains "Abstracts of original communi- 
cations received and ordered by the coun- 
cil to be published". Superseded by its 

Transactions. 1-3,1836-42|| 
Index: 1-3 in 3 

ft . 
Committee on 

sea water 
—Report. 1,1920+ 

deterioration of structures in 

Research committee 
—Report. 1935/36+ 

INSTITUTION of gas engineers, London 
Transactions. 1,1903+ 

Index: 1-13,1903-15 in vl3. Includes index 
for Incorporated gas institute, 1863-1902 

-Institution of gas research fellowship. 1921+ 

Gas investigation committee 
—Report. 1,1918+ 

INSTITUTION of heating and ventilating en- 
gineers, London 
Journal. 1,1898+ 

1-31,1898-1932 as its Proceedings 
Index: 1898-1936 

INSTITUTION of civil engineers of Ireland 
Transactions. Dublin. 1,N 1844+ 
Index: 1845-1910 

INSTITUTION of junior engineers. See Junior 

institution of engineers 
INSTITUTION of locomotive engineers, London 

INSTITUTION of electrical engineers, London 

1872-80 as Society of telegraph engineers; 
1881-88 Society of telegraph engineers and 
Journal. 1,1872+ 

Index: 1-10; 11-20; 21-30; 31-47; 48-59; 60- 




Transmission section 

Wireless section 

— Proceedings. London. 1,1926+ 

See also Science abstracts 
INSTITUTION of engineering inspection, Lon- 
don. See Engineering inspection; Inspection 
INSTITUTION of engineers, Australia 

Formed by the union of several other 
engineering societies 
Journal. . . incorporating the transactions. 
Sydney. l,Ja 1929+ 

Quarterly bulletin. l-5(nol-20), 1924-2811 
Continued in its Journal 

Selected papers from the journal. Sydney. 1, 

Transactions. Sydney. 1-9.1920-28! 
Continued in its Journal 

INSTITUTION of mechanical engineers, Lon- 
Journal. l,Je 1914+ 

1914 as supplement to Proceedings. 1915 + 
replaces Proceedings, which form pt 2" of 
Journal, with special t.-p. and separate 

Proceedings. 1847+ V/Zn m/ ^ 

1915+ as pt 2 of Journal '* ' / <-=• 
Index: 1847-73;' 1874-84; 1885-1900; 1901-10 


Proceedings of the general discussion on 
lubrication and lubricants. 1-2,193711 

American ed. issued by American society 
of mechanical engineers 

MB flflfo- \ ' ; 

Calcutta and District section 
— Proceedings. 1910-12||? 

Marine oil-engine trials committee 
— Reports. London. 1,1924+ 

Steam-nozzles research committee 
—Reports. 1,1923+ 

INSTITUTION of mining and metallurgy, Lon- 
Bulletin. 1,1904+ 

INSTITUTION of engineers, Calcutta 
Journal. l.S 1921+ 

INSTITUTION of engineers and shipbuilders 
Scotland, Glasgow 
1857-65 as Institution of engineers 
Transactions. 1,1857+ ■ / 


Transactions. 1,1892+ 
Index: 1-30 

INSTITUTION of mining engineers 

Supersedes Midland institute of mining, 
civil and mechanical engineers. 
1889-98 as Federated institution of min- 
ing engineers 
Transactions. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1,1889 + 
Index: 1-30; 31-40; 41-55; 56-65 


I -a 



Utilization of coal committee 

— Memorandum. London. nol.Jl 1932 + 

— Summary of progress . . . in technical 
development and research on the subjects 
of the committee's memoranda. nol.Je 30 

Yearbook for 1921/22-23/24. 1-3,1922-24|| 
Superseded by its Transactions 

Mb *l 

INSTITUTION of water engineers, London 

1896-1906 as British association of water- 
works engineers; 1906-11 Association of 
water engineers 
Transactions. 1,1896 + 

INSTITUTION of municipal and county engi- 
neers, London 

1873-90 as Association of municipal and 
sanitary engineers and surveyors; 1890- 
1909 Incorporated association of municipal 
and county engineers 
Journal, 1,1873/74+ 

1-39,1873/74-1912/13 as Proceedings 
Index: 1-30,1873-1904 in 30; 31-37,1904-11 

INSTITUTION of naval architects, London 
Transactions. 1,1860+ 

Index: 1-46,1860-1904; 47-67,1905-25; 68-72, 



INSTITUTION of petroleum technologists, Lon- 
don. See Institute of petroleum 
INSTITUTION of post office electrical 
neers, London 
Papers. 1,1906+ 


See' also Post office -electrical engineers jour- 
INSTITUTION of production engineers, London 
Proceedings. 1,1921/22+ 

INSTITUTION of professional civil servants, 
Annual report of Council. 1927+ 

See also State service 
INSTITUTION of radio engineers (Australia), 

Sydney. See Radio review of Australia 
INSTITUTION of railway signal engineers (in- 

Issued in two parts, 1923/24+ 

INSTITUTION of sanitary engineers, London 

ji, 1897-Mr 1916 as Institute of sanitary en- 

Journal. 1,1897+ 

2-8 as Proceedings 

INSTITUTION of welding engineers, London 
Proceedings. 1,1923/24+ 

See also< Welding news 
INSTITUTION quarterly. See Welfare bulletin 
INSTITUTION royale agronomique de Grignon. 

See Soci^te' agronomique de Grignon 
INSTITUTION royale d'histoire naturelle a 

Sophia. See Sofia. Tsarskite prirodonauchni 


INSTITUTIONAL jobber. N.Y.; Chicago, vl-9 
no4,1927-N 31 1932|| 

1 as Institutional merchandising 

INSTITUTIONAL merchandising. See Institu- 
tional jobber 
INSTITUTIONAL outfitter. Chicago. 1,P 1934+ 

At head of title: Beer and bar equipment. 

vl nol as Beer and bar equipment for 

outfitters of eating and drinking places; 

vl no2-v2 no8,1934-Ag 1935 Outfitter of 

eating and drinking places 

INSTITUTIONES biblicae scholis accommo- 
datae. (Pontificio istituto biblico) Rome. 

INSTITUTIONS; equipping, furnishing, deco- 
rating, maintaining, remodeling. Chicago. 

l.N 1937+ 

INSTITUTO ... See also Istituto 
INSTITUTO. Pueblo, Mexico. 1-3,1904-0611? 

INSTITUTO; revista cientifica e litteraria. 

(Coimbra. Universidade) l,Ap 1 1852+ 
Subtitle varies 

INSTITUTO; revista estudiantil. 
l.Je 1934+ 


INSTITUTION of structural engineers, London 
Journal. See Structural engineer 
Technical reports, nol, 1918+ 

INSTITUTION of surveyors, London. See Sur- 
veyors' institution 

INSTITUTION of surveyors, Sydney. See Sur- 
veyor. Sydney 

INSTITUTION of surveyors, Western Australia. 
See Survey journal of Western Australia 

INSTITUTION of the rubber industry, London 
Annual report on the progress of rubber tech- 
nology. 1,1937+ 

Transactions. London; Cambridge. l,Je 1925+ 
Supersedes its Yearbook 
Index: 1-10,1925-35 

MB u 

INSTITUTO agricola brasileiro. See Fazenda 

INSTITUTO agricola Catalan de San Isidro, 
Revista. 1,1852+ 

1-17,1852-68 as Revista de agricultura 
practica, economia rural, horticultura y 

INSTITUTO agricola de Alfonso XII. See under 

INSTITUTO agricola de Chile. See under 

Santiago de Chile 
INSTITUTO agricola del gobierno provincial, 

Pinar del Rio, Cuba. See under Pinar del 

Rio f 

INSTITUTO agricola salesiano, Arequipa. 
Boletin agricola. 1-3,1902-0411? 



1NSTITUTO agronomico, Campinas, Brazil 

Through 1899? as Estacao agronomica de 
Boletim. 1-10,1889-9911 

Boletim. 1-2,1908-091 

INSTITUTO bacteriologico Camara Pestana, 

1906 as Institut royal de bacteriologie 
Camara Pestana 
Arquivos. 1,1906+ 

1907-12 as Archivos 
Suspended 1915-21 

INSTITUTO agronomico do estado de Sao 

Paulo. See under Sao Paulo 
INSTITUTO agronomico-veterinario de la pro- 
vincia de Buenos Aires. See under Santa 
INSTITUTO americano de derecho y legislacion 
comparada, Mexico 

French title: Institut americain de droit 
et de legislation compared 
Estudios y documentos. Ser. castellana. 1, 

Etudes et documents. Ser. franchise. 1,1932+ 

Studies and documents. 

English series, nol, 


— Estudios y documentos. 1.1930+ 

INSTITUTO americano de ingenieros electrici- 
tas, Mexico 
Boletin. vl-8 no2,Ag 1924-F 1930|| 

Cover-title: American institute of electri- 
cal engineers. Seccion de Mexico 

INSTITUTO antituberculoso. See under Barce- 
INSTITUTO archeologico e geographico ala- 
goano, Maceio, Brazil 
Revista. 1,1872+ 

None published 1888-1900; 1917-23 

INSTITUTO archeologico, historico e geogra- 
phico pernambucano, Recife, Brazil 
1863-1919 as Instituto archeologico e geo- 
graphico pernambucano 
Revista. 1,1863+ 

nol-55, 1863-1901 lack V numbers 
Suspended My 1870-D 1882, P 1883-Ap 1886 
Index: nol-100, 1863-1918 in 100 

14. Fib ' 

MB ' T 

INSTiTUTO argentino de racionalizacion de ma- 
teriales, Buenos Aires 
Informaciones. l,Ja 1937+ 

See also Archivos de medicina 
INSTITUTO bacteriologico de Chile, Santiago 
Revista. 1,D 1929 + 

Includes Sociedad chilena de microbiologfa 
e higiene, Boletin 

INSTITUTO bibliografico mexicano, Mexico. 
See under Mexico 

INSTITUTO biologico, Buenos Aires. See under 
Sociedad rural argentina, Buenos Aires 

INSTITUTO biologico, Santiago de Chile. See 
under Sociedad nacional de agricultura de 

INSTITUTO biologico de defesa agricola, Rio 
de Janeiro. See under Rio de Janeiro 

INSTITUTO biologico de defesa agricola e ani- 
mal, Sao Paulo. See under Sao Paulo 

INSTITUTO biotherapico de Bello Horizonte 
Annaes. 1,1933+ 

INSTITUTO borges de medeiros, Porto Alegre, 
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 
Boletin. 1-2,1922-23|| 

See under Quito. 

INSTITUTO botanico, Quito. 

INSTITUTO brasileiro de geografia e estatistica, 
Rio de Janeiro. See Revista brasileira de 

INSTITUTO brasileiro de mineracao e metal- 
lurgia, Rio de Janeiro. See Mineragao e 

INSTITUTO brasileiro de sciencias, Rio de Ja- 
Boletim. vl-3 no3,0 1925-Mr 1927|| 

INSTITUTO brasileiro dos surdossmudos, Rio 

de Janeiro. See under Rio de Janeiro 
INSTITUTO Catalan de las artes del libro. See 
Institut catala de les arts del llibre, Bar- 
INSTITUTO catolico de artes e industrias, 
Asociacion de ingenieros 
— Anales. 1,1922+ 

INSTITUTO arqueologico del Cusco 
Revista. . . 1,1936+ 

INSTITUTO astronomico e meteorologico, Porto 
Alegre. See under Porto Alegre, Brazil. 
Escola de engenharia 
INSTITUTO bacteriologico, Buenos Aires 

Issued under authority of Argentine Re- 
public. Dept. nacional de higiene 

INSTITUTO central femenino, Medellin. See 

Revista femenina 
INSTITUTO central meteorologico y geofisico, 

Santiago de Chile. See under Chile 
INSTITUTO cientifico e industrial del salitre, 

Santiago de Chile. See Caliche 
INSTITUTO cientifico y literario, San Luis 

Potosi. See under San Luis Potosi, Mexico 

INSTITUTO cientifico & literario "Porfirio 

Diaz". See under Toluca, Mexico 
INSTITUTO cultural anglo-uruguayo, Monte- 
Conferencias y discursos. 1935-3611 ? 

Revista. 1,1917 + 

See also Folia biologica 

INSTITUTO cultural argentino-norteamericano, 
Buenos Aires 
Boletin. 1-4 (nol-32),1930-S 1933|| 



Boletin informativo. Ag/S 1937+ 

Memoria y balance correspondiente al ejerci- 
cio. nol, 1928/29+ 
Title varies slightly 

INSTITUTO de clinica quirurglca, Buenos Aires. 
See under Buenos Aires. Universidad na- 
cional. Facultad de ciencias exactas, ffsicas 
y naturales 

INSTITUTO de Coimbra 
Memorias. 1,1928+ 

Publicaciones. 1,1936 + 

INSTITUTO cultural 
Buenos Aires 

Joaquin V. Gonzalez, 

INSTITUTO da ordem dos advogados brazi- 
leiros, Rio de Janeiro. See under Rio de 

INSTITUTO de agronomia, Montevideo. See 
Montevideo. Instituto nacional de agronomia 

INSTITUTO de altos estudios, La Plata. See 
under La Plata. Universidad nacional. Fa- 
cultad de ciencias juridicas y sociales 

INSTITUTO de altos estudos, Lisbon. See under 
Academia das sciencias de Lisboa 

INSTITUTO de antropologia, Tucuman. See 
under Tucuman. Universidad 

INSTITUTO de asuntos inter-americanos de la 
Universidad de Florida. See Florida. Uni- 
versity, Gainesville. Institute of inter-Amer- 
ican affairs 

INSTITUTO de biologia, Mexico. See under 
Mexico. Universidad nacional 

INSTITUTO de biologia animal, Madrid 
Trabajos. 1,1933+ 

INSTITUTO de biologia vegetal, Rio de Janeiro 
Arquivos. l,Ja 1934+ 

Formed by the union of Instituto bio- 
logico de defesa agricola. Boletim and Rio 
de Janeiro. Jardim botanico. Archivos 

INSTITUTO de criminologia. . . See under 

name of city 
INSTITUTO de defensa del cafe de Costa Rica, 

San Jose' 

INSTITUTO de derecho comparado hispano- 
portugues-americano, Madrid 
Anuario legislative hispano-portugues-ameri- 
cano. 1,1927||? 


INSTITUTO de economia americana, Barcelona 
Archiva general de economia. 1-2,1923-24||? 

Boletin de informaci6n 
— sA. Sintesis de prensa americana. 

Title varies slightly 


— sB. Sintesis de prensa europea. l,Mr/D 

Casa de America; memoria. 

INSTITUTO de educagao, Sao Paulo. See under 

Sao Paulo. Universidade 
INSTITUTO de electricidade m£dica, Lisbon 
Publicacion. l,1898|l? 

INSTITUTO de botanica y farmacologia, Buenos 

Aires. See under Buenos Aires. Universidad 

INSTITUTO de Buenos Aires para el fomento 

de la cultura y progreso general de la Re- 

publica Argentina 
Revista. 1,F 14 1921+ 


NSTITUTO de Butantan. See Butantan, Brazil. 

Instituto serumtherapico 
NSTITUTO de cacau- da Bahla 

Supersedes Bahia. Laboratorio de patho- 

Boletim technico. Sao Paulo. nol,1938+ 

Publicasao. nol,1931+ 

Relatorio e anuario. 1931+ 

INSTITUTO de cafe do estado de Sao Paulo 
Revista. nol.O 1926 + 

1-60,1926-S 1931 as its Bulletin 

INSTITUTO de engenharia, Sao Paulo 
Boletin. 1,1917+ 

INSTITUTO de ensefianza general, Buenos 
Anales. 1,191011 

INSTITUTO de ensefianza practica, Buenos 
Aires. See under Buenos Aires 

INSTITUTO de estudios americanistas de 
Sevilla. See Centro de estudios americanis- 
tas de Sevilla 

INSTITUTO de estudios brasileiros, Rio de 
Janeiro. See Estudios brasileiros 

INSTITUTO de estudios canarios, Laguna 
Anuario privado. 1,1934+ 

INSTITUTO de estudios superiores. See under . 

Montevideo. Universidad 
INSTITUTO de estudos genealogicos, Sao Paulo, 
Revista. 1,1937+ 

INSTITUTO de ciencias, literatura y artes, 

Mexico. See under Mexico 
INSTITUTO de ciencias politicas, Mexico. See 

INSTITUTO de clinica pediatrica y puericultura 
Conferencias. . . Montevideo. 1,1930+ 

INSTITUTO de estudos hebraicos de Portugal. 
See Revista de estudos hebraicos 

INSTITUTO de etnologia, Tucuman. See under 
Tucuman. Universidad 

INSTITUTO de farmacologia, Buenos Aires. See 
Buenos Aires. Universidad nacional. Insti- 
tuto de botanica y farmacologia 



INSTITUTO de filologia, Buenos Aires. See 
under Buenos Aires. Universidad nacional. 
Facultad de fllosofia y letras 

INSTITUTO de filosofia. See under Buenos 
Aires. Universidad. Facultad de fllosofia y 

INSTITUTO de fisiologia, Barcelona. See under 
Barcelona. Universidad. Facultad de medi- 

INSTITUTO de geologia, Mexico. See under 
Mexico. Universidad nacional 

INSTITUTO de geologia y perforaciones, Mon- 
Boletin. 1,1914+ 

INSTITUTO de hijiene. . . See under name of 

city, e.g. Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo 
INSTITUTO de histologia e embriologia, Lisbon. 

See lender Lisbon. Universidade 
INSTITUTO de historia, linguistica y folklore, 

Tucuman. See under Tucuman. Universidad 
INSTITUTO de identificacao, Rio de Janeiro. 

See under Rio de Janeiro 
INSTITUTO de ingenieros civiles, Madrid 

INSTITUTO de literatura argentina, Buenos 
Aires. See under Buenos Aires. Universidad 
nacional. Facultad de fllosofia y letras 

INSTITUTO de medicina experimental, Buenos 
Aires. See under Buenos Aires 

INSTITUTO de medicina legal, Lisbon. See 
under Lisbon 

INSTITUTO de medicina pratica, Barcelona 
Archivos. 1,1924?+ 

INSTITUTO de medicina tropical e higiene, 
San Juan. See Porto Rico. Institute of trop- 
ical medicine and hygiene 

INSTITUTO de mineralogica y geologica, Tucu- 
man. See under Tucuman. Universidad % 

INSTITUTO de missoes colonais, Lisbon 
Boletim das missoes civilizadoras. 1,1920+ 

INSTITUTO de neurologia, Montevideo. See 
under Montevideo. Universidad. Facultad de 

INSTITUTO de organisagao racional do tra- 
balho, -Sao Paulo 

INSTITUTO de ingenieros de Chile, Santiago 
de Chile 
Anales. 1,1910+ 

Supersedes Instituto de injenieros. Anales 

INSTITUTO de ingenieros y arquitectos de 
Valparaiso. See Revista de ingenieria y 
INSTITUTO de injenieros, Santiago de Chile 
Anales. 1-19,1888-Ja 1901|| 

Superseded by Instituto de ingenieros de 
Chile. Anales 

INSTITUTO de investigaciones agronomicas, 
Boletin. l,Ja 1935+ 

INSTITUTO de investigaciones esteticas, Mexi- 
co. See under Mexico. Universidad nacional 

INSTITUTO de investigaciones geograficas, 
Buenos Aires. See under Buenos Aires. Uni- 
versidad nacional. Facultad de fllosofia y 

INSTITUTO de investigaciones historicas, 
Buenos Aires. See under Buenos Aires. 
Universidad nacional. Facultad de filoso- 
fia y letras 

INSTITUTO de jubiiaciones y pensiones, Monte- 
video. See under Montevideo 

INSTITUTO de la Salle, Bogota. See Sociedad 
colombiana de ciencias naturales 

INSTITUTO de las Espafias en los Estados 
Boletin. N.Y. 1-3 (nol-12),Ja 1931-J1 1934|| 
Subtitle varies. Superseded by Revista 
hispanica moderna 

10^0 7^/3fc 


- 10 

Memoria del curso. Madrid; N.Y. 1920/21|| 

ftB' [V i^P-V^ 

Report. 1,1920/21|| 

IVvV hi 

See also I D O R T 
INSTITUTO de patologia geral e de anatamia 
patologica, Lisbon. See under Lisbon. Uni- 
INSTITUTO de proteccao a infancia, Rio de 
Relatorio. 1899/1900-06/0711? 

See also Archivos de assistencia a infancia 
INSTITUTO de psicotecnica y de orientacion 
professional, Buenos Aires 

INSTITUTO de quimica, Rio de Janeiro. See 

under Rio de Janeiro s 

INSTITUTO de quimica industrial, Montevideo. 

See under Montevideo 
INSTITUTO de reformas sociales, Madrid. See 

under Spain 
INSTITUTO de sciencias e letras de Pernam- 

buco, Recife 

INSTITUTO de segunda ensenanza. . . See 
under name of city; e.g. Havana 

INSTITUTO de seguros socias, obrigatorios e de 
previdencia social, Lisbon. See Boletin de 
previdencia social 

INSTITUTO de socorros a naufragos, Lisbon 
Relatorio da gerencia. 

INSTITUTO de urbanismo, Valparaiso 
Boletin. 1,J1 1934+ 

Estadistica Valparafso-Acongagua. 1,D 1936|| 

INSTITUTO de Valencia de Don Juan 
Publicaciones. Madrid. 1921?+ 


See also 

Estudios de literatura contem- 
Revista de estudios hispanicos 

^ 7 i "W \Mi* 
TUTO del teati 

INSTITUTO del teatro nacional, Barcelona. See 

under Barcelona 



INSTITUTO di corrispondenza archeologica, 
Rome. See Archaeologisches institut des 
Deutschen Reichs 
INSTITUTO do Ceara, Fortaleza, Brazil 
Revista trimensal. 1,1887+ 
Index: 1-20,1887-1906 

Memorias. 1,1916 + 

Notas y comunicaciones. 1,1928+ 

INSTITUTO dos cegos, Esotril, Portugal 
Jornal dos cegos. 1-23,1895-1919/2011? 

INSTITUTO-escuela de musica, Monovar, Spain. 

See Musicografla 
INSTITUTO espafiol de oceanografia, Madrid 
Memorias. 1,1916+ 

1-6 as Trabajos de oceanografia y biologia 
marina, published without series title or 

INSTITUTO Gonzalez Posada de derecho pu- 
blico. See under Madrid. Universidad 

INSTITUTO Hahnemanniano do Brazil. See 
Annaes de medicina homoeopathica 

INSTITUTO hidroterapico barcelones. See 
Boletin de hidroterapia 

INSTITUTO hispano-americano de relaciones 
culturales, Madrid. See Fraternidad (Ma- 

INSTITUTO historico del Peru, Lima 
Revista hist6rica. 1,1906+ 
Suspended 1922-23 

Notas y resumenes. nol-22, 1916-23; s2 nol, 

INSTITUTO historico e geographico brasileiro, 
Rio de Janeiro 
Memorias. 1,1839 1[ 


Resultados de las campanas realizadas por 
acuerdos internacionales. l,Ja 1925+ 

Trabajos. l,Je 1929 + 

See also Boletin de oceanografia y pescas 
INSTITUTO filotecnico y semillero nacional, La 

Estanzuela, Uruguay. See under La Estan- 

INSTITUTO Finlay, Havana. See under Havana 
INSTITUTO fisico-geografico nacional, San 

Jose. See under Costa Rica 
INSTITUTO fluminense de agricultura, Rio de 

Janeiro. jSfee under Rio de Janeiro 
INSTITUTO forestal de investigaciones y ex- 

periencias, Madrid. See under Madrid. Insti- 
tute nacional de investigaciones y experien- 

cias agronomicas y forestales 
INSTITUTO general y tecnico de Valencia. See 

"Valencia. Instituto nacional de segunda 

INSTITUTO geografico argentino, Buenos Aires 
Boletin. vl-25 no8,1879-1918; s2 vl,My/Ag 


Index: 1-16 in 17; 17-22 in 23 

INSTITUTO geografico, catastral y de estadis- 
tica. See Spain. Centro de investigaciones 
especiales e laboratorio de estadistica 

INSTITUTO geografico militar, Bogota. See 
Revista geografica Colombia 

INSTITUTO geografico militar, Santiago de 
Chile. See Memorial-tecnico del ejercito de 

INSTITUTO geographico e historico da Bahia 
Revista. 1,S 1894+ 

1-7 as Revista trimensal 

Revista. 1,1839 + 

v22-49 as Revista trimensal do Instituto 
historico, geographico e ethnographico do 
Brazil. 8-13 as s2; 14+ as s3 vl+ ,. ^ 

Index: 1-67,1839-1906 in 

T*>7- /o 

Commissao central de bibliographia brasileira 
—[Boletin.] 1,1895|| 

Also issued in French 

INSTITUTO historico 
Revista. 1-28,1894/95-193011? 

geographico de Sao 


INSTITUTO historico e geographico de Sergipe, 
Revista trimensal. 1-13,1913-28 j[ ? 

Suspended 1920-Je 1925 

INSTITUTO hist6rico e 
Revista. 1,1917+ 

Suspended 1927-30 
Index: 1917-31 in v7 

geographico do Para 

INSTITUTO historico e geographico do Rio 
Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil 
Revista. 1,1903 + 

INSTITUTO historico e geographico do Rio 
Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil 
Revista. 1,1921+ 

INSTITUTO geologico de Espafia, Madrid. See 

Instituto geologico y minero de Espafia, 
INSTITUTO geologico de Mexico. See under 

INSTITUTO geologica y minero de Espafia, 
1873-1909 as Comision del mapa geol6gico 
de Espafia; 1910-26 Instituto geologico de 
Boletin. 1,1873+ 
Index: 1-20 

INSTITUTO historico e geographico parahy- 
bano, Parahiba 
Revista. 1-5,1909-23|| 
Suspended 1912-22 

INSTITUTO historico, geographico e ethno- 
graphico do Brazil. See Instituto historico 
e geographico brazileiro, Rio de Janeiro 

INSTITUTO historico, geografico e ethnografico 
do Para 
Revista. Belem. vl nol-3,1900|| 



INSTITUTO historico y geografico del Uruguay, 
Revista. l.Ag 1920+ 

INSTITUTO homeopatico de Madrid 
Boletin clinico. 1-3,1881-8311 

Superseded by Revista hahnemanniana 

INSTITUTO ibero-americano, Hamburg. See 

Hamburg. Ibero-amerikanisches institut 
INSTITUTO ibero-americano de derecho com- 
parado, Madrid 

INSTITUTO industrial San Bernardo, Bogota. 
See Granja 

INSTITUTO internacional americano de protec- 
cion a la infancia. See International Amer- 
ican institute for the protection of infants 

INSTITUTO internacional de literatura ibero- 
americana, Mexico. See Revista iberoameri- 

INSTITUTO Juarez, Durango, Mexico 
Observatorio meteorologico 
—Boletin. 1,1909+ 

INSTITUTO ligure, Genoa. See Accademia delle 

scienze, lettere ed arti di Genova 
INSTITUTO literario de Zacatecas 

INSTITUTO matematico hispano-americano. 

See under Buenos Aires. Universidad 
INSTITUTO medico de emulacion, Madrid 
Anales. 1-2, S 1842-0 1843; (ns)nol-60,N 9 

1843-D 26 1844||? 

INSTITUTO m6dico nacional, Mexico. See 

under Mexico 
INSTITUTO medico Sucre. See under Sucre, 



medico valenciano. See under 

mexicano de difusion del libro, 
Mexico. See Inmex; Libro mexicano 
INSTITUTO mexicano de investigaciones eco- 
nomicas, Mexico. See Revista mexicana de 
INSTITUTO mexicano de investigaciones lin- 
guisticas, Mexico. See Investigaciones lin- 
INSTITUTO mexicano de minas y metalurgia 
Informes y memorias. 1,1902+ 
Preliminary issue 

Informes y memorias. Transactions of the 
Mexican institute of mining and metal- 
lurgy. 1-3,1909-1311 

A preliminary bimonthly issue in parts 

also appears 

INSTITUTO nacional de agronomia de Monte- 
video. See under Montevideo 

INSTITUTO nacional de estudios de teatro, 
Buenos Aires. See under Buenos Aires 

INSTITUTO nacional de fisica y quimica, Ma- 
drid. See under Madrid 

INSTITUTO nacional de geografia y estadls- 
tica. See Sociedad mexicana de geografia 
y estadistica 

INSTITUTO nacional de higiene de Alfonso 
XIII, Madrid. See under Madrid 

INSTITUTO nacional de investigaciones cienti- 
ficas y museo de historia natural, Havana. 
See under Havana 

INSTITUTO nacional de investigaciones y ex- 
periencias agronomicas y forestales, Madrid. 
See under Madrid 

INSTITUTO nacional de musica, Rio de Janeiro. 
See under Rio de Janeiro. Universidade 

INSTITUTO nacional de parasitology, Asun- 
cion. See under Asuncion 

INSTITUTO nacional de practica medica, Ha- 
Anales. 1,S 1930 + 

INSTITUTO nacional de prevision. See under 

INSTITUTO nacional de segunda ensenanza. . . 

See under name of city: i.e. Castellon; 

Valencia; etc 
INSTITUTO nacional 

under Montevideo, 
INSTITUTO nacional 

INSTITUTO nacional, 

difusion de la instruccion primaria 

daria. Guatemala. 1,1882/83]]? 

fisico-climatologico. See 
meja, Quito. See under 

periodico dedicado a la 

INSTITUTO nacional superior de educacion fi- 
sica, Buenos Aires. See Revista de la educa- 
cion fisica 

INSTITUTO normal Juan Montalvo, Quito. See 

INSTITUTO oftalmologico de Madrid. See 
Cr6nica oftalmologica 

INSTITUTO Oswaldo Cruz. See under Rio de 

INSTITUTO panamerio de contadores, Panama. 
See Revista panamena de contabilidad 

INSTITUTO panamericano de geografia e his- /^' 
toria. See Pan American institute of geog- -* 
raphy and history 

INSTITUTO paraguayo, Asuncion 
Revista. l-10(nol-64),O 1896-190911 

See also Anales cientiflcos paraguayos 
INSTITUTO patologico, Mexico. See under 

INSTITUTO pedagogico F.A.E. 
Estudios e investigaciones. See under Federa- 
cion de amigos de la ensenanza, Madrid 
INSTITUTO Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Anaes. l.Ja 1938+ 

INSTITUTO "Miguel Lillo", Tucuman. See 

under Tucuman. Universidad 
INSTITUTO modelo de cllnica m6dica, Buenos 

Anales. 1-6,1914-2111? 

INSTITUTO polytechnico brazileiro, Rio de 
Revista. 1-29.J1 1867-1901||? 

INSTITUTO nacional, Panama. See under 

INSTITUTO nacional. Publicacion mensual. 
Guatemala, vl-2 nol,1902-03||? 


INSTITUTO polytechnico do Ceara, Fortaleza, 
Revista encyclopedica. nol-3,N 30 1924-N 30 


Title varies slightly 



INSTITUTO . popular de conferencias, Buenos 

INSTITUTO provincial de higiene de Logrofio. 

See under Logrofio 
INSTITUTO psicopedagogico para ninos ner- 

viosos, Buenos Aires. See Clinica psicope- 

INSTITUTO psiquiatrico, Rosario. See under 

INSTITUTO portugues de oncologia, Lisbon. 

See under Lisbon 
INSTITUTO sanmartiniano, Buenos Aires 
Memoria. 1,1933/34+ 

INSTITUTS Solvay, Brussels 
Institut de sociologie 

1924+ under Brussels. University libre 
—Bulletin. vl-5(nol-33),1910-Jl 1914|| 

1910-11 as Bulletin mensuel. Includes 
Archives sociologiques. Superseded by 
its Revue 

— Monographies bibliographiques. 1-2, 1911-12|| 

— Revue de l'Institut de sociologie. 1,J1 1920+ 

— Travaux. nsvl,1921+ 

Supersedes Notes et memoires, fitudes so- 
ciales, Actualit6s sociales 

•See also San Martin 
INSTITUTO sanmartiniano 
Revista. l,Je 1935+ 

del Peru, Lima 

1. Notes et memoires. 1-12,1906-14|| 

10 never published 

INSTITUTO serumtherapico do estado de Sao 
Paulo. See under Butantan 

INSTITUTO sieraterapico, Milan. See Clinica 

INSTITUTO social. See under Rosario. TJniver- 
sidad nacional del litoral 

INSTITUTO soroterapico, Butantan. See Bu- 
tantan, Brazil. Instituto serumtherapico. . . 

INSTITUTO superior de agronomia, Lisbon. See 
under Lisbon. Universidade tecnica 

INSTITUTO superior de ciSncias econdmicas e 
financeiras, Lisbon. See under Lisbon. Uni- 
versidade tecnica 

INSTITUTO superior de comercio de Lisboa 
Revista. 1,1918+ 

Ano 4 omitted in numbering 

2. Etudes sociales. 1-8,1904-1311 

3. Actual ites sociales. 1-19,1904-13 1| 


Bibliotheque sociologique. 1,1903+ 

ME / ?33f,l9^"^ 

— Travaux des groupes d'6tudes de la recon- 
stitution nationale. 1-9,191911 

— Travaux du laboratoire de physiologie. 1, 

INSTITUTO tecnico de comprabacion. See under 

INSTITUTO tecnico e industrial del Peru, Lima 
Anales. 1-7,1899-190511? 

Contains Proceedings of the Institute 
together with the reports of several tech- 
nical and industrial societies of Peru. 
Each of the latter publications forms a 
separate numbered section of the Anales 

Institut international de chimie 

— Conseil de chimie 

Rapports et discussions. . . 1,1922+ 

Institut international de physique 

— Conseil de physique 

Rapports et discussions. . . 1,1911+ 

INSTITUTO Vasco da Gama, Nova Goa 
Boletim. 1,1926+ 

INSTITUTO Vital Brazil, Nictheroy. See under 

INSTITUTO y observatorio de marina. See 

under San Fernando, Spain 
R. INSTITUTO zootecnico di Palermo. See 

Allevamenti, rivista mensile illustrata 
INSTITUTORE e prose e poesie inedite o rare 

d'italiani viventi. See Istitutore o sia Rivis- 
ta letteraria 
INSTITUTS meteorologiques de Norvege, de 

Danemark et de Suede. See Bulletin 

meteorologique du Nord 

INSTITUTS Pasteur d'lndochine, Saigon, Indo- 
Archives. l,Ap 1925+ 

forskning, Oslo 
Publications. 1932+ 

— sA. Forelesninger. 
2 pub in 1925 

MB °ltr 

sammenlignende kultur- 


— sB. Skrifter. 1,1925+ 

— sC. 


&B fl'-V3+ 

6 2//.9/<2* 

INSTITUTTET for teoretisk astrofysikk, Oslo. 

See under Oslo. Universitet 
INSTITUTUL American din Romania, Bucharest 
Buletinul. l,Ja 1934+ 

INSTITUTS Pasteur de I'Afrique du Nord 
Archives. l-2,Mr 1921-D 1922|| 

v3 nol,1923 transferred to Institut Pasteur 
de Tunis as their vl2 nol 

INSTITUTUL botanic, Bucharest. See under 

INSTITUTUL de arte grafice "Brawo", lasi. 

See Cercetari sociologice 



INSTITUTUL de cercetari 

maniei, Bucharest 
. Analele. 1,J1 1930+ 

agronomice al Ro- 

INSTITUTUL social roman, Bucharest 
Biblioteca de sociologie, etica si politic! 
— Seria A. Studii si contributii. 1,1934+ 

Metode, indrumari, rapoarte, anchete. 1, 

Centrul de inalte studii Internationale 
— Brochure d' information. 1,1938+ 

INSTITUTUL de chimie. See under Cluj. Uni- 


INSTITUTUL de chirurgie, Bucharest 

(Buletinul). 1-2,1890-92||? 

INSTITUTUL de igiena si igiena sociala, Cluj. 

See Buletin eugenic si biopolitic 
INSTITUTUL de istoria si Limba. See under 
Cernauti. Universitatea 

INSTITUTUL de istorie, Cluj. 


See under Cluj. 
bibliografie din 

INSTITUTUL de literatura si 
Romania, Bucharest 
Buletin trimestrial al publicatiunilor din Ro- 
mania. l-3,Ja-S 1928N 

See also Affaires danubiennes; Arhiva pentru 
stiinta si reforma sociala; Sociologie ro- 

INSTITUTUM archaeologicum mosquense, Mos- 
cow, See Exempla codicum graecorum 

INSTITUTUM Delitzschianum zu Leipzig. See 
under Leipzig 

INSTITUTUM divi Thomae. See under Cincin- 

INSTITUTUM historicum fratrum praedicatorum 
Romae ad Sanctae Sabinae 
Dissertationes historicae. 1,1931+ 

Monumenta Ordinis fratrum praedicatorum 

INSTITUTUL de patologie si de bacteriologie. 

See under Bucharest. Universitatea 
INSTITUTUL de psihologie experimentala, 
comparata si aplicata. See under Cluj. Uni- 
INSTITUTUL de seruri si vacinuri "I.Canta- 
cuzino", Bucharest 
Travaux de l'lnstitut s£rologique. 1,1928+ 

INSTITUTUL de speologie. See under Cluj. 

INSTITUTUL de stiinte administrative al Ro- 

maniei, Bucharest. 
Biblioteca. 1-26,1926-3011? 



See also Archivum fratrum praedicatorum 
INSTITUTUM judaicum zu Berlin. See under 

Berlin. Universitat 
INSTITUTUM judaicum zu Leipzig. See l ( ' 

Leipzig. Institutum Delitzschianum 
INSTITUTUM medico-clinicum Wurceburgense 
Annales. l-2,1799-1801|i 

forestalium Fin- 


INSTITUTUM quaestionum 

landiae. See Helsingfors 

INSTITUUT Kern, Leyden 
Annual bibliography of Indian archaeology 


w<Uftn * 

■See also Revista de drept public 
INSTITUTUL de studii clasice. See under Cluj. 

INSTITUTUL economic romanesc, Bucharest 

Buletinul. l,Ja 1922+ 

INSTITUUT Pasteur to Bandoeng 
— Jaarverslag. 

K. INSTITUUT van ingenieurs, The Hague 

Index: 1847-69; 1900-10 
Algemeen verslag ... en notulen. 


Supplement: See Bibliografia economica ro- 
m4na; ficonomiste roumain 
INSTITUTUL experimental pentru cultivarea 
si fermentarea tutunului, Bucharest. See 
Buletinul cultivarei si fermentarei tutunului 
INSTITUTUL geologic al Romaniei. See under 

meteorologic, Bucharest. See 
Observatorul astronomic si me- 


INSTITUTUL national zootehnic, Bucharest. 

See under Bucharest 
INSTITUTUL romanesc de conjuncture, Bucha- 
Buletin trimestrial vl-3 no3, 1933-3511 

Superseded by Conjunctura economiei ro- 

Algemeen verslag van de werkzaamheden en 
notulen der vergaderingen. 1-22,1847-69|| 
Continued in its Tijdschrift 


Tijdschrift. 1869-191611 

Supersedes its Verhandelingen. Continued 
in Ingenieur 
Index: 1869-94 

Uittreksels. l-8,s2 vl-19,Ap 1848-691 

Verhandelingen. 1-7,1848-51; s2 vl-19,1851-69|| 
Superseded by its Tijdschrift 

INSTITUTUL romanesc de organizare stiinti- 
fica a muncii, Bucharest 
[Publicatiunile]. 1,1927+? 

Afdeeling Nederlandsch-lndie 
— Notulen. 

-Tijdschrift. 1902/03H? 


INSTRUCTOR. N.Y. vl nol-10,Mr 6-My 8 17551! 

Vakafdeeling voor electrotechniek 
— Notulen. 1-11, -1900|| 
Continued in Ingenieur 

INSTRUCTOR. Santiago de Chile, vl nol-29, 
My 21-D 24 1870||? 

Vakafdeeling voor werktuig- 
— Jaarverslag. 1-4,1899-1900|| 
Continued in Ingenieur 

INSTRUCTOR. (Deseret Sunday school union) 
en scheepsbouw Salt Lake City. 1,1866+ 

1-64,1866-1929 as Juvenile instructor 

INST1TUUT voor arbeidersontwikkeling, 
Verslag der werkzaamheden. 

INSTRUCTOR. Publicaci6n mensual, cientiflca, 
Am- literaria, y de filologia. (Diaz de Le6n) 

Aguascalientes, Mexico. 1-26,1884-1910||? 

See also Toorts 
K.INSTITUUT voor de taal-, land- 
kunde van Nederlandsch-lndie 
Verhandelingen. 1,1938+ 

en volken- 

See also Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en 
volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-lndie 
INSTITUUT voor doofstommen, Groningen. 
See under Groningen 

INSTITUUT voor economische geschriften, Rot- 
[Publicaties] Rotterdam. nol-2,1917|| 

INSTRUCTOR, 6 repertorio de historia, bellas 
letras y artes. London. 1-8,1834-41|| 

INSTRUCTOR peruano, c 
literatura y ciencias 
nol-5,S 16-0 25 1841|| 

Gabinere curioso de 
naturales. Lima, vl 

INSTRUMENT maker. Pittsburgh. 1,1933+ 

INSTRUMENT world. London. 

1928-My 1932|| 

vl-5 no49,My 

Uitgave. 1,191711? 

INSTRUMENTAL. Paris. 1,1867+ 

See also Economisch-statistische berichten 
R. INSTITUUT voor pharmaco-therapeutisch on- 
derzoek, Leyden 
Mededeelingen. 1,1921+ 

INSTITUUT voor phytopathologie te Wagenin- 
gen. See Plantenziektenkundigen dienst, 

INSTITUUT voor plantenziekten, Batavia, Java. 
See under Dutch East Indies. Dept. van 

INSTITUUT voor tropische geneeskunde, Ley- 
den. See under Leyden 

INSTRUCCI6N primaria. Tegucigalpa. 1-5, S 

INSTRUCCI6N primaria. (Cuba. Secretaria de 
instruccion publica y bellas artes) Havana. 
C? vl-11 no8,1902-Ap 19130 -. . 

INSTRUCTION patriotique et nationale, con- 
cernant la nouvelle constitution. Paris. 1, 

Superseded by Instituteur du peuple 

INSTRUCTION publique, revue des lettres, sci- 
ences et arts. Paris. 1-14, Je 1872-D 26 188511? 

INSTRUMENTS; industrial, scientific. Pitts- 

burgh. l,Ja 1928+ 



INSTRUCTIONAL art series. 


N.Y. ; Chicago. 

INSTYTUT aerodynamiczny. See under Warsaw 
INSTYTUT astronomiczny, Lemberg. See under 

Lemberg. Uniwersytet 
INSTYTUT badan spraw narodowosciowych, 

Warsaw. See under Warsaw 
INSTYTUT badan technicznych lotnictwa, War- 

Title varies slightly 

INSTYTUT badania konjunktur gospodarczych 
i cen, Warsaw. See under Warsaw 

INSTYTUT badania najnowszej historji Polski, 
Warsaw. See under Warsaw 

INSTYTUT battycki, Torun. See under Torufi 

INSTYTUT biologji doswiadczalnej im. M. 
Nenckiego, Warsaw. jSfee under Towarzystwo 
naukowe warszawskie 

INSTYTUT etnologiczny, Lemberg. See under 
Lemberg. Uniwersytet 

INSTYTUT geofizyki i meteorologji, Lemberg. 
See under Lemberg. Uniwersytet 

INSTYTUT geograficzny, uniwersytetu. . . See 
under name of university: e.g. Cracow; 

INSTYTUT geologiczny. See under Poland 

INSTYTUT gospodarstwa spolecznego, War- 
French title: Institut d'6conomie sociale 
Biuletyn. nol-2,Mr-My 192011 ? 


INSTRUCTOR. Danville, N.Y. 1,N 1891+ 

vl-11 no8 as Normal instructor; vll no9- 
s vl5 no8 Normal instructor and teachers' 
world; vl5 no9-v40 no7 Normal instruc- 
tor-primary plans 



Drobny przemysl i chalupnictwo. 1,1931+ 
Summaries in French 

Notatki informacyjne. 



INSTYTUT gospodarstwa 
saw — Continued 
Pami^tniki bezrobotnych. 
chomeurs. nol-57,1933|| 

spotecznego, War- 
. . Memoires des 

INSURANCE. Newark, N.J. 1,0 26 1883 + 

Supersedes United States insurance ga- 
zette and magazine of useful knowledge. 
vl-2 also numbered V57-58. 1927-Ja 9 1931 
as Insurance and the Insurance critic 

Pamietniki chlopow. 
sans. nol-51,1935|| 

M6moires des pay- 

INSURANCE accountant. (Canadian insurance 
accountants' association) Montreal. 1,1934+ 

Przyczynki do sprawy walutowej w Polsce. 

Sprawozdanie za rok. . . 1935+ 
Sprawy agrarne. 1,1937+ 

Sprawy robotnicze. . . Questions ouvrieres. 

INSURANCE advisor. Philadelphia; N.Y. 1, 
S/O 1890+ 

1890-92 as Echo 

INSURANCE advocate. N.Y. 1,1889 + 

INSURANCE advocate. Richmond, Va. 1-12, 

1870-J1 1881|| 

Merged into American exchange and re- 

Sprawy wlosciahskie. 

Questions rurales. 

INSTYTUT kartograficzny. See under Lemberg 

INSTYTUT meteorologiczny, Warsaw. See 
Warsaw. Pahstwowy instytut meteorolo- 

INSTYTUT nauk antropologicznych i etnolo- 
gicznych. See under Towarzystwo naukowe 

INSTYTUT nauk judaistycznych, Warsaw 
Pisma. 1,1929 + 

INSTYTUT naukowo-badawczy Europy wschod- 
niej, Vilna 
— Sekcja filologiczna. 1,1930+ 

INSURANCE age journal. N.Y.; Boston, 1- ,Mr 


Mr-D 1873 as Insurance age; Ja 1874-J1 
1875 Age; S 1875-Mr 20 1935 Insurance 
age (subtitle varies). 49 omitted in num- 

INSURANCE agent. New Orleans. 



INSURANCE agent and broker. (Insurance 
brokers' association of the Province of 
Quebec) Montreal. 1,1923+ 

INSURANCE agent and the insurance review. 

London, f -21,1866-8611? 

— Sekcja gospodarcza. 1,1930+ 

INSTYTUT naukowy do badan emigracji i 
kolohizacji. See Naukowy instytut emigra- 
cyjny, Warsaw 

INSTYTUT naukowy ligi morskiej i kolonialnej, 
Warsaw. See Sprawy morskie i kolonialnie 

INSTYTUT oftalmiczny, Warsaw 
Sprawozdanie. . . 1-7, -1877||? 

INSTYTUT oswiaty dorostych, Warsaw. See 

under Warsaw 
INSTYTUT popierania nauki polskiej "Kasa im. 
Mianowskiego", Warsaw 
1881- as Kasa pomocy dla os6b pracuja- 
cych na polu naukowem im. doktora 
Jozefa Mianowskiego . 
Sprawozdanie z dzialalnosci. 

See also Nauka polska; Organon: international 
INSTYTUT radjotechniczny. See under Warsaw 
INSTYTUT slaski, Katowice 

Wydawnictwa. . . Katowice; Warsaw. 

INSURANCE agents' and brokers' magazine. 

See Insurance and commercial magazine 
INSURANCE analyst-digest. Lincoln, Neb. 1,P 

1933, Je 1935-Mr 1936 as Insurance 
analyst; 1934-Mr 1935 Analyst; insurance 

INSURANCE and actuarial society of Glasgow 
Transactions. sl-6,N 1881-1913H 

Numbered in series, sl-4,16 nos each; s5 
18 nos; s6 15' nos 


INSURANCE and Building societies' journal. 

See Insurance and finance leader 
INSURANCE and commercial magazine. N.Y. 

l-89,Ap 1876-Ag 1920|| 

1876-Ag 1877 as Insurance agents and 
brokers' magazine; N 1879-F 1881 New 
York commercial magazine. Merged into 
Insurance advocate 

INSURANCE and commercial revie.w. Du- 
buque, la. 1-4,1901-04||? 

INSTYTUT spraw spotecznych, Warsaw. See 

under Warsaw 
INSTYTUT zachodnio-slowianski, Posen. See 

under Posen. Uniwersytet 

INSURANCE and finance leader. London. 1-7, 
Ag 1887-Je 1891|| 

1-6,1887-F 1888 as Insurance and Building 
societies' journal 



INSURANCE and finance review. Calcutta 

MB ?/i/f<j|o 

0,^ W 

utta. INSURANCE counsel Journal. (International as- 

sociation of insurance counsel) Birmingham, 
Ala. l.Ap 1937+ 


INSURANCE and financial chronicle. 

Chronicle (Montreal) 
INSURANCE and financial gazette. Belfast. 
1,1879 + 

vl nol-2,1879 as Ulster insurance gazette; 
vl no3-vl0, 1879-88 Insurance gazette of 

INSURANCE and financial gazette. London. 


INSURANCE counselor. N.Y. vl-6 no2,S 1896- 
Ag 1899H? 

INSURANCE courant. See Life insurance 

INSURANCE critic. N.T. ; Chicago. 1- ,D 1874- 


Merged into Insurance 

INSURANCE and financial guide. Chicago. 1, 

INSURANCE decisions. N.Y. 1.J1 1931+ 
INSURANCE digest. Toronto. 1,1939+ 

INSURANCE and financial review. Toronto. 1, 

1905 + 

INSURANCE and investment news. See In- 
vestment review 

INSURANCE and investors' magazine. See In- 
surance magazine 

INSURANCE and real estate journal. See New 
York insurance journal 

INSURANCE and real estate society. See 
Chronicle (Montreal) 

INSURANCE book reviews. Boston; etc. 
Bulletin nol,Ap 1933 + 

INSURANCE broker. (Insurance brokers as- 
sociation of Illinois) Chicago. l,Mr 1934+ 
No issue for F 1935. v2 nol.Ap 1935 in- 
correctly as vl nol3 

INSURANCE echo. See Insurance advocate 
INSURANCE economics society of America 
Bulletin. Detroit. nol-13,1916-19|| 

INSURANCE economist. N.Y. 1-27, S 1884-190311 
1-15,1884-Mr 1892 as Our society journal 

INSURANCE engineering. See Safety engineer- 

INSURANCE engineering experiment station, 
Report, nol-18,1902-05|| 

INSURANCE examiner; independent monthly 
publication. Chicago. 1,S 1933 + 

INSURANCE broker-age. (Insurance brokers' 
association of New York) N.Y. l,Ja 1933+ 

INSURANCE federation news. (National coun- 
cil of insurance federations) Detroit, Mich.; 
Mount Morris, 111. vl-15 no5,1916-D 193HI 
vl-13 no7,1916-F 1930 as Federation news 

INSURANCE brokers association 
Chicago. See Insurance broker 

INSURANCE brokers' association of the Prov- 
ince of Quebec. See Insurance agent and 

INSURANCE bulletin. San Francisco, Cal. 1, 

of Illinois, INSURANCE field. Louisville, Ky. 1,N 9 1899+ 

INSURANCE gazette and provident societies' 
chronicle. London. 1-12,1856-67||? 

INSURANCE chronicle. Cincinnati, vl-5 nolO, 
Ap 1 1867-71||? 

INSURANCE chronicle. N.Y. See Economic 

INSURANCE circular. Glasgow. See Finance 

chronicle and insurance circular 
INSURANCE claim adjuster. See Insurance 

claim journal 

INSURANCE claim journal. Baltimore; etc. 1, 

-My 1931 as Insurance claim adjuster. 
v3 nol omitted in numbering; v3 no5,S-0 
1932 incorrectly as v4 no5 

INSURANCE club of Chicago 
Bulletin, vl-25 no2, -O 1927|| 

1-17, -1919 as Fire insurance club of Chi- 
cago. Bulletin 

INSURANCE gazette of Ireland. See Insur- 
ance and financial gazette 

INSURANCE gossip. See Southeastern under- 

INSURANCE guardian and banking record. 
London. 1,N 1867+ 

1- as Insurance guardian 

INSURANCE herald. (Yeager) Chicago. v6 no9- 
v9 nolO.Ja 1877-F 1880|| 
A rival paper of Herald (Chicago), later 
Argus, using same numbering 

INSURANCE herald. Louisville, Ky. ; Atlanta, 

Ga. See Southern underwriter 
INSURANCE herald and weekly news letter. 

N.Y. vl nol,D 6 187911 

INSURANCE herald-argus. 


See Southern 



INSURANCE index. Cincinnati. See Standard 

INSURANCE index. N.Y. 1-50,1870-1936; 1937+ 

1870- as Index: an international "review 

of insurance. Published in two editions: 

INSURANCE library association of Boston 
Bulletin, .vl-14 no2,N 1909-Ap 192411 

INSURANCE lines. Brisbane. 

— American edition. 

— English edition. 

INSURANCE magazine. Kansas City, Mo. 1.J1 
1891 + 

vl-2 no5,1891-Je 1892 as Insurance and in- 
vestors magazine 

INSURANCE institute of America 
Proceedings. 1,1909 + 

MB in . ; X. M 

See also Flying post 
INSURANCE institute of Great Britain and 
Ireland. See Chartered insurance institute 
INSURANCE institute of Hartford, Conn. 
Proceedings. 1-7,1908-1411 
Title varies 

INSURANCE institute of Ireland, Dublin 

INSURANCE monitor. N.Y. See American in- 
surance digest 
INSURANCE news. Philadelphia. l-48,Ap 1883- 
Je 192611 

Subtitle varies. 4-5 omitted in numbering. 
Merged into United States review and 
insurance world 

INSURANCE observer. London. 1- .O 5 1888- 

Merged into Review (London. 1869+) 

INSURANCE observer. N.Y. 1,D 2 1895+ 

INSURANCE institute of London 
Journal. 1,1907+ 

INSURANCE opinion. N.Y. l-12,Je 1894-99H? 
Subtitle varies 

INSURANCE institute of Montreal 
Record of proceedings. 

INSURANCE institute of Queensland 
Report of proceedings. Brisbane 

INSURANCE institute of Toronto 
Proceedings. 1,1900+ 

INSURANCE institute of Yorkshire 
Report. Leeds. 1,1888+ 

19,1906/07 is the first numbered volume 

INSURANCE intelligencer. Philadelphia. See 

Philadelphia intelligencer 
INSURANCE journal. Hartford, Conn, vl-57 

noll.Ja 1873-N 1924|| 
Subtitle varies 

INSURANCE journal and general financial rec- 
ord. London. 1.J1.15 1878+ 
Title varies slightly 

INSURANCE journal and New England under- 
writer. See Insurance journal 
INSURANCE journal and real estate gazette. 

See New York insurance journal 
INSURANCE law journal. N.Y.; etc. 1,S 1871 + 
21-60 also as nsvl-40 
Index: 1-20,1871-91 




law reporter. Montreal. l,Ja 

INSURANCE leader. St. Louis. 1-28,1901-22||? 

INSURANCE post. Chicago. l,Ja 16 1892+ 

1892-My 1904 as Insurance post of Chi- 

INSURANCE post and remembrancer. London. 

vl-16 no21,1884-N 19 1898||? 

INSURANCE press. Chicago. l.Ag 1874- Je 

Merged into Underwriter 

INSURANCE press; a newspaper for insurers 

and insured. N.Y. 1-62.S 11 1895-D 1 1926|| 

United with Weekly underwriter to form 

Weekly underwriter and insurance press 

-Monthly industrial edition. N.Y. nol-338,0 

1898-N 192611 

United with Insurance salesman and con- 
tinued as an industrial supplement 

INSURANCE radiator. N.Y. ; Kansas City, 
Mo.; Atlanta, Ga; etc. 1-14, Ja 10 1891-P 
25 189911? 

INSURANCE record and actuarial and statis- 
tical journal. London. l,Ja 30 1863 + 

INSURANCE register. London. 1-44,1864-191311? 
1864-68 as Assurance register 

INSURANCE register. Philadelphia; N.Y. 1-36, 
F 1895-Ja 1924|| 
Subtitle varies 



INSURANCE report. Denver, Colo, vl-35 no6, 
Ja 15 1897-Je 1931|| 

United with Pacific underwriter (San 
Francisco) and banker to form Western 

INSURANCE reporter. N.Y. l,Ja-My 18751 

INSURANCE world and monetary record. Lon- 
don. 1-16, D 13 1879-95H? 

INSURGENT, an epistle of progress. See Whit- 

aker's review. . . 
INSURGENTE araucano. Santiago de Chile. 

1-8.F 10-My 4 182711? 

INSURANCE reporter. N.Y. vl nol.Jl 18771 

INTAKE. (Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta school of 
social work) Atlanta, Ga. l.N 1936+ 

INSURANCE reporter. Philadelphia. See Legal 
and insurance reporter 

INSURANCE resume. A monthly "review of 
reviews" for all periodical insurance lit- 
erature. London; Birmingham. 

INSURANCE review. See Life underwriters di- 
INSURANCE rough notes. See Rough notes 
INSURANCE salesman. Indianapolis. 1,1879+ 

Subtitle varies. Jl 5 1917+ issued as pt3 

of Rough notes 

INSURANCE society and financial chronicle. 

See Chronicle (Montreal) 
INSURANCE society of Edinburgh 
Transactions. 1,1901/04+ 
Suspended 1911-26 

INSURANCE society of New York 

Bulletin, vl-4 nol.Mr 1909-O 19120 

Howe readings on insurance. N.Y. 1,1924+ 

News letter. 1,1901+ 

INSURANCE spectator of London. London. 1, 

INTEGRIDAD nacional; peri6dico politico. 
Havana, vl nol-22,Ag 4-D 26 18690? 

INTELLECTUAL cooperation. (International 
institute of intellectual cooperation) Paris. 
vl-2 nolO/12,Ap 1932-D 1934|| 

vl nol-16,1932-N 1933 as Information bul- 
letin of the League of nations' . intellec- 
tual co-operation organization 

INTELLECTUAL observer: review of natural 
history, microscopic research, and recrea- 
tive science. London. 1-12.F 1862-Ja 1868(1 
Supersedes Recreative science. Superseded 
by Student and intellectual observer of 
science, literature and art 


INTELLECTUAL regale; or Ladies' tea tray. 

Philadelphia, vl-2 no33,N 19 1814-D 30 1815||? 

INTELLECTUAL repository and New Jeru- 
salem magazine. London. 1-5,1830-39; nsvl- 
14,1840-53; enlarged s (s3) vl-28, 1854-810 
Supersedes Intellectual repository for the 
New church. Superseded by New church 

n//-? v //'/y 

INTELLECTUAL repository for the New 
church. London. nol-48,1814?-23; nsvl-3, 


Superseded by Intellectual repository and 
New Jerusalem magazine 

INSURANCE sun. San Francisco. 1-18,1892- 
D 1905H 

Superseded by Los Angeles financier? 

INTELLEGINSBLADE. Copenhagen. 1,-4 (nol- 
48), Mr 1842-Mr 1844||? 

INSURANCE times. A journal solely devoted 
to life, fire and marine insurance. N.Y. ; 
Richmond, Va. 1- ,Ja/F 1868-19360 

INSURANCE topics. Boston. 


l-20,Ja 1899-Ja 

INTELLIGENCE. A journal of education. Oak 
Park, 111.; Chicago, vl-25 nolO,1881-My 15 
vl nol.Ja 1 1881 as Illinois schoolmaster, 
new series; vl no2-v4 nolO,1881-My 15 
1884 Schoolmaster. Merged into Teachers' 

INSURANCE topics. Lincoln, Neb. 1,1932+ 
INSURANCE truth. N.Y. 1-3,1907-08(1? 

INSURANCE vindicator. New Orleans. See 
American insurer 

INSURANCE world. Philadelphia; Pittsburgh. 
l-54,My 15 1874-Ja 19240 
Merged into United States review 

INTELLIGENCE from the Scottish army. See 

Extract of letters 
INTELLIGENCE from the south borders of 

Scotland. London. 

INTELLIGENCER. Dublin. nol-19,1729|l 
—2d ed. London. nol-20,1730|| 

INTELLIGENCER. N.Y. See Christian intelli- 



INTELLIGENCER. Philadelphia, vl nol-6,Ap- 

S 188011 
Merged into Specialist and intelligencer, 
later American specialist 

INTER-America trade 

Revista de comercio 
Cisco. l,Ap 1932+ 

Text in English or Spanish 

and tourist journal. 

y turismo. San Fran- 

INTELLIGENCER. (Metropolitan life insurance 
company) N.Y. vl-20 no9, -Je 193011? 

INTELLIGENCER. A perfect diurnal of some 
passages in Parliament, and the daily pro- 
ceedings of the army under His Excellency 
the Lord Fairfax. London. 

INTELLIGENCER. Published for the satisfac- 
tion and information of people. London. 1, 
Ag 31 1663-Ja 29 1666|| 

From the beginning of 1664 pub. alter- 
nately with The Newes, The Intelligencer 
having the odd nos. and The Newes the 
even nos 

INTER-American bibliographical and library 
— ser. 1. 1,1936+ 

MB 2--. 

—ser. 2. 1,1938 + 

mb" W: 

—ser. 3. 1,1939+ 


INTER-American commercial arbitration com- 
mission. See Arbitration journal 

INTERAMERICAN digests. Economic series. 
(Carnegie endowment for international 
peace. Division of intercourse and educa- 
tion) N.Y. nol,1924 + 

INTELLIGENCER-leader. (Reformed church in 
America) Grand Rapids, Holland, Mich. 1, 

Formed by the union of Christian intelli- 
gencer (N.Y.) and Leader (Holland, 
Grand Rapids, Mich.) 1-4 (whole nol-120), 
1934-Ja 20 1937 lack numbering of Intelli- 
gencer-leader, being called vl05 no46-vl07 
no35 (whole no 5426-5519) of Christian in- 
telligencer, and v28 no28-v30 nol7 (whole 
no 1483-1576) of Leader 

INTELLIGENCER of the graphic arts. N.Y. 

INTELLIGENZ-blatt der freien stadt Frank- 
furt. Frankfurt. 1750-186511? 

1750-71 as Franckfurter frag- und anzei- 
gungsnachrichten ; 1792-1805 Frankfurter 
frag- und anzeigenachricht; 1806-19 Frank- 
furter intelligenz-blatt 

INTER-American historical 

Hill, N.C. 1,1937+ 

series. Chapel 

INTER-American trade-mark bureau, Havana 

1910-28 as Union internacional americana 
para la proteccion de las marcas de 
fabrica y de comercio. Grupo norte. 
Oficina; 1929+ Oficina interamericana de 
marcas (Inter-American trade-mark bu- 

Boletin. nol.Ag 1919H 

Boletin. l,Ja/Mr 1929+ 
Suspended Jl 1929-33 

INTER-auteurs. (Confederation internationale 
des societes d'auteurs & compositeurs; In- 
ternational confederation of authors' and 
dramatists' societies) Paris. l,Mr 1930+ 
Subtitle varies slightly 

INTELLIGENZ-blatt des kbniglich-bayerischen 
Rheinkreises. Speyer. 1-12,1818-2911? 

INTENDANTSKTI zhurnal. Petrograd. 

INTERAVIA . . . international correspondence 
on aviation. (Soci6te anonyme d'6ditions 
aeronautiques internationales) Geneva, nol, 
Ap 3 1933+ 

INTENSIVE little farms. Palo Alto; Owens- 
mouth, Cal. 1,1922+ 
Ag 1922-Je 1923 as One acre and inde- 

INTENTIONS. Paris. 1-3 (nol-30),1922-24|I 

INTERALLIED Braille magazine. See Interna- 
tional Braille magazine 
INTER-America. San Francisco, 1,1932+ 

INTER-America; a monthly magazine 
lish. N.Y. vl-9 no5,0 1917-Je 1926|| 



JNTER-America; organo de intercambio inte- 
lectual entre los pueblos del nuevo mundo 
. . . Espafiol. N.Y. vl-10 nol, My 1917-My 



INTERBOROUGH bulletin. (Interborough rapid 
transit company) N.Y. 1,1911+ 

INTERCIN£. (League of nations. International 
educational cinematographic institute) Ge- 
neva. vl-7 nolO.Jl 1929-0 1935?H 

1-6,1929-D 1934 as International review 
of educational cinematography. Published 
in 5 editions: English, French, Italian, 
Spanish and German 
Index: 1-2 


f\A ftj 


INTERCETTAZIONI; problemi del 
temporaneo. Milan. 1,1934+ 

mondo con- 

INTERCHURCH bulletin. N.Y. vl nol-22,Ja 3- 

My 22 192011 

INTER-church news and review. Washington, 
vl nol-2,F-Mr 1933H? 




INTERCOLLEGIAN. N.Y. 1-8, N 1878-Ap 1886; 
nsv9-13,Ja 1887-Je 1891; s4 v21-35,0 1898-D 
1912; s5 V36-51 no7 r O 1918-Ap 1934|| 

1-8 as Young men's Christian associations. 
College bulletin. Jl 1891-S 1898 as a de- 
partment in Young men's era, later Young 
men. O 1898- Je 1923 as Association men. 
Student ed., later Young men. For 1913-18 
see North American student. United with 
Far horizons to form Intercollegian and 
Far horizons 

jtfp I 1/ w u 

INTERCOLLEGIAN and Far horizons. Harris- 
burg, Pa. v51 no8,My/Je 1934+ 
Formed by the union of Intercollegian 
and Far horizons, continuing the volume 
numbering of both. (Intercollegian, v51 
no8, and Far horizons, vl4 no4) 



N.Y. vl-12 no8,1902-Je 

INTERCOLLEGIATE outing club association 
Bulletin. l-3,My 1932-Mr 193511 
Superseded by its Journal 


Supersedes its Bulletin 

INTERCOLLEGIATE prohibition association. 
See International student 

INTERCOLLEGIATE socialist. See Labor age 

INTERCOLLEGIATE socialist society. See 
Labor age 

INTERCOLLEGIATE statesman. See Interna- 
tional student 

INTERCOLLEGIATE world. Baltimore, vl nol- 
6,Ja-Je 192611 
Merged into New student 

athletes of America 
Bulletin. N.Y. 1,F 9 1924+ 

of amateur 

America, Baltimore 

association of 

INTERCOLLEGIATE association of forestry 

Proceedings. New Haven; etc. 4,1920+ 
1-3 not published 

INTERCOLLEGIATE athletic association of the 
United States. See National collegiate ath- 
letic association 

athletics. See National 


New York 
Report. l-[4], 1911-161 

bureau of occupations, 

INTERCOLLEGIATE community service quar- 
terly. (Intercollegiate community service 
association) Philadelphia; etc. vl-4 no3,S 
1915-Ap 1919H 
vl-2 no3, 1915-Ap 1917 as College settle- 
ments association quarterly 

Publications. Baltimore. nol.F 1917||? 

See also Kadimah 
INTERCOLONIAL gas journal of Canada. Ham- 
ilton. 1,1907+ 

INTERCOLONIAL medical congress of Aus- 
tralasia. See Australasian medical congress 

INTERCOLONIAL medical journal of Australia. 
See Australian medical journal 

INTERCOLONIAL postal and telegraphic con- 
Report of proceedings. Sydney. 

INTERCOLONIAL quarterly journal of medi- 
cine and surgery. Melbourne. 1-2,1894-9511 
Merged into Australian medical journal 

ii/jf, j INTERCOLLEGIATE debates, a year book of 
college debating with records of questions 
and decisions, specimen speeches and bib- 
liographies. N.Y. 1,1909+ 





N.Y. 1- 

INTERCOLQNIAL trades and labor union con- 

nol-5 as Intercolonial trades union con- 
Official report of congress. nol-7,1884-911J? 

INTERDEPENDENCE. (League of nations so- 
ciety in Canada) Ottawa. 

INTERCOLLEGIATE disarmament council 
Annual report. N.Y. 1931/32+ 

INTERES comercial. Buenos Aires. 1,1928+ 
-Mr 1936 as Interes nacional 

INTERCOLLEGIATE law journal. N.Y. 1-2.N 

Superseded by University law review 

INTERCOLLEGIATE medical Journal. Chicago. 


INTERESES del pais. Periodico politico, ad- 
ministrativo, literario e industrial. Cuzco. 
nol-112,Jl 4 1848-Ap 17 185111 

INTERESSANTE gestalten. Bibliothek neuer 
romane und erzahlungen. Prague. 1-4,187311 ? 

INTERCOLLEGIATE Menorah association. See 
Menorah bulletin; Menorah journal; Meno- 
rah pamphlets 

INTERCOLLEGIATE Olympic Journal. N.Y. 

INTERESSE nazionale. Rome, vl nol-9,Ap 1- 
Jl 7 1848H? 



INTER ESSE NG EM El NSCH AFT farbenindus- 
trie aktiengesellschaft 
Photographische abteilung • 
— Wissenschaftliches zentral-laboratorium 
Veroffentlichungen. Leipzig. 1,1930+ 

National yearbook. N.Y. nol,1909 + 
• m To 1930 as Minutes 
*«£ Index: 1909-20 

INTER-hospital socialist society, London. See 

Hospital (1937+) 
INTeRIEUR. Revue mensuelle de l'art et la 

mode dans la maison. Paris. 1,N 1911+? 

INTERIEUR. Wiener monatshefte ftir ange- 
wandte kunst. Vienna. 1-15,1900-15|| 

INTERMEDIAIRE de I'Afas. See Association 
frangaise pour l'avancement des sciences 

INTERMeDIAIRE des biologistes et des mede- 
cins. Paris, vl-2 nol0,N 1897-D 1899|| 
1 as Interm6diaire des biologistes 

h (A 
r v 



/ 7 6 

des bombyculteurs 
Chomerac. 1-49, D 

et en- 


INTERMeDIAIRE des chercheurs et curieux. 

Paris. 1,1864+ 

Index: 1-34,1864-96 



INTERMeDIAIRE des imprimeu'rs; revue tech- 
nique illustree des industries du livre. 

Lyons. 1-13,1886-9811? 

INTER-industry selling. N.Y. 1,1935+ 

INTERIOR. Chicago. See Continent 
INTERIOR architecture and decoration com- 
bined with Good furniture and decoration. 

N.Y. vl-2 no3,Mr-S 1931; v37 no4-v38 no3, 

O 1931-Mr 1932|| 

vl-2 no3,Mr-S 1931 as Interior architec- 
ture and decoration. Absorbed Good fur- 
niture and decoration and assumed its 
numbering. Merged into Fine arts 

INTERIOR decoration, a magazine of home 
furnishing. N.Y. 1-2.S 1905-Ag 19061! ? 
Merged into Wall-paper news and interior 

INTERMeDIAIRE des mathematiciens. Paris. 

1-27,1894-1920; s2 vl-4,1922-24|| 
1922+ as ns 
Index: 1-20,1894-1913 

INTERMEDIAIRE des neurologistes et des 
alienistes. Paris. 1-2,1898-9911 



vinicole. Paris. 1-4,1892- 

INTERMEDIATE quarterly. Teacher's edition. 
International group lessons. Cincinnati; 
N.Y. 1,1932+ 

INTERIOR decorator. Chicago. 

INTERMEZZO; rivista di lettere, 
scienze. Alessandria. 1,189011 


INTERIOR decorator. N.Y. 1,1888+ 

vl-93 no6,1888-1934 as Upholsterer and 
interior decorator (title varies slightly) 

MB c,l0t< 

INTERIOR design and decoration. (American 
institute of decorators) N.Y. 1,1932+ 
1-7,1932-36 as Decorators digest 

£o r fa V iii- 

INTERIOR monthly; a magazine of current 
literature. Dayton, Ohio. nol-2,Ja-F 1885||? 

INTER lake yachting association. See Yachting 

INTERLANGUAGES; revue des interlinguistes. 
Paris. nol,1929+ 

Text chiefly in Esperanto. Subtitle varies 

INTERLUDE. San Francisco. 1,D 1935+ 

INTERLUDES. A magazine of verse. Balti- 
more, Md. 1,1924+ 

INTERLUDES; published ... by Intertype 
limited. London; Slough, Bucks; etc. 1, 

INTER-mountain Catholic. Salt Lake- 
Utah. vl-21 no43,1899-0 16 192011 ? 


INTER-mountain educator. Missoula, Mont. 1- 
19,0 1905-Je 1924|| 

Superseded by Montana educator 

INTER-mountain educator. 

Utah. 1,1891||? 

Salt Lake City, 

INTERMOUNTAIN fruit journal. See Fruit 

journal and western farmer 
INTER-mountain mining review and western 

mining record. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

INTERMOUNTAIN motorist. (Inland automo- 
bile association) Spokane, vl-3 no3,Ap 1928- 
Je 193011? 

Supersedes American motorist (local edi- 
tion) (not in this list) 


Bulletin. N.Y. 1 


; ! 




■2,N 1904-My 1906|| 

1$ /> 

INTERNACIA bulteno; germana informilo pri 
la milito. Berlin. nol/3-23/24,N 1 1914-0 



INTERNACIA komerca revuo. Zurich. 1,1920+ 

.NTERNACIA komerco. Cologne. 

INTERNAL revenue review. Devoted to the 
interests of the taxpayers under the in- 
ternal revenue laws and regulations, and 
of officers and employees of the internal 
revenue service. Baltimore, Md. vl-11 nol, 
O 1 1912-0 1922|| 

Suspended S,N 1919-S 1920 

INTERNACIA lingvo esperantida. (Esperantida 
akademio) Bern; etc. 1,N 1919+ 

INTERNACIA medicina revuo. (Tutmonda 
esperantista kuracista asocio) Brussels. 
1-12,1923-O/D 1934H? 

INTERNACIA mondliteraturo; kolekto de la 
plej famaj verkoj el ciuj naciaj literaturoj. 

Leipzig. 1,1922+ 

INTER-nation, a journal of economic affairs. 
Boston. 1,1905; nsvl-2,Ap 1906-Ja 190811 ? 
No numbers issued Jl-O 1906, S-D 1907 

/ /ItdM^Afc? /-2*c> a- 


INTERNATIONAAL archief voor de vrouwen- 
Jaarboek. Yearbook, International archives 
for the women's movement. Leyden. 1,1937+ 

INTERNATIONAAL Christendom. Utrecht, vl- 
6 nol,1915-21||? 

INTERNACIA novaj-oficejo, Frankfurt a.M. 

See INO Pressekorrespondenz 
INTERNACIA radio-revuo. Radio por Esperan- 
tistoj. Paris. l,Ja/P 1926- II? 

See also Radio-servo 
INTERNACIA scienca asocio esperantista 
Bulteno . . . kaj de sekcio de teknikaj 
vortaroj. Paris. nol-10,Ja 1926-Ap 1928||? 

INTERNATIONAAL mathematisch tijdschrift. 

See Christiaan Huygens; internationaal 
mathematisch tijdschrift 
INTERNATIONAL. Johannesburg. See Umse- 

benzi; the South African worker 
INTERNATIONAL. London. 1-7 (nol-25),D 
1907-D 190911 

Merged into Progress; civic, social, in- 
dustrial, educational 


See also Scienca gazeto 
INTERNACIA sciencia revuo. (Internacia sci- 
encia oflcejo esperantista) Geneva, vl-8 

MB 3 - 7 

INTERNACIO de socialista kunbatalo, London. 
See ISK 

INTERNACIONAL; revista de Mexico. (Mex- 
ico. Secretaria de relaciones exteriores de 
Mexico) Mexico, vl nol-3,S 1935-P 193611 

French ed. See Documents du progres 
German ed. See Dokumente des fortschritts 
INTERNATIONAL; a review of two worlds. 
N.Y. vl-12 no5,N 1908-My 1918|| 

1-2,1908-Ja 1910 as Moods. Suspended F- 
N 1910. Subtitle varies 

INTERNATIONAL; an illustrated monthly 
magazine of travel and literature. Chicago. 
vl-11 nol.Ag 1896-J1 1901|| 
Subtitle varies slightly 

INTERNACIONAL bfbliografia de las ciencias 
historicas. See International bibliography 
of historical sciences 

INTERNACIONAL sindical roja; revista men- 
sual editada por el Comite ejecutivo de la 
I.S.R. Moscu. Paris. nol.Ag 1928+ 

INTERNAL combustion engineer; a practical 
journal devoted to I.C.E. economics. Lon- 
don, vl nol-5,N 1933-Mr 1934|| 
v Merged into Gas and oil power 

INTERNATIONAL abstract of surgery. Chi- 
cago. 16,F 1913+ 
Supplement to Surgery, gynecology, and 
obstetrics, assuming its numbering 

INTERNATIONAL academy of comparative 
Actorum Academiae universalis jurispruden- 
tiae comparativae. M6moires de l'Acad^mie 
internationale de droit compare. Berlin; 
etc. 1,1928+ 

INTERNAL combustion engineering. London. 
v4-5 no95,Ja-Ag 26 1914|| 

Continues in part Automobile engineer 
and adopts its volume numbering 

Travaux. . . 

— Ser. 1. Les sources du droit positif. 1,1929+ 

-Ser. 2. fitudes et rapports. 1,1929+ 

INTERNAL revenue association 
Proceedings. Baltimore. 1-5,1910-14|| 
3-4 in Internal revenue review 

See also Fontes juris vigentis 
INTERNATIONAL acetylene association 
Proceedings. N.Y. 1,1898+ 
Title varies 

INTERNAL revenue record and customs jour- 
nal. N.Y. 1-41,1865-9511 
Title varies slightly. Merged into United 
States revenue journal 

^ MB 

Oxy-acetylene committee 
— Publications. 1,1934 + 



INTERNATIONAL acetylene association 
Oxy- acetylene committee — Continued 
— Report. Chicago 

See also Acetylene journal; Journal of acety- 
lene welding 
INTERNATIONAL adcrafter. Detroit. 1,1928+ 

— Ancient series. N.Y. 



ancient and 

— Modern series. N.Y. 

1,1929 + 

INTERNATIONAL American institute for the 
protection of infants 
Boletin. Montevideo. 1,J1 1927+ 

Spanish title: Instituto internacional 
americano de proteccion a la infancia 
Index: 1-10,1927-37 in 10 

INTERNATIONAL and American association of 
fairs and expositions. See International asso- 
ciation of fairs and expositions 
INTERNATIONAL anti-tuberculosis associa- 
tion. See Tuberculosis, (Leipzig-) 
INTERNATIONAL apple shippers' association 
1895-1903 as National apple shippers' asso- 
Official minutes. 1,1895+ 

Title varies: Yearbook; etc. 

vi V' 



advertising art. Berlin. 

-7 + 

INTERNATIONAL advertising association. See 

Advertising federation of America 
INTERNATIONAL aeronautic federation 
Bulletin. Paris. 1,1905+ 

French title: Fedjration aeronauti _ue._in- 
ternationale. BullefTr 

Conference statutaire 
Paris. 1-8,1905-12||? 

Proces -verbaux. 

See also Aero club of America, New York 
INTERNATIONAL aeronautics; world review 
of aviation. N.Y. vl nol-5,Ag 1923-D 1923/Ja 


See also Spy 

INTERNATIONAL arbitration and peace asso- 
ciation monthly journal. See Concord 

INTERNATIONAL arbitration league, London. 
See Arbitrator (London) 

INTERNATIONAL archives' for the women's 
movement. See Internat-ionaal archief voor 
de vrouwenbeweging 

national art union) N.Y. 

, 1849|| 

INTERNATIONAL association for bridge and 
structural engineering 
French title: Association internationale des 
ponts et charpentes; German title: In- 
ternationale vereinigung fur brtickenbau 
und hochbau 
Bulletin. 1,0 1933+ 

journal. (Inter- 
vl nol-10,F-N 


INTERNATIONAL affairs. Toronto. 1,1937+ 

Memoires. Abhandlungen. 
ich. 1,1932+ 

Publications. Zur- 

INTERNATIONAL affairs. (Royal institute of 
international affairs) Bungay, Suffolk. l,Ja 

vl-5 no2,1922-Mr 1926 as British institute 
of international affairs, Journal; v5 rto3- 
v9,My 1926-N 1930 Royal institute of in- 
ternational affairs, Journal 



INTERNATIONAL affairs as presented in re- 
cent periodicals, books and pamphlets. (Na- 
tional council for prevention of war) Wash- 
ington. 1-107,0/N 1923-S/O 1932|| 

O-N 1923 as Magazine articles dealing 
with questions of war and peace; D 1923- 
F 1924 International relations as presented 
in fifty leading periodicals; Mr-D 1924 In- 
ternational affairs as presented in fifty 
j". leading periodicals 


INTERNATIONAL affairs in articles and books. 
(National peace council) London. nol-24,N 
1930-O 1932|| 

Title varies slightly 

INTERNATIONAL air traffic association 

Bulletin d' information. The Hague. nol,1923 + 
French and English on opposite pages 

INTERNATIONAL alliance of physicians and 
surgeons. See International brief 

INTERNATIONAL American bee keepers' as- 
sociation. See National bee keepers' as- 

Publication preliminaire. Vorbericht. Pre- 
. liminary publication. 1,1932+ 

INTERNATIONAL association for cancer re- 
search. See Cancer 
INTERNATIONAL association for commercial 
i education. See International review for com- 
mercial education 
INTERNATIONAL association for dental re- 
Scientific proceedings. 

Reprinted from Journal of dental research 

INTERNATIONAL association for folklore and 

ethnology. See Folk (Leipzig) 
INTERNATIONAL association for identifica- 
Proceedings. 1-17,1915-3111 

Continued in Sparks from the anvil 

See also National police officer 
INTERNATIONAL association for labor legis- 
United S 1925 with International associa- 
tion on unemployment, and Permanent in- 
ternational committee of social insurance 
to form International association for so- 
cial progress 
Publications. London. 1-11,1901-2011? 




American section. See American association 
for labor legislation 



Danish section. See Dansk forening for 

arbejderbeskyttelse; Dansk forening for so- 

French section. See Association nationale 

frangaise pour la protection 16gale des 

travailleurs, Paris 
German section. See Gesellschaft fur soziale 

reform; Internationale vereinigung fur ge- 

setzlichen arbeiterschutz 
Norwegian section. See Norsk forening for 

socialt arbeide 
Spanish section. See Espafia social; Protec- 

ci6n legal de los trabajadores 
Swedish section. See Foreningen for arbetar- 

Swiss section. See Schweizerische vereinigung 

zur forderung des internationalen arbeiter- 

INTERNATIONAL association for 

Conference. Geneva. 1,S 1931+ 


allied sys- 



INTERNATIONAL association for 
the study of quaternions and 
terns of mathematics 
Bulletin. Lancaster, Pa. Mr 1900-Je 

MB J^-Ol/ 

INTERNATIONAL association for social pro- 


Formed S 1925 by the union of Interna- 
tional association for labor legislation, 
International association on unemploy- 
ment, and Permanent international com- 
mittee of social insurance 

INTERNATIONAL association of accident 
Proceedings. Philadelphia; etc. 
1907-11 title supplied 

INTERNATIONAL association of bridge and 
structural iron workers. See Bridgemen's 

INTERNATIONAL association of car account- 
Report of the proceedings 
1-28, -1903H? 

Cedar Rapids, la. 

INTERNATIONAL association of car account- 
ants and car service officers 

1-6,1876-81 as Convention of the car ac- 
countants representing railways in the 
United States and Canada; 7-8,1882-83 
Railway car accountants' association of 
the United States and Canada; 9-11,1884- 
86 Car accountants' association; 12-25, 
1887-1900 International association of car 
accountants. United with Railway trans- 
portation association to form Association 
of transportation and car accounting 
officers. A 29th report is included in the 
1st report of that association (1904) 
OCiD /Report of proceedings. nol-28,1876-1903|| 

INTERNATIONAL association of car workers. 

See Railroad worker 
INTERNATIONAL association of casualty and 

surety underwriters 
• Proceedings. 1,1911+ 

Spanish section. See Sociedad para el pro- 
greso social 
' aQI INTERNATIONAL association for testing ma- 
Proceedings, vl-3 no2,My 1908-Je 1914U 





See also' American society for testing ma- 
terials; Association frangaise pour l'essai 
des materiaux; International association for 
the testing of materials 
INTERNATIONAL association for the advance- 
ment of science, arts and education 
Bulletin. N.Y. nol,1900|| 

MB In r J 

INTERNATIONAL association for the protec- 
tion of industrial property 

French title: Association internationale 
pour la protection de la propriety indu- 
strielle; German title: Internationale 
vereinigung fur gewerblichen rechtsschutz 
Annuaire. Paris. 1,1897+ 

Jahrbuch. 1-16,1897-1912|| 
15,1911 never published 

Transactions. 1-14,1897-191011? 

Belgian branch. See Association nationale 
beige pour la protection de la propriety 
INTERNATIONAL association for the testing 
■of materials 

Supersedes International association for 
testing materials. (1908-14) 1927-31 as 
New international association for the 
testing of materials 
First communications of the New interna- 
tional association for the testing of ma- 
terials. 1-4,1930|| 

INTERNATIONAL association of chiefs of 

To 1901 as National association of chiefs 
of police of the United States and Canada 
Bulletin. l,Ag 1938 + 

Proceedings. Grand Rapids, Mich. 1,1894+ 

Yearbook. 1936/37+ 

MB 1 + 

Committee on uniform crime records 
— Uniform crime reports for the United States 
and its possessions. Monthly bulletin. N.T. 
vl nol-7,Ja-Jl 1930|| 

Continued under the same title by the 
Bureau of investigation, U.S. Dept. of 
justice (not in this list) 

See also National police officer; Police chiefs' 
news letter 

INTERNATIONAL association of climatologists. 
See Physical therapeutics 

INTERNATIONAL association of clothing de- 
signers. See Designer and manufacturer 

INTERNATIONAL association of comptrollers 
and accounting officers. See Municipal 
finance officers association of the United 
States and Canada 

INTERNATIONAL association of dairy and 
milk inspectors. See International associa- 
tion of 'milk sanitarians 

INTERNATIONAL association of electrical in- 
News bulletin. Chicago 1,J1 1929 + 

Includes the Proceedings of the various 




INTERNATIONAL association of factory in- 

1887 as Convention of factory inspectors; 
1888-89 National association of factory 
inspectors of North America; 1890 Inter- 
national association of inspectors of fac- 
tories and workshops of North America 
(other slight changes). United with In- 
ternational association of officials of 
bureaus of labor, factory inspection and 
industrial commissions to form Associa- 
tion of governmental labor officials of the 
United States and Canada, later Inter- 
national association of governmental labor 
Proceedings. Columbus; etc. 1-27,1887-191311 
26,1912 never published. 28,1914 (final) as 
part of the new association's Proceed- 
ings. 1,1914 

INTERNATIONAL association of fairs and ex- 

Through 1920 as American association of 
fairs and expositions; 1921 International 
and American association of fairs and 
Annual meeting. 

Title varies: Proceedings; etc. 


INTERNATIONAL association of fire engineers 
Proceedings, Cambridge, Mass.; etc. 1-38, 
Title varies . £-0'7 r%\ ' 

MB l^l^flf^lt 

INTERNATIONAL association of fire fighters. 

See International fire fighter 
INTERNATIONAL association of game, fish 
and conservation commissioners 
1902-16 as National association of game 
wardens and commissioners (title varies 
Proceedings. Boston; etc. 1,1902+ 

INTERNATIONAL association of governmental 
labor officials 
Formed by the union of International 
association of factory inspectors, and 
International association of officials of 
bureaus of labor, factory inspection and 
industrial commissions. 1914-31 as Asso- 
ciation of governmental labor officials of 
the United States and Canada 
Proceedings. Washington; etc. 1,1914+ 

4,1917 never published. 7-19 in U.S. 
Bureau of labor statistics. Bulletin, (not 
in this list) 

Proceedings. Washington. 1,1914+ 

1,1914 in National compensation journal, 
vl no5,My 1914. 3,1916+ in U.S. Bureau - 
of labor statistics. Bulletin (not in this 
list) t 

INTERNATIONAL association of inspectors of 

factories and workshops of North America. 

See International association of factory 

INTERNATIONAL association of instructors 

and investigators in poultry husbandry. See 

Poultry science association 
INTERNATIONAL association of insurance 

counsel, Birmingham. See Insurance counsel 

INTERNATIONAL association of leather trades' 

chemists. See International society of 

leather trades' chemists 
INTERNATIONAL association of machinists 

See also Machinists' monthly journal 
INTERNATIONAL association of marble work- 
ers. See Marble worker 
INTERNATIONAL association of medical mu- 
Bulletin. See Journal of technical methods. 
INTERNATIONAL association of milk dealers 
To 1924? as International milk dealers' 
- association 
Proceedings. 1,1908?+ 

Each yr in three volumes: Laboratory 
section, Plant section, Production section 

Committee on laboratory methods 

— Abstract of literature on the production, 

processing and distribution of milk. 

Chicago, 1,1931+ 
Title varies 

INTERNATIONAL association of milk sani- 

To S? 1936 as International association 
of dairy and milk inspectors 
Annual report. 1-25,1912-3611 

Superseded by Journal of milk technology 

INTERNATIONAL association of municipal 
Proceedings. Corning, N.Y. ; etc. 1,1896+ 
Title varies 

INTERNATIONAL association of heat and frost 
insulators and asbestos workers. See Asbes- 
tos worker 

INTERNATIONAL association of ice cream 
To 1926 as National association of ice 
cream manufacturers 
Report of proceedings. Chicago. 1,1918?+ 

Special bulletin. Harrisburg. 

See also Abstracts of literature on the manu- 
facture and distribution of ice cream 
INTERNATIONAL association of industrial ac- 
cident boards and commissions 

1915 as National association of industrial 
accident boards and commissions 
A. B.C. reporter. 


INTERNATIONAL association of officials of 
bureaus of labor, factory inspection and in- 
dustrial commissions 

1883 as National convention of chiefs 
and commissioners of state bureaus of 
statistics of labor; 1884 National conven- 
tion of the state labor statistical bureaus; 
1885-89 National convention of chiefs and 
commissioners of the various bureaus of 
statistics of labor in the United States; 
1891 National convention of officers of 
bureaus of labor statistics; 1892-1900 
National association of officials of bureaus 
of labor statistics; 1901-08 Association 
of officials of bureaus of labor "statistics; 
1909-10 International association of offi- 
cials of bureaus of labor (other slight 
variations). United with International 
association of factory inspectors to form. 
Association of governmental labor offi- 
cials of the United States and Canada, 
later International association of govern- 
mental labor officials 
[Proceedings] 1-29,1883-191311 

No conventions held 1890,93. 30,1914 
(final) as part of the new association's 
Proceedings. 1,1914 

Mb i - 1 <■[ 

a \r 




INTERNATIONAL association of plant breeders, 

French title: Association internationale 
des selectionneurs de plantes; German 
title: Internationaler verband der pflan- 
Bulletin. l,Ap 1927+ 

INTERNATIONAL astronomical 
Bulletin for character figures 
nomena. Zurich. nol, 1917+ 

Transactions. 1,1922 + 

of solar 



INTERNATIONAL association of policewomen 
Bulletin. See Policewoman's international 

INTERNATIONAL association of poultry in- - 
structors and investigators. See Interna- 
tional review of poultry science I 
INTERNATIONAL association of public em- 
ployment services 
Through 1916 as American association of 
public employment offices. 3-4,9-12,1915- 
16,21-24 also issued as U.S. Bureau of 
labor statistics; Bulletin nol92,220,311,37, 
,65,400; 8,14,1917,26 by Canada. Dept. of 
Proceedings. 1,1913+ Q o L> £#■ 

mb *£, u'.iV ,lL-)k 

INTERNATIONAL auctioneer and land sales- 
man. Chicago; Springfield, 111. 1,1898+ 

NTERNATIONAL auxiliary language associa- 
tion in the United States, New York 
Bulletin. nol-3,My 1925-2811? 

J 'I I 


INTERNATIONAL association of public works 

1920 as International association of street 
cleaning officials; 1921-29 International 
association of street sanitation officials 
Proceedings. nol-14,1920-33|| 

Title varies slightly. Continued in Pub- 
lic works engineers' yearbook 
Index: 1918-36 (includes American society 
of municipal engineers. Proceedings) 


MB /' ^ 5 


City, Mo. 1,1925 + 


chick news. Kansas 

INTERNATIONAL banker. See International 

banking and commerce 
INTERNATIONAL banking and commerce. Los 

Angeles, vl-3 no3,Je 1922-My 1924|| 

vl nol.Je 1922 as International banker. 
Merged into Coast banker 

See also Public works engineers' yearbook 
INTERNATIONAL association of refrigeration 
Monthly bulletin. Paris. 1-10, Ag 1910-D 1919|| 
INTERNATIONAL association of rotary clubs. 

See Rotary international 
INTERNATIONAL association of steam, hot 
water and power pipe fitters and helpers. 
See Steam fitter 
INTERNATIONAL association of street sanita- 
tion officials. See International association 
of public works officials 
INTERNATIONAL association of torch clubs. 

See Torch (Buffalo) 
INTERNATIONAL association of tropical agri- 
culture and colonial development, Paris 
French name: Association scientifique in- 
ternationale d'agriculture des pays chauds 
Bulletin. nol,Ag 1929+ 

INTERNATIONAL Benjamin Franklin society. 

See Benjamin Franklin gazette 
INTERNATIONAL bibliographer. London, nol- 

2,Ap-My 191011 

INTERNATIONAL bibliographical institute. See 

Institut international de documentation 
INTERNATIONAL bibliography of historical £<■ 

sciences. (International committee of histor- 
ical sciences) Paris. 1,1926+ 

MB /+- 7I 

INTERNATIONAL blue printer. Chicago. 1,F 


D 1928,Ja-F,Ag 1929 as Blue printer 

INTERNATIONAL- association on unemploy- 

United S 1925 with International associa- 
tion for labor legislation, and Permanent 
international committee of social insur- 
ance to form International association for 
social progress 
Bulletin trimestriel de l'Association interna- 
tionale pour la lutte contre le chomage. 
Paris. 1-4.J1 1911-Je 191411 

vl nol as Revue internationale du chO- 
mage ' ]// 

Belgian section. See Lutte contre le chSmage 

Dutch section. See Nationale vereeniging 

tegen de werkloosheid; Nederlandsche werk- 


German section. See Deutsche gesellschaft zur 

bekampfung der arbeitslosigkeit 
Hungarian section. See Munkan61ktiliseg elleni 
kiizdelem magyarorszagi egyestilete 
INTERNATIONAL association training school 

notes. See Association seminar 
INTERNATIONAL astrology magazine. N.Y. 
vl nol-9,F-0 1937H 

INTERNATIONAL book-binder. A journal de- 
voted to the interests of the book-binders 
of the United States and Canada. (Inter- 
national brotherhood of bookbinders of 
North America) Washington; etc. l,Ja 1900+ 

INTERNATIONAL book-news. (World peace 
foundation) Boston. nol-[25],Ja 1928-My 

nos for 23-25 supplied 

INTERNATIONAL book review. See Literary 

digest international book review 
INTERNATIONAL bookseller. N.Y. vl nol-31, 

Mr 26-N 5 1829||? 

INTERNATIONAL boot and shoe operatives 
and leather workers' federation 

German title: Internationale vereinigung 
der schuh- und lederindustriearbeiter 
International correspondence. Nuremberg, 
nol. 1907+ 



INTERNATIONAL boot and shoe operatives 
and leather workers' federation — Continued) 
Internationale correspondenz. nol,1907+» 

Mitteilungen. Nuremberg. 1929+ 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of steam shovel 
and dredgemen. See Steam shovel and 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of teamsters, 
chauffeurs, stablemen and helpers 
Official magazine. Indianapolis. 1,1903 + 
1-2 as its Magazine; 3-7 as Teamsters 


1921 + 

Report of the proceedings. Vienna; etc. 1, 

INTERNATIONAL building trades council, St. 
Louis. See Labor compendium 

INTERNATIONAL bulletin. (International in- 
stitute of economics) N.Y. l,Je 1922-Mr 

Reports. (Bimonthly) Nuremberg. 

INTERNATIONAL Braille magazine. N.Y. 1,N 

1- as Interallied Braille magazine 

INTERNATIONAL bulletin of information on 
refrigeration. See International institute of 
refrigeration, Paris. Bulletin 
INTERNATIONAL bulletin of plant protection. 
(International institute of agriculture) 
Rome. 1,F 1927+ 

1-2,1927-D 1928 issued in abstract form, 
also in International review of agriculture 
Suspended Ap-D 1928 

INTERNATIONAL brief. (International alliance 
of physicians and surgeons) N.Y.-; London. 


Paris. 1,D 1930+ 

of social work. 

INTERNATIONAL broadcast & sound engl- 
ju-pneer , . . yearbook. London. l,Ja 1937+ 

hV? <k>[Oi 

INTERNATIONAL broom and whisk makers' 

union. See Broom maker 
INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of blacksmiths', 

drop forgers' and helpers' monthly Journal. 

Chicago, vl-31 no6,1900-29|| 

vl-22 no4 as Blacksmiths journal 

INTERNATIONAL bulletin of the agricultural 
associations. Rome. 1,1929?+ 

French edition. See Cahier international des 
associations agricoles 
INTERNATIONAL bureau against alcoholism 1 , 
1907-22 as International temperance bu- 
Press bulletin. nol.Ja 28 1926+? 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of bollermakers, 
iron ship builders and helpers of America 

Through 1906 as Brotherhood of boiler- 
makers and iron ship builders of America 
Report of proceedings. N.Y. 

INTERNATIONAL bureau for physico-chemical 
standards, Brussels 
French title: Bureau international des 
Rapport. . . Saint-Ouen. 

See also Boilermakers' journal 
INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of bookbinders 
of North America. See International book- 
INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of drop forgers 
and helpers 
Bi-monthly journal. Chicago, vl-31 no6, 

Revues critiques de constantes. 

INTERNATIONAL bureau of commercial sta- 

"t i s t i cs 
Bulletin. Brussels. 1,1922+ 

French title: Bureau international de sta- 
tistique commerciale. Bulletin 


brotherhood of electrical 

INTERNATIONAL bureau of education 
Annuaire international de l'education et de 
l'enseignement. Geneva. 

See also Journal of electrical workers and 
operators; Union telephone operator 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of firemen and 
oilers. See Firemen and oilers' journal 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of maintenance 
of way employees. See Brotherhood of main- 
tenance of way employees journal 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of paper mak- 
ers. See Paper makers' journal 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of pulp, sul- 
phite and paper mill workers of the United 
States and Canada. See Pulp, sulphite and 
paper mill worker's journal 

INTERNATIONAL brotherhood of stationary 
firemen's journal. See Firemen and oilers' 

Bulletin. Geneva. 1,1926?+ 
English edition 

Publications. 1930/31 + 

INTERNATIONAL business college association 
Proceedings. Cleveland. 1-5,1868-7311? 

INTERNATIONAL business machines corpora- 
tion. See Think; a "spotlight" on new 
things and thoughts in the world of affairs 







N.Y. vl-30 no6,1890- 

INTERNATIONAL cancer research foundation 
Report of activities. Philadelphia. 1,1932/33+ 

INTERNATIONAL catalogue of scientific liter- 
ature. London. 1,1901+ 

&mb /hV fir 

■ ; / 


INTERNATIONAL centre of fascist studies, 
London. See Survey of fascism 

INTERNATIONAL centre of fascist studies, 

French title: Centre international d'6tudes 
sur le fascisme (Cinef). 
etudes. Paris; etc. 1,1928+ 

1-2,1928-29 as its Annuaire 

INTERNATIONAL chamber of commerce 
Brochure. See its Drucksache 
Digest. Paris. nol,1921+ 

Drucksache. nol,1921+ 

as its Brochure 


Journal. Paris. nol-19,Jl 1924-0 1928|| 
Superseded by World trade 

News notes. 1,P 1929+ 

Record. Paris. nol-8,Mr 1 1921-D 1923||? 
MB / ' "/ 


American section 

—International information service 

Paris letter. nol-142,N 1922-Ap 21 1931|| 

1-44, N 1922-0 9 1925 as its Information 
letter. Merged into the chamber's News 

INTERNATIONAL cinema trade review. N.Y. 
vl-4 no2,F 1919-Ap 1922)1? 

Text in English, French, Spanish, Por- 
tuguese and Italian 

INTERNATIONAL city managers' association 
Through 1923 as City managers' associa- 
City manager yearbook. Springfield, Ohio; 
etc. 1-19,1914-33|| 

1,11,15-16 as its Proceedings; 2-3,1915- 
16 Anhual report, proceedings; 4-10,12-14 
Yearbook. 11,1924+ as one number of 
City manager magazine, later Public man- 
agement. 11-16 pub. as Mr number of 
Public management. Continued in Muni- 
cipal year book , 

me j-v; \i . 

See also Municipal year book; Public man- 
INTERNATIONAL clinics. See New interna-'- 

San Francisco. 

tional clinics 
vl-5 nol,Je 1887-Je 18S9H ? 

'<_.. . j 

INTERNATIONAL college of surgeons, Chicago 
Transactions. 1,J1 1938+ 


INTERNATIONAL commission for air naviga- 
Bulletin officiel. Paris. nol,Ag 1922+ 
French and English 


INTERNATIONAL commission for the explora- 
tion of the upper air 

French title: Commission internationale 
pour l'a6rostation scientifique; German 
title: Internationale kommission fur wis- 
senschaftliche luftschiffahrt 
Compte rendu des jours internationaux. 1923- 

Supersedes its Veroffentlichungen. Super- 
seded by its Ergebnisse der aerologischen. 

Special report. nol.F 1926+ 

Ergebnisse der aerologischen messungen. 
Supersedes its Compte rendu 


INTERNATIONAL chess magazine. N.Y. 1-7, 
Ja 1885-91H? 

MB 1*7 

INTERNATIONAL Christian endeavor monthly. 

Oswego, Kan. l-2,Ap 1905-D 1906||? 

INTERNATIONAL commission for the scien- 
tific exploration of the Mediterranean Sea 
Bulletin de la Commission internationale pour 
j 1' exploration scientifique de la Mer M6di- 
terran<§e. . . Monaco. nol-10,Ja 15 1920-D 
20 192411 

INTERNATIONAL Christian social institute 
News letter. nol-8,Ja 8 1931-0 15 1932|| 

Superseded by Churches in action; news 
letter. . . 

At head of title: Universal Christian 
council for life and work 

INTERNATIONAL Christian workers associa- 

1886-90 as Christian workers in the U.S. 
and Canada 
Proceedings. New Haven, Conn. 1-7,1886-9211? 

INTERNATIONAL church review. See Inter- 
nationale kirchliche zeitschrift 

Faune et flore de la MSditerranSe. Paris. 

Rapports et proces-verbaux 

Supersedes its Bulletin 

des reunions. 

INTERNATIONAL commission for the study 
of clouds 
Atlas international des nuages et des Stats - 
du ciel. Paris. 1932+ 
At head of title: Comite" m6t6orologique 
international. Commission pour l'6tude des 




INTERNATIONAL commission of agriculture 
Annates de la Commission Internationale 
d'agriculture. Paris. 1,1926/27+ 

INTERNATIONAL commission on illumination 
Recueil des travaux et compte rendu des st- 
ances publie sous la direction du Bureau 
central de la commission, the National phys- 
ical laboratory, Teddington, Angleterre. 1-6, 

Contributions in French or English 

INTERNATIONAL commission on the teach- 
ing of mathematics 
Abhandlungen uber den mathematischen un- 
terricht in Deutschland. 1-5,1909-1611 

INTERNATIONAL communications review. (In- 
ternational telephone and telegraph cor- 
poration) N.Y. vl-7 no2,Mr 1925-J1 193111 

1-4,1925-0 1928 as International telephone 


Index: 1-3,1925-27 

Spanish edition. See Revista de communica- 
ciones internacionales 

INTERNATIONAL conciliation. See Associa- 
tion for international conciliation, Ameri- 
can branch; Conciliation internationale, 
Paris; Verband fur internationale ver- 

INTERNATIONAL confederation of authors' 
and dramatists' societies. See Inter-auteurs 

INTERNATIONAL confectioner. N.Y. 1,1892+ 

Atti della 

sottocommissione italiana. Rome. 

Berichte uber den, mathematischen unterricht 
in Oesterreich. Vienna. 1-13,1910-14|| 

Berichte und mitteilungen. Leipzig; etc. si 
nol-12; s2 nol-3,1909-17||? 

si nol0,s2 nol-2 are Beihefte zur Zeit- 
schrift filr mathematischen und natur- 
wissenschaftlichen unterricht, 2-4 

Bulletins of the American commissioners. 
N.Y. nol-5, 1909-10H? 

Circulaire. Geneva, nol-5, 1909-1111? 

INTERNATIONAL committee for bird preser- 

1927 as International committee for bird 
Bulletin. N.Y. 1,1927+ 

INTERNATIONAL conference on plant breed- 
ing and hybridization, New York 
Proceedings. See Horticultural society of 
New York. Memoirs 

INTERNATIONAL co-operative alliance. See 
Review of international co-operation 

INTERNATIONAL co-operative bulletin. See 
Review of international co-operation 

INTERNATIONAL corn borer investigations 
Scientific reports. Copenhagen. l-4,1927/28-31|| 

INTERNATIONAL correspondence-alliance. See 
Kosmos (Amsterdam) 

INTERNATIONAL correspondence school. See 
I.C.S. farmer and poultryman; Trained men 

INTERNATIONAL cotton bulletin. (Interna- 
tional federation of master cotton spin- 
ners' and manufacturers' associations) 
Manchester, England. 1,S 1922+ , 


INTERNATIONAL committee for India, 
Geneva. jSee Indian press; short news items 
about the situation in India 

INTERNATIONAL committee of historical sci- 

6 n CGS 

Bulletin. Washington. nol.O 1926+ 

See also International bibliography of his- 
torical sciences 

INTERNATIONAL committee of the Young 
men's Christian associations. See American 
youth; Association men 

INTERNATIONAL committee of the Young 
women's Christian association. See Evangel 

INTERNATIONAL committee on modern liter- 
ary history 
Repertoire chronologique des litteratures 
modernes. Paris. i 

INTERNATIONAL committee on the Christian 
approach to the Jews. See under Interna- 
tional missionary council 
INTERNATIONAL commonwealth. Austin; 
Houston, Tex.; etc. 1-11,1903-2211? 
1-7 as State topics; a journal of the 
people; v8 nol-2 Texas weekly review; v8 
no3-23 State topics and the Texas weekly 
review; v8 no24-vl0 State topics and the 
Texas monthly review 



INTERNATIONAL council correspondence. 
Living Marxism 

INTERNATIONAL council for exceptional chil- 
dren. See Journal of exceptional children 

INTERNATIONAL council for the study of the 
Bulletin hydrographique. Copenhagen. 

1908/09 + 
Supersedes its Bulletin tfimestriel. Ger- P 
man and English text 

itin plankton 
lupersedes ii 

Bulletin planktonique. . . 1908/11+ 

Supersedes its Bulletin trimestriel 

Bulletin statistique des p§ches maritimes des 
pays du nord de l'Europe. 1,1903/04+ 
English and German text 


Bulletin trimestriel des resultats acquis 

pendant les croisieres periodiques et dans 

les periodes intermediaires. 1-3,1902-0811 

Superseded by its Bulletin hydrographique 

and Bulletin planktonique 

/Current bibliography. 1,1926+ 

Faune ichthyologique de l'Atlantique du nord. 
1,1929 + 

Journal du conseil. 1,F 1926+ 

Supersedes its Publications de circonstance 



Publications de circonstance. Copenhagen. 1- 
, Superseded by its Journal du conseil 

MB ) Li ' 2 -CM 

Rapports et prooes-verbaux des reunions. 
Copenhagen. 1,J1 1902+ 

For detailed information see LC card 


\'VS \U\ r 

Resume des observations sur le plankton des 
mers explores. . . 1902-08. nol-4, 1910-3111 

INTERNATIONAL council of coal merchants. 

See Retail coalman 
INTERNATIONAL council of nurses. See In- 
ternational nursing review 
INTERNATIONAL council of religious educa- 
tion, Chicago 
Research service bulletin. 

Supersedes Research service in religious 


Reports, minutes, and directory. 

Bureau of research 

— Abstracts in. religious education. 

INTERNATIONAL customs Journal. See Bulle- 
tin international des douanes 
INTERNATIONAL dairy goat Journal. See 

Dairy goat journal 
INTERNATIONAL deep waterways association 
Proceedings. Cleveland; Toronto. 1-2,1895-9611 

INTERNATIONAL dental federation 
Bulletin. Brussels. 1,1925+ 

In English, French, German and Spanish 


Title varies 

Commission de documentation 
—Bulletin. Brussels, vl-3 nol,1923-25||? 

Hygiene commission 

— Bulletin. . . Periodical. . . nol,1925|| 

Later reports included in the federation's 


INTERNATIONAL dental journal. N.Y. 1-26, 


vl nol,1880 as Practitioner; vl no2-v9, 
1880-88 Independent practitioner 

See also International journal of religious 
INTERNATIONAL council of scientific unions 
1919-30 as International research council 
Report of proceedings. 1-4.1919-28U 

VLB : , , | . 

INTERNATIONAL council of women ; 
nnual report. 

ii i s 

Bulletin. London. 

Various nos include supplements 

Rapport. i 

/ • j/ s 

INTERNATIONAL country life commission 
Bulletin. Louvain; etc. 1,1925+ 

1-3,1925-26 as Commission internationale 
de 1'embellissement de la vie rurale. 

INTERNATIONAL crop report and agricultural 
statistics. (International institute of agri- 
culture) Rome. 1-19,1910-2811 
1-4 as Bulletin of agricultural statistics; 
5-6 Bulletin of agricultural and commer- 
cial statistics. Merged into International 
review of agriculture Ja 1929 and con- 
tinued as pt3. Monthly crop report and 
agricultural statistics 

INTERNATIONAL dental review. Chicago. See 
Dental review, a journal of prosthetics 

INTERNATIONAL dental review. Oakland, Cal. 
nol-8,Ja-Ag 193111 



dentistry. Alexandria. l,Mr 


vl-3 nol.Ap 1936-D 19 193711 


^INTERNATIONAL digest. N.Y. vl-3 nol.Ja 

1916-Ja 1918|| 

Ja-S 1916 as National defense digest; Ja- 
O 1917 National defense and the Inter- 

, national digest 


INTERNATIONAL culinary magazine. (Inter- 
national mutual cooks and pastry cooks as- 
sociation of New York) N.Y. l-2,Je 1913- 
S 191511 

Merged into National food magazine 

INTERNATIONAL culture league. See Interna- 
tional league of culture 

INTERNATIONAL custom cutters' association 
of America 
Proceedings. Springfield, 111. 

INTERNATIONAL digest; a monthly review of 
foreign affairs. N.Y. vl-2 no5,0 1930-My 

Not published Ag 1931,Mr-Ap 1932 

INTERNATIONAL digest of organotherapy. 

Glendale, Cal. vl-2 no4,Je 1922-S 192311 
Superseded by Endocrine survey 

INTERNATIONAL disarmament notes. See In- 
ternational notes for disarmament and world 

INTERNATIONAL draughts magazine. Bris- 
tol. 1-3,1888-9211 

Suspended during 1890 

INTERNATIONAL druggist. San Antonio. 
3 no6,D 1910-D 192111 ? 


INTERNATIONAL economic research 
Bulletin. N.Y. l,Ag 1933+ 



rl 'I 

ft f 



\ /TUt. 



INTERNATIONAL economist. Paris. 1-15, 


1-11,1895-1900 as Nineteen hundred 

IBWW survey; newsletter. 

Supersedes its Bulletin 

Amsterdam. 1. 

INTERNATIONAL electrotechnical commis- 
Publication. London. 1,1906+ 

English and French in parallel columns 

INTERNATIONAL engineer. N.Y. vl-2 no3, 
Je 1907-F 1908H 

Merged into International steam engineer, 
later International engineer 

INTERNATIONAL engineer. (International 
union of steam and operating engineers) 
Chicago; Washington. 1,D 1901+ 

1,1901? as Stationary engineer and ma- 
chinist; 2-50,19027-26 International steam 

INTERNATIONAL federation of building work- 
[Bulletin] Hamburg; Berlin. nol,Jl 1920+ 

1-22,1920-29 as Bauarbeiter-internationale. 
Text in French, German, Italian, Danish 
and English (with following exceptions: 
nolO pub. only in German; Italian edition 
ceased with nol2; English edition not 
pub. for nol-3, 6-8,10) 

INTERNATIONAL federation of general fac- 
tory workers 
Bulletin. Amsterdam. 
English edition 

Mitteilungsblatt, meddelelsesblad, bulletin. 

Name of federation also in Danish, French 
and German. -1933 as its Bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL entente against the Third 
Economic information Eia. Geneva. 1,N 1931+ 

INTERNATIONAL federation of hatters 
Bulletin. Altenburg, S.-A. ; Monza, Italy. 


Industrial information bulletin. Geneva. 1,J1 
20 1933+ 

Monthly documentation. Geneva. 

INTERNATIONAL federation of hotel workers, 

New York. See Hotel worker 
INTERNATIONAL federation of League of na- 
tions societies 

French title: Union internationale des as- 
sociations pour la Soci^te' des nations 
Bulletin. Brussels. 

INTERNATIONAL entente of radical and 

similar democratic parties. jSee Entente 
INTERNATIONAL entomological society. See 

Entomologische zeitschrift 
INTERNATIONAL Eucaristic league for the 

union of Christendom. See Grail 
INTERNATIONAL euphorbia society. See Eu- 
INTERNATIONAL evangel. See World -evangel 
INTERNATIONAL express worker. See Express 

worker's journal 
INTERNATIONAL faculty of sciences, London. 

See Science forum 
INTERNATIONAL federation for housing and 
town planning, London 

1913-21 as International garden cities and 
town-planning association; 1922-23 Inter- 
national garden cities and town-planning 
federation; 1924-25 International federa- 
tion for town and country planning and 
garden cities 
[Papers and report]. 


Special report. 

Proceedings and resolutions. 1,1919+ 
Supplement to its Bulletin 

See also Minorit6s nationales 
INTERNATIONAL federation of library asso- 
Publications. Upsala; Geneva; etc. 1,1930+ 
Articles in French and English 

MB f^ 

International library committee 
-^cTes du Cbmit6 international des biblio 
theques. 1,1928/29+ 

MB / + 


bl \ ' 

INTERNATIONAL federation of lithographers, 
printers and similar trades 
Bulletin. Brussels. 1,1908?+ 

INTERNATIONAL federation of master cotton 
spinners' and manufacturers' associations. 
See International cotton bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL federation of surveyors 
Circular. London. nol.Ja 22 1934+ 

See also Habitation et urbanisme. . . ; Inter- 
national housing and town planning bulletin 
INTERNATIONAL federation for town and 
country planning and garden cities. jSee In- 
ternational federation for housing and 
town planning 
INTERNATIONAL federation of boot and shoe 
operatives and leather workers. jSee Inter- 
national boot and shoe operatives and 
leather workers' federation 
INTERNATIONAL federation of building and 
wood workers 
Bulletin. Amsterdam. 1-3,1934-36|| 

Superseded by its IBWW survey; news- 
letter. . . 

INTERNATIONAL federation of teachers' asso- 
French title: F6d€ration internationale 
des associations d'instituteurs; German 
title: Internationale vereinigung der 
Bulletin trimestriel. Paris. nol.Jl 1927+ 

INTERNATIONAL federation of the building 
and public works 
Notes p^riodiques. Paris. l,Ap 1929 + 

At head of title: F6de>ation internationale 
du batiment et des travaux publics 



INTERNATIONAL federation of trade unions 
Activities. Amsterdam. 1,1919/21 + 

1,1919/21 as its First report on the activi- 
ties; 2,1922/23 Report of the activities 


. . Jahrbuch. 
nol-6,1922-301 1 

& MB 

Year book. Am- 

INTERNATIONAL free trade alliance. See New 

INTERNATIONAL free trade league. See In- 
ternational free trader 

INTERNATIONAL free trader. (International 
free trade league) Boston, vl-7 no3,Je 1918- 
S 192411 


Bulletin. l,Ja 1933 + 

nol-17 as its Press reports. 1926-27 in- 
clude the current supplement: Interna- 
tional workers' educational supplement; 
1926+ Economic supplement 

INTERNATIONAL fur workers' union of the 
United States and Canada. See Fur-work- 
er's hope 

INTERNATIONAL garden cities and town- 
planning association. See International fed- 
eration for housing and town planning 

INTERNATIONAL garden club, New York 
Journal. 1-3, Ag 1917-D 1919|| 

— Supplement. See Allgemeiner deutscher ge- 

werkschaftsbund. Information service. . . 
Publications. nol,1922+? 

Schriftenreihe. Amsterdam, nol-5, 1922-231 

See also International trade union library; In- 
ternational trade union review movement; 
Press reports 
Bulletin. London. 1,1920+ 

gewerkschaf tsbewegung ; 
federation of university 

INTERNATIONAL general electric company, 

Schenectady, N.Y. See Digest. 
INTERNATIONAL Geneva association. See 

Hotel industry 
INTERNATIONAL geodetic and geophysical 

French name: Union g6od£sique et 
geophysique internationale 
Assemblee g6n<§rale. 1,1922+ 

Association of geodesy 

1922-30 as its Section of geodesy 
— Bulletin ggodesique. 1,1924+ 


2 never published 

News sheet. London. 

Occasional papers. nol-6,S 1922-Ap 192711 

— Travaux. 1,1922- 

Association of meteorology 

1922-30 as its Section of meteorology 
— Proces-verbaux des seances. 1,1922+ 


Report of conference. London. 1,1920 + 

Report of the . 

council meeting. 

INTERNATIONAL fellowship for world-wide 
witness. See World today (London) 

INTERNATIONAL fire fighter. (International 
association of Are fighters) Washington. 1, 

Association of physical oceanography 

French name: Association d'oc^anogra- 
phie physique. 1922-30 as its Section of 
physical oceanography 

—Bulletin, nol-15, 1921-3011 

Superseded by its Proces-verbaux, and 
its Publications scientifiques 

MB 1 ' ' 

— Proces-verbaux. 1,1933+ 

— Publications scientifiques. 1,1931+ 

INTERNATIONAL fisheries commission (U.S. 
and Canada) 
Report. Vancouver; etc. 1,1930+ 

MB ] 

INTERNATIONAL folk-lore association, Chi- 
Archives. 1-3,1898-190011? 

INTERNATIONAL footwear fashion. See Mod- 
ern shoemaking international and the shoe- 

INTERNATIONAL forum for the exposition of 
German, American and British ideas. Ber- 
lin, vl nol-2,Ja-F 1931; nsvl nol-2,Je-Jl 

Suspended Mr-My 1931 

Association of scientific hydrology 

French name: Association internationale 
d'hydrologie scientifique. 1922-30 as its 
Section of scientific hydrology 
—Bulletin. nol,1924 + 

Association of seismology 

1922-30 as its Section of seismology 
— Bulletin bibliographique trimestriel. 1922- 
36; (ns) nol,1937+ 
Ap-O 1929_as no6-8 

— Comptes rendus. 1,1922+ 

— Publications. 

sA. Travaux scientifiques. 1,1924+ 



INTERNATIONAL geodetic and geophysical 
union Association of seismology 
— Publications — Continued 
sB. Monographies. 1,1924+ » 

INTERNATIONAL hod carriers and building 
laborers' journal. Elmira, N.Y. 1-6,1904-S 

Association of terrestrial magnetism and 

1919-30 as its Section of terrestrial 
magnetism and electricity 
—Bulletin. nol,1919+ 

Association of vulcandlogy 

1924-30 as its Section 
— Bulletin volcanologique. 

of vulcanology 
1.J1/S 1924+ 

Committee for the study of tidal waves 

French name: Commission pour l'6tude 
des raz de mar6e 

— Annales. nol,1931+ 

INTERNATIONAL hod carriers, building and 
common laborers' union of America 
Northwest conference. See Northwest laborer 

INTERNATIONAL horseshoers' monthly maga- 
zine. (International union of journeymen 
horseshoers of the United States and Can- 
ada) Denver, Colo. ; Cincinnati, Ohio. 1, 
1899 + 

INTERNATIONAL horticulturist. See Trade 

journal and international horticulturist 
INTERNATIONAL hospital record. Detroit, 
Mich, vl-18 no7,1897-F 1915|| 

vl-4 nol, 1897-1900 as National hospital 
and sanitarium record; v4 no2-vll,1900- 
07 National hospital record. Merged into 
Modern hospital 

See also Association d'oceanographie physi- 
que; Bulletin geodesique; International 
seismological summary 
INTERNATIONAL geographical union 

French title: Union gedgraphique interna- 
[Publications]. Newtown, England. nol,1928 + ? 
Articles in English or French 

INTERNATIONAL hotel industry. See Hotel 

INTERNATIONAL hotel work. N.Y. vl nol-3, 

N 15 1911-Ja 1912H ' 

INTERNATIONAL house property union 
Bulletin mensuel. Paris, nol, 1930+ 

INTERNATIONAL gleanings from Japan. 
(League of nations association of Japan) 
Tokyo, 1,1925+ 

-Supplement. nol-16,N 1931-0 1932|[? 

INTERNATIONAL glove workers' union of 
America. See Glove workers' monthly bul- 

INTERNATIONAL good templar. London, Ont. 
Milwaukee; Independence, Wis. 1-27, Ja 

Subtitle varies 

INTERNATIONAL good templar. (Independent 
order of good templars) Glasgow. 1-48,1887- 

INTERNATIONAL goodwill. (Federal council 
of the churches of Christ in America. Com- 
mission on international justice and good- 
will) N.Y. vl-3 no3,S 24 1924-Mr 3 1927|| 
Merged into Federal council bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL Grenfell association. See 
Among the deep sea fishers 

INTERNATIONAL grocer. See Successful 

INTERNATIONAL group of Oakland and San 
Francisco. See Man! A journal of the an- 
archist ideal and movement 

INTERNATIONAL Hahnemannian association 
Proceedings. Ann Arbor, Mich.; etc. 1,1881+ 

See also Revue internationale de la propri6t6 
INTERNATIONAL housing and town planning 
bulletin. (International federation for hous- 
ing and town planning) London. nol.Jl 

1-4,1923-Je 1924 as International garden 
cities and town planning federation. Bul- 
letin; 5-11, S 1924-My 1926. International 
federation for town and country planning 
and garden cities. Bulletin; 12-17,Ja 1927-0 
1928 International federation for housing 
and town planning. Bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL housing association. See 

Housing and building 
INTERNATIONAL index to aeronautical techni- 
cal reports. See under Society ■ of British 
aircraft constructors 
INTERNATIONAL index to periodicals. N.Y. 
l,Mr 1913 + 

1913-20 as Readers guide to periodical 
literature. Supplement. Issued 6 times 
a. year with annual and quadrennial 
cumulations. The first cumulation in- 
cluded magazines from 1907 

INTERNATIONAL information. (Labour and 
socialist international) Zurich. 1,1924+ 


INTERNATIONAL institute for preserving and 
perfecting weights and measures. See In- 
ternational standard 

INTERNATIONAL institute for psychical re- 
search, London 
Bulletin. 1,1935 + 

INTERNATIONAL harvester company. See 

Harvester world 
INTERNATIONAL Hebrew Christian alliance. 

See Hebrew Christian 

INTERNATIONAL herald. (International work- 
ing men's association. British section) Lon- 
don. nol-81, -O 1873H 

INTERNATIONAL institute for social history, 
Bulletin. Leyden. 1,1937+ 

See also International review for social his- 



INTERNATIONAL institute of administrative 
sciences ■ , . 

1910-29 as Permanent committee for inter- 
national administrative sciences congress- 
Partie documentaire. 

Studies of the principal agricultural products 
on the world market. nol, 1936 + 

World agricultural situation. 1929/30 + 

1929/30-32/33 as its Agricultural situation 

Tablettes documentaires a 1' usage des ad- 
ministrations publiques. Brussels. nol,Ja/F 
1937 + 

At head of title: Services communs de 
recherche et de documentation adminis- 

INTERNATIONAL institute of African lan- 
guages and cultures, London 
Memorandum. 1,1927+ 

Report on progress of work. Period of O 1926- 
O 192911 

Reprinted from Africa, v3 nol 

See also Africa 
INTERNATIONAL institute of agriculture, 
Agricultural situation. See its World agricul- 
tural situation 
Bibliography of tropical agriculture. 1931+ 
Earlier issues in International review of 
agriculture under the heading "Documen- 

Bureau of agricultural intelligence and plant 

diseases.' See its Bureau of agricultural 

science and practice 
Bureau of agricultural legislation. See An- 

nuaire international de legislation agricole 
Bureau of agricultural science and practice 
1913-Mr 1924 as Bureau of agricultural in- 
telligence and plant diseases 
— Bulletin. See International review of the 

science and practice of agriculture 
— Enseignement agricole dans le monde. . . 

Agricultural education in the world. 1,1935+ 

— Monthly bulletin of agricultural science and 
practice. See International review of the 
science and practice of agriculture 

— Mouvement international des engrais 
chimiques. nol, 1914 + 

Bureau of economic and social intelligence 
— Bulletin. See International review of agricul- 
tural economics 
— Co-operation agricole. 1,1931+ 

Bulletin of agricultural statistics. See its 
Bureau of statistics. Monthly crop report 
and agricultural statistics 
Com ptabi lite agricole, recueil de statistiques. 
. . Farm accountancy statistics. . . 1, 

1,1927/28 as its Recueil de statistiques 
bashes sur les donnees de la comptabilite 

— Monographs on agricultural cooperation in 
various countries. 1-2,1911-15|| 

Bureau of statistics 

— Bulletin de statistique commercial, nol-12, 

First world agricultural census. Bulletin, nol, 

Government measures affecting agricultural 
prices. 1-3 (nol-12), 1935-3711 

Continued in its Monthly bulletin of agri- 
cultural economics and sociology 

International bibliography of agricultural eco- 
nomics. Bibliographie internationale 
d'economie rurale. 1,0 1938 + 

Supersedes Internationale bibliographie 
des agrarokonomischen schrifttums (in 
Berichte tiber landwirtschaft) 

International crop report and agricultural sta- 
tistics. See its Bureau of statistics. Monthly 
crop report and agricultural statistics 
Monthly bulletin of agricultural economics and 
sociology. 20,1929 + 
Numbered in continuation of Internation- 
al review of agriculture, of which it is 
part 2 

-Bulletin of agricultural statistics. See its 
Monthly crop report and agricultural sta- 

-Documentary leaflets. vl-7 no3,Jl 1917-N 

MB I MC* \~ ^ 

-International crop report. See its Monthly 
crop report. . . 

-Monthly crop report and agricultural sta- 
tistics. l,Ja 1910+ 

1-4,1910-13 as its Bulletin of agricultural 
statistics; 5-6,1914-15 Bulletin of agricul- 
tural and commercial statistics; 7-19,1916- 
28 International crop report and agricul- 
tural statistics. Mr-D 1928 appeared in the 
form of an extract, published in advance 
of the International review of agriculture. 
J a 1929+ also as International review of 
agriculture, pt3 



-Organisation des services de statistique agri- 
cole dans les divers pays. 1-2,1909-13|| 

Superseded by its Organization of agri- 
cultural statistics in various countries 

t^ i - 9 ^ '■'. 

Plans d'amenagement des forets. 1,1932+ 

Recueil de statistiques bashes sur les donnees 
de la comptabilite' agricole. See the insti- 
tute's Comptabilite agricole 

— Organization of agricultural statistics in 
various countries, nol, 1926+ 

Supersedes its Organisation des services 
de statistique agricole dans divers pays 

—Publications. 1-5,1913-1411 



INTERNATIONAL institute of agriculture, 
Bureau of statistics — Continued 
— Resultats des recoltes. 1930+ 

Bulletin of organisations concerned with stu- 
dents abroad. See its Students abroad 
Cahiers. 1,1933+ 

— Statistical notes on cereals. Studies on yield, 
trade, consumption and prices, with rates 
of ocean freight. nol-7,Mr 1915-Ap 1918||? 
hol-3 as supplements to Bulletin of agri- 
cultural and commercial statistics, later 
its Monthly crop report. . . 

Canadian office 

— Bulletin of foreign agricultural intelligence. 
vl-6 nol2,1911-D 1916||? 

Cahiers des droits intellectuels. 1-2,1928-2911 S 
Cahiers des relations artistiques. 1-2,1927|| 
Correspondance. 1,1933+ 
Entretiens. 1,1932+ 


— Bulletin bibliographique hebdomadaire. 1-6, 


Permanent committee 
— Proces-verbaux. 1908+ 

Information bulletin. See Intellectual co-opera- 

International series of open letters. 1,1933+ 

MB n 

Organisation de 1'enseignement superieur. 1, 


See also Annuaire international de sta- 
tistique agricole; Annuaire international 
de statistique forestiere; Beitraege zum 
studium der internationalen agrarfrage; 
Ceres italica; International bulletin of plant 
protection; International bulletin of agricul- 
tural economics; International crop report 
and agricultural statistics; International 
review of agriculture; International review 
of the science and practice of agriculture; 
International yearbook of agricultural 
legislation; International yearbook of for- 
estry statistics; International yearbook of 
agricultural statistics 
INTERNATIONAL institute of bibliography. 
See Institut international de documentation, 
INTERNATIONAL institute of China. See under 

INTERNATIONAL institute of commerce 

French title: Institut international du 
Recueil de statistique. Brussels. l,Mr 1921+ 
1-22,1921-P 1932 as its Recueil mensuel. v3 
nol incorrectly numbered vl nol 

See also Revue des lois, decrets et trait6s de 
INTERNATIONAL institute of economics. See 

International bulletin 
INTERNATIONAL institute of intellectual co- 
operation, Paris 

Functions under the League of nations, 
Bibliographie pedagogique internationale. . . 
International educational bibliography. 

Bulletin de la cooperation intellectuelle. .See 
Cooperation intellectuelle (1,1931+) 

Bulletin des relations scientifiques. Bulletin 
for scientific relations. 1-3 (nol-10),Jl 1926- 
D 1928H 

Superseded by Cooperation intellectuelle 

MB £,. 

Bulletin des relations universitaires. Bulletin 
for university relations. Geneva; Paris', -vl-4 
no3/4,1924-D 1928|| 

1-2 as International university informa- 
tion office. Bulletin. Superseded by Co- 
operation intellectuelle 

Ouvrages remarquables parus dans differents 

pays. 1924+ 

|<UH- IU 

Students abroad, nol-8; nsnol,1933+ 

nol as Bulletin of organisations concerned 
with students abroad 

See also Bulletin bibliographique de docu- 
mentation internationale contemporaine; 
Bulletin de la correspondance scolaire in- 
ternationale; Cooperation intellectuelle; In- 
dex translationum; Intellectual, cooperation; 
International museum office; Mouseion; Mu- 
sses scientifiques; Office de documentation 
internationale contemporaine; Office des in- 
stituts d'archeblogie et d'histoire de l'art 
INTERNATIONAL institute of legal bibliogra- 


— American edition. See Bibliography of legal 
INTERNATIONAL institute of public law 
Annuaire de 1'Institut international de droit 
public. Paris. 1929+ 

Bibliotheque de 1'Institut international de 
droit public. Paris. 1,1933+ 

INTERNATIONAL institute of refrigeration,. 
French title: Institut international du 
Bulletin. 1,1920+ 

1-8,1920-27 as Monthly bulletin of informa- 
tion on refrigeration; v9 nol,Ja/F 1928 Bul- 
letin of information on refrigeration; v9> 
no2-vl4 International bulletin of informa- 
tion on refrigeration 

INTERNATIONAL institute of social bibliog- 
raphy. See Bibliographie der staats- und 

INTERNATIONAL institute of technical bibli- 
ography. See Engineering abstracts; Fort- 
schritte der technik; Technische auskunft 





INTERNATIONAL intermediary institute, The 
Hague. See Institut juridique international, 
The Hague 

INTERNATIONAL interpreter. N.Y. vl-3 no9, 
Ap 8 1922-My 31 1924|| 

Merged into Outlook, later New outlook 

INTERNATIONAL inventor. N.Y. nol-2,1910| 

INTERNATIONAL investor. N.Y. 1-6.D 1924- 

vl-3 nol4,1924-Ag 1927 as Foreign secu- 
rities investor 

INTERNATIONAL Jewelry workers union of 
America. See Jewelry worker; Jewelry 
workers' monthly bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL journal and institute record. 
Peking. See Kuo chi kung pao 

INTERNATIONAL journal of American linguis- 
tics. (Columbia university) N.Y. 1,J1 1917+ 



INTERNATIONAL journal of Apocrypha. (In- 
ternational society of Apocrypha) London. 
1-13 (nol-51), 1905-17H 

INTERNATIONAL Journal of public health. 
Geneva. 1-2,J1 1920-D 1921|| 

Issued in four editions, English, French, 
Italian, and Spanish. The titles of the 
four editions are, respectively: Interna- 
tional journal of public health, Revue 
internationale d'hygiene publique, Rivista 
internazionale di sanita pubblica, Revista 
internacionale de sanidad 

INTERNATIONAL Journal of religious educa- 
tion. (International council of religious edu- 
cation) Chicago. 1,0 1924+ 
Supersedes Church school 



INTERNATIONAL journal of surgery; devoted 
to the theory and practice of modern sur- 
gery and gynecology. See International jour- 
nal of medicine and surgery (N.Y. 1,1880+) 

INTERNATIONAL journal of the medical sci- 
ences. See American journal of the medical 

INTERNATIONAL Journal of therapy. Cincin- 
nati. vl-2 no7,Ja 1906-F 11 190711? 

INTERNATIONAL juridical association, New 
Monthly bulletin. l.My 1932+ 
Ap 1933 never pub 


INTERNATIONAL journal of ethics. See Ethics 
INTERNATIONAL journal of gastroenterology. 

Berlin. See Gastroenterologia 
INTERNATIONAL journal of gastro-enterology. 

N.Y. nol-2,Jl-Ag 1921H 

INTERNATIONAL journal of individual psy- 
chology. Chicago, vl-3 no2,Ap 1935-Ap 1937|| 
Superseded by Individual psychology so- 
ciety. Bulletin. 

INTERNATIONAL journal of leprosy. (Interna- 
tional leprosy association) Manila. 1,1933+ 

INTERNATIONAL Journal of medicine and sur- 
gery. N.Y. nol-15,Ja 8-Ap 30 1881|| 

Supersedes International surgical record 

INTERNATIONAL journal of medicine and sur- 
gery and Surgical journal. N.Y. vl-48 no6, 
1888-Jl/Ag 193511 

1,1888 as International journal of medi- 
cine and surgery; v2-36 no7,1889-Je 1923 
Intexnationar^burnal of surgery 


INTERNATIONAL journal of microscopy and 
natural science. See Journal of microscopy 
and natural science 

INTERNATIONAL journal of orthodontia, oral 
surgery and radiography. See American 
journal of orthodontics and oral surgery 

INTERNATIONAL journal of orthodontics and 
dentistry for children. See American journal 
of orthodontics and oral surgery 

INTERNATIONAL journal of psycho-analysis. 
(International psycho -analytical association) 
London. 1,1920+ 

— Supplement. 1,1924+ 

Review, vl nol-4,Ap-My-Je 1930H 

Published also in French and German 

INTERNATIONAL kindergarten union. See As- 
sociation for childhood education 

INTERNATIONAL labor alliance, New York. 
See American labor weekly 

INTERNATIONAL labor defense. See Labor 

INTERNATIONAL labor information. Shanghai. 
See Kuo chi lao kung hsiao hsi 

INTERNATIONAL labor news service. See 
Workers' education news 

INTERNATIONAL labor office, Geneva 
Annual review. See its I.L.O. yearbook 
Bibliographie d'hygiene industrielle. Bibliogra- 
phy of industrial hygiene. Literatur der 
gewerbehygiene. l,Mr 1923 + 

MB (O f- 

Bulletin des Internationalen arbeitsamts. 
Jena. 1,1902+ 

; I ■; 

I.L.O. yearbook. 1,1930+ <-, r-i 

MB / +- 

Industrial and labour information. l,Ja 6 


Industrial safety survey. l,Mr/Ap 1925+ 
~ Index: 1-3 


MB b -r 

Information on questions concerning the war 
and industrial disabled. 1,1922+ 

Legislative series. 1919+ 
_, Index: 1919-34 


— Recent labor legislation. 1,1934+ 





INTERNATIONAL labor office, Geneva — Gont. 
Monthly record of migration. l.O 1922+ 

nol-15 reprinted from International labour 
review; nol6-39 from Industrial and labour 

Monthly summary of the International labor 
organization. l,Ja 1927+ 

Year-book of labour statistics. 1935/36+ 


See also International labour review- 
INTERNATIONAL laborers' union. See Labor- 
ers' journal 
INTERNATIONAL labour review. (International 
labor office) Geneva. 1,1921+ 

Notes bibliographiques. Bibliographical notes. 
l-52,Ja-D 1921|| 


Report and proceedings 

& MB/-[io uo~{ikru 

Official bulletin. l,Ap 1919+ 

Studies and reports. . T 

— sA. Industrial relations. nol.S 25 1920+ 

. — sB. Economic conditions. nol.S 1 1920+ 

— sC. Employment and unemployment, nol, 

— sD. "Wages and hours, nol, 1920+ 

garment workers' 

mb )-), , -■ • & 

\-W< l l /f 

— sE. Disabled men. nol.P 28 1921-1- 

— sF. Industrial hygiene. nol.F 23 1921+ 
— sF, second section. Safety, nol, 1924+ 

MB -w 


— sG. Housing and welfare, nol, 1924 + 

te •' ( 

— sH. Cooperation. nol.S 8 1920+ 

l te I- 

— si. Employment of women and children, nol, 
O 15 1921+ 

See also Gerechtigkeit; Giustizia; Justice; 
Ladies' garment worker 
INTERNATIONAL landworkers' federation 

German title: Internationale landar- 
Bulletin.' Berlin. nol.Ap 1925+ 
German ed. 

INTERNATIONAL language; a journal of "in- 
terlinguistics." London, vl-5 no4,N 1910-My 


Supersedes Internationalist 

INTERNATIONAL language. The key to world 
broad-casting. London. 1-8, Ja 1924-Je 1931?|| 
Merged into British esperantist 

MB ■ <l? 

INTERNATIONAL law and relations. (Ameri- 
can university. Graduate school) Washing- 
ton. vl-6 nol3,Je 1930-O 193711 
vl-4 nol6/17,1930-March 1935 as Cumula- 
tive digest of international law and rela- 
tions. vl-3 consists of 50 nos each, v4 of 
24 nos. In some cases 2 or more numbers 
are combined in one ^_ 

— sJ. Education, nol, 1922+ 

MB Lti 

INTERNATIONAL law association, London 

To 1893 as Association for the reform and 
condition of the laws of nations 
Bulletin. 1,D 1936+ 


Report. 1,1873 + 
Transactions. 1873-19240? 

— sK. Agriculture. nol.N 9 1920+ 


— sL. Professional workers, nol, 1924+ 


American branch 

—Report of proceedings. 1,1922+ 

German branch 

— Veroffentlichungen. 

-sM. Social insurance, nol, 1925+ 

1 + 
-sN. Statistics, nol, 1923+ 

-sO. Migration, nol, 1925+ 


-sP. Seamen, nol, 1926+ 

Netherlands branch 

— Mededeelingen. nol-12,1911-20||? 

Secci6n argentina 

— Boletin. Buenos Aires. 1,1919 + 

(nol-30),Ja 1916-D 19190 

London. 1-4 



INTERNATIONAL league against epilepsy. See 

INTERNATIONAL league of culture. Prague. 1, 

Title also in Bohemian, German and 

INTERNATIONAL Mark Twain society 

Biographical series. 1,1934 + 
i»o 6,1937 incorrectly marked Historical se- 
*»-D ries (?) 

Fiction series. 1,1937+ 


INTERNATIONAL league of militant socialists, 

London. See ISK 
INTERNATIONAL legal fraternity of Phi delta 

phi. See Brief (Lancaster, Pa.) 
INTERNATIONAL leprosy association, Manila. 

See International journal of leprosy 
INTERNATIONAL library committee 
Actes du Comity international des biblio- 

theques. Upsala; etc. 1,1928 + 



INTERNATIONAL library of science and free- 
thought. London. 

INTERNATIONAL literature. (International 
union of revolutionary writers) Moscow. 1, 

Title varies. Supersedes Literature of the 
world revolution. Also published in Rus- 
sian, French and German 



Russian edition, 

INTERNATIONAL longshoremen's and ware- 
housemen's union 
Proceedings. . . [of the] Annual convention. 1, 
1938 + 

Historical studies. Webster Groves, Mo. 





^3~ir^ '77 /• 

See also Mark Twain quarterly 
INTERNATIONAL medical and surgical survey. 

(American institute of medicine) N.Y. vl-9 
no3,Ap 1920-Mr 192511 

5-9 in eight sections, each with individual 


INTERNATIONAL medical and surgical synop- 
sis. See Laboratory news 

INTERNATIONAL medical annual and prac- 
titioner's index. See Medical annual and 
practitioner's index 

INTERNATIONAL medical digest. N.Y.; 
Hagerstown, Md. ; etc. l.Mr 1920+ 

INTERNATIONAL medical magazine. Phila- 
delphia. 1-12,1892-190311 

Merged into Archives of pediatrics 

INTERNATIONAL longshoremen's association 
Proceedings. Detroit, Mich. 1,1892?+ 
Title varies 

INTERNATIONAL Mediterranean research as- 
sociation. See Associazione internazionale 
degli studi mediterranei 

INTERNATIONAL merchandising. N.Y. 1, 

See~also Longshoreman 
INTERNATIONAL magazine. San Antonio, Tex. 
Supersedes Bohemian scribbler 



metal worker. Chicago. 

ence. Chicago. 

of Christian sci 

8-H 4f6./-l> $i/flf- 


INTERNATIONAL magazine of literature, art, 
and science. See International monthly 
magazine of literature, science, and art 
INTERNATIONAL magazine of school hygiene. 
See Internationales archiv fur schulhygiene 
INTERNATIONAL management institute 
Bulletin. Geneva, vl-7 nol2,Ag 1927-33H 
Title also in French 

INTERNATIONAL metalworkers' federation 
Bulletin. Bern, Switzerland. l,Mr 1925+ 

Minutes of . . . congress. Zurich; etc. 1,1893+ 
Title varies. 1 in German only 

INTERNATIONAL metal workers' review. 


To 1916 in Internationale metallarbeiter- 

Mitteilungen. 1-6, Ag 1927-3211? 

INTERNATIONAL metallizing association, Los 

Angeles. See Metallizer 
INTERNATIONAL metaphysical league 
Proceedings. . . Boston. 1-2,1899-1900|| ? 

Publications. nol,1927?+ 

INTERNATIONAL marine engineering. See Ma- 
rine engineering and shipping review 
INTERNATIONAL maritime committee 
Bulletin. Antwerp. nol-85,1897-1927|| 

At head of title: Comite maritime inter- 

INTERNATIONAL meteorological organization 
— [Publications]. Utrecht. 1,1929 + 

INTERNATIONAL military digest; a monthly 
review of the current literature of military 
science. N.Y. vl-4 noll.Je 1915-N 1918H 
Merged intQ„ National service 


/h ' 



INTERNATIONAL milk dealer. See Milk dealer 

INTERNATIONAL milk dealers' association. 
•See International association of mi4k dealers 

INTERNATIONAL mind. See Esprit interna- 

INTERNATIONAL mining journal. Berlin. 
nol-5,Jl-N 191211? 

INTERNATIONAL miscellany of literature, 
art, and science. See International monthly 
magazine of literature, science, and art 
INTERNATIONAL missionary council 
Quarterly notes. London. 
Formerly its Bulletin 

Informations mensuelles. Ja 1934-Ag/S 1935|] 
Superseded by Mouseion. Supplement 

Recherches archeologiques en Italie. 1933+ 
1933 as Relev6s topographiques des 
champs de fouilles, Italie. Issued also in 

•See also Grands musses et les problemes mu- 
s6ographiques ; Mouseion; Repertoire inter- 
national des mus6es 

INTERNATIONAL music and drama. N.Y. vl- 
4 no23,0 1914-J1 1916|| 

Dept. of social and industrial research and 

— Social and economic news. Geneva. 

International committee on the Christian ap- 
proach to the Jews 

— Jews and Christians; occasional papers. . , 
N.Y.; etc. 1,1931+ 

-News sheet. N.Y. 1,J1 1931+ 

vl-2 nol,1931-Ag 1932 lack numbering 

INTERNATIONAL musical society. See Inter- 
nationale musikgesellschaft 

INTERNATIONAL musician. (American fed- 
eration of musicians) St. Louis; Newark, 
N.J. 1,1901+ 


INTERNATIONAL mutual cooks and pastry 
cooks association of. New York. See Inter- 
national culinary magazine 

INTERNATIONAL narcotic education associa- 

See also Studies in the world mission of 
INTERNATIONAL molders' journal. (Interna- 
tional molders' union of North America) 
Cincinnati. 1,1863 + 

1-43, 1863-D 1907 as Iron molders' journal 

Supplement. See the society's Report of pro- 

INTERNATIONAL molders' union of North 

To 1907 as Iron molders' union of North 
Report of proceedings. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1, 

no23+ as supplement to International 
molders' journal 

See also Narcotic education 
INTERNATIONAL naturalist. Devoted to nat- 
ural history. Canisteo, N.Y. 1- ,1891-92||? 

INTERNATIONAL negro workers' review. See 

Negro worker 
INTERNATIONAL nickel company, New York 
Literature and patent references to nickel. 
vl-5 no36,Ag 1929-J1 193211 

1 as Current literature and patents on 
nickel and nickel-bearing products in- 

Literature and patent references to platinum 
group metals, vl-3 noH.Mr 1930-Je 1932|| 

INTERNATIONAL monthly; a magazine of 

contemporary thought. See International 
INTERNATIONAL monthly magazine of liter- 
ature, science, and art. N.Y. 1-5, Jl 1850- 
Ap 1852JI 

Jl-Ag 1850 as International weekly mis- 
cellany of literature, art, and science; 
O-N 1850 International miscellany of lit- 
erature, art, and science; D 1850-Ap 1852 
International magazine of literature, art, 
and science. Merged into Harper's new 
monthly magazine, later Harper's month- 
ly magazine 


INTERNATIONAL monthly of universal reli- 
gion. Tacoma, Wash. 

Nickel alloy steel. . . 

— Applications. . . Bulletin U. 

— Production and fabrication. 

Bulletin F. 

— Properties. . . Bulletin P. 

Nickel cast iron data. 1,1933+ 

Nickel cast iron news. l,Ap 1930+ 

Nickel steel data and applications. 1,1922+ 

INTERNATIONAL museum office, Paris 

Functions under the International insti- 
tute of intellectual cooperation. French 
name: Office international des mus6es 
Activite. . . Rapport annuel. 1932/33+ 



Nickel steel topics. l.My 1932+ 

Development and research dept. 

— Technical information, monel metal and 

nickel alloys 
Bulletin T 1. 1,1932+ 



Bulletin TS 1. 1,1932+ 

INTERNATIONAL notes and queries. London, 
vl nol-9,N 1912-S 191311? 

INTERNATIONAL phenological Journal. See 

Acta phaenologica 
INTERNATIONAL philatelic advertiser. N.Y. 

vl nol-12, -D 1887||? 

INTERNATIONAL notes for disarmament and 
world recovery. (National council for pre- 
vention of war) Washington, vl-3 no2,Jl 
1931-Ja 15 1934|| 

1931-My 1933 as International disarma- 
ment notes. Suspended Jl 5-D 11 1932 

INTERNATIONAL nursing record. 1889-90. See 
British journal of nursing 

INTERNATIONAL nursing review. (Interna- 
tional council of nurses) Geneva. 1,1926+ 
1-4,1926-29 as I. C. N. 

INTERNATIONAL philatelic association. See 

Stamp collector's magazine 
INTERNATIONAL philatelic quarterly. Goble- 
ville, Mich, vl nol-4,1912-P 1913||? 

INTERNATIONAL philatelic society of San 
Francisco. See I. P. S. stamp news 

INTERNATIONAL philatelic union. See Phil- 
atelic journal of Great Britain and Phil- 
atelic review of reviews 

INTERNATIONAL philatelist. St. Joseph, Mo. 
s2 vl-ll.S 1893-P 1902||? 

INTERNATIONAL of youth. (Young Com- 
munist international; Young Communist 
league, U.S.A.) N.Y. vl-2 no4,1934?-Jl? 
1935 U? 

INTERNATIONAL office of chocolate and cocoa 
Bulletin offlciel. 1,1931+ 

French title: Office international des fa- 
bricants de chocolat et de cacao, later 
Office international du cacao et du cho- 
colat. Articles in French, English, Ger- 
man, Spanish, or Italian 

INTERNATIONAL oil worker. See Oil worker 
INTERNATIONAL oto-rhino ■ laryngological 
monographs. See Monographies oto-rhino- 
laryngologiques internationales 
INTERNATIONAL pamphlets; a series of pam- 
phlets on current economic, social and po- 
litical topics. N.Y. nol,1930+ 

INTERNATIONAL philatelist. Toronto, vl nol- 
7,1892-Ap 189311? 

INTERNATIONAL philosophic society. See 

Forum philosophicum 
INTERNATIONAL philosophical library; peri- 

odical publication. Prague. l,Ja 1935 + 
Title also in French, German and Italian 

INTERNATIONAL philosophical society 

New York chapter. See Philosophic paths 
INTERNATIONAL phonetic association. See 

Maitre phonetique 

INTERNATIONAL photo-engravers' union of 
North America 
Officers' reports . . . and proceedings. 

10,1909 in American photo-engraver, vl 
nol0-ll. 19,1918 does not contain proceed- 

INTERNATIONAL passenger and ticket 
agents' journal. See International railway 

INTERNATIONAL patents journal. London, vl 
nol-12,My 1925-Ap 192611? 

INTERNATIONAL peace bureau, Bern. See 

Peace mouvement - 
INTERNATIONAL peace forum, See League 

of nations magazine; Peace forum 
INTERNATIONAL peace journal. See Senate 
INTERNATIONAL peace research committee, 

Publications. Melbourne. nol,1937+ 

INTERNATIONAL pedagogical information. 

See Informations pedagogiques internatio- 

INTERNATIONAL petroleum reporter. NY 

1 Ja 4-Ap 19 192211 
'To 1922 and My 1922+ as the Petroleum 
section of Oil, paint and drug reporter 

ia a 



INTERNATIONAL petroleum technology. Los 

Angeles, vl-9 no2,My 1926-0 193211 

vl-8 no2,1926-Ag 1930 as Oil field engi- 
neering. S-O 1930 published as Oil, Phila- 
delphia, vl nol-2,N 1930-Ja 1931 not pub- 
lished. F 1931 as v8 no3. Suspended D 
1931-Mr 1932 

See also American photoengraver 
INTERNATIONAL photographer. Hollywood, 
Cal. 1,F 1929 + 

INTERNATIONAL photographers bulletin. N.Y. 

vl-3 nol.Mr 1929-Mr 193011 

Mr-My 1929 as Photographic bulletin; Je 
1929 International photographers of the 
motion picture industries, Bulletin; Jl-S 
1929 International photographer, Bulletin. 
Superseded by Cinematography 

INTERNATIONAL photographers of the mo- 
tion picture industries 
Bulletin,. See International photographers 

INTERNATIONAL plate printers' and die 
stampers' union of North America. See Plate 

INTERNATIONAL Plymouth rock journal. See 

National barred rock journal 
INTERNATIONAL pocketbook worker. (Inter- 
national pocketbook workers' union) N.Y. 
Vol. nos. irregular. Suspended Ja 1929-Ap 

INTERNATIONAL poetry magazine. See Inter- 

INTERNATIONAL police bulletin. (Inter- 
national police conference) N.Y. vl-2 no3 
(ns) vl nol.Je 6 1921-My 1923|| 
1921-S 1922 as National police bulletin 



INTERNATIONAL police conference 

1921-22 as National police conference 
Proceedings. 1,1921+ 

See also International police bulletin; Police 

INTERNATIONAL polity bulletin. (Federation 

of international polity clubs) Boston. 1-10,0 

1915-Ap 1918H 

1915-Je 1916 as International polity news. 
Superseded by International relations 
clubs. Syllabus (in this list under Car- 
negie endowment for international peace. 
Division of intercourse and education) 

INTERNATIONAL postal marking society, New 
York. See Journal of precancels; Postal 

INTERNATIONAL press association, New 
York. See Our bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL press correspondence. Vi- 
enna. See World news and views 

INTERNATIONAL press review. London, nol- 
2,Mr-Ap 1924|| 

INTERNATIONAL railroad master blacksmiths' 
Report of proceedings. 1,1893+ 

1893-96? as National railroad blacksmiths' 
association; 18977-1904 National railroad 
master blacksmiths' association. No meet- 
ings held in 1917-18,21-22 


railway congress associa- 
as International railway 

tion, Brussels 

congress "* 

Bulletin. 1-28,1887-0 1914; (ns) vl.Jl 1919+ 
nsvl-4 no7 as International railway asso- 



r 1 - I 

INTERNATIONAL railway fuel 
Proceedjngs. Chicago. 1,1909 + 


INTERNATIONAL railway general foremen's 
Proceedings. 1,1905 + 

INTERNATIONAL printer, successor to Paper 
and press; a modern journal of printing 
and the illustrative arts. Philadelphia. 1- , 
-Ja 1906H 
Merged into American printer 





INTERNATIONAL printing pressmen and as- 
sistants' union of North America. See 
American pressman 

INTERNATIONAL projectionist. N.Y. l,Ag 

MB : ' 


1,1913 + 

psychic gazette. London. 

INTERNATIONAL railway Journal. (Bonded 
railway agents' organizations) Philadelphia. 
vl-40 no6,1892-S 1932H? 

vl-7 no3 as International passenger and 
ticket agents' journal; v7 no4-v8 Railway 
international passenger and ticket agents' 

INTERNATIONAL record for editors, writers, 
speakers and others. (World prohibition fed- 
eration) London. nol,1917+ 

INTERNATIONAL record of charities and cor- 
rection. N.Y.; London. 1-3,1886-88|| 
None published Je 1887 

INTERNATIONAL psycho-analytical associa- 
tion. See International journal of psycho- 

INTERNATIONAL psycho-analytical library. 
London; N.Y.; etc. nol,1921+ 

/ - 

INTERNATIONAL purity journal. Morton 
Park, 111. 1-30,1887-1916||? 

18S7-1900,Ap-O 1910 as Christian life 
(subtitle varies); 1901-Mr 1910 Purity 
journal and the Christian life 

INTERNATIONAL quarterly. Burlington, Vt.; 
N.Y. ; etc. 1-12, Ja 1900- Ja 1906|| 

1-5,1900-Je 1902 as International monthly; 
a magazine of contemporary thought 




quarterly. Chicago. l,Ja 

INTERNATIONAL record of child welfare work. 
Brussels. See Bulletin international de la 
protection de l'ehfance 

INTERNATIONAL reform federation, Washing- 
ton. See Progress 

INTERNATIONAL relations as presented in 
fifty leading periodicals. See International 
affairs as presented in recent periodicals, 
books and pamphlets 

INTERNATIONAL relations club, Nanking. See 
under Nanking. National central university 

INTERNATIONAL relations clubs, New York. 
See under Carnegie endowment for interna- 
tional peace. Division of intercourse and 

INTERNATIONAL relations committee, Shang- 
Publications. 1,1928+ 

Information section 
— News for overseas. 

nol,Ja 1937+ 

INTERNATIONAL quarterly of adult education. 
(World association for adult education) 
London, vl-2 no4,Je 1932-My 1935|| 

Supersedes and is superseded by the as- 
sociation's Bulletin 


See also Chinese affairs 
INTERNATIONAL relations news letter. 
See Catholic association for international 
peace. News letter 
INTERNATIONAL relief association 
American committee 
— I.R.A. bulletin. 1,1933 + 

1-2,1933-35 as its Monthly bulletin 



INTERNATIONAL report of the trade union 
movement. Berlin. 1-10,1903-1211 

German ed. See Internationaler bericht liber 
die gewerkschaftsbewegung 
INTERNATIONAL reporter. (Columbia univer- 
sity press) N.Y. 1,F 1937+ 

INTERNATIONAL review of agriculture. (In- 
ternational institute of agriculture) Rome. 
18,P 1927+ 

Formed by the union of International re- 
view of the science and practice of agri- 
culture, and International review of agri- 
cultural economics, continuing the num- 
bering of the latter. Published also in 
French, German, Italian and Spanish edi- 

INTERNATIONAL research society for the ap- 
plication of dry ice. See Dry-ice journal. 

INTERNATIONAL retail furrier. N.Y. l.My 
1935 + 
vl nol-6 as Retail furrier 

INTERNATIONAL review. London. nol-3,1889|| 
Supersedes To-day (London. 1883-89) 

INTERNATIONAL review of commerce and in- 
dustry. London, vl nol-6, D 1913-My 1914|| 

INTERNATIONAL review of contemporary 
thought and action. See International re- 
view. . . The world's most significant 
thought and action 

INTERNATIONAL review of education. (Ger- 
man league of nations society) Berlin, nol- 
11/12, Ja-D 1921||? 

INTERNATIONAL review. London. 1-5 (nol- 
63), O 1913-D 1918; nsvl-2 (no64-75),1919|| 
1913-N 1918 as War and peace. Merged 
into Contemporary review 

INTERNATIONAL review. N.Y. 1-14,1874-8311 

Mb nil- • * 

INTERNATIONAL review. Zurich. 1-2, Je 1915- 
D 15 1916H 

German edition. See Internationale rundschau 
INTERNATIONAL review, an illustrated 
monthly journal. La Crosse, Wis. 1-2, Ja-D 

INTERNATIONAL review. . . The world's most 
significant thought and action. N.Y. l,Ja 15 

vl nol as International review of con- 
temporary thought and action 

INTERNATIONAL review against alcoholism. 
See Forschungen zur alkoholfrage 

INTERNATIONAL review for commercial edu- 
cation. (International association for com- 
mercial education) Amsterdam. 

French edition. See Revue internationale pour 
l'enseignement commercial 
INTERNATIONAL review for social history. 
(International institute for social history, 
Amsterdam) Leyden. 1,1936+ 

Articles are in English, French, or Ger- 
man, with summaries in each case in the 
other two languages 




INTERNATIONAL review for the social activi- 
ties of the churches. See Stockholm; inter- 
national review. . . 
INTERNATIONAL review of agricultural eco- 
nomics. (International institute of agricul- 
ture) Rome. 1-13, S 1910-22; ns yrl-4 no4, 
1923-D 1926|| 
1-3 as its Bureau of economic and social 
intelligence. Bulletin; 4-6 as Monthly bul- 
letin of economic and social intelligence. 
United with International review of the 
science and practice of agriculture to form 
International review of agriculture 

INTERNATIONAL review of educational cine- 
matography. See Intercine' 

INTERNATIONAL review of ethnology and lin- 
guistics. See Anthropos 

INTERNATIONAL review of medical and sur- 
gical science. See Technics (Boston) 

INTERNATIONAL review of missions. (World 
missionary conference, Edinburgh, 1910. 
Continuation committee) Edinburgh. 1,1912+ 

MB |3 4- 

INTERNATIONAL review of poultry science. 
(International association of poultry in- 
structors and investigators) Rotterdam. l,Ap 

INTERNATIONAL review of the science and 
practice of agriculture. (International in- 
stitute of agriculture) Rome. 1-13, N 1910- 
Je 1922; nsvl-4,1923-26|| 

1-3,1910-12 as its Bureau of agricultural 
intelligence and plant diseases. 4-6,1913-15 
Monthly bulletin of agricultural intelli- 
gence and plant diseases. United with 
International review of agricultural eco- 
nomics to form International review of 

INTERNATIONAL righteous government of the 
Father Divine peace mission movement. See 
World herald 

INTERNATIONAL rubber regulation commlt- 

Statistical bulletin. London. 1,1935 + 

INTERNATIONAL school correspondence 

Bulletin de la Correspondance scolaire interna- 
tionale. Paris, nol, 1930 + 

INTERNATIONAL school of social economy, 
Kansas City. See Socialist teacher 

INTERNATIONAL school of Vedic and allied 
research, New York 
Journal, vl nol-2,0 1929-Ja 1930|| 

INTERNATIONAL scientific committee on price 
Publications. London. 1,1939 + 

Veroffentlichungen. Vienna. 1,1938+ 




INTERNATIONAL scientific radio union. See 

Union radio -scientiflque internationale 
INTERNATIONAL screen scout. Hollywood, 
Cal. 1,N 1936+ 

vl nol- ,N-D 1936 as National screen 


INTERNATIONAL society for crippled children 

Monthly letter. Blyria, Ohio, vl-6 nolO.Jl 1925- 
O 193011 
vl-3 no3, 7-v5 no9 as its News bulletin; 
v3 no4?-6 International neWs bulletin 


annual meeting. 


INTERNATIONAL seamen's union of America 
Proceedings. nol-30,1896?-1927|| 

Title varies. Continued in Seamen's jour- 

INTERNATIONAL secretariat of national 
unions of journeymen painters and allied 
trades, Hamburg 

German title: Internationales sekretariat 
der maler und verwandten berufe 
Bulletin. 1923+ 

Mitteilungsblatt. 1923+ 

German ed. of Bulletin 

INTERNATIONAL seed testing association 
Proceedings. l.O/D 1925 + 

1st two nos called vl and v2 nol. vl-2 nol 
reprinted from International review of the 
science and practice of agriculture, nsv3 

INTERNATIONAL seismological summary. . . 
(British association for the advancement of 
science. Committee on seismological investi- 
gations; International geodetic and geo- 
physical union; Oxford university) Oxford. 

INTERNATIONAL sheriff. (International sher- 
iffs' and peace officers' association) St. Paul, 
Minn. 1,1913 + 

See also Crippled children (Battle Creek) 
INTERNATIONAL society for cultural federa- 
Indian bureau. See India and the world 
INTERNATIONAL society for musical research. 

See Acta musicologica 
INTERNATIONAL society of Apocrypha. See |. 

International journal of Apocrypha \AaUA 

INTERNATIONAL society of arboriculture \a. A i\1/l 

Bulletin. Connersville, Ind. nol,1901|l? 


See also Arboriculture 
INTERNATIONAL society of archaeologists. 

See Archaeological bulletin 
INTERNATIONAL society of experimental pho- 

Bericht." Bonn. 1,1930+ 

Bulletin. Haarlem. 1,1930+ 

Extrait des Archives n6erlandaises de pho- 
n6tique exp6rimentale, tome V (1930)- 

INTERNATIONAL society of junior magicians. 

See Dragon 

INTERNATIONAL society of leather trades' 

Through S 1925 as Society of leather 
trades' chemists 
Journal. 1,J1 1917+ 

Supersedes Collegium. English ed. 

INTERNATIONAL shipping digest. See Inter- 
national trade and shipping digest 
.INTERNATIONAL shoe magazine. See Modern 
shoemaking international and the shoemaker 
INTERNATIONAL shortwave club 
[Bulletin.] Klondyke, Ohio. 1,1930 + 
vl-2 no6,1930-Mr 1934 lack v nos 

INTERNATIONAL society of medical hydrol- 
ogy. See Archives of medical hydrology 
INTERNATIONAL society of soil science, Rome 
Proceedings. nsvl,1925+ 

Supersedes Internationale mitteilungen fur 
bodenkunde. 1-2 reprinted from Interna- 
tional review of the science and practice of 

INTERNATIONAL short wave radio news. (In~ 
ternational short wave radio league). Bos- 
ton. 1,N 1930+ 

— Supplement. See Soil research 
Alkali-subcom mission 
— Transactions. 

INTERNATIONAL social institute, Geneva 
Bulletin. 1,1927+ 

News letter. nol-8,Ja 1931-0 1932|| 

Supersedes Life and work. Superseded by 
Churches in action 

INTERNATIONAL society of sugar cane tech- 
Proceedings. Honolulu. 1,1924+ 
1 as its Digest of proceedings 



INTERNATIONAL stamp. Covington, Ohio, nol- 
7,My 23 1914-Mr 14 1915||? 

See also Stockholm; international review for 
the social activities of the churches 

INTERNATIONAL socialist bureau, Brussels. 
See Bureau socialiste international, Brus- 

INTERNATIONAL socialist review. Chicago. 
1-18.J1 1 1900-Je 1918|| 

INTERNATIONAL stamp manufacturers' as- 
sociation. See Marking devices; Stamp man- 
ufacturers journal 

INTERNATIONAL standard. (International in- 
stitute for preserving and perfecting weights 
and measures) Cleveland; Boston, vl-5 no4,/~\ 
1883-Ap 188811 




INTERNATIONAL star bulletin. See Star bul- 

INTERNATIONAL statistical institute. See In- 
stitut international de statistique 

INTERNATIONAL steam engineer. See Inter- 
national engineer 

INTERNATIONAL steel and copper plate en- 
gravers league. See Palette and graver 

INTERNATIONAL stereotypers and electrotyp- 
ers union journal. Omaha; Denver. 1,1906+ 

INTERNATIONAL technical committee of legal 
experts on air questions 
Compte-rendu. Paris. l.My 1926+ 

At head of title: Comit6 international 
technique d'experts juridiques a6riens. 

INTERNATIONAL technical consulting 
mittee on radio communication 
Documents. Bern. 1,1929 + 

INTERNATIONAL stewards' and caterers' 
magazine. (International stewards' & cater- 
ers' association) Chicago. 1,1901+ 

INTERNATIONAL student. (Intercollegiate pro- 
hibition association) Washington; Chicago. 
1,1903 + 

1- ,1903-0 1924 as Intercollegiate states- 

INTERNATIONAL student service, Geneva. See 

I.S.'S. bulletin 
INTERNATIONAL studio. N.Y. vl-99 no411,Mr 

1897-Ag 1931|| 

P,My 1922 not issued. 1897-1921 forms 
American ed. of Studio, London, vl of 
International studio corresponding to vlO 
y of Studio. A certain part of each number 
was printed in England and joined with 
~~"an American section to make the com- 
plete magazine. Merged into Connoisseur 


i'^ fri) -ri 

INTERNATIONAL study conference on the 
state and economic life. Milan. 1,1932+ 

INTERNATIONAL telecommunication bureau, 
Bern. See Journal des telecommunications 

INTERNATIONAL telegraph bureau, Bern. 
See Journal t616graphique 

INTERNATIONAL telephone and telegraph cor- 
poration. See International communications 

INTERNATIONAL telephone review. See Inter- 
national communications review 

INTERNATIONAL temperance bureau. See In- 
ternational bureau against alcoholism 

INTERNATIONAL textile-apparel analysis. 
N.Y. l.Ap 1932+ 
vl nol-3 as Zelomek textile-apparel anal- 

INTERNATIONAL theatre bulletin. N.Y. 1,D 

INTERNATIONAL theistic society. See Theistic 

INTERNATIONAL theosophical league of hu- 
manity. See New .way 
INTERNATIONAL therapeutics. N.Y. 1-4, 


INTERNATIONAL sugar Journal; a technical 
and commercial periodical devoted entirely 
to the sugar industry. Manchester; Lon- 
don; etc. l,Ja 1899+ 
Supersedes Sugar cane 

INTERNATIONAL Sunday school evangel. See 

INTERNATIONAL superphosphate manufac- 
turers' association. See Superphosphate 

INTERNATIONAL surgical digest. Hagerstown, 
Md. 1,1926+ 

INTERNATIONAL thrift institute, Milan. See 

World thrift 

INTERNATIONAL tin research and develop- 
ment council, London 
Bulletin. nol.F 1935+ 

MB 3> 
General report. 1,1934+ 

Information circular. nol,1936+ 

INTERNATIONAL surgical record. N.Y. vl 
nol-5,Jl 1-S 22 1880H 
Superseded by International journal of 
medicine and surgery 

Miscellaneous publications. 1,J1 1934+ 

Statistical bulletin. l,Ag 1933+ 

INTERNATIONAL surveys of recent advances 
in obstetrics- gynecology. (Washington insti- 
tute of medicine) Washington. 

Technical publications. 
— sA. nol,1934+ 

INTERNATIONAL surveys of recent advances 
in surgery. (Washington institute of medi- 
cine) Washington. 

— sB. nol-7,Ag 1934-38H 

-sC. nol.Ap 1934+ 

INTERNATIONAL tailor. N.Y. 1,1914+ 

— sD. nol-3,Ja 1935-S 193711 

INTERNATIONAL tax association, 
tional tax association 

See Na- 


1895-Mr 1896H 

trade. N.Y. vl nol-6,0 



INTERNATIONAL trade and shipping digest. 

San Francisco. l,Ag 1919 + 
Ag-O 1919 as International shipping di- 

INTERNATIONAL trade developer. See World 

INTERNATIONAL trade union information. 
(Red international of labour unions) Mos- 
cow. l,Je 17 1932+? 

1932-F 1933 as International trade union 
press correspondence 

German edition. See Internationale gewerk- 
INTERNATIONAL trade union library. (Inter- 
national federation of trade unions) Amster- 

— s1: Trade union history. nol,1925-(- 

— s2: Reports and documents. nol,1930+ 

INTERNATIONAL union against tuberculosis, 
French title: Union internationale contre 
la tuberculosis. 
Bulletin. l,Ap 1924+ 

Title and text in French and English 

Transactions. 1,1920 + 

INTERNATIONAL union for the protection of 
industrial property. See International asso- 
ciation for the protection of industrial prop- 

INTERNATIONAL union for the scientific in- 
vestigation of population problems 
Bulletin. Baltimore, Md. 1-2,0 1929-J1 1931|| 

See also Population 
INTERNATIONAL union of academies 
Catalogue des manuscrits alchimiques grecs. 

INTERNATIONAL trade union movement. (In- 
ternational federation of trade unions) Am- 
sterdam. 1,1921+ 

4-6,1924-26 as International trade union 


Classification des ceramiques antiques. Macon. 

Compte rendu. Brussels. 1,1920 + 

—Supplement. nol-10,Mr 1921-Ja 192311 
Also in French and German 

MB rj 

INTERNATIONAL trade union press cor- 
respondence. See International trade union 

INTERNATIONAL trade union review. See 
International trade union movement 

INTERNATIONAL trades union review. 
(Trades union congress) London. nol-3,Ag 
1918- Jl 1919H? 

INTERNATIONAL transportworkers' federation 
Komunikoj por la gazetaro. nol,1931+ 

News letter. See I.T.F. 

Wages and working conditions of railwaymen. 
ns nol.N 1933 + 

See also Fascism; Germany under the swa- 
INTERNATIONAL turf world. Chicago, vl nol- 
5,Je-0 1931H 

INTERNATIONAL typographical union of 
North America 
Bulletin. Indianapolis, Ind. l,Ag 1 1912+ 

Reports of officers . . . and Proceedings. 

Title varies slightly. 1900+ as supplement 
to Typographical journal , . 



See also American model printer; Printing 
worker; Typographical forum; Typographi- 
cal journal 
INTERNATIONAL union against cancer 
Acta. Paris. 1,1936+ 

At head of title: Unio internationalis 
contra cancrum. Contributions in English, 
French, German, Italian, and Russian 

See also Bulletin Du Cange; Codices latini 
antiquiores. . . ; Monumenta musicae by- 
INTERNATIONAL union of elevator construc- 
tors. See Elevator constructor 
INTERNATIONAL union of flour and cereal 

mill employees. See Eight hour miller 
INTERNATIONAL union of forest research or- 
Jahresbericht. . . Stockholm. 

Text in French, German and English 

INTERNATIONAL union of journeymen horse- 
shoers of the United States and Canada. 
See International horseshoers' monthly 

INTERNATIONAL union of local authorities, 
London. See Local government administra- 

INTERNATIONAL union of mine, mill and 
smelter workers. See Miners' magazine 

INTERNATIONAL union of revolutionary writ- 
ers. See International literature; Left front; 
Literature of the world revolution 

INTERNATIONAL union of shipwrights, Join- 
ers and caulkers of America. See Journal 
of labor 

INTERNATIONAL union of steam and operat- 
ing engineers. See International engineer 

INTERNATIONAL union of steam engineers 
Proceedings. . . Pittsburgh; etc, 

INTERNATIONAL union of the food and drink 

workers. See International union of workers 

in the food and drink trades 
INTERNATIONAL union of timber workers. 

See Timber worker 
INTERNATIONAL union of united brewery, 

flour, cereal and soft drink workers of 


INTERNATIONAL union of woodworkers 

Bulletin. Berlin; Amsterdam, vl-10 no63, -D 
1913; vll,Ja 1914+ 

-Je 1923 text in German, French, Eng- 
lish and Swedish; S 1923+ in English 



INTERNATIONAL union of workers in the food 

and drink trades, Zurich 

German title: Internationale union der 

organisationen der arbeiter und arbeiterin- 

nen der lebens- und genussmittel-industrie 

Bulletin of information. Zurich. 1,1922+ 

Mitteilungsblatt. 1,1923+ 

INTERNATIONAL yearbook of forestry statis- 
tics. (International institute of agriculture, 
Rome) 1,1932+ 


French ed. See Annuaire international de 
statistique forestiere 
INTERNATIONALE. (Internationale arbeiter- 
association) Berlin. nol-6,Mr 1924- Ja 19261! ? 

INTERNATIONAL united brotherhood of 
leather workers on horse goods. See Leather 
workers' journal 

INTERNATIONAL university information of- 
Bulletin. See International institute of intel- 
lectual cooperation. Bulletin des relations 

INTERNATIONAL Walther league. See Cresset 

INTERNATIONAL weekly. N.Y. 1-3, -190711 ? 

INTERNATIONALE. (Kommunistische partei 
Deutschlands. Zentral-komitee) Berlin. 1-10, 
Ap 1915-D 1927H? 

INTERNATIONALE. (Revolutionair-socialisti- 
sche vereeniging) Amsterdam. 

INTERNATIONAL weekly miscellany of lit- 
erature, art, and science. See International 
monthly magazine of literature, science and 
INTERNATIONAL wild life protection society 
American committee 

'■ — Special publication. Cambridge, Mass.? 1, 

INTERNATIONAL woman suffrage alliance. See 

International women's news 
INTERNATIONAL women's news. (Internation- 
al woman suffrage alliance) London. 1,S 
1906+ , 

1- ,1906-22 as JUs guggagj; -24 no5, ' 
1923 -F 1930 International woman suffrage 

Mb Da-iv-^i- fvj ' wy ^ 

INTERNATIONALE; eine monatsschrift fUr 
praxis und theorie des marxismus. Berlin. 
l.Ap 1915|| 
Superseded by Internationale; eine zeit- 
schrift zur praxis und theorie des marxis- 

INTERNATIONALE; eine zeitschrift fur praxis 
und theorie des marxismus. Berlin. 1,1919+ 
Supersedes Internationale; eine monats- 
schrift fur praxis und theorie des 

NTERNATIONALE; socialistische maandblad 
voor politiek, wetenschap en kultuur. (Re- 
volutionnair socialistische arbeiderspartij) 
Amsterdam. l,Ap 1935+? 

Supersedes Nieuwe weg. Superseded by 

Rode October 

INTERNATIONAL woodcarver. (International 
woodcarvers' association) Boston; Jamaica, 
N.Y. 1,1902+ 

INTERNATIONAL woodworker. (Amalgamated 
woodworkers international union of Ameri- 
ca) Chicago, vl-18 no4, 1891-190811 

INTERNATIONAL workers in the amalgamated 
food industries. See Free voice 

INTERNATIONAL workers order. See Frater- 
nal outlook; Funk; New order; Proletarishe 

INTERNATIONAL workingmen's association 
British section. See International herald 
Sektionsgruppe deutscher sprache. See "Vor- 


INTERNATIONAL workingmen's educational 
club, London. See Workers' friend 

INTERNATIONAL yearbook of agricultural 
legislation. (International institute of agri- 
culture, Rome. Bureau of agricultural leg- 
islation) 1-16,1911-2611 

French ed. See Annuaire international de 
legislation agricole 
INTERNATIONAL yearbook of agricultural sta- 
tistics. (International institute of agricul- 
ture, Rome) 1,1910+ 

i + 

French ed. See Annuaire international de 
statistique agricole 

INTERNATIONALE; zeitschrift fur die revolu- 
tionare arbeiterbewegung, gesellschaftskri- 
tik und sozialistischen neuaufbau. Berlin. 
1,N 1927+ 

INTERNATIONALE altersforschung und alters- 
bekampfung. (Institut fur altersforschung 
und altersbekampfung) Kishinev. 1,1935+ 

INTERNATIONALE arbeiter-association. See 

Internationale (Berlin. 1924-26) 
INTERNATIONALE arbeiter-hilfe 

Bulletin. Berlin, vl-6 no4,1921-My 192811 

French title: Bulletin du secours ouvrier 

INTERNATIONALE arbeiterhilfe fur die hun- 

gernden in Russland. See Rote aufbau 
INTERNATIONALE arbeitsgemeinschaft der 

nationalisten. See Internationale stimmen 

der nationalisten 
INTERNATIONALE ausstellungs-berichte. Mit- 

teilungen liber patente und gebrauchs- 

muster. Berlin. 1-8,1888-9511? 

INTERNATIONALE beitrage zur pathologie 
und therapie der ernahrungsstorungen, 
stoffwechsel- und verdauungskrankheiten. 

Berlin. 1-5, N 1909-D 191511 



INTERNATIONALE bergwirtschaft und berg- 
technik. Leipzig; Halle. 1-3,1925/26-28; v22- 


1-3 as Internationale bergwirtschaft. Ag 
21 1929 absorbed Bergtechnik and as- 
sumed its numbering. v22 nol-16 as 
Bergtechnik 1929+ issued by Bergwirt- 
schaftliche gesellschaft 

— Beihefte. 1,1926||? 

INTERNATIONALE berichte liber patent-, 
muster- und zeichenwesen, unlauteren wett- 
bewerb und urheberrecht. Vienna. 1,1923 + 
Title varies slightly 

INTERNATIONALE bibliographie der ge- 
schichtswissenschaften. See International 
bibliography of historical sciences 

INTERNATIONALE bibliographie der kunst- 
wissenschaft. Berlin. l-15,Ap 1902-17/1811 



INTERNATIONALE bibliographie der zeit- 
schriftenliteratur. Leipzig. 
Abt. A. See Bibliographie der deutschen 

Abt. B. jSee Bibliographie der fremd- 

sprachigen zeitschriftenliteratur 
Abt. C. See Bibliographie der rezensionen 
und referate 
INTERNATIONALE bibliographie des buch- 
und bibliothekswesens, mit besonderer 
berucksichtigung der bibliographie. Leipzig. 
nsvl,1926 + 

Supersedes Bibliographie des bibliotheks- 
1/r _und buchwesens 


INTERNATIONALE bibliothek. N.Y. nol-17, 
1887-J1 1891|| 




bibliothek. Stuttgart. 


INTERNATIONALE bibliothek fur padagogik. 

Altenburg. 1,1900+ 

INTERNATIONALE filmschau. (Verband der 
fllmindustrie und des filmhandels in der 
Tschechoslowakischen republik) Prague. 1, 
1919 + 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur ethnogra- 
phic. See Internationales archiv fur 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur experi- 
mentelle phonetik. See Zeitschrift fur ex- 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur logopadie 
und phoniatrie. See Archiv fur sprach- und 
stimmphysiologie und sprach- und stimm- 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur medizi- 
nische psychologie und psychotherapie 
Verhandlungen. Leipzig. 1-3,1910-12|| 

Supplement to Journal fiir psychologie und 
neurologie, vl7, 19-20 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fiir musikwis- 

Mitteilungen. See Acta musicologica 
INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur photo- 

grammetrie. See Internationales archiv ftir 

INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft fur sexual- 

forschung. See Archiv fiir sexualforschung; 

Zeitschrift fiir sexualwissenschaft 
INTERNATIONALE gesellschaft zur erhaltung 

des wisents 
Berichte. Berlin. 1,1923 + 

INTERNATIONALE gewerkschaftsbewegung. 

(International federation of trade unions. 
German) Amsterdam. 1,1921+ 

^ INTERNATIONALE gewerkschafts-pressekor- 
respondenz. (Red international of labour 
unions) Moscow. l,Ja 15 1931+ ? 

Title also in English, French and Russian 

English edition. See International trade union 
INTERNATIONALE herold; monatsschrift fur 
volkerversohnung und volkerverstandigung. 

Melsungen. nol-6,1922||? 

INTERNATIONALE bibliothek fur philosophic 
See International philosophical library 

INTERNATIONALE brucknergesellschaft. See 

INTERNATIONALE buchhandler-akademie. See 
Monatsschrift fiir die gesammt-interessen 
des buchhandels 

INTERNATIONALE communiste. (Internatio- 
nale communiste. Comite executif) Paris. 1, 

INTERNATIONALE homoeopathische 
Leipzig. 1-10,1872-77|| 


INTERNATIONALE jahresberichte fiir erzie- 
hungswissenschaft. Breslau. 1-2,1923-24/2511 
(pub. 1925-28) 

INTERNATIONALE de I'enseignement. (Inter- 
nationale des travailleurs de I'enseignement) 
Paris. 1,1922+ 

INTERNATIONALE des travailleurs de I'en- 
seignement, Paris. See Internationale de 

INTERNATIONALE elektrotechnische zeit- 
schrift und bericht uber die elektrische aus- 
stellung. Vienna. nol-24,Jl 15-D 23 188311 

INTERNATIONALE entomologische zeitschrift. 

Guben. l,Ap 1907+ 



Bern. 1,1911 + 

Supersedes Revue internationale de theo- 

INTERNATIONALE klinische rundschau. See 

Wiener klinische rundschau 

INTERNATIONALE kommission fiir wissen- 
schaftliche luftschiffahrt. See International 
commission for the exploration of the upper 

INTERNATIONALE kommunisten Deutsch- 
lands. See Unser wort 



INTERNATIONALE kriminalistische vereini- 
Mitteilungen. Berlin; Leipzig. 1-21,1889-1914; 

1-21 have also French title: Bulletin de 
l'Union internationale de droit p€nal. 1-21, 
French or German text. Suspended 1915-25 
Index: 1-12, 1889-1905 in vl3 

Deutsche landesgruppe 

—Mitteilungen. Berlin. 1-19,1890-192411 

Continued in Internationale kriminalisti- 
sche vereinigung. Mitteilungen 

INTERNATIONALE kulturliga. See Internation- 
al league of culture 

INTERNATIONALE kunstrevue; monatsschrift 
fur kunstfreunde und sammler. Prague. 1, 

INTERNATIONALE landarbeiter -federation. 

See International landworkers' federation 
INTERNATIONALE lehrer-zeitung. See Lehrer- 

INTERNATIONALE literatur; deutsche blatter. 

Moscow. 1,1931+ 

INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift flir die 
gesammte neurologie in wissenschaft und 
praxis. See Zentralblatt flir nervenheil- 
kunde und psychiatrie 
INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift fur wissen- 
schaft, kunst und technik. Berlin; etc. 
vl-15 no8,Ap 6 1907-S 1921|| 

Supplement of Allgemeine zeitung (Mu- 
nich). 1-5, 1907-S 1911 as Internationale 
wochenschrift fur wissenschaft, kunst 
und technik 



INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift zur be- 
kampfung der trinksitten. See Forschungen 
zur alkoholfrage 

INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift zur erfor- 
schung des alkoholismus und bekampfung 
der trinksitten. See Forschungen zur al- 

INTERNATIONALE musik-gesellschaft 

Publikationen. 1-10,1901-03; s2 vl-13,1905-14|| 

*\, \- *j *i, \-*,n 

Sammelbande. Leipzig. 1-15,0 1898-S 19141] 

MB Mp 

INTERNATIONALE literatur- und musik- 
berichte. Leipzig. 1-15, Ap 1894-190811 
vl-10 no6,1894-Mr 1903 as Internationale 

INTERNATIONALE litteraturberichte. See In- 
ternationale literatur- und musikberichte 

INTERNATIONALE mathematische unter- 
richtskommission. See International com- 
mission on the teaching of mathematics 

INTERNATIONALE medizinisch -photograph i- 
sche monatsschrift. See Zwanglose abhand- 
lungen aus dem gehiete der medizinischen 
photographie, rontgoskopie, rontgographie 
und der lichtanwendung 

INTERNATIONALE medicinische revue. Ber- 
lin, vl nol-2, 1907||? 

Zeitschrift. Leipzig. 1-15, N 1899-1914|i 
Index: 1-10,1899-1909 

a\ : 

See also Miscellanea musicae bio-bibliographi- 

INTERNATIONALE organisation. Berlin, nol- 

no2-6 also issued (with same imprint 
date) with series title: Internationale ver- 

INTERNATIONALE paedagogische information. 
See Informations p^dagogiques internatio- 
nal es 

INTERNATIONALE patent-zeitung. Berlin. 



H6H1> ^1<P ^ 

INTERNATIONALE metal larbeiter-rundschau. 

Stuttgart. 1-15,1906-2011? 

To 1915, English, German and French 
in parallel columns. 1916+ in separate 

English ed. See International metal workers' 

INTERNATIONALE mitteilungen fiir boden- 
kunde. Vienna. 1-14,1911-2411 

Superseded by International society of 
soil science. Proceedings 

INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift. Zeitschrift 
fiir allgemeine und nationale kultur und 
deren literatur. Berlin, vl nol-4,1882||? 

INTERNATIONALE phaenologische zeitschrift. 

See Acta phaenologica 

INTERNATIONALE photographische monats- 
schrift fiir medizin und naturwissen- 
schaften. See Zwanglose abhandlungen aus 
dem gebiete der medizinischen photogra- 
phie, rontgoskopie, rontgographie und der 

INTERNATIONALE psychoanalytische biblio- 
thek. Leipzig; Vienna. 1,1919+ 

INTERNATIONALE psychoanalytische vereini- 
gung. See Internationale zeitschrift fur 
psychoanalyse; Zentralblatt fiir psycho- 
analyse und psychotherapie 

INTERNATIONALE radiotherapie. Darmstadt. 



INTERNATIONALE moYiatsschrift fur ana- 
tomie und histologic. See Internationale 
monatsschrift fiir anatomie und physiologie 
INTERNATIONALE monatsschrift fur ana- 
tomie und physiologie. Berlin; Leipzig. 1-32, 
1884-1918H \ 

1,1884 as Internationale rionatsschrift fiir 
anatomie und histologic; 2-3,1885-86 
Monthly international pouTnal of anatomy 
and Yiisltolbgy; 4-16 Monthly international 
journal ^ofi anatomy and physiology 


-nal \oi 


INTERNATIONALE rechtspraxis. (Deutscher 
internationaler anwaltverband) Berlin. 1. 

INTERNATIONALE religionspsychologische ge- 
sellschaft. See Zeitschrift fiir religions- 

INTERNATIONALE revue. Vienna, vl-4 no5,Jl 
1866-Mr 186811? 



INTERNATIONALE revue der gesamten hy- 
drobiologie und hydnographie. Leipzig. l,My 

-Biologische supplemente. 1-7,1910-151 

— Hydrographische supplemente. 1-7,1910-1711 

— Literatur-supplement. 1-2,1908| 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung der lehrerver- 
bande. See International federation of 
teachers' associations 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung der schuh- 
und lederindustriearbeiter. See International 
boot and shoe operatives and leather work- 
ers' federation 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fur brucken- 
bau und hochbau. See International associa- 
tion for bridge and structural engineering 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fur gesetz- 
lichen arbeiterschutz 
Schriften. Jena. 1-10,1901-2011 

— Monographien und abhandlungen. 1-5,1910- 

INTERNATIONALE revue i 10. Amsterdam. 1, 

INTERNATIONALE revue iiber die gesamm- 
ten armeen und flotten. Dresden. 1-37, 


INTERNATIONALE rohrenindustrie. Vienna. 1, 

INTERNATIONALE rouge. See I.S.R. Bulletin 

INTERNATIONALE rundschau. Zurich. 1-4, 
Je 1915-D 191811 

English section. See International association 
for labor legislation 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fur gewerbli- 
chen rechtsschutz. See International asso- 
ciation for the protection of industrial prop- 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fur rechts- 
und wirtschaftsphilosophie. See Archiv fiir 
rechts- und sozialphilosophie; Quellen der 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fiir theoreti- 
sche und angewandte limnologie 
Verhandlungen. Stuttgart. 1,1922+ 

See also Archiv fiir hydrobiologie 
INTERNATIONALE vereinigung fiir verglei- 
chende rechtswissenschaft und volkswirt- 
schaftslehre in Berlin 
Abhandlungen und mitteilungen. Berlin; etc. 

Consists of reprints from Zeitschrift fiir 
auslandisches und internationales privat- 

English edition. See International review 
INTERNATIONALE schachmeister - vereini- 
gung. See Wiener schach-zeitung 

INTERNATIONALE sportarztliche vereinigung. 

See Leibesiibungen 

INTERNATIONALE stimmen der nationalisten. 
(Internationale arbeitsgemeinschaft der na- 
tionalisten) Zurich. 1,1934+ 

French ed. See Voix internationale des na- 

INTERNATIONALE studiengesellschaft zur er- 
forschung der Arktis mit dem luftschiff. See 

INTERNATIONALE studienkommission fiir den 
motorlosen flug (Istus) 
Mitteilungsblatt. Darmstadt. 

INTERNATIONALE syndicale chretienne. 

(Confederation internationale des syndicats 
Chretiens) Utrecht. 1,1923 + 

1 issued with the German edition. 1-4 as 

the confederation's Bulletin 

German ed. See Christliche gewerkschafts-in- 

INTERNATIONALE syndicale rouge. (Bureau 
executif de I'l.S.R.-Moscow) Paris. nol.Ag 

INTERNATIONALE tanzvereinigung. See 

Tanz. . . 

INTERNATIONALE union der organisationen 
der arbeiter und arbeiterinnen der lebens- 
und genussmittelindustrie. See International 
union of workers in the food and drink 

Jahrbuch. vl-9 no3,1895-1914|| 

Index: 1-9 L \J ()()/*> 

MB \-ti W?-1 


See also Blaetter fiir vergleichende rechtswis- 
senschaft und volkswirtschaftslehre 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung gegen den 
missbrauch geistiger getranke. See Alkohol- 

INTERNATIONALE vereinigung von - lepidop- 
teren- und coleopteren-sammlern 
Correspondenzblatt. See Insektenwelt 

INTERNATIONALE verstandigung. Berlin. 1-6, 

INTERNATIONALE wochenschrift fiir wissen- 
schaft, kunst und technik. See Inter- 
nationale monatsschrift fiir wissenschaft, 
kunst und technik 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir aerztliche 
psychoanalyse. See Internationale zeit- 
schrift fiir psychoanalyse 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir allgemeine 
sprachwissenschaft. Leipzig; etc. 1-5,1884- 


MB IV\lb 



^ Y\<L\ c* 

—Supplement. 1,188711 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur bohrtech- 
nik, erdolbergbau, und geologic Vienna. 


1894-1924 as Internationaler verein der 
bohringenieure und bohrtechniker. Zeit- 
schrift. Supplement to Allgemeine oster- 
reichische chemiker- und techniker- 




INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir erziehung. 

Cologne. 1,1931/32+ 

1-3,1931/32-33/34 as Internationale zeit- 
schrift fiir erziehungswissenschaft 




INTERNATIONALER frauenbund fiir vogel- 

Jahrbuch. Berlin. 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur haus- und 

grundbesitz. See Revue internationale de la 

propriete 1 batie 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur individual- 

psychologie. Munich; Vienna. l,Ap 1914+ 

1 as Zeitschrift fiir individualpsychologie. 

Suspended O 1916-Ag 1923 

— Beihefte. 1,1930 + 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur metallo- 
graphie. See Zeitschrift fiir metallkunde 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur physika- 
lisch-chemische biologic Leipzig, vl-3 no2, 
Ap 1914-Ap 1917|| 

INTERNATIONALER Hegel-bund, The Hague 
Veroffentlichungen. 1,1931+ 

INTERNATIONALER herold. See Deutscher 

INTERNATIONALER jahresbericht der biblio- 
graphie. The year's work in practical bib- 
liography. Annuaire international des bi- 
bliographies. Leipzig. 1,1930+ 


INTERNATIONALER monatsbericht nebst 
antiquarischem anzeiger. Berlin. 1-8, 



INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir psycho- 
analyse. (Internationale psychoanalytische 
vereinigung) Leipzig; Vienna. 1-23,1913-37|| 
Supersedes Zentralblatt ftir psychoanalyse 
und psychotherapie. 1-5 as Internationale 
zeitschrift ftir aerztliche psychoanalyse 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir psycho- 
analyse und "Imago". 
— Beihefte. Vienna. nol,1934 + 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur sozialver- 
sicherung. Prague. l.Ja 1925+ 

vl nol-3,Ja-Mr 1925 as Prager zeitschrift 
fiir sozialversicherung 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir theorie des 

rechts. See Revue internationale de la 

thebrie du droit 
INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fur uhrmache- 

rei. See Revue internationale de l'horloge- 


INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift fiir wasser- 
versorgung. See' Zeitschrift fiir wasser- 

INTERNATIONALE zeitschrift gegen den alko- 
holismus. See Forschungen zur alkoholfrage 

INTERNATIONALER aerztlicher fortbildungs- 
kursus. Jena. 1,1914+ 

1 as Balneologie und balneotherapie 

INTERNATIONALER anzeiger fiir brauereien, 
malzereien und hopfenbau. See Allgemeiner 
anzeiger fiir brauereien, malzereien und 

INTERNATIONALER bauarbeiter. Berlin, l,Ag 
1923 + 

INTERNATIONALER pharmaceutischer ge- 
neral-anzeiger. Berlin; etc. 1-14,1889-1902||? 

INTERNATIONALER postwertzeichen-markt. 
Possneck i.Th. 1,1892+ 

1-29 as Internationales briefmarkenoffer- 

INTERNATIONALER phytopathologischer 

dienst. Stuttgart, vl nol-4,1908|| 

Supplement to Zeitschrift fiir pflan- 
zenkrankheiten, pflanzen-pathologie und 

INTERNATIONALER verband der koche. See 

Kochkunst und tafelwesen 
INTERNATIONALER verband der pflanzen- 

ziichter. See International association of 

plant breeders, Gembloux 
INTERNATIONALER verband fiir selbstabriis- 

tung. See Politische briefe 
INTERNATIONALER verband fur volksfor- 

schung. See Folk (Leipzig) 
INTERNATIONALER verband fiir wohnungs- 

wesen. See Wohnen und bauen 
INTERNATIONALER verein der bohringe- 

nieure und bohrtechniker 
Zeitschrift. See Internationale zeitschrift fiir 

bohrtechnik, erdolbergbau, und geologie 
INTERNATIONALER verein der ingenieure 

und architekten des Tiirkischen reiches. 

See Zeitschrift fiir technik und industrie in 

der Tiirkei 
INTERNATIONALER verein gegen verunrei- 

nigung der fliisse, des bodens und der luft 
Verhandlungen. Berlin; Leipzig; Frankfurt 

a.M. 1-4,1877-8011? 

INTERNATIONALER bericht iiber die gewerk- 
schaftsbewegung. (Gewerkschaftliche lan- 
deszentrale) Berlin. 1-10,1903-1211 

INTERNATIONALER central-anzeiger fur die 
gesammte elektrotechnik. Frankfurt a.M. 

1-2.N 1890-N 1902||? 

English ed. See International report of the 

trade union movement 
INTERNATIONALER bund der christlichen 

gewerkschaften. See Christliche gewerk- 

INTERNATIONALER entomologischer verein. 

See Entomologische zeitschrift; Insekten- 


INTERNATIONALES agrar- Institut, Moscow. 

See Agrar-probleme; Agrarnye problemy; 

Beitraege zum studium der internationalen 

INTERNATIONALES agrar-institut, Rome. See 

International institute of agriculture, Rome 
INTERNATIONALES arbeitsrecht. Stuttgart. 


Supplement to Arbeitsrecht 



INTERNATIONALES archiv fur ethnographic 
(Internationale gesellschaft fur ethnogra- 
phie) Leyden. 1,1888+ 

Index: 1-20,1888-1912 



INTERNATIONALES archiv fiir flugzeug-kon- 
struktionen. International archives for air- 
craft construction. Archives internationales 
pour constructions d'avions. Archivo inter- 
nacional de construccion de aviones. Berlin- 
Charlottenburg. 1-26,1933-3511 

INTERNATIONALES archiv fur offentliche 
mundhygiene. Strasbourg. 1-6, My 1910-Ja 


INTERNATIONALES criminal -polizeiblatt. 

Frankfurt a.M. 1-34,1887-192011? 

INTERNATIONALES metal larbeiter- bulletin. 
Berlin. nol.My 1923 + 


1-3,1897-Ja 1899H 

schach-Journal. Berlin. 

INTERNATIONALES sekretariat der maler und 
verwandten berufe. 
Mitteilungsblatt. Hamburg. See International 
secretariat of national unions of journey- 
men painters and allied trades 

INTERNATIONALES transportarbeiter - bul- 
letin. Berlin. 1,1922?+ 

INTERNATIONALES archiv fur photogram- 
metrie. (Internationale gesellschaft . fiir 
photogrammetrie) Vienna. l,Mr 1908+ 
vl-2 nol pub. by Oesterreichische gesell- 
schaft fur photogrammetrie in Wien. 
Suspended 1924-29 

INTERNATIONALES archiv fiir schulhygiene. 

Archives internationales d'hygiene scolaire. 

International magazine of school hygiene. 

Leipzig, vl-9 no4,1905-O 1914H 

"Literatur" and "Bibliographie" given in 
each volume with separate pagination 

INTERNATIONALES archiv fur veterinar- 
medizin. Magdeburg. 1,1908-09||? 

INTERNATIONALES brief markenoffertenblatt. 
See Internationaler postwertzeichenmarkt 

INTERNATIONALES centralblatt . . . See In- 
ternationales zentralblatt . . . 





Berlin. 1,1923?+ 




INTERNATIONALES centralblatt fur anthro- 
pologic und verwandte wissenschaften. See 
Zentralblatt fiir anthropologic 
INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fur baukera- 
mik und glasindustrie. Vienna. 1-36,1886- 

1-19,1886- as Centralblatt fiir glasindu- 
strie und keramik; 20-22 Zentralblatt 
fiir glas-, porzellan- und ziegelindustrie 

INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fur die 
gesamte tuberkulose-forschung. See Zen- 
tralblatt fiir die gesamte tuberkulosefor- 
INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fur die 
gesamte tuberkulose-literatur. See Zentral- 
blatt fiir die gesamte tuberkulose-forschung 
INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fur die 
physiologie und pathologie der harn- und 
sexual -organe. See Zentralblatt fiir die 
krankheiten der harn- und sexual-organe 
INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fiir experi- 
See Vox 

zentralblatt fiir laryngo- 

und verwandte wissen- 

vl-38 no3,Jl 1884-Mr 

mentelle phonetik, 
logie, rhinologie 
schaften. Berlin. 


Superseded by 

nasen- und ohrenheilkunde 

Zentralblatt fiir hals- 

INTERNATIONALES institut fur afrikanische 
sprachen und kulturen, London. See Inter- 
national institute of African languages and 

INTERNATIONALES institut fur bibliographie 
der medizin und der nachbargebiete. See 
Bibliographie der biologie 

INTERNATIONALES institut fur techno-biblio- 
graphie. See International institute of tech- 
nical bibliography 

INTERNATIONALES institut fiir sozial-biblio- 
graphie, Berlin. See International institute 
of social bibliography 

INTERNATIONALES jahrbuch der gemal- 
deauktionen. Berlin. 1,1930+ 

INTERNATIONALES zentralblatt fur ohren- 
heilkunde und rhino-laryngologie. Wurz- 
burg; Leipzig. 1,0 1902+ 

1-5,1902-07 as Internationales centralblatt 
fiir ohrenheilkunde. v20 no6,1923 also as 
Folia otolaryngologica, teil 2, Referate 

INTERNATIONALIS concordia. See Corres- 

pondant international 
INTERNATIONALIST. Hammond, Ind. ; New- 
port, Ky. vl-9 no6,1926-Ja 193111 

vl-8 noo,1926-Je 1930 as International 
poetry magazine 

politik. Geneva. 1,1930 + 

der social- 

INTERNATIONALES jahrbuch fur politik und 
arbeiterbewegung. Berlin. 1-4,1912-1511? 

INTERNATIONALES jahrbuch fur schiedge- 
richtswesen in zivil- und handelssachen. 
Berlin. 1,1926 + 

None published 1927 

INTERNATIONALIST; a monthly review de- 
voted to the propaganda of the "linguo in- 
ternaciona di la delegitaro". Seattle; Phil- 
adelphia. 1-2, Ap 1909-S 191011 

Superseded by International language 

lungen. Berlin, nol, 1926 + 


INTERNATIONELL tidskrift for zoologi. 

Acta zoologica 




INTER riationes, zeitschrift fur die kulturellen 
beziehungen Deutschlands zum ausland. 
Berlin. l.Ja 1931 + 

INTERRACIAL review. St. Louis, Mo. 

vl-5 ' no9 as Chronicle; official organ of 
the federated colored Catholics of the U.S. 

INTERNATSTONAL i voina. Zurich. 1,191511? 

INTERNATSIONAL molodezhi. Moscow. 

INTERNATSIONAL'NAfA literatura. (Mezh- 
dunarodnoe ob"edinenie revolfutsionnykh 
pisatelei) Moscow. 1928+ 

Published also in English, German and 
French. English title: International litera- 

INTERSANGA bulteno. (Universala esperanto- 
asocio) Saint-Mihiel, Meuse, France, nol-11, 
Ja 1912-N 1913||? 

INTERSEMINARIAN. (Interseminary 
ment) N.Y. 1,D 1929+ 

INTERSTATE architect. Cleveland, vl-4 no9,F 
1899-J1 1902|| 
1899-Mr 1902 as Interstate architect and 
builder. Merged into National builder 

INTERNE. (Interne council of Greater New 
York) N.Y. l.Ja 1935 + 

INTER-ocean: a Netherlands East Indian 
magazine devoted to Malaysia and Aus- 
tralasia. Weltevreden, Batavia. vl-13 no6, 
My 1920-Je 1932|| 

vl-4 nol,1920-Ja 1923 as Sluyter's monthly. 

United with Netherlands Indies review 

to form Java gazette 

INTER Ocean curiosity shop. Chicago. 1-15, 

A 1876 - 92 " 

MB 3-)V 

groups. See Nordiske interparlamentariske 

INTERPRETATION radiologique. Paris. nol.Ja 

INTeRPRETE. Santiago de Chile. nol-30,Je 
13 1836-Mr 18 1837|| 

INTERPRETER. London. 1-20,1905-24| 

INTERSTATE association of live stock sani- 
tary boards. See United States live stock 
sanitary association 

INTERSTATE bulletin. See Adult education 

INTERSTATE commerce law convention 
Proceedings. 3-4,1904-0511 
1-2 never printed 

INTERSTATE commerce railway association 
Proceedings. Ja 8 1889-D 15 1890U 

INTERSTATE conference of delegates from 
employers' federation and other employers' 
Report of proceedings . . . Melbourne, nol-5, 


INTERSTATE convention of coal miners and 
operators. See Joint conference of coal 
operators and miners 

INTERSTATE cotton seed crushers' associa- 
tion, Atlanta. See National cottonseed 
products association 

INTER-state deep-harbor convention 
Abstract of the proceedings. Topeka. 1888- 

INTERPRETER. (Foreign language informa- 
tion service) N.Y. vl-9 no8,Ja/F 1922-D 

1922 as Foreign language information 
service. Bulletin 



INTERPRETER. (Minnesota. University. Ex- 
tension division) Minneapolis. 1,0 1926+ 

INTERPRETER. A semi-monthly journal, de- 
voted to English, French, Spanish, Italian 
and German languages. Charleston, S.C. 1- 


INTERPRETER; an Australian monthly mag- 
azine of literature, science and art. Mel- 
bourne. nol-2,Ja-F 186111? 

INTERSTATE druggist. Columbus, Ohio. 1-10, 
1899-Ja 1909; 43-61, F 1909-27?|| 

1-10 as Midland druggist. Absorbed Phar- 
maceutical review F 1909 and continued 
its numbering. 43-v60 nol,F 1909-Ja 1926 
as Midland druggist and pharmaceutical 

INTERSTATE farmer. Wichita, Kan. 1-26, 15 
1911-J1 1 1920|| 

Supersedes Farmers star and live stock 

INTERSTATE grocer. See Interstate merchant 
INTERSTATE index. See Pioneer (San Antonio, 

INTERSTATE, inland waterways league of 
Louisiana and Texas 
Proceedings . . . Houston, Tex. 5-12,1909-16||? 
1-4 never published? 

INTERPROFESSIONAL association for social 
insurance, New York. See I P A news bulle- 

INTERRACIAL news service. (Federal council 
of the churches of Christ in America. Race 
relations dept.) N.Y. 

INTER-state journal. An illustrated monthly 
of the Connecticut Valley. White River 
Junction, Vt. l-ll,Ap 1900-0511? 
vl nol-3 as Inter-state journal and ad- 
vertiser. Subtitle varies 



INTERSTATE medical journal. St. Louis, Mo. 
vl-26 no3,1893-Mr 1919|| 

1-6,1893-99 as Tri-state medical journal 
and practitioner. Merged into Modern 
medicine, later Nation's health 

INTERSTATE merchant. St. Louis. l,Ag 10 
1889 + 

1- as Interstate grocer 

INTERSTATE milk producers' review. Phila- 
delphia. 1,1920+ 

INT1ME club, Paris. See Croquis d'architec- 

INTRANSIGENTS. Ponce, P.R. 1,1929+ 

INTRODUCTION aux observations sur la 
physique, sur Phistoire naturelle et sur les 
arts. Paris. 1-18,1771-72|| 

Supersedes Observations periodiques sur 
la physique, 1'histoire naturelle et les arts. 
Superseded by Observations et memoires 
sur la physique, later Journal de physi- 
que, de chimie, d'histoire naturelle et des 

INTERSTATE national guard association 
Proceedings. 1-17,1897-191511? 

— 2d ed. vl-2,177711 

Publications, nol-6, 1899-190311 

INTRUDER; a periodical 

nol-36,Ja l-O 22 1802H 

paper. Aberdeen. 

INTER-state post graduate medical association 
of North America 
Proceedings. Milwaukee, Wis. 1,1925 + 

INTERSTATE pure food commission. See Asso- 
ciation of American dairy, food and drug 

INTERSTATE school review. Danville, 111. 1-10, 
S 1891-1900H? 

INVALID. London, vl nol-12,Jl 1905-S 19061 

INVALIDaTS- und alters-versicherung im 
Deutschen Reiche; Mainzer zeitschrift fur 
sozialverwaltung. Mainz, vl-40 nol,1890-Ja 

20 193011 
Merged into Zentralblatt fur reichsver- 
sicherung und reichsversorgung 

INTERSTATE schoolman. Hutchinson, Kan. 

vl-2 noll,1905-Ja 1907; v5 no2-vlO,F 1907- 

Absorbed Kansas educator Ja 1907 and 
assumed its numbering. Merged into 
Kansas school magazine 

INTERSTATE sugar cane growers' association 
Proceedings. 1-3,1903-0511? 

INTER-synod. Indianapolis. 1-3,1895-9611 
1,1895 as Indiana synod 

INVALIDE beige. (Institut des mutiles, 
invalides et orphelins, Port Villez, France) 
Port-Villez par Vernon. 1-2, S 1917-N 1918 1|? 

INVALIDES. Paris, vl-5 no7,1918-D 1922(1 

vl-5 nol,1918-F 1922 as Revue interalliee 
jpour 1' etude des questions interessant les Ol 
mutil6s de la guerre 


/K t> 

INVALIDS guide. See Medical review and in- 
valids guide 
INVARIABLE; nouveau memorial catholique. 
. Fribourg. 1-12,1831-3811? 

INTER-university Jewish federation of Great 
Britain and Ireland 
Magazine. See Jewish academy 
INTER-university magazine. (University Cath- 
olic societies federation) Oxford. 1,1920 + 

INTERURBAN railway journal. See Mass trans- 

INTERURBAN woman suffrage council 

Interurban woman suffrage series. N.Y. nol- 

INVENTAIRE archeologique de Saint-Malo. 
See under Soci6t6 historique et archeo- 
logique de l'arrondissement de Saint-Malo 

INVENTAIRE des mosaTques de la Gaule et de 
I'Afrique. See under Acad6mie des incrip- 
tions et belles lettres 

INVENTARI dei manoscritti delle biblioteche 
d'ltalia. Forli; Florence. 1,1890+ 

INVENTEUR, journal hebdomadaire industriel 
et scientifique. Paris. 1,188911 

INTERVIEW. An insurance 

Subtitle varies 

examiner. N.Y. 

INVENTEUR, propagateur des inventions. Pa- 
ris. 1-5,1876-8011? 

INTESA intellettuale. (Associazione italiana 
per l'lntesa intellettuale) Bologna. 1-2, 


INVENTION. London. 1-26, Mr 15 1879-D 27 

1879-J1 2 18S4 as Inventor's record and 
industrial guardian; Jl 19 1884-My 15 1886 
Invention and inventor's mart 

INTIMATE apparel; monthly pictorial of the 
lingerie and negligee trades. N.Y. l.S 1934+ 

INVENTION. Winston-Salem, N.C. l,Ag 1934+ 



INVENTION; combined with Successful inven- 
tions magazine. Washington. l,Ap 1936+ 
vl-2 nol7,1936-0 1937 as Successf ul inyen- 
j. tions; a magazine for inventors and others 

interested in new ideas „ , i/ ■ / 

INVENTION. Journal de la proprifite' indus- 
trielle, litt<§raire, artistique, commerciale. 
Paris. 1-28,1846-7311 

1-4,1846-50 as Brevet d'invention 

INVENTORS' institute, Cooper union. See In- 
dustrial news 

INVENTORS' institute, London. See Scientific 
review and Scientific and literary review 

INVENTORS' journal. London. See Patents 

INVENTORS Journal. Rochester, vl nol-3,Jl 
1907-F 190811? 

INVENTORS' monthly news bulletin. Seattle, 
Wash. 1,D 1927+ 

INVENTION and finance. N.Y. l,Ja 1935+ 

INVENTION and inventor's mart. See Inven- 
INVENTION world. Washington. 1,0 1937+ 

INVENTORS' record and industrial guardian. 

See Invention 
INVERNESS scientific society 
Transactions. 1,1875+ 
Index: 1-5 in 5 

INVENTIONS illustrees. Paris. 1,1899+ 

INVERTEBRATA pacifica. Claremont, Cal.; 
etc. vl nol-12,S 15 1903-O 8 1907|| 

INVENTIONS nouvelles. See Sciences, art, INVESTIGACI6N y progreso. Madrid. 1,1927+ 

INVENTIVE age and industrial review. See 

Inventive age and patent index 
INVENTIVE age and patent index. Washing- 
ton. vl-26 no7,1889-Jl 1914|| 

1- ,1889- as In ventive age and industrial 
review ~ _ iTZh 

INVENTOR. Boston, vl-2 no6,D 1905-Ag 190711? 

INVESTIGACIONES econ6mico-sociales. Mex- 

INVESTIGACIONES historicas. Mexico. 1,0 

INVENTOR. N.Y. 1-2,S 1855-Ag 1857H 

3 mb inl - 3rto'z - biVltYl 

INVENTOR. Rochester, N.Y. vl nol.Ap 1910; 
[ns]vl nol-2,Je-Jl 1910|| 
Superseded by Technical educator and in- 

INVESTIGACIONES linguisticas. (Instituto 
mexicano de investigaciones linguisticas) 
Mexico. l,Ag 1933+ 

Supplement. See Cuadernos lingiiisticos 
INVESTIGADOR africano. Lima. nol-2,S 13-0 

2 183411 

INVENTOR. (National inventors congress) 
Grand Rapids, Mich. l,Mr 1934+ 

° MB 7-f- 

INVENTOR. A monthly journal devoted to the 
interests of inventors and patentees . . . 

INVENTOR and manufacturer. Indianapolis, 

Supersedes Grain (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

INVENTOR, patentee, and manufacturer. Lon- 
don. nol-12,D 20 1876-Mr 14 187711 

INVENTORE. Turin. 1- ,1855-671 

INVESTIGADOR del Peru. Lima. 1-5, Jl 1 1813- 
7 D 1814|| 

Numbering for 1,4-5 supplied, vl-5 made 
up of the following numbers: 1-62; 1-61; 
1-61; 1-135; 1-123 

INVESTIGADOR medico. (Sociedad mgdico- 
farmac^utica de estudiantes) Guadalajara. 


INVESTIGADOR portuguez em Inglaterre; ou, 
Jornal literario, politico, etc. London, nol- 

92,Je 1811-F 1819H . 

INVESTIGADOR resucitado. Lima. nol-31,D 2 
1822-Ja 1823H? 

INVENTOR'S advocate and patentees' re- 
oorder. London. vl-5 (nol-123),Ag 17 
1839-D 11 1841|| 

INVESTIGATEUR. See Revue des etudes his- 

INVESTIGATOR. Chicago, vl-37 no4,Je 1874- 

Ja 1908H 

Merged into Insurance field 

INVENTORS' and manufacturers' gazette. INVESTIGATOR. London. nol-28,1843| 
Boston. 1-19,1866-86|| 

INVENTOR'S gazette. London, nol-26, 185711 

INVESTIGATOR. New Britain, Conn, vl-3 noil, 
Je 1 1891-D 1894N? 



INVESTIGATOR; a journal of secularism. Lon- 
don. l-6,Ap 1854-Ag 1859H 

1-3,1854-Mr 1857 as London investigator: 
a monthly journal of secularism. 
Subtitle varies 

INVESTIGATOR; or, Monthly expositor and 
register on prophecy. London. 1-5,1831-3611 

INVESTMENT index. London. 1-4 (nol-16), 


Supplement to Investors' review 

INVESTMENT news. Chicago. 1,1913- 

INVESTMENT outlook. N.Y. 1.J1 1933 + 


INVESTIGATOR; or, Quarterly magazine. Lon- 
don. l-8,My 1820-24H , .„ - 

MB /V\ fe * ' ' * *■ - 

INVESTIGATOR: religious, moral, scientific, 
etc. Washington. See Investigator and ad- 
vocate of independence 
INVESTIGATOR and advocate of independence. 
Science, religion, literature, etc. Washing- 
ton. l-2,Ja 1845-4611 

Ja- 1845 as Investigator: religious, moral, 
scientific, etc. (Subtitle varies) 

INVESTMENT review ... a journal devoted to 
the financial, insurance, commercial and in- 
dustrial progress of the Pacific coast. Los 

Angeles. 1-22,1907-D 12 1918|| 

1907-D 25 1911 as Western insurance 
news; Ja 1912 -O 1917 Insurance and in- 
vestment news. Merged into Financial 

INVESTMENT survey. See Financial review of 

reviews. . . 
INVESTMENT topics. Chicago. 1,J1 1929+ 

INVESTIGATOR and expositor. Troy, Ohio, vl 
nol-16. Jl 4-0 1840[|? 

INVESTMENT trust journal. N.Y. l.Ap 1931+ 

INVESTIGATOR and general intelligencer. See 

Genius of temperance 
INVESTIGATORS club, Owensboro, Ky. 
Papers. 1,1894|| 

INVESTMENT. Chicago. 1-4,0 1917-F 1919||? 

INVESTMENT weekly and banking world. Chi- 
cago; N.Y. 1-21.D 1898-S 23 1918|] 

1897-F 1909 as Banking and mercantile 
world; Mr 1909 -O 1916 Banking world 
(Subtitle varies). United with Business 
digest to form Business digest and in- 
vestment weekly, later Business -digest 
service >. J% X *~-\ 

INVESTMENT; a magazine of information and 
suggestion. Boston, vl-9 no6,1909-Je 1914|| 
vl-8 no4 as Investments; a monthly jour- 
nal for investors. Merged into Magazine 
of Wall street 

INVESTMENT and industry; an advocate of 
sound and profitable financing for investors, 
manufacturers and bankers. Canton, Ohio. 
vl-2 no2,S 1914-N 1915|| 

INVESTMENTS; a monthly journal for in- 
vestors. See Investment; a magazine of 
information and suggestion 

INVESTOR; a financial guide to Southern Cal- 
ifornia and a weekly journal of finance, 
insurance and trade. Los Angeles, Cal. 1-5, 

INVESTOR America. (American federation of 
utility investors, inc.) Chicago. l,My 1935+ 
Supersedes the federation's Bulletin 

I.B.A. of A. bulletin, 

1913-F 1931|| 

Superseded by Investment banking 

association of America 
Chicago, vl-19 no3,Ap 

INVESTOR and trader. N.Y. 

-vll noil, -F 18 1918 as Jones and 
Baker curb news; vll nol2-vl3 nol9 Curb 

Proceedings. 1,1912 + 

> MS 

See also Institute of international finance 
N VESTMENT banking. (Investment bankers' 
association) Chicago. l,Ap 1931 + 

Supersedes the association's I.B.A. of A. 

bulletin C) 3^v,6bSali 

INVESTORS'. (Investors' protective association 
of America) Boston. 1-4.S 1917-N 191911? 
1917-Ja 1918 as Investors' protector 


INVESTORS' book of booklets. 


N.Y. vl-6 no6, 

INVESTMENT dealers' digest. N.Y. 

INVESTMENT dealers service. Boston. l,Mr 

INVESTMENT herald. N.Y. 1-9,1903-08|| ? 
1-5 as Mining herald 

INVESTORS' chronicle and money market re- 
view. London. l.Je 9 1860+ 

1860-95 as Money market review; 1896- 

1920 Investors' chronicle (subtitle varies); 

1921 Money market review and investors' 


INVESTORS' guardian. London. nol,Ag 22 
1863 + 



INVESTORS' journal. Wellington, N.Z. vl-2 IONIA student. Ionia, Mich, vl nol-10,Mr-Jl 

no23,Ap 27 1933-My 6 1935|| 1868||? 

Supersedes Accounting-, commerce and vl nol-4,Mr-Ap 1868 as Ionia county 

insurance student 



INVESTOR'S monthly manual; a newspaper for 
investors. London. 1-6, 15 1864-70; nsvl-60 
no6,1871-Je 2 1930|| 

1864-D 1870 issued in connection with 

f ? 1,* J'/ 

INVESTORS' protective association of America. 

See Investors' 
INVESTORS' protector. See Investors' 
INVESTORS' review. London. 1,F 1892+ 

Supplement. See Investment index 
INVESTORS' review. A journal of practical 
finance, mining - , railroad and stock ex- 
change interests. N.Y. 1- ,1895-190511? 

INVESTORS service: monthly bulletin. N.Y. 
s 1-2, Mr 1916-J1 1918H 

INVINCIBLE; a magazine of history. St. Louis, 
Mo. l.Ap 4 1913-My 1914||? 

IN WHICH. Being - a book in which we say just 
what we think. Detroit. nol-18,Je 1915-N 



IONIAN antiquities. See Society of dilettanti, 

London. Antiquities of Ionia 

State historical society 

— Applied history. 1,1912+ 

— Biennial report. 1,1857+ 

1,1857 as Annual report i/,/ 

MB , p. VH /^•<<= <:r 

— Bulletin of information, si, 1904+ 

MB Md[ 

— Documentary material relating to the his- 
tory of Iowa. 1-3,1895-190111 

See also Ajinals of Iowa; Iowa and war; Iowa 
historical record; Iowa journal of history 
and politics; Iowa monograph series; Pa- 


— Abstracts in history. 1,1932+ 
1 is unnumbered 

MB |+- /Y 9l 

— Botanical papers. 1-2,1931|| 

—Child welfare pamphlets. l,Ag 6 1932+ 

INYO magazine. See Sierra magazine 

INYO trails; a quarterly magazine of prose and 

verse. (Inyo writers' guild) Lone Pine, Cal. 

vl nol-2, winter 1933-spring 1934H? 

INZEL. N.Y. l,Ja 191811? 

?MB / 

Narrative supplements. Story A, 1935+ 

Revised ed. 1,1939 + 

— Educational psychology series. nol,1933 + 


lNiENIERJA i budownictwo cywilne, przemys- 
iowe i rolnicze. Warsaw. 1,1879+? 

Title also in English, French and German 

INZER hofenung. Warsaw. nol-17,Ja 1926-Ja 

In Yiddish 

INZHENER. Kiev. 1-22, 1882-99 1| ? 
Index: 1882-91 

1NZHENERNYI trud. Moscow. 1,1915 + 
INZHENERNYI zhurnal. Leningrad. 1860+ 

ION, a Journal of electronics, atomistics, ionol- 
ogy, radio-activity and raumchemistry. Lon- 
don. 1-2.N 1908-Mr/Ag 191011 

2 has text in German. Subtitle varies 

JONA club, Edinburgh 

Transactions, vl ptl-3,1833-38|] 

— Historical monographs, nol-2, 1891-92|| 

MB ^ //0 

— Humanistic studies. 1,1907+ 

vl nol-3 as its Studies in language and 
literature , / i/QA 

MB j-f //W ' 

— Iowa studies in classical philology. nol,Ag 
1934 + 

— Researches in parent education. 1,1932 + 

— Studies . . . Series on aims and progress 
of research, vl-3 no3,1926-Ag 1931|| 

— Studies in- character. See under the univer- 
sity's Institute of character 
— Studies in child welfare. 1,1920+ 


— Studies in education 

studies in education. -« 

— Studies in i emotional adjustment. 1,1937+ 

£> MB 

1 k 

cjwi^)/ \°yv\ v- 






U n i versity — Continued 

— Studies in engineering-. See under the uni- 
versity's College of engineering 
— Studies in infant behavior. 1,1934+ 

— Studies in language and literature. See its 

Humanistic studies 
—Studies in medicine. See under the univer- 
sity's College of medicine 
— Studies in natural history. 1,N 1888+ 

1-7,1888-Ap 1918 as the university's 
Laboratories of natural history. Bulletin 



-Studies in physical education. l,Mr 1934+ 
1 as supplement to Research quarterly 

—Studies in physics, vl-2 no3, 1907-2511 

vl-2 nol as the university's Physical 
laboratory. Contributions. v2 nol repeated 
in numbering . . f 

MB a/n |,3 WW 

— Studies in preschool education. 1,1937 + 

Research studies in educational measure- 
ments. 1,1934+ 

MB |J^ 

Research studies in elementary school 

language. 1,1934+ 

- — Studies in education. l.Mr 11 1911+ 

MB 1+ ^<%3V <? 

Studies in the psychology of learning. 


-College of engineering 

— -Studies in engineering. 1,F 15 1926 + 


Reprint. l,My 1 1937+ 


-College of law 

Law bulletin. 1-3 (nol-42),0 1891-D 1901|] 

Superseded by Iowa, law bulletin, later 

Iowa law review 

— Studies in psychology. 1,1897+ 

4+ issued in the Psychological review 
monograph supplement series 

MB j_j m+ HOlifti 

— Studies in sociology, economics, politics and 
history. See its Studies in the social sci- 

— Studies in Spanish language and literature. 
l.My 1930+ 

2 not yet issued. 3 pub. in Ap 1928 

— Studies in the psychology of music. l.Ap 



/i/i i rn j/ & 

— Studies in the social sciences. 1,1899 + 
vl-4 no2, 1899-1915 as its Studies in so- 
ciology, economics, politics and history 

MB , _r*T -x V^U'^n 

| - U -O -f 

— College of applied science. See Iowa transit 
— College of commerce 

Bureau of business research 

Iowa studies in business, nol, 1928 + 

See also Iowa business digest; Journal of 

— College of education 
Adult education series. 1,1930|| 

— Studies; studies in criminal law and admini- 
stration. 1,1932+ 

nol is supplement to Iowa law review, 
vl7 no4 

— College of medicine 

Studies in medicine, vl-3 no3,1916-Ja 

vl no2 erroneously as vl nolO 

MB MtL Vrtf-^l/LLwl' 

A I 


Dept. of orthopedic surgery 

Abstracts of current literature, case 

reports and research. 1,1927+ 

Dept. of pathology and bacteriology 

Contributions. 1,19081|___ 

t »j q y j 




Homoeopathic medical dept. 

Bulletin, vl-2 no2,1893-97| 

— Dept. of speech. See Archives of speech 
— Division of physical education. See Old gold 
— Engineering society. See Iowa transit 
— Extension division 

Extension bulletin. 1,1914+ @. Q 

nol77-84 omitted in numbering 


A; c 

^^.Uht /yoV 

Bulletin. 1-10,1902-091 

College of education series, nol, 1924+ 

College of education series. See under 

the university's Extension division. Exten- 
sion bulletin 

Doctoral theses in education. 1,1934+ 



al psychology series. 1,1933 + 


-Monographs in education, nol-12, 1926-321; 
5 never published 

School of journalism series, nol, 1928+ 

University schools leaflet, nol-17,1926- 


nol-3 as its University school leaflet 

— Institute of character research 

Studies in character, vl-4 no2,Ag 1927-3111 

Continued in the university's Studies in 


child welfare 

^yfoQ ^ 



— Laboratories of natural history 

Bulletin. See the university's Studies in 

natural history 
— Medical history club 
Proceedings. 1,N 1930+ 

IOWA bankers' association 
Proceedings. 1,1884 + 

IOWA bar review. (Iowa state bar association) 
Iowa City. 1,N 1934+ 

— Observatory 

l,Ja 1931 + 

— Physical laboratory 

Contributions. See Studies in physics 

— School of journalism 

School of journalism series. See under 

the university's Extension division. Exten- 
sion bulletin 

See also Iowa journalist; Iowa publisher and 

- the bulletin of the Iowa press association 

— Zoological laboratory 

Collected papers. 1,1927/28+ 

See also American prefaces; Philological 
IOWA academy of sciences 

Biological .survey publications. nol,1936+ 

IOWA beekeepers' bulletin. (Iowa state college 
of agriculture and mechanic arts) Ames, la. 
l,Ap 1923 + 

IOWA bird-life. (Iowa ornithologists' union) 
Winthrop, la. yrl-2, 1929-30; (ns) vl.Mr 

1929-30 as the union's Bulletin 

IOWA business digest. (Iowa. University. Col- 
lege of commerce. Bureau of business re- 
search) l,Ja 1930+ 

IOWA Catholic historical review. (Iowa. Catho- 
lic historical society) Dubuque, la. l,Ja 

Proceedings. Des Moines. 1,1887+ 

IOWA Catholic historical society, Dubuque, la. 
Collections. nol,1929 + 

Proceedings. Iowa City. 1875- 

IOWA agriculturist ... A monthly journal de- 
voted to the interests of agriculture and 
domestic science, (Iowa state college of 
agriculture and mechanic arts, Ames. Agri- 
cultural club) Ames, la. 1,1902+ 

IOWA and corn belt farmer. See Iowa farmer 
IOWA and Illinois central district medical as- 
Journal. 1-2, Jl 1878-0 1879|| 

IOWA and Nebraska board of fire underwriters 
Proceedings. Des Moines. nol-2,1872-73H? 

IOWA and war. (Iowa. State historical society) 
Iowa City. nol-24,Jl 1917-Je 1919|| 
Index: 1-23 in 24 

See also Iowa Catholic historical review 
IOWA Catlin: a journal of medicine and surg- 
ery. Osceola; Davenport, la. vl nol-2, 


Davenport, la. 1-44,1877- 

JO I \ I 

IOWA churchman. 


MB I •" 1 1 

IOWA civil engineers and surveyors society. 

See Iowa engineering society 
IOWA commonwealth. Des Moines, la. 1-12, 

IOWA conservation . . . devoted to the protec- 
tion and preservation of the natural assets 
of a great state. See Wildways 

IOWA cooperative live stock shippers. See 

IOWA corn research institute, Ames, la. 
Contributions. 1,1935+ 

IOWA anthropological association 
Proceedings. Iowa City. 1-2,1904-0511 

IOWA county officer. (Iowa state association of 
county officers) Des Moines. 

IOWA applied history series. (Shambaugh) Iowa 
City, vl nol-6,1912-30||? 

IOWA cyclopedic quarterly. Chicago. 1-3, Mr 
1909-S 1911H? 

IOWA association for the advancement of the 

deaf. See Iowa association of the deaf 
IOWA association of cement users 
Proceedings. 1-7, 1905-11|| ? 
Also in Iowa engineer 

IOWA dairy association. See Iowa state dairy 

IOWA dairy marketing news. (Iowa state 

dairy association) Des Moines. 

IOWA association of science teachers. See Iowa 

science teacher 
IOWA association of the deaf 

1899- as Iowa association for the ad- 
vancement of the deaf 
Proceedings. 1,1899+ 

IOWA dental bulletin. Calmar. 1,1915 + 

IOWA district gas association 

Proceedings and papers. Clinton. 




IOWA druggists' convention. See Iowa pharma- 
ceutical association 
IOWA electrical association 
Proceedings. 1,1901+ 

IOWA homestead. Des Moines, vl-74 no42,1855- 
O 18 192911 

Subtitle varies. -55 as Homestead. Merged 
into Wallace farmer . 

IOWA engineer. (Iowa state college of agri- 
culture and mechanics arts) Ames, la. 1, 
Je 1901+ 

Index: 1-6 in 7 

IOWA engineering society 
Proceedings. 1,1889+ 

1,1889 in Proceedings of the 5th annual 
meeting of the Iowa surveyors' and civil 
engineers' association; 1889-94 as Iowa 
society of civil engineers and surveyors. 
Proceedings; 1895-97 Iowa civil engineers 
and surveyors society. Proceedings. 1926+ 
in Associated state engineering societies 
Index: 1-9,1889-97 in 9 

IOWA factories. (Iowa state manufacturers' 
association) Des Moines, vl-5 noll.Ja 1912- 
Ja 191711 

IOWA homoeopathic journal. Des Moines, la. 
1,S 1907+ 

IOWA horticulture, a monthly bulletin of plant 
life. (Iowa state horticultural society) Des 
Moines, la. vl nol-12,Ja-D 190811 

IOWA improved stock breeders' association 
Proceedings. 6-28,1879-1901||? 

Title varies. 1-5 never published 

IOWA instructor and school journal. See Iowa 

school journal 
IOWA journal of education. Dubuque. 1-2, 


1 as District school journal of education 
of the state of Iowa 

IOWA farm economist. (Iowa state college of 
agriculture and mechanic arts) Ames. l,Ja 
1935 + 

IOWA farmer. Cedar Rapids, la. 1-6,1878-82||? 

IOWA farmer. Des Moines, la. 1,1856 + 

-My 1 1912 as Iowa state register and 
farmer; My 15 1912-Ja 1921 Iowa farmer; 
P 1921-Ag 1921 Iowa farmer and corn 
belt farmer; S 1921-S 1923 Iowa and corn 
belt farmer 

IOWA farmer and horticulturist. Burlington, 
la. 1-5,1853-5711? 

IOWA farmer's advocate. Burlington, la. vl 
nol-12,Ag 1847-D 18481! 

Superseded by "Valley farmer 

IOWA forestry and conservation association 
Proceedings. 1-8,1901-1511 

4,6-7 as Iowa state horticultural society. 
Bulletin; 1908-10 in Report of the same 
society. 1901-13 as Iowa park and forestry 
association. Proceedings. Continued in 
Iowa conservation, later Wildways 

See also Iowa conservation association; Wild- 
IOWA forum, a republican weekly journal of 
public affairs. Des Moines, vl-5 no37,N 30 
1917-0 29 1924H 

IOWA journal of history and politics. (Iowa. 
State historical society) Iowa City. 1, 

Supersedes Iowa historical record 




IOWA journalist. (Iowa. University. School of 
journalism) Iowa City. 1-4,1925-2811 

Superseded by Iowa publisher and bulletin 
of the Iowa press association 

IOWA law review. (Iowa. University. College 
of law) Iowa City. 1,1915+ 

Supersedes Iowa. University. College of 
law. Law bulletin. 1-10,1915-N 1925 as 
Iowa law bulletin 

IOWA legal inquisitor. Burlington, la. 1-2, Ag 
1851-My 1853H 

IOWA magazine. (Greater Iowa association) 
Des Moines; etc. 1,1916+ 

IOWA medical journal. Keokuk. 1-5,1853-691; 

IOWA medical journal. (Iowa state medical 
society) Des Moines. 1-20,1395-Je 191411 
Supersedes Vis medicatrix 

IOWA medical liberty league. See Medical 

IOWA Methodist. Mt. Vernon, la. 1-38,1882- 



IOWA good roads association. See Road- 

IOWA historical record. (Iowa. State historical 
society) Iowa City. 1-18,1885-190211 

Superseded by Iowa journal of history and 

MB P/[ 

IOWA homemaker, a magazine for homemakers 
from a home maker's school. (Iowa state 
college of agriculture and mechanic arts) 
Ames. l,Ap 1921+ 

IOWA monograph series. (Iowa. State historical 
society) Iowa City. 1,1929 + 

IOWA naturalist. Iowa City, vl-3 no2,Ja 1905- 
Ap 1917H 

lOWA-Nebraska veterinary 
Veterinary medicine 





IOWA normal 


monthly. Dubuque. l-35,Ag 

IOWA ornithologist. See Western ornithologist 
IOWA ornithologists' union 

Bulletin. See Iowa bird life 
IOWA park and forestry association. See Iowa 

forestry and conservation association 
IOWA pharmaceutical association 
Proceedings. Des Moines. 1-35,1880-1913|| 

1,1880 as Iowa druggists' convention. 
Proceedings; 1885-92 Iowa state pharma- 
ceutical association. Report 

See also Northwestern druggist 
IOWA pioneer law makers' association. See 

Pioneer lawmakers' association of Iowa 
IOWA poultry review. (Iowa state college of 

agriculture and mechanic arts) Ames, la. 1, 

Ap 1934+ 

IOWA state association of county officers. See 

Iowa county officer 
IOWA state automobile association. See Road- 
IOWA state bar association 
Proceedings. 1874-811! 

Reprint in 1 v of the earlier association 

Proceedings. 1,1895 + 

Index: 1-15; 16-20 in 20'; 21-25 in 25 


MB <f 


See also Iowa bar review 
IOWA state bar association quarterly. Des 
Moines, vl-3 no3,D 1929-3211 

IOWA state college journal of science. Ames. 
1,0 1926+ 

IOWA press association. See Corn belt publisher 
IOWA prisoners of war association 
Proceedings of the annual re-union. 

IOWA publisher and bulletin of the Iowa press 
association. (Iowa. University. School of 
journalism; Iowa state college. Dept. of 
technical journalism) Iowa City. 1,1929 + 
Supersedes Iowa journalist 

IOWA railway club 

Proceedings. Des Moines. 

vl-9 no3,1902-Mr 

IOWA research conference on commercial edu- 
Research studies in commercial education. 1, 

IOWA state college of agriculture and mechanic 
arts, Ames 
Agricultural club. See Iowa agriculturist 
Botanical dept. 
—Bulletin. 1-3,1884-8811 

MB H tt£ & J P \k$f Ma s[AQ . 
—Contributions. nol-129,1896-1925|| 

Dept. of entomology 
— Bulletin. 

Dept. of zoology and entomology 
—Contributions. 1-4,1896-9911? 

Division of industrial science 
— Monographs. nol,1934+ 

IOWA school journal. 1885-93. See Midland 

IOWA school Journal. Des Moines. nol-3,Jl-S 

Merged into Iowa instructor, later Iowa 
school journal 

Division of veterinary medicine 

— Veterinary practitioners' bulletin. 

1-4 as Report of practitioners' 



IOWA school ^Journal. (Iowa state teachers' 
association) Davenport; Des Moines; etc. 
vl-16 no6,0 1859-Je 1875H 

1859-S 1862 as Iowa instructor; O 1862-0 

1868 Iowa instructor and school journal. 

Merged into Common school and Iowa 

journal of education 

IOWA schools. See Midland schools 
IOWA science teacher. (Iowa association of sci- 
ence teachers) Cedar Rapids, la. l,Mr 1935+ 

IOWA socialist. 


Dubuque. 1-3,0 1902-D 17 

IOWA society of civil engineers and surveyors 

See Iowa engineering society 
IOWA state agricultural society 
Report. 1-46,1854-9911 
Title varies 
Index: 1-24,1854-77 in 24 

7 ?9i7^ 



&y/-S; n-£ 

Engineering experiment station 
— Bulletin. nol,1901+ 

nol2 as v2 no6; nol3-18 as v3 nol-6; nol9- 

24 as v4 nol-6 


i v 



—Contributions. nol-13,S 1915-Ap 1921|| 

MB 2~ * ?/ fa 

Engineering extension service 
—Bulletin. 6,N 1914+ 

1-5, 10 not published 

mb / \ f \\y 

See also Ames forester; Iowa agriculturist; 
Iowa beekeepers' bulletin; Iowa engineer; 
Iowa farm economist; Iowa homemaker; 
Iowa poultry review; Iowa publisher; Iowa 
state college journal of science; New hori- 
zons; Sketch; Vocational agriculture pro- 
gram-planning series 
IOWA state conference of social work 

To 1918 as Iowa state conference of 
charities and corrections 
Proceedings. Iowa City. 1,1898+ 



IOWA state council for child study and parent 
Bulletin. Iowa City. 1,F 1930+ 

IOWA state dairy association 
Report. 1-23, -1899H 

Title varies. 24+ included in Yearbook 
of Iowa. Dept. of agriculture (not in this 

See also Iowa dairy marketing news 
IOWA state dental society 
Annual journal . . . and joint discussions of 
the Iowa and Illinois state dental societies. 

Report. 1-4,1904-07|| 

IOWA studies in classical philology. See under 
Iowa. University 

IOWA surveyors' and civil engineers' associa- 

United with Iowa civil engineers and 
surveyors society to form Iowa society 
of , civil engineers and surveyors, later 
Iowa engineering society 
Proceedings. '4-5,1887-8911 

v5 includes the first proceedings of the 
new society. 1-3 never published. No 
meeting- in 1888 

IOWA teacher. Charles City, la. 



IOWA teacher. Marshalltown. 1- 


IOWA state drainage association 

Proceedings. Webster City; etc. 1-11,1904-15|| 
3,1906-07 never published 

IOWA temperance magazine. (Independent 
order of good templars) Des Moines, la. 

IOWA state horticultural society, Des Moines 
Bulletin. 1,1907|| 

IOWA town planning association 
Civic improvement items; a monthly bulletin. 
Ames, la. vl-5 no5,1922-My 1926H 


Report. 1,1867+ 

1867-77 as its Annual report; 1878-90 as 
Transactions. 1867-75 unnumbered. 1876+ 



See also Iowa horticulture 
IOWA state manufacturers' association. 

Iowa factories 
IOWA state medical and chirurgical society 

Superseded by Iowa state medical society 
Transactions. 1-9,1850-58||? 
1-2 as Proceedings. 

IOWA state medical reporter. A monthly jour- 
nal of medicine and surgery. Des Moines. 
vl-4 noll.Je 1883-F 1888|| 
Suspended Ag-D 1887 

Special bulletin. nol-27,1922-Ap 192511 

IOWA transit. (Iowa. University. Engineering 
society) Iowa City. 1,1890 + 
1-32,1890-S 1927 as Transit 

IOWA true democrat. Mount Pleasant, la. 

IOWA tuberculosis association. See Campaign 

against tuberculosis in Iowa 
IOWA union farmer. (Farmers' educational and 

cooperative union of America^ Iowa division) 

Columbus Junction, la. 

IOWA unionist. Des Moines. 1,1899+ 

IOWA state medical society 

Supersedes Iowa state medical and chi- 
rurgical society 
Journal. Des Moines. 1,J1 1911+ 

IOWA veterinarian. (Iowa veterinary medical 
association) Des Moines. 1,1930+ 


purnal; "Vis medica- 

See also 
IOWA state pharmaceutical association 

Iowa pharmaceutical association 
IOWA state register and farmer. Des Moines 

jSee Iowa farmer 
IOWA state teachers' association 
Proceedings. 1,1857 + 
Title varies slightly 

IOWA vocational agriculture program-planning 
committee. See Vocational agriculture pro-, 
gram-planning series 

IPAR- es kereskedelmi ertesito. Budapest. 1, 


IPARI munkas, the industrial worker. (Indus- 
trial workers of the world) Chicago, vl 
nol-6,Ag 11-S 29 19171]? 

Official Hungarian organ of the I.W.W. 

Supersedes Uj tarsadalom 

See also Iowa school journal 
IOWA street and interurban railway associa- 
Proceedings. Davenport, la.; etc. 1-12,1904- 

IPEK; jahrbuch fur prahistorische und ethno- 
graphische kunst. Leipzig. 1,1925+ 

IPIRANGA. See Ypiranga 



IPNOTISMO. Florence. 1-5.1890-94U 

1,1890 as Giornale del magnetismo ed 
ipnotismo; 2-3,1891-92 Magnetismo ed 

IPPOCRATICO. See Raccoglitore medico 
IPPOKRENA, ili utiekhi Ifuboslovifa. Moscow. 

Superseded by Novosti russkoi litteratury 

IPSWICH and district field club (founded 1903) 

United with Ipswich scientific society to 
form Ipswich and district natural history 
Journal, nol-6, 1908-2111 

IRAQ. (British school of archaeology in Iraq) 
London. l.Ap 1934 + 

IRELAND. See Irish free state 

IRELAND. N.Y. vl-2 nol4,Ja 8 1916-Ap 


mb n/\ & 

IRELAND. (Irish loyal and patriotic union) 
Dublin, nol-20, -1886H? 


IRELAND-American review. Dublin. 1,S 1938+ 

MB u- •Apva&f-^ 

IRELAND to-day. Dublin. 1-3, Je 1936-Mr 19381] 

IPSWICH and district natural history society 
Journal. 1,1925+ 

IRELAND'S eye; a weekly glance at men and 
events. Dublin. nol-75,Ja 17 1874-J1 2 


IPSWICH antiquarian papers. See Antiquarian 

IPSWICH historical society, Ipswich, Mass. 
Publications. Salem, Mass. 1,1894+ 

IPSWICH phono-press. London. l,Ag 1845-D 

Printed in phonetic characters 

IPSWICH scientific society 

United with Ipswich and district field club 
to form Ipswich and district natural his- 
tory society 

IRELAND'S mirror; or, A chronicle of the 
times. Dublin. l-2,My 1804-D 1805|| 

IRELANDS true diurnall. See True diurnall 
I REN IKON. Amay-sur-Meuse. 


IRIDE; albo felsineo. 

IRIS. Dresden. See Deutsche entomologische 

zeitschrift "Iris" 
IRIS. Dusseldorf; Berlin. 1-8,0 1774-760 

IPSWICH technical college association. See 

IRAN. (Akademifa nauk) Leningrad. nol,1927+ 
Added t-p in French 

IRAN league, Bombay 
Bulletin. l,Mr 1928+ 

Text in English with articles in Persian. 
Includes the separately paged supplement: 
Armaghan nawruz 

IRIS. Lima. 

IRIS; a journal of literature, science, and the 
fine arts. London. 1-2 (nol-54),Ja 1 1825- 
Ja 7 1825 (i. e. 1826)11 

Title of single numbers: Iris; a London 
weekly review, and journal of literature, 
science, and the fine arts 

IRAN league quarterly. (Iran league) Bombay. 
In English or Persian. Title also in Per- 

IRAN society, London 
Proceedings. 1,D 9 1936 + 

IRANIAN association 
Journal. Bombay. l,Ap 1912+ 

IRIS, a literary magazine. Birmingham, vl nol- 
9,J1 l-O 21 183011? 

IRIS; album de I'elegance; journal pratique des 
modes des dames. Paris. 1-3, S 1 1832-0 1 


Subtitle varies 

IRIS; devoted to science, literature and the 
arts, including medical news. Richmond, Va. 
vl nol.Mr 1848||? 

IRANIAN youth. Teheran, Iran. 

IRANISCHE denkmaler. Berlin. 1,1932+ 

IRIS: ein taschenbuch. Zurich. 1803-131 

IRIS; illustrirte blatter fur mode, haushaltung 
und praktisches leben. Gratz; Leipzig; 
Vienna. 1849-6511 
Subtitle varies 

IRANSCHAHR; revue litteraire et scientifique 
mensuelle. Berlin. l,Je 26 1922+ 
Text in Persian 

IRIS; journal periodique. Paris, nol, winter 



IRIS, or Literary messenger. N.Y. 1 (nol-12),N 
1840-O 1841H 
noll-12 issued together r* ■ 

MB /Vl.JJ 

IRISH archaeological and Celtic society, Dublin 
Formed by the union of Irish archaeologi- 
cal society and Celtic society 
Miscellany. See its Publications 
Publications. 1,1841+ 
/y/y/:/ 1-15 as Irish archaeological society. Pub- 
.., ~,, >,w.....-..,_„....j ..>_.„. j .......... ■jt--""v?/», ■y%--' lications; 10 as its Miscellany 

eous register. Burlington, Vt. 1,1828^ ^ ;^A -,4Gr . . J 

b ffll & ' ■ i'/; W !A/ 1 /, /&, 13 -lfe A 5 

IRISH archaeological society. See Irish ar- 
chaeological and Celtic society 

IRISH Baptist. Belfast, Portadown, Ireland. 

-Je 1930 as Irish Baptist magazine 

IRIS: or, Semi-monthly literary and miscellan- 

IRIS, periodico crTtico y Mterario. Mexico. 1-2 

IRIS; periodico de religiao, bellas-artes, scien- 
cia, lettras, historia, poesia, romance, noti- 
cias e variedades. Rio de Janeiro. 1-2,1848- 

IRISH Baptist magazine. See Irish Baptist 
IRISH Baptist messenger. Dublin. l,Ap 1932+ 

IRIS. Peri6dico mercantil, politico, religioso, 
literario y econ6mico. Havana. 1-2,1850-51||? 
Subtitle varies 

IRIS; unterhaltungsblatt fiir freunde des 
schonen und niitzlichen. Frankfurt a.M. 

IRISH bee journal. Lough Rynn. 1,1901+ 

Simultaneously published as Beekeepers' 


IRISH bibliographical pamphlets. (Dix) Dublin. 

nol-8, 1906-12H — — 

IRIS and literary souvenir. Concord, N.H. ; Man- 
chester, N.H. vl-2 no6,(n.d.)-Ap 1843||? 
Supersedes Iris and record. 1 as Iris and 
literary repository 

IRISH book lover. London. l,Ag 1909 + 
Subtitle varies. Suspended 1926-27 

IRIS and New Hampshire literary record. See 

Iris and record 
IRIS and record. Hanover, N.H. ; Manchester, 
N.H. vl-2 no5,1841-Ja 1842||? 

1 as Iris and New Hampshire literary 
record. Superseded by Iris and literary 
repository, later Iris and literary souvenir 

IRISH builder and engineer. Dublin. 1,1859 + 
1-8,1859-66 as Dublin builder; 9- ,1867-71 
Irish builder and engineering record 

IRISH builder and engineering record. See Irish 

builder and engineer 
IRISH Catholic. Dublin. 1,1888+ 

IRIS im gebiete der tonkunst 


IRIS society, London 
Bulletin. 1,1924+ 

Berlin. 1-12, 

IRISH Catholic benevolent union of the United 
States -7-T7A .TV 


MB 7- 10 ',11, It- M _^?7^ v 

IRISH Catholic magazine. Cork. 1,1829||? 


IRISCHE blaetter. (Deutsch-irische gesell- 
schaft) 1-2 (nol-6),Ap 1 1917-0 1918H 

IRISH Catholic magazine of entertaining Chris- 
tian knowledge. Dublin. nol-27,Ja 2-J1 9 


IRISH academy. See Royal Irish academy 
IRISH agricultural and creamery review. (Irish 
creamery managers' association) Dublin, vl- 
23 no7,1903-Jl 1932; nsvl.Ag 1932+ 
si as Creamery manager 

IRISH chemist and druggist. London. 1,1923+ 

IRISH chess chronicle. Dublin. 
nol-16,Ja 10-D 15 1887|| 

vl nol-6,nsvl 

IRISH agricultural magazine. Dublin. 



IRISH church quarterly. Dublin. 1-10,1908-171 

IRISH agricultural organisation society, limited 
Report. Dublin. 1,1894/95+ 


IRISH and Scotch linen and jute trades jour- 
nal. Belfast. 1,1913+ 

IRISH citizen. Dublin. l-8,My 1913-D 192011? 

J i \\ IRISH commonwealth; a monthly review of so- 

cial affairs, politics and literature. Dublin. 

vl nol-3,Mr-My 1919|| 

IRISH and Scottish linen damask guild and the 
Irish linen guild. See Linen guildsman 

IRISH congregational magazine. Dublin; Lon- 
don; Belfast. 1,1862+- 

8,1869 as Irish independent 



IRISH congregational record. Dublin. 

1S34-35H • 



IRISH creamery managers' association. 
Irish agricultural and creamery review 

IRISH deaf-mute advocate, and juvenile in- 
structor. (Dublin Protestant deaf and dumb 
association) Dublin. 1,18S6||? 

IRISH dramatic censor. Dublin. nol-6,1811-12||? 

IRISH draper. Dublin. 1,1902+ 

See Church of 

IRISH ecclesiastical gazette. 

Ireland gazette 
IRISH ecclesiastical journal. Dublin. 1-8, Jl 
1S40-D 1852|| 

IRISH ecclesiastical record. Dublin. 1-12,1864- 
76; s3 vl-17,1880-96; s4 vl-32,1897-1912; s5 

6-12,1869-76 as nsv6-12 

IRISH free state 
Dept. of agriculture 
—Journal. l,Ag 1900+ 

vl-24 nol,1900-My 1924 as Ireland. Dept. 

of agriculture and technical instruction. 

Journal. Je 1924-28 as Dept. of lands and 


Index: 1-22 in 22 T ?> 2?<P, 


i~L'£Y- Dvzn 

Manuscripts commission 

— Facsimiles in collotype of Irish manuscripts. 



See also Analecta hibernica; Genealogical 
IRISH free state medical union 
Journal. 1.J1 1937 + 

IRISH Friend: a monthly periodical, devoted 
chiefly to the interests of Friends. Belfast. 

1-5.N 1837-N 1842|| 

S< v s'-f 

^LLZX-r* IRISH gardener and horticultural review. Dub- 
lin. vl-2 no7,Ja 1928-J1 1929|| 
I "T"^ Supersedes Irish gardening 

IRISH echo. Devoted to the language, litera- 
ture. . . of the Gael. Boston. 1-4, 1886- Ap 



IRISH economist. Dublin. 1-8,0 1915-0 1923|| 

Supersedes Dublin. Cooperative reference 
library. Bulletin, vl-7 nol,1915-N 1921 as 
Better business 

IRISH gardening. Dublin. 1-17 (nol-195),Mr 

1906-My 1922|| 

Superseded by Irish gardener and horti- 
cultural review 

IRISH genealogist. (Irish genealogical research 
society) London. l,Ap 1937+ 

IRISH educational review. Dublin, vl-7 nolo, 
O 1907-1411 

IRISH harp; a monthly magazine of national 
and general literature. Dublin. nol-4,Mr 

1863-P 186411? 

IRISH engineering. An illustrated monthly 
journal. Dublin. 1,0 1923+ 

IRISH facts for British platforms. (Union de- 
fence league) Dublin? 1-8,1907-1311? 

IRISH farmer's and gardener's magazine and 
register of rural affairs. Dublin. 1-9, N 1833- 

IRISH historical documents. London; N.Y. nol, 

IRISH historical records. See Archivium hi- 

IRISH historical society. See Irish historical 

IRISH historical studies. (Irish historical so- 
ciety; Ulster society for Irish historical 
studies) Dublin. l,Mr 1938+ 

IRISH farmers' journal and weekly intelligen- 
cer. Dublin. 1-14.S 5 1812-Ag 12 1826||? 

IRISH farming world. Dublin. 1- ,1888-D 192011 
Merged into Farmers' gazette 

IRISH homestead. The organ of Irish agri- 
cultural and industrial development. Dublin. 
vl-30 no36,1895-S 8 192311 

Superseded by Irish statesman (1923+) 

IRISH felon, successor to the United Irishman. 
Dublin, vl nol-5,Je 24-J1 22 1848|| 

IRISH hospital gazette. Dublin, vl-3 nol2,1873- 

Je 15 187511 

Supersedes Dublin hospital gazette. 

Merged into Dublin journal of medical 

. science, later Irish journal of medical 


IRISH fireside. Dublin. 1-nsvl, -O 1 18871 

IRISH folk song society, London 
Journal. Dublin. 1,1904+ 

MB [4- 

IRISH independent. See Irish congregational 

IRISH industrial magazine. Dublin, vl-2 no7, 




IRISH industry; the business journal of Ireland. 

Dublin. 1,1932+ 

IRISH magazine and monthly asylum for neg- 
lected biography. Dublin. 1-8.N 1807-D 

IRISH ironmonger, incorporating the Irish 
hardware review. Dublin. 1,1907+ 

IRISH, journal of medical science. Dublin. 1-28, 
1832-45; (ns)vl-52,1846-71; (s3) v53-149,1872- 
F 1920; s4 nol-24,Mr 1920-F 1922; s5 vl- , 
Mr 1922-22/25; s6 vl,1926+ 

1832-35 as Dublin journal of medical and 
chemical science; 1836-45,72-1921 Dublin 
journal of medical science; 1846-71 Dublin 
quarterly journal of medical science. New 
and 3d series not indicated on tp 
Index: 1-28 in 28 

IRISH medical association 
Journal. 1867-68. See Irish medical journal 
Journal. 1-14,1901-14|| 

Merged into Medical press and circular 

IRISH medical journal. Dublin. nol-116,D 4 

1867-Ap 27 1870H 

1867-69 as Irish medical association. 
Journal. Supplement to Medical press and 

iRISH jurist. Dublin, vl-19 nol,1849-Ja 18671 
8-19 also as nsvl-12 

IRISH jurist . . . together with the Irish jurist 
reports. Dublin. l.Ap 1935+ 

IRISH jurist and local government review. A 
journal devoted to the interests of the law 
and local government in Ireland. Dublin. 
vl-5 no51,N 15 1900-O 27 190511 

1-4 as New Irish jurist and local govern- 
ment review 
Index: 1-5 

IRISH labour party and trade union congress 
Report. Dublin. 

See also Watchword. . . 
IRISH land reports. Dublin. 1-25, Ap 1896-192011 
Cover-title: Quarterly Irish land reports 

IRISH memorials association 

1888-1920 as Association for the preserva- 
tion of the memorials of the dead in Ire- 
Journal. 1,1888+ _ K . < 

Index: 1-7,1888-1909 




IRISH metropolitan 

1857-S 185811 

magazine. Dublin. 1-3, Ap 

IRISH miscellany. Boston. 1-2, F 13 1S58-F 5 

Superseded by O'Neill's Irish pictorial ,-v 

IRISH monthly. Dublin. 1,J1 1873+ I -"l ' *** 
1-2,1873-74 as Irish monthly magazine. 52 
repeated in numbering 
Index: 1-25,1873-97 A 


IRISH monthly magazine. Dublin. 1-2, Mr 1845- 
F 1846||? 

l,Mr-Ag 1845 as Irish union magazine 

IRISH law journal. See Irish weekly law re- 

IRISH law times and solicitors' journal. Dub- 
lin. 1,1867+ 
Index: 1-27 

IRISH literary bulletin. Dublin. 1,1931+ 

IRISH monthly magazine of politics and liter- 
ature. Dublin. 1-3 (nol-29),My 1832-S 1834|1? 

IRISH nation and the peasant. Dublin. l,Ja 2-D 
25 190911 

Supersedes Peasant and Irish Ireland 

IRISH literary gazette. Dublin. 1-2, Ag 1 1857- 
My 29 1858||? 

IRISH literary inquirer. London. nol-4,Jl 17 
1865-Ap 16 1866U 

IRISH local government quarterly, orders and 
legal decisions. Dublin. 1-17,1899-191911 

IRISH naturalist; a monthly journal of general 
Irish natural history. (Royal zoological so- 
ciety of Ireland, Dublin; Dublin microscopi- 
cal club; Belfast naturalists' field club) 
Dublin. l-33,Ap 1892-D 1924|| 
Index: 1-25,1892-1916 

IRISH naturalists' journal; a magazine of nat- 
ural history, antiquities and ethnology. 

(Belfast natural history and philosophical 
society; Belfast naturalists' field club; etc.) 
Belfast. 1,S 1925 + 

IRISH loyal and patriotic union 

IRISH news. N.Y. 1-10, 1S56-61|| ? 


IRISH nursing news. Dublin. 1,1922?+ 

See also Ireland 

IRISH opinion, a weekly newspaper and review. 
Dublin. l.Je 17 1916-Ap 28 1917||? 



IRISH penny Journal. Dublin. 1.J1 4 1840-Je 
26 1841| 


ft ■:'' 

IRISH penny magazine. 

5-D 28 1833|| 

Dublin, vl nol-52,Ja 

MB (A h 

IRISH people; a weekly journal of news, poli- 
tics and literature. N.Y. nol-339,1866-S 13 


IRISH society and social review. London; Dub- 
lin. 1,1888+ 
Title varies 

IRISH society for promoting the scriptural edu- 
cation and religious instruction of the Irish- 
speaking population, chiefly through the 
medium of their own language, Dublin 
1819-33 as Irish society for promoting the 
education of the native Irish through the 
medium of their own language 
Quarterly extracts . . . nol-44, -1833H? 

IRISH phonographic bulletin. See Pitmanite 
IRISH pictorial. (O'Neill) Boston. 1-2,1859-60||? 

IRISH playgoer and amusement record. Dublin. 

1-2.N 9 1899-My 31 19001] 

Report. nol-72,1819-90||? 

IRISH statesman. Dublin. 1-2, Je 28 1919-Je 19 


IRISH Presbyterian. Belfast. 1-5,1853-5711? 

IRISH press. PhiladelDhia. vl-5 no8,1918-My 
6 192211 

IRISH quarterly review. Dublin. 1-9, Mr 1851- 
Ja 1860H 

Suspended 1857,59 

] MB M fb 

— Selections from the Irish quarterly review. 
Dublin. sl-2,1857|| 
Contains no2-20,Je 1851-D 1855 of Irish 
quarterly review 

IRISH railway gazette, mining and commercial 
journal, public works, insurance, banking, 
steam navigation, literary reviews, etc. 

Dublin. 1- ,Ap 7 1845- [| 

IRISH record publications. Dublin. 1861-19141 

IRISH republican party. See Sire 

IRISH review; a magazine of Irish expression. 

Albany, vl nol-3,Ap-Jl 1934|| 

IRISH review. A monthly magazine of Irish 
literature, art & science. Dublin. 1-4, Mr 
1911-N 1914|| 

*MB ffl & 

IRISH rosary. (Dominican fathers) Dublin. l,Ap 


IRISH statesman with which is incorporated 
Irish homestead. Dublin, vl-14 no6,S 15 
1923-Ap 12 193011 

Supersedes Irish homestead ,_ / s-\ 

mb ■ foB> ■ 

IRISH teachers' journal. See Irish school weekly 
IRISH technical journal. Dublin. l.F 1903-Mr 

IRISH templar. Belfast, vl nol-12,Mr 1877-F 
1 187811? 

IRISH textile journal. Belfast. 1-27 (nol-324), 

IRISH texts. London. 1-5,1931-3411 

MB M@> 

IRISH texts society, London 
Publications. 1,1899 + 

/-/£j ■ 

IRISH theological quarterly. Dublin. 1-17, 1906- 



1-/0 , 

IRISH theosophist. Dublin, vl-5 nol2,0 15 1892- 
S 15 189711 

MB L 7J 

IRISH tourist association, Dublin. See Irish 

IRISH trade and recreation. Limerick. 1-2, 



IRISH school monthly. Dublin. 1- ,S 1900- 

IRISH school weekly. Dublin. 1,1867+ 

1867-1903 as Irish teachers' journal 

IRISH shield. (Pepper) Philadelphia; N.Y. 1-4, 

Subtitle varies 

IRISH socialist federation. See Harp (Dublin) 

IRISH trade journal. Dublin. 1,1925 + 

IRISH trade union congress. See Watchword. 
IRISH transport and general workers' union, 

Dublin. See Voice of labour (Dublin) 
IRISH travel. (Irish tourist association) Dublin. 

1,S 1925 + 

+U M 

IRISH union magazine. See Irish monthly 
magazine (Dublin. 1845-46) 





IRISH Unionist alliance 

Publications. Dublin. 1-4,1891-9511 

See also Notes from Ireland 
IRISH weekly law reports. Dublin. 

1-5 as Irish law journal 



-Biologo-geograficheskil nauchno-issledova- 
tel'skil institut 
Izvestiia. 1,1924 + 

IRISH world and American industrial liberator. 
N.Y. 1,1870+ 

— Kabinet Burfat-Mongol'skogo fazyka i ku! 

Materialy po izuchenifu. . . 



Belfast, vl-2 no6,Ja 15 1916-F 10 

— Pedagogicheskil fakul'tet 

Trudy kabineta russkol literatury. 1. 


IRISHMAN. Dublin. 1-4, 


IRISHMAN, (fiireannac) (Gaelic league of Lon- 
don) London. nol-10,Jl 1910-Ap 1911||? 

IRISHMAN; with which is incorporated the 
"Voice of labour." Dublin. 1-4, My 14 1927-0 
25 1930H 

Superseded by Watchword 

Komissifa sodeistviia laboratoriiam i ka- 

binetam. See Universitetskil klich 

See also Irkutskii meditsinskii zhurnal 
IRKUTSKIl meditsinskii zhurnal. (Nauchno- 
meditsinskoe obshchestvo; Irkutsk. Univer- 
sitet) Irkutsk. l,Ja/Ap 1923 + 

IRKUTSKII pedagogicheskil institut 
Izvestiia. Moscow. nol,1934+ 

IRISLEABHAR na Gaedhilge. The Gaelic jour- 
nal. Exclusively devoted to the preservation 
and cultivation of the Irish language. Dub- 
lin. 1-19,1882-19091] 

IRKUTSK, Russia 

Irkutskafa magnitnafa 

—Trudy. 1,1926+ 


IRKUTSKOE obshchestvo estestvoispytatelel 

French title: Societe des naturalistes 
Trudy. Irkutsk. 1,1923+ 

IRKUTSKOE sel'skokhozfaistvennoe 
stvo, Irkutsk^ 
Otchet po obshedovaniiu 


Meditsinskil institut 

Known also as Vostochnosibirskii medi- 
tsinskii institut 

— Trudy. 


— Trudy. 

biblioteka vostochnosibirskogo 

IRMINSUL. Berlin. 1,1926 + 

IRMISCHIA. Botanische aionatsschrift. Son- 
dershausen. 1-6,1881-8611 

Merged into Deutsche botanische monats- 

Pedagogicheskil institut. See Irkutskil peda- 
gogicheskil institut 
Seismichesl<afa stantsifa 
— Ezhenediel'nyT biulleten'. nol-41,Ja 7-D 31 


IRODALOM; bibliografiai foly6irat. 
vl nol-2,v2 nol-5,0 1910-1111 


IRODALOMTbRTeNET. A Magyar irodalom- 
torteneti tarsasag folyoirata. Budapest. 

Stantsifa zashchity rasteniT ot vreditelel 
— Izvestiia. nol,1927+ 

Added title and summaries in English 

IRODALOM-torteneti kozlemenyek. 
tudomanyos akad^mia) Budapest. 


Universitet. See its Vostochnosibirskii gosu- 

darstvennyl universitet 
Vostochnosibirskii gosudarstvennyl universitet 

To as Universitet 
— Sbornik trudov professorov i prepodavatelei. 

Some numbers issued by various depts. 
of the university. Title also in German, 
French and English 

-Trudy. Arbeiten der Ost-Sibirischen staats- 
universitat. Moscow; Irkutsk. 1,1932+ 

IRON. London. 1-138, Ag 30 1823-Je 9 189311 

1-97,1823-Ja 4 1873 as Mechanics' maga- ><^ 
zine (subtitle varies); 70-97, 1859-Ja 4 1873 
also as nsvl-28; 98-138, Ja 18 1873- Je 9 
1893 as s3 vl-41. United with Industries 
to form Industries and iron 

IRON. A monthly review of metallurgy, me- 
chanics, hardware, machinery, and tools. 
Philadelphia. 1-15,1883-9011? 
Cover title: Iron production and civiliza- 




IRON age 


N.Y.; N.Y. nol-7, 



nsvl,1856 + 

nol-nsv3, 1855-59 as Hardware-man's 
newspaper and American manufacturers' 
circular. 6-10, Ap 1 1868-D 1872 never pub- 
lished? _ 




IRON age — hardware. See Hardware age 
IRON and coal trades review. London. 


IRON and machinery world. St. Louis; Chi- 
cago. vl-100 no4,1857-Jl 28 1906|| 
vl-92 no23, 1857-1902 as Age of steel. 
Merged into Iron trade review 

tib 3 

IRON and steel; devoted to the hardware, iron, 
machinery and metal trades. Chicago. 1- 

1-72,1863?-Mr 1898 as Chicago journal of 
commerce (subtitle varies). United with 
Age of steel to form Iron and machinery 
f\ world. 21-40 omitted in numbering 

IRON and steel magazine ... a monthly pub- 
lication devoted to the iron and steel in- 
dustry. Boston. 1-11, Ja 1898-Je 1906|| 

1-7,1898-1903 as Metallographist; 8,Ja-Ap 
1904 Iron and steel metallurgist and me- 
tallographist. Merged into Electro- 
chemical and metallurgical industry, 
later Chemical & metallurgical engineer- 

IRON and steel metallurgist and metallog- 
raphist. See Iron and steel magazine 

IRON and steel of Canada. Gardenvale. Que- 
bec. 1-19,1918-D 1936H 
Subtitle varies 

IRON and steel times. London. 1,N 5 1908-S 16 

IRON and steel trades confederation, London 
Journal, vl-7 no2,Ap 1917-S 192311 

Supersedes British steel smelters, mill, 
iron, and tinplate workers. Monthly report 
and journal. Superseded by Man and 

IRON and steel bulletin. Pittsburgh. l,Mr 1923+ 

Report. Mr 1937+ 

IRON and steel engineer. (Association of iron 1 
and steel electrical engineers) Pittsburgh. 

Supersedes the association's Bulletin 
Index: 1-3,1924-26 in Index of the society's 
Proceedings 1907-26; Ag 1930-31 in v9 

IRON and steel industrial research council 
Technical report. London. 1,1930+ 

IRON and steel trades journal and iron trade 
circular. London. l-107,Je 1849-D 1920|| 
1(849-87 as Iron trade exchange; 1888-F 
1905 Iron and steel trades journal and 
mining engineer; Mr 1905-F 1907 Iron and 
steel trades journal and colliery engineer; 
Mr -1907-Je 1915 Iron and steel trades 
journal, colliery engineer, and metallurgi- 
cal review. Merged into Foundry trade 
journal. Jl 1915-D 1920 carry no volume 


IRON and steel industry and British foundry- 
man. London. l,Ap 1927+ 
Supplement to Metal industry 

IRON and steel institute, London 
Bibliographical series. 1,1936+ 

IRON and steel world. See Rolling mill journal 
IRON, bronze and wire work news. See Metal 

IRON city trades journal. Pittsburgh. See 

National labor journal 
IRON, hardware and implement trade. Chicago. 


1 as Hardware and implement trade 

Bulletin. 1,1936+ 

IRON industry gazette. Buffalo. 1-24,1881- 

Carnegie scholarship memoirs. 1,1909+ 
1900-08 in its Journal 
Index: 1-10,1909-29 

Journal. 1,1871+ 

Supersedes its Transactions. 43,1893 first 
numbered volume 
Index: 1869-81; 1882 

IRON molders' journal. Cincinnati. See In- 
ternational molders' journal 
IRON molders' union of North America. See In- 
, ternational molders' union of North Ameri- 
IRON ore. Ishpeming, Mich. 1,1879 + 

1890-1900; 1901-10; |R0N p | atform . N .T. nol-46, -S 1864||? 



^l\ 2 ?,ioG 

Special report. nol,1931 + 

nol is First report of Corrosion committee, 
issued without series title or number 

IRON production and civilization. Philadelphia. 
See Iron. A monthly review of metal- 
lurgy . . . 

IRON, steel and coal times. London, vl nol-18, 
Ja-My 189411? 

Transactions. 1-2,1869-70|| 

Superseded by its Journal 

IRON, steel and industrial fuel. London. 1,1928+ 

14 o\j" C i |p </• 



IRON trade circular (Rylands') and hardware 
weekly messenger. Birmingham, England. 

nol-184,1864-Je 19151] 
United with Iron and steel trades jour- 
nal to form Iron and steel trades journal 
and iron trade circular 

IRRENSCHUTZ. Monatsschrift den mitglie- 
dern der irrenhilfsvereine des deutschen 
sprachgebiets, sowie alien freunden der ir- 
rensache. Halle a.S. 1,1901-0211 

IRON trade exchange. See Iron and steel trades 
journal and iron trade circular 

IRON trade review. See Steel 

IRON tradesman. See Southern hardware 

IRON trail. A monthly magazine from the 
railroad world for all the people. Minne- 
apolis. 1-5.N 1905-Ap 1909H 

IRON world and manufacturer. Pittsburgh. 1- , 


United with other journals to form Trade 
of the West, later Steel and iron 


IRONMONGER, universal 'engineer, and metal 
trades advertiser. London. 1,1859+ 
Subtitle varies 

IRRIGATION. Denver. See Irrigation and mod- 
ern farming 

IRRIGATION, the only magazine published 
within the arid lands exclusively devoted to 
the earth's greatest industry. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. vl-2 nol.N 1909-My 1910|| 
Merged into Orchard and farm 

RRIGATION age. Chicago; Salt Lake City. 
vl-33 no9,Ap 15 1891-N 1918|| 
Merged into Utah farmer 
Index: 1-4,1891-93 


"1-/0, (t-$3. 

3 r< 

IRRIGATION and modern farming. Denver. 
vl-6 no3,1904-D 29 1906|| 

vl-3 nol as Irrigation; v3 no2-v6 no2 Ir- 
rigation and its application to agriculture 
and stock raising 

Foreign supplement. See Universal engineer 
IRONMONGER diary. London. 1,1869 + 

IRONMONGERS' chronicle. London. 1- t O 1 

1892-D 27 191111 

IRONMONGERS' journal. London. no2-74,Mr 
1886-Mr 15 18921! 
1 never issued? 

IRONMONGERS' journal and British metal 
wares review. Birmingham, vl nol-2,1868|| 

IRONMONGERY. London. 1- ,1888-J1 1900|| 
Merged into Hardware trade journal 

IRONWORKERS' journal. (Associated iron and 
steel workers of Great Britain) Darlington, 
England. nol-637,1869-P 1916|| 

IRRIGATION and the new West. See New 

IRRIGATION congress of North Dakota 
Proceedings. Bismark, N.D. 1-3,1903-0511? 

IRRIGATION era. See Modern irrigation 
IRRIGATION fruit grower and agriculturist. 
Paonia, Colo.; Denver; etc. vl-6 no4, 1905- 
Ap 1911H 

5 no6 as Colorado fruit grower. Merged 
into Intermountain fruit journal, later 
Fruit journal and western farmer 

IRRIGATION review. Calgary; Lethbridge. 1, 
Ap 1920+ 

IRRTOMER der medizin. Berlin; Leipzig. 1, 

IRTYSH. Tobolsk. S 1789-D 17911 

IROQUOIS. A modern magazine. N.Y. 

Superseded by Sunday magazine of intel- 
ligence and entertainment, later Sunday 

IRVING magazine; a weekly journal of in- 
formation and literature. N.Y. vl-2 nol9, 
Ja 6-N 3 186011? 

IRPINIA; rassegna di cultura. Rivista . . . il- 
lustrata del corriere dell' Irpinia. (Societa 
storica irpina) Avellino. vl-6 no3,1929-34[| 

IRRADIACI6N. Revista de estudios 
logicos. Madrid. 1-3,1894-9611? 

IRRENFREUND. Psychiatrische monatsschrift 
fiir praktische aerzte . . . Paderborn; Heil- 
bronn; etc. 1-42,1859-1902|| 
Subtitle varies 

IRRENPFLEGE. Monatsblatt zur hebung, be- 
lehrung und unterhaltung des irrenpflege- 
personals. Halle a.S. l-17,Ap 1897-191311? 
Subtitle varies » 

IRVING trust company, New York 

Jl 1919-D 1922 as Irving national bank; 
Ja 1923 Irving bank; F 1923-S 1926 Irving 
bank — Columbia trust company; O-N 1926 
Irving bank and trust company; D 1926- 
Ja 1929 American exchange Irving trust 
Mid-monthly review of business, vl-22 no7,Jl 
1919-J1 193111 

ISAAC Delgado museum of art. See Under 

New Orleans 
ISAAC Pitman shorthand writers' association. 

See Shorthand 
ISABELLA Stewart Gardner museum, Boston. 

See under Boston 
ISAFJAROAR-Postur. Isafiord; etc. nol-15, 




ISAFOLD. Sofusafn Isafoldar. 


Reykjavik. 1, 

Ha 'ISCHA. "De vrouw". (Joodsche vrouwen- 
raad) Amsterdam. 1,1929 + 

Supersedes the society's Maandblad 

ISIS budissina. (Naturwissenschaftliche ge- 
sellschaft Isis zu Bautzen) 1896+ 

1896-1905 as the society's Sitzungsberichfe 
und abhandlungen; 1906-24 as its Bericht 

ISIS moderne. Paris. 1, 1896-9711? 

ISCHI. (Societat de students romontschs) Basel; 
etc. 1,1897+ 

(SFIRDINGUR. Isaflord. nol-8,1898|| 

ISIS von Oken. Jena; Leipzig. 1-41,1817-4811 
1817-19 as Isis, Oder encyclopadische zei- 
tung. Includes supplement: Litterarischer 
anzeiger; also 1-6,9,13,17 of the Amtlicher 
bericht Uber die versammlung der Gesell- 
schaft deutscher naturforscher und arzte. 
26,27,36 not published 
Index: 1-19; 20-29; 30-39 



(Latwijas skolotaju beedriba) 

ISKHOD k vostoku. See Evrazilskil vremennik 
ISKRA. Moscow. 1,1923+ 

Ha-ISHAH. Jerusalem, nol-5,Ap-Ag 192611 ? 
Jl-Ag include monthly supplement i 
English, summarizing the contents 

ISKRA. Zurich; St. Petersburg; Geneva. 

ISHMAELITE; written by men and women 
who are not employed to boom anyone's 
book bindery shop, who hate snobbery in 
life or literature, and who, expecting little, 
shall not be dissappointed. Indianapolis. 
1-5.D 1896-My 189911 

ISKRA. (Rossi'iskaia sotsial-demokraticheskafa 
rabochaia partifa) Zurich. 1-5 (nol-112),D 
1900-O 190511 

ISKRA. Massovyi nauchno-populfarnyi zhurnal 
Gosudarstvennogo izdatel'stva i Glavnauki. 
Moscow. 1,1930+ 

ISIDRO Menendez. San Salvador. l-2(nol-7), 
Jl 1924- Ja 192511? 

ISKRA, satiricheski'I zhurnal s karrikaturami 

St. Petersburg. 1859-7011? 

ISIS. London? vl nol.Ja 18391 

ISKRY. Moscow. 1906- 

ISIS. A London weekly publication, ed. by a 
lady. London. 1,F 11-D 15 1832]| 


1930+ ? 
German title: 

volokno. Moscow. 


I SI Si Eine monatsschrift von deutschen und 
schweizerischen gelehrten. Zurich. 1-6,1805- 


ISKUSSTVO. St. Petersburg. nol-62,1883-Mr 25 
. 1884N 

ISIS. Encyclopadische zeitschrift, vorziiglich 
fur naturgeschichte, physiologie &c. (Muen- 
chener verein fur naturkunde) Munich, nol- 




ISIS. International review devoted to the his- 
tory of science and civilization. Brussels; 
Bern. l,Mr 1913+ 

1-2 subtitle reads: Revue consacree a 
l'histoire de la science. Suspended Jl 

1914-Ag 1919 
Index: 1-3 in 3; 

1-20,1913-33 in v21 


l°l /0 hi L- 

ISIS. Maandschrift voor natuurwetenschap. 
Haarlem. 1-10,1872-8111 

1-3 as Isis. Tijdschrift voor natuurweten- 

ISKUSSTVO. (Rossiiskaia akademiiia, khudo- 
zhestvennykh nauk) Moscow. 1-4,1923-2811 

ISKUSSTVO. (Sofuzy sovetskikh khudozhnikov 
i skul'ptorov) Moscow, Leningrad. 

ISKUSSTVO i deti. Moscow. 1,1927+ 

1927-30 no3 as Iskusstvo v shkole 

ISKUSSTVO i khudozhestvennaia prornyshlen- 
nost'. (Obshchestvo pooshchreniia, khudo- 
zhestv) St. Petersburg. 1-4,1898-190211? 
Title also in French 

-Khronika zhurnala. nol-10, 1899-190011? 

ISIS, oder encyclopadische zeitung. See Isis 
von Oken 

SKUSSTVO i pechatnoe dfelo. See Iskusstvo v 
fuzhnoi Rossii 

ISIS. Zeitschrift fur alle naturwissenschaft- 

lichen liebhaberein. Berlin. 1-14, Ap 6 1876- ISKUSSTVO i promyshlennost'. Moscow, nol-2, 
99|| 192411? 


1SKUSSTVO kino. Moscow. 


1SKUSSTVO massam (dlia derevni). Moscow. 

-no2,1931 as Derevenskii teatr 

ISLAM ISCHE welt. Illustrierte monatsschrift 
fiir politik, wirtschaft und kultur. Berlin. 

1-2, N 1916-18H? 

ISLAND. London, vl nol-4,Je 15-D 1931|| 

ISKUSSTVO v fuzhnoi Rossii. Kiev. 1909-1411 

Subtitle varies. 1909-10 as Iskusstvo i 
pechatnoe dielo; 1911-12 Iskusstvo, 
zhivopis', grafika, khudozhestvennaia 

ISLAND. Reykjavik, vl-3 nol2,1897-Jl 15 1899|| 

ISLAND. Torshavn; etc. nol-2,1887?|| ? 

ISKUSSTVO v massy. (Assotsiatsiia khudozh- 
nikov revolfutsii) Moscow. 1,1929 + 

ISLAND. (Vereinigung der Islandfreunde, 
Vienna) Jena. 1,1913 + 

1-16,1913-28 as the society's Mitteilungen 
der Islandfreunde 

ISKUSSTVO v shkole. See Iskusstvo i deti 
ISLA. San Juan. P.I. 1,S 1939 + 

ISLAND; blaS frjalslyndra manna. Reykjavik. 
vl-4 nol.Mr 26 1927-Ja 24 193011 

ISLAM. (Anjuman-i-Khuddam-ud-Din) Lahore. 
l.Je 7 1935 + 

Je 7-J1 7 1935 as Fortnightly Islam 

ISLAND cow. Jersey, Channel Islands, nol-20, 
Je 1928-Mr 1934|| * 

Superseded by Jersey breeders, growers 
and merchants gazette 

ISLAM. Zeitschrift fiir geschichte und kultur 
des islamischen Orients. Strasbourg. 1, 

ISLAND motorist and Georgian circuit maga- 
zine. Victoria, B.C. 1,1914+ 

Supplement. See Studien zur geschichte und 
kultur des islamischen Orients 
ISLAMIC culture, the Hyderabad quarterly re- 
view. Hyderabad. l,Ja 1927+ 

ISLAMIC information bureau. London. See 

Muslim standard 
ISLAMIC news. See Muslim standard 
ISLAMIC research association series. Bombay. 


ISLAMIC review. Woking, England. 1,F 1913+ 
Title varies 

ISLAMIC world. Lahore, India. 1,1923?+ 

ISLAND voyager magazine. See Voyager 
ISLANDER. A weekly journal devoted to Ha- 
waiian interests, scientific researches, lit- 
erature, home and foreign affairs. Hono- 
lulu. l.Mr 5-0 29 1875|| - _. ~ ' 


ISLANDICA, an annual relating to Iceland and 
the Fiske Icelandic collection in Cornell 

1,1908 + 

university library 


Ithaca, N.T. 

. 7/ 

bogfortegnelser Copenhagen. 


1899 + 

Supplement to Dansk bogfortegnelse 

ISLANDSKE filatelist. See Islenzki filatelist 
ISLANDSKE maaneds-tidender. Hrappsey; 
Copenhagen. 1-3,1773-76|| 

The first Icelandic periodical 

ISLA MICA. Zeitschrift fiir die erforschung der 
sprachen, der geschichte. und der kulturen 
der islamischen vblker. Leipzig, vl-7 no2,0 

Supplement to Asia major. v7 no2,1938 asi 
v23 no6 of Abhandlungen fiir die kunde 
des Morgenlandes 

ISLAMISCHE ethik, nach den originalquellen 
iibersetzt und erlautert. Halle a.S. 1-3, 


ISLAMISCHE Orient: eine sammlung gemein- 
niitziger orientalischer schriften zur for- 
derung des studiums islamischer sprachen. 
— I abt. : Turkische schriften. 1,1917+ 

-II abt.: Arabische schriften. 1,1924+ 

ISLANDSKE smaskrifter. (Norden) Oslo, nol, 
1924+ ? 

ISLAY association 

Report of the proceedings. Glasgow. 1,1S78| 

ISLE of Man natural history and antiquarian 
society, Douglas 
Proceedings. 1-4,1880-1906; nsvl.Ag 23 1906 + 
1-4,1860-1906 as Yn Lioar Manninagh. 
Journal of the Isle of Man natural his- 
tory and antiquarian society 

ISLE of Pines post; published ... in the 
interest of the Isle of Pines, its prosperity 
and progress. Nueva Gerona. 
Subtitle varies 



ISLE of Wight natural history and archaeolog- 
ical society 

-1926 as Isle of Wight natural history so- 
Proceedings. Newport, Isle of Wight. 1,1920 + 

ISLENZKA evangeliska smab6kaf6lag 

Rit. See Jjeirra islendsku evangelisku smarita 

rSLENZKA fornleifafelag 
Arbok. Reykjavik. 1880+ 
Index: 1880-1904 

ISLENDINGA sogur. Reykjavik. 1,1909 + 


ISLENDINGUR. Akureyri. 1,1915+ 
1SLENDINGUR. Reykjavik. 1-4,1860-65||? 

ISLENDINGUR. Arsrit. Reykjavik. 1-36,1875- 


-Fylgirit. 1898-991 

ISLENZKA frseSafelag 

Arsrit. Copenhagen. 1,1916+ 

■See also Safn frsetSaf jelagsins um island 
og Islendinga 
ISLENZKA garSyrkJufelag 
Arsrit. Reykjavik. 1-3, 1895-1901|| 

ISLENSK endurreisn; malgagn pjoSernishrey- 
fingar islendinga. Reykjavik. l,My 11 1933 + 

Arsrit. Reykjavik. 1,1920 + 
1926 not published 

ISLENZK fornrit. Reykjavik. 1,1933+ 
rSLENZK fraeSi. Reykjavik. 1,1936+ 

ISLENZK sagnablod. (islenzka b6kmentafelag) 
Copenhagen, vl-2 nolO, 1816-2611 
Superseded by Sklrnir 

fSLENSK veSurfarsbok. Reykjavik. 1-4,1920- 


fSLENZKA bokmentafelag, Reykjavik 
Annalar. (1400-1800). 1,1922 + 

At head of title: Annales islandici, pos- 
teriorum saeculorum 

Islenzkt fornbrefasafn. 

fSLENZKA kvennfSlag 

Arsrit. Reykjavik. 1-4,1895-991 

K. ISLENZKA laerdoms-lista felag, Copenhagen 
Rit. 1-15,1780-179811 

The popular name is F61agsritin gomlu 

ISLENZKA natturufraetSisfelag 
Skyrsla. Reykjavik. nol,1890+ 

ISLENZKA |?j6t5vinafelag 

Almanak. Reykjavik; Copenhagen. 1,1875+ 
Supersedes its Skyrsla 

Skyrsla. Copenhagen; Reykjavik. 1869/73-73/ 
1869/73 as Skyrsla og log. Superseded by 
its Almanak 

Reports of the proceedings of the Icelandic 
literary society. 

See also Andvari 
ISLENSKAR pj66-sogur og -sagnir. Seydis- 
fiord. 1,1922+ 

Skyrslur og reikningar. 1858-8911 

To 1858, and 1889+ in fslenzk sagnablod, 
and in Skirnir 

ISLENZKI filatelist. Reykjavik; etc. 1-4, D 8 

1 nol-6,1919-N 1 1920 as islandske fila- 

SkyYslur um landshagi a islandi. 1-5,1858-751! 

Timarit. 1-25,1880-190411 
Continued m Skirnir 
Index: 1-21,1880-1900 

Copenhagen section 

— Det islandske literaere selskab 

(Reports). 1820-301!? 

ISLENZKI good templar. See Templar 
ISLENSKT skakblaS. Akureyri. vl-2 no3,My 

1925-My 192711 

ISLENZKT verzlunarblaS. Copenhagen, vl nol- 
6,Ag 1913-Ja 1914||? 

ISLENZKU evangelisku smarita. Copenhagen. 

— Safn til sogu Islands og fslenzkra b6kmenta 
. . . 1,1856+ 

ISMERTET6 az osszmiiveszet- es polgari 
szorgalomban. Budapest. 1-3,1836-3911 
Subtitle varies 

See also Islenzk sagnablod; Skirnir; TitSindi 
um stj6rnamalefni Islands 

ISOLATED plant. N.Y. See Power plant 



ISOLATION. N.Y. l,Ap 1929 + 

ISRAELITISCHE letterbode. Amsterdam, vl-12 
no2, 1875/76 -88 1| 

ISOTOPICS. (American chemical society. 
Cleveland section) Cleveland, Ohio. 

ISRAELITISCHE monatschrift. Berlin. 
Supplement to Juedische presse 

ISRAEL. Rome; Florence. 1,1916+ 

ISRAELITISCHE nieuwsbode. Amsterdam, vl- 
18 no42,Jl 1875-Mr 1893)1 ? 

ISRAEL. . .; hebdomadaire juif ind6pendant. 

Cairo. 1,1920+ 

Title also in Hebrew 

ISRAEL; ilustracion semanal. Buenos Aires. 

ISRAELITISCHE rundschau. See Juedische 

ISRAELITISCHE synode, Leipzig 
Verhandlungen. 1.1869H? 

ISRAEL. La rassegna mensile de Israel. Flor- 
ence. 1,1925+ 

ISRAELITISCHE volkslehrer. Frankfurt a.M. 


ISRAEL; the Jewish magazine. London. 1-5?, 


1897-98 as Young Israel 

Ha-ISRAELI. N.Y. nol-4,1903||? 

— Homiletische beilage. 1-9,186011 

ISRAELITISCHE wochenschrift fur die reli- 
giosen und socialen interessen des Juden- 
thums. Magdeburg. 1-25,1870-9411? 

ISRAELI ET. Meppel. nol-39,S 2 1853-My 26 
1854 (5613-14) || 

ISRAELIT. Ein centralorgan flir das ortho- 
doxe Judenthum. Frankfurt a.M.; Mainz. 
1,1859 + 

30-32 as Israelit und jeschurun 

ISRAELIT des 19. jahrhunderts; eine wochen- 
schrift fiir die kenntniss und reform des 
israelitischen lebens. Hersfeld; etc. 1-9, 


ISRAELITA. Livorno. vl nol-12,1866||? 

ISRAELITA. Peri6dico politico y literario. 


Literarische beilage. nol-24,1872||? 

Supplement. See Juedisches familien-blatt; 
Juedisches litteratur-blatt 
ISRAELITISCHE zeitbode. Prague. 1-5,1864- 

ISRAELITISCHES familienblatt. Hamburg. 1, 


10,1908 incorrectly as 11 

ISRAELITISCHES " predigt- und schul-maga- 
zin. Magdeburg. 1-3,1834-3611 

ISRAELITISCHES predigt-magazin. Leipzig. 1- 
8,0 1874-86H? 

ISRAELITISCHES wochenblatt. Berlin. 1-15, 

19027-13 as General-anzeiger fiir die ge- 
sammten interessen des Judentums 



ISRAELITE. Cincinnati. See American Israel- 

ISRAELITE alliance review. See American 
monthly Jewish review 

ISRAELITE frangais, ouvrage moral et lit- 
teraire. Paris. 1-2,1817-1811 

ISRAELITE indeed. See Nathaniel; or, The 
Israelite indeed 

ISRAELITISCH-theologische lehranstalt, Vien- 
na. See under Vienna 

ISRAELITISCHE annalen. Ein centralblatt fur 
geschichte, literatur und cultur der Israeli- 
ten aller zeiten und lander. Frankfurt a.M. 
1-3, Ja 4 1839-D 24 1841|| 

Schweiz. Zurich. 1,1901+ 



ISRAEL'S advocate; or, The restoration of the 
Jews contemplated and urged. (American 
society for meliorating the condition of the 
Jews) N.Y. 1-5,1823-2711 

Includes the society's Proceedings 

MB -j 3^( , 3 1 

ISRAEL'S hoffnung. Wandsbek, Germany. 1, 
1910 + 

ISRAEL'S hope and destiny. London. 1- ,1880- 



ISRAELITISCHE kultusgemeinde, Vienna 
— Veroffentlichungen. 1-3,1911-22||? 

ISRAEL'S messenger. (Shanghai Zionist asso- 
ciation) Shanghai. l,Ap 22 1904+ 



ISRAELS van. Chicago. 1-5, 1906-1011? 

Nesriyat. 1,1929 + 

ISRAEL'S watchman. See Prophetic news and 

Israel's watchman 
ISSLEDOVATEL'SKOE obshchestvo "Saqa- 
Keskile", fAkutsk 
Sbornik trudov. 1-3,1925-2611? 
Title also in Yakut 

Yayinlari. 1,1937 + 

— Fen fakulte (Faculte des sciences) 

Mecmua. . . Revue. 1-8,1923-31; nsvl.O 

1935 + 

ISSUES and events; American liberal review. 

N.Y. l-8,Ag 24 1914-Je 15 191811 

l,Ag 24 1914 as News examiner and com- 
mentator; 2,S 1914-0 1915 Vital issue. 
Superseded by American liberal 

ISSUES and events booklets. N.Y. 1-15,191511? 

1-8 as Vital issue booklets 

ISSUES of to-day. See Progressive 
1ST Brodwei. N.Y. 191611 

Asariatika miizeleri 

French title: Mu»6e d'antiquit6s (earlier 
Mus6e imperial Ottoman). German title: 
Archaeologische rnuseen (earlier K.Os- 
manische museen) 
— Keilschrifttexte. 1,1926+ 

— Geologie enstitiit (Institut de geologie) 
Nesriyat. . . Publications. 

— Hukuk fakulte 


Hukuk-iktisat. 1,1923+ 

Idare heyeti. 1,P 1935+ 

— Iktisat ve ictimaiyat enstitiit 
Nesriyat. nol,1934+ 

— Ilahiyat fakulte 

Mecmuasi. nol-25,N 1925-F 1935|| 

-Observatoriyiim (Istanbul observatory) 
Yazilar. . . Publication. nol.P 1935 + 

— Meisterwerke. 1,1928+ 

— Nesriyat. . . Publications. nol,1916+ 

Dariilfunum. See its tiniversite 

Ecole d'ingenieurs. See its Miihendis mektep 

Ecole veterinaire superieure. See Revue 

Hopital d'enfants Hamidie 
— Annales medicales et bulletin de statistique. 

In Turkish and French 

— Tip fakulte (Faculte de medecine) 
Mecmua. . . Bulletin. 

— Turkiyat enstitiit (Institut de turcologie) 
Mecmua. . . Memoires. 1,1929 + 

ISTANBUL ticaret ve sanayi odasi mecmuasi. 

ISTANBULER forschungen. (Archaeologisches 
institut des Deutschen Reichs. Abt. Istan- 
bul) Berlin; Leipzig. 1,1932 + 

Institut frangais d'archeologie de Stamboul 
—Memoires. 1,1933 + 

See also Etudes orientales 

Miihendis mektep (Ecole d'ingenieurs) 

— Mecmua. 1,1928+ 

Russki'T arkheologicheski'I institut 
— Bulletin de l'lnstitut archeologique russe. 1- 


— Yayimlar. nol,1935+ 

— Arkeoloji enstitiit (Institut d'archeologie) 
Yayini. 1,1935+ 

— Cografya enstitiit (Institut de geographie) 
Nesriyat. nol,1930+ 

— Edebiyat fakiiltesi (Faculte des lettres) 
Mecmuasi. 1,1916+ 

ISTANBULER mitteilungen. (Archaeologisches 
institut des Deutschen Reichs. Abt. Istan- 
bul). Istanbul. 1,1933+ 

ISTHMIAN canal zone medical association. See 
Medical association of the Isthmian canal 

ISTINA. St. Petersburg. nol-5,Ja-Mr 1906H? 

ISTITUTO . . . See also Institute 
-ISTITUTO agrario sperimentale. See under 

Scandicci, Italy 
ISTITUTO agricolo coloniale italiano, Florence. 

See Agricoltura coloniale; Relazioni e mono- 

grafle agrario -coloniale 
ISTITUTO anatomico della Universita. . . See 

under name of university 
ISTITUTO "Angelo Mosso." See under Monte 


ISTITUTO antirabbico Pasteur di Padova. See 

under Padua 
ISTITUTO araldico amerista italiano, Rome. 

See Giornale araldico, storico, genealogico 
ISTITUTO Bianchi, Pavia 
Collana di monografie politiche, economiche, 

storiche: serie politica. Pavia. nol,1928+ 



ISTITUTO bibliografico italiano, Florence. 
Bollettino di corrispondenza antiquaria 
ISTITUTO bibliografico italiano, Turin 
Bollettino mensile. nol-47, -Jl 1929||? 

See Bollettino. vl nol-3,1922| 

Opere d'arte. 1,1929 + 

ISTITUTO biochimico italiano, Milan 
Archivio. . . 1,1929 + 

Opere inedite o rare di storia dell'arte. 1,1931+ 

jSee also Rassegna clinico-scientifica 
ISTITUTO biotipologico-ortogenetico, Genoa. 

See under Genoa. R. Universita 
R. ISTITUTO botanico, Catania, Italy 

Lavori. nol,1928||? 

R. ISTITUTO botanico, Palermo. See under 

ISTITUTO botanico della Universita. . . See 
under name of university: i.e. Cagliari; Pa- 
lermo; Pavia; Sassari; Siena 

R. ISTITUTO botanico di Roma. See under 

ISTITUTO "Carlo Forlanini." See under Rome 

ISTITUTO cartografico italiano, Rome 
Annuario. 1-4,1884-8911? . , , 

Rome. See under Rome. 

UTO chimico, 


ISTITUTO coloniaie fascista, Rome 

Through 1927 as Istituto coloniaie italiano 
Annuario delle colonie italiane e dei paesi vi- 
cini. 1,1926+ — - — ; 




Rome, vl-2 no24,Jl 1933-D 16 

Sezione studi e propaganda 

— Memorie e monografie coloniali 

Serie economica. nol-10, 1918-2311? 

Serie geografica. nol-3,1918-20||? 

Serie giuridica. nol-6,1918-21[l? 

Serie islamica. nol,1918||? 

Serie militare. nol-3,1918-21H? 

Serie politica. nol-6, 1918-2011? 

Serie storica. nol-4,1918-23|l? 

Ufficio relazioni commerciali 
— Collezione. nol,1922||? 

See also Azione coloniaie; Oltremare; Rivista 

ISTITUTO coloniaie italiano, Rome. See Istituto 

coloniaie fascista 
ISTITUTO comunale d'arte e di storia, Siena. 

See under Siena 
ISTITUTO cosentino, Cosenza. See Accademia 

ISTITUTO d'archeologia e storia dell'arte, Rome 
Bibliografie e cataloghi. 1,1931+ 

Rivista. 1,1923+ 
1 also as v7 

See also Inscriptiones creticae opera et con- 
silio Friderici Halbherr collectae 
ISTITUTO d'igiene, Palermo. See under Paler- 
mo. Universita 
ISTITUTO d'igiene sperimentale, Rome. See 

under Rome. Universita 
R. ISTITUTO d'incoraggiamento di agricoltura, 
arti e manufatture, Palermo 
Giornale. 186311 

Lavori accademici. 

R. ISTITUTO d'incoraggiamento di Napoli 

1806-10 as R. Societa d'incorraggiamento 
per le scienze naturali ed economiche 
Atti. 1-12,1811-64; s2 vl-18, 1864-81; s3 vl-6, 
1882-87; s4 vl-11,1888-98; 51,1899 + 

Stazione sperimentale per le malattie infet- 

tive del bestiame 
— Annali. 1,1911/13 + 

ISTITUTO d'ottica di Arcetri. See Florence. 

Istituto nazionale di ottica 
I. R. ISTITUTO del regno lombardo-veneto 

Supersedes Istituto nazionale italiano. 
Superseded by R. Istituto lombardo di 
scienze e lettere 
Annali. 1-7,1831-3711 

emorie. Milan. 1-5,1812-281 


ISTITUTO delle scienze di Bologna. -See R. Ac- 
cademia delle scienze dell' Istituto di Bo- 

ISTITUTO delle scienze ed arti liberali. See 
R. Accademia delle scienze dell' Istituto di 

ISTITUTO di anatomia comparata della Uni- 
versita. . . See under name of university; 
i.e. Naples; Pavia 

ISTITUTO di archaeologia e storia dell'arte, 
Rome. See Istituto d'archeologia e storia 
dell'arte, Rome 

ISTITUTO di archeologia e di antichita pom- 
peiana, Naples. See under Naples. Univer- 

ISTITUTO di bibliografia medica, Naples. See 
Rivista della stampa medica 

ISTITUTO di biologia marina del Tirreno in 
San Bartolomeo. See Cagliari. Universita. 
Stazione biologica 

ISTITUTO di Bologna. See R.Accademia delle 
scienze dell' Istituto di Bologna 

ISTITUTO di chimica farmaceutica, Pisa. See 
under Pisa. Universita 

ISTITUTO di chimica industriale, Milan. See 
under Milan. Scuola d'ingegneria (Politec- 

ISTITUTO di clinica chirurgica della Universi- 
ta. . . See under name of university: i.e. 
Pisa; Padua; Rome; etc. 

ISTITUTO di clinica oculistica, Naples. See 

Naples. Universita. Clinica oculistica 



ISTITUTO di credito delle casse di risparmio 

italiane, Rome. See Rivista delle casse di 

ISTITUTO di cultura italiana all'estero, Rome. 

See Romana 
ISTITUTO di diritto commerciale comparato, 

Pa via. See under Pavia. Universita 
ISTITUTO di diritto comparata della Universi- 
ta. . . See under name of university: i.e. 

Milan; Padua; Trieste 
ISTITUTO di diritto pubblico e legislazione so- 

ciale. See under Rome. Universita 
ISTITUTO di diritto romano. See under ■ Rome. 

ISTITUTO di economia e statistica agraria. See 

under Italy 
ISTITUTO di entomologia, Bologna. See under 

Bologna. Universita 
ISTITUTO di esercitazioni nelle scienze giu- 

ridiche della Universita. . . See under name 

of university: i.e. Pavia; Turin; etc. 
ISTITUTO di filosofia del diritto. See under 

Rome. Universita 
ISTITUTO di fisica terrestre e meteorologia 

dell' Universita degli studi, Messina. See 

under Messina. Universita 
ISTITUTO di geografia della Universita . . . 

See under name of university: i. e. Catania; 

Rome; etc. 
ISTITUTO di materia medica e farmacologia 

sperimentale, Parma. See under Parma. 

ISTITUTO di medicina legale, Rome. See under 

Rome. Universita 
ISTITUTO di medicina preventiva, Turin 

Rassegna. See Medicina preventiva 
ISTITUTO di merceologia, Catania. See under 

Catania. Istituto superiore di scienze eco- 

nomiche e commerciali 
R. ISTITUTO di patologia chirurgica della Uni- 
versita. . . See under name of university: 

i.e. Naples; Padua; etc. 
ISTITUTO di patologia generale, Naples. See 

under Naples. Universita 
ISTITUTO di psicologia sperimentale, Rome. 

See under Rome. Universita 
ISTITUTO di radioeccitamento. See under Rome 
ISTITUTO di ricerche tecnico-commerciali. See 

under Milan. Universita commerciale "Luigi 

R. ISTITUTO di scienze economiche e commer- 
ciali, Genoa. See under Genoa 
ISTITUTO di scienze giuridiche, economiche, 
politiche e sociali. See under Messina. Uni- 
ISTITUTO di scienze sociali "Cesare Alfieri" in 

Firenze. See under Florence 
ISTITUTO di statistica della Universita. . . See 

under name of university: i.e. Bari; Milan; 

Padua; Rome; etc. 
ISTITUTO di storia del diritto romano. See 

under Catania. Universita 

ISTITUTO di storia dell'arte, Florence. See 
under Florence. Universita 

ISTITUTO di studi bizantini e neoellenici, 
Rome. See under Istituto per l'Buropa ori- 
entale, Rome 

ISTITUTO di studi etruschi, Florence. See under 

ISTITUTO di studi romani, Rome. See under 

R. ISTITUTO di studi superiori, pratici e di per- 
fezionamento. See Florence. Universita 

ISTITUTO di studi vinciani, Rome. See Istituto 
vinciano in Roma 

ISTITUTO di terapia oculare, Florence. See 
Bollettino d'oculistica 

ISTITUTO elettrotecnico e delle comunicazioni 
della R. marina. See under Leghorn 

ISTITUTO fascista dell' Africa italiana, Rome 

ISTITUTO fascista di cultura di Bologna. See 

ISTITUTO fascista di cultura di Cremona 
Quaderni. Cremona. nol,1934+ 

See also Bollettino storico cremonese 
ISTITUTO fascista di tecnica e propaganda 
agraria, Rome. See Annali di tecnica agraria 
ISTITUTO federale di credito per il risor- 
gimento delle Venezie 
Quaderno. 1,1922+ 

Title varies slightly 

ISTITUTO Ferrini dei palinsesti, Rome 

Latin title: Collegium codicibus rescriptis 
Memoria. 1,1923+ 

See also Corpus extravagantium codicum; 
Corpus palimpsestorum 

ISTITUTO fisico-matematico G.Ferraris. See 
under Rome 

ISTITUTO forestale di Vallombrosa, Florence. 
See Nuova rivista forestale 

ISTITUTO G. Ferraris. See Rome. Istituto fi- 
sico-matematico G. Ferraris 

ISTITUTO Galileo-Galilei, Naples. See Ateneo 

ISTITUTO geografico de Agostini, Novara 
Biblioteca geografica. 1-2,1913-14]!? 

See also Geografia; Quaderni geografici 
ISTITUTO geografico militare, Florence. See 

under Italy 
ISTITUTO geologico, Padua. See under Padua. 

ISTITUTO giuridico della Universita. . . See 

under name of university: i.e. Naples; 

Turin; etc. 
ISTITUTO idrografico della regia marina, 

Genoa. See under Italy 
ISTITUTO idrotecnioo di Stra 
Pubblicazioni. Venice. 1,1916+ 

R. ISTITUTO industriale di Bergamo. See Tex- 
tilia; la rivista delle industrie tessili 

ISTITUTO internazionale d'agricultura, Rome. 
See International institute of agriculture 

ISTITUTO interuniversitario italiano, Rome. 
See Romana 

ISTITUTO italiano d'arti grafiche, Bergamo. 
See Collezione di monografie illustrate; Col- 
lezione miniature; Cosmos illustrato; Docu- 
menti antichi dell' Africa italiana; Empo- 
rium, rivista mensile illustrata d'arte e di 
cultura; Grandi maestri del colore 

ISTITUTO italiano d'igiene, previdenza ed as- 
sistenza sociale. See under Rome 

ISTITUTO italiano degli attuari, Rome 
Giornale. 1,J1 1930+ 

ISTITUTO italiano del libro, Florence 
Pubblicazioni. 1,192911? 

ISTITUTO italiano di numismatica, Rome 
Atti e memorie. .1,1913+ 

ISTITUTO italiano di speleologia, Postumia 
(Trieste). See under Postumia, Italy 

ISTITUTO italiano di studi germanici, Florence. 
See Studi germanici 

ISTITUTO italiano per il medio ed estremo 
oriente, Rome 
Bollettino. l,Ja 1935+ 



ISTITUTO italo-germanico di biologia marina 
di Rovigno d'lstria 
Note. Venice. 1,1932+ 

Relazione sulF andamento della gestione nel 
quinquennio. . . 1922/26+ 

isoi Thalassia 
R^iSTITUTO lombardo di scienze e lettere, 
•Supersedes I.R.Istituto del regno lom- 
Index: 1803-88; 1889-1900 
Atti. 1-3,1858-6311 

Continued in its Rendiconti 

un b'*K>*\ 

MB /iU\ W 

Giornale.' Milan. 1-8,1841-47; nsvl-9, 1847-5611 
Supersedes Biblioteca italiana (Milan) 

See also Assicurazioni 
ISTITUTO nazionale fascista di cultura 
Classici del pensiero politico. Bologna. 

Quaderni. Palermo. 1,1928+ 

See also Civilta fascista; Documenti per la 

storia del fascismo; Guide bibliografiche; 

Istituto fascista di cultura. . .Bologna, 

Cremona, etc. 
ISTITUTO nazionale fascista per gli scambi 

con I'estero 
Bollettino di informazioni commerciali. Rome. 


Memorie. 1-6,1843-56; s2 vl-3, 1859-65; s3 vl, 
1866 + 

s3 vl+ in two classes: (A) Classe di 
scienze matematiche e naturali and (B) 
Classe di lettere e scienze storiche e 
morali. Also numbered continuously from 

Rendiconti. 1-4,1864-67; s2 vl,1868+ 

1-4,1864-67 in two classes: (A) Classe di 
lettere e scienze morali e politiche and 
(B) Classe di scienze matematiche e 
naturali. Classes united in s2. s2 v7,1937+ 
also as s3 vl,1937+ 



ISTITUTO nazionale italiano 

Superseded by I.R. Istituto del regno 
lombardo- veneto 
Classe di fisica e matematica 
—Memorie. Bologna. 1-2,1806-lOH 


SIB #7# 

v v ^ 

ISTITUTO maragliano per lo studio e la cura 
della tuberculosi e di altre malattie infet- 
tive, Genoa 
Annali. vl-10 no4,My 1904-D 1923; nsvl-7, 
1924-30; s3 vl,1931+ 
nsvl-7,1924-30 as Archivi di biologia 




asse di scienze morali 
Memorie. nol-2, 1809-131 

politiche, etc. 



ISTITUTO nazionale per I'espansione economica 
italiana all' estero, Milan. See Esportatore 

ISTITUTO nazionale per I'incremento dell' edu- 
cazione fisica in Italia 
Atti. Rome. 1,1908|| 

ISTITUTO nazionale per la storia delle scienze 
fisiche e matematiche, Rome. See Per la 

storia e la fllosofla delle matematiche 
ISTITUTO Nicolai, Milan 
Giornale. vl-3 no3, 1893-9711? 

ISTITUTO marchigiano di scienze, lettere ed 
arti, Fabriano 

ISTITUTO nazionale del dramma antico, Syra- 
Bollettino. See Dioniso 
ISTITUTO nazionale delle assicurazioni, Rome. 

See Istituto nazionale fascista della pre- 
videnza sociale 

ISTITUTO nazionale di credito per la coopera- 
zione, Rome 
Biblioteca di studi cooperativi 
— Pubblicazioni. nol,1926 + 


ISTITUTO nazionale di economia 
Rome. See under Rome 

ISTITUTO nazionale di ottica, Florence. See 

under Florence 

ISTITUTO nazionale di setificio. See under 
Como, Italy 

ISTITUTO nazionale fascista della previdenza 

Through 1930? as Istituto nazionale delle 
Atti. Rome. 1,1929+ 

ISTITUTO oculistico, Rome. See under Rome. 

ISTITUTO oftalmico della Universita. . . See 

under name of university; i..e. Cagliari; 

Milan; etc. 
ISTITUTO omiopatico italiano. See Omiopatia 

in Italia; Omiopatia nel secolo XX 
ISTITUTO superiore orientale, Naples. See 

under Naples 
ISTITUTO ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna 
Rendiconto ciinico. 1900/01|| 

ISTITUTO per gli studi di politica interna- 

zionale. See under Milan 
ISTITUTO per I'Europa orientale, Rome 


— s1: Letteratura, arte, fllosofla. 1-7,1922-23 1| ? 

-r-s2: Politica, storia, economia. 1-6,1922-2311 ? 

r 2.U.,-l°lW 3o?i<^ 

S3: Bibliographi. 1-3,1924-25 j| ? 

-s4: Legge fundamentali. 1-3,1923-24||? 

Relazioni del Consiglio d'amministrazione e 
del Collegio dei sindaci sul bilancio. 1925?+ 

Istituto di studi bizantini 

Title varies: Sezione 

— Pubblicazioni. 1,1930+ 

e neoellenici 

bizantina e 





Sezione albanese 

— Pubblicazioni. 1,1931+ 

Sezione baltica 
—Pubblicazioni. 1,1930+ 

See also Clara Rodos 
ISTITUTO storico italiano dell' arte sanitaria, 
Bollettino. 1,1921 + 

Supplement to Rassegna di clinica, tera- 
pia e scienze afflni 

Sezione bizantina e neoellenica. See its Isti- 

tuto di studi bizantini e neoellenici 
Sezione slava. See Rivista di letterature slave 
See also Europa orientale; Studi bizantini 
ISTITUTO per la propaganda della cultura 

italiana, Rome. See Italia che scrive 
ISTITUTO per la storia del risorgimento ita- 
liano, Rome 
1906-My 1935 as Societa per la storia del 
risorgimento italiano 
Atti del. . .congresso nazionale. . . 1,1906+ 
Title varies slightly 

Biblioteca scientifica. . 
—Fonti. 1,1934+ 

— Memorie. 1,1934+ 

— Pubblicazioni. 1,1909 + 

Comitato emiliano romagnolo 
— Pubblicazioni. 1,1913+ 

ISTITUTO storico italiano per il medio evo, 

Name varies slightly 
Bullettino. nol,1886 + 

Guida storica e bibliograflca degli archivi 
delle biblioteche d'ltalia. 1,1932+ 

See also Fonti per la storia d'ltalia (Rome) ; 
Regesta chartarum Italiae 

ISTITUTO storico italiano per I'eta moderna e 
Annuario. Bologna. 1,1935 + 

Fonti per la storia d'ltalia 

>nti per la storia a nana. 

>TITUTO~ storico prussiano, Rome. 

historisches institut, Rome 
superiore agrario della Univer- 



sita. . . See under name of city; 

Bologna; Milan; Perugia; Pisa; Portici 
R. ISTITUTO superiore agrario e forestale 

zionale, Florence 
Annali. 1,1914+ 

Comitato piemontese 
— Pubblicazioni. 1,1909 + 

(Pubblicazioni). 1,1919+ 

See also' Rassegna storica del risorgimento; 

Risorgimento italiano 
ISTITUTO per la storia della Universita di 

Bologna. See under Bologna. Universita 
ISTITUTO politerapeutico, Milan. See Poli- 

ISTITUTO pro interlingua, Milan. See Schola 

et vita 
ISTITUTO psichiatrico, Rome. See under Rome. 

ISTITUTO scientifico sperimentale del tabac- 

co, Scafati. See under Scafati 
ISTITUTO sieroterapico milanese, Milan. See 

under Milan 
ISTITUTO sperimentale • aeronautico, Rome. 

See under Rome 

ISTITUTO sperimentale di meccanica agraria, 
Atti. 1,1923 + 

ISTITUTO sperimentale per la tabacchicoltura 
Salentina, Lecce 
(Publication). nol,1931+ 

ISTITUTO sperimentale stradale. See under 

Consociazione turistica italiana 
ISTITUTO sperimentale zootecnico, Rome. 

See under Rome 
ISTITUTO statistico-economico, Trieste. See 

under Trieste. Universita 
ISTITUTO stenografico di Milano. See Corriere 

stenografico; Stenografo italiano 
ISTITUTO stenografico veneziano, Venice. See 

Bollettino stenografico italiano 
ISTITUTO storico-archeologico, Rhodes 
Memorie. 1,1933+ 

ISTITUTO superiore d'ingegneria. See under 

ISTITUTO superiore di magistero. . . See under 

name of city; i.e. Messina; Turin; etc. 
ISTITUTO superiore di medicina veterinaria, 

Messina. See under Messina 
ISTITUTO superiore di odontoiatrica "George 

Eastman," Rome. See under Rome 
ISTITUTO superiore di perfezionamento per gli 

studi politico-sociali e commerciali in 

Conferenze. 1,1922/23+ 

MB -* 

Europa nel secolo XIX. 1,1925+ 

ISTITUTO superiore di scienze economiche e 

commerciali. . . See under name of city: 

i.e. Bologna; Catania; Genoa; Naples; 

Rome; Trieste; "Venice; etc. 
ISTITUTO superiore di scienze sociali e 

politiche "Cesare Alfieri," Florence. See 

under Florence 
R. ISTITUTO superiore forestale nazionale, 

Florence. See R. Istituto superiore agrario 

e forestale, Florence 
ISTITUTO superiore navale, 

Naples. See 

See under Pa- 

Zanon, Udine. 

, nautico. . . See under 
name of city: i.e. Genoaj Leghorn; etc. 
STITUTO vaccinogeno antitubercolare, Milan 

Supplement to Biochimica e terapia 

under Naples 
R. ISTITUTO tecniGO, Palermo, 

R. ISTITUTO tecnico Antonio 

See under Udine 
ISTITUTO tecnico 



R.ISTITUTO veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti, 

Atti. 1-7,1840-48; s2 vl-6,1850-55; . s3 vl-16, 

1856-71; s4 vl-3, 1871-74; s5 vl-8, 1874-82; s6 

vl-7,1883-89; s7 vl-10,1890-98; s8 vl-18,1898- 

1916; s9 vl,1917+ 

Index: 1840-94 

Memorie. 1,1843+ 

IB | ^ pY 

Osservazioni meteorologiche e geodinamiche. 

ISTORICHESKTfA, genealogichesk'ifa i geogra- 
fichesk'i'fa primiechaniia v Viedomostiakh. . . 

St. Petersburg. 1729-31H 

Supersedes Mfesfachnytfa istoricheskUia, 
genealogichesk'ifa i geografichesk'iifa pri- 
miechaniia. Superseded by Primiechaniia 
na Viedomosti. Supplement to Sankt- 
peterburgskifa viedomosti 

ISTORICHESKTfA izviestiia. Moscow. 

1STORICHESKO druzhestvo v Sofifa 
Izvestifa. 1-3,1905-11(1? 

Ricerche lagunari. 1-10,1906- 

ISTITUTO vinciano in Roma 

To 1924 as Istituto di 
Pubblicazioni. 1,1919 + 

studi vinciani 

ISTORICHESKOE obozrfen'i'e. (I.Russkoe isto- 
richeskoe obshchestvo) Petrograd. 1-21, 




— Nuova serie: Testi vinciani. Bologna. 1, 

ISTORICHESKOE obshchestvo 
pistsa, Kiev 
Chtenifa. l-24,1873/77-1914||? 

Nestora lieto- 

See also "Vinciani d' Italia 
ISTITUTO zoologico della Universita. . . See 
under name of university: i.e. Bologna; 
Palermo; etc. 
ISTITUTORE o sia Rivista letteraria. Bologna. 
l-[2], 1837-38; nsvl,1839||? 

1 as Buon libro ossia Raccolta di articoli 
scielti inediti e rari cosi italiani come 
stranieri relativi a storie, viaggi, bio- 
grafle, etc. ; 2 as Institutore e prose e 
poesie inedite o rare d' italiani viventi 

ISTORIfA i teoriia iskusstv. (Gosudarstven- 
naia, akademifa khudozhestvennykh nauk) 
Moscow. 1,1926+ 

ISTORIfA proletariata SSSR. Moscow. 1,1930+ 
At head of title: Kommunisticheskaia 
akademifa. Institut istorii. Sektsifa istorii 

ISTITUZIONI e monumenti dell'arte musicale 
italiana. Milan. 1,1931 + 


turnyi zhurnal. 

biblVoteka. Ucheno-litera- 
St. Petersburg. 1878-8011 

ISTORIfA zavodov. Moscow. 

ISTORIK i sovremennik; istoriko-literaturnyT 
sbornik. Berlin. 1-5,1922-241) ? 

ISTORICHESK'i'I, statistichesk'u i geogra- 
fichesk'i'T zhurnal. Moscow. Ja 1790-183011 
1790-J1 1809 as Politichesk'ii zhurnal. . . . 
Subtitle varies 

ISTORICHESKU barometr Rossii 
burg, nol, 190611? 

St. Peters- 

ISTORIK-marksist. (Obshchestvo istorikov- 
marksistov pri Kommunisticheskoi akade- 
mii) Moscow. 1,1926+ 

ISTORIKO-filologichesk'i'I institut knfazia Bez- 
Izvfest'i'fa. Niezhin; etc. 1-30,1876-1914||? 

ISTORICHESK'i'I ezhenedi"el'nik. St. Petersburg, 
nol, 1907H? 

Istoriko-filologicheskoe obshchestvo 
—Sbornik. 1-8,1896-1913||? 

ISTORICHESKU sbornik. (Akademifa nauk 
SSSR. Istoricheskafa komissifa) Lenin- 
grad. 1,1934+ 

ISTORI KO-iuridicheskVe materYaly, izvlechennye 
iz aktovykh knig gubern'i'I Vitebskol i Mogi- 
levskol. . . Vitebsk. 1-32,1871-190611? 

ISTORICHESKi'l viestnik; istoriko-literaturnyl 
zhurnal. Petrograd. 1-150, 1880-Ag 1917||? 
vl37-150,Ag 1914-Ag 1917 have special 
supplements: Istoricheskafa lfetopis' 
Index: 1880-94 

ISTORI KO-literaturnafa biblioteka. Moscow. 

ISTORIKO-revolilitsionnyi bitilleten': ezhemie- 
sfachny) sbornik. Moscow. 1-3,1922|| 

ISTORICHESKU zhurnal. Berlin. See Letopis' 

ISTORICHESKU zhurnal. Moscow. 1,1931+ 

ISTORIKO-revolfutsionnyl sbornik. Leningrad. 



ISTORIKO-revolfutsionnyT vestnik; izdanie O- 

va b. politicheskikh katorzhan i ssyl'no- 

poselentsev i istoricheskol sektsii "Doma 

pechati". Moscow. nol,1922||? 

Also numbered 4 in continuation of 

Istoriko-revolilitsionnyl bfulleten' 

ITALIA aero-marlttima Industriale e colonlale. 
See Eco d'ltalia politico-industriale e colo- 
ITALIA agricola, giornale dl agricoltura. Milan; 
Piacenza. 1-20,1869-90; 28,1891+ 
Absorbed Giornale di agricoltura in 1890, 
and continued its numbering 

ISTORIKO-rodoslovnoe obshchestvo v Moskvie 
Lietopis'. 1-11 (nol-44),1905-15||? 
Index: 1905-09 

ISTRIA agricola. 

Parenzo. vl-8 noS, 1907-15; 

ISTRIAN word. Sacramento, Cal. vl nol-2, 
My 1932||? 

United with Zora to form Zora and 
Istrian word 

ISTROS. Revue roumaine d'arch^ologie et 
d'histoire ancienne. Bucharest. l,Ap 1934+ 

ITALIA all' estero. Rome. 1-3,1911-1311? 

ITALIA antichissima. (Reggio. Museo civico 
di Reggio) Reggio. 1,1929 + 
no2 called ns on cover 

ITALIA artistica. See under Collezione di mono- 

grafle illustrate 
ITALIA artistica e industriale. Rome. 1,1893/95||? 

ITALIA centrale; giornale politico-letterario, 
con bullettino ufficiale. Modena. vl nol-27, 
Ap 4-J1 8 1848H 

United with Indipendenza italiana to form 

"Vessillo italiano 

e di arte. 


periodico di letteratura 


ITALAMERICA. N.Y. 1,1924+ 
1- as Vita italo-americana 

ITALIA che scrive. (Istituto per la propaganda 
della cultura italiana) Rome. l,Ap 1918 + 

MB / ~ ' ^' 

ITALIA coloniale. Milan. l.Mr 1924+ 

Supplement to Illustrazione italiana 

ITALIA. Berlin. 1-2,1838-401 

ITALIA coloniale. Rivista mensile. 
Belcredi) Rome. 1-5,1900-0411 


ITALIA. Boston. 1-5,0 1900-Ag 1905|| 
Title varies. Merged into Figaro 

ITALIA. (Hil'lebrand) Leipzig. 1-4,1874-771 

3 MB • /]/} fi> 


ITALIA. Pisa. 1-2 (nol-120),Je 19 1847-Ag 1 

Merged into Rivista indipendente (Flor- 

ITALIA del popolo. Lausanne; etc. vl-2 no3,S 
1849-My 1850; s2 nol-4,1850-51||? 

MB Vlll'l-T- 





vl nol-74,My 

20-Ag 3 

ITALIA dialettale; rivista di dialettologia ita- 
liana. Pisa. 1,1924+ 


ITALIA. Rome. 1-4,1882- 

ITALIA economica. Naples. l-2,Ag 16 1869-D 
17 187011? 

ITALIA; bulletin bi-mensuel d'informations. 

(Concentration antifasciste italienne) Paris. 
nol-66,Ap 22 1929-Mr 21 1932|| 

ITALIA economica. Turin. 1-13,1909-21|| 

1,1909 in Riforma sociale; 2,1910 as Studj 
del Laboratorio di economia politica della 
Universita di Torino; 3-7,1911-15 as sup- 
plements to Riforma sociale 

I TALI A I Letture mensili. (Societa nazionale 

Dante Alighieri) Turin. l-2,Ja 1912-D 191311 

Each year has 2v (nol-12) each v 

separately paged. Includes the society's 

ITALIA. Rassegna di scienze, lettere ed arti. 
Rome, vl nol-2, 189711 

Continued in Rivista d'ltalia 

MB ^ 

ITALIA, rivista turistica mensile. Rome, vl-7 
no3,Ja 1933-Mr 193911 

vl-4 no3,1933-Ja 1936 as Travel in Italy 

ITALIA evangelica. Florence. 1-25,1881-190011? 

ITALIA forestale. (Federazione pro montibus) 
Rome. 1-8, -1926|| 

Superseded by Lavoro d'ltalia agricola 

ITALIA industriale. (Confederazione generale 
dell' industria italiana) Rome. 1-2, Jl 1919-D 


Superseded by Organizzazione industriale 

ITALIA industriale artistica. Turin. 1,1900+ 



ITALIA letteraria. Milan. 1-2,1897-981 

ITALIA letteraria. Milan. 1-46, D 13-1925-3611 
vl-5 nol3,1925-Mr 31 1929 as Fiera let- 

ITALIA' libera. See Italia musicale 

ITALIA marinara; illustrato della Lega navale. 

Rome. 1,1900 + 

ITALIA medica. Genoa. See Salute: Italia 

ITALIA medica. Pisa. See Attivita medica 

ITALIA militare; rassegna mensile. Turin. 1-3 

(vl-9, ptl-23),Ap 1864- Je 186611? 

ITALIAN Baptist missionary association of 

America. See Aurora (Philadelphia) 
ITALIAN- British review. See Rassegna italo- 

ITALIAN bureau of public information in the 
United States, New York. See Italy today; 
a fortnightly bulletin 
ITALIAN historical society, New York 
Pamphlets. nol.N 1927+ 

nol issued as no234,N 1927 of Interna- 
tional conciliation 1 ,,*, , _ r 


Publications. N.Y. 1,1927+ 


ITALIAN magazine. N.Y. 

Mainly in Italian 

1-2.S 1909-J1 1910||? 

ITALIA moderna. Rome. 1-6,1903-C 

ITALIAN medical society 
Transactions and annual reports. Brooklyn, 


ITALIA monumentale, collezione di monografie. 

(Touring club italiano) Milan, nol-45,1910- 

I 28|| 

IJL/J* \i 

ITALIA musicale; giornale dei teatri, con ap- 
pendice di letteratura, belle arti e varieta. 

Milan. 1-7, Jl 7 1847-5511? 

Subtitle varies. Anno 1 also numbered 
nol-47. 1 (nol-37),Jl 7 1847-Mr 15 1848 as 
Italia musicale; 1 (no38-47),Ap 9-Je 21 
1848 Italia libera 

ITALIAN musical league, New York. See Ve- 

detta artistica 
ITALIAN review. Rome. Jl 1900; 1-2, D 1900- 

Ap 1902|| 


MB /^l-3 ; £ 

ITALIAN socialist federation. See Proletario 
ITALIAN studies, a quarterly review. Man- 
chester, England. 1,J1 1937+ 

ITALIA orticola. Naples. 1-2,1902-03|| 

ITALIA ride. Bologna. nol-26,1900|| ? 

ITALIAN voice; a weekly publication dedicated 
to the promotion of indissoluble ties be- 
tween the Italians and their country of 
adoption. Boston, vl-3 no28,Mr 15 1919-.0 
30 192011? 

Suspended Mr 6-Ap 17 1920 

ITALIA sacra; le chiese d'ltalia nell'arte e 
nella storia. Turin. 1,1928-N 193011 
Title varies slightly 

ITALIA sanitaria. Milan. 1-3,1905-07(1 

United with Corriere sanitario to form 
Pensiero medico 

ITALIA sanitaria. Rome. 

ITALIANA. (Italy America society) N.Y. 
l(nol-8),My-D 1926 1| 
United with the society's News bulletin 
and its Trade bulletin to form Bulletin 
and Italiana, later Bulletin 

ITALIANI e I'America; rassegna nord-ame- 
ricana. N.Y. 

Numbering irregular. - as Rassegna 

ITALIA scacchistica. Florence, vl-16 nol, 1911- 
Ja 192611? 

ITALIANI pel mondo; rivista mensile illus- 
trata. Naples. l,Ja 1928+ ? 

Supersedes Basilicata nel mondo 

Supplement. See Scaccomatto 
ITALIA stenografica. Milan. 1,J1 1927+ 

ITALIANO. Bologna. 

ITALIA vinicola ed agraria. Casalmonferrato. ITALIANO; foglio letterario. Paris, vl nol-6, 
l.My 1911+ My-O 183611 

ITALIAE veteris numismata. Naples. 1-2 (nol- 
7), 1811-12H? 

Issued with Giornale numismatico 

ITALIANO; . . . foglio mensile della rivoluzione 
fascista. Bologna. 1,1926+ 
Subtitle varies slightly 

ITALIAN-American review. N.Y. l,Mr 6 1921+ 
1- ,Mr 6-0 29 1921 as Domenica illustrata 

ITALIANO; foglio settimanale con incisioni 
Florence. l,Ag 5-D 31 1859(1 



ITALICA. (-American association of teachers 
of Italian) Chicago; N.Y. l,Ap 1924+ 
1-2 as the association's Bulletin 

See also Universo 

Istituto idrografico della regia marina, Genoa 

— Bollettino meteorologico mensile. 1,1872+ 

ITALICA gens. (Associazione nazionale dei 
missionari cattolici italiani) 1-5,1910-14||? 

ITALICA medicina. N.Y. l,Ja 1937+ 

ITALICO. Rome, anno 1 nol-18,P 18-Je 30 1847; 
anno 1 sem. 2 nol-32,Jl 8-D 30 1847; anno 
2 nol-30,Ja 4-Mr 13 1848|| 

United with Bilancia to form Epoca 

ITALIE au travail. Rome. Je 1924+ 

ITALIE illustree. Revue du monde latin. Pa- 
ris. 1-7,1902-0811? 

ITALIE medico-chirurgicale. P6riodique-revue 
des sciences medico- chirurgicales en Italie. 
Naples. 1,1893-94||? 

See also Annali idrografici 

Ministero d'agricoltura. See Annali della 
sperimentazione agraria; Annali di ag- 

Ministero della guerra. See Giornale di medi- 
cina militare 

Ministero della marina. See Annali di medi- 
cina navale e coloniale 

Ministero della pubblica istruzione. See Bol- 
lettino d'arte; Gallerie nazionali italiane 

Ministero delle colonie. See Africa italiana 

Opera nazionale dopolavoro. See Dopolavoro 

Stazione sperimentale per le industrie della 
carta e delle fibre tessili vegetali, Milan 

—Bollettino. 1-12, -1933H 

Superseded by Industria della carta 

ITALY America monthly. (Italy America so- 
ciety; Columbia university. Casa italiana) 
N.Y. vl-2 nol2,Ja 15 1934-D 25 1935|| 
Formed by the union of the society's 
bulletin and Casa italiana bulletin. Su- 
perseded by Italy America review, later 
Latin world 

ITALIE voyages; revue touristique. Rome. 1, 
Ja 1933 + 


Latin world 

review. N.Y. 1927-28. See 

ITALIEN; monatsschrift fur kultur, kunst und 
literatur. Heidelberg. 1-3, D 1927-N 1930|| 



i vergangenheit 

nol-8, 1934||? 

und gegenwart. 

bildwerke der 

under Berlin. 



ITALY America review. N.Y. 1936+ See Latin 

ITALY America society 

Bulletin. (Monthly) N.Y. vl-6 no8,Ja 1927-0 

vl-3 no8,1927-S 1929 as its Bulletin and 
Italiana. Superseded by its Bulletin 

epoche. See 

ITALIENISCHE forschungen. (Kun^thistori- 
sches in& titut. Florence) Berlin; Leipzig. 
1-5,1906-11; nsvl-2,1925-26|| _ -, 

3 never published l{ Q / < 3 /.4> 

ITALIENISCHE kulturberichte. Leipzig. 1, 

Forms Leipziger romanistische studien. 
Ill reihe 

ITALIENISCHE medicinisch-chirurgische 
bliothek. Leipzig. 1-4,1793-9911? 

Bulletin. (Quarterly) vl nol-4,Ja-0 1933|| 
Supersedes its Bulletin (Monthly). Super- 
seded by Italy America monthly 

News bulletin. N.Y. nol-44,1920-O 1926|| 

United with its Trade bulletin and 
Italiana to form Bulletin • and Italiana, 
later Bulletin 



Trade bulletin, nol-44, 1920-2611 

United with its News bulletin and 
Italiana to form Bulletin and Italiana, 
later Bulletin 


ITALIENISCHE studien; akademische for- 
schungen. (Deutsch-italienisches kultur- 
institut) Cologne. 1,1936+ 

ITALO-American commercial guide of Detroit; 
a cultural and commercial magazine. See 
Pilota. . . 
ITALO-Bulgarsko spisanie za literatura, isto- 
riia, izkustvo. Sofia. 1,1931+ 
Italian title: Rivista italo-bulgara di let- 
teratura, storia, arte 

See also Italy- America monthly; Latin world 

ITALY today; a fortnightly bulletin. (Italian 

bureau of public information in the United 

States) N.Y. vl-2 no4,S 1 1918-F 16 1919||? 

ITALY to-day. Documents published by 
Friends of Italian freedom. London. l,Ja 
1929 + 


Istituto geografico militare, Florence 
— Annuario. 1-3,1913-1511? 

ITEMS of interest. See Dental items of inter- 
Timarit. 1,1927+ 

250 UNION 

IpRoTTABLAOlO. Reykjavik. 1,1925+ 

IOUNN. Akureyri. 1,1860.11 

IOUNN. Reykjavik. 1-7,1884-89; nsvl,1915 + 

ITINERANT; or, Wesleyan Methodist visitor. 

Baltimore. 1-3,1828-31|| 

ITINERARI dei musei e monumenti d'ltalia. 
Rome. 1,1936+ 


Supplement, See Komsomol'skaia nedelfa 
fOR'EV, Russia. See Tartu, Estonia 
fURIDICHESKA mis'l, dvumesechno furidi- 
chesko spisanie za nauka, kritika, pravo- 
sudie, politika i iTirisprudentsifa. Sofla. 1, 
1920+ ? 

fURIDICHESKAfA biblioteka. Moscow, nol, 

rORIDICHESKAfA gazeta. Moscow. nol-24,Jl 1 
1866-Je 15 1867H 
Superseded by HJridichesk'ii viestnik 

ITINERARI storico-turistici della Riviera di 
Ponente. Albenga. 1,1935+ 

ITINERARIO de America. Buenos Aires. 1,N 

fURIDICHESKAfA lietopis'. St. Petersburg. 


fllRIDICHESKI arkhiv, spisanie za pravna 
nauka i szhdebna praktika. Sofia. 1,1929+ 
At head of title: Archives juridiques 

I TOG I nauki, Leningrad. 

fURIDICHESKI pregled. Plovdiv; Sofia. 1, 

ITON Habonim. London. 1,J1 1934+ 
I TON qatan. Warsaw. 

fURIDICHESKYl viestnik. Moscow. 1-24,1867/ 
Supersedes fDridicheskaia gazeta. 1870 
not published 

ITON EN U. Jerusalem. nol.D 1931+ 

fURIDICHESKYl zhurnal. St. Petersburg. 

fUG. Sevastopol. nol-191,Jl 25 1919-Mr 21 1920|| 
Superseded by ftJg Rossii 

fURIDICHESKYfA zapiski. (Ried'kin) St. Pet- 

fDG Rossii. Sevastopol. nol-171,Mr 26-0 29 
Supersedes ftrg 

fURIDICHESKYfA zapiski. 1908-13. See under 

Demidovskn luridichesk'ii litsei, Yaroslav 
fiJRIDICHESKO spisanie. Sofia. 1-12,1888-1914||? 

fUGO-vostochnyl khoziam. Rostov-na-Donu. 

IULIA Dertona. (Societa storica tortonese) 
Tortoni. nol-46, -Je 1915||? 

fiJMORISTICHESKYE sborniki. St. Petersburg. 

fOMORISTICHESKYI al'manakh. St. Petersburg. 

fuRIDICHESKOE obshchestvo pri Lmperator- 
skom S. Peterburgskom universitetie 

See also Vfestnik prava 
fDVENAL. St. Petersburg. nol,1906|| 

fDZHNO-russkaia meditsinskaia gazeta. (Ob- 
shchestvo Odesskikh vrachei) Odessa. 1-6,0 
1 1892-F 13 1897H 

fiJMORISTICHESKYJ ezhenediernifc. St. Peters- 
burg. nol-12,1907||? 

fDNAfA Rossifa. Moscow. 1-41,1869-190911? 

fTJZHNYl meditsinskii zhurnal. Odessa. 

IVA. (Stockholm. Ingeniorsvetenskapsakade- 
mien och dess laboratorier) Stockholm 1, 
1930 + 

fiJNYE bezbozhniki; zhurnal shkol'nogo bez- 
bozhnogo aktiva. Moscow. 

IVANOVO-Voznesenskii politekhnicheskiY in- 
stitut imeni M. B. Frunze 
Izvestifa. nol, Mr 1919 + 

fTJNYl kommunist. (Rossilskii kommunisti- IVERNIAN society, Cork 
cheskii sofuz molodezhi) Moscow. Journal. 1-7,1908-15||? 







IVORY cross Journal. London. 1,1919+ 

Ha-IVRI. Berlin; N.Y. 1-11,1910-N IS 1921|| 
Suspended 1913-15, 4-5 never published 

Ha-IVRI. N.Y. l-9,Je 1892-Ja 24 1902H? 
Suspended Jl 29 1898-Je 7 1901 

IZSLiEDOVANTfA i raboty po politicheskoT eko- 
nom'i'i i obshchestvennym znan'i'iam. Mos- 
cow. 1-2,1911-1211? 

IZSLfEDOVANIfA po russkomu iazyku. See 

under Akademiia nauk S.S.S.R., Leningrad 
Otdfeleni'e russkago fazyka i slovesnosti 
IZVESTifA elektropromyshlennosti slabogo 
toka. Leningrad; Moscow. 1,1932?+ 

IVRI; the magazine of African Jewry. See 

South African Ivri 
IVRI anochi. Brody. 1-26,1873-9011? 

Alternate t-p as ha-Ivri 

Ha-IVRI ha-Chadash. Warsaw. nol,1912|| 

IZVESTifA fizicheskoi kul'tury. ("Vysshil sovet 
flzicheskoi kul'tury) Moscow. 1-4,1924-2711 

IZVfESTTfA Gornago otdfela V.S.N.KH. (Vys- 
shil sovet narodnago khozfaistva) Moscow. 
nol-4,Jl-0? 191811? 

Issued during the suspension of Gornyi 


IVRI onouchi. See South African Ivri 
IVS; collezione di scritti giuridici diretta da 
Pietro de Francisci e Amedeo Giannini. 

Rome. 1,1926+ 

IWATA institute of plant biochemistry, Tokyo 
Publications. nol,D 1924+ 

IZVESTifA khlopchatobumazhnol promyshlen- 
nosti. Moscow. l,Ja 1931+ 

IZVESTifA po opytnomu delu severnogo Kav- 
kaza. Rostov-na-Donu. 1,1922+ 
1-8 as Izvestiia po opytnomu delu Dona 
i severnogo Kavkaza. English title as 
Journal of agricultural research. . . 

IYIM. London. 1,1927+ 
In Hebrew 

l-Yo i kwai. [I-yo medical society] See Kyo- 
rin-no shiori 

IZ epokhi "Zvezdy" i "Pravdy" (1911-14). Mos- 
cow. 1-3,192311? 

IZAAK Walton league monthly. See Outdoor 

IZAAK Walton league of America. See Min- 
nesota Waltonian; National Waltonian; 
Outdoor America; Outdoor American 

IZBA-chital'nfa. See Kul'trabota v sovkho- 
zakh i kolkhozakh 

IZBOR starih ilirskih piesnikah. Zagreb. 1-2, 

IZVESTifA po russkomu iazyku i slovesnosti. 
(Akademiia nauk) Leningrad. 1925-3011 
Superseded by Akademiia nauk. Komis- 
siia po russkomu iazyku. Trudy 

"IZVESTifA revolfuts'i'onnol nedfeli. Petrograd. 
nol-10,F 27-Mr 5 1917|| 
A reprint of the complete set of Izvie- 
st'ifa published in the first week of the 
Russian revolution, 1917 

IZVfESTTfA_ sobranlfa inzhenerov putel soob- 
shcheni'ia. St. Petersburg. 1884- || 

IZVfESTYfA sovieta bezrabotnykh fiimoristov. 

St. Petersburg. 

IZfASHCHNAfA literatura. Zhurnal literatury, 
nauki i obshchestvennoi zhizni. St. Peters- 
burg. nol-8,Ja 1883,-Ag 1885|| 
Subtitle varies 

IZOBRAZITEL'NOE iskusstvo. (Leningrad. 
Gosudarstvennyi institut istorii iskusstv) 
Leningrad. 1,1927+? 


IZQUIERDAS. Mexico. 1,1934+ 

IZVESTifA tekstil'nol promyshlennosti. 
cow. 1,1931+ 


IZVESTIfA tekstil'noi promyshlennosti i tor- 
govli. (Vsesoiuznyi tekstil'nyi sindikat) 
Moscow. l,My 1923 + 

My 1923-My 1924 as Izvestiia tekstil'noi 
promyshlennosti. United with Vseros- 
siiskii tekstil'nyi sindikat, Biulleten' to 
form the above 

IZRAELITA. Pismo tygodniowe poswi§cone 
interesom judaizmu. Warsaw. 1- ,1866- 
Supersedes Jutrzenka 

E. Aldred lectures on engineering practice. 

See under Johns Hopkins university. Dept. 
of engineering 

P. (New South Wales justices' association) 
Sydney, N.S.W. 1,1914+ 
Supersedes Magistrate 

IZRAELITA Magyar irodalmi tarsulat 
Kiadvanyai. 1-22, 1894 ?-1906||? 
1-13,1894 ?-1901 as fivkonyv 

JAARBOEK voor de reclasseering van volwas- 
senen en kinderen. Eibergen. 1,1923+ 



JAARBOEKEN voor de Israeliten in Neder- 
land. The Hague. 1-4,1835-N/D 183811 

JAGAREN. Nordisk arsbok for jakt- och na- 
turvanner. Stockholm. 1-11,1895-190511 

JABBERWOCK. London. 1- ,Ag 1905-O 19071, 
1-2,1905-Je 1906 as Our jabberwock 

JAGDZEITUNG. Vienna. 1-48,1858-190511? 
Index: 1858-75 

JABLONOWSKISCHE gesellschaft zu Leipzig. 

See Fuerstlich-Jablonowskische gesellschaft 
zu Leipzig 
JABNEH; homiletikai folyoirat. Budapest. 1-3, 

Supplement to, and later merged into 
Magyar-zsido szemle 

JAHR; ein gesamtbild der kulturentwicklung. 
Leipzig. 191311 «n ,, -r- « 

MB fl £ 7 ' ..'" 

JAHR der biihne. Berlin. 1-10,1911/12-20/2111 

JACKASS, a magazine of the Southwest. See 
Palo Verde 

JACK- PINE warbler. (Michigan Audubon so- 
ciety) Hart, Mich. 1,19'23+ 

JACKSON County historical society, Maquo- 

keta, la. See Annals of Jackson County, la. 

JACKSON County medical journal. (Jackson 

County medical society) Kansas City; St. 

Louis. 1,1906+ 

vl-25 no40, 1906-31 as the society's Weekly 

JAHR im bild; jahrbuch .der Berliner illustrir- 
ten. Berlin. 

JAHRBUCH. . . In addition to the following 
titles see under name of issuing organiza- 

JAHRBUCH. Zeitschrift fur drahtlose tele- 
graphie und telephonie. See Hochfrequenz- 
technik und elektroakustik 

JANdRBUCH der allergischen krankheiten. 
(Heufieberbund. Wissenschaftliche zentral- 
stelle) Cologne; Mulheim. 1,1937+ 

JACKSON County medical society 

Weekly bulletin. See Jackson County medical 

JACKSON sanitarium, Dansville, N.Y. See 

Laws of life 
JACOBITE. Gisborne; Wellington, N.Z. 1,N 8 
1919 + 

Suspended D 1933-Ap 1935 

JAHRBUCH der alten kartographie. See Imago 

JAHRBUCH der angestelltenbewegung. Berlin. 

1-8,1907-1411 a . , 

1907-11 as Jahrbuch . . . fur die soziale 
bewegung der industriebeamten 

JACOBITE'S journal. (Fielding) London, nol- 
49, D 5 1747-N 5 174811 

JAHRBUCH der angestelltenversicherung. 

Stuttgart. 1-2,1913-14|| 

vl issued as supplement to Versiche- 
rungsgesetz fur angestellte 

JACOBS' band monthly; a music magazine 
published exclusively in the interests of 
the professional and amateur player of band 
instruments. Boston. 1,1916+ 

JACOBS' orchestra monthly and cadenza. Bos- 
ton. 1,1910+ 

JACQUES bonhomme. Paris. nol-4,Je 11/15- 
Jl 9/13 1848H 

JADRAN. (Jugoslovenska narodna 
Buenos Aires. l.N 11 1915+ 
Suspended Ja-Ag 1922 


JAHRBUCH der angewandten naturwissen- 
schaften. Freiburg. l-35,1885/86-1929|| 

1885-1914 as Jahrbuch der naturwissen- 
schaften. Suspended 1923-26 . - 
Index; 1885-89 in v6; 1890-94 in vlO; 1895- 
99 in vl5; 1900-05 in v20 

JAHRBUCH der asiatischen kunst. Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH der astronomie und geophysik. 

Leipzig. 1-24,1890-191311 

Supersedes Revue der fortschntte der na- 
turwissenschaften in theoretischer und 
praktischer beziehung. 1913- as Kleins 
jahrbuch der astronomie und geophysik. 

JAEGER. Ein unterhaltungsblatt fiir jagdlieb- 
haber. Frankfurt a.M. vl-2 no49, 1838-3911 

JAHRBUCH der automobil- und motorboot- 
industrie. Berlin. 1-8,1904-llH 

JAEGER'S monatsblatt. Zeitschrift fur ge- 
sundheitspflege und lebenslehre. Stuttgart. 

JAHRBUCH der baukunst. Berlin. 1,1928/29+ 

JAFFNA temperance society. See Oriental tem- 
perance advocate 

JAFNAOARMAOURINN. Northfiordur. l,Mr 

JAHRBUCH der Berliner borse. Bin nach- 
schlagebuch fur bankiers und kapitahsten. 
Berlin. 1-36,1879/80-1914/1511 . 4 

Superseded by Saling's Bbrsen-jahrbucn 







JAHRBUCH der bildenden kunst. (Architek- 
tenverein zu Riga) Riga. 1-8,1907-2611? 
1-7 as Jahrbuch der bildenden kunst in 
den Ostseeprovinzen (title ■ varies 

slightly). Suspended 1914-25 

MB I * (gj Vo'7? 

JAHRBUCH der bildenden kunst. (Deutsche 
jahrbuch-gesellschaft) Berlin. 1-8,1902-10|| 

JAHRBUCH der bodenreform. Jena. 1,1905+ 

JAHRBUCH der elektrotechnik. Munich; etc. 

Supersedes Fortschritte der elektrotech- 
nik. Continued in Technische zeitschrif- 


JAHRBUCH der erfindungen und fortschritte 
auf den gebieten der physik und chemie, 
der technologie und mechanik, der astrono- 
mie und meteorologie. Leipzig. 1-37,1865- 
Index: 1-5 

JAHRBUCH der bremischen sammlungen. Bre- 
men. 1-5,1908-1211 
Index: 1-5 in 5 





I'* ill** 

biicherpreise. Leipzig. 1, 

JAHRBUCH der franzbsischen litteratur. Zit- 
tau. 1-3,1894-9711 

JAHRBUCH der gastechnik. (Verein von gas- 
und wasserfachmannern in osterreich- 
Ungarn) Vienna; Munich; Berlin. 1909-16(1 
1909-11 as Fortschritte des beleuchtungs- 
wesens und der gasindustrie 

JAHRBUCH der charakterologie. Berlin. 


d MB 

JAHRBUCH der chemie. (Meyer) Frankfurt 
a.M. ; Brunswick. 1-28,1891-191811 
Index: 1-10,1891-1900 , - 

JAHRBUCH der chemie und physik. See Jour- 
nal fur chemie und physik. Nuremberg 
JAHRBUCH der christlichen gewerkschaften. 

Cologne. 1-24,1908-3111? 

1,1908 in the society's Schriften 

JAHRBUCH der gesammten staatsarzneikunde. 
Leipzig. 1-7,1835-4011 

Supersedes Magazin fur die gerichtliche 

JAHRBUCH der hamburgischen wissenschaft- 
lichen anstalten. Hamburg. 1-38,1883-191711 

Beihefte. 1-38,1884-19201 

JAHRBUCH der hell- 
ten. Berlin. 

pflege- und kuranstal- 

JAHRBUCH der denkmalpflege in der provinz 
Sachsen und in Anhalt. (Verein zur 
erhaltung der denkmaler der provinz 
Sachsen) Magdeburg. 1900+ 

Supersedes the society's Jahresbericht 

JAHRBUCH der illustrierten deutschen mo- 
natshefte. See Westermanns monatshefte 

JAHRBUCH der jungen kunst. Leipzig. 1, 

JAHRBUCH der deutschen bibliotheken. <Vftr- 
ein deutscher bibliothekare) Leipzig. 1, 

19D2 + 


JAHRBUCH der deutschen luftwaffe. Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH der deutschen museen und samm- 
lungen. Wolfenbiittel. 1,1927+ 

JAHRBUCH der deutschen musikorganisation. 

Berlin-Schoneberg. 1,1931+ 

d MB ./93/ 

JAHRBUCH der deutschen volksbuchereien. See 
Handbuch der deutschen volksbuchereien 

JAHRBUCH der deutschen wirtschaft. Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH der drahtlosen telegraphic See 
Hochfrequenztechnik und elektroakustik 

JAHRBUCH der einbandkunst. Leipzig. 1. 

MB . ).T-J^ 

JAHRBUCH der elektrochemie und angewan- 
dten physikalischen chemie. Halle a.S. 1-16, 

JAHRBUCH der krankenversicherung. Berlin. 


lungen. Vienna. 

kunsthistorischen samm- 

1-36,1883-1925; nsvl,1926+ 




der landwirtschaft. Leipzig. 1-3, 

JAHRBUCH der landwirtschaft und der land- 
wirthschaftlichen statistik. Leipzig. 1-10, 


JAHRBUCH der landwirtschaftlichen pflanzen- 
und tierzuchtung. Stuttgart. 1-2,1904-0511 
Superseded by Jahrbuch fiir wissenschaft- 
liche und praktische tierzucht 

JAHRBUCH der lebens-, renten- und volksver- 
sicherung im Deutschen Reiche. Berlin. 
1921 + 

Supersedes Jahrbuch ftir das versiche- 
rungswesen im Deutschen Reiche 

JAHRBUCH der literatur. Hamburg. 1,1839! 



JAHRBUCH der luftfahrt. Munich. 1-2,1911- 


1911 as Jahrbuch uber die fortschrifcte auf 
alien gebieten der luftschiffahrt. Super- 
seded by Taschenbuch der luftflotten 

JAHRBUCH der medicinal-v&rwaltung in 
Elsass-Lothringen. Strasbourg. 1-24,1888- 

JAHRBUCH der milchwirtschaft. Hanover. 1, 
1919 + 

JAHRBUCH der moorkunde. Hanover. 1,1912+ 

JAHRBUCH der Musikbibliothek Peters. Leip- 
zig. 1,1894+ ^ „ ^0 

mb Myi^i; iav?*'? 

JAHRBUCH der nationalsozialistischen wirt- 
schaft. Stuttgart. 1935 + 
« I tt, 1935 as Jahrbuch fur nationalsozialistische 

JAHRBUCH der naturgeschichte zur anzeige 
und priifung neuer entdeckung und be- 
obachtung. Leipzig. 1,1802 1| 

JAHRBUCH der naturwissenschaften. Frei- 
burg. See Jahrbuch der angewandten natur- 

JAHRBUCH der neuesten rechtsprechung zur 
civilprozessordnung und zum gerichtsver- 
fassungsgesetz. Berlin. 1-3,1893-9511? 

JAHRBUCH der neuesten und wichtigsten er- 
findungen und entdeckungen, sowohl in den 
wissenschaften, kunsten, manufacturen 
und handwerken, als in der land- und haus- 
wirtschaft. Ilmenau. 1-9,1822-3011 

JAHRBUCH der praktischen pharmacie. See 
Jahrbuch fur praktische pharmacie 

JAHRBUCH der preussischen forst- und jagd- 
gesetzgebung und verwaltung. Berlin. 1-37, 

Index: 1-37 

ME M ¥^A 

JAHRBUCH der preussischen gerichtsverfas- 
sungen mit den anciennetatslisten der 
justizbeamten. Berlin. 1-31,1851-190611 
Title varies 

JAHRBUCH der preussischen kunstsamm- 
lungen. Berlin. See under Preussische 
JAHRBUCH der psychoanalyse. Leipzig. 1-6, 

1-5,1909-13 as Jahrbuch fur psychoanaly- 
tische und psychopathologische for- 


JAHRBUCH der radioaktivitat und elektronik. 

Leipzig, vl-20 no4,1904-Mr 1924|| 

Merged into Physikalische zeitschrift 



JAHRBUCH der rheinischen denkmalpflege. 
(Rhine province. Provinzialverband) Diis- 
seldorf. 1,1916/24+ 

Supersedes Berichte uber die tatigkeit 
der Provinzialkommission fur die denk- 
malpflege in der Rheinprovinz 
Index: 1-4 in 5/6 

JAHRBUCH der sammlung Kippenberg. Leip- 
zig. 1,1921+ 

JAHRBUCH der schweizerfrauen. Annuaire des 
femmes suisses. Bern; Basel. 1,1915+ 
In German and French 

JAHRBUCH der staatsarzneikunde. Frankfurt 
a.M. 1-11,1808-1911 

4.. ■ 

JAHRBUCH der oesterreichischen industrie. . . 

Vienna. 1906-2011 

Title varies. Superseded by Industrie- 

JAHRBUCH der stadt Freiburg 
Stuttgart. 1,1937+ 

im Breisgau. 

JAHRBUCH der organischen 
nunni) Leipzig. 1-3,1893-9511 

chemie. (Mi- 

JAHRBUCH der statistik. Strasbourg. 1,190911 

JAHRBUCH der organischen chemie. Stuttgart; 
Leipzig; etc. 1-19,1907-32|| 
8-9,1914-22 never published 

JAHRBUCH der tagespresse. See Handbuch 

der deutschen tagespresse 
JAHRBUCH der technik. Stuttgart. 1,1914+ 
1917/18-21/22 as Technik und industrie. 
Jahrbuch der technik M 

JAHRBUCH der padagogischen literatur fur 
lehrer, erzieher und padagogische schrift- 
steller. Stuttgart. 1-2,1900-0211 


Munich. 1,19101 

technischen sondergebiete. 



der pharmakodynamik. Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH der praktischen medizin. 

gart. 1-35,1879-191311 



JAHRBUCH der technischen zeitschriften-, 
buch- und broschiirenliteratur. See Tech- 
nischer index 

JAHRBUCH der vogelkunde. See Kosmos-jahr- 

JAHRBUCH der volksmusik. Berlin-Steglitz. 





JAHRBUC.H der weltreisen und geographischen 
forschungen. See Illustriertes jahrbuch der 

weltwirtschaft. Jena. 1902- 



Added title 

ige as Wirtschaftsjahr 


ten. Vienna; 

Wiener K.K. kranken-anstal- 
Leipzig. 1-20.1892-1911H 
Continues reports of several Vienna hos- 


des steuerrechts. 
1-6 in 6 

Berlin. 1,1920+ 

JAHRBUCH des strafrechts und straf prozesses. 
Hanover. 1-15,1906-2111 
Supplement to Recht 



des treuhandrechts. Berlin. 1, 

JAHRBUCH der wohnungsreform. (Deutscher 
verein fiir wohnungsreform) Gottingen. 1-7, 

JAHRBUCH des unterrichtswesens 
Schweiz. Zurich. 1-26,1887-1912|| 
Index: 1-16,1887-1902 


JAHRBUCH der zeit- und 
Freiburg i.B. 1-3,1907-0911 


JAHRBUCH des arbeitsrechts und der damit 
zusammenhangenden teile der sozialpolitik. 

Mannheim. 1,N 1918+ 

1-3 as Jahrbuch des arbeitsrechts /'.'.: 
Index: 1-6,1918-25 

JAHRBUCH des Vereins der spiritus-fabrikan- 
ten in Deutschland, des Vereins der starke- 
interessenten in Deutschland und des Ver- 
eins deutscher kartoffel-trockner. Berlin. 

Supplement to Zeitschrift fiir spiritusin- 




verwaltungsrechts. Berlin. 

JAHRBUCH des deutschen rechtes. Berlin. 1, 


Index: 1-7; 8-10 

JAHRBUCH des volkerrechts. Munich; Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH des deutschen 
Berlin. 1-2,1921-22|| 


JAHRBUCH des Zentralausschusses zur forde- 
rung der jugend- und volkspiele. See Jahr- 
buch fur volks- und jugendspiele 

JAHRBUCH des deutschen wirtschaftslebens. 
See under Frankfurt am Main. Institut fiir 

JAHRBUCH des gemeinen deutschen rechts. 

Leipzig. 1-6,N 1857-6311 

JAHRBUCH deutscher bibliophilen und litera- 
turfreunde. (Deutscher bibliophilen-kalen- 
der) Vienna. 1,1913+ 

1-4,1913-16 as Jahrbuch fur bticherfreunde 
und buchersammler; 5-13,1917-26 Jahr- 
buch deutscher bibliophilen 

JAHRBUCH des Grossherzoglich weimarischen 
hof-theaters und der Hof-kapelle. Weimar. 


JAHRBUCH deutscher buhnenspiele. 1-9,1822- 


JAHRBUCH des hoheren schulwesens. Leip- 
zig. 1-36,1880-192011 

1-35,1880-1914/15 as Statistisches jahrbuch 
der hoheren schulen "Deutschlands (title 
varies). Suspended 1916-18 

Mb I ~~ i 

JAHRBUCH des hoheren unterrichtswesens in 
osterreich. Vienna. 1-27,1888-1914]! 

JAHRBUCH des niitzlichen und unterhaltenden 
fiir Israeliten. See Jahrbuch fiir Israeliten 

JAHRBUCH des offentlichen rechts der gegen- 
wart. Tubingen. 1,1907 + 
Suspended 1915-19 

See also Oeffentliche recht der gegenwart 
JAHRBUCH des reichssteuerrechts. See Soer- 

gels jahrbuch des reichssteuerrechts 
JAHRBUCH des reichsversicherungs- und 
reichsversorgungsrechts. Berlin. 1,1912 + 
1-8 as Jahrbuch des reichsversicherungs- 1 
rechts; 9 Jahrbuch des reichsversiche- : 
rungs- und militarversorgungsrechts 

JAHRBUCH deutscher erzahler. Hamburg. 1, 

JAHRBUCH fiir acetylen und carbid. Halle 
a.S. 1-3,1899-190111 

JAHRBUCH fiir altertumskunde. (Zentralkom- 
mission fiir erforschung und erhaltung der 
kunst- und historischen denkmale) Vienna. 

JAHRBUCH fiir aquarien- und 
freunde. Dresden. 1-8, 1904-1111 

JAHRBUCH fiir auswartige politik, internatio- 
nal wirtschaft und kultur, weltverkehr 
und volkerrecht. Berlin. 1,1929+ 
Suspended 1932-37 

JAHRBUCH fiir balneologie, hydrologie und 
klimatologie. Vienna. 1-10,1871-8011 
Supersedes Allgemeine balneologische zei- 



JAHRBUCH fur brandenburgische kirchenge- 
schichte. Berlin. 1,1904 + 

JAHRBUCH fur biicherfreunde und biicher- 
sammler. See Jahrbuch deutscher biblio- 
philen und literaturfreunde 
JAHRBUCH fur das berg- und hiittenwesen 
im konigreiche Sachsen. Freiberg. 1,1827+ 
1827-51 as Kalender fur den sachsischen 
berg- und hiittenmann; 1852-72 Jahrbuch 
fur den berg- und htitten-mann ' Va» 
Index: 1827-40; 1841-96 

JAHRBUCH fur das deutsche theater. Leipzig. 
1-2,0 1 1877-S 30 1879H _ 

^\ MB 


JAHRBUCH fiir das deutsche versicherungs- 
wesen. See Jahrbuch fiir das versicherungs- 
wesen im Deutschen Reiche 

JAHRBUCH fur das eisenhiittenwesen. Diissel- 
dorf. 1-5,1900-0411 

Supplement to Stahl und eisen ■ 

JAHRBUCH fiir die leistungen der gesammten 
heilkunde. See Repertorisches jahrbuch fiir 
die leistungen der gesammten heilkunde 

JAHRBUCH fiir die litteratur der schweizer- 
geschichte. Zurich, 1-2,1867-6811 

JAHRBUCH fiir elektrotechnik. Halle a.S. 1-2, 


JAHRBUCH fur entscheidungen des kammer- 
gerichts in sachen der freiwilligen gerichts- 
barkeit, in kosten-, stempel- und straf- 
sachen. Berlin. 1-53,1881-192211 

Superseded by Jahrbuch fiir entscheidun- 
gen in angelegenheiten. . . 
Index: 1-40 

JAHRBUCH fur entscheidungen in angelegen- 
heiten der freiwilligen gerichtsbarkeit und 
des grundbuchrechts. Berlin. 1,1924+ 

Supersedes Jahrbuch fiir entscheidungen 

des kammergerichts . . . 

JAHRBUCH fiir das gesamte krankenhaus- 
wesen. Berlin. 1,1932+ 

JAHRBUCH fiir das hohere schulwesen. Sta- 
tistischer bericht liber den gesamtstand 
des hoheren schulwesens im Deutschen 
Reich.' Leipzig. 1,1931/32+ 

JAHRBUCH fiir fabrikanten und gewerbetrei- 
bende, physiker, chemiker, techniker, phar- 
maceuten, oekonomen. (Verein zur er- 
munterung des gewerbsgeistes in Bohmen) 
Prague. 1-2,1839-4011 

Superseded by Encyclopadische zeitschrift 

des gewerbewesens 

JAHRBUCH fiir das versicherungswesen im 

Deutschen Reiche. Berlin. 1-11,1901-12|| 

1-2 as Jahrbuch fiir das deutsche ver- 

,\ vC sicherungswesen. Superseded by Jahrbuch 

der lebens-, renten- und volksversiche- 

rung im Deutschen Reiche 

JAHRBUCH fiir den berg- und hiitten-mann. 

Freiberg. See Jahrbuch fiir das berg- und 

JAHRBUCH fiir den berg- und hiittenmann des 

osterreichischen kaiserstaates. Vienna. 1-5, 


JAHRBUCH f Or den internationalen rechtsver- 

kehr. Munich. 1, 1912-1311 

JAHRBUCH fiir deutsche filmwerbung. Berlin. 

JAHRBUCH fiir deutsche literatur-geschichte. 

Meiningen. 1,1855|| 

JAHRBUCH fur gartenkunde und botanik. See 

Zeitschrift fiir gartenbau und gartenkunst 
JAHRBUCH fiir geschichte, sprache und lite- 
ratur Elsass-Lothringens. (Historisch-lit- 
terarischer zweigverein des Vogesen-clubs) 
Strasbourg. 1-34,1885-1918|| 

Superseded by Soci6t6 historique, litfce- 

raire et scientifique du Club vosgien. An- 


Index: 1-34,1885-1918 

JAHRBUCH fiir gesetzgebung, yerwaltung und 
rechtspflege des Deutscheti Reichs. Leipzig. 


Superseded by Jahrbuch fiir gesetzgebung, 
verwaltung und volkswirtschaft im Deut- 
schen Reich, later Schmollers jahrbuch 
Index: 1-4 in index to Schmollers jahr- 


JAHRBUCH fiir gesetzgebung, verwaltung und 
volkswirtschaft im Deutschen Reich. See 
Schmollers jahrbuch 

JAHRBUCH fiir historische volkskunde. Ber- 
lin. 1,1925+ 

JAHRBUCH fiir Deutschlands seeinteressen. 

See Nauticus 
JAHRBUCH fiir die geistige bewegung. Berlin. 


JAHRBUCH fur die geschichte der Juden und 
des Judenthums. Leipzig. 1-4,1860-6911 
In Institut zur forderung der israeli- 
tischen literatur. Schriften 


JAHRBUCH fur Israelites (K. Klein; etc.) 
Breslau; etc. 

1- as Jahrbuch des niitzlichen und 

unterhaltenden fiir Israeliten 

JAHRBUCH fur Israeliten. Vienna. 1-13,1842- 
54; nsvl-11, 1854-65; (s3) vl-3, 1865-6811 ? 

-1854/55 as Kalender und jahrbuch ftir 
Israeliten. 1855+ includes separately 
paged section Kalender fiir Israeliten 

- ^ 

JAHRBUCH fur die geschichte des herzogtums 
Oldenburg. See Oldenburger jahrbuch 

JAHRBUCH fiir die jtidische geschichte und 
litteratur. Frankfurt a.M. 1-10,1874-9011? 

JAHRBUCH fur jagdkunde. (Neudamm. 
stitut fiir jagdkunde) 1,1912 + 
1-4 as the institute's Jahrbuch 



JAHRBUCH fiir jiidische geschichte und li- 
terature (Verband der vereine fUr jiidische 
geschichte und literatur in Deutschland) 
Berlin. 1,1898+ 

JAHRBUCH fiir mikroskopiker. See Deutsche 
mikrologische gesellschaft, Bamberg. Jahr- 

JAHRBUCH fiir militar-aerzte. Vienna. 1-49, 


JAHRBUCH fur Jiidische volkskunde. See Mit- 

teilungen zur jtidischen volkskunde 
JAHRBUCH fiir jugend- und volkspiele. See 

Jahrbuch fiir volks- und jugendspiele 
JAHRBUCH fiir kinderheilkunde. Berlin; etc. 
1-8,1857-66; nsvl,1867+ 
I~nsvl31,1857-My ' 1931 as Jahrbuch fiir 
kinderheilkunde und physisehe erziehung. 
nsv51 + also as s3 vl + 
Index: nsvl-25; 26-70; 71-120 

Supplement. See Abhandlungen aus der kin- 
derheilkunde. . . • 
JAHRBUCH fiir kommunalwissenschaft. Stutt- 
gart; Berlin. 1,1934+ 

JAHRBUCH fiir kunst und kunstpflege in der 
Schweiz. (Verband der schweizerischen 
kunstmuseen) Zurich. 1-5,1913-2911 

JAHRBUCH fiir mineralogie, geognosie, geo- 
logie und petrefaktenkunde. See Neues 
jahrbuch fiir mineralogie, geologie und 

JAHRBUCH fiir morphologie und mikrosko- 
pische anatomie. Leipzig. 
Abt. 1. See Gegenbaurs morphologisches jahr- 
Abt. 2. See Zeitschrift fiir mikroskopisch- 
anatomische forschung 

JAHRBUCH fiir Miinchener geschichte. Bam- 
berg. 1-5,1887-94|| 

JAHRBUCH fiir nationalsozialistische wirt- 
schaft. See Jahrbuch der nationalsozia- 
listischen wirtschaft 

JAHRBUCH fiir okonomische chemie und ver- 
wandte facher. Leipzig. 1-3, 1847-4911 

JAHRBUCH fiir kunstf reunde. Ulm-Donau. 

JAHRBUCH fiir kunstgeschichte. See Wiener 

jahrbuch fiir kunstgeschichte 
JAHRBUCH fiir kunstsammler. (Donath) 

Frankfurt a. M. 1-5,1921-2511? 

JAHRBUCH fiir kunstwissenschaft. Leipzig. 
'Supersedes Monatshefte fiir kunstwis- 
senschaft. United with Zeitschrift fiir 
bildende kunst and Repertorium fiir 
kunstwissenschaft to form Zeitschrift fiir 
kunstgeschichte , , ,„, „ o //-p 

1/092- SYS 

JAHRBUCH fiir landeskunde von Niederoster- 
reich. (Verein fiir landeskunde und heimat- 
schutz von Niederosterreich) Vienna. 1, 

Supersedes the society's Blatter. 20, 
1926/27 as Jahrbuch fiir landeskunde und 
heimatschutz von Niederosterreich und 

JAHRBUCH fiir lehrer, eltern und erzieher. 
Prague. 1-28,1834-64||? 

JAHRBUCH fiir orthopadische chirurgie. Ber- 
lin. 1-4,1909-12|| 

United with Jahresbericht tiber die fort- 
schritte a'uf dem gebiete der chirurgie 
(Hildebrandt) to form Zentralorgan fiir 
die gesamte chirurgie und ihre grenzge- 

JAHRBUCH fiir philologie. See Idealistische v. 

philologie ^S 

JAHRBUCH fiir philosophie und phanomeno- 

logische forschung. Halle a.S. 1,1913+ 

-Erganzungsbande. 1,1913- 

JAHRBUCH fiir philosophie und spekulative 
theologie. See Divus Thomas; jahrbuch fiir 
philosophie und spekulative theologie 

JAHRBUCH fiir phonotechnik und phonokunst. 
Berlin. 1,1925 + 

JAHRBUCH fiir photographie, kinematographie 
und reproduktionsverfahren. Halle a.S. 


1-28 as Jahrbuch fiir photographie und /L 
reproduktionstechnik; 29 Jahrbuch fiir | 
photographie und reproduktionsverfahren 

JAHRBUCH fiir lehrer und schulfreunde. Ber- 
lin. 1-16,1850-65||? 

4,6-13 as Paedagogisches jahrbuch fiir 
lehrer und schulfreunde -, > 

MB r r~" 0^> let I 

JAHRBUCH fiir physiologie und pathologie des 
ersten kindesalters. See Oesterreichisches 
jahrbuch fiir paediatrik 

JAHRBUCH fiir politische forschung. Berlin. 

JAHRBUCH fiir litteraturgeschichte. (Gosche) 
Berlin. 1,186511 

Superseded by Archiv fiir litteraturge- 
. schichte 

4 MB h»tX '*7*'« 


JAHRBUCH fiir liturgiewissenschaft. (Verein 
zur pflege der liturgiewissenschaft) Miinster 
i.W. 1,1921+ 

Index: 1-10,1921-30 

JAHRBUCH fur luftfahrt. Munich. 1924-281 
1924-27 as Jahrbuch fur luftverkehr 

JAHRBUCH fiir pomologen, gartner und gar- 

tenfreunde. (Pomologisches institut in 

Reutlingen) Ravensburg. 1-13,1860-7311 

11-13 is also nsl-3. 1-10 as Taschenbuch 

fiir pomologen, gartner und gartenfreunde 

JAHRBUCH fiir praktische aerzte. Berlin. 


Supersedes Notizen fiir praktische aerzte 
tiber die neuesten beobachtungen in der 



JAHRBUCH fiir praktische pharmacie. Heidel- 
berg; Landau. 1-27,1838-5311 

1838-46 as Jahrbuch der praktischen 
, '•> - pharmacie. Superseded by Neues jahr- 
buch fiir pharmacie und verwandte facher 

JAHRBUCH fiir psychoanalytische und psycho- 
pathologische forschungen. See Jahrbuch 
der psychoanalyse 

JAHRBUCH fur rontgenologen. Berlin; Leip- 
zig. 1-2,1930-3111 

JAHRBUCH fiir romanische und englische li- 
teratur. See Jahrbuch fiir romanische und 
englische sprache und literatur 
JAHRBUCH fiir romanische und englische 
sprache und literatur. Berlin; Leipzig. 1-12, 
1859-71; nsvl-3, 1874-7611 

1-12,1859-64 as Jahrbuch fiir romanische 
und englische literatur 
Index: 1-5 in 5 



JAHRBUCH fur schweizerische geschichte. 

(Allgemeine geschichtforschende gesell- 
schaft der Schweiz) Zurich. 1-45,1876-192011 
Supersedes Archiv fiir schweizerische ge- 
schichte. Merged into Zeitschrift fiir 
schweizerische geschichte 
Index: Every tenth volume includes an 
index to the ten preceding volumes 

JAHRBUCH fur sexuelle zwischenstufen unter 

besonderer beriicksichtigung der homose- 

xualitat. Leipzig. 1-23,1899-192311 

vlO-13 nol, 1909-12 as Wissenschaftlich- 

humanitares komitee. Vierteljahrsbe- 

richte, vl-4 ptl 

JAHRBUCH fiir solothurnische geschichte. 

(Historischer verein des kantons Solothurn) 
Solothurn. 1,1928+ 

Porms ns of the society's Mitteilungen 



fiir vogelschutz. Neudamm. 1, 


JAHRBUCH fiir volks- und jugendspiele. 
zig; Berlin. 1-30,1892-192111? 
1 as Ueber jugend- und volkspiele; 2 
Jahrbuch des Zentralausschusses zur 
forderung der jugend- und volkspiele; 3-4 
Jahrbuch fiir jugend- und volkspiele; 1915 


yoGz. i~?f 


JAHRBUCH fiir volks- und staatswirthschaft 
aller lander der erde. Berlin. 1,1880||? 

JAHRBUCH fiir volksliedforschung im auf- 
trage des deutschen volksliedarchivs. Ber- 
lin; Leipzig. 1,1928+ 

/I, VcN i3V? 

1 + 



fiir volkswirthschaft. Leipzig. 1- 

JAHRBUCH fiir volkswirtschaft und statistik. 

(Hiibner) Leipzig. 1-8,1852-63|| 



JAHRBUCH fiir wirtschaft, politik und arbei- 
terbewegung. Hamburg; Moscow. 1-3, 

JAHRBUCH fiir wissenschaftliche und prak- 
tische tierzucht, einschliesslich der ziich- 
tungsbiologie. (Deutsche gesellschaft fiir 
ziichtungskunde) Leipzig. 1,1906 + 

Supersedes Jahrbuch der landwirtschaft- 
lichen pflanzen- und tierziichtung. Leip- 

JAHRBUCH junger dichtung. Berlin. 1934+? 

JAHRBUCH fur sozialpolitik. Leipzig. 

JAHRBUCH fiir sozialwissenschaft und sozial- 
politik. Zurich. 1-2,1879-8111 

JAHRBUCH fiir soziologie; eine internationale 
sammlung. Karlsruhe. 1-3,1925-2711 

JAHRBUCH iiber die deutsciren kolonien. Es- 
sen. 1-7,1908-1411 

JAHRBUCH liber die erfindungen und fort- 
schritte auf dem gebiete der maschinen- 
technik und mechanischen technologie. 

Halle a. S. 1-8,1873-80|| 

— Erganzungsband. Karlsruhe. 1,192711 

JAHRBUCH fiir theater und theaterfreunde. 
Hamburg. 1,1841||? 

JAHRBUCH fiir vaterlandische geschichte. 
Vienna. 1,186111 

JAHRBUCH fiir verkehrswissenschaften. 

Schleswig. 1-2,1913-1411 

JAHRBUCH fur voelkerrecht und friedensbe- 
wegung. Leipzig. 1-2.1922-24H 

JAHRBUCH fUr vogelfreunde. Dresden. 1,190611 

JAHRBUCH iiber die ernten und den handel 

in getreide. See under Verein Berliner ge- 

treide- und produkten-handler 
JAHRBUCH iiber die fortschritte auf alien 

gebieten der luftschiffahrt. See Jahrbuch 

der luftfahrt 
JAHRBUCH iiber die fortschritte der mathe 

matik. Berlin. 1,1868+ 

6 ) 


MB l • v ( 5 f 

JAHRBUCH iiber die leistungen und fort- 
schritte auf dem gebiete der practischen 
baugewerbe. See Deutsches jahrbuch. . . 

JAHRBUCH iiber leistungen und fortschritte 
auf dem gebiet der physikalischen medizin. 
Leipzig. 1-2,1908-1211 

JAHRBUCH iiber neuere erfahrungen auf dem 
gebiete der weidewirtschaft und des futter- 
baues. Hanover. 1,1913 + 

^£ HOOl 



JAHRBUCH zur erlauterung der denkwiirdig- 
keiten des schonen geschlechts. Kehl. 1-2, 


JAHRBUCH zur geschichte der deutschen 
goldschmiedekunst. Munich. 1,1938 + 

JAHRBOCHER. See also Neue jahrbucher 
JAHRBOCHER der berg- und hiittenkunde. 

Salzburg. 1-5,1797-180111 

Superseded by Annalen der berg- und 

JAHRBOCHER der in- und auslandischen ge- 
sammten medicin. See Schmidts jahrbu- 
cher. . . 

JAHRBOCHER der insectenkunde. Berlin. 1, 


JAHRBOCHER der literatur. Vienna. 1-128, 


Index: 126-28 are index volumes 

%3 M% 


Tubingen. 1- 

der medizin 


Z?/6,l & 

als wissenschaft. 

& MB 

JAHRBOCHER der biblischen 
Gottingen. 1-12,1848-6511 



JAHRBOCHER der deutschen rechtswissen- 
schaft und gesetzgebung. (Schletter) Er- 
langen. vl-14 pt2,1855-73|| 

JAHRBOCHER der mineralogie, geologie, berg- 
und hiittenkunde. Nuremberg, vl ptl-2, 

JAHRBOCHER der philosophie; eine kritische 
ubersicht der philosophie der gegenwart. 

Berlin. 1-2,1913-1411? 

' ) 

JAHRBOCHER der deutschen turnkunst. Dres- 
den; Leipzig. 1-25,1855-79; nsvl-13,1880-94|| 
1-25,1855-79 as Neue jahrbucher fur die 

JAHRBOCHER der gefangnisskunde und bes- 
serungsanstalten. Frankfurt a.M. ; Darm- 
stadt. 1-11,1842-4811 
9-11 also as nsvl-3 

JAHRBOCHER der gesammten deutschen 
juristischen literatur. Erlangen; Neustadt. 


AHRBOCHER der geschichte und politik. 
(Politz) Leipzig. 1-2,1837|| 
Supersedes Jahrbucher der geschichte und 
<£> staatskunst. Superseded by Neue jahrbu- 
cher der geschichte der staats- und 


JAHRBOCHER der geschichte und staatskunst. 

Leipzig. 1-20,1828-3611 
^ Superseded by Jahrbucher der geschichte 
*•>* und politik 9 "5 <7 "") 

MB" /]/{ &-. ' 

JAHRBOCHER der gesetzgebung und der 
rechtswissenschaft des grossh&rzogthums 
Baden. Heidelberg. 1,1813(1? 

JAHRBOCHER der preussischen monarchie 
unter der regierung Friedrich Wilhelms des 
dritten. Berlin. 1-12,1798-180111 

JAHRBOCHER der preussischen provinzial- 
stande; eine zeitschrift zur besprechung 
gemeinsamer angelegenheiten des vater- 
landes. Leipzig. 1-2,1832-3511? 

JAHRBUCHER der romischen 
Nordlingen. 1-8,1843-5311? 


JAHRBOCHER der teutschen medicin und chi- 
rurgie. Nuremberg. 1-3,181311 
Superseded by Neue jahrbucher der teut- 
schen medicin und chirurgie 

JAHRBOCHER der theologie und theologischer 
nachrichten. Rinteln; Marburg; Frankfurt 
a.M. 1798-182711 

Supersedes Annalen der neuesten theolo- 
gischen litteratur und kirchengeschichte. 
1798-1823 as Neue theologische annalen. . . 

JAHRBOCHER der wuerttembergischen rechts- 
pflege. Tubingen. 1-29,1888-192011 
Merged into Zeitschrift fur die freiwillige 
gerichtsbarkeit und die gemeindeverwal- 
tung in' Wurttemberg 
Index: 1-25 

JAHRBOCHER der gesetzgebung und rechts- 
pflege im konigreiche Baiern. Erlangen. 

JAHRBOCHER der gesetzgebung und rechts- 
pflege in Sachsen. Neustadt a.d. Orla. 1-3, 


JAHRBOCHER des geschmacks 
aufklarung. Leipzig. 1-2,178311? 

und der 

JAHRBOCHER des grossherzoglich badischen 
oberhofgerichts zu Mannheim. Mannheim. 
1-7,1823-33; nsvl-13, 1833-5311 

Superseded by Jahrbucher fur badisches 



JAHRBOCHER der gewachskunde. Berlin; 
Leipzig, vl nol-3,1818-20|| r-j ± y ~j 


JAHRBOCHER der heilquellen Deutschlands. 

Wiesbaden. 1-2,1821-22||? 

JAHRBOCHER des sachsischen oberverwal- 
tungsgerichts. Leipzig. 1,1902+ 

JAHRBOCHER filr anthropologhe. Leipzig. 1, 

Supersedes Zeitschrift fur die anthropolo- 



JAHRBOCHER fur badisches recht. Mannheim. 


Supersedes Jahrbiicher des grossherzog- 
lich badischen oberhofgerichts zu^ Mann- 

JAHRBOCHER fur kultur und geschichte der 
Slaven. Breslau. 1,1924; nsvl-11 no4,1925-35|| 
1924 as Jahresberichte fiir kultur und ge- 
schichte der Slaven. Superseded by Jahr- 
biicher fiir geschichte Osteuropas 


JAHRBOCHER fiir classische philologie. Leip- 
zig. 1855-97. See under Neue jahrbiicher fiir 
philologie und paedagogik 

JAHRBOCHER fiir den lebens-magnetismus 
oder neues Asklapieion. Allgemeines zeit- 
blatt fiir die gesammte heilkunde nach den 
grundsatzen des mesmerismus. Leipzig. 1- 

JAHRBOCHER fiir deutsche theologie. Gotha; 
Stuttgart. 1-23,1856-7811 


b> «B(Hfc 

JAHRBOCHER fiir Deutschlands heilquellen 
und seebader. Berlin. 1-5,1836-4011 


vl-6 pt3, 1868-73 

kunstwissenschaft. Leipzig. 


JAHRBOCHER fiir musikalische wissenschaft. 

(Chrysander) Leipzig. 1-2,1863-6711 

JAHRBOCHER fiir nationalokonomie und sta- 
tistik. Jena. 1,1863+ 

35-55;1880-90 also as nsvl-21; 56,1891+ as 

Index: 1-75,1863-1900; 76-95,1901-10; 96- 

Supplementheft. 1-21,1878-93|] 



JAHRBOCHER fiir die deutsche armee und 
marine. See Monatshefte fiir politik und 

JAHRBOCHER fiir die dogmatik des burger- 
lichen rechts. See Jherings jahrbiicher fiir 
die dogmatik des biirgerlichen rechts 

JAHRBOCHER fiir die preussische gesetzge- 
bung, rechtswissenschaft und rechtsverwal- 
tung. Berlin. 1-66,1813-4511 
Index: 1-66 

See also Volkswirtschaftliche chronik 
JAHRBOCHER fiir philologie und paedagogik. 
Leipzig. 1-14,1826-3011 . 

Supersedes Neue jahrbiicher fiir philologie 
und paedagogik 

MB M,k ^^ 

JAHRBOCHER fiir philologie und paedagogik. 

Leipzig. 1869-97. jSee under Neue jahrbiicher 
fiir philologie und paedagogik 
JAHRBOCHER fiir praktische heilkunde. Tu- 
bingen. 1,1845|| 


JAHRBOCHER fiir drama, dramaturgie 
theater. Leipzig. 1-2,1837-3911 


JAHRBOCHER fiir protestantische theologie. 
Leipzig. 1-18,1875-9211 
Index: 1-12,1875-86 in 12 

JAHRBOCHER fiir dramatische kunst und lite- 
ratur. Berlin. 1-3 no6,Ap 1847-4911 y 

1 in 9 nos. — -^ 

JAHRBOCHER fiir geschichte Osteuropas. 
Breslau. 1,1936+ 

Supersedes Jahrbiicher fiir kultur und 
geschichte der Slaven 

-Beiheft. 1,1938+ 

JAHRBOCHER fiir gesellschafts- und staats- 
wissenschaften. Berlin. 1-12,1864-6911 

JAHRBOCHER fiir historische und dogmatische 
bearbeitung des rbmischen rechts. Bruns- 
wick. 1-3,1841-44|| 

JAHRBOCHER fiir psychiatrie und neurologie. 
(Verein fiir psychiatrie und neurologie) Vi- 
enna. 1,1879+ 

1-12,1879-94 as Jahrbiicher fiir psychia- >. 
trie. Supersedes Psychiatrisches central- ' *• 
. Index: 1-25,1879-1905 in 25 

JAHRBOCHER fiir slawische literatur, kunst 
und wissenschaft. Leipzig; Bautzen, nol- 

64,1843-49; nsnol-4,1852-56|| 

1 ) it 

m Ak^ |-3 

Beiblatt. See Slawische rundschau 
JAHRBOCHER fur speculative philosophie. &ee 

Jahrbiicher fiir wissenschaft und leben 
JAHRBOCHER fiir volks- und landwirthschaft, 

See under Oekonomische gesellschaft im 

freistaat Sachsen 
JAHRBOCHER fiir wissenschaft und kunst. 

Leipzig. 1-5,1854-5611 

JAHRBOCHER fur homeopathic Leipzig. 1-2, 


JAHRBOCHER fur judische geschichte und lit- 
teratur. Frankfurt a.M. 1-10,1874-9011 

Superseded by Zentral-anzeiger fiir jii- 
dische litteratur 
Index: 1-3 in 3 



JAHRBOCHER fiir kriminalpolitik und innere 
mission. Halle a.S. 1-4,1895-9911 

JAHRBOCHER fiir wissenschaft und leben. 

Darmstadt, vl-3 nol2, 1846-4811 

1-2 as Jahrbiicher fiir speculative phi- 
losophie und die philosophische bear- ^A i 
beitung der empirischen wissenschaft. 
1 has 4 nos, 2 has 6 nos 

JAHRBOCHER fiir wissenschaftliche botanik. 

(Pringsheim) Berlin; Leipzig. 1,1858 + 
Index: 1-50,1858-1912 

JAHRBOCHER fiir wissenschaftliche kritik. 
(Societat fiir wissenschaftliche kritik zu 
Berlin) Berlin. 1827-46 1| 



JAHRBOCHLEIN der deutschen theologischen 
literatur. Essen; etc. 1-7,18-19-30|| ? 

JAHRBOCHLEIN zur unterhaltung und zum 
nutzen, zunachst fur Ostfriesland und 
Harrlingerland. Emden. 1841-42 |j 

JAHRESBERICHT gynakologie und geburts- 
hilfe. Berlin. 1,1887+ 

1-13,21-35 as Jahresbericht tiber die 
fortschritte auf dem gebiete der ge- 
burtshilfe und gynakologie; 14-20 From- 
mels jahresbericht; 35-40 Jahresbericht 
tiber die gesamte gynakologie und ge- 
burtshilfe, sowie deren grenzgebiete 

JAHRESBERICHT chirurgie. Munich; Berlin. 

1-24,1895-1918 as Jahresbericht tiber die 
fortschritte auf dem gebiete der chirur- 
'gie; 26-33,1920-26 Jahresbericht liber die 
gesamte chirurgie und ihre grenzgebiete. 
25 never published 


JAHRESBERICHT hals-, nasen- und ohren- 
heilkunde. Bibliographisches jahresregister 
des Zentralblattes ftir hals-, nasen- und 
ohrenheilkunde sowie deren grenzgebiete. 
Berlin. 1,1922+ 

1922 as Bibliographie der hals-, nasen- 
und ohrenheilkunde; 1923-26 Jahresbericht 
tiber hals-, nasen- und ohrenheilkunde 

JAHRESBERICHT der estnischen philologie 
und geschichte. (Tartu, ulikool. Opetatud 
eesti selts) Tartu. 1,1918+ 
Added title-page: Eesti filoloogia ja 
ajaloo aastaiilevaade. 1 as its Kritisch- 
bibliographischer jahresbericht der est- 
nischen philologie 

JAHRESBERICHT der forstlich-phanologischen 
stationen Deutschlands. (Verein deutscher 
forstlicher versuchsanstalten) Berlin. 1-10, 


JAHRESBERICHT der pharmazie. (Deutscher 
apothekerverein) G-ottingen. 1,1866+ 

Supersedes Canstatt's jahresbericht tiber 
die fortschritte in der pharmacie und ver- 
wandten wissenschaften. 1-24,1866-89 as 
A A ^J anr esbericht tiber die fortschritte der 
' [ i. Cpharmakognosie, pharmacie und toxico- 
logic 1890+ as nsvl+ 

JAHRESBERICHT der Pollichia. . . See Pfael- 
zischer verein ftir naturkunde, Pollichia. 
Mitteilungen • 

JAHRESBERICHT der Schwedischen academie 
der wissenschaften Liber die fortschritte der 
naturgeschichte, anatomie und physiologie 
der thiere und pflanzen. See under Svenska 
vetenskapsakademien, Stockholm 

JAHRESBERICHT der K.Technischen deputa- 
tion ftir das veterinairwesen Liber die ver- 
breitung ansteckender thierkrankheiten in 
Preussen. Berlin. 1-10,1876 ?-S6|| ? 

JAHRESBERICHT haut- und geschlechts- 
krankheiten. Bibliographisches jahresregis- 
ter des Zentralblattes ftir haut- und 
geschlechtskrankheiten sowie deren grenz- 
gebiete. Berlin. 1,1921+ 

1,1921 as Bibliographie der haut- und 
geschlechtskrankheiten; 2-6,1922-26 Jah- 
resbericht iiber haut- und geschlechts- 

JAHRESBERICHT innere medizin. Berlin. 1, 

1-3,1912-20 as Bibliographie der gesamten 
inneren medizin; 4-9,1921-26 Jahresbericht 
tiber die gesamte innere medizin und+L 
ihre grenzgebiete. Supplement to Kon- 
gresszentralblatt ftir die gesamte innere 
medizin und ihre grenzgebiete. Suspended 


JAHRESBERICHT kinderheilkunde. Berlin 

1-6,1911-21 as Bibliographie der gesamten 
kinderheilkunde; 7-10,1923-26 Jahresbe- 
richt iiber die gesamte kinderheilkunde. 
Supplement to Zentralblatt fur die ge- 
samte kinderheilkunde. Suspended 1914-19 

JAHRESBERICHT neurologie und psychiatrie. 

Berlin. 1,1910+ 

1-4,1910-13 as Bibliographie iiber die 
gesamte neurologie und psychiatrie; 5-10, 
1921-26 Jahresbericht tiber die gesamte 
neurologie und psychiatrie. Suspended 

JAHRESBERICHT der unfallheilkunde, ge- 
richtlichen medizin und bffentlichen ge- 
sundheitspflege fur die arztliche sachver- 
standigenthatigkeit. Leipzig. 1,1901(1 

JAHRESBERICHT der vogelwarte. See under 
Helgoland. Staatliche biologische anstalt 

JAHRESBERICHT des Landes-medicinal-colle- 
giums Liber das medicinalwesen im konig- 
reiche Sachsen. Dresden; Leipzig. 1-43,1867- 

JAHRES-bericht des Natur-historischen ver- 
eines Lotos. See Lotos. Naturwissenschaft- 
liche zeitschrift 
JAHRESBERICHT fur agrikultur-chemie. Ber- 
lin. 1,1858 + 

1-6,1858-64 as Jahresbericht iiber die fort- 
, schritte der agrikulturchemie; 7-60,1864- 
1918 Jahresbericht iiber die fortschritte 
auf dem gesamtgebiete der agrikultur- 
chemie. Also numbered in series of 20v 

Index: 1-20,1858-77; 21-40,1878-97 

JAHRESBERICHT ophthalmologic. Tubingen; 
Berlin. 1,1870+ 

1-44,1870-1913 as Jahresbericht iiber die 
leistungen und fortschritte im gebiete der A i 
ophthalmologic; 47-53 Jahresbericht tiber v 
die gesamte ophthalmologie. 45-46 never 

JAHRESBERICHT physiologie und experimen- 
telle pharmakologie. Berlin. 1,1920+ 

Supersedes Jahresbericht tiber die' fort- . 
schritte der tier-chemie. 1-7,1920-26 as 
Jahresbericht iiber die gesamte physio- , 
logie und experimentelle pharmakologie ' 

JAHRESBERICHT radiologie. Bibliographi- 
sches jahresregister des Zentralblattes ftir 
die gesamte radiologie. Berlin. 1,1926+ 

JAHRESBERICHT tuberkuloseforschung. Ber- 
lin. 1,1921+ 

1-6,1921-26 as Jahresbericht iiber die ge- 
samte tuberkuloseforschung 





JAHRESBERICHT iiber das gebiet der pflan- 
zenkrankheiten. Berlin. 1-16,1898-191311 

1-7,1898-1904 as Jahresbericht liber die 

.i") neuerungen und leistungen auf /iem ge- 

p^ biete des pflanzenschutzes. Superseded by 

Bibliographie der pflanzenschutzliteratur 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber den vogelzug auf Hel- 
goland. See Helgoland. Staatliche biologi- 
sche anstalt. Vogelwarte. Bericht. 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die arbeiten fur phy- 
siologische botanik. See Bericht iiber die 
leistungen in der geographischen und sys- 
tematischen botanik 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die auf selbsthulfe 
gegriindeten deutschen erwerbs- und wirth- 
schaftsgenossenschaften. See Allgemeiner 
verband der auf selbsthilfe beruhenden 
deutschen erwerbs- und wirthschaftsgenos- 
senschaften. Jahrbuch 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die beobachtungs- 
ergebnisse der von den forstlichen ver- 
suchsanstalten des- konigreichs Preussen, 
des konigreichs WUrttemberg, des herzog- 
thums Braunschweig, der thiiringischen 
staaten, der Reichslande und dem Landes- 
directorium der provinz Hannover einge- 
richteten forstlich-meteorologischen sta- 
tionen. Berlin. 1-22,1875-9611? 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die deutsche fischerei. 

Berlin. 1,1924+ 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die entwickelung der 
deutschen schutzgebiete. Berlin. 

1891-92 as Entwickelung unserer kolonien. 
Supplement to Deutsches kolonialblatt 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die erfahrungen und 
fortschritte auf dem gesamtgebiete der 
landwirtschaft. Brunswick. 1-31,1886-191611 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die ergebnisse der im- 
munitatsforschung. Stuttgart. 1-8,1905-121! 
Superseded by Ergebnisse der immuni- 
tatsforschung, experimentellen therapie, 
bakteriologie und hygiene, later Ergeb- 
nisse der hygiene, bakteriologie, im- 
munitatsforschung und experimentellen 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fortschritte auf 

dem gesamtgebiete der agrikulturchemie. 

See Jahresbericht fur agrikultur-chemie 
JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 

agrikulturchemie. See Jahresbericht fur 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 

animalischen physiologic Stuttgart. 1-22, 


1-20,1892-1911 as Jahresbericht Uber die 
fortschritte der physiologie which con- 
tinues the physiological part of Jahres- 
berichte Uber\ die fortschritte der anato- 
mie und physiologie 
Index: 1-20 \ \ j 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fortschritte der 
chemie und mineralogie. (Berzelius) Tu- 
bingen. 1-30,1822-5111 

1822-41 as Jahres -bericht iiber die fort- « / \ 
schritte der physischen wissenschaften / - 
Translation of Svenska vetenskapsakade- 
mien. Arsberattelser, section 3 
Index: 1-25 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber. die fortschritte der 
chemie und verwandter theile anderer wis- 
senschaften. Giessen; Brunswick. 1847/48- 

1847-92 as Jahresbericht Uber die fort- 
schritte der reinen, pharmaceutischen 
und technischen chemie, physik. , . Dur- 
ing 1857 the work was issued in two 
vols.: Jahresbericht Uber die fortschritte 
der physik, and Jahresbericht Uber die 
fortschritte der chemie und verwandter 
theile anderer wissenschaften 
Index: 1847-56; 1857-66; 1867-76; 1877-1904* 


A ': I 1 . 


JAHRES-bericht uber die fortschritte der 
chemischen technologie. See Jahres-bericht 
Uber die leistungen der chemischen tech- 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fortschritte der 
diagnostik. Leipzig. 1-10,1894-1903|| 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
gesammten in- und auslandischen medicin. 

Leipzig. 1-2,1842-44||? 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die erscheinungen auf 
dem gebiete der germanischen philologie. 

(Gesellschaft fur deutsche philologie) Ber- 
lin; Leipzig. 1-42,1879-1920; nsvl,1921+ 


JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der ge- 
sammten land- und hauswirthschaft und 
der einschlagenden technischen gewerbe 
und hilfswissenschaften. Leipzig. 1-3,1857- 


JAHRESBERICHT iiber die ethnographische 
sammlung in Bern. See under Bern. 
Historisches museum. Ethnographische ab- 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fischereiliteratur 
umfassend die veroffentlichungen auf dem 
gebiete der europaischen binnenfischerei. 
Neudamm. 1-2,1911-12||? 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte auf 
dem gebiete der chirurgie. See Jahres- 
bericht chirurgie 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fortschritte auf 
dem gebiete der geburtshilfe und gynakolo- 
gie. See Jahresbericht gynakologie und 

JAHRESBERICHT Uber die fortschritte auf 
dem gebiete der reinen chemie. TUbingen. 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der ge- 
sammten medicin in alien landern. Er- 

langen; Wurzburg; etc. 1-25,1841-6511 

1849-r65 as Canstatt's jahresbericht Uber 
die \foirtschritte der gesammten medi- 
cin. \ l\ Superseded by Jahresbericht Uber 
die leistungen , und fortschritte in der ge- 
samm\ten medicin p\ 


JAHRESBERICHT iiber die fortschritte der ge- 
sammten pharmacie und pharmacologie im 
in- und auslande. See Canstatt's jahres- 
bericht Uber die fortschritte in der phar- 
macie und verwandten wissenschaften 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der in- 
neren medizin im in- und auslande. Leip- 
zig. 1-8,1901-0911 

1904-07 not published 





JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 

klassischen altertumswissenschaft. (Bur- 

*> sian) Berlin. 1,1873 + 

Published in sections 
Index: 1-S7 

fcl'ft ** 



Supplements. See Bibliotheca philologica 
classica; Biographisches jahrbuch fiir alter- 
JAHRES-bericht uber die fortschritte der 
laryngologie, rhinologie und ihrer grenzge- 
biete. Wurzburg. vl nol-3,Ap 1 1912-Ap 11 
191311 (pub 1914-19) 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
mechanischen technik und technologie. Ber- 
lin. 1-5,1861-6711 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
pharrnacognosie, pharmacie und toxicologic 
See Jahresbericht der pharmazie 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
pharmakotherapie. Strasbourg. 1,1884[| 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
physik. Giessen. 1857. See Jahresbericht 
Tiber die fortschritte der chemie und ver- 
wandter theile anderer wissenschaften 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
physiologie. See Jahresbericht tiber die 
fortschritte der animalischen physiologie 

JAHRES-bericht uber die fortschritte der 
physischen wissenschaften. Tubingen. 1822- 
41. Bee Jahresbericht uber die fortschritte 
der chemie und mineralogie 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
reinen, pharmaceutischen und technischen 
chemie, physik, mineralogie und geologic 
Giessen; Brunswick. See Jahresbericht uber 
die fortschritte der chemie und verwandter 
theile anderer wissenschaften 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte der 
tier-chemie, oder der physiologischen und 
pathologischen chemie. Wiesbaden. 1-49, 

Subtitle varies. Superseded by Jahres- 
bericht tiber die gesamte physiologie und 
experimentelle pharmakologie 
Index: 1-10, 11-20; 21-30; 31-40 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte in der 
biologie. See Canstatt's jahresbericht tiber 
die leistungen in den physiologischen wis- 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte in der 
lehre von den garungs-organismen. Bruns- 
wick; Leipzig. 1-22,1890-191111 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte in der 
lehre von den pathogenen mikroorganismen, 
umfassend bacterien, pilze und protozoen. 
(Baumgarten) Leipzig. 1-27,1885-191111 
Index: 1-10,1885-94 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte in der 
pharmacie in alien landern. See Canstatt's 
jahresbericht tiber die fortschritte in der 
pharmacie und verwandten wissenschaften 
JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte in der 
untersuchung der lebensmittell. Gottingen. 

1-45,1891-1935 as Jahresbericht tiber die 
fortschritte in der untersuchung der 
nahrungs- und genussmittel 
Reprinted from Jahresbericht der phar- 

JAHRESBERICHT Uber die fortschritte und 
leistungen auf dem gebiete der hygiene. 
Brunswick. 1-31,1883-1913!] 

Supplement of Deutsche vierteljahrs- 
schrift fur offcntliche gesundheitspflege 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte und 
leistungen auf dem gebiete der sozialen hy- 
giene und demographic See Bibliographi- 
scher jahresbericht uber soziale hygiene, 
demographie und medizinalstatistik 

JAHRES-bericht uber die fortschritte und 
leistungen der chemischen technologie. See 
Jahres-bericht tiber die leistungen der 
chemischen technologie 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte und 
leistungen der homoopathie im in- und 
auslande. Vienna. 1.J1 1845-J1 1846|| 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die fortschritte und 
leistungen im gebiete der' fotografie und 
stereoskopic Vienna. 1-3,1855-5711 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die fortschritte, ver- 
Sffentlichungen und wichtigeren ereignisse 
im gebiete des forst-, jagd- und fischerei- 
wesens. Frankfurt a.M. 

Supplement to Allgemeine forst- und 
jagd-zeitung -1909 as Jahresbericht 

iiber veroffentlichungen und wichtigere 
ereignisse des forstwesens 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte chirurgie 
und ihre grenzgebiete. See Jahresbericht 
JAHRESBERICHT uber die gesamte gynako- , 
logie und geburtshilfe, sowie deren grenz- 
gebiete. See Jahresbericht gynakologie und 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte innere 
medizin und ihre grenzgebiete. See Jahres- 
bericht innere medizin 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte kinder- 
heilkunde. See Jahresbericht kinderheil- 
JAHRESBERICHT tiber die gesamte neurologie 
und psychiatric See Jahresbericht neuro- 
logie und psychiatrie 
JAHRESBERICHT uber die gesamte ophthal- 
mologic See Jahresbericht ophthalmologie 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte physiolo- 
gie und experimentelle pharmakologie. See 
Jahresbericht physiologie und experimentelle 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte tuber- 
kuloseforschung und ihre grenzgebiete. See 
Jahresbericht tuberkuloseforschung 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die gesamte urologie 
und ihre grenzgebiete. See Jahresbericht 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die leistungen auf dem 
gebiete der veterinar-medicin. See Jahres- 
" bericht veterinar-medizin 
JAHRES-bericht uber die leistungen der chemi- 
schen technologie, mit besonderer beriick- 
sichtigung der elektrochemie und gewer- 
bestatistik. . . Leipzig. 1,1855+ 
1-4,1855-58 as Jahres-bericht iiber die 
fortschritte der chemischen technologie 
fiir fabrikanten, htitten- und forstleute, 
cameralisten, chemiker, und pharmaceu- 
ten; 5-10,1859-64 Jahres-bericht iiber die 
fortschritte und leistungen der chemi- 
schen technologie und technischen chemie. 
15-56 also as nsvl-41 

Index: 1-10;- 11-20; 21-30; 31-40; 41-50; 51- 

7, / 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die leistungen im ge- 
biete der physiologischen botanik. See 
Bericht tiber die leistungen in der geo- 
graphischen und systematischen botanik 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die leistungen in der 
kriegsheiikunde. Wurzburg. 1860-65H? 



JAHRESBERICHT liber die leistungen und 
fortschritte auf dem gebiete der erkrankun- 
gen des urogenitalapparates. See Urolo- 
gischer jahresbericht . 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die leistungen und 
fortschritte auf dem gebiete der neurologie 
und psychiatric Berlin. 1-23,1897-1919|| 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die leistungen und 
fortschritte auf dem gebiete des militar- 
sanitatswesens. Berlin. 1-39,1873-1913||? 

Supplement to Deutsche militararztliche 


JAHRESBERICHT uber die leistungen und 

fortschritte im gebiete der ophthalmologic. 

See Jahresbericht ophthalmologic 
JAHRESBERICHT uber die leistungen und 

fortschritte in der anatomie und physio- 

logie. . . Berlin. 

JAHRESBERICHT uber veroffentlichungen und 
wichtigere ereignisse des forstwesens. See 
Jahresbericht Uber die fortschritte, verof- 
fentlichungen und wichtigeren ereignisse 
im gebiete des forst-, jagd- und fischerei- 

JAHRESBERICHT urologie. Berlin. 1,1921+ 

Supersedes Urologischer jahresbericht. 1- 
6,1921-26 as Jahresbericht uber die ge- 
samte urologie und ihre grenzgebiete. 
Supplement to Zeitschrift fur urologische 


JAHRESBERICHT veterinar-medizin. Berlin. 
1,1880 + 

1-37,1880-1917 as Jahresbericht uber die 
leistungen auf dem gebiete der veterinar- _.v 
medizin; 38-47,1918-27 Ellenberger-Schutz IV 
jahresbericht. . ■ . 
Index: 1-15,1880-95 • 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die leistungen und 
fortschritte in der forstwirthschaft. Frank- 
furt a.M. 1-10.1S80-88H 

10 as Bericht . . . fur die zehn jahre . . . 

JAHRESBERICHT wissenschaftliche biologie; 
bibliographisches jahresregister der Be- 
richte liber die wissenschaftliche biologie. 
Berlin. 1,1926+ 

1 as Jahresbericht uber die wissenschaft- 
liche biologie 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die leistungen und 
fortschritte in der gesammten medicin. 
Berlin. 1-51,1866-191611 

Supersedes Jahresbericht uber die fort- 
schritte der gesammten medicin in alien 
landeml \ \ \ \ \ \ 

Index; 1-25,1866-90 \\\ \^ 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die neuerungen und 
leistungen auf dem gebiete des pflanzen- 
schutzes. See Jahresbericht iiber das gebiet 
der pflanzenkrankheiten 

JAHRESBERICHT uber die resultate der ar- 
beiten im felde der physiologischen botanik. 
See Bericht liber die leistungen in der geo- 
graphischen und systematischen botanik 

JAH RES-bericht iiber die untersuchungen und 
fortschritte auf dem gesamtgebiete der 
zuckerfabrikation. Brunswick. 1-51,1861- 

Index: 1-40,1861-1900 in 40 

JAHRESBERICHTE der deutschen geschichte. 
Berlin; Breslau. 1-7,1918-24|| . 

Superseded by Jahresberichte fur 
deutsche geschichte 


esellschaft, Berlin) 


ft I ft 

schaft. (Historische § 
Berlin. 1-36,1878-191311 

MB /p|/% 


JAHRESBERICHTE der handelskammern und 
kaufmannischen korporationen des preus- 
sischen staats. Berlin. 1860-72|| 

Supplement to Preussisches handels- 
archiv, later Deutsches handels-archiv 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die verbreitung der 
tierseuchen im Deutschen Reiche. Berlin. 1, 

JAHRESBERICHT liber die verwaltung des 
medizinalwesens, die krankenanstalten und 
die offentlichen gesundheitsverhaltnisse der 
stadt Frankfurt a.M. (Arztlicher verein) 
Frankfurt a.M. 1-48,1857-1904|| 

Superseded by the society's Jahresbericht 

JAHRESBERICHT iiber die wissenschaftliche 
biologie. See Jahresbericht wissenschaft- 
liche biologie 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber die wissenschaftlichen 
erscheinungen auf dem gebiete der neueren 
deutschen literatur. ('Literaturarchiv-gesell- 
schaft in Berlin) Berlin; Leipzig. 1,1921+ 
Previous to 1921 this material was pub- 
lished in Jahresberichte fur neuere 
deutsche literaturgeschichte 

JAHRESBERICHT uber hals-, nasen- und 

ohrenheilkunde. See Jahresbericht hals-, 

nasen- und ohrenheilkunde 
JAHRESBERICHT iiber haut- und geschlechts- 

krankheiten. See Jahresbericht haut- und 


JAHRESBERICHTE flir deutsche geschichte. 
Berlin. 1,1925+ 

Supersedes Jahresberjehte der deutschen 
geschichte i